Americans Wish to be Fit, But Many Don’t Make the Effort


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MONDAY, June 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) Most Americans want to be in better shape, but few are putting in the work to get there, a new survey shows. More than three-quarters of U.S. adults said that being in shape and looking good were “very important” to them, the survey found. Americans Want to Be Fit, But Most Don’t Put in the Effort MONDAY, June 19, 2017 Most Americans want to be in better shape, but few are putting in the work to get there, a new survey shows.

More than three-quarters of U.S. adults said that being in shape and. Americans want to be fit, but most don’t put in the effort by Amy Norton, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—Most Americans want to be in better shape, but few are putting in the work to get. Most Americans want to be in better shape, but few are putting in the work to get there, a new survey shows. More than three-quarters of U.S. adults said that being in shape and looking good were “very important” to them, the survey found.

Researchers say the reason most Americans say they want to be fit but don’t exercise is because they have not built it into their daily routines. The best way to start, they say, is slowly walk. Six in 10 Americans say 2019 is their year to get in shape, according to new research.

But many barriers may prevent this, it turns out, as over two in five Americans feel “too old” to work ou. More importantly you don’t need to give to everyone. If you’re inclined to give rather than take, then creating boundaries about who you do and don’t give your resources to is an important part of. “But I feel like you have to put effort into staying in the Native community.

Out here you have to deal with life – you know, the American-type life; taxes, jobs, everything like that. So it. This is a reply to Jared Taylor’s article, “What I Like About Blacks,” which appeared at The Unz Review.

In his Unz Review article, Jared Taylor claims he has a “reputation for writing rude things about blacks.” But I’d venture that honest blacks know that. This effort to convince Americans that giving up our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms disturbs me most, I think. There is only one reason a government would want to disarm its citizens, and that is if that government planned on doing something that would so enrage the citizenry that people might be prone to become violent toward that government.

List of related literature:

Unfortunately, very few Americans get and stay physically fit.

“When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself” by W. Keith Campbell
from When You Love a Man Who Loves Himself
by W. Keith Campbell
Sourcebooks, Incorporated, 2005

Most Americans also don’t get enough exercise.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
by Alan M. Rees
Oryx Press, 1997

Unfortunately, many Americans believe you can get fit without much physical effort, as proclaimed on commercials and infomercials on television.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
by David Haber, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

Moreover, most Americans are also horrible estimators of their own fitness levels and generally exaggerate their own activity.

“Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America's Obesity Epidemic” by J. Eric Oliver
from Fat Politics: The Real Story behind America’s Obesity Epidemic
by J. Eric Oliver
Oxford University Press, 2005

American adults are becoming more conscientious about exercising and staying fit.

“Childhood and Adolescence: Voyages in Development” by Spencer A. Rathus
from Childhood and Adolescence: Voyages in Development
by Spencer A. Rathus
Cengage Learning, 2013

Most people assume that American adults don’t exercise because they don’t have time or are too busy.

“The DHEA Breakthrough: Look Younger, Live Longer, Feel Better” by Stephen Cherniske
from The DHEA Breakthrough: Look Younger, Live Longer, Feel Better
by Stephen Cherniske
Random House Publishing Group, 2010

Perhaps if Americans felt more comfortable with their ability to fit physical activity into their lives, they’d be more likely to spread the word and really get the ball rolling for a fitness revolution.

“Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher's Guide” by Physical Best (Program), Suzan F. Ayers, National Association for Sport and Physical Education, Mary Jo Sariscsany
from Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best Teacher’s Guide
by Physical Best (Program), Suzan F. Ayers, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2011

For we need only look to previous eras to see what Americans are capable of when it comes to getting fit.

“Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World” by Greg Critser
from Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World
by Greg Critser
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004

But how does anyone get fit in this country in the first place?

“Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?” by Emily Clarkson
from Can I Speak to Someone in Charge?
by Emily Clarkson
Simon & Schuster UK, 2017

According to the latest fitness research, the majority of Americans get no regular exercise at all.

“The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs” by Stephen S. Ilardi
from The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression without Drugs
by Stephen S. Ilardi
Hachette Books, 2009

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  • I’m actually quite shocked that GCN suddenly monetized this video and placed the available ad slots throughout the video. I was training along to this and couldn’t skip the ads, as I had to place my phone down to train ended up being nearly two-mins out of sync with the variables I’d programmed in to my smart trainer.

    GCN, I’m actually quite offended by your sudden reversal on the decision not to place ads throughout the training videos.

  • When you close the door the latch is sprung and pushes inside the door as it pushes against the frame side. The latch then pops back out once it reaches the gap cut out for it in the door frame to secure the door. To get it open you need to turn the key, or be inside. Most houses have this on the front door but back doors have those big keys.

    Instant coffee is dissolvable granules in a jar. Packet coffee is mostly just in rooms in hotels. We would just refer to them as a sachet of coffee.

  • Let the early in-person voting begin!
    Get out there early, and bank a LOT of votes before election day. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Voting early doesn’t usually require a lot of time standing in line or being in an enclosed space for long.
    If you have to vote by mail. get that ballot now. send it in immediately. Make yours part of the stack waiting to be counted instead of sitting at the post office.

  • I’m from the UK and uve been doing this spin hit for a good few month now ��! With the schools and gyms closed I’ve found this very helpful to fit in on a morning before my kids wake up or even on a night when they’re in bed. Half hour is just perfect! Really enjoy this. Thankyou ��!

  • Steve said, “There were some violent scuffles at his events back in 2015 and 2016.” Yes, this is true. Started by paid Progressive Liberals (yes, this has all been exposed).

    Steve said, “Now what we’re starting to see is armed, typically men, showing up at state capitals, driving large pick up trucks into city centers.” This is true. And, anywhere the Republicans have gathered to protest, there’s been NO violence and NO destruction of property. Even when they’re armed, it’s always peaceful.

    Steve said, “But, that’s what police are for. We’re not a vigilante country. That’s not what we do.” Except, ONLY Progressive Liberals cry to defund the police, claim All Cops Are Bastards and continue to attack and murder cops every day on the street.

    Steve said, “I think the real issue with radicalism is you’re taking folks who are already willing to believe whatever you say, regardless of its veracity or it’s truth, and they are now willing to start taking action.” This is also true. But, the only “radicalism” were seeing is in the Progressive Liberal Party.

    However, the Progressive Liberals are beginning to see pushback from patriotic Americans who are tired of the Left’s Marxist tactics.

    This isn’t Communist China and true Americans don’t want it to be. Which is why we’re beginning to fight back.

    Notice the word: fight BACK.

    Because, Conservatives didn’t start this fight. Progressive Liberals started it… just like they started it in 1861.

    If this Progressive Liberal platform had the integrity to be honest and transparent, they would change their name to the Anti-Lincoln Project… because they stand for everything Lincoln stood against.

  • Yanks having to relate everything British to Harry Potter is not offensive to us. We think it’s comical that you don’t take a moment to think that Harry Potter is reflective of Britain, rather than everything in Britain being in reference to Harry Potter. You get it the wrong way around. “Ohhhh my gaawwwd, that’s so like Hairy Paahdder!”. Lol.

