AFib and Bloodstream Thinner Reversal Treatments What you ought to Know


Anticoagulation Reversal Strategies

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New Procedure Treats Atrial Fibrillation Without Blood Thinners

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Atrial Fibrillation: Alternative treatment to prevent blood clots and stroke risk

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You and Atrial Fibrillation: What You Need to Know About Stroke Risk

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Natural ‘Blood thinners’ for Afib

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I have Afib but dont want to take blood thinners!

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Blood Thinners What You Need To Know

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A health care provider can administer a reversal treatment in an emergency situation and will restart the blood thinner as soon as possible after the emergency. In our HealthyWomen survey, we found that 59 percent of women were not aware that there are reversal treatments for some blood thinners used to reduce the risk of stroke with AFib, so we want to help spread awareness for this important treatment option. AFib Patients May Not Always Need Blood Thinners If episodes of atrial fibrillation are brief, the risk of stroke is low, specialists say From the WebMD. A: Because atrial fibrillation (AFib) increases your risk of blood clots forming in the left atrium, anticoagulation — taking blood thinners — can reduce your risk of stroke. Advertising Policy.

MONDAY, Jan. 28, 2019 (HealthDay News) Newer blood thinners are recommended over warfarin for people with the heart condition called atrial fibrillation (a-fib) in updated treatment guidelines. Currently, if you have AFib, your doctor will discuss medications and possible surgical approaches—and, if you’re lucky, mention lifestyle. The new research suggests that the order should be the opposite—the first line of treatment for someone with AFib is to treat the risk factors, including obesity, that led to it.

Catheter ablation is the most common form of this treatment. The scar tissue it creates can stop the faulty signals that cause your heart to beat out of rhythm. The doctor will make a small cut in. These blood thinners, which include aspirin, Plavix and warfarin, are believed to reduce the risk of stroke that can come with atrial fibrillation.

But for many atrial fibrillation patients with a. • If you have AFib (or know someone who does) and the doctor prescribes an anticoagulant, ask if it’s absolutely necessary and if so, why. These medications include warfarin (Coumadin), dabigatran (Pradaxa), rivaroxaban (Xarelto), apixaban (Eliquis), and edoxaban (Savaysa). (Aspirin isn’t effective at preventing. If you get a dangerous bleeding problem while taking warfarin, doctors can turn to an “antidote” of Vitamin K or a combination of prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) and fresh frozen plasma to.

Anticoagulants (blood thinners) reduce the chance of a stroke in people with atrial fibrillation by 50% to 60%. That’s why almost all patients with atrial fibrillation should take.

List of related literature:

Therefore, patients with atrial fibrillation are often placed on blood thinner medications (anticoagulants) to reduce the risk of embolism.

“Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book” by John E. Hall, Michael E. Hall
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Treatment for atrial fibrillation must be individualized depending on the acuteness or chronicity of the dysrhythmia, cause, patient age, stroke risk, and the severity of associated symptoms.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
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Treatment of persistent atrial fibrillation in HCM includes anticoagulation with warfarin and rate control, preferably with beta blockers.

“Current Clinical Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online” by Cleveland Clinic
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If they have no other reason for chronic anticoagulation, we obtain an ambulatory electrocardiography monitor because many patients go in and out of atrial fibrillation and are not aware of the rhythm change.

“Cardiac Intensive Care E-Book” by Allen Jeremias, David L. Brown
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Hybrid thoracoscopic surgical and transvenous catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation.

“Cardiac Surgery: A Complete Guide” by Shahzad G. Raja
from Cardiac Surgery: A Complete Guide
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Appropriate treatment of risk factors for vascular disease—blood pressure control, smoking cessation, diet modification, and anticoagulation (in select settings such as atrial fibrillation)—is mandatory and may be of benefit.

“Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil Essentials of Medicine E-Book” by Ivor Benjamin, Robert C. Griggs, Thomas E. Andreoli, J. Gregory Fitz, Edward J Wing
from Andreoli and Carpenter’s Cecil Essentials of Medicine E-Book
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For two of the more common conditions for which anticoagulation is prescribed, i.e., nonvalvular atrial fibrillation and a mechanical heart valve, the estimated stroke risk without anticoagulation is appropriately 3% per year.

“Electromyography and Neuromuscular Disorders E-Book: Clinical-Electrophysiologic-Ultrasound Correlations” by David C. Preston, Barbara E. Shapiro
from Electromyography and Neuromuscular Disorders E-Book: Clinical-Electrophysiologic-Ultrasound Correlations
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Anticoagulation must be reversed, and frequent hemodynamic monitoring in an experienced ICU is required.

“Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine” by Brian P. Griffin, Eric J. Topol, Deepu Nair, Kellan Ashley
from Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine
by Brian P. Griffin, Eric J. Topol, et. al.
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Anticoagulation to prevent embolic cerebrovascular accident (CVA) • If AFib present >48 hours (or unknown period of time), risk of embolization during cardioversion is significant (2% to 5%).

“Step-up to medicine” by Steven S. Agabegi, Elizabeth D. Agabegi
from Step-up to medicine
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An alternative approach for patients who have had atrial fibrillation for more than 2 days is transesophageal echocardiography with cardioversion (if no thrombus is found) followed by anticoagulation for 3 to 4 weeks.

“Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review” by Amit K. Ghosh
from Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review
by Amit K. Ghosh
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  • I had a heart attack 12 years ago went to heavens door, but I do not go to chemical doctors for help, my blood was full of toxins from a candida yeast infection, the herbalist gave me herbs to clean up my blood which cause my hear to beat with a normal heart beat. GOD made all the things we need for good health

  • The newer agents are increadibly expensive. The dr I saw was a liar. He was considered an expert. Also you can control high blood pressure with deep breathing. That is a fact. I’ve tested it out.

  • Compelling and educational video. Did you perhaps overlook one of key actions to consider every day, the 800 pound gorilla in the room? Our forks and spoons might be digging our graves. We all need to read Dr. Esselsytn and come into the light. Once you hear him scream NO oilllllsssssss including cooking, palm, nutseed etc, the lightbulb will come on. NO OIiillllllllllsssssssss, and work in strict dietary structure from a physician based Dr. Esselstyn like program, we can all try our best to free ourselves from this terrible condition using deep knowledge and common sense logic. God bless all the doctors identifying the cures for heart disease, but our fork and spoon might be the real culprits. No oilllllllśśsśsssssss in the food should be screamed in all the restaurants of the ignorant, oily greasy so called chefs. The truth shall set us all free.

  • Was hospitalized three times with GI bleeds while on “blood thinners.” Doc had me on aspirin first then clopidogrel. I finally told him enough is enough and refuse to take any more. He backed off and supported my decision.

  • He gives a very logical explanation of why natural anticoagulants are not investigated and falls back on the old defence that large scale double blind studies are necessary, etc, etc, blah, blah. It is certainly true that the cost of such studies prevents competitors to existing drugs from entering the market. So bad treatments can force out the good. There imply needs to be a better way

  • Doctor, I regularly take systemic enzymes to clean my blood and these seem to thin the blood as well will I have to stop those if I go on blood thinners for AFib?

  • Stoke FEAR is part of the Cardio-pharma racket “called” medical “treatment” for a herb
    in 6 months can truly cure not Treat for life.

  • Hello, thanks for the great video, I was just diagnosed with AFIB and they put me on Eliquis which I don’t have any side effects from it but I can’t play the sport I love because I’m on this Anticoagulant, any suggestions how I would be able to get off Eliquis at some point. Thanks

  • Bottom line is “why” you need these drugs. Your body is fighting to live, constantly. It’s not the enemy. The question is, what are you doing to it to cause these problems. All disease is either a toxin or a deficiency or both. Study nutrition because the doctors don’t. They are your last resort.
    If you want to learn about health with the “latest” science check out on youtube: Dr. Berg and Dr. Gundry, my two favorites.
    I’m 70 and my wife is 74 and we take no meds anymore.

  • Is Warfarin Dr Gupta the only choice of anti-coagulant with a mechanical valve? Thank u & I am forever grateful for all ur clearly explained videos! Love love love u!������♥️

  • This was very reassuring for me. I’m 70, had an ablation op about a year ago and have been on edoxaban for a couple of years now. I often wondered about the necessity of anti-coagulants & must admit I was one of the people you mentioned who thought they actually thinned the blood, good to know they don’t! Thanks for a very clear, down to earth explanation, much appreciated.

  • Thanks so much.
    I have AFib. I’m 72yo.
    I’m taking metoprolo 25mg twice a dayl, pradaxa, amlodophine, atorvastatin, sometimes I take Lozartan coz I feel tired when I take it and lightheaded, muscle pain, tightness in the chest, hard to breathe. What’s other option to take instead of Lozartan? [email protected]
    Thanks again. I had aoerta dissection in Sept 28, 2018.

  • Hey Doc, you stated I give you a drug to treat the “symptom”. Perhaps treating the cause sounds better. If we only treat the symptom we(patients) are subject to spending a life time on drugs. If many drugs are synthetic and are part of natural supplements it makes no sense the use of natural supplement would be detrimental. Pharmacy companies have no deserve to supplement their manufactured drugs with something like garlic. All you do here is make the case for staying on drugs. JMT

  • IF you have A-Fib, have the ablation and be done with it… one of the best things you could do for yourself, next to giving your heart and life to Jesus. I have done both and am SO GLAD I did!!

  • Extremely informative It was recommended I consider Anticoagulation by my consultant & doctor due to an AFib incidence after taking Moviprep pre Coloncoscopy precedure, the pre-med caused dehydration resulting in heart flutter of 145 bpm, I refused beta blockers because my hr at rest is <50 always helped by my cycling activity, I am 72 my doctor scored my CHA 1/9, I have decided not to start coag for the time being.

  • Geez, after hearing this I think I’m going to have a stroke. What would be the co morbidities that increases the chances of stroke? That would be something to know. Maybe I can Google it?

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! for sharing your knowledge & time so freely with us! You are simply amazing with your delivery of this information. I feel grateful to have found your Vlogs on YouTube! ������

  • Dr. Gupta sir very informative video in order to spread awareness amongst masses, and help to those who are having AFib symptoms thanks, it’s a knowledge bank 11/11/2019

  • I have DVT desease,but I eaten anticoagulant rivaroxaban,I also eaten garlic,ginger, apple cider vinegar,honey,and my blood clot dissolve in three days,now I got a new desease easy bruises & internal bleeding,now what I do.i do RBC what can I do.can I take andexxa,an FDA approved medicine.

