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How do you maintain work life balance?

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3 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

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How to make work-life balance work | Nigel Marsh

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Work-Life Balance

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How to Have Healthy Work/Life Balance

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Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

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3 habits for better work-life balance

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Setting boundaries is critical to achieving a work-life balance. Make sure you set specific work hours and have a firm understanding of when you should be finishing your work each day. Everyone needs time to decompress and recover from work-related stress. Unplug from your work phone, calendar, and laptop when you are not working. Here are 7 Tips to Achieve a Work-Life Balance 1. Create Goals.

Create both long-term and short-term goals to fill up your life (in a good way). When you define these 2. Write Things Down. Sticky notes and an app on my phone called Evernote keep my. A healthy lifestyle is essential to coping with stress and to achieving work-life balance.

Eat well, include physical activity in your daily routine and get enough sleep. In addition, aim to: Relax. Regularly set aside time for activities that you enjoy, such as practicing yoga, gardening or reading.

Because there are a handful of people who recognize the value of personal time. Just like your work timings, your personal life timings are equally important. Set firm boundaries about your availability and learn to respect them.

Don’t check emails or answer work calls when you are off the clock. Pro tips to boost your work-life balance: ● It is okay to take some time off your work! It is high time we realise that work is not everything and let’s not prioritise it over our social lives.

Don’t add more time to the schedule. Just replace a job assignment with a pleasurable task. In other words, replace tedious work habits with a healthy work-life balance activity. Taking care of one’s body is the number one job task. It’s easy to get burnout if not managed.

CNBC says burnout is the top cause of a business failing. Here’s what you should do to achieve a healthy work-life balance: Get enough rest and exercise. It’s easier to maintain other healthy habits if you’re well rested and physically feeling good.

Learn how to effectively manage your time and clearly separate work from personal life. Benefits of Healthy Work Life Balance. By understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, anyone will get motivated to take the necessary steps for achieving this balance.

Work-Life balance is advantageous for the employees and organization as well. Here’s a look at how social media managers can achieve a healthy work-life balance and set boundaries at work. I have good news and bad news. The good news: You can create a work-life balance. No matter how crazy your personal mix of circumstances, there is an answer out there.

The bad news: You might have to try a lot of things to find the. Follow these steps to create a healthy work life balance: Limit perfectionism and over-achieving. Leave tasks and projects at work.

Care for your physical and mental health. Participate in leisure activities you enjoy. Spend time with the people you care about.

List of related literature:

As a good work– life balance becomes more difficult to achieve, some important components of a healthy lifestyle—such as adequate sleep, healthy meals, and exercise—begin to suffer.

“Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work” by Alex Pattakos
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Balancing work Figure 2.3 Relationship between work/life balance and job stress

“Creating Healthy Organizations: How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees to Achieve Sustainable Success” by Graham S. Lowe
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In an ideal world, you will find a workplace that supports a healthy work–life balance and provides sufficient income for you to pursue your personal and family goals, achieving a work–life balance that works for you.

“Job Readiness for Health Professionals E-Book: Soft Skills Strategies for Success” by Elsevier
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Work balance consists of working on enough of the things you love to do to balance out the things you dislike doing but have to put up with at your workplace.

“One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership” by Mike Figliuolo
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Whether this is working around children and family or for personal satisfaction, flexibility can help improve work–life balance.

“Community Health and Wellness: Principles of primary health care” by Jill Clendon, Ailsa Munns
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Work-Life balance is about creating supportive, healthy work environments for employees who are striving to better integrate their work and personal responsibilities.

“Human Resource Management (2 Vols.)” by H.L. Kaila
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Maintaining healthy work-life boundaries is key to preventing burnout.

“The School Psychologist's Survival Guide” by Rebecca Branstetter
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Work–life balance means balancing work and career ambitions on the one side, and home, family, leisure and spiritual pursuits on the other.

“Mindfulness For Dummies” by Shamash Alidina
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The more you work with 1:1:1, the more you may find opportunities to balance every part of your life, and I believe that more balance always leads to less stress.

“The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
from The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
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Maintain balance among work, wellness, relationships, community involvement, professional associations, friendships, hobbies, and interests.

“The Marketing Agency Blueprint: The Handbook for Building Hybrid PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web Firms” by Paul Roetzer
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  • The Acceleration Addiction sounds a lot like an economic concept called the Law of Diminishing Returns. And the time or energy that you give up in exchange for something else is called the Opportunity Cost. Hope these concepts are supplemental to someone’s self-improvement!

  • If companies follow labor laws and don’t operate under staff, value people than money. When all you bloody fucking capitalists die. Only then work life balance is possible.

  • I just realized I have FOMO, I heard the term some moths ago and at first it seemed odd, like that wouldn’t happen to me, well… I guess I was wrong

  • Work forcefully takes all my burners, but what pushes me to keep working is time. Many successful people say, “If you want to be successful. You have to make sacrifices.”

  • playing mobile games make me happy (which I again thing its a waste of time), so do I have to include this in my list of things that makes me happy?

  • I dont think there is such thing. And if it is there truly that belongs to the uninspired block not the enthusiastic block who knows whats their priority. But it is also individual perspective.