  • How much is your vote worth to you? You know who you want to win… but if someone were to offer you a hundred dollars to vote for this impeached president, would you take it? How about a thousand? A hundred thousand?

    If you don’t vote, you’re giving it to them for free.

  • If most violent political acts are done by the Far Right, then why are you asking progressives to tell them to stop? Why is the assumption that those who are infiltrating peaceful protest the liberal progressives?? That is what is wrong with the messaging going on in the media.

  • Really good ride, been spinning at the gym for years but just got a bike at home. After the initial high intensity 30 seconds I thought it was a bit short and the rest too long. By half way they were killing and the recovery was never long enough. Awesome workout packed into an easy 30 minutes to put aside.

  • Trump has now threatened to use military force to put down people who protest the results of the election (liberals of course), right after he’s encouraged people to send an absentee ballot in, and then vote in person (which is voting twice, and a crime).

    He’s setting a narrative in place. The problem is, how do you counter it?

  • Putting aside the political differences between Dems and Reps one thing seems terrifyingly scary to me, it is that democracy only works if both sides play by the rules. The moment corruption enters the seat of power, in my opinion you have already lost democracy. I think if anyone assesses the current situation as is now prevailing, they would be forced to at least consider that previous statement, if not concur with it. Trump is: devoid of principle. morality, ethics and common decency. Russia helped him into power in 2016 and they are at it again. Trump lies, cheats, misinforms and creates problems which he then blames on Democrats. His entire campaign (if one could even call it that,) is not based on his policies, but his fear mongering and incessant propaganda. He is telling his supporters to vote twice. He has interfered with physical mail in ballot processing with the help of his scumbag post master. Another scumbag advises Trump to bring in martial law if he loses the election. Trump and his sprog imbecile clones, Pence, McConnel, Barr, Kushner, McEaney, Navaro, and many more no doubt all represent a crime syndicate and a corrupt family in the WH. Every rational moderately intelligent person knows that at this stage the only way Trump can win is by rigging the election somehow! The election is ground zero for democracy. So, my question is this: if Trump rigs the election, which you can bet he is already doing the maximum to achieve how then does democracy proceed? Or let me put it this way – if democracy was functioning in the past the impeachment should have ousted him already! So even at that point in history you had lost democracy because corruption was in the seat of power.

  • But in what tension are they cycling? My old magnetic bike has 8 tension levels and working out at 100 rpm at tension 1 is not the same as 2, 5 or 8.
    Anyone knows the average of km done with this workout?

  • Sorry Rick he didn’t do nothing he,Pence and Kushner sat on their hands because the first outbreaks were in blue states and its a good way to decimate the confidence in their Dem governorswhich is tantamount to mass murder.

  • It is simple Fox News needs to be taken to court in a class action from the families of dead Trumpites,has to be worth a few billion plus New York legal firms over to you. In other words economically decimate Fox News, Tucker Shitface, Ingraham,Hannity all of them.

  • Odd question, but is it true that women or your girlfriend/wife will thank you later for working your lower body? I’ve been spending the month of September trying to tone my thighs and butt more. Been working out for about like 105+ days so far. Doing full body workouts and some squats etc. I’m just curious because I’m a 29 year old virgin and turning 30 in October. Working out to gain more confidence in myself and maybe actually give dating a try. Still have a long way to go to get to my goals but exercising has become a fun hobby now after getting used to a diet. ��

  • I don’t understand how he says to Woodward it’s in the air, much deadlier than the flu, young people can get it and holds a inside rally calling it a hoax in the same month & his supporters don’t care. He risked their health and they don’t care. He never advocate wearing masks. This mind boggling. This cult is more loyal to that demonic creature than they are to God! The racism, the support for vigilante behavior and the support for a blatant racist psychotic cult QAnon. 4 years ago I said Trump was a current day Jim Jones and j was right. Trump thrives on chaos hate lies and division. He’s the Antichrist

  • Your party has been so betrayed by the Republicans who submit to Trump. Please take back your Republican Party from those so-called Republicans, the fake Republicans, that have been occupying the White House, the seats in The Senate & House of Reps. Even if & when the Biden/Harris ticket wins, you have a long hard fight ahead of you with the Republicans turned ‘Trumpers’. I wish you all the best with your continued fight to make the Republican Party better and right.

  • he will go for execution for treason AND genocide AND insider trading AND selfenrichment, money laundering (reason taj majal was shut down). Trump Vegas is only for money laundering, human trafficking. WHERE ARE THE TAXES? HOW IS HE GETTING HIS MESSAGES FOR POLICY?

  • Now the NFL will ask players to do things mid game to try and get viewership for shock value. Kind of like how everyone watches Trump because they want to see if he will say something with shock value.

  • Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.

  • Always Believe in yourself when no one else does……that makes you a Winner right there….. the moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the Miracle happens.

  • Has anyone considered the possibility that many of the people who are breaking the law at these protests aren’t actually BLM but people trying to discredit the movement? One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

  • Hi Lucy I have finally got hold of a barbell at home but obviously my plates aren’t the same diameter you see at the gym so I can’t roll the bar onto my legs. How is it best to overcome this when I eventually start to lift heavier? x

  • If you are going faster in what you call the ‘slow lane’ than the driver in the middle surely that’s answers the question?? You are taught to drive in the far left lane in the UK and if you need to overtake you go into the next lane. If u need to overtake someone in that one you go to the third lane. As soon as you have overtaken the vehicles you move as far left as you can.

  • Roger Stone is now advocating martial law if Trump loses and to seize ballots in Nevada. He’s saying for Trump if he loses to start arresting Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, the Clintons, James Mattis and journalists. We are in a very dangerous time and the Republicans and Rupert Murdoch’s Faux news have been enabling his dictator impulses. Trump is insane! I hope to God there are plans to counter these actions if they happen! This shit is terrifying.

  • Interestingly many local ‘primary’ schools are church schools, despite fewer secondary schools being of religious bearing, perhaps as there’s less of them. When I was in primary school we used to have an ‘assembly’ in the morning where we’d light a candle, and say a prayer at the start, have a religious story read to us and
    then sing hymns. But interestingly it was never thought of as an overly religious school, all the local kids just went there as it was the local school and no one had to prove they were religious, there were even a few kids of other religions.

  • So trump is responsible for radicalization of America, yet the democrap controlled cities has the most looting, burning of cities. Antifa and blm are at the cause.Your propaganda is not sinking in with the majority, your time is short.

  • Trump said he will put his secret army at every vote collection box,to keep things honest and fair,real reason is if Trump is ahead on Nov. 3rd,his secret army will burn down voting collection boxes and places,blame the “protesters’ he has already lied about,part of Trumps scorched Earth policy,this will stop all the mail in votes from being counted,then his crony that used tax dollars to inflate the stock market will sell the worthless stocks, crashing the stock market,blame Biden (distractions) to line up his half wit supporters and secret army to make a show of force to keep in power as he screams mail in votes are fake so no vote counts not counted on Feb. 3rd.which won’t happen,then a war could happen when Trump tries to stay after mail in votes are counted and he loses….Jan 20th at noon Trump will be dragged out of W.H. in handcuffs and straitjacket by losers and suckers that swore an oath to our great Nation.Then Trump can face all the broken laws as president couldn’t be charged with to include his grifter family.Trump and grifter family will sell American secrets to Putin if they haven’t already?