  • My mother-in-law was taking Zeralto and died of a sudden brain bleed. Beware. Look into a plant based diet and exercise. See Dr Esselstyn’s diet and studies. Maybe meds can be avoided altogether.

  • im an integrative medical practitioner i complement gemmotheraly with allopathic meds.. I use plant budd European alder +Lilac+crategus to create bypass more effective than surgery if with diabetes i use dogwood, and low level intravenous blood coagulation, these cases are documented in my clnic, most of these already managed by cardiologists who recommended coronary bypass

  • No such thing as a blood thinner the drugs you take just stop the blood from like if you cut your self and are taking so called blood thinners you will bleed longer than usual I think the word I’m looking for is CONGEEL��?APPOLAGEYS
    I hope you got what I tried to say but look it up thank you and stay strong

  • Sir, thank you for your time. I have afib episodes once a yr. Have had it for 2yrs now. I have been taking 320mg asprin once a day with Diltiazem as well. How do i safely stop taki g asprin? I read something about rebound effect? Thanks for your time.

  • None of your AFIB videos have addressed my concern. Dr wants me on Xarelto, however this caused strong bleeding from even minor skin hits. I
    have always been an excellent healer but I have an anomalous clotting cascade. with srages 7 and 11 reversed. Since I have reduced Xarelto
    I am clearing up somewhat. I intend to stop completely in this situation. In 50 yrs I have seen no change in AFIB. I am near 83 y/o. Advice?

  • Brilliant Video. Thank you so much. Its cleared up a few things in my mind now. I will remain on my Rivaroxaban. I had a few sessions of AF but haven’t experienced it now for over 6 months. Question? I’m also on Beta Blockers (Losartan 100mg) and if I came off them would it have an adverse effect. Or just continue with the medication? Many thanks

  • We all love you for taking care of patients and their questions! Thank you for your time and for providing us with so much information! Heartfelt, ;)! But what about Sintrom and dementia and the new generation ‘blood thinners’ and stomach bleeds?

  • my doctor recommends ablation but wants me to take higher dose of eliquis blood thinner leadin up to procedure However that caused me severe nosebleeds in the past Any suggestions?

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    7 hours ago

  • Thank you for such a great review of this subject! I have P. A. fib and have been on apixaban, reluctantly, but you have helped reassure me and explain the options in a way I didn’t grasp before.

  • Hi doc I’m 57 and I have afib first attack was 3 years ago I had 2 more within a year after being in hospital for 5 days every test all they said was I had lil bit low mag levels not to bad I was put on Xelralto took it for 5 months it made me feel bad and they found blood In my urine then I needed dental work done so doc took me off for the time being with in a day or 2 I was feeling like my old self again so after dental work I disided not to take it any more I went another year without any problems last week out of the blue I went into afib again 2 hours in ER a shot and I was back to normal rythem doc says he wants me back on the Blood thinners I did the chadvas test I scored 0 and I’m thinking on trying something natural like Nattokwinase, I take omega 3’s I eat pretty healthy I’m a little heavy but trying to lose it I worried about taking something that makes me feel so bad but don’t want a stroke do you have any advice for me thank you for ur time

  • The problem with these drugs is how expensive they are each month. We lost our insurance and cannot afford the $443.00 per month for Pradaxa. After being laid off, we moved out of California because we couldn’t afford to live there anymore. We could not go on Cobra because the HMO we had was not in our new state. We tried to buy insurance but at $2600 per month for my wife and I, we could not afford that either. Our retirement is 1/2 that. We are between a rock and a hard place. We applied for assistance in paying for the medication but we are told we still have too much income. We are scrapping by and cannot afford the Pradaxa so we are looking for alternative (herbal) solutions. Look I’m only 60, I don’t want to die from a stoke, but the cost is causing great anxiety.

  • I totally disagree with what he said. Not everybody benefits from the pharmaceutical drug. These drugs are dangerous. My husband is 54 years old, and he almost dies from Xarelto. He got a bleeding from his brain. Pharmaceutical drugs. take more life than save it.


  • good video! My issue is slightly more complex in that for around 30 years I have used supplements to treat medical issues like asthma in the 1990s (with quercetin, thus eliminating both asthma and cortio-steroids) and prostate issues around 2005 (with a cocktail of supplements).

    Now I want to use hawthorn and arjuna BUT if I do so and take the medical concoction it increases the risk of bleeding BUT it might actually help the issue. What would you suggest?


  • I loved all of the great information about blood thinners! Thank you for enlightening us! One concern I have about the new blood thinners is that they cause GI bleeding. It would be interesting to find out more about that.

  • There’s a lot of questions about NOAC as how much it actually coagulated one’s blood. There’s thoughts from some pharmacists and doctors regarding the danger NOAC gave to users of NOAC since there is no way to find out how long blood takes to coagulant. Unlike warfarin we can measure via INR so there is a danger when using NOAC. What’s your thoughts on this?

  • What about if you have a CHADS2 VASc score of 0 with paroxysmal afib and unobstructed HCM 1.6cm with a low gradient and very good outflow of blood?

    I have also read studies that have shown that Paroxysmal incidence of stroke are far less than those with permanent afib.

