Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika in Rodents



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The antibody, called ZIKV-117, protected fetal mice from a Zika infection in their pregnant mothers, said co-senior researcher Dr. James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. The antibody, called ZIKV-117, protected fetal mice from a Zika infection in their pregnant mothers, said co-senior researcher Dr. James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center in Nashville. “The antibody treatment will clear the virus in the mother, but also protect the fetus, which is very important,” Crowe said. The antibody, called ZIKV-117, protected fetal mice from a Zika infection in their pregnant mothers, said co-senior researcher Dr.

James Crowe, director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center in Nashville. “The antibody treatment will clear the virus in the mother, but also protect the fetus. There is no treatment available to block Zika virus in a pregnant woman from infecting her fetus and potentially causing severe birth defects. But researchers have identified a human antibody that prevents, in pregnant mice, the fetus from becoming infected and the placenta from being damaged.

The antibody also protects adult mice from Zika disease. No treatments exist to block Zika virus in a pregnant woman from infecting her fetus and potentially causing severe birth defects. But now, researchers report that they have identified a human antibody that prevents — in pregnant mice — the fetus. Mice normally cannot sustain a Zika infection because the virus triggers secretion of interferons, molecules that bolster immune responses. Diamond’s lab circumvented this problem by creating.

DNA-Based Vaccine Protects Against Zika in Animal Study; Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika in Mice; Could Zika Harm Men’s Fertility? Mouse Study Hints at Damage Zika May Cause to Adult Brain; Zika Testing for All Pregnant Women Who Have Been in Florida County: CDC; New Clues on How Zika Causes Brain Birth Defects. Even a single ZIKV-117 dose given 5 days after infection protected mice against lethal infection, a timeline similar to the most protective antibodies against other flaviviruses 23. Prophylaxis or. Antibody Injections in Pregnancy Shield Fetus; Antibody Treatment Shields Fetus From Zika in Mice; Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Autism; Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy and Autism; Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy: Autism Risk?

Antidepressants and Pregnancy Complication Risks; Antidepressants During Pregnancy Affects the Baby. Antibody blockade of Ifnar1 signaling in WT pregnant mice enhanced ZIKV trans-placental infection although it did not result in fetal death. These models will facilitate the study of ZIKV pathogenesis, in utero transmission, and testing of therapies and vaccines to.

List of related literature:

Thus a population of carrier pregnant mice without antibody could serve as a precipitator in outbreaks among susceptible mouse populations (Birnbaum et al. 1972).

“The Mouse in Biomedical Research: Diseases” by James G. Fox, Stephen Barthold, Muriel Davisson, Christian E. Newcomer, Fred W. Quimby, Abigail Smith
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These studies are consistent with an earlier study that showed transfer of maternal antibodies protected mice from becoming chronic carriers of Leptospira (Birnbaum et al. 1972).

“Leptospira and Leptospirosis” by Ben Adler
from Leptospira and Leptospirosis
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Persistent infection associated with abortion and perinatal death is observed in these mice.

“Sex Hormones” by Raghvendra Dubey
from Sex Hormones
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Since IgG crosses the yolk sac in rodents, the relevance of an adverse finding may make hazard assessment difficult given that, as discussed above, monoclonal antibodies do not cross the placenta during organogenesis in humans.

“Nonclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines and Specialty Biologics” by Lisa Plitnick, Danuta Herzyk
from Nonclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars, Vaccines and Specialty Biologics
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Neutralization of B abortus-induced host interferon gamma (IFN—y) during infection in pregnant mice prevents abortion.”

“Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare” by Zygmunt F. Dembek
from Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare
by Zygmunt F. Dembek
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Under natural conditions, neonatal mice in enzootically infected populations are protected from infection by maternal antibody, and acquire infection when maternal antibody is waning.

“Fenner's Veterinary Virology” by N. James Maclachlan, Edward J Dubovi
from Fenner’s Veterinary Virology
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Mice were sacrificed at day 24 post-tumor implantation and tumor-infiltrating immune cells were isolated for analyses.

“AACR 2018 Proceedings: Abstracts 1-3027” by American Association for Cancer Research
from AACR 2018 Proceedings: Abstracts 1-3027
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Another approach is to replace the Ig genes of mice with human antibody genes and then immunize these

“Basic Immunology E-Book: Functions and Disorders of the Immune System” by Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai
from Basic Immunology E-Book: Functions and Disorders of the Immune System
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Such antibodies when injected into infected mice protect against infection.

“Mims' Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease” by Anthony A. Nash, Robert G. Dalziel, J. Ross Fitzgerald
from Mims’ Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease
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These observations were confirmed by Aitken et al. (1987, 1988), who showed that purified IgG from sera of patients containing antisperm antibodies could promote human sperm penetration of zona-free hamster eggs, inhibit penetration, or be inactive.