  • Much respect to you talking about the vulnerabilities that you (and almost everyone) faced jealousy, acceleration addiction, and attaching materialistic parameters to succes

  • WOW! Every single video is making me productive by so much! Not to mention the production value makes it fun to watch… Your amazing! Thank you for helping others

  • This guy has the guts to refuse compromise in his well being and that of his family, the guts to stand up for himself and go his own way. And if you don’t have that as a human being it’s probable that at the end of your life you’ll feel like nothing you did during it really had any worth.

  • Does anyone know if Frank has a video on workspace management when your leisure hobbies and work are on the same computer hence the same place.

  • Someone gave me a job offer with salary 300000 a year. But it is going to consume my life. There will be no days off. A working day is irregular shift with 12 hours plus.
    I may end up with divorce. My children is not going to know who I am.

  • Amazing content! I love how much research and thought you put into your strategies and advises, and I am honestly impressed by the video editing, it really gives your words that extra strength and it pushes me (and others) to get up and start doing stuff. I think I am going to spam my best friend with your videos ��

  • Create obligations (keep improving. Make tiny changes each time. Not necessary for hobbies)
    Identify external sources of pressure. Make a list of what makes you happy and pursue them. (Remind yourself what actually need to do to be happy)
    Identify low value activities and reduce time spent on them.
    Work intensely. Do more in less time (improve ability to solve problems)

  • Nie pozwól innym projektować Twojego życia i przekraczać Twoich granic. To małe czynności mają znaczenie dla równowagi. Bywa, że  lepszy krótki spacer, niż narzucony dzień wolny.

  • Let’s get it out there. I’m jealous with regards to my brother. He has actually been alone permanently. But, he’s managed to get a part-time model to tell him she is head over heels in love with him in less than a thirty day period. Just how is that possible? He mentioned he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful told me that… I cannot recall ever seeing him so cheerful. Sort of makes me sick.

  • Bro!!! Props and respect for going in inch wide and a mile deep. So many want to be personal development groups preaching insights at a macro level only.

    your presentation is both macro and micro level insights and execution technique.

    U = dope ����‍♂️

  • Loved the video! FYI, that’s not how gas burners work though. If turning the other three burners on affects the first one, something isn’t right with your supply or your appliance. I’ve been in that type of work for more than a decade and your work has helped me be much more productive! Love your channel!

  • Wow that was such a cool globe video technique with the skating! IDK how you did it. Your video editing and recording skills have improved so much in the time I’ve started watching you. Great advice and so engaging. Thank you so much for creating content. You’re inspirational and helpful.

  • Very very good rendition of practical methods AND internal causes for not so rational pressures.
    It’s more important to work on those beliefs of not being good enough, capable or useful first.
    No amount of information+motivation can be as effective as “unmounting” the beliefs that cause our undesirable patterns of behavior.

  • These videos are super impactful, thank you so much for this content. Always trying to get better and strive to love and serve others more. God bless!

  • @Thomas Frank
    You should have a look at Nimbus note. It actually has all the features you want in a note app.
    Nested folders
    Apps for ios, android, windows mac, web
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  • Certain jobs especially in engineering and operations are very difficult to do with a young family that needs your attention.. some jobs can’t be done in 7 hours.. especially if you are looking to excel in your workplace..

    Everyone has their own definition of “quality of life”. You need to then work towards building that.
    “Commercial companies are designed to get them most out of you.. ” it’s by choice that you choose to work for those organizations. Define what goals you are working to meet and by when and design your life around that…

  • Yes!!! ” You don’ have to sit at that table! There are so many choices available!” So many people don’t get it. Or, too lazy to face changes!

  • Kids are so expensive though. I work in a store and they are always throwing tantrums until their stupid parents buy them a bunch of junk.

  • Mr. Ramsey will this work with parents who share joint custody? I’m planning on getting a second part time job in order to save a bit more money. Thanks

  • Best advice I think I’ve ever heard.i wish my ex husband had known this many years ago and applied sending this to my son to watch to keep in mind for his future.thank you Dave.that new little family is going to flourish,I could tell he was taking it all in and had respect for you.

  • I am having a kid too this year, debt free, and I have my own business, can’t wait to hold my baby, and give him or her a lot of love!!! Life is not just about money.

  • 22 yrs old and having a kid already? Go out and enjoy life first before having a kid or even getting married. Most marriages don’t last when they marry young. It’s a fact.

  • Having a 9-5 (or any 8 hour shift job), it’s basically impossible. You wake up and spend an hour getting ready to go to work. Then most people usually commute about an hour to work. Then you spend lets say 8 hours + a lunch hour at work, for a total of 11 thus far. Then you need an hour to return home, which is about another hour. That’s already 12 hours of the day. They say a person should sleep 8 hours a day. Now we’re looking at 20 hours a day of pure surviving. You’re looking at about 4 hours a day of “quality” time, in which you can do what you actually want to do. And that’s only a possibility if you aren’t complete exhausted from work already. You really only have the weekends, and the 1-2 weeks of vacation time you get annually, to actually do what you want! They call this “The American Dream”…

  • How do you balance Hobbies, Work, Music, School and a relationship!?

