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However, two-thirds of those potatoes were used for French fries, potato chips and other processed or frozen potato products, the agency said. The same trends were seen for tomatoes. Tomatoes accounted for 22 percent of vegetables made for Americans, the report found. No, you should not grow potatoes and tomatoes together. While they are both in the nightshade family, potatoes and tomatoes have different requirements for soil pH.

There are also some diseases, such as early blight and late blight, which are common to both plants and can be spread between potatoes and tomatoes by insects that attack both plants. Mid to late summer and early fall are the perfect time to harvest some of the season’s best produce like tomatoes. But like it often happens to many gardeners, you might find yourself with too many tomatoes and not enough ideas of what to do with them. RELATED: 5 Facts to Help You Grow the Best Tomatoes Yet.

Fear not. There’s also some other potato leaf tomato variety in there. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name.

Maybe when I see the fruit, it will jar my memory. So, I don’t know. Are two hundred tomatoes too many?

Of course, I may be counting my jars of tomato sauce before they’re canned, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least a few. Look for fungal disease resistant varieties of both tomatoes and potatoes before considering planting tomatoes and potatoes together. Again, referring to the “near” in planting tomatoes near potatoes – be sure to give the two crops adequate space between each other. A good ten feet between tomatoes and potatoes is the rule of thumb.

I recommend that you don’t process too many potatoes at a time. I did something like 15 or 20. Still, it took some time to get all of them peeled and cut, so to make sure that the ones I already cut don’t just sit there on the cutting board and turn brown while I worked on the rest, I put all the fries in a bowl filled with cool water.

The water keeps them from turning brown. Like full-size tomatoes, hybrid and heirloom cherry varieties come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. By the way, it’s worth noting that not all little tomatoes are called “cherry. Many nightshades are very common—in fact, most of us eat them every day. Tomatoes are a nightshade.

The major plants that we eat most of that are in the nightshade family include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant. There are several others as well, but they are generally not consumed in large amounts by most people. The leaves of tomato plants are poisonous to protect the fruit from animals and fungi. As for the potato, avoid any with green spots.

These green spots contain toxins that might make you sick. Tomatoes go against the norm and always create excess leaves, especially when there’s too much nitrogen for them. Yes you can start pulling leaves.

Start at the ones below any fruiting trusses and wait until the next higher fruit truss is established and work your way slowly upward.

List of related literature:

The produce of the third plan was nearly equal in bulk with the second, but rather inferior in quality, many of the potatoes having their sides greened by being exposed to light.

“The book of the farm” by Henry Stephens
from The book of the farm
by Henry Stephens
Blackwood, 1844

It is definitely worth trying a number of potatoes to find the ideal variety for your soil and taste preference.

“Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long, 2nd Edition” by Eliot Coleman, Kathy Bray, Barbara Damrosch
from Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long, 2nd Edition
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The potatoes (small red potatoes are traditional) should be tender but not mushy, and the flavor of the vinaigrette should penetrate the potatoes, seasoning them throughout.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
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The same argument justifies us in concluding that we are dealing with the common and not the sweet-potato, for this latter was not growing here but was imported from Spain and would have been served during the summer months.

“The History and Social Influence of the Potato” by Redcliffe N. Salaman, Salaman Redcliffe N., William Glynn Burton, J. G. Hawkes
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The potatoes (small red potatoes are traditional) should be tender but not mushy, and the flavor of the vinaigrette should penetrate the relatively bland potatoes.

“The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes” by America's Test Kitchen
from The New Family Cookbook: All-New Edition of the Best-Selling Classic with 1,100 New Recipes
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Many people would say that potatoes have no place in a very small garden anyway, as they are a low value, bulk vegetable.

“Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook for Britain & Other Temperate Climates” by Patrick Whitefield
from Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook for Britain & Other Temperate Climates
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The theme might also have been the lively and oftenrequested Tomatoes are cheaper, potatoes are cheaper/now’s the time to fall in loooove!

“On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio” by John Dunning
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You need a lot of space to be self-sufficient in potatoes and although I think that they are more handsome a crop than people realize, I don’t think it’s worth digging up your garden to grow enough to keep you in spuds year round.