“Mucosal Immunology” by Jiri Mestecky, Michael E. Lamm, Pearay L. Ogra, Warren Strober, John Bienenstock, Jerry R. McGhee, Lloyd Mayer
from Mucosal Immunology
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  • So there are lies, damn lies and then statistic, oh yea then news paper sensationalism. As you have pointed out in many of your videos the importance of “N” in sampling. As the “N” of COVID-19 is a tiny fraction of the standard flu seconded by the shorter time frame (of COVID-19) and likely the “adverse selection” when it come to the fatality statistics out China (i.e. the infection of hospital workers who infected the critically ill patients) as covered in one of your videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Fantastic thanks this information just isn’t out there in mainstream media. Your lectures are intelligible for the non-medical. What a great teacher!

  • It is being reported that the death rate for those in Iran is 10% at this point from the numbers they’ve calculated. But this is not including reinfection rates yet. It looks like each country is reporting different percentages because the tally process varies country to country. Reports are now being released of several people who have been cleared of the virus after being treated, who are testing positive again for the virus with worse symptoms. It is said this virus is acting biphastic. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you for your videos BTW. Very educational!

  • I have immunodeficiency (igA, IgG and IgM). I receive gamaguard every four weeks. As you may imagine, I’m concerned. Are there procedures or specific things to do to not get this virus?

  • Looking at the world death toll vs the u.s. toll for the flu is not a fair comparison either. The flu death toll world wide I’m sure is higher than the u.s. furthermore no deaths from the virus have occurred in the states either making it less lethal percentage wise than the flu. Albeit less infected people as well.

  • I am new and just love your bravery. Count me in, love staying up to date with you and Riles. Oh, and I am a guy too ;>). You make pregnancy very interesting. You’re going to be an absolute great loving mom. You guys rock! Btw, love how you say “water”, it puts a smile on my face. See you soon ��

  • I think it makes more sense at this point to [add together the fatality number(x) + the recovered number(y)=z] and then divide the fatality number(x) by that number (z) to get the “fatality rate”. My rationale is that there is a lot of unknowns that haven’t been deciphered in that number called the “confirmed cases”. They are still in limbo as being classified as fatalities or recovered data. When I do this I get as of 2/24/20 almost a 10% fatality rate. Anybody else input?

  • Thank you for the link to that most recent paper from Canada. It answers some questions I have about treating patients with suspected COVID-19 in less-than-ideal environments.

  • Why is the name in Spanish? “corona” is a Spanish word, it should be crownvirus, was it discovered or developed by a Spanish scientist?

  • They are going around and boarding civilians up in their apts No way to get food or medical supplies
    They are being sealed inside their own coffin

  • Please read.
    I live in the United States Texas
    They are not doing enough
    If you want to be tested you cannot get tested at a doctor’s office you need to go to the CDC and only after you have tested negative for the flu.
    Why aren’t they testing people?
    I was talking to a person that was in close contact with somebody that has the virus,
    He says he is not sick.
    And there is no where to get tested
    He has returned back to work
    We need a simple place to get tested,

  • Worldwide, are the patients that have experienced the various versions of the 2020 version of the flu more or less susceptible to the corona youknowwhat?

  • this morning on the way into work getting past the usual crowed of smokers/ vaper’s, it came to my mind is it possible for the virus to cling to the vaping mist that’s breathed out and spread via this (similar to how it was expressed as aerosol process, nano size particle clinging to dust in the air)

  • I’m sorry, I’m not getting the big fuss over this virus right now. Here in the USA the ordinary flu has killed 15,000 people so far and when the flu season ends they’re expecting 20,000 deaths or more. It’s on its second wave here. No one is talking about it on the news because this is considered normal. You want to see what a real pandemic can do watch a documentary on The Spanish Flu of 1918. That one was so bad that it killed millions around the world. People were told to drag their dead out on their front porch for pickup. None of the normal call the funeral home to pick up your loved one, and forget the prepaid grave plots. The death rate was so high that mass graves had to be dug. Crudely made pine boxes were the norm and those were piled up on the street with the dead in them because the grave diggers were so overwhelmed. It makes this virus look like the common cold.

  • I don’t understand why there are no other channels putting out this kind of useful, objective, insightful information about this virus… I literally haven’t found one that has proven to be consistently credible.

  • I’m in Daegu Korea 31 new cases in one day 30 in Daegu. Things are shutting down here. Mayor said don’t venture out wear masks even inside. Schools closed.

  • I’m so grateful to folks such as yourself. Your work is appreciated! I have also wondered how this will impact those who have a second go around. Since antibodies are built up in the body would this make it less lethal the second time around? Thoughts? Thank you for the work that you do!