    I’m in a situation where I’m feeling like I have no time for myself

  • Good advice Dave. To add…A relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ and Him at the center of the family will be the right balance. Ora et Labora. And a family that prays together stays together.

  • Dave I look forward to being on your show in the future screaming out I am consumer debt freedom and proud of it….baby step 2 and moving….

  • The narrator’s voice is so robotic and annoying.. no wonder viewership is so low compared to the number of subscribers. Get someone with more interactive skills!! I like the contents though

  • Here are some tips on how to achieve work life balance in today’s fast pacing world

  • This is possibly one of the simplest and best videos I’ve ever seen from Dave! Great answer and something I needed to hear at the moment! Ebb and flow and be present…☺️ Got it!

  • As a, married person with kids. communicating with your partner what your plans are is key. then when the balance is off it is expected with purpose for a plan that you have together. And listening to each other’s needs so you can adjust accordingly. Bless this young man and his family.

  • Wow! Good advice. I am going to keep focusing on providing quality content and the reveunes will come later. Your amazing. I am going to follow some of your models for success. Thanks again!

  • currently I am probably one of the lowest paid licensed civil engineers in the entire country. everyone keeps telling me I need to quit my job and go work someplace else that will pay me more and that at my level I should be making six figures. okay, but if I go anywhere else I’m also going to be pulling 60+ hour workweeks and sleeping in a hotel out of town every night. right now with my current job I kinda like being able to come home to my wife every night, I kinda like not having to work ridiculous amounts of mandatory overtime, I kinda like having every other Friday off, I kinda like having almost 300 hours of time off built up, I kinda like how my boss lets me work at my own pace and doesn’t breathe down my back all the time. plus the pay isn’t that bad… it may not be six figures, but it’s still a little higher than the average household income in the country. Plus, I’ll have my car paid off this summer then I can possibly have the house paid off next year or the following year and I’ll be debt free. I’m going to milk this job as long as the company can keep its doors open because the higher pay isn’t worth losing my home life and social life for.

  • This is one thing I’ve been struggling to do, not to mention working on my YouTube channel creating my budget videos every month trying to get outta debt. Haha I definitely don’t feel out of balance and I can’t imagine when I have a child how out of balance I’m going to be.

  • God bless man. Tried being an insurance agent at 22 as well, and I did it for a year and a half. It didn’t work out, mind you, but I had a great experience and I’m in a far better compensated job now.

  • First build a sustainable base, if that means being off balance for a whie, so be it. First find peace, steady income and then find balance. No balance without a base and a steady income.

  • Stuck between office and home!!
    personal life and professional life!!
    Always confused or suffering for choosing ‘anyone’ then there is an exemplifying solution in which you need to sacrifice ‘none’..
    An amazing video solution posted by #peace has amazing remedies for your maladies..!!!


    Have you ever faced your work-life balance being unbalanced? Have you been at times forced to neglect one because of the other? Were you ever able to find the remedy to it? If these are the questions which relate to your life then not to miss out on this logically phenomenal Vedic depiction of living a balanced life. #PEACEPrograms

  • Cool thanks. If it’s ok with Alux. Could Alux, as a gift, show the eyes and nose as well as the silhouette (body if it’s ok) of our beloved Alux Lady?:-)

    Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Here are some tips on how to achieve work life balance in today’s fast pacing world

  • HOLY ASJSKAJFJKS,literally last night i was googling “How to achieve work-life balance” and didnt find anything useful. THIS CAME RIGHT ON TIME, WHAT A BLESSING.

  • I think work life balance more means spending 5 12 hour days at work means I have no time to handle my shit…

    When you work 5 12 hour days you have no time to do anything really. On those 2 days off you have to clean, meal prep, take care of car, etc. No time to actually live.

  • That shit sounded horrible at the end, but it sold well �� it’s okay to be less then because you are doing a lot. Perfectly okay to stretch yourself to the max with multitasking lol

  • A great video and explanation #TheSchoolOfLife I work for myself, and from home most of the time, so I don’t have anyone else to distract me but I require a lot of self discipline to concentrate and stay focused to avoid procrastination. I achieve this by writing a list of things I need to accomplish the next day, before I go to bed (advice I received this from #JonnyBradley videos). Thanks The School of Life.

  • I have found it’s even harder for those of us that work from home. We don’t have a clear distinction between work and personal life when it’s only one room away. It takes a real diligence of aligning out actions with our values on a CONSISTENT basis I actually look at my schedule at least once a week to ensure I’m aligning it with my values and my needs.

  • I would even say that people who choose variety and novelty live the most balanced life. Because people who focus on only one thing miss so much, even though they are perfect in their activity. On the other hand if people are busy with too many different activities, they won’t have any purpose in life and won’t be good at anything. So, everything we do must be balanced and I think we should not fall into one of the two extremes.

  • There is no perfect work life balance because life is unpredictable and imperfect. I agree with all of this. Just made my own video about working hard and balance. This one is great ������

  • At 3:29 “Here are 4 tips for time management” Tip #4, Save 25% of your time by not doing your work for example, only provide 3 tips when you clearly said 4. Your audience won’t recognize and you’ll get credit for doing 25% more work!