  • Lets talk blood thinners, 9 months ago I had a very serious Pulmonary Embolism across the saddle of my lungs.
    DR’s wanted me on Coumadin (rat poison literally) because it has such a long history and you have to have your blood
    tested for your INR rate so the rat poison won’t hurt you and you adjust your diet accordingly. Coumadin is Warfarin.
    This test is for coumadin only and supposedly is of no use for seeing if the other drugs are doing their job.
    Why that is I don’t know but every Dr. I’ve been to said the same thing. Where is the UNIVERSAL test to show
    the rate of blood clotting in an individuals blood? I ask this because if I want to take a natural thinner, I have to know
    if it’s working or not so there needs to be a test that works for all blood, thinned by whatever or not thinned at all.
    There is no test because Rat Poison is cheap and Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis are BIG bucks. Xarelto is $17.50 a pill,
    2 pills a day for the first 3 months and 1 a day after that for the rest of my life. $525.00 a month (over 1000.00 initially)
    FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. And they give out deals while using YOU as a test bed for their drug that’s only 5 years old.
    So long as you have insurance of course. Mine just ended.
    So I start to study, read, learn that through autopsy’s they know that EVERYBODY has blood clots because every autopsy
    turns them up everywhere in the body especially in the lungs. So if every autopsy of post-adolescent people is 100%
    that means it’s 100% across the population.
    And still no test for a clotting standard. Why? because blood changes with diet and water intake and heredity also has
    a lot to do with it. BUT the big bucks PHARMA likes it that way, it’s very good for their bottom line and we are their meal
    ticket. A test would still help immensely and be a starting point.
    Then there is and Dark Field Microscopy that they never use for
    these blood problems but maybe they should. Maybe BIG PHARMA doesn’t like that. Other countries use the PTT test BUT not here, gets in the way of money making and we don’t want anyone
    to be able to check for themselves if their blood is thick or thin, in danger or out of danger, can’t have that if you have to
    be on Xarelto for LIFE.

  • I’ve been on Eliquis for a few months, I am stumbling instead of walking and I am always short of breath especially when lying down. I came very close to admitting myself to the hospital. I am going to stop taking Eliquis today I’ll report back in a week. TheReaper!

  • How about looking to fix the problem instead of trying to drug the symptoms? The science shows that A-fib can be caused by foods

    and emotional stress

  • Relying solely on studies and statistics sponsored by pharmaceutical companies is inaccurate. Tired of “authorities” and “specialists” who are in bed with Big Pharma.

  • Dr Gupta, you are WRONG ABOUT NATTOKINASE. It does not work on the platelets like aspririn. Rather is works by up-regulating the body’s natural clot dissolving mechanism plasminogen/plasmin. Nattokinase assists in removing excessive fibrin and preventing unnecessary clots with the body’s own mechanism for that purpose. It is in a class far above the other “natural” products you mentioned, and possibly even better for the job than Warfarin, and safer.

  • Keep it natural! Stuff your chemicals! Warfarin is rat poison. I am not a rat, and I don’t want to be poisoned. As for the others, I don’t want to lose my full head of hair. Doctors talk such a lot of BS!

  • Great video. My mom was told to take apixaban. We were against thw idea due to fear of bleeding. My mom had a TIA six months ago, she’s diabetic and 70 years old. Her heart specialist diagnosed AFIB after my mom wore a heart monitor for two weeks and he was strongly advising her to start apixaban but we were worried. I have told her to begin the medicine thanks to your information from this video.

  • I was hospital (scrips/San Diego ca) for shingles. I was given blood thinners without my knowledge, when I found out, I asked the why the doctor was giving me blood thinners, I was told it was for people that can’t walk, to which I responded by saying “but I can walk. I refused to take any more, told them to let me go home but these quacks refused to let me go for two more days. Fuck these quacks! This guy is full of shit,. He must be paid by the criminal pharma cartel.

  • The Afib hasn’t returned since the April cardioversion. Now I’m now on Xarelto and also Metoprolol. After the cardioversion within a week or two I began going into some type of failure, getting sicker not better. I began fasting, added magnesium, potassium, zinc and am doing better. Gradually getting better but hope to get off the drugs. Still though I’m dealing with high blood pressure and my heart sometimes pounds so hard I have to take extra Metoprolol. Its all a mess.

  • I only use natural, real foods as blood thinners. Meds do not improve my quality of life….noooo They make my life miserable, I am not the same…. I am sleepy, dizzy, drowsy, no energy… I absolutely hate it….. and that’s only from the metoprolol. No blood thinners for me. When I have an episode, I take a baby aspirin. Eat tomatoes with the seeds and juice…do not discard the seeds ever!!! Also kiwis…. and all the other ones he mentioned.

  • Love dr. Sanjay, but this one bothers me a tad only in that studies are rarely rarely rarely replicated, I suggest Ben Golacre book bad pharma, he speaks about a drug named lorcainide(1980), its truly eyeopening, publication bias is truly a problem, doctors get snookered due to the missing failure reports, they remain unpublished, same happens today.

  • Excellent and detailed info on this subject. It took approximately 10 minutes to explain this in fairly simple terms thank-you. You make an excellent teacher/professor. I’m currently taking low dose aspirin(81mg) and Clopidogrel (75mg) once daily as recommended by my doctor. I haven’t had any issues to this point but is this combination considered overkill or not?