  • When you figure the reported deaths at 2000 are way way underreported then you can bet your butt it is worse than sars by a huge factor. China has 10% of the world’s population under quarantine, that should tell people something.

  • Chloroquine effective…but how about Quinine also antimalarial; it is put in tonic water. Maybe pharmacokinetics of quinine may be more advantageous…let us know.

  • Obviously your life is in flux just now. It has been really great watching you and Riles. I’ll be watch for news of you two from time to time. Blessings to you.

  • Please keep this channel going far after you give birth. I’m dying hear about the daily struggles/excitement of having a baby on the seas! You look great Alayna!

  • Very good content. No rumors, no misinformation, no fear-mongering, no biases, no anti-China/Chinese gibberish. Just well-researched educational information about COVID-19, this new strain of Coronavirus. Brings awareness, what to expect, and what measures to take to prepare yourself just in case. This is what we need. Unlike many other Youtubers who get a lot more views by spreading a bunch of fear-mongering non-sense.

  • Could anyone tell me what would happen if the coronavirus was mixed with another virus such as the common flue or could an other virus fight it off so could anyone with any knowledge answer these questions thanks

  • Thanks for making informative videos on a subject that is important to understand without hysteria. Your videos seem to stick to the facts and make a complicated subject much more clear. Thank you so much.

  • I still have some friends joke about the Corona virus situation because of my constant awareness of current events.

    I wonder what it’s going to take for the majority of Americans to take this seriously.. ��

  • 62 people can’t handle logical scientifically based reasoning… Hopefully the lesson incubates in their brains. The rest of us thank you for your ongoing work and commitment ��

  • QUESTION: Do viruses thrive better in an alkaline or acidic human enviroment? Is there a way to adjust the body’s PH to thwart the virus and/or help build up our immune systems?

  • thank you again for the latest information that is allowed, to be available! Like you I feel that the death rate should be about 30% using the formulae comparing the different viruses sine 1901 era. Another thing you rightly mentioned is the death rate of flu cases in USA is 0.1%but here is the crunch. The world death rate for flu was about 600000 people in USA there were 60000 deaths, that is 10% of all cases, but USA is only 5% of the worlds population…. so when it escapes in USA, watch out.

  • So 5 mins in I was done. Don’t agree with the use of animal dna and fetal tissue being used in vaccines. In fact vaccines are more than half the cause for mutated viruses and there vaccinated disease shedding sheep walking all over the planet. It’s proven to be ineffective. It’s 2020 folks. Search the CDC’s own documents and get woke

  • You talked about immunity against viruses, and the formation of antibodies. How is HIV different from respitory viruses (like Rhinoviruses and COVID-19)? Why can’t antibodies never eradicate HIV?

  • Foreign Policy magazine says numbers are dropping in China outside Hubei Province because only people with a travel history from Hubei are being tested. So the lower numbers probably only mean fewer people are traveling from Hubei, which would be expected.

  • So how long to those little memory cells last for fighting disease and do they replicate and know the same things after replicating

  • I was thinking back to your other video where you say sleep can help fight off viruses. And if you think about how China overworks there own people, I really do think these people need just some time off and rest and take whatever they been giving to the “recovered.”

  • I would suggest ensuring that a patient’s vitamin D levels are at least adequate (perhaps greater than 30 ng/ml) for supporting the innate immune system macrophages and natural killer cells which have vitamin D cellular receptors, and function much more effectively with D circulating.

    SARS coronavirus was found to attack lymphocytes, as well as bone marrow, where these types of cells are often manufactured.

    I propose that a strong innate immune defense, involving cells equipped with ample vitamin D compounds, may more effectively hold coronavirus at bay until the adaptive immune system (B and T cells, antibodies, etc) can specialize.

    Additionally, vitamin A has been shown to down-regulate an overactive immune response. In considering this phenomenon, I also propose that Vitamin A may allow for a less overzealous immune response in the lungs, resulting in a reduced amount of scarring. So perhaps eat your orange vegetables as well.

    Adequate levels of vitamins D and A may well eventually be determined as indicators for who more effectively deals with the novel coronavirus.

  • I appreciate that your thumbnail image has been changed to a more serious look during this crisis. Looking forward to someday being able to watch your videos about other medical issues I am interested in.

  • There are more and more cases outside China because countries are not doing enough to stem the spread of the virus!! Plain insanity and irresponsibility!!!

  • You amaze me Dr Seheult, such dedication producing daily covid-19 vids for all of us, knowledge is not only power but peace of mind knowing the truth, thank you!

    Come on people, show the good Dr and his Med Cram team your appreciation + SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE!