  • When Nigel said there are some fundamentally incompatible job choices for work-life balance, I wonder what those jobs were? But anyways, a friend of mine told me that if you want work-life balance, you’re the one that needs to make it happen…. every job will make you give more and at some point you need to put your foot down or find another job. Like he said, you need to design your life… that might be scary & maybe uncomfortable at first, but if you don’t, then the corporations will do it for you.

  • plot an assassination?? dark humor right there

    but thanks The School of life, I agree that if you really want one thing to be very fruitful, you really have to sacrifice other things in order for you to have undivided attention. Exhaustion is just around the corner if you think you can always juggle everything and expect things will always go smoothly.

  • As someone with ADHD, I can’t tell you enough how relatable and useful your videos are.
    I started watching you two years ago, and it’s really apparent that our brains are wired similarly.
    Most productivity videos say, “Just get started! Make a goal and do it!” Ugh, they don’t get it lol. I can tell that you relate with how difficult just “getting up and doing it!” really is. I truly your perspective in the mix.
    I am hoping to get off my ADHD medication starting next year and I used to be terrified of that thought, but between your tips 
    (and of course professional help) I feel like I’m going to be successful while being myself all at the same time.

    Thank you for your dedication to self-reflection and self-improvement. It overflows into your dedication of this channel. I look forward to seeing you continually thrive in the future. Keep. it. up.

  • this state of things makes me want to die in my sleep as soon as possible… life is so exausting, same things day after day, being more and more lonely…and we “western people” are even luckier than most of the other people in the world (poor Africa, Latin America, Asia =( )… God help this terrible society ;(

  • Couldn’t keep watching without commenting about how validating this was to absorb. I’ve been coming to the same conclusions in this video all on my own and I felt kinda crazy and isolated until this. Ugh. I feel so relieved. And I feel so vindicated as a Specialized Generalist.

  • I love what Lisa Nichols says about this…instead of focusing on work/life “balance” to focus on HARMONY instead. And I find if I’m focusing on meeting NEEDS versus trying to do it all, I experience that harmony, even when things are “out of balance” now and again.

  • Thank you. Going into my exam week at uni I was beside myself, my housework and family life was taking the back seat while I studied. I didn’t realise the effect it was taking on myself until I fell asleep when putting the kids to bed a few nights in a row instead of completing university work which I was hoping to do ��

  • Доброго времени суток, я думаю, что под таким роликом должны оказатся рассудительные люди, так вот, я прошу дать совет или лучше несколко советов из которых я смогу выбрать, и так: я хочу пока молод заработать на квартиру машину и так далее, но буквально после достежения этого результата (даже не в лучшем его проявлении ) я хочу жить просто жизнью, без рабского труда и так далее, и вот вопрос как это объяснить жене если она совсем не понимает меня

  • Stuck between office and home!!
    personal life and professional life!!
    Always confused or suffering for choosing ‘anyone’ then there is an exemplifying solution in which you need to sacrifice ‘none’..
    An amazing video solution posted by #peace has amazing remedies for your maladies..!!!


    Have you ever faced your work-life balance being unbalanced? Have you been at times forced to neglect one because of the other? Were you ever able to find the remedy to it? If these are the questions which relate to your life then not to miss out on this logically phenomenal Vedic depiction of living a balanced life. #PEACEPrograms

  • Indian Vedas are source of infinite knowledge and provides all the solutions to our day to day problems in a very scientific and logical way. Let’s see how we can have Work Life Balance in our hectic lives? Here is the video by Peace Programs, initiative of DJJS, providing one stop solution to manage our professional work and life together.

  • In the times of striking a balance between work from home and work for home, watch this wonderful management wisdom byte…

    #WorkLifeBalance #PersonalDevelopment #ProfessionalDevelopment #peaceprogram

  • Work life balance is one of the toughest things i’ve learned. I was obsessed with work in my youth, first to arrive last to leave. 40, 60, 80+ hours a week. It is all I ever wanted to do. I loved & excelled at it. But you can only burn the candle a both ends so long. Health suffered, eventually developed tough medical issues that I still struggling with. Now at 45 I learned the best balance for me is Wife first, kids, health & then work. Work more effectively, keep your passion & drive, just don’t do it at the cost of your health.

  • i almost stopped watching alux videos cos first 30 secs wasted in introduction of alux, also the videos need to b bit more shorter

  • If you’re concerned about your career, don’t have kids. If you’re concerned about your kids, don’t have a career. There are millions of workers that slack at the job due to their home life. And then they wonder why they can’t get a simple raise.

  • I’ve watched it and still don’t know how to balance my work and life? It’s a pity he didn’t say what he would advise his friend who joined the gym, what some better options would be for her?

  • Curious to know about any entrepreneurs here that struggle with stress. I’m a big believer of self care and would love to know more about what causes your stress for my research.

    As an entrepreneur, what are the 2 main issues you are facing with stress?

    Regarding stress, what do you want more than anything else?

    Looking forward to hearing your answers, thanks in advance and very grateful for any help!