“The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It, Too” by Alys Fowler
from The Edible Garden: How to Have Your Garden and Eat It, Too
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Then add all the mixed vegetables, including the kidney beans, tinned tomatoes and chillies and give it all a good stir.

“Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet” by Zoe Harcombe
from Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet
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These potatoes have strong consumer appeal due to their unique combinations of color, shape, culinary quality, and nutrient content.

“Potato Production Systems” by Jeffrey C. Stark, Mike Thornton, Phillip Nolte
from Potato Production Systems
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  • Great video. Tomato plants sure do look good. May try to save some tomato seeds this year. My early girl and big red cherry tomatoes are the same size.

  • I watched everything that i could find on the Internet about this “Potato diet”, Then i saw the “Warrior Diet” and liked it’s idea of waiting 16 hours. But instead of consuming one meal with any calorie food, what if i made it extreme and ate just potatoes after that 16 hour wait. It’s been exactly 7 days, i did workout everyday for at least 2 hours continuously. On the 3rd day, i felt drained of energy, laid on bed longer than usual, was slow and lathargic all day. The 4th day, more energy returned, my body finally stopped protesting and used my bodyfat for energy. The 5th day was a cakewalk, full of some magic energy from years of stored fat reserves, today is the 7th day, i feel amazing, im down 15lbs…i made a healthy eating video 7 days ago, featuring my size of 235lbs. Today, one week into the “extreme warrior diet” i weigh 220lbs, todays video shows glimpses of that loss…thank you for the inspiration in all your videos, they are all motivating me daily. Prince:)

  • Not impressed, planted potatoes to shallow which =less crop harvesting,old fool find something else to do with your life time is running out for you. ������

  • I need my friend to try this so she wont do gastric bypass.can she eat veg with it for it to work
    i am WFPB she thinks its to carb rich…i am 120 pounds

  • Been taking readings on sun exposure, but I’m still trying to figure out which space to grow on. One area gets 4.5-5 hrs full sun midday and 1.5 hrs partial shade, while another gets light for over 9 hours, but morning, midday, and evening partial shade totaling about 6.5 hours partial shade and about 3 hours direct sun from 10-12 and broken up in 3 20 minute periods in the afternoon and evening. But then, I’m in SC on the coast, so we get more intense sun and the noontime hours are scorching. Suppose I’ll need to talk to local gardeners and see what they can recommend.

  • My tomato’s suckers that i cloned, are Getting ripe Now, It’s like a second crop growing. They got like 2 more months growth on the clones, over the tomato’s from seeds. So they grow fast, with a new crop! Transplant them suckers off tomato’s ITS WORTH IT! Pepper branches to

  • i prefer Heirloom or Hybrid or Heritage tomatoes, less probability of causing cancer like GMO’s!
    tomatoe plants only need 4 hours of sun light minimum, where does this data come from

  • potatoes are so cheap where I live, $1 for 5lbs so I prioritize more expensive crops like spaghetti squash ($4 for a single squash). Maybe ill grow a few plants next year to see if the taste is worth losing some crop space.

  • The Stacking of potatoes is interesting. A university-professor of our local agricultural university recommended it to me once. He said 5-6 layers are easily possible. He said yields of up to 1 ton of potatoes per cubic-meter are possible, if you do everything correctly.

    Never gotten to test it out, but my interest keeps growing. thanks for adding fuel to the fire xD

  • I do the same thing but, I use 1/2 of a shipping wood skid with 4 casters on it. Two have wheel locks. at the front I used a double rope to pull. This way I don’t have to disturb the planters and possibe root damage from moving.

  • You inspired me. Thank You!! I lost 9lbs in a week. I just eat potatoes, but NO Salt, NO Oil, NO Sugar, and the boil potatoes help you loose weight faster. Now I’m on my second week and Im adding a little bit of ketchup and spicy sauce (sometimes). I only drink water and milk. If you used condiments, is harder to loose the weight. Drinking plain hot water will help when using condiments. It gets easier on the second week. The more time it passes, the easier it gets. I may go for a full month. GOOD LUCK!