  • @ 6:30 Please don’t pin the violence on “progressives.” Progressives don’t do violence. These people causing the violence are either right wing or simply not political enough to have a label. There is nobody advocating for Medicare for all in the morning then burning down an autozone at night. Progressives are usually pacifists. Don’t pin a political ideology on looters and vandals.

    Also people have to stop referring to them as “Anarchists.”. I promise that these people don’t understand the political philosophy of Anarchism. Anarchism can be way more organized then capitalism. To real Anarchists, capitalism is the real anarchy. Please don’t be a pundit if you don’t understand these simple concepts. To those that read this far please take notes because you have to understand that you are being lied to.

  • Trump tutoring Trump fan’s brainwashing. Trump isn’t a christian, divorce, bankruptcy and violated US Constitution laws. He’s above the laws. TrumpVirus, He’s responsible for murdered 195k death.

  • My parents didn’t expect us to go to anything religious, and so we’re fine when my brother asked them to write to the school excusing us from RE and any religious festivities etc at school

  • To lock yourself out here in the UK you need to leave your keys inside the house then close the front door! BOOM locked out:) edit: Hope this helps!!

  • Will the Electoral College Vote with the Popular Vote? Will Trump pay them off?
    Who Are the Electors?
    What are their Names?
    How do you Become an Elector?

  • With the fast lines being on the right, imagine a running track the lane you want to be in is the inside (left) and you over take on the right

  • You’re still super out of touch and frankly wrong about politics (like the DNC and many people) but you’re honest and you care and, at a time like this, that’s more than enough. Good for you!

  • I’m American.

    It’s definitely possible to lock yourself out, I have never needed to lock the door with a key behind me-in fact when I leave the house I will open the door, flip the lock, step outside, close the door and wiggle it to make sure it’s locked.

    Passing on the right is actually illegal (I live in California), unless you are on a 2-lane road and the car in front of you is waiting to make a left turn from the left lane (no dedicated left-turn lane).

    I am used to the numerical part of street addresses being 3 or more with all evens on one side and odds on the other, but I have come across single-digit addresses (just yesterday in fact).

  • I have felt for a long time now, if Trump stays in office, we will go from civil unrest into full fledged Civil War. No doubt in my mind. I hope for the best. I’m preparing for the worst. ��������

  • Time is short very short… Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back really soon… Accept him, with him comes eternal life securing that is extremely important…..
    For those who want to know Jesus Christ, my precious saviour say this salvation prayer out loud ” Dear God I come to you a sinner I repent from the bottom of my heart please forgive me. Jesus, I believe that GOD raised you from death I make you Lord in my life baptize me with the fire of the Holy Spirit burn the chains that hold me captive to obeying you. I believe Jesus Christ you are the son of the living God please write my name in the book of life from today Jesus I make you LORD and saviour in my life guide and protect and teach me your word AMEN”

    That’s all next read the book of John, Romans & Hebrew u will know how precious Jesus Christ is he is amazing and waiting on you…

  • There are a lot of things that happen to food in the US that we don’t want here (bleach-washed chicken springs to mind). I think a lot of US food is irradiated: Some foods are allowed to be irradiated here, but after a consumer backlash, several supermarket chains promised they wouldn’t do it: M&S, Asda, Icleand, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, plus the Co-op and Waitrose don’t irradiate their own-brand foods. (I’m not sure how up to date that info is, though)

  • Our Mad King Donald, with the mental capacity of a 2 yo, is just a tool of Putin and FOX, who are running him and who hate everything about America except their paychecks/ratings. Rupert Murdoch is an ex-pat Aussie who hates government and democracy, especially in his adopted America.

  • The most religious thing I ever did in school in the uk was that we all had to sing hymns at the beginning of every assembly and say that our father prayer ��

  • Trump pinned a medal on a soldier yesterday. I wonder if he let that young man know what he calls them. Losers and suckers so sad he had to receive the medal from a draftdodger and someone with no respect for better men than him.

  • @Minimal Interest Except you will be calling the Police for help as soon as a criminal is attacking you. I hope they don’t get there in time to save you.

  • Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has to be one of the scummiest Republicans but of course there are so many. We never hear him speak for his constituents in Wisconsin he only speaks when he’s told to speak by Trump.

  • You may get a few viewers that will say its not true. BUT in America you may turn left on a red light if you are turning onto a one way street.

  • Thank you so much for this!! Only recently found you here and on IG and my workouts/diet have massively improved because of you! Such amazing content thank you this was so helpful xx

  • You don’t need a crystal ball to know Trumps game plans when he loses! He’s already told us if anyone had been listening. He’s been telling us! When a sore loser loses and has money and minions Hell will break lose! Count the days to the last hour and you can set any clock bc it’s coming! Trump will call out all his Hell Hounds to protect his will to continue to reside as President! I’d count my life on Trump will disrupt and set fire to this country bc he is the ultimate wife beater!

  • Nips inspired me to continue my business when it was getting tough and now its evolved.
    Rip Nip ����. Subscribe if you a Nip fan help me to keep the marathon going��

  • The best Biden gaff..(WE CHOOSE TRUTH OVER FACTS). YOU DO SUCH A GREAT JOB BREAKING THINGS DOWN…MOST DON’T REALIZE THAT THEY ACTUALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON MOST ISSUES ONCE THEY SIT AND LISTEN. You are on the Allstar team when it comes to hosting podcasts. Keep doing what cha doing bro…

  • This song was the fist then more but this isnt history its how he told how to live history stright g R.I.P nip we miss u ohh yea fucc donald trump lmao

  • I have never seen a garbage disposal in the uk and we put our mail in our post box by the street because we dont have mailbox9utside our house

  • its i think a yale lock,its on a latch system that locks whenever the door is closed,and can only be entered from the outside using only a key

  • This is why they killed NIP! Think about �� the influence he would have amongst social media, hoods, middle class and under In today society. He could of pushed it over the top or called a meeting /gathering of all social media power (hip-hop, actors, tic tok etc..) and influence the crowd to sway to a different beat.
    Just saying

  • Best Nipsey song,2pac of our generation,2pac and Nipsey are the only people I have on my studio walls,the realest,this song is real shit

  • Thank you Ben Shapiro!
    How about we track down that piece of sh!t animal in yellow hoodie
    and all losers posting this incident online and put them away for inciting murder! Reject Black Lives Matter!

