ACA Not Repealed or Replaced, But Getting Cut and Reduced in lots of ways Which Will Affect Your family


The Cost Burden

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The American Health Care Act: A Republican Response to The Affordable Care Act

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What happens if the Affordable Care Act is eliminated during a pandemic?

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The Effects of Repealing the ACA

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ACA and AHCA: Don Berwick Breaks It Down

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ACA Not Repealed or Replaced, But Getting Cut and Reduced in Many Ways That Will Affect You and Your Family Affordable Care Act changes have occurred since Trump’s election reducing outreach, coverage, benefits, and scope. As many as 20 million people would lose their health insurance if the ACA were completely repealed, according to a recent analysis by the Urban Institute. This includes people who receive subsidies. Though polls show Affordable Care Act protections remain popular in the U.S., President Trump still threatens to drastically change the law if he can’t repeal it.

Here are five changes he’s made. Across the country, 29.8 million people would lose their health insurance if the Affordable Care Act were repealed—more than doubling the number of people without health insurance. And 1.2 million jobs would be lost—not just in health care but across the board. A: Yes, but maybe not right away. The government uses your tax return to see whether you have health insurance, by asking you to check a box verifying.

No one is shielded from the effects of this massive, over-reaching legislation, and The Heritage Foundation wants you to know how this legislation could impact you, your family, and your neighbors. Seniors. Obamacare cuts so deeply into Medicare Advantage that half of seniors now covered will lose their coverage.

Additionally, it makes health care access more costly and difficult by cutting Medicare and taxing drug. ACA Repeal is Not ACA Repeal. In the manifold replacement plans that have gone beyond a simple statement of “the ACA is repealed,” there is scant reference to the Medicare reforms. Report Outlines Impact of Potential ACA Repeal on Hospitals. The American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals together released a report in December 2016 that details the impact a potential repeal of the ACA would have on hospitals and communities..

The report finds that, under the most recent repeal-without-replacement bill, H.R. 3762, hospitals across the nation. The last chance for a partisan vote on the ACA repeal-and-replace effort ends with a whimper as Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R.

An article in Kaiser Health News discusses just how much hospitals would be affected if the ACA is fully repealed. One of the biggest problems facilities would face is an increase in bad debt, since the Medicaid expansion would be invalidated by a repeal.

List of related literature:

Legislative changes to the ACA in 2017 repealed the individual mandate, eliminated cost-sharing reductions, increased state Medicaid waivers and the expansion of Association Health Plans (AHPs) (Beaton, 2018).

“Gerontologic Nursing E-Book” by Sue E. Meiner, Jennifer J. Yeager
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Hence, full replacement of the ACA will be a daunting task.

“Delivering Health Care in America” by Shi, Douglas A. Singh
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The ACA will fundamentally influence physical and mental health care for social workers and their clients.

“Social Policy for Effective Practice: A Strengths Approach” by Rosemary Chapin
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Furthermore, the ACA has been questioned since signed into law and may remain as is, be revised, or be eliminated.

“Leading and Managing in Nursing E-Book” by Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
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In 2017, under the new administration, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to repeal the ACA, which did not gain full congressional support; however, his administration is directing federal agencies to modify the PPACA of the Obama administration (Saltzman & Eibner, 2016).

“Advanced Practice Nursing” by Susan M. DeNisco
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Even with all the new options afforded by the ACA, a number of individuals will remain uninsured.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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ACA will make even more Americans eligible for publicly supported health care, especially under Medicaid.

“Jonas and Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States, Tenth Edition” by Anthony R. Kovner, PhD, James R. Knickman, PhD, Victoria D. Weisfeld, MPH
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That decision meant that the ACA would go forward.

“The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness” by Gregory L. Weiss
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• Repealing the individual mandate will mean that fewer than 17 million new people will be covered by the ACA in 2025.

“Nursing Now: Today's Issues, Tomorrows Trends” by Joseph T Catalano
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Do you know how the ACA will affect you and your family?

“Health Communication: Theory, Method, and Application” by Nancy Grant Harrington
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  • There was a story on the news several years ago of someone who won the lottery and was getting food stamps because of a loophole. Also in some states the amount of money someone has on the bank doesn’t disqualify them to get medicaid only the amount they earn does. Which maybe why they add that rule.

