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The antibody, called ZIKV-117, protected fetal mice from a Zika infection in their pregnant mothers, said co-senior researcher Dr. James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. The antibody, called ZIKV-117, protected fetal mice from a Zika infection in their pregnant mothers, said co-senior researcher Dr. James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center in Nashville. “The antibody treatment will clear the virus in the mother, but also protect the fetus, which is very important,” Crowe said. The antibody, called ZIKV-117, protected fetal mice from a Zika infection in their pregnant mothers, said co-senior researcher Dr.

James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center in Nashville. “The antibody treatment will clear the virus in the mother, but also protect the fetus. There is no treatment available to block Zika virus in a pregnant woman from infecting her fetus and potentially causing severe birth defects. But researchers have identified a human antibody that prevents, in pregnant mice, the fetus from becoming infected and the placenta from being damaged.

The antibody also protects adult mice from Zika disease. No treatments exist to block Zika virus in a pregnant woman from infecting her fetus and potentially causing severe birth defects. But now, researchers report that they have identified a human antibody that prevents — in pregnant mice — the fetus. Mice normally cannot sustain a Zika infection because the virus triggers secretion of interferons, molecules that bolster immune responses. Diamond’s lab circumvented this problem by creating.

DNA-Based Vaccine Protects Against Zika in Animal Study; Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika in Mice; Could Zika Harm Men’s Fertility? Mouse Study Hints at Damage Zika May Cause to Adult Brain; Zika Testing for All Pregnant Women Who Have Been in Florida County: CDC; New Clues on How Zika Causes Brain Birth Defects. Even a single ZIKV-117 dose given 5 days after infection protected mice against lethal infection, a timeline similar to the most protective antibodies against other flaviviruses 23. Prophylaxis or. Antibody Injections in Pregnancy Shield Fetus; Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika in Mice; Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Autism; Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy and Autism; Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy: Autism Risk?

Antidepressants and Pregnancy Complication Risks; Antidepressants During Pregnancy Affects the Baby. Antibody blockade of Ifnar1 signaling in WT pregnant mice enhanced ZIKV trans-placental infection although it did not result in fetal death. These models will facilitate the study of ZIKV pathogenesis, in utero transmission, and testing of therapies and vaccines to.

List of related literature:

Thus a population of carrier pregnant mice without antibody could serve as a precipitator in outbreaks among susceptible mouse populations (Birnbaum et al. 1972).

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These studies are consistent with an earlier study that showed transfer of maternal antibodies protected mice from becoming chronic carriers of Leptospira (Birnbaum et al. 1972).

“Leptospira and Leptospirosis” by Ben Adler
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Persistent infection associated with abortion and perinatal death is observed in these mice.

“Sex Hormones” by Raghvendra Dubey
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Since IgG crosses the yolk sac in rodents, the relevance of an adverse finding may make hazard assessment difficult given that, as discussed above, monoclonal antibodies do not cross the placenta during organogenesis in humans.

“Nonclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines and Specialty Biologics” by Lisa Plitnick, Danuta Herzyk
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Neutralization of B abortus-induced host interferon gamma (IFN—y) during infection in pregnant mice prevents abortion.”

“Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare” by Zygmunt F. Dembek
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Under natural conditions, neonatal mice in enzootically infected populations are protected from infection by maternal antibody, and acquire infection when maternal antibody is waning.

“Fenner's Veterinary Virology” by N. James Maclachlan, Edward J Dubovi
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Mice were sacrificed at day 24 post-tumor implantation and tumor-infiltrating immune cells were isolated for analyses.

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Another approach is to replace the Ig genes of mice with human antibody genes and then immunize these

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Such antibodies when injected into infected mice protect against infection.

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These observations were confirmed by Aitken et al. (1987, 1988), who showed that purified IgG from sera of patients containing antisperm antibodies could promote human sperm penetration of zona-free hamster eggs, inhibit penetration, or be inactive.

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  • So there are lies, damn lies and then statistic, oh yea then news paper sensationalism. As you have pointed out in many of your videos the importance of “N” in sampling. As the “N” of COVID-19 is a tiny fraction of the standard flu seconded by the shorter time frame (of COVID-19) and likely the “adverse selection” when it come to the fatality statistics out China (i.e. the infection of hospital workers who infected the critically ill patients) as covered in one of your videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Fantastic thanks this information just isn’t out there in mainstream media. Your lectures are intelligible for the non-medical. What a great teacher!

  • It is being reported that the death rate for those in Iran is 10% at this point from the numbers they’ve calculated. But this is not including reinfection rates yet. It looks like each country is reporting different percentages because the tally process varies country to country. Reports are now being released of several people who have been cleared of the virus after being treated, who are testing positive again for the virus with worse symptoms. It is said this virus is acting biphastic. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you for your videos BTW. Very educational!

  • I have immunodeficiency (igA, IgG and IgM). I receive gamaguard every four weeks. As you may imagine, I’m concerned. Are there procedures or specific things to do to not get this virus?

  • Looking at the world death toll vs the u.s. toll for the flu is not a fair comparison either. The flu death toll world wide I’m sure is higher than the u.s. furthermore no deaths from the virus have occurred in the states either making it less lethal percentage wise than the flu. Albeit less infected people as well.

  • I am new and just love your bravery. Count me in, love staying up to date with you and Riles. Oh, and I am a guy too ;>). You make pregnancy very interesting. You’re going to be an absolute great loving mom. You guys rock! Btw, love how you say “water”, it puts a smile on my face. See you soon ��

  • I think it makes more sense at this point to [add together the fatality number(x) + the recovered number(y)=z] and then divide the fatality number(x) by that number (z) to get the “fatality rate”. My rationale is that there is a lot of unknowns that haven’t been deciphered in that number called the “confirmed cases”. They are still in limbo as being classified as fatalities or recovered data. When I do this I get as of 2/24/20 almost a 10% fatality rate. Anybody else input?