  • Wow a girl introduced me to this song back in 2016. I was just a young boy falling in and out of love with many girls. Best times <3

  • It would seem that Trump supporters don’t so much like him as much as they hate everyone who is not like themselves. Casting their lot with someone that has Putin for a mentor is a scary proposition for all freedom loving individuals from all Democratic countries. I hear the rhetoric about putting America first but if Democracy fails then Putin and his thugs will be running the world. Or maybe that was part of the discussion between Putin and Trump during the 2 hour secret session they had in Helsinki? Trump would be happy to be Putin’s puppet so long as he could hold on to power in the US. I’m sure Putin would be fine with that so long as Trump “bends the knee” which I am sure he would be only too happy to do. If Trump wins I hope the Republicans are quick learners when it comes to learning to speak Russian because you’ll need it in order to pay homage to your true leader Putin. Democratic countries around the world are watching the presidential race closely and will be rooting for the true champion of Democracy…Joe Biden.

  • Yes you can lock yourself out of the house easily. Some homes have locks on the doorknobs that can be put in the lock position before shutting the door as you step out of the house which locks the door. If you forget to grab the house key before you leave you are locked out. And it is very easy to lose you key while out and about..

  • Wait a minute, the collecting mail from you own post box is an American thing or British? In Canada you have to drop your mail in a post box that are peppered throughout neighbourhoods.

  • I’m wondering if In American schools kids and people working have religious rights to be able to take time off of work/school for things related to their religion? Like in the uk (at my school at least) there was a whole room dedicated for Muslim students to go and pray and it wasn’t used for anything else. It was also ok to take time out of school to go to funerals or weddings without it affecting your attendance. Also at my school it was Mandatory to take religious education as part of Ethics class where you learnt about Buddhism and Christianity (although If your parents didn’t want you to take it for any reason then they could call the school and during that lesson you could do something else)

  • The person who did the shooting is a garbage human being. The people who celebrate it are garbage people. The people blocking the hospital are garbage people.

    This are the scum you want in charge to “police” your community? Then you are also a garbage human being. Period.

  • Ignorant people aren’t capable of itemizing exactly who or what their problem is. Luckily, the President of Ghana wants them back! So just send them home. Simple.

  • CNN: “ In an act of systemic racism, two racist cops refuse to die after mostly peaceful assault. Eye witness freelance reporters confirm, cops survive in order to spite oppressed minority.”

  • I think the religious participation comment is both misleading and untrue some schools are faith-based, or have a religious sponsor (i.e. I went to a Church of England primary school), and we did sing hymns in the morning, but this is by no means the rule there’s at least as many secular schools as there are Anglican, Catholic, etc. Also, despite going to a church school, participation wasn’t compulsory there was a kid whose family were Jehovah’s Witnesses, and he didn’t take part in anything C of E

  • Come on Ben, I agree we shouldn’t sacrifice the cops in the George Floyd case. But it’s obvious that the cop killed him when he clearly explained that he was going to die if he kept the knee on him.

  • We don’t have a free pass for a left turn in the uk lol, a red light is a red light and if u jump it and get caught u get points on ur license

  • England has religious education in schools just so you educated on other cultures.
    In regards to being locked out, not all houses have a handle on the outside and will automatically lock and our keys don’t look like that anymore lol

  • The far left are hateful people and racist except when it comes to cops. They hate all colors of cops. The dream of people treating others not by the color of their skin but by the quality of their character has come true for most everyone else. I’m not voting for racism… Trump 2020!

  • What a coward. Typical of a loser. Time for Compton burn to ground. Now, I can’t wait for these thugs and losers end up on the other side of veil (post-mortal life). No amount money, prayers, bed ridden confession will aid them since the FATHER will never listen. BLM is the joke of this decade and all police departments and businesses should go after them with lawsuits and calling this marxist group a real terrorist group. However, bring the hanging ropes for this thug.

  • All I can say is the police need to go on strike for a month and lets see how long these “Protestors” last. The second amendment will be called to action by the citizens. Watch the lefty BLM cowards run to there basements.

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  • The criminals can all go to hell. BLM are a bunch of Commie Marxists that worship demons. They are calling up demons when they command everyone to “Say his(her) name.”, repeatedly.

  • But the Democrats have been calling for violence for 4 years. Remember Maxine Waters…i also think Pelosi was part of that mantra. They are revolting…the entire party has morphed into disgusting filth.

  • Getting milk substitutes other than soya really isn’t that hard, even in my small town 90% of the cafes will offer various options, so I think you just had bad luck.

  • Can we STOP acting like this is about racism, police or, black lives!!! It’s not. It’s about chaos and power. It’s about pushing communism and killing anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. ITS ABOUT TEARING OUR COUNTRY TO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!

  • These people are brain dead, they don’t care what’s right or wrong and you can’t explain the facts to them, to stupid to understand any logic. That’s why they are USED and easily manipulated by the elite to carry out there agenda.

  • How many peaceful protesters and regular citizens have been injured and killed since the George Floyd murder happened mr. Ben Shapiro

  • I beg to differ that the dog whistle of the cops are racist and evil by the Demonrats doesn’t make them responsible for cops and innocent random civilians are being killed and attacked. Give me a break Ben!!!

  • in England, the church of England and other churches who run schools start the day with a religious assembly, includes suitable hymns and readings. these are State schools with a religious person on their board of governors.
    probably from a time when the church organised education rather than the state.

  • 04:20 it’s ok….. you seem worried to say it Ben… It was a black dude. A person of color, a person with a lot of melatonin. Just to be clear it was an a*****. It was a little scared punk b*** a******! There I helped you.

  • The reason religious studies are mandatory in school up to the point where you choose your specialist studies for GCSEs is because they teach us about all religions aswell as cultures sometimes so that kids are aware of other religious and cultural identities and it teaches tolerance especially if a kid comes from a family who only educates them on their OWN personal beliefs. So it’s a way of giving kids the idea that everyone is the same despite religious or cultural difference and should be treated the same. This is the case unless the school is a catholic school for example cuz most of the time in those schools they only teach Catholicism ��

  • Don’t count Trump out in pulling a fascist coup…The GOP want it….The GOP donors want it. They have no use for democracy. Don’t count him out. When Germany went the way it did it did in the 30s there was only 30% support. With enough violence and breaking of the law he could do it.

  • In the UK house number’s are not allowed to go above 999 it’s something to do with the Royal Mail postcode’s sorting machine. It doesn’t recognise a number above that. I live in flat 7 or apartment as you would call it so I’m ok.

  • Why can’t there be a party that is just centralist where all they care about is bread and butter issues but support capitalism and socialism?

  • Police and or businesses affected by reporters, lawyers and or government officials inacuaratly reporting a police shooting should be able to sue for defamation and or damages if they improperly report events they were involved in concerning a police shooting that reasonably can be said indirectly caused them and or their businesses to be harmed by rioters and or looters responding to the reports given

  • Thank you for the sanity check. I listened while I did my food prep for the week. No rest for a single middle class worker. So I needed something to lift my soul and inspire me to continue the work to elect Biden.

    I’m registering folks, I’m making sure people mail their ballots early and signing up poll workers. Fight on!

    Rudy Guiliani’s hoax about Joe Biden: Russian propaganda.

  • I grew up in a poor rural area in England and our schools were built by the Church of England, all the state money went to schools in the city because they didn’t care about country people. Anyone could go to the schools but there was a prayer at the morning assembly and a hymn on friday afternoon assembly at the end of the school week. We also had religious studies.