  • repuclican only want the rich to have health care same as education.. same as criminal prosecution…the don’t care about environment… only greed.

  • I think this was a little too one sided. Didn’t talk about the big downsides of ACA, like the skyrocketing premiums and deductibles or the counties that have lost insurance providers. I think a better video would have been to explain the positives of ACA, then the downsides and then do the same for AHCA. Rather than only the positives of ACA and only the downsides of AHCA and only saying that the ACA “is not perfect” at the end.


  • I simply don’t understand how Americans can live like this. Healthcare is a human right. You pay taxes for things like Defence, Roads, and Healthcare. That is just common sense.

  • I’m still saying there were two bills and the one Obama signed originated out the Senate and the Senate can’t originate a new tax so when the supreme court ruled ACA a tax, they made the law unconstitutional only the house can create a tax bill

  • Time for everyone opposed to this bill to donate to Planned Parenthood. Put your money where your mouth is:

  • I have a better solution. You can Get Car Insurance online or anywhere and will cover you even if you kill someone lol. Why can’t you get healthcare across a State line? Even After ACA Some states only have one Healthcare provider. They can charge whatever they want! Watch my video on this solution.

  • there is NOTHING affordable in the care act for me. my premium is 3x from my private, lost doctor, worse coverage, higher deductable….haven’t had insurance since i got kicked of my private plan because i can’t afford it! was $269 with the “affordable care act” it went up, yes UP, to $780.

  • How about to drive down costs we increase regulations on insurance and pharmaceutical companies? Or better yet we go to a single payer system that eliminates all those greedy CEO’s jobs and merges all those insurance companies into one huge government run center. I’m all for capitalism but health care is a basic right and should be socialized period end of story.

  • The congressional Budget Office si legislatively prohibited from promulgating any cost benefit analysis concerning ACA. This is the only program so sequestered. I rest my case.

  • Where is the part where they let us buy health insurance and see a doctor across state lines?  Where is the part where we can design our own health insurance policy’s?

  • Question does anyone know what (2020 FLP) stands for on the Kaiser Family Foundation chart? And @ 4:00 I believe to say win-fall for the wealthier is disingenuous. It seems like the tax-payer will now be covered (i.e. those in the $40,000-$100,000 range ) whereas the Wealthier (i.e. those in the $100,000+ range) only receive minor coverage.

  • So, if everyone thought health insurance sucked before, it sounds like it sucks even more. The only way to get better health insurance is through a group, like with work, Knights of Columbus clubs, etc. Nothing changes at all.

  • I don’t think I would do well in a private system like this. Part of the recuperation process from an illness or operation is reducing stress, and the idea that you have to worry about whether your treatment is affordable, how much the ins company will pay, what will be the co-pays, will there be any doctors outside the network. I read that a cesarian resulted in a skin-to-skin fee simply because the mother wanted to hold the baby. Looking in from the outside it appears very cumbersome, complicated, politically motivated and ultimately expensive. Good luck.

  • Is like they don’t understand what healthcare means and needs! I definitely I’m not for this mess of a plan and would still want the ACA to continue as it just needs to be upgraded and not uninstalled.

  • The cap on insurance executive tax deduction removal needs to highlight more. Currently only 500k of executive pay can be a tax write off for insurance companies. The bill would lift the cap and possibly millions could be written off by insurance companies.

  • Ironically I really do not like the individual mandate in the current ACA. What it does, with the income tax penalty, is punish you for not being able to afford insruance simply because the subsidies were insufficient to cover any available health insurance plans that might’ve been on the market. This just isn’t right.

    And now with this whole shit of being charged 30% more for 12 months after signing back up again after letting coverage lapse for 63+ days just punishes someone for wanting to be reinsured again after having to let it lapse for whatever financial reason.

    Fucking cut it out with punishing the poor for not being able to afford insurance FFS. I’m 27 goddamn years old, in need of insurance, and can’t afford it no matter which way I turn both with the ACA and now with AHCA. Health insurance is nothing more than the world’s most profitable pyramid scheme at this point.