  • I would love to know your response on the family of 5 of which 4 died. It seems to imply that there exist conditions in which pretty much a hundred percent of a group die (5th is critical). What made them vulnerable?

  • Thanks Doc. Your rational and pragmatic approach to facts are much appreciated and more importantly educational. Thank you for not jumping on the “believe all things Chinese being reported” bandwagon. There are many so called “experts” walking back their words supporting the fact that we truly do not know the truth of this outbreak. The prudent among us are reading between the lines and peacing together the potential reality of this based on leaked information, pictures, videos which tells more of the story than a talking head. You are framing the situation nicely at this point.

  • 2 years ago, i miscarried after contracted Zika whilst in Antigua. I was 3 months pregnant, but i had no idea that i was pregnant until i miscarried. If i had of known, i would of tried to protect myself a little bit better.
    Zika is dangerous to unborn babies and i don’t think that there is enough studies to show how it affects the fetus. Yes, only a few have birth defects, but how many have survived the pregnancy? How many miscarries have been caused by Zika?
    I know of 1.

  • I’m new to your channel but I have been subscribed to your main channel with Riley for a while. I agree, when you’re pregnant or even just a mom, DON’T just Google things!! It will do nothing but make you panic, do proper research, check dates of information and multiple resources before you worry about any topic. I made the same mistake after my first child was born, and I was terrified to even leave my house �� but I learned better, got experience and by my third child I was way more relaxed, they want to play in the sand (probably taste it, toddlers put EVERYTHING in their mouths) as long as there’s no feces then go for it. I have 3 girls who r all 2 years apart, so I researched a lot, and learned quickly lol Now my girls r 11, 13, and 15 (almost driving!!��) so I’m learning all over again how to chill out and not over react to every little thing lol It is definitely a rollercoaster, hard easy hard easy etc. You are truly a great mom Elyna �� both you and Riley r great parents and I can’t thank you enough for sharing �� just keep believing in your own intuition and enjoy every moment. Safe sailing you guys ��⛵��⚓

  • I love your rational approach to this issue!

    I only found out about this channel yesterday so I obviously know that the baby is fine and that you are both doing and amazing job as parents. So kudos to you!

  • Well, three confirmed cases…how many people do you think they tested? Did you ask that? Most people don’t care about Zika and don’t test……… just saying. And you also have to thing about where you and your partner traveled in the last six months, because the virus stays for 6 months in the guys’ sperm. Anyway, I’m glad you are fine, but I wouldn’t spread wrong info on the internet….

  • When looking for information online always request “info dated after 2015 for (what you’re looking for) to get the latest info”. As we all know information dated 1995 could look like recent info.

  • I’m glad you posted this! My doctor told me today not to go on my cruise to the Caribbean due to Zika and i found that googling it found so much scary “risks” but no information to back anything up!

  • I know you guys will do your research and take the right actions….. Alayna, you so remind me of my Gran daughter Millie, she is now 29 and has 3 girls under 6, she is a fantastic Mum, I’m sure you will be too, with the young fellars help of course……All the best….

  • Honestly, this is one of the most helpful videos I have seen. Everyone wants to terrify you. There are situations when we cannot avoid traveling and instead of lecturing, it would be better for them to give us hints on how to protect ourselves. Thanks for this video. Really helpful!

  • I found this channel after being told not to go on our cruise due to being pregnant. I was freaked out too, but this helped reassured me that I would be okay. Nothing is guaranteed, but fear is not the way to live life either.

  • Traveling to the Caribbean soon. Just found out I’m pregnant and am scared. We are going via cruise. I would like to think if I stay on the ship in the two ports that are at risk I should be okay? ����

  • I’m new!!!! Hehe

    Love what you guys do… I am a new mummy to an incredibly busy little dude and during these sleepless nights of breastfeeding and general, your videos have kept me alert and full of joy! Tho those sleepless night are incredible special one on one time (thought I would add to not scar you lol), but your videos put the vibe out and in my lack of sleep mind I am really sailing the bahamas with use right now not sitting in my living room!

  • Wrong. Hubby & I are brand new as of tonight 12/12/2018. Found you because we’re cold here in MN, USA! Congrats on your baby! A boy. Waiting excitedly for the big reveal of his name!!

  • First of all my family and I are die heart fans and we love you and Riley. Second I love this channel so please keep posting here. Third I had the same craving handnt had red meat in 12 years when I got pregnant and all I wanted was a big fat steak!!!!!

  • This child will have the blood of Riley and Elayna it will be impervious to the mosquito. Though I might worry about him climbing the mast to dive in every now and again.