  • Ben I just want you to know I envy your ability to articulate things..and sorry to lump you and Candace Owens together but I think you guys are amazing

  • A lot of “modern” locks lock automatically when the door closes. So if you happen to be go outside and don’t have the key in your pocket, you get locked out. I once spent a day in my PJs and dressing gown, visiting friends houses to borrow money, get a lift to a shop to buy a new lock, find someone with a drill to borrow, go back home, drill though the lock, put in a new non-automatically locking lock. Job done, it took the whole day.

  • The media needs held accountable.
    Remember the rioters rioted over a suicide
    They all need arrested and held accountable

    Why is the Floyd family claiming he wasn’t doped up? Do they just want cash???�� Did the family watch the video? He was freaking out! Agitated, and people telling him to relax, listen, follow directions!

  • Right after Joe Biden said the system is racist, my follow-up question wouldve been; How many years have you been involved in the system?

  • I think ExpressVPN exaggerates what a VPN does, and how unsafe not using one is. All websites that use the https protocol are encrypted and cannot be read by hackers over an unsecure WiFi. My understanding is that you’re safe if you use https.

  • Many British households have an anti theft lock, which means the moment your door closes it locks. It’s very common in Northern England ��������������

  • Thank You Lincoln Project!! YOU Honestly Love Our American Democracy, You Are Actively Working With Total Commitment To Save Our America From Fascism and Destruction!! You Are Loved And Deeply Appreciated!!

  • In the UK you have a Squire lock if the door slam’s shut you’re locked out end of, if you haven’t got the keys This has happened to me a few times over the years you have to get a locksmith to get you back in. I once nearly got arrested by the fuzz climbing in through a bedroom window after I Locked myself out of my flat.

  • I need help from someone with experience on weight loss. No trolls please. This is hard enough as it is.

    So does cycling really help you lose weight? I gained a lot in the past 2 years because of health reasons keeping me bedridden(plus this quarantine didn’t help much), and this added weight is really being stubborn and doesn’t wanna come off. I eat when I’m supposed to, and I don’t over eat. I eat more vegetables and drink a lot of water. I only eat carbs once a day, if that. But it just won’t shed. I love running, but now after these past couple of years of doing nothing at home, my right knee is giving me a lot problems. I don’t know what to do anymore and this is so frustrating.

  • That American “bacon” is overcooked, super fatty and horrible. In the US, order ‘Canadian’ bacon and cut off any fat. You know it makes sense! In the UK, buy back bacon ditto.

  • Where and when is Nancy Pelosi’s moral obligation to protect the lives of the police officers in her state, going to kick in? While she is preaching about saving Mother Earth, a young mother’s face is blown off in her state. California has become a war zone-complete with feces and needle ridden homeless encampments. And the mayors and governor are giving speeches telling their citizens to turn their air conditioners off. Scary stuff.

  • Ruined a bit by the adverts, had 2 sets land in the middle of my 30 second efforts! Shouldn’t complain for a free workout though I guess!

  • Yesterday Roger Stone suggested to Trump to arrest Obama, Hillary, Biden and there a worst case scenario that would allow him to do that??
    And Stone suggested Trump gather the ballots from some states and not let them be counted…is that possible?

  • You (some people) can lock yourself out very easily. Quite often as well as a mortice lock (harry Potter key) people have a night latch or rim cylinder lock on their doors. The bolt on these is sort of straight on one side beveled in the other so the bolt can be pushed aside whilst door closes but it needs the cylinder turned (usually by a key) in the other. So door can close ok but it needs a key to open (usually). There is a button (sneck) to keep the bolt back but if this is forgotten about…
    Personally my front door doesn’t have any of these what it has is handle operated,e you lift the handle and it shoots (top bottom centre) bolts into the frame. A key is used both inside and outside to ‘set’ the lock. If,for some reason, say the fire brigade tried to break down the door they would have an easier time attacking the hinge side than the lock side. Probably have an easier time cutting away the wall to be honest door is VERY secure.

  • Trump the Unfit, the fear-monger and conspiracy theorist, racist and racist enabler, misogynist ‘pussy-grabber’ is waging war on domestic protesters today and whining about an election that he wants to postpone, denigrating military heroes as ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’, insulting experts who are doing their jobs, dismissing public office holder who do not behave as pandering sycophants to his despotism, persecuting heroes who tell the truth under oath, consorts with the enemies of the nation, and pardoning criminals who subvert the course of justice and who lie under oath. Trump has recently explicitly encouraged his followers to break the law by voting twice, paradoxically after crying foul at the alleged voter fraud he claims postal voting will cause that he blames on the Democrats. Trump’s appointee for Postmaster General is taking steps to prevent adequate service for a postal vote surge. The utterly staggering disregard for truth is evidence of a deeply corrosive process leading to the dissolution of a healthy functioning of a democracy. But wait for it: Trump could start a war with China to misdirect our attention in the face of a looming electoral defeat. This is the pattern: When a narcissistic sociopath fails to win the endless adulation he craves, he turns to revenge. Be aware of this. Trump may prefer to destroy the nation than accept defeat. However, while Trump is a horrible authoritarian and may suffer from fronto-temporal degeneration or may be brain-damaged by a stroke, he is not the fundamental problem. Neither is the GOP that has become little more than the mouthpiece of populism for Trump. He and the GOP, as Obama told us, are symptoms of a more profound problem, the decline of American Empire. Read this:

  • I live in the US, and every house I have ever lived in has had a 3-digit house number. Also, every house I’ve ever lived in has had doors with locks that allow you to easily lock yourself out of the house. Just open the door, twist the lock on the inside knob, step outside, and close the door.

  • I get the feeling as more people do this kind of crap, more people that are tempted to say the N word are going to appear. The demand for racism has always outpaced the supply by far, which is why they’ve had to make up for stories for decades, but if they continue to supply people with a narrative, based on reality, that these people are doing this kind of crap, more people are going to change their opinions.

    Here’s what I think is happening: The Democrats were bleeding members TO TRUMP, OF ALL PEOPLE. This pissed them off to the point where they felt that the one hail Mary they had left was to try to turn the right against the black community, by encouraging and exploiting the black community into going to war with the cops, committing heinous crimes, and acting like animals.

  • Is it too much of a coincidence that Justice Kennedy’s son was Trump’s banker at Deutschebank, and Justice Kennedy abruptly resigned, vacating a seat on the Supreme Court for Mitch McConnell’s vendetta against the rule of law?
    Someday, I think we will discover Trump’s other hobby, blackmail.

  • I live in the USA and we have door locks that look very easily without a key. And we also use mailboxes outside the towns and/or cities.

  • That what l like about Britain, music, arts, culture, and life sciences, tech, academia,
    Here in Britain leading the world in battery technology that will help cut CO2 had tackle climate change and produce green jobs for the next generation….