  • Why is everything so complicated in the US…..simplify and the costs will go down….too much administrative costs just to monitor this stuff.

  • I need an explanation about why Americans allow overtly corrupt politicians devise the nation’s health care system. We have by far the world’s most cost abusive, price gouging, corrupt health care. Corrupt politicians are lining their pockets with “contributions”(aka bribes) from big pharma and corporate health insurance companies.
    Non corrupt govt intervention is needed to penalize cost abuses. If hospitals want to charge $80 for a Tylenol, tax it 99%.$8,000 for a CT scan, tax it 90%, $30,000 for a hernia operation, tax it 70%.
    Find out median prices for services and procedures from the other top 20 industrialized nations and regulate and haved forced cost reforms. Cutting out the middle man entirely is an obvious solution.

  • Wow, only one point into this plan and I can already see it’s a steaming pile of shit. You’re going to change Medicaid to a “per capita block grant program?” Um… WHY? Is there some negotiable standard for healthcare that I’m unaware of? Gee, I already feel really confident in this program seeing as I live in South Carolina…

  • Fuck This, repeal and replace my ass
    Why cant we go back to what we had before government got involved in healthcare????
    So now instead of paying penalty to government you will pay to the insurance companies.
    Same crap different name

  • Funny that Republicans do this shit while they sit back and relax knowing they can rely on their incredibly good, tax-payer funded healthcare. Fuckin’ pricks.


  • What I don’t understand is the lack of emphasis
    on preventative health care and education. Consider this: the average cost for
    a coronary bypass is $75,000. Now that people are living longer, patients are
    returning for their second and third bypass procedures! We learned from the
    Framingham Heart Study that heart and vascular diseases are not only
    preventable, but reversible in most cases. That’s right, patient’s that did not
    alter their lifestyles, needed repeat bypass procedures. The same is true for
    preventing strokes, diabetes (Type II), hypertension, obesity and lung cancer,
    not to mention the morbidity associated with inflammatory joint diseases. What
    exactly am I referring to? Education on the proper amounts and types of
    nutrition, exercise and smoking cessation. These are the leading causes of preventable
    morbidity and death in the western world. You do not need a PhD in economics to
    see that prevention is far more cost effective than intervention. I guess you
    don’t need a PhD to work for an insurance company either, since they, with the
    support of the GOP, want to abolish preventative health care services out of
    the so-called American Health Care Plan. Thank you, Dr. Berwick.

  • what about the 600 billion dollars the rich get in tax credits but us normals get the middle finger. you should have talked about that part of the legislation.

  • I think you are also missing the point for the people who now have to pay their premiums we can not afford to pay. We are essentially picking up the tab for all the people who are getting their coverage for free. The Deductibles are now the maximum out of pocket so the insurer is not paying a dime until you have paid your maximum out of pocket, but are charging extravagant premiums. You were way to one sided on your topic. There are huge issues with the ACA for the premium paying public. Paying upwards of 700 a month and then still having to pick up the full tab when you go to the doctor why have insurance??

  • 5:20 This is very ironic because the people who voted for Trump are probably on average older than most of the American population. This is why I think he won’t get a second term. He’ll piss off his own voters (at least enough of them).

  • Interesting, I’m 28 years old and new to the healthcare debate, and I would say this was a great explanation, but I wonder why you waited till 16:19 to discuss the tax increases to fund medicaid expansion (while this was not mentioned earlier in the video) and exactly what these are. I don’t have a take on ACA (yet), but I have heard from some people who felt the tax increases on high earners were onerous and were a compelling reason for Republicans to repeal the law. I have also heard of the ACA described as a tax on the rich to offer medical services to the poor.

  • Repeal the trainwreck law and if replacing it then make sure not force people to buy it and financially penalize them for not wanting it!!!! And I don’t want to pay for some lazy ass losers insurance they need to adult up and get it themselves don’t make us have to support losers lazy asses!