  • Warfarin is found naturally in sweet clover from which it was first synthesised. One aspect that can’t be overlooked is that pharmaceuticals are produced… if supply is interrupted and the warfarin becomes unavailable this could put many patients in a life-threatening situation, for example a global financial crisis.I have not long been in hospital with a heart issue.. the number of times i was lied to was almost comical. Be INFORMED DO YOUR RESEARCH> I have been taking a herb called Arjuna and the results have been mindblowing…..

  • I had to have a arterial ablation done, I was going to the hospital to have a minor out patient procedure done, but when they were getting me prepped they took my vitals and my pulse was 154, they asked how long has this neen going on? I said I was getting short of breaths but when i would sit or lay down i was fine, well the couldn’t do the procedure, they admitted me into the hospital I was in there for 2 weeks they did the ablation, there is another one but just keeping an eye on it. Along with my mitral valve and my aortic dissection, I have Marfan Syndrome

  • What about studying group of people who already eat a diet high in turmeric etc that have had atrial fibrillation who decline blood thinners?

  • My cardiologist changed
    My blood thinners from warfarin to pradaxa and lately ben feeling very dizzy can’t drive and also feel too much pressure in my brain.
    Any advice……

  • Natural medicine is really the way to go. With Prescribed medicine, your slowly digging your grave, you still have a 40% chance of stoke with Meds, with all the additional other side effects and additional stress trying to pay the out of pocket cost of $700 a for a months supply of Heparin

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

  • Drink plenty…like two glasses of water in the morning to prevent a clot. When you wake up your blood is stickier.Also,after your water..drink coffee or tea with cinnamon. Y’all correct me if I’m wrong.

  • He got to it at the end, Big Pharma. Isn’t the money that is donated to the American Heart Association to fund research.

    So functional medicine “could” and should work but they just aren’t willing to find out, because they can’t patent them.

    Let’s weigh the options, rat poison (coumadin) or nutritious foods that have so many other health benefits…like the fact they are anti inflammatories. Inflammation is the leading CAUSE of desisous including HEART DISEASE and CANCER.

    The system is so broken and it’s breaking my heart. I’m watching my Dad slowly die because Dr.s/Insurance companies/Government don’t let the patient be an advocate for THEIR OWN healthcare. My Dad has been brainwashed to believe that this is just his lot. Great he’s alive but he’s not thriving. He doesn’t have quality of life.

    STOP TREATING SYMPTOMS AND START TREATING THE CAUSE. When did it become old fashioned for Doctors to cure patients?

  • Not just this doc but when u notice anyone in general smacking their lips while talking about something, just know that the lie they r sharing with others is one delicious lie!

  • Hi Dr.Gupta.
    Well Im really impressed the way you explain about each problem in details, which unfortunately, most Physicians/M.S / or any other Doctor’s usually donot do so…reasons being that one is ‘still’ anxious to know about the Answers to our queries left unsolved!Thanks so hmuch in givingtimw & info about All the Topics You Discuss,Well done,May God Bless You for your ‘Noble Cause! ‘
    Could you Also come up with a discussion in Aspirin/or other blood thinning medicines..Can Females take it after menopause /Hysterectomy,If so..Then what to do if Aspirins /co crelated ingredients donot suit as it causes GERD,or if it causes bleeding in stomach,nose etc…So What could one do /take to get another effective & a safer way for blood thinning! Thsnks once again!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this aspect of heart health. I have been wondering about this for years. God Bless you.

  • Holistic Chef Barry Anderson will make his comments clear and factual as soon as his time is free to do so. I like York Cardiology but on this video, I cannot agree with what the Doctor is claiming to be true. I shall return.

  • not here to promote anything but want to say look up Proargi-9 Desert Heart Institute of Calif did a study with it. The video is here and you can hear a heart specialist talk about how it improved the life of 33 heart patients. No mention is made of Aflib in the video but these were people with serious heart problems and all of them improved after taking it.

  • For blood thining i take piece of ginger, one clove of garlic and turmeric water in the morning and vegetables and fruit. This diet has given me good results.

  • Im in my late 40’s. My Cardiologist took me off my anti-coagulant (Apixiban) 2 years ago as my risk of stroke is relitivily low compared to the risk of bleeding. In your opinion is this likely to be correct?

  • They won’t do a large scale study on something which is not going to bring them
    in money and if they did they would say that they found they don’t work, as has been
    done in the past. Pharmaceutical companies would pay for their preferred result.

  • Didn’t say much except promoting an implant that “COULD stop strokes an and COULD eliminate the taking of Blood Thinners. More like more Click Bait

  • I learn SO much from these videos. Now I know the difference between anticoagulants (Warfarin) and anti-platelet (Aspirin). I’m a BIG believer in natural medicine and regular vitamin / mineral supplementation but I am willing to learn from someone who is more knowledgeable than I. Dr. Gupta presents both sides of the discussion and reaches a most logical conclusion BASED ON REAL SCIENCE. Furthermore, Dr. Gupta reveals the need for there to be funding for the health benefits of natural substances (i.e. a tax on pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, which goes 100% to labs and research companies doing these studies).

  • i agree with the good doctor. once i tried going off my heart meds because herbal did such a good job at maintaining my bp that i thought i can go on the herbals without the medsi was wrongand it cost me a very expensive stay in the hospital. my point ismeds are good, supplementing it with herbals are better, but do not use the supplement as the medication. meds + herbal supplementation has slowly but surely took off a significant number of meds i take, soon i’ll be down to just amlodipine. use meds and herbal supplements wisely.