  • My heart hurt at the end �� We love you Elayna, i’ve been dying for you to make your own channel for YEARS! And now it’s here and i’m so happy! I can’t wait to follow you along with your pregnancy and after once your beautiful baby is born. I’ve always wanted to see more from you and your life and what you eat etc and it’s nice to see more of you. I know you’re not but don’t do this for anybody other than you, these little vlogs will be so nice to watch back in a few months/years and more personal than your other channel. ��❤️

  • I’m a new subscriber. found your main channel a few weeks ago and just found this channel people will still be discovering it after you have had Lenny I hope I spelt it right. don’t focus on subs focus on what you enjoy people will find you. Keep going.

  • not only that but there are ways of avoiding zyka and other mosquito born illnesses even if they are a problem in that country. You can wear long and loose clothing in light colours and wear repellants, use mosquito nets at night and don’t run around in tiny clothes at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are abundant.

  • Love you sharing with the world you pregnancy concern ALL moms to be have them, l welcome you openness. I have raised two to successful adults and worried thoughts never stop, how ever they achieve, grow, confront their life with so much love and interest that THAT is what you believe and focus on, sail on! Lovely MOM!

  • Bunch of friends in the US are scared to travel anywhere because of zika and they’re not even pregnant. The media has people whipped in a frenzy as usual. Hats off to you for setting it straight and not being scared off

  • I’ve been reading all most all of the comments! Comes to mind, you’re really close to Canada where medical is free, you know! Not a bad place to visit either! Just to mention, also! A lost of adventurers like yourselves Cross the Arctic from New Funland to the Bering Straights. From Atlantic to Pacific at the top of the World! Just saying! Also there are a shitload of Auzzies in Whistler! A ski resort! I used to live there! The local joke is: “You know why you can’t get a decent BJ in Australia?” Answer: Bcause all the are in Whistler skiing! Lol…. Pardon my French, but I am French! Lmfao!

  • I am very happy for you about the baby being a boy, because I got the drift that that is what you wanted Elayna. Also my guess/prediction was also right! Riley appears indifferent but I know that he is exited to finally have someone to kick his arse other than you! Lol Cheer on the happy event. My face hurts from grinning! I really love you both, <3 xx,,,, <3 xx big long lasting hug! I am getting anxious to leave now! I may leave sooner than Spring! North end of Vancouver Island past Hawaii to Nuie! Not allowed in the States! I smoked a dubie there back in '72 and they want two grand for a pardon. That's what I say: "PARDON?" Fuck'em! I'm Canadian! Really Sam, I'm your uncle! Cheers guys! All the best! love

  • A little advice at a most important time in your life. Most of the Caribbean Islands struck hard by hurricane Maria had the infrastructure necessary to track and report Zika virus blown away. In some cases their governments used this as an excuse to “report” little or no Zika virus present so as to not affect tourist $$. Do not rely on any local reporting, who isn’t an MD, for vital health information.
    Get yourself tested for Zika as many times as required during your pregnancy.

  • I’m happy that you started another channel for thr girly stuff. I am not usually interested in pregnancy and girl talk but you truly do it so tastefully and honestly its admirable. I said all that to say I truly enjoy watching both channels. Much love & health to all 3 of you❤

  • I’m new!! Probably watched all your videos from the other channel in two weeks. I’ve traveled to Dominican Republic several times for “vacation” but it didn’t seem like a vaca. After seeing your videos, a whole new world of adventure opened up. And the fact that Riley got a boat without knowing how to sail fascinated me soooo much. It sure did open new doors for my future. Love you videos!!!!

  • We traveled to 27 counties with our triplets and a dog! What started out as a sabbatical, ended up living all over the world for six years. I’m happy to say, after home schooling, our triplets have surpassed our wildest expectations.
    If you don’t do it now…you never will. There will ALWAYS be a reason.
    Just stay the course and remember, babies don’t move around for months after they are born. Wait and see how it goes until after the baby comes.
    It certainly has me wondering if you guys will stay afloat. I can promise, once your feet hit dry land and you start buying stuff…it’s over. You’ll never go back.
    Just float and relax…babies are born everyday. Mamere

  • hey, Don’t let others get you all worried about everything, worry affects the baby too, just enjoy your pregnancy eat well, sleep well, and enjoy being on the boat while you can! I’m sure you
    get enough exercise pulling sails and swimming and walking is good for you too, take care!
    Love from BC Canada!

  • The Zika virus was a media hoax the actual number of people infected by Zika was less than 8 around the world. Welcome to the propaganda capital of the world, welcome to the Liberal terrorists new world order. sorry Elayna we have an issue here in America with filthy lying politicians and fake media…….when the time comes we will bring an end to all this lying and truly bring America “AND THE WORLD” back from terrorism and begin enjoying WORLD PEACE until then we need to combat filthy scum.
    One more thing Zika was made by the CDC as a chemical warfare weapon just like HIV…..HIV was manufactured in a laboratory in Chicago Illinois by the CDC. It’s just CRAZY what technology is exposing these days….TY God for technology and exposing the evil FILTH on this planet Amen;Amen

  • Yes, your fans are here waiting to hear about what you are doing! By the way, I am your volunteer baby nurse so if you have any questions! Right in Miami!