  • Thank you for the link to that most recent paper from Canada. It answers some questions I have about treating patients with suspected COVID-19 in less-than-ideal environments.

  • Why is the name in Spanish? “corona” is a Spanish word, it should be crownvirus, was it discovered or developed by a Spanish scientist?

  • They are going around and boarding civilians up in their apts No way to get food or medical supplies
    They are being sealed inside their own coffin

  • Please read.
    I live in the United States Texas
    They are not doing enough
    If you want to be tested you cannot get tested at a doctor’s office you need to go to the CDC and only after you have tested negative for the flu.
    Why aren’t they testing people?
    I was talking to a person that was in close contact with somebody that has the virus,
    He says he is not sick.
    And there is no where to get tested
    He has returned back to work
    We need a simple place to get tested,

  • Worldwide, are the patients that have experienced the various versions of the 2020 version of the flu more or less susceptible to the corona youknowwhat?

  • this morning on the way into work getting past the usual crowed of smokers/ vaper’s, it came to my mind is it possible for the virus to cling to the vaping mist that’s breathed out and spread via this (similar to how it was expressed as aerosol process, nano size particle clinging to dust in the air)

  • I’m sorry, I’m not getting the big fuss over this virus right now. Here in the USA the ordinary flu has killed 15,000 people so far and when the flu season ends they’re expecting 20,000 deaths or more. It’s on its second wave here. No one is talking about it on the news because this is considered normal. You want to see what a real pandemic can do watch a documentary on The Spanish Flu of 1918. That one was so bad that it killed millions around the world. People were told to drag their dead out on their front porch for pickup. None of the normal call the funeral home to pick up your loved one, and forget the prepaid grave plots. The death rate was so high that mass graves had to be dug. Crudely made pine boxes were the norm and those were piled up on the street with the dead in them because the grave diggers were so overwhelmed. It makes this virus look like the common cold.

  • I don’t understand why there are no other channels putting out this kind of useful, objective, insightful information about this virus… I literally haven’t found one that has proven to be consistently credible.

  • I’m in Daegu Korea 31 new cases in one day 30 in Daegu. Things are shutting down here. Mayor said don’t venture out wear masks even inside. Schools closed.

  • I’m so grateful to folks such as yourself. Your work is appreciated! I have also wondered how this will impact those who have a second go around. Since antibodies are built up in the body would this make it less lethal the second time around? Thoughts? Thank you for the work that you do!

  • When you figure the reported deaths at 2000 are way way underreported then you can bet your butt it is worse than sars by a huge factor. China has 10% of the world’s population under quarantine, that should tell people something.

  • Chloroquine effective…but how about Quinine also antimalarial; it is put in tonic water. Maybe pharmacokinetics of quinine may be more advantageous…let us know.

  • Obviously your life is in flux just now. It has been really great watching you and Riles. I’ll be watch for news of you two from time to time. Blessings to you.

  • Please keep this channel going far after you give birth. I’m dying hear about the daily struggles/excitement of having a baby on the seas! You look great Alayna!

  • Very good content. No rumors, no misinformation, no fear-mongering, no biases, no anti-China/Chinese gibberish. Just well-researched educational information about COVID-19, this new strain of Coronavirus. Brings awareness, what to expect, and what measures to take to prepare yourself just in case. This is what we need. Unlike many other Youtubers who get a lot more views by spreading a bunch of fear-mongering non-sense.

  • Could anyone tell me what would happen if the coronavirus was mixed with another virus such as the common flue or could an other virus fight it off so could anyone with any knowledge answer these questions thanks

  • Thanks for making informative videos on a subject that is important to understand without hysteria. Your videos seem to stick to the facts and make a complicated subject much more clear. Thank you so much.

  • I still have some friends joke about the Corona virus situation because of my constant awareness of current events.

    I wonder what it’s going to take for the majority of Americans to take this seriously.. ��

  • 62 people can’t handle logical scientifically based reasoning… Hopefully the lesson incubates in their brains. The rest of us thank you for your ongoing work and commitment ��

  • QUESTION: Do viruses thrive better in an alkaline or acidic human enviroment? Is there a way to adjust the body’s PH to thwart the virus and/or help build up our immune systems?

  • thank you again for the latest information that is allowed, to be available! Like you I feel that the death rate should be about 30% using the formulae comparing the different viruses sine 1901 era. Another thing you rightly mentioned is the death rate of flu cases in USA is 0.1%but here is the crunch. The world death rate for flu was about 600000 people in USA there were 60000 deaths, that is 10% of all cases, but USA is only 5% of the worlds population…. so when it escapes in USA, watch out.

  • So 5 mins in I was done. Don’t agree with the use of animal dna and fetal tissue being used in vaccines. In fact vaccines are more than half the cause for mutated viruses and there vaccinated disease shedding sheep walking all over the planet. It’s proven to be ineffective. It’s 2020 folks. Search the CDC’s own documents and get woke

  • You talked about immunity against viruses, and the formation of antibodies. How is HIV different from respitory viruses (like Rhinoviruses and COVID-19)? Why can’t antibodies never eradicate HIV?

  • Foreign Policy magazine says numbers are dropping in China outside Hubei Province because only people with a travel history from Hubei are being tested. So the lower numbers probably only mean fewer people are traveling from Hubei, which would be expected.

  • So how long to those little memory cells last for fighting disease and do they replicate and know the same things after replicating

  • I was thinking back to your other video where you say sleep can help fight off viruses. And if you think about how China overworks there own people, I really do think these people need just some time off and rest and take whatever they been giving to the “recovered.”