  • It was an honor meeting you, I’m happy you got to taste the good life before you passed.
    I wish nothing but the worst for those who put harm on you, Carmas a bitch.
    Hey Nipsey if you ever meet my girl up there��Just let her know that there’s no way in hell I’m going to heaven after I die.
    But just tell her that I love her and that I never stop thinking about her (Mikayla Barry) ������
    Rest in peace my brotha ������ Rest In Peace

  • 9:22 do you mean RE (religious education) we learn about different religions probably so we don’t say anything stupid to religious people and we don’t offend anyone or at least the people with the main 6 religions at my school it changes a bit for year 9 (13-14 year olds) but I won’t go in to explain it cuz it’s hard to explain

  • In the UK you expect everyone to have an electric kettle, People might have a coffee machine, but it us far less common. As you can make instant coffee with the kettle you already have for making tea, instant coffee is the norm.

  • Ahahaha a skeleton key is not standard in the UK, we use the same keys but our doors lock mostly by a catch latch, also the UK has a cultural experience of British empire being ‘shameful’ that whilst we still try to right those wrongs yes the flag has been adopted by far right wing parties and groups. Sorry guys been watching for a while but most of these facts are wrong.

  • Im in the uk went to school in the 70s we had assembly every morning were prayers were said if you were no Christian you just stood there and watch the other pupils the we had religious education which you were taught about different religions, they also started polical classes teaching about different political beliefs you know communism capitalism. Some of these classes could get lively to say the least

  • Here in the UK, most people I know went to non-faith schools but there’s definitely still an element of religious observance. Children put on productions of the Nativity at Christmas, sing hymns and often say prayer in assemblies. Christianity is the default, even though there’s less Christians than atheists.

  • I have wondered how tall the bench or step behind you needed to be? And how much weight that you start off lifting/using. I have heard about tucking your chin before. But not the 90 degree angle that you mentioned. Thanks for the video and the information. I appreciate it.

  • The left’s philosophy “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, which is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels.

  • I live in Canada and we have religion observation, I don’t know about other provinces but yeah, it’s obligatory, we simply learn about different religions and I think it’s great bc it educates people since that’s the whole point of it, I think it’s dumb the USA doesn’t have that, it makes sense why there’s a lot of racism… although, my province is taking it out for idk what reason which I think it’s dumb, they’re replacing it with ethics and sex education

  • Fun fact about house/building numbers in the UK that I learned as a delivery driver, the lowest number (i.e. 1) is usually on the end of the street closest to the post office’s sorting office. This is in order to help your postie put the mail in correct order when they have multiple streets in their route. It really helps you find addresses more quickly as a delivery driver.

  • The price of petrol in the uk is approx 125 a ltr in US you say its 99 a gallon.. in the UK the govnment uses it as a tax raiser.probly to cover things like the national health service.

  • I love how people cannot go see their loved ones dying in the hospital yet those people think that it is unreasonable that they can’t visit 2 officers that they don’t know

  • Types of cycling motivations:
    People: 1. To be fit and slim 2. To be healthy 3. To train for the race
    Me: to watch James and imagine he is proud of me �� and also to be slim and healthy, but this is the bonus ��

  • 2020 listening thinking about where I was in 2015 and how much my life changed. To the woman I was singing this to. Still love her but damn things change so fast. Life is truly a roller coaster, changing up and downs and you not really sure where those are coming.

  • These people don’t even understand the US you can lock yourself out (especially in apartments) w/out a key, passing on the right is illegal in many states, and street addresses often start with single digits.

  • I really don’t understand what they were talking about with the key thing… but our keys look the same as yours, I’ve rarely seen the skeleton keys!

    With the flag thing, I’m surprised people commented on it in bath you’re right in terms of it being controversial to have them outside your house, but I wouldn’t have thought people would comment on it at abbeys, palace etc.

    Yes, instant coffee is what we usually use! It usually comes in a jar and you just put a teaspoon in a mug. And the milk thing, that’s considered a pretty ‘trendy’ thing.

    We do RE because we’re not a particularly religious country we learn about all religions from an outside perspective (rather than praying, reading holy books etc) so that we can be more tolerant.

  • Most houses don’t have doorknobs on the outside for safety I suppose… so if you close the door you can’t just push it back in without the key

  • My theory is that they appear to be infiltrated, probably the russians since they always love destabilizing countries. As far as the knife situation, it only takes 1.5 secs to reach someone 10-15ft away with a knife…guess how long it takes on avg to draw a weapon? Yup 1.5 secs. So yes that idiot deserved to get shot.

  • Technically in the US you are only supposed to pass in the left lane. However here in the US its the person on the left lane that is getting passed who is in the wrong. The person passing on the right did nothing wrong. The person on the left could get a ticket for driving in the left lane for too long without merging back into the right lane when able.

  • Only got to the first 10 minutes, ads at the first effort and then at the second but on the second they were continuous so had to get off my bike to skip,too bad,spoiled a good workout ☹️

  • Religious Studies (or observant as you say in the video) is just the story of religion. They don’t push you to become that religion its just so we can understand most religions. For example one term you could be leaning about Hinduism the next Jewish religion.

  • We need to have vigilantes do drive by shootings and kill all of the cop killers. Just mow them all down by the hundreds. Kill them all!!!!!

  • I don’t know if you check comments on older videos, but:

    The 1st Amendment also protects the freedom > from < religion.
    The “under God” part of the pledge of allegiance was added in 1954.
    There is immense peer pressure to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance but there is no legal requirement to do so.

  • Is this your loser child in the video? Yes, barely can speak any form of real English. There is “systemically stupidity” that fills these homes.

  • at 10:23 into it, i can no longer put up with the distraction of beardy playing with his cam lens. he ought to grow the fuck up. respect the others and sit still you’re like Jim Jordan.

  • if you monitor these comments, then how about a new campaign, hat, mask & Tshirt with an acronym that should shame? the ORANGYTAN in the Shite House as it is the TRUTH..:
    ‘ JAHG ‘ [ just another HOAX grandma ] yeah right DON, 200000 DEAD hoaxes stay safe

  • Its almost like H.G.Wells’ The Time Machine Trump supporters are turning into the morlocks (obviously) and white middle class democrats are in danger of becoming the Elois unless they stand up and fight HARD!

  • always afraid to do this, but i need you to please present something on q-anon too…and how bill barr is someone that i think is related to, and perhaps even the head of the cult

  • ATTENTION:  People in the land of the living…the
    Resistance, Fear Mongers, Lovers of…Abortion, Homosexuality, Socialism,
    Homelessness, MS-13, Antifa, BLM, Liberalism, Diversity, Trans Gender, Identity
    Politics, Lawlessness, CCP…Those lost & deceived…YES, the democratic sect
    party along with fake empire of lies news media…msnbc, cnn, cnbc, abc, bbc,
    cbnc, nbc, pbs, 60 minutes, the view, wall street journal, new york times, white
    house press core, google, facebook, twitter, microsoft, apple, amazon, yahoo, the
    nba, seth meyers, stephen colbert, john oliver, jon stewart, meghan mccain,
    oprah, whoopi, bill maher, jimmy kimmel, trevor noah, jimmy fallon, joy hehar,
    howard stern…are all about Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of
    Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down
    to.  One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN

  • U folks need to get your visual and audio shit together. If this is a professional organization, why r we still seeing huge hands come in someones screen. Like a creepy monster movie…rerun. Than hearing noise in background like someones family just dropped in. Concentrating on message is very difficult and we are in critical times. When I saw someone in background at Rick’s house, I almost called 911. Thought u were about to get blasted away. The Lady in this and several podcasts takes way way too long to say much of anything and keeps interrupting. If Trump is going to be taken out of office, focus on how repubs in congress and his cabinet of disinformation specialists r parroting same style of Russian propaganda. Draw their talking points out. We have fascists in our gov. They just got elected with American brand of propaganda. The tea party was built on it. Get Jane Mayer of dark money on… Tm Snyder of Yale. We do not need taking heads. They are on every channel. Focus on the guts of what makes or breaks a free society. What is not working is free market economics. Repubs are moving to soviet style economics.Putin is not only trumps hero. Own the message.