  • Hey Elayna, ❤
    I’m sincerely hoping you know I’m not trying to Scare you. And I know there’s A LOT of conflicting reports from all different sources…that’s done by design. They’d literally lose their asses if ppl really knew the TRUTH about today’s allopathic medicine!
    “Forewarned is Forearmed”
    I’ll leave a link for a vid by SGTreport (Sean) fyi he has a WEALTH of knowledge/resources on a very wide range of topics.
    He’s interviewing a woman called Kerri Rivera she’s a homeopath who travels the world working with Dr.s/Pediatricians/parents who, at one time, WERE very “PRO” vaccine but changed their minds after seeing the results/research/stats. There are clinics that help reverse and even CURE autism ��! But Of course the CDC/FEDS close them down over & over.
    Dr. Boyd Haley is one such person. Because he was having great success he was first Hammered by the FEDS & shutdown then Demonized by any/every one, including his own peers.
    One thing’s for certain, they ARE having success or the FEDS wouldn’t work so hard to shut these clinics down and silence those trying to help suffering families.
    So very Much love and Peace to You, Riley, and your sweet, precious wee one!
    �� ❤

  • I really want you to come home for your pregnancy and birth!!! It’s making me anxious. The US is so crazy at the moment politically and the astronomical expense of the medical care. I know you were discussing flying home and Riley sailing the boat back… It would be hard to be apart but please consider it seriously. Congratulations to the both of you by the way.

  • Ask in the doctors in Florida about the exact numbers. I wouldn’t rely on the local doctors reporting proper numbers. All the best for you, Riley and your new addition. What a beautiful time in your lives!!!

  • ask your doctor about freezing your umbilical cord for potential stem cells for your child. imagine the possibilities in 20 years given the pace of current research. i believe the harvesting cost is somewhere around 1500 dollars and the yearly maintenance is about 150. these cells should be matching for you also Elayna, it would be interesting to know if that was the case.

  • I have a question. Where do you plan on being when he/she is due? Will your child be born in Australia? If not, I bet that will be a ton of paperwork!! Love you guys
    Glenn, Isaiah and Daisy the miniature Dachshund

  • Can you look into the Diamond Princess cruise ship and see what happened there? There’s a Japanese Infectious Disease professor who claims that quarantine measures were not in place at the ship. And that’s why the quarantine failed.

  • You’ve got the right attitude there. Make up your own mind about stuff and get information from the right sources. That will serve you well as a Mum.

  • As a dude who kind of understands the Patriarchy, and one who does his best figuring out all the weird shit that women must deal with, I find this channel extremely awesome, FYI. Pregnancy, babies, periods (or lack thereof), and just the logistics of a woman on board (I have a very selfish reason for this) are super useful to know. You are awesome. Also, the kid is going to be awesome…I mean, how can’t it be?

    I also mentioned this particular channel to a huge group related to chatting about TTC, pregnancy, and raising kids. I hope they come here.

    You are rocking this. I don’t want to say pregnancy becomes you, since that is kind of an idiot thing to say, but I am so very glad that you made this channel. It’s useful for me, and more importantly, it’s useful for women. When you mentioned periods, you spat in the face of those who stupidly think it’s a personal thing that nobody cares about. And those idiots deserve it. Please keep doing these!

  • Can’t help but throw this in because I suspect it will be so very fitting of you Elayna…

    Real Mothers don’t eat quiche; they don’t have time to make it.
    Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sand at the beach.
    Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids.
    Real Mothers know that dried playdough doesn’t come out of a favorite teddy bear.
    Real Mothers sometimes ask “why me?” and get their answer when a little voice says, “because I love you best.”
    Real Mothers know that a child’s growth is not measured by height or years or seas traveled…
    It is marked by the progression of Mama to Mommy to Mother.

    unknown author (edited for Elayna)

  • Hi I love watching your videos and for the past three years the content you guys put out is top notch. As a Jamaican I really hoped you guys would sail to the Caribbean and experience my beautiful island. I have seen the many MOH messages about the zika virus and the cases not very common here, please be safe, have tons of fun and visit them all. Sailing the entire Caribbean is the top of my bucket list just above visiting Australia and South East Asia.
    Again have tons of fun, experience the culture and share it with us.

  • Elayna put those frets to the guitar, and sing a song from the heart. Newness wouldn’t know what it is all about, unless they chimed to your expressions and knew love at first sight.