  • I appreciate you doing a written version of this video. Since I am studying English and try to improve the language, have the written is not only another way for me to practice reading, but also to understand even more the message. I hope to see this more often.

  • It is achievable to have a prosperous professional career and a satisfying personal life. Take control of your work. Be proactive with your time.

  • Does anyone else think that these people behind the second row are just a screen filming people? My argument is perspective and light. (at 0:34)

  • I wish he’d touched on the concept of having to be available 24/7 for your job. This, as seems to me, is the biggest corporate crime against humanity.

  • For me it’s all about balance I crave more from life and as you get older you become more tactful with your choices instead of making a rash decision early on you might have a little more time to sit down and think about it I have had a business before but it faile however I still crave my own business again with more experience due to the Past failure I crave a business for myself, life is about chances you take not regrets due to not taking the chance 2019 will be my year to take the chance yet again.

  • This is so inspiring. We always make sure to give some time to each other as we are committed to have a wonderful life together. We can’t let our corporate jobs ruin that as we won’t get this time back. Three Cheers for Nigel!

  • It is definitely true how the life well lived should look like, isn’t it?:) I think it’s a good idea to aspire to something like this.

  • He’s just saying what everyone thinks, now he’s getting paid for it and is maintaining his work/ life balance through this new career.

  • Interesting take on navigating work and life! Thought you’d be interested to hear my take on work-life balance: Feedback would be much appreciated.

  • It is all about our list of priorities and first we should define our life.Contentment in the work we’re doing is also vital that helps us do our best.Self talk really helps to bounce back confidently and increases our productivity is what I’ve learned.Thank you Brian!

  • What an amazing way of putting this. I myself have realized that the more I focus on my job, the more my home life suffers, and vice versa. Thanks for keeping this brief, it really helped me realize how things are going right now in my life. It doesn’t really provide a solution, but it does make me look at it differently.

  • I hate the expression “work-life balance”, which was emphasised in almost every sentence of the speech. Most of us have to spend the best part of the day at work and we hate working for that reason.
    I would like much more the expression “balance-at-work”, because everyone needs money (by everyone I mean everyone, who needs to work for money). We should be looking for a way to create and maintain harmony with our coworkers, customers, bosses as far as possible. Of course we should try to be also more creative and tolerate changes, ect. Finally, your husband or wife would be happy to bring positive energy at home, instead of exhausted, bored face.

  • Hello everyone. I have created this video on work life balance and in the video I show how you can create more time for your personal life. Here is the link, check it out and do leave your comments

  • “People are working long hard hours at jobs they hate, to earn money to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like” -That just hit home

  • Availing an expert’s assistance for offloading stress is a nifty way to strike the balance. Using modern resources like Virtual Assistance is helpful

  • To be honest, I think they have totally misinterpreted the definition of work-life balance. The clue’s in the namebalance. It does not claim that they are both done to perfection, but that they are balanced out, rather than focusing too much on one or the other. So in fact, I think this video is or should be saying that work and life can be balanced, but not by choosing to focus on one or the other, but by accepting that having both to some degree will inevitably result in not having either to optimal standard.

  • i work everyday even on saturdays and sundays but still gets thrashing from everyone for not working. I study for as much time in a day i can but due to low grades my parents and teachers think i’m not doing anything. plz suggest me what should i do. anyone

  • the answer is: work your way to where you are able to live your life in the most comfortable condition, but in most cases, the way to get there is involving years of praising hard labor and discomfortable work life until you are capable of designing your own life.

  • I LOVE the day he described with his son. I took the time during lunch today to watch a TED Talk episode, some days I read a chapter in a book (big fan of Roald Dahl’s short stories), and other days I watch cartoons or something having to do with the industry I’m in but is refreshing and inspires my life and/or work. One of my coworkers goes ice-skating in Millennium Park during break. I think that is what Marsh is getting at – engaging in tiny yet meaningful experiences that enrich your well-being on an emotional, intellectual, and physical level on a day-to-day basis. Be purposeful in all that you do whether it be leisure time or work. The answers are there in his talk.:)

  • this really helps you look at work differently. It’s so easy to get sucked into the corporate workaholic ratrace and not even realize what you’re sacrificing just to make two insignificant people at work say “good job”. I show this video to all my workaholic colleagues.

  • Everyone: «Ye those advices are brilliant, this video is so helpful!»
    Me: «Oh look, Hollow knight on the preview, I have 400 hours in it and done all achieveme… wait, what has this man been talking for past 4 minutes??»

  • “There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.”
    Jack Welch

  • I think a life well lived is making a dent in the your world. An Impact. Finding something you love to do, and sharing that with the world without fear of what they think.  Giving back to life, improving the quality of life, and being the best version of ourselves how we bring more life to our lives.  Instead of seeing all the absurdity and chaos, what can you do to make our world a better place?  I think this is an Idea worth spreading, worth loving, and being passionate about?

  • A great video and explanation Brian. I work for myself, and from home most of the time, so I don’t have anyone else to distract me but I require a lot of self discipline to concentrate and stay focused to avoid procrastination. I achieve this by writing a list of things I need to accomplish the next day, before I go to bed (advice I received from yourself in another video). Thanks Brian.