  • I am currently just under 140 lbs and I’m 165 cm tall. I have a problem with binge eating and I am hoping this diet will help me overcome my problem. I don’t want to become overweight with the eating habits I have now. I will try this method for a month and see where it takes me. I want to change my diet to plant based and stop eating processed foods or dairy completely. I am hoping this change will bring my food struggles to the end. Thank you for sharing

  • I tend to agree..I am doing about 2,000 plants this year and start more than half from seed indoors..I’ve been a landscaper for almost 30 years and have learned my lessons the hard way..I only wish I could get my customer to understand what you are saying because I have to triage half the crap he buys..good video sir.

  • Are you saying that you double the harvest by doubling the input? That’s nonesense, I was thinking that you have twice amount of harvest in just one plant.

  • Thanks for the encouraging video. I live in the mountains and tall conifers cast shade just about everywhere on my lot, so at best I have 4-5 hours of sunlight. It’s nice to see someone experimenting with growing different crops under shadier conditions.

  • Giving it a crack this year with rootstocks from moles seeds.
    Tried C.crush last year and I wasn’t that impressed.
    But G.Delight as always a great producer/flavour.

  • Very interesting concept. Btw I have had the same thoughts that Mohammed expressed but I didn’t quite know how to compliment you without possibly being offensive at the same time. lol

    I grow my potatoes in 30L nursery pots and also fabric grow bags. I am fortunate in that I have plenty of space so I have about 30 pots. Dan of Allotment Diary was my inspiration as he manages to grow 10lbs in a single pot! He buries the pots about 3″ in the ground so the roots can escape and search for more water and nutrients in the ground, yet the advantages of growing in pots is retained.

    Last year was my first try and it was quite successful, some of my potatoes were huge, so this year I have expanded ‘my operation’.:) I planted some pots very early with early varieties and I brought them inside and back outside until the last frost. They should be ready to harvest in early July. I followed those with mid season and late varieties (Kennebec and Yukon Gold). I am growing 9 different types of potatoes in order to choose a favourite early, mid and late variety.

    Keep the great videos coming! How are your Aunt and Uncle, have they returned home?

  • Hi Tony, for the first time I actually followed something I saw in one of your vids and I clipped back a lot of the leaves from my toms. Firstly I cut them to about half the size, then a few weeks later as the fruit were forming I removed the lower leaves all together. I have to tell you they grew like bloody demons. In the end I nipped out the tops at about 5 feet tall and I swear I can see the fruit growing by the day. I’ll try to get a couple of pics and send them to you. Cheers marra. Paul in Moray Scotland

  • They look really decent plants Tony. There definitely looks to be difference between your seed sown to the grafted plants. You can buy grafted plants at certain garden centres to avoid having to get them by post. Crimson crush are a lovely tasty tomato. Take care. Nick

  • Hi Tony not ever grown grafted tomatoes but have about 28 plants growing outside again this year. Have grown Crimson Crush for a few years there is now a Crimson Blush beef tomato, I haven’t tried yet, but on the list for next year. Growing,I think 5 varieties and I brought some seeds back from Spain so will be trying those next year great update cheers Jan ��

  • im going to do that, because ive tried three years in a row maybe 4. to try to add dirt as they grow and it doesnt work. i only will have them in the bottom tire. because i was using tires to stack them up and add dirt.

  • Yeah its crazy how hard it is to eat a lot of potato calories if just baked without oil etc. Honestly after 2 medium sized baked potato’s I really start to struggle. 3 and I’m stuffed full. But then I’m a skinny guy so probably don’t have a naturally big appetite.

  • So when I do this diet ive only eaten 1 potato a day and lots of water. Sometimes ill eat another potato for dinner. Is this bad? Also can u put salt and pepper on them everytime?

  • The grafted plants look great, but are quite pricey, compared to plants grown from seed. For the cost of one grafted plant you could buy seed that might produce say 100 plants, so maybe they’re not so impressive, from a value for money perspective. On the other hand, for those with small gardens who only have room for a few plants, the grafted ones might be worth the cost, to get a higher yield in limited space.
    Sungold great toms, small but very sweet.