  • I have a question why does the pharmaceutical drug Apixiban have the following within it: E470b, E171, E464, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Triacetin (E1518) All of these are additives are present other than the active ingredient itself Apixiban within it. All of which are toxic to our bodies causing the following: intestinal damage, endocrine disruption, liver disorders, weakens the immune system, blocks cell communication, heart problems, severe allergic reactions, gas formation, linked to cancer, neurotoxin, organ toxicity, brain and nervous system disorders. Ask yourself why would a so called medicine have this in it. As people have mentioned below there are many natural plant based options which could be put together in a lab and scientific trials conducted, with non of the side effects listed above. It just takes the will! The reason I know this is because I am on Apixiban and have looked into it. Unfortunately, all of the other meds I am on have similar side effects. As a people we need to come together and change the system. “Our lives begin and end the day we become silent about the things that matter” Martin luther king, Jr. I believe that the gentlemen above means well, as do most doctors and nurses. However, its the system in place, and the training that is amiss. Indeed, why are not doctors trained in in depth nutrition, the main substances that enter your organism day in and day out. Why would you leave that out? It is by design. Why are they not trained in the effects of magnetic fields, which we are currently exposed to at billions of times more than what our bodies can cope with? Its by design. We are cattle to those in power. Anyone reading this should also be aware of the other big threat to your health and that of your children and their genome from EMF’S (Electro Magnetic Fields). I believe God wants us to be loving to one another! What is put in these pills is not from someone whom is loving his neighbour!

  • I mention on another post that I wish you would do a post like this, and I see you already have! Another very informative post. Like I said there, my 88 year old mom has been on Warfarin at least 10 years, she does not mind the hassel, does well, but I have the feeling the Warfarin is taking a toll on her, bone, dementia, possibly blood sugar. Glad to know these possible alternatives.

  • The worst thing is all the sideeffects from cemical drugs…. but of cause the harm they do Call for more cemical medicin. To much business.

  • I just left Hospital today after my most recent episode of afib. Whilst there, the nurses, of course, drew bloods to “check your electrolytes”. I asked after the fact, how did my Magnesium look? I was told, “Oh, we don’t test Magnesium. We look at your Potassium and if that’s OK, we ASSUME your Magnesium is OK as well”. Has the word not reached the shores of the New World then about the importance of Magnesium to heart health?

  • My doctor screamed at me “do you want to have a stroke”? when I said I wanted to go with some natural things. This wasn’t explained to me like this doctor.

  • This is unfortunate news for me, as I need to begin an anti-cancer regimen and most of the key herbs and foods such as turmeric, garlic, ginger and others can/should not be taken with blood thinners. Earthing mats also interact with pharmaceutical blood thinners. I have continuous afib, but need to be on an aggressive anti-cancer regimen.


    It is a natural alternative…if you eat a bunch of “ICE CUBES/CRUSHED ICE” everyday it WILL thin your blood.

    Medicine does NOT CURE anything…..It treats your symptoms and make u believe you are cured when you are NOT.

    EVERYTHING being said is “MAYBE” “COULD” “SHOULD” & “CHANCE” and not once did I hear 100% Cure…..Smh

    YOU ARE definitely working with the pharmaceutical companies because you’re still trying to BRAIN WASH US into believing your way works and IT DOES NOT & NEVER WILL BECAUSE ITS NOT “NATURAL” & “THE HUMAN BODY IS ALL NATURAL” and why we have all these DEADLY SIDE EFFECTS TO ALL of the poison you prescribe…..Smh



  • Warfarin is Coumadin which is just vitamin K which is better naturally then taking it in a drug made up of other parts!!
    Doctors are needed BUT
    There just for crisis Care if they don’t know what’s wrong with you they just throw medications at you‼️I’m not saying this doc does this but a lot do hence the medication addiction and he said it himself with a bit of a delay the Pharma companies do the studies so you will BUY there poison OR crises pills �� in which about only thirty to sixty percent is bioavailable some studies are Altered
    Like the ones for pain relive opioid medication OxyContin which said one pill a day is all that WAS needed to keep your pain at bay and it was a sham then it was two and then three tablets and before you no it ppl are addicted the Whole study was a farce and the FDA had to Redo’s all a scam stay clear if your on pain meds or sleep or anixiety meds they make you worse in the long run and only should be used for one or two weeks max and that’s it. Take herbs and natural remedies and do meditation that should be advised before any medication is given only if it’s a minor aliment BUT like I said most MDs Are crisis doctors and don’t know any BETTER
    �� unless they choose to learn in there own time
    Chiropractors have more knowledge of the body then MDs and just go to functional docs or educate yourself as they can be expensive‼️ I know this is about the heart ❤️ and this man is a cardiologist and knows his stuff no doubt about that area but he keeps You Alive and that’s a good thing remember that much‼️
    go natural if it’s a minor thing and always do your own research as it’s the age of info…happy health to all ����✌️