  • Obviously Political explanation.  Did not address the welfare implications or the responsibility issues that people want to pass off as responsibility payments by the responsible people.  The only beneficiaries I have seen are the terminally ill or the uninsurable people who now have some type of insurance.  And the responsible citizens are picking up the tab with severely increased premiums with much worse insurance and high deductibles to where it cost more for just regular doctor visits.  The answer lies in going to a fully private free capitalized system.  This means no caps on the medical school outputs.  There are many more people who would be happy to be a doctor making $300K per year than the “limited” number of doctors that can make $700K per year.  The drug industry could use some fairness and common sense reform, also.

  • Your country should come up with a health care bill that isn’t written by the insurance companies. Why don’t you look at what we do in Canada.

  • How the hell can you repeal something without having a REPLACEMENT to put in place IMMEDIATELY? As far as these greedy millionaire and billionaire Republicans are concerned either you pay for EXPENSIVE health insurance or YOU WILL BE LEFT TO DIE LIKE A DOG IN THE STREETS!!!  Thank you Trump Supporters for putting this PUSSY GRABBING, PUTIN LOVING TRAITOR in power!

  • As the Executive Director of a clinic that signs up people for the un-ACA, I already know obamacare is not working. The people who need it either don’t want it or cannot afford it. That’s right, they can’t afford it. This legislation MUST be repealed and alternatives submitted. A better alternative is the private health insurance the boy from Kenya scrapped when he got into office. Yes, the old plan would be better than what wonderboy managed to get past the American sheeple.

  • What the left always ingors is that many of the country’s with taxpayer funded healthcare have a parliment (top down government). They arent a union of independent states, as well as the fact that they do require people to show I.D when they vote, and they dont have open borders allowing everyone who come in to go on welfare.
    They also ignor the fact that none of their liberal run states have taxpayer funded healthcare. Hypocrits.

  • look at the new budget that what trump plans cut medicaid and ss analyst say the 2 trillion cut is only one trillion on medicaid because 1 trillion simply being reallocated Well that to me is same as cutting it 2 trillion because it still cuts what medicaid had.

  • In 2012, we lost affordable insurance altogether and had to go with a sharing program to avoid the penalty. Have never used it, it’s cheaper to pay out of pocket.
    Now, we are getting better insurance offers now that insurers are not required to issue a policy.
    They are still unaffordable, though. The ministries ha e better coverage and rates.

  • Instead of elaborate health coverage plans, how about simply educating doctors and patients of the paramount importance of diet, nutrition, and exercise in preventing or reversing disease!

    Oh wait, that’s right the American Medical Association was founded by a world banker to be “for profit.” There’s far more money to be made in keeping people sick.

    That’s why the AMA suppresses cancer cures which they can’t patent and/or profit from. The AMA is guilty of crimes against humanity. They routinely violate the Hippocratic oath, “to do no harm.”

    Hippocrates by the way, also said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Think about that…

  • Y’know what, why can’t certain states just form interstate compacts that deals with healthcare? Like New England and maybe some of the Mid-Atlantic states unite so that they together form the “East Coast Healthcare Interstate Association” or something like that that’ll give all its residents a better healthcare that wouldn’t rely on this stupid Republican majority held Congress. I think the Swiss model could be a good model to follow for this hypothetical interstate compact. It just feel like the only way at this point so that people don’t get worse coverage with this so-called “plan”.

  • check out the videos “Fixing Obamacare Nonpartisan, by insurance expert, Richard A Mathisen for a new perspective;


  • With as much money as the US makes it could easily afford a single payer system. There are only two factors that that make US healthcare costs rise. First uninsured, they get sick they go to the ER but they can’t pay and the hospital still has to support a budget so it must offset these with higher costs to people that can pay. This leads to higher private insurance costs because they have to have a profit and pay for the inevitable sickness/injury. Second privatized medical needs, proof just look at Epipen. No system is perfect, but private healthcare is horrifyingly bad and only 3 kinds of people think otherwise (Those who profit from it, the uber lucky healthy, and the sheeple).

  • If we as Americans want a blended healthcare system we must do it at the state and not the federal level… States must live within their means as they can not print money! Start with a small sales tax, income tax and corporate tax increase while continuing to allow private insurance. Allow providers to offer simple insurance plans directly to their customers. This will force insurance companies to make joint ventures with these providers or go out of business!