  • 12-14 hour work days Monday through Friday yeah thats a real killer thats why I had to leave my last job, 9-10 hours is nothing that would be great I would still have time to be with my family and hang out

  • Really great and helpful video:D Also those 3 different shots of you skating took me by complete surprise! I’ve never seen those kinds of shots before and it looks so incredible!

  • i think for work, it should be short but more productive. less working hours but more output.: )
    some people spend more time at work (9 to 10 hours) but less productive.

  • Balancing work and family life is hard. Your family tends to get neglected. Change that by doing something simple like eating supper as a family everyday. This helps bring each member closer just by seeing each other at the end of a long day.

  • “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson warned us yet the issuing power was never taken from the banks.  The banks and corporations have grown up around us and now we live in a fascist world where it’s all about the money.  What are we working for, slavery?  85 people own over half the world’s wealth. 

    Working tirelessly we spend our entire lives living paycheck to paycheck working jobs we hate in an endless pursuit of paper while completely dependent upon the system manufactured around us.  Since 1913 the dollar has been devalued over 97%.  Two people in a household now have to work full time just to keep their heads above water.  We have become accustomed to drudge our lives away in the grind so the wealthy can reap the fruits of our labor and live fabulous lifestyles.  They use our energy to build and maintain the very machine that controls us.  We are constantly on the hamster wheel attempting to win a rat race with no finish line.  We are slaves living in a prison without bars.

    Take the power away from these banks and corporations that control our governments.  Stop allowing them to control and manipulate our money.  Put an end to the fractional reserve banking system that allows the banks to create money out of nothing.  No more fiat currencies.  Break these chains of bondage that maintain our subservient status.  Let’s take our freedom back.

  • Greatest Video!

    i figured out that i was spending a lot of time on only few roles using “iRoles” iPhone app and it reminded me to make sure i do justice to all roles, not just as worker

  • I’m in a really bad month in my life.I should study hard for an exam that is very important for me and I spend last two years of my life studying for that,but right now,I just don’t have the motivation, I just can’t study even for a couple hours.
    I’m watching your videos that maybe they will help me.

  • Bhalateyara once said, believe that only when the confidence level is believed to be without any reason. Trust in Almighty God, that life in the dark at the moment to help you. I believe you are the stroke and heart open to the public. Dark cave it in front of you to proceed with confidence in the bales and courageous.
    Effective action full preference choose a word, I trust that you will create. Quote your wallet or expandability save.

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  • Be a slave to your job in order to buy crap you don’t need to impress people you don’t like….. and then the Rolex commercial comes on…. damn that’s a nice watch,,, wait a minute is this some kind of sick joke? Pretty bold move Rolex, well played. 

  • Hi Brian you such a genius person thanks for helping us. One question I just wanna ask if you can plz help. I got a problem with me I’m dreaming about the impossibles most of my time when I’m driving or sit alone. For example sometime I think if I was the Prime minister then I could doing this to change the world economy and sometime I see myself as superstar performing in day dream with a supermodel, sometime I think myself as a footballer player who does 50 goals in one game against a big team like Brazil to surprise people of my talent. What’s wrong with me and what do I need to do to overcome these useless imaginary thoughts and come to real world. And you are right We don’t use time management at all. Thanks

  • Your ideas are outdated, probably with your skillset and education. Join the new age where working smart beats working long hours.

  • So true. America does not support us the way other countries do. We definitely need to take accountability for designing our own lives.

  • this ways to achieve Work-Life Balance can be afford if there is also the Basic income system in association to this program for the porest people too for example then it will work on for all

  • You are the best Brian!! the only way to change the subconscious mind it is repeating informations! Over and over and over!! Thank you!!

  • Curious to know about any entrepreneurs here that struggle with stress. I’m a big believer of self care and would love to know more about what causes your stress for my research.

    As an entrepreneur, what are the 2 main issues you are facing with stress?

    Regarding stress, what do you want more than anything else?

    Looking forward to hearing your answers, thanks in advance and very grateful for any help!

  • Thank you. I’m watching this video in loop, it’s mind blowing how the points listed are inner inserted in my daily routine.
    Thank you

  • As an entrepreneur I find it’s similar but different. We have a harder time drawing a distinct line between life and work, especially if we work from home. If we love what we do, it’s even harder to shut it off. This is why I teach my clients to focus on MEETING NEEDS, not striving for balance. When our needs are met, we naturally feel a sense of harmony. It’s tuning into and understanding what are needs and noticing when they are being neglected that takes some practice.

  • Balance is not accurate…. Harmony in a ones Family and Work Activities. No real balance involved if you understand variables not within ones control. Focusing on the few things that matter most to the individual is what makes the most difference. To each his own!!!

  • Interesting take on navigating work and life! Thought you’d be interested to hear my take on work-life balance: Feedback would be much appreciated.

  • 1. Use Power of positive affirmations. “I am excellent at time management” I use my time well”

    2. Visualize your time management skills (picture times of you working through you’re biggest project)

    3. Take action based on visualization.

  • I personally use your ABC method Brian for time management.
    I would consider you as one of the “guru’s” on the subject of time management. The ABC method is amazing for productivity with this system already in place and arriving to work 1 hour before my scheduled start time, I have been able to be more flexible with my social life. And of course I am now paid more and well respected within my company.