  • Actually you are wrong, america has same system as uk in terms of overtaking on a motorway (but obviously left not right). It just so few people know about it.

  • in mainly primary school or elementary school to you we go to church of england schools where you have a collective worship every morning where you sing hymns and the vicer of the nearest church might come in to talk about christianity and then at easter, christmas, harvest festival and the end of the school year you go to the church and do things there. in secondary or middle school and high school there mostly no religious but there are a few catholic secondary’s that you have to do collective worship in

  • I had no idea post is collected from homes in the US! I assumed the little red flag was put up by the postman to indicate to the homeowner that they’d left some post for them, so they don’t have to keep checking.

    Regarding keys, the Harry Potter style is much more basic and becoming somewhat rare. You can’t accidentally lock yourself out with those because you have to use the key to lock the door. The locks for the modern keys, on the other hand, automatically click to the locked position when the door is shut, so if you’re outside and left your keys inside, you’re in trouble! (From the inside the mechanism is opened with a little latch rather than the key, so you won’t get trapped indoors if you left your keys in the car or something.)

    You’re right about flags, people tend not to fly them at home. It’s considered redundant and a little vulgar. This is especially the case for the England flag, which unfortunately has come to be associated with the far right in recent years; it isn’t inherently a hate symbol in the slightest and certainly not everyone who flies it is automatically racist, however unfortunately English racists do tend to fetishise the flag more than anyone else and display it at every possible opportunity (on homes, cars, t-shirts, tattoos etc), so it suffers by association. This is less the case for the Union flag though, and practically not at all for the Welsh or Scottish flags.

  • Thanks guys!!! Thanks James, I had no problem with ads, I wish I had so I could rest more ahahahah �� great session ����❤️ greetings from México ����

  • In the US you are supposed to pass on the left. However; this is most important on a 4 lane road (2 lanes each way). Some of our bigger highways have more lanes and it doesn’t matter near as much and would be very impractical. I personally hate left lane vigilantes but as mentioned you don’t really ever get in trouble by being one. But you do piss a lot of people off.

  • Just discovered GCN and done the 30 min hiit, fitter than I thought, will be trying the others, thanks for making these available! ����

  • I’m thinking a lot more people recycle or compost their kitchen waste in the UK. I could be wrong. It’s never that hot enough to need a ide cube makers and tap water quality is usually very good.

  • Love this workout. It’s quickly paced so thirty minutes just flies by and it works me hard which is just what I need! Love that there are no ads.

  • A lot of front doors in the UK have a sort of bolt lock system (I think that’s right??) that clicks into a locked position as soon as the door is closed. My flat has this and if you want to open it from the inside you need to twist a little mechanism above the keyhole which pulls the bolt out of its locked position, and this obviously isn’t on the outside of the door, so you need a key to unlock it from the outside. I think a latch might be more of an accurate term for the lock system? It’s like when you pull the door shut the latch is levered and will respond by sliding across the door frame into a secure, usually metal, square shaped space or hole in the door frame locking it in place.

  • It seems to me the shooter looked like a very short person look at the height of shooters head to the height of the car roof? Could the shooter be a young gang member?

  • Also u can’t undertake on the motorway cos it’s dangerous as ur cutting into a slower lane of traffic, also when overtaking in the rest of Europe it’s common to keep ur indicator on the whole time ur overtaking whereas u don’t do that in the uk, do u do that in the us??

  • With the fruit, its due to being close to the farms and having robust shipping lanes so the times are quicker, often produce is shipped unripe where they will ripen on the shelves pushing expiration dates. Pesticides and fungicide won’t prolong ripening phases.

    Example: Avocados are produced in America and mostly in Mexico it takes much longer for Avocados to ship to the U.K then it does in America which increases shelf life here in the states.

    America is also in the top 5 for largest agriculture production so we have plenty of farm land that produce a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

  • Now we know that Xi Jinping personally phoned Trump at some time early in 2020 (apparently February 6th) to warn him that the novel corona virus was highly contagious and at least 5 times more lethal than the flu. A few months later Trump blamed China, and by implication Xi Jinping, for hiding the facts and thus causing America and the world to be unprepared. This is shocking. Xi Jinping, hearing these accusations and knowing that Trump was lying, must have been reeling in disbelief. Add to that the insulting use of the term “China virus.” Trump has destabilized delicate and strategically sensitive international relationships with his lies. The USA owes Xi Jinping sincere apology. Why is Trump’s behavior not a high crime and misdemeanor warranting impeachment? Why not? What does this mean about the failure of the American justice system and the obvious absence of checks and balances?

  • Thank you. History will record how relevant the Lincoln Project was in turning the corner for Biden/Harris winning the election and saving the soul of America. Thank you again.


  • A lot of schools are built on land donated by the church and religious ed was a condition of the land gift. This evolved into religious moral and philosophical ed becoming part of the national curriculum up to age 16.

  • as someone from belgium I think the school thing in the UK might have to with something that’s the case in belgium in as well (I know live in the UK). The fast majority of schools in belgium are pretty old and were originally founded by monks, nuns, etc and affiliated with a church, with some schools even having their own private church on the grounds. Most of these schools would even now this day still have religion classes and be considered catholic schools. I’m guessing about 90% or more of the schools in the area i grew up in belgium WERE catholic schools. And the state schools that weren’t didn’t have religion classes, but they also often had very unsavory reputations with a lot of “scummy” kids going there and having a lot of bullies etc. Despite most schools being catholic schools, anyone could go to these though regardless of your actual religious beliefs. I suppose it’s pretty hard to remove the religion part completely from schools as that’s how they started out in the first place and some schools actually STILL Have nuns working in the background to this day (my elementary school was one example of this)

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  • So glad you mentioned this: “if you are thrusting heavy load you won’t feel it but if you are thrusting lighter you will feel it in your glutes”. I thought I was the only one and I just wasn’t doing it right. I never progressively overloaded because I don’t feel it so I just stick to light weight and do 1 1/4 reps because in my mind I’m like (I don’t feel it with heavy weights, it must not be working then). So it’s normal not to feel it with heavy load then???

  • Do your homework, and Study Carl Marx’s steps to Communism, The Communist Manifesto. It begins mildly under the cover of Socialism being ideal for a balanced Economic System. Wake up, because the rich that have plenty will not share with the have nots. They want our kind dead!