  • Warfarin is Coumadin which is just vitamin K which is better naturally then taking it in a drug made up of other parts!!
    Doctors are needed BUT
    There just for crisis Care if they don’t know what’s wrong with you they just throw medications at you‼️I’m not saying this doc does this but a lot do hence the medication addiction and he said it himself with a bit of a delay the Pharma companies do the studies so you will BUY there poison OR crises pills �� in which about only thirty to sixty percent is bioavailable some studies are Altered
    Like the ones for pain relive opioid medication OxyContin which said one pill a day is all that WAS needed to keep your pain at bay and it was a sham then it was two and then three tablets and before you no it ppl are addicted the Whole study was a farce and the FDA had to Redo’s all a scam stay clear if your on pain meds or sleep or anixiety meds they make you worse in the long run and only should be used for one or two weeks max and that’s it. Take herbs and natural remedies and do meditation that should be advised before any medication is given only if it’s a minor aliment BUT like I said most MDs Are crisis doctors and don’t know any BETTER
    �� unless they choose to learn in there own time
    Chiropractors have more knowledge of the body then MDs and just go to functional docs or educate yourself as they can be expensive‼️ I know this is about the heart ❤️ and this man is a cardiologist and knows his stuff no doubt about that area but he keeps You Alive and that’s a good thing remember that much‼️
    go natural if it’s a minor thing and always do your own research as it’s the age of info…✌️ happy health to all

  • Just because a drug stops clotting doesn’t mean there are no harmful side effects. What if natural nutrition keeps people from having afib altogether?

  • I was on Diltiazem for 18 years, recently I was out on Amlodipine 5 mg. My question is, isn’t ccb not good to stay on for a long time? What type of bp med is more safe. I have many bad side effects to Amlodipine and even though it works well, I don’t like the idea of being on a ccb for so long and the side effects are bad while my Cardiologist ignores me. I also take 40 mg Lisinopril.

  • নতুন এক গবেষণা বলছে করোনা তে মৃত্যুর কারণ শুধু নিউমোনিয়ায় নয়। করোনা ভাইরাস ফুসফুসে জমাট বেঁধে দিচ্ছে রক্ত কে। যাকে পালমোনারি এম্বলিসম বলে। যা সাধারণত বিভিন্ন হৃদরোগের কারণে হোয়ে থাকে। আর ফুসফুসে এই রক্ত জমাট বেঁধে ঘটছে মানুষের মৃত্যু। তাই আসুন জেনে নেই প্রাকৃতিক কোন কোন জিনিসের মধ্যে লুকিয়ে আছে এর থেকে মুক্তির উপায়। জানতে ক্লিক করুন নিচের লিঙ্কে

  • In an article titled, “Are Blood Thinners Overused In Patients with Irregular Heartbeat,” Dr. Apoor Patel, director of complex ablations in the department of electrophysiology at Northwell Health’s Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y. states that

    “you have to take into account risk factors that aren’t in the CHADS2VASC score,”

    Conditions not in the score that can make people more prone to stroke include kidney dysfunction, obesity, smoking and alcohol use, and many others, Patel said.

    I wonder what he means by “there are many others” and I wonder what they could be.

    I wonder also if sleep apnea is a condition that should be considered in the score?

    Although the study he comments on looked at Plavix, Warfarin and aspirin use suspected of increasing stroke risk, I wonder if he can make the same claim for the NOAC’s.

    I think he’s right but now I want to know what those other conditions may be.

    Your thoughts?

  • I have always had a lot of respect for you, Dr. Gupta, and your advice but must differ on this one. After a couple of weeks on a newer generation of anti-coagulants I was having spontaneous nosebleeds soaking up many tissues before I could stop it & continuously bleeding hemorrhoids. Yes it really made me fear a brain bleed. Four different blocker-type meds tried made me horribly ill. I researched herbals & now have had zero A-Fib & zero bleeds in 1 1/2 years on herbs & many anti-coagulant foods. It’s work but it pays off.

  • Actually eliquis is dangerous for those over 60. My doctor also said that receiving a head injury while being on eliquis is life threatening. She told me if I had a head injury or neck injury with bleeding that there was nothing that could be done.

  • Thank you Dr. Gupta, I am researching how to help a special friend who was just diagnosed with Afib. I’ve learned so much from your videos on the topic and I hope that the information I gather helps him.

  • I am 60 years old and use nattokanise and turmeric. I used aspirin at one pointthen had to put in a pacemaker fo brady. I was running and exercising daily. Total betrayal-right?! So whatever i was using I discarded for alternatives. Still mad!!!

  • Thank you for everything you do. You’re a lovely human being. Re AFIB-I don’t trust Big Pharma drugs-dreadful side effects. I am taking instead NATTOKINASE a Japanese soy enzyme product which the Japanese have used for more than a thousand years. They have a low heart disease risk and Nattokinase is described as “a clot buster, a blood regulator, and a blood thinner.” The brand I take is high quality-pure, no excipients in the capsules. Have you heard of Nattokinase?

  • Wtf?
    A clot? From what!? He has A FIB! These drs are outrageous.
    Citriline, arginine, k2 and D3 would improve his arteries and prevent any chance of stroke or heart attack. It’s 2020 not 1920.
    Stop the evasive surgeries and medications!!

  • Just use common sense. Natural will always be better than synthetic. They will never do a study on the natural because there’s no money in it. There is no money in it because they cannot patent cayenne pepper, Ginger, turmeric, garlic Etc. People become dependent on the Pharmaceuticals and are forced to make a decision.