    Thank you as always Brian for your quality material.

  • I think Dave misses the point here. His answer seems to be “you’re never in balance. You are always out of balance because at different periods you are focusing intently on one thing or another”. That is true. But I think the question then becomes how do you make sure that you are switching your focus properly? Dave assumes that you will have a healthy switching between different focuses (birth, job, kids, marriage, etc). Well what if you don’t have that healthy switching? What if your kid is born and you only spend 8 hours with your wife after the kid is born and you are back to being focused on work? What if you find yourself not focusing much on kids, home, wife and are only focusing on job too much? What if you are only focused on kids and family and never really giving much to your job? Sure you can miss a soccer game and it’s not the end of the world. But what if you miss 90% of their soccer games on Saturdays because you are working extra? Or what if you miss 50% of them? The caller is asking how to know what a good healthy balance is over a long period of time. Sure, in the moment you will be completely focused on one thing (work, home or marriage) and therefore not in “balance”. The balance comes from an overall look at how much you focus on those individual things over a longer period of time. I am almost positive that Dave did not have a “balanced” work/home life. You can’t rise to be a CEO of a major corporation without spending way more time on your work than you do on your family. I am not saying it is bad but it certainly couldn’t have been balanced. It is clear that Dave is a Type A, driven person and at times he is probably a workaholic. I think it comes down to priorities. We all have different priorities and different things that are important to us. And that’s ok. If family is the most important thing to you then work your 40 hours a week and spend the rest of the time with your family. If work is the most important thing to you then work 80 hours a week and only see your family here and there. Just try and figure out what is most important for you and go from there.

  • I started to work more from 3 to now 6 days a week doing my regular part time job, upgrading my skills, starting my own real estate business and feel I’m more balanced in regards to time waisters….Idle talk is cut to a minimum so I can focus more. It’s working with the exception of factoring in fun…always room for improvement.

  • Thank you Brian for your videos! My work life balance is based on simplifying. The less things that fill up my life, the more focused effort I can put on the few important things that matters.

  • I just save up for trips and accept I won’t have much time outside of work on a daily basis. I find myself struggling to work around others’ socializing.

  • Indian Vedas are source of infinite knowledge and provides all the solutions to our day to day problems in a very scientific and logical way. Let’s see how we can have Work Life Balance in our hectic lives? Here is the video by Peace Programs, initiative of DJJS, providing one stop solution to manage our professional work and life together.

  • Thanks so much for your continuing work, Brian. I’ve enjoyed listening to you and reading your books since the early 1990s and your message has helped me immensely.

  • Great video:) For me work-life balance mean: Acheaving a state that my work is not feeling as work, that my money work for me and that I am not working for the money and I am building my dream not the dream of another person.

  • Thanks a lot for this beautiful description!!!
    I really suffered a lot as I had never been able to maintain a balance in life and relationships.
    I attended a Peace Programme on Work Life Balance, just sharing it with you, as this remarkably changed my perspective.

  • thank you Brian for helping a lot of people like me in time management, goal setting and self confidence. continue to be a blessing��
    God bless you!

  • brian has rightly said that work balance depends on your own goals….so it would be tilted just in favour of work. but we shud try to spend some quality time with the family too

  • I’m currently reading “The One Thing that Leads to Extraordinary Results” and in one chapter it talks about how work life balance doesn’t exist. It’s all about priorities. Great video! Title was a little misleading though

  • Great advice Brian. If we want to achieve work-life balance, managing our time is key. We have to become time experts in order to improve the quality of life.

  • Great Takeaways! I’m going list what I love and focus on maintaining the acceleration addiction. Lastly, do you really follow Nathaniel Drew? I noticed his video! I follow him too.

  • Brian you once told me that balance doesn’t exist for the super-achiever. And that you have to have a deliberate imbalance in your life. Works for me every time. Thanks Brian.

  • 01:13 he say that poor people work 20, 10 or zero hours a week. This is a typical conclusion by wealthy people. Poverty is “their own fault” and because they are lazy. The truth is poor people often have two or three jobs because of their slave contracts and slave salary.

  • I would say that work-life balance means working enough to make a significant amount of progress but not too much so that you can rest and have energy to work the next day. I haven’t really used any strategies but I think I probably should.

  • Thank you sir fir sharing ur views.
    But to the point on spending 60mins for lunch with friends actually relaxes our mind for sometime amidst the continuous work. Actually speaking continuously working 8hrs a day with less break hrs will make our mind tight enough to even breathe freely. Especially WFH at this pandemic situation has ruined our personal lives by working all the time for ofc stuff.

  • Only money is not success bro, working hours and hours to be successful and your family search for other persons that’s not at all success.
    Give time to your family:parents, children, wife, friends

  • Work is for family. All have as a tree. Are u feeling helped or did’nt need it at all. All need a family. What are u waiting for. I am ready for this difficult time. U be too. I choose to not lose as a responsibility because anyway i have left with nothing to lose. Happiness gets robbed. I like to feel hurt at least if not being happy. All have a reason to be alive or to live. Living or dying is the same thing is the lesson i got to learn from the terror and hatred prevailing. I am just smart enough. It was a mockery big time. Thanks so much to all who wished. The world is for those who need it.