  • Democrats are at fault. They created this environment with lies and identity politics. They pointed at the cops and said “go get em” media too

  • The flag issue is interesting. It maybe that in the UK there is always a choice of flag. You can fly the Union Flag, the St George’s Flag (England), Y Ddraig Goch (Wales) or the Saltire (Scotland). So if someone were to raise a flag outside their house, the choice would make a statement. The video shows a St George’s Cross on a church (presumably in England), this should not be controversial. Perhaps because it always used to be the Union Flag.

  • I wonder what happens when this starts to spill over onto other 1st responders like fireman and perimedics. Anyone in a uniform. So ridiculous and not funny at all.

  • It hasn’t even begun yet. Trump and Fox will burn your nation down. He would love blood running in the streets. Thank God the border is closed. Canadians may see refugees from your countryheaven knows. But America is going down. The entire world knew about Covid. Only America refused the truth. There is NO truth anymore in your country. Your war dead died for nothing. Nothing. The insane right wing in the states will never allow you to be a part of the 21st century. You guys are going to face untold misery. The Canadian government needs to prepare for this. You should have Margeret Atwood on your show.

  • Dunno how smart it is to go to YouTube Ben. Kinda surprised I still have the pleasure to watch you here given the censorship happening.

  • i used to listen to this while playing minecraft
    and other games like fortnite(whatever version that did not have sweats)
    division 1
    skyrim se and cod aw

    i put this in a playlist called “hate stephanie”
    the girl who cancelled our first date because i didnt rap for her.
    i mixed this in with some fetty wap and some lofi, and had the time of my life.

  • one cannot beat this abject crook & human being lol, by being can only take out a sewer rat, unless you descend the sewer………by the way, Steve Schmidt should be on MSNBC every night with his 10 minute very effective rant, so c’mon Nicole Wallace give the guy a phone,,,,,,.stay safe

  • During WW2 the Soviets would broadcast the sounds of a clock ticking with a brooding voice saying “Every sixty seconds another German soldier dies in Russia. Stalingrad mass grave.”
    LP should make and add like that for Covid.

  • For christ’s sake. Again, opiates DO NOT cause excited delirium. Opiate overdose forces you into unconsciousness within 20 minutes and you stop breathing. Drugs that cause excited delirium are almost exclusively uppers like coke and meth. Opiates are completely different and effect people completely differently physiologically. And the medical examiner ruled cause of death asphyxiation by restraint, not overdose. Overdoses do not look like that. If he had overdosed he never would have been talking to the cops much less struggling with them. Not saying it had anything to do with race. That argument is retarded. But so is the argument that the drugs caused his death. Addicts can take an insane amount of drugs that far exceed what is considered a “fatal” dose medically. Those measurements are based on normal people without massive drug tolerances. And those drugs stay in your blood long after the effects have worn off. He was most likely high earlier in the day ad if he was blasted on opiates he would have been barely coherent.

  • My brother asked me if Trump is so bad how come he has 45% of the country still following him. I referred him to an article I read which addressed this topic. In the past American’s mostly got their news from the 3 major networks. Those networks for the most part protected their reputations by sticking pretty close to the facts. If a President did something outlandish then most American’s got similar stories from the news calling out the incident. But now there is Social Media and Fox news supporting lies and misinformation and that is how we have gotten from a 10 to 15% fringe following a false narrative to 45% of the country following a false narrative. Now they get vindication from Fox. What are you guys going to do about that? As long as Fox can lie, millions will follow their perspective.

  • Thank you!!! I manage to loose 3.3kg doing this 3x a week for 4 weeks!!! Great quick way too loose some weight!! To everyone that compleints about ads try Adblock for Youtube 😉

  • I got discouraged from running �� so much. I wanted to look into a new routine. I tried this video at the beginning of this month and now I’m hooked on cycling ��‍♀️. I feel good and losing weight.

  • Democrats are for police also we don’t have to be divided Democrats versus Republicans some views are the same. you need to single out those who support rapists

  • I’m coming back from bilateral pulmonary embolisms, 2 rounds of pneumonia and a major autoimmune flare just in one year. I’m so happy to have found your channel and this video today. I don’t have a fancy bike so everyone out there thinking they need one to do this? You don’t. Anything that adds extra tension will do. Also, if you don’t think you can then you won’t. My lungs are scarred after this year and I finished it. Your effort is your effort. Invest in a good HRM and you’re good to go. Again, thank you so much for this. I’ve missed my bike and cycling.

  • We don’t know who did it or why they did it and you’re already blaming the left?

    He could’ve just been arrested by the a week earlier and wants revenge but we don’t know cause we don’t know who it is.

  • James and Simon are my absolute favorite!!!! They are funny and keep you motivated. Great people, great workout! Please add more videos of these guys!

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together……..

  • I live in New England and the majority of homes have house numbers running from 1 to 3 digits. It’s very rare to have a house number of 4 or 5 digits.

  • Has anyone used the Episoketren System to improve your soccer technique? Just do a search engine search. On there you will discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can increase your soccer skills. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • In schools in the U.K. we pray in assembly and sing hymns. We also have religious education (RE) where we learn about all religions when we are in high school and we can choose to study RE as one of our General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSE) for which we sit an exam at the end of the fifth year of high school. There isn’t separation of church and state in the U.K. I feel I learnt a lot about other religions whilst in school and it gave me a better understanding of what other people believe in.

  • I wish you had included photo proof of gasoline for 99 cents per gallon. I haven’t seen that price in forever! It’s well more than double that right now and I live where it’s one of the cheaper places. Just saying…..

  • I couldn’t do any training last 4 months due to plantar fascia. I’m so glad that I did my first work out with you guys!!
    Big thank you to all!! Xo

  • Law enforcement are people. Why would anyone deem them any more or less racist than anyone not in law enforcement? Assuming police are “racist,” are there “racist” pills that are distributed upon enlisting? Ridiculous.

  • How does one record activity of this type? I have both the machine and a GIANT cyclotron (fluid) trainer but I don’t get accurate results with a phone and the monitor is installed on the front tyre…

  • I had 4 wisdom teeth took out 8 year’s ago by a fully qualified dental surgeon in an NHS hospital they even knocked me out with an injection & sod me I was in agony for age’s afterwards I couldn’t eat anything for day’s afterwards’s my face swelled up like a hot-air balloon so I know how you feel love.

  • How strange that was your experience! I’m a vegan living here and I’ve found oat milk to be the standard even visiting smaller not vegan friendly towns. In big cities it seems to be normal to have Oat, Soy & Almond as standard.

  • Prefer this one over the highly popular Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute one with the women. 8 30 second sprints, a good warm-up and cool-down and decent breaks in between sprints are great. Prefer listening to my own music to be honest and you will have a major sweat. Combined this with DDP yoga and not eating Pizza all the time and gone from 104kg to 92kg in about 7 weeks.

  • Bout to start this tomorrow! Excited to see where I’ll be at the end of July and beyond‼️
    Edit**Day 1 down. Thought I wasn’t gonna make it. Did cheat at the very end during the cool down cause I couldn’t take the seat anymore but I stretched!