  • Because Big Pharma can’t make money off natural medicine. Take full spectrum vitamin E, tumeric, fish oil, garlic, and there are others. Hawthorn berry extract works on afib.

  • Warfarin is Coumadin which is just vitamin K which is better naturally then taking it in a drug made up of other parts!!
    Doctors are needed BUT
    There just for crisis Care if they don’t know what’s wrong with you they just throw medications at you‼️I’m not saying this doc does this but a lot do hence the medication addiction and he said it himself with a bit of a delay the Pharma companies do the studies so you will BUY there poison OR crises pills �� in which about only thirty to sixty percent is bioavailable some studies are Altered
    Like the ones for pain relive opioid medication OxyContin which said one pill a day is all that WAS needed to keep your pain at bay and it was a sham then it was two and then three tablets and before you no it ppl are addicted the Whole study was a farce and the FDA had to Redo’s all a scam stay clear if your on pain meds or sleep or anixiety meds they make you worse in the long run and only should be used for one or two weeks max and that’s it. Take herbs and natural remedies and do meditation that should be advised before any medication is given only if it’s a minor aliment BUT like I said most MDs Are crisis doctors and don’t know any BETTER
    �� unless they choose to learn in there own time
    Chiropractors have more knowledge of the body then MDs and just go to functional docs or educate yourself as they can be expensive‼️ I know this is about the heart ❤️ and this man is a cardiologist and knows his stuff no doubt about that area but he keeps You Alive and that’s a good thing remember that much‼️
    go natural if it’s a minor thing and always do your own research as it’s the age of info…happy health to all ����✌️

  • My wife is 74 and has had an ablation to remove the afib electrical from the lower chamber and has a pacemaker to control the heartbeat. She has recently had a Watchman device to block the appendage that collects clots. One of here Dr.’s recommends she stay on “blood thinners” (Plavix) the rest of her life. The problem is that she is very drug-sensitive and gets side effects. Hence the Watchman so she could not have to take them. She does take one aspirin (325) in the morning and at night along with an 800mg Ibprophen in the afternoon all to deal with some arthritis issues. Do you think her stopping the blood thinners is OK???

  • I am a 64 y.o. athlete who still races bicycles who had incidences of Afib. My last 2 video describe what I did and how things were after my latest Afib incident.

  • My mother suffered a stroke In October of last year and she also had a gtube placed the same month. She’s been on Eliquis due to her high stroke risk, I’m looking for alternative medicines before I take her off the Eliquis. Because she will suffer more bleeds and vomiting if she continues to stay on this blood thinner. I really need your help. Thank you for your time.

  • You did not mention the side effects from medications where there is practically none from natural stuff I think the test needs to be done despite the big medicine companies.

  • Sorry I stopped to watch, this video this is so wrong drugs are not the solutions I will stop there do you own research. This is sickening…

  • hii, my mom got vertigo attack 5 yrs back and after that doctors prescribed aspirin as blood thinner as she had low bt and ct of blood because of that her blood didn’t flow properly to the brain. But now she having some side effects of aspirin such fluctuations in bp and heartbeat, constipation etc. I just want to know that can I replace aspirin with some nature blood thinner?

  • Mr cardiologist has me on Metoprolol for my Afib. I don’t care for it as I am on a ketogenic diet and it (metoprolol) has slowed the rate of loss. I also have sleep apnea, which is why I am hell-bent on lowering my BMI so I can stop taking meds and sell my CPAP. Do you prescribe Metoprolol for Afib to your patients?

  • Thank you again,Doc!all your videos gives me a very high understanding about my case of being a heart patient..before i have a lots of question about my sick but now you slowly answered all of this,because of all your videos made..thank you!thank you☺

  • you cannot rely on drug trials sponsored by drug companies because there’s a conflict of interest and they are notorious for fiddling with the data

  • Good news everyone, I want to use these time to thank Dr oseigba mercy for saving me from STROKE I had since 4 years now.. He cured me with his herbal medication and now am free from stroke.. You can also contact him via email.. [email protected] or whatsap him +2348141659546..

  • Very good presentation on blood thinners! I’m on Eliquis because it’s the only blood thinner that didn’t give me side effects. The only downside is that it’s very expensive even with insurance coverage (in the USA). The high cost is criminal and deadly for those who can’t afford it.

  • Three questions, Dr Sanjay:

    1) Why not see if a supplement/vitamin company will foot the bill for some research into natural blood thinners?

    2) What are the differences in impact on the liver and kidneys of a “chemical” blood thinner vs a “natural” blood thinner?

    3) Would a good compromise be to use both types natural and chemical so that the amount of chemical blood thinner prescribed can be reduced?

    It is because of this video that I first listened to right after it came out that I stopped “fighting” with my cardiologist about taking blood thinner Warfarin/Coumadin which my friends nickname “Rat Poison”.

  • No fucking benefit in ageing, we’re born to fucking die, whoever said life begins at 40, must have been on drugs, everyone has to get blood thinners at 40+, it’s a sad ould world,

  • For someone (me) without “Co-mobidities, and suffering from paroxysmal Afib, should I consider an anti-coagulant AT ALL during the long intervals BETWEEN episodes of afib?

  • I wish they could do that here in Puerto Rico. My wife has restrictive cardiomyopathy and feels too bad. I’m scared as we have 2 children,one of them is autistic and we need her:(. She is taking blood thinner and other meds.