  • My wife earns around 34k a year, almost a good 10k over what is needed to qualify for subsides. The Obamacare website says our policy would cost 763$ monthly. We can’t pay that, not even if we gave up the entirety of our grocery budget. We still get penalized 3k (it starts around 300$ and builds up yearly) annually on our taxes for not having insurance. Thanks Obamacare for taking our rural household that doesn’t have insurance, makes sure we will never have insurance, and allows us to pay for other people to have medical care. I cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.

  • Where is the analysis on the 3 phase approach proposed by Paul Ryan? I feel like this is an incomplete video without factoring in everything about the ACHA.

  • The wealthy and corporations do very well out of this less tax (for Obamacare) and more tax credits.
    This reduction is passed on to the less wealthy and elderly who either are getting less tax credits or less health care. Doesn’t seem fair.
    The end result is that the US still won’t have universal health care like every other democracy on the planet. Get money out of politics!

  • There’s a lot of left out information in your presentation. You talked a lot about the great things of Obama care but neglect to exploit the negative things. Such as decreased quality of care, patients being turned away due to Obama care, generic prescription given, test refused due to the governments definition of excess and the list goes on. Be honest with your viewers.

  • the cost will rise. this bill and The ACA focused on demand and not supply. any other field with a high cost most would blame a fault on supply and not demand. but for some reason healthcare its all about demand with no effort to actually lower costs. just to make sure more people pay it. and that will somehow lower cost

  • Surprised to see you reporting the lifetime and annual cap ban is still in place as numerous reports that have come out today with the CBO rating are stating the opposite: that lifetime and annual caps are back.

  • We desperately need more input from non-Americans in this discussion. We need those with access to universal/single/socialized systems to give their experiences. Tell us the truth. I have friends of “middle class” means without basic health insurance here in Texas. Please keep commenting.

  • what! what! what! how could a average person understand all this shit????? I hope everyone that’s against universal health care get eternally ill. the ones that do stay healthy, it is only right.

  • I hate that anti-abortion politicians penalize people for doing anything even at abortion clinics instead of trying to fight abortion itself. though I have no problem with abortion currently legal in the US, I recognize the many other benefits those clinics offer to both women and men that can be life saving

  • It is important to have a balanced perspective on this topic. I can share from personal experience that my premiums have been lowered and my deductible has been lowered since the exit from ACA into AHCA. This inconsistency with Dr. Berwick’s perspective led me to look further to confirm or disconfirm his claims about the AHCA. After my research, I believe this video is very biased and does not accurately reflect what is actually occuring under the AHCA.

    To fill in gaps not mentioned in this video, I recommend the viewer go straight to the source of information on the AHCA:;

    Regarding the pre-existing illness claim
    We have pre-existing illnesses in my family and the proposed problem stated by Dr. Berwick has not been seen realized as suggested.

  • I wish the media would tell the public who is paying for Obamacare.  How come Obama and the democrats do this to working americans??

  • He looks at least 60. How much will his health insurance cost. The new plan permits insurance companies to charge older people up to 5 times more than younger people.

  • well, who wouldn’t want to give the wealthy a tax break and let everyone else pay for it? It’s the American way. Might as well close the public schools and give the wealthy some cash for the private schools their brats attend.

    This country has the government we deserve… not only because we “elected” Trump, but because we continue to put Republicans in Congress and the state houses.

  • Neil, this is the way it works (as I understand it).  You repeal the ACA penalties so that anyone can buy any policy they want OR buy NO policy, if THEY choose.  Also, an employer can insure his employees fully, partially or not at all and not risk a penalty.  Once the penalties no longer exist the ACA will wither and die on its own.  Further, once no one else is required to come into the program and no one is REQUIRED to buy insurance from the Marketplace, it’ll just go away!  In the meantime, we just make it so anyone can buy any health insurance THEY want (as Obama himself promised) and IF THEY QUALIFY UNDER CURRENT ACA GUIDELINES FOR A FEDERAL SUBSIDY, then, for the time being, they’ll still get one! EVEN IF they don’t have the100% comprehensive coverage you have to have in Obamacare (which is why the premiums are so high because you have to have mental health coverage, substance abuse coverage, sex change operation coverage, mammograms (even if you’re male) all kinds of things have to be covered and THAT makes the premiums and deductibles WAAY high!!)  So, if we eliminate the penalties for what current ACA rules consider “inadequate” coverage, a LOT of people will CHOOSE to leave ACA, particularly young people and choose, for example, just catastrophic insurance.  The point is:  All this will increasingly whittle down Obamacare to the point where ONLY those people who can’t afford to leave it are still in the program and, at THAT point, there are other things that can be done to fix the situation, depending on how the market forces define the situation at that time.  So, with a plan like this (which is designed to be flexible) you really have to wait and see what conditions are when it comes time to do the fixing.  So, the CBO report absolutely DOES NOT take any of this into account!!!