  • Yeah I can totally see how our easy access to information (Google) can make us paranoid. It’s so hard to find accurate information online because there’s so much propaganda and click bait! You are such a smart, brilliant woman (mum;) to actually go to the official SOURCE of the information versus rely on hearsay. You go girl!! Thanks for your encouragement and don’t stress about how many people have subscribed…your numbers will get up, trust me! We love watching/hearing from you!! ����������

  • How can someone activate Antigen process inside themselves, if the virus hides or not triggering the antibodies. Can someone eat something to start process or how to increase antigen circulation?

  • I’m from Florida and got pregnant when we lived on our boat in the Bahamas last year. I now have a healthy baby girl with no health issues. No need to panic.

  • Love this channel…love to hear all the info you give out from your research…keep uthe good work on both channels. Safe travels and safe pregnancy… ��

  • Zika is a scam. They’re scaring people because they are trying to develop a vaccine to push. Most babies who are victims of this are from countries where known pesticides are used that cause these birth defects.

  • Glad you did the research… If you were sailing around Brazil or South America I would be really concerned.. Stay away from mosquitos in general and you will be fine…. huggs

  • Please don’t take this the wrong way but there is nothing prettier or sexier than a mum that is pregnant would love to see a daily pic  of the progression of the Baby Growing. If you don’t think it is to weird

  • I’m SOOOOOOOOO glad you have this Mum channel. ❤️��❤️
    Share what you wish and keep private what you choose to. When I was pregnant (3X) and raising them on our boat, I got advice from EVERY direction. I compared it to writing a resume and giving it to a hundred people to proofread and each person came back with a different way to rewrite it.
    This is yours and Riley’s pregnancy and I hope you enjoy it as uniquely as the two of you are. ������
    Kind of like politics, don’t feel the need to answer controversial subjects (ie vaccination, doulas, water-births, breast feeding vs formula). Those decisions are between you and Riley and your followers should understand all of this. ��
    Much love from a “old sea-hag” mother who is also a traveling RN.

  • Have a look at this it will piss you off but it will also wise you up on the situation of the state of the seas around america, It is not for the faint spearie’s to hear but if your going to eat fish it is well worth a look at this eliana considering you are preggie now

  • CONGRATS Elayna! Not only to you & Riley with your pregnancy and your precious bubby but To YOU, especially for starting your own channel as LaVagaMum! I love it and so does my hubby! At the end of this video, one can tell, you are feeling a bit down about none new but Remember, everything is slow to start and like Everything else you do, La VagaMum will take off and fly with the winds of the Sea!
    And just so you know, this is my very 1st YouTube Comment (personally now, my hubby has left comments on this account but, Me…I’m a newbie:) So, Smile Sweet Elayna and keep the videos coming, we love them! And we love your La Vaga Family!!!

  • Pregnancy seems yucky with worries, concerns and cravings. I watch your channel out of curiosity to see if you hold it together, or if, right on camera, you’ll eat a eat beet and rhubarb chocolate ice cream sundae or a shish kabob skewer of steak squares, pickles and marshmallows. It must seem different, being on a boat for five years with lovely great friends and relatives popping in once in a while, and almost daily new sights, then being adrift with new seasickness before being cargoed overseas, far from your floating home. Your last comment on this video was so sad I was prompted to write a comment: You’ll have new people watching. You’ll have the old faithful crew watching. (You’ll also have a few males watching and wishing you well, even if we’ll never (ever) admit to our mates we’re checking to see how Elayna is doing. 😉 )

  • You are exactly correct about the Zika hype/scare tactics. A group of doctors in Argentina researched it and concluded that the birth defects seen in that specific Brazilian area were caused by a larvacide that was sprayed over the area and it got into their water source. The larvacide works by inhibiting the maturation of the mosquito larva. It also inhibits the maturation of human fetal brains, so it makes perfect sense. Also, Zika has been around forever and it has NEVER been known to cause microcephaly. And finally, most of the women who had babies with microcephaly tested negative for the presence of a Zika virus, so it appears that officials blaming the virus was just a cover story to divert attention from the fact the the Brazilian government sprayed those people and thus, they caused the birth defects. So, no, it’s not contagious, sexually, or in any other manner of transmission.

  • Take care Sister… Take rest and sleep well, avoid to eat Papaya and pineapple….
    Health is Wealth.

    God loves you both….
    Kerala India.