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  • In this particular video, you are assuming that people should love their jobs, but the truth is that not everyone can afford living with a job they love or can even get a job they love for many reasons.

  • I get what you are saying, but when work demands so much time that your personal relationships fall apart, maybe it’s time to rethink such jobs.
    While career is important I think that a proper work-life balance would prevent someone’s dying last words from being, I wish I had spent more time in the office.
    Alux, I think you can guess what the proper words would otherwise be.
    Which is why people search for the proper work-life balance.
    And, it should not be too much to ask.

  • Thank you very much for your great videoes!

    would you please make a video on how success people take the rest and recharging themselves without compromise on the self discipline

  • Sry Alux that so superficial as it can be. Heard every of eustress you only described distress. Especially when you love live job sport and everything you easy run out of time Energy without noticing… tam tam burned out by passion. Been their done that. Please make a second video to this and get inspired by top athlete recovery. Best greeting your friend

  • Even though we know we are eating a dog poop, It is difficult to think of losing the ice cream. Most of us think that losing an Ice cream is bitter than eating a poop. What would you say for this Alux?

  • I achieved balance when I worked just as hard in the gym to improve my Physical Health and Conditioning as I did to work and maintain an operate my business.. ��������

  • People are working long hard hours at jobs they hate, to earn money to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like that soaked in

  • Thanks a lot for this beautiful description!!!
    I really suffered a lot as I had never been able to maintain a balance in life and relationships.
    I attended a Peace Programme on Work Life Balance, just sharing it with you, as this remarkably changed my perspective.

  • And people wonder why traditionally one parent is career focused and the other is home focused. One person can’t be both in perfect balance all the time.

  • Would be great if you could someday maybe do an AMA session with team Alux?
    PS: the lady narrating the video has ASMR kinda voice xD

  • I like the ideas about the perfect balance day i think once you write it down you are more able to maintain your most likly work balance

  • please make video on how to earn money while working online passive income..hustler can give the best so please..make video on my request

  • All I can get to this video is that if you wanna be good at something or be less stressed just focus on one thing and thats really helpful to me

  • anything that wastes my time or slows me down in my work is taking a hike!! My job and ambition are as important as having a fun and exciting life with my future partner and kids! Am not sitting at any table that is not what I want!

  • I am a student but I feel that this really applies to everyone. In my opinion, the hardest part about work is getting started and following through during those first few minutes. Once you get the ball rolling, work is relatively easy. Getting the ball to start rolling and getting it up to speed, however, is difficult (at least for me). I’ve found that when I choose to avoid homework by doing an activity of a more productive nature, rather than something mindless like playing a video game or watch YouTube videos, I can use the energy that I’ve put forth toward my recreational activity and transfer it into my homework to achieve a jump-start for lack of a better term. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s important to do warm-ups if you have difficulty getting started on projects. Just try to get the ball rolling and don’t spend too much time on that recreational activity. Once you feel productive, move on to your work as soon as you can so you can get done and move on.

  • I’m 22 year old. Over the past 2 years I’ve realized one thing. After you’re out of an institution ( college/school) there is no scheduled/organized approach towards life. You decide each and every single day. Some of us ( including me) are doing a job where it requires us to reach the office by 9 but the time to go back to home isn’t known. The real question here isn’t “how to maintain work life balance”, the question is ” how to manage life once you are done with your studies”
    There is no such thing as work life balance. Work will fill majority of your life and the other social/personal obligations will fill other half of your life. Don’t compare any type of activity with other. You have to decide your own priorities. The reason that a father wouldn’t value spending 1 hour every day with his son is because he compares that activity with a business meeting or making connections. Spending time with son won’t give instant satisfaction but a sale meeting or closing on a major client will, thus he is inclined to stay more at work.
    Your priorities will decided how and where you are heading.
    Once you start working there is no schedule to follow, your life is your decision.
    Each and every decision you make has an opportunity cost. Just choose and draw a line of the amount of time you want to spend on each activity. If you spend 10 hours with your family every day, you’ll be bored to death in the 3rd hour.
    If you spend 15 hours a day at work, you’ll detoriate your health within a week. Decide when to stop and make a conscious choice of the activity in which you invest your time.

  • Work-Life balance? What’s that? Work-Life balance is for 9-5ers. I have not had a day off for 2 months, but being my own boss is very rewarding.

  • Hi Alux!!* I absolutely adore your videos!!* I would please like to why certain people don’t get or feel or want to be motivated to achieve their goal!!* Thanks for awesome videos!!*:)

  • Can you make a video on *how our subconscious mind works and how to use this subconscious power for the betterment in life…as I have read many scientists(Edison, Faraday, Friedrich) succeeded with this power and even many successful people’s use this healing power to stay positive….it will be more useful for our society

  • Its midnight in india 11:36 pm and i just can’t wait to see any video of yours tomorrow. With dim eyes and half open mind, video seen. And thats what we call..? Let us know alux.��