  • It takes the part of ACA that wasn’t working well, not getting the young healthy people to buy in, and makes it worse. IMO for a solution that covers sick people well you need healthy people in the pool. If not costs will continue to soar and insurers will drop out of the market. Without this being fixed the whole thing will fail and all the other stuff is irrelevant.

  • Can I sue the United States government, if through their Medicare for All program misdiagnoses me or has given me the wrong treatment that has caused harm to me? Thank you.

  • Americans…Health Care cannot and will not work as an Insurance Product. If you want to take care of each other..well, then just take care of each other. A program where everyone contributes and a publicly run body governs it, is the answer. Get over consumerism when it comes to health care.

  • This Obama Affordable Health Care has been hurting more hard workers in America as we speak, I worked 7 days per week and still did not qualified for this Insurance and I end up has no insurance because it has been a real fraud. We need to bring back the old way for all workers working hard and employers help those workers to be insured.

  • Trump and the Republicans are going to repeal “Obamacare”, keep the ACA almost as it is and call it Trumpcare. And they will take the credit.
    (PS For those who don’t know, Obamacare is the name Republicans gave the ACA.)

  • I’m a new subscriber and I find it frustrating how often you say you’ve covered it in a previous video cause I don’t know which video. Could you put links in the videos to what you’re referring to or recap it when you mention it? Thanks this is a great channel!

  • 6 pages dedicated to lottery winners out of 66? What do you expect? It was planned and written by god damn lawyers who think they know better than professional healthcare workers and health economists. Oooohh but their talk is so smooth and eloquent and stirs the soul of gullible Americans. ��

  • No one wants to get sick, unless they are severely mentally ill, but this is a horrible plan. I hate the fact that people don’t see how bad this is, we all don’t plan when to get sick, or if we will have a life long chronic condition.

  • Let me tell you the result of keeping Obamacare. The price of insurance will continue to rise. The deductibles will continue to rise. The covered procedures will decline, Hospitals, Doctors and clinics will stop taking obamacare patients. People will be forced into Obamacare (there is your increase in sign ups). Forced to keep their income low so as not to keep paying higher and higher costs for Obamacare; They will retire earlier because making money costs them money and they will be forced into a socialist, dare I say communistic system where dependence on the government for our very lives is needed….Oh wait… maybe this was the real plan Obama had to begin with. Keep raising the cost of insurance so people will be forced into obamacare and become dependent comrades. And they are pointing at Trump for his ties to Russia? Think again!

  • As a Canadian I really feel sad for you poor, poor Americans. Our government spends less than HALF of what your government does per citizen on Healthcare, but we actually get free heathcare and you get nothing.

    So sad. So sad. It’s a catastrophe.

  • I tried to read the actual proposed bill and it is indecipherable legal gobbledygook. What sources did you use to be able to know what this bill will or won’t do. Also, you speculate that certain portions of the bill will effect the market in specific ways, what is the source of those predictions?

  • Thanks, Dr Carroll, for breaking this down so it’s a bit easier to understand! Every article or video I see seems to be somewhat selective in which parts they explain.

  • What about this bill I was on Money Follows the person and they didn’t do anything except kick me out of the nursing home. and look at this

  • I don’t know if everything I have posted is right on but do your homework:!openview&restricttocategory=03

  • Imagine all the administration overhead we’d save if every citizen just automatically got health coverage. Then people wouldn’t need to worry about if they can afford to have basic health care in the richest nation in the world.