  • Will follow you and Riley always. You are both an inspiration. I remember like it was yesterday when my son was born. I was the typical first time father, freaking out about all the possibilities of things going wrong. Embrace what you are going through, you both will have an amazingly beautiful child, who in turn will have incredible parents. I look forward to seeing your child and partner follow in your footsteps. Be well, sending you and “riles” much love from Canada ��

  • Please don’t get your info off Google. Speak with your midwife and doctor. Later on, there’s an excellent kids health app from Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

  • Great job people tend to freak out especially when they’re reading the Internet. Like you said the locals would be fleeing if it was that big of a problem. Nowadays there’s definitely a lack of common sense

  • I hope you’re doing well. Bug spray helps bring that risk closer to zero and if it’s not clear, follow a trained professional advise and not YouTube fools. Having the child in the US would have been beneficial, however, I can understand avoiding the high health care costs. Finding a birth center would have cut that down by a lot. I believe it’s about $7,000 at the local birth center and double that at the local hospital.

  • Staying safe for you and your baby is of course paramount. But you have done your homework and shared it, and probably helped a lot of pregnant women everywhere as to what and where is, and isn’t safe.

  • I am new! My husband loves your original channel and recommended this one to me (I’m a mom of two boys 2yo and 5mo) and so far I love it! Everyone is going to have their opinions about your baby and your choices but you do what you believe is best for you and baby based off your own research. Looking forward to your next one and can’t wait to meet baby vagabond!

  • Love the mum updates. Wish i had something to look back on all my emotions and feelings during my pregnancies. Also my kids ask about when i was pregnant with them and as time goes by you just bloody forget. Xx

  • Hi Elayna,
    My husband and I have loved keeping up with you and Riley since the beginning. Your such a fun couple to watch with your many adventures and awesome relationship. This year I got super excited with the announcement of your pregnancy because my daughter and daughter-in-law both having babies this year also! I’m sure like myself most of the women following you are really excited to somewhat be a part of this new adventure in your lives. It’s great to have this new channel of yours to get to know you more with the pregnancy, becoming a mom, how all of this will work out on your boat, recipe sharing and tips, healthy living, etc. It’s going to take some time for more subscribers I’m sure, but it will happen!! Your an incredible woman, so full of joy and so real about life, we can’t wait to see and hear all about it!! I know your in Australia now with family and friends waiting the arrival of your sweet baby, I’m looking forward to all of the “catching up” videos coming our way. Take care and God bless!!

  • +La Vagabonde Mum
    Every mum, for her first pregnancy especially, can get into an infinity loop, where they want to know it all but then find out more, and then need to research to find out if the information is correct. What you’ll find is it’s a game of odds. Ask yourself Elayna, how many children you have come across whilst in the zika risk zone appear to have birth defects? Then ask yourself how many could be attributed to zika virus? Your mindful attitude in this video is the best approach. Knowledge is power but it can also be powerfully scary. This can often be a difference between men and women in a first pregnancy. Just keep being smart and look around you for the evidence. Do all you can to avoid mozzie bites. On the boat use those mosquito coils if you can get them. I used them a lot here in NZ and they kept the little bastards away. I think they were made by ™Mortein, and I used to split their spiral you’ll see what I mean. On La Vagabonde I’d put them a good two metres apart if you’re just ‘laxing in the salon or on deck. Especially from dusk ’til dawn. Citronella candles are supposed to be good but I find the scent vomit inducing. You guys may like them. Specially you, Ms Elayna, with your hippy proclivities. (_just teasing_)
    Thanks for the update and apologies if you’ve woken up after falling asleep, reading my novella length comment. So long, in fact, that I’m not going to proof read it. Sorry ’bout that.

  • I think if those of us in developed countries had more exposure to the devastation of polio/measles/whopping cough/mumps/tetanus/rotavirus/heptatitis/HIb/diphtheria then there would be less hysteria around autism (which is not caused by vaccination).
    If vaccination rates drop even a few per cent, these diseases WILL come back, and its babies that are most vulnerable.

  • Hi Eleyna, I’m male yes I’m here, I enjoy you travel & experiences so much and had to join you mum page too.
    Don’t take notice of that troll re: you chosen Country for birth of Baby, you do what you need to do, you WILL have very high & very low emotions go with the flow, it’s Nature protecting you & baby, just take care, lots love to the Three of you,

  • Just thought I’d place this here.
    It’s the US Center for Disease control update on the Zika virus
    Follow the link and they do have a list of places where the disease had been present but have no new cases in the past year

    Err on the side of caution,
    10% chance is a heck of risk.
    If you think about it, if an airline with 10 planes flies all 10 planes every day and there is a 10% chance that one of them will crash.
    That airline will be out of planes in a week.

  • The number of coronavirus cases is under reported. Most people who have influenza do not go to a physician, so the number of influenza cases is even more under reported.

  • Bushmans lotion. Use like sunscreen in tropical areas where zika, Ross river fever, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis etc… Should be standard practice for everyone not just pregnant woman.