  • Let’s just be honest… the Affordable Care Act WAS the Republican’s healthcare bill.  They had to oppose it publicly because it was passed by Democrats, but they know exactly where it came from the Heritage Foundation.  Why is healthcare so expensive and exclusionary in the United States?  The answer… Capitalism.

  • fuck Obamacare!!!.. they made me pay a tax penalty…& I didn’t even want that bullshit…what does the I.r.s. have to do with medical??

  • That 2020 date isn’t a coincidence. Most Republican politicians know that most of their constituents benefited from the ACA and they know it. By putting all of their major talking points, but delaying them until the next election cycle, likely after at least one house of Congress has changed colors, they are allowing themselves to push a major piece of legislation through that makes themselves look good without suffering the backlash of its negative effects.

  • Serious questions though because I haven’t had a chance to look through much. Are they doing anything with quality of care and cost saving measures funded and supported by the ACA? Are mental health provisions left untouched?

  • Many republicans say that they want to reduce the size of the government and reduce spending on government programs, e.g., Trump froze hiring of “nonessential” federal employees, but this bill ( 2:30) will increase the number and total cost of social workers required to deliver Medicaid because they will have to verify eligibility twice as often as now (every 6 months instead of annually). Medicaid recipients are already under an obligation to report to their social workers any change in income or family size, so this change is costly, unnecessary, and makes it more likely that applicants will lose coverage while they are recertified, which would then make it possible for their application to be permanently denied if they have a more than one month lapse in coverage, as explained here 0:29, which is more likely to happen than you think because a lot of paperwork and an interview are often required before approval. This “more than one month lapse in coverage” clause is the hoop that Republicans will use to deny more people eligibility for Medicaid. Of course, many applicants won’t know about this clause, so when they reapply after losing coverage for more than a month, they will be denied coverage and will be blamed for it.

  • here is an analogy on free market Healthcare. Imagine that I am a healthcare provider that has a patent on a life-saving drug that you need. if you do not get the drug, you die. I have the option as the owner of the patent to price it however I like. if I wanted to charge you 1 billion dollars, I could. free market capitalism requires competition to drive prices down. obviously there are Market forces that can drive prices down like the fact that no one will buy it at 1 billion dollars so the price will go down but it is still at a very high price. Working-class and middle-class families would have a very difficult time affording
    simply looking at the EpiPen phenomena, you can see the issue with free market capitalism in healthcare

  • My understanding was the CBO wasn’t going to look at this because the Reps intentionally said that the CBO couldn’t look at this one.

  • what stopping us from just going to single payer like Britain has? could you assemble a healthcare plan that you consider perfect? you seem to know alot considering all the plan types you’ve covered.

    but most importantly, I still don’t know how to get insurance.

  • Rand Paul and Dr Carroll are right, it is Obamacare lite. This is bad news. You guys need full repeal.
    This is from a guy who lives in the UK, trust me, you don’t want the mess we are in now with our NHS!

  • Once again I would like to applaud you for sticking to facts and appreciably unbiased analysis while covering a politically charged topic. It is refreshing to see actual news coverage, and your efforts mean a lot to me.

  • As a disabled American and recipient of Medicaid, this plan is going to be a disaster for myself and others like me. The GOP in my state has been vocal about capping individual spending for each insured. It costs about $100,000, give or take, per year to keep me alive. That isn’t a number that the GOP will deem “reasonable.”

    And I don’t feel like dying at the age of 37.

  • In True Government fashion the ACA (Obamacare) did NOT give you Affordable or Healthcare. It Destroyed ANY good Healthcare a family have, in order to provide Expensive and garbage Healthcare for ALL. I do not care what Any “So Called BS health Experts” told us or is still telling us. If you actually WORKED for a living and had healthcare via your Employer, Your Cost went up and your Coverage went Down, PERIOD. ANYONE telling you otherwise is a Government Democrat Bureaucrat HACK. Just think, Congress made a WAIVER for themselves and their Staff to NOT to use Obamacare, because even Congress and their staff new it SUCKED!!!!

  • The idea that mental health is less important than physiological health continues to hurt a lot of people, I see. Just love the idea that discouraging abortion among the poor is moral and economical, just brilliant.