  • Your tomato plant suddenly died… probably a cut worm. It’s happened to me 3 of them! Plant a coffee can or bean can around the base into the dirt… stops cut worms.

  • I must admit I often buy garden centre veggies. I don’t want millions like you get if you grow from seed, add in the compost and time and it’s often so much easier. As I’ve got older I just don’t need the grief. The courgettes I bought have been great and they were £1.70 a plant.

  • Why not plant the potato seed near the bottom since it is a root plant. As it grows, it spreads its root system which will yeild more potatoes in the grow bag (or bucket). Also clipping the flower buds off will produce more potatoes as well as it will not force the plant to use its energy in flowering and fruiting.

  • Keep the tape gun Tony, you’ll need it next spring. Have you eaten any tomato’s of the grafted plants and if you have how are they tasting?

  • I watched that video when the grafted tomatoes arrived, I wondered how they would turn out. I’m glad the grafted tomatoes have done so well for you. In my area it’s the norm to grow your tomatoes outdoors, I grow modern bush types and the plants are just massive. Your outdoor tomatoes are looking good, that will really add to your harvest!


  • I have pretty much settled with the Stupice tomatoes because I can plant them in the Fall and they produce all the way up to June (110 degree weather). I am going to try some new varieties this Fall though. I had several varieties of cherry tomatoes ready to plant and put them all in tires on the West wall which was not a very wise decision. After wondering why they all died I tested the temps in the tires and found they were over 100 degrees even in May. Live and learn.

  • Those are magnificent! I have never seen grafted ‘maters for sale in Canada. Thanks for the video! You are going to need the recipe for eastern Canada green tomato chow at the end of the year!!!

  • Love the vlog. Very impressed with grafted toms, rather more than I expected. re: taping machine, PM me, I need a machine to tie plants up.

  • Amazing great yields are the rootstocks from other tomato varieties? I wonder would other plants work with these root stock or other plant species ��

  • Hello Again, I just wanted to touch base and share that I’m still eating just potatoes every 3 days, And a combination of Kale, Broccoli, Carrots,Brussel Sprouts for the other 4 days of the week. Adding the combination of whole foods has “stopped” the weight loss completely. So you were Right! adding other foods will stop weight loss. But, the unexpected silver lining, During this time of consistent weight. My looser skin, is now tightening to my new size. By maintaining my one month weightloss of 40Lbs. My loose skin has retracted back into my body and given me youthfulness, I’m making films weekly on my channel, I work in the Entertainment Industry on camera as a badguy or monster. I will be filming a video next week, sharing your channel and how much it has helped me evolve, to the new characters, that I now get to play on film. Thank You! Prince

  • Thanks for the update Tony,tomatoes are looking fantastic �� ill be interested to see how the grafted ones taste,l grew Tigerella toms last year but the taste wasent up to much.All the very best �� �� ��

  • You sure those beef ones aren’t melons they’re HUGE! I’ve always grown tomatoes outside and I’m a good 100mile further north than you. Crops have alway been abundant. For the first time this year, I’ve grown them all in a polytunnel, several varieties…..not impressed with any of them so far. Back to outdoors for me next year!!

  • I live in SC in zone 7, I just set out 10 tomato plants around 10 days ago. One was just like the big one in your video and the rest were the size of the little ones. Ten days later and their all the same size now! Two of the smaller ones are blooming already and the big one is not. This was the first time I have set out tomatoes and they just literally took off, no shock, no adjustments they went crazy from day one. Why do these little ( 12” ) plants bloom too early? Both are Parks Whopper improved CR. Anyway great video and happy harvesting!

  • Hi Tony, it has been a bad year generally in the North East of England so don’t be despondent. the weather may pick up and plant may develop later on.

  • How old are the seedlings in the 120 ct tray? This makes a lot of sense. Should save money on soil, too. I am in the UP, michigan so I started seeds 8 wks before frost in 4 in net pots to prevent root bound plants. We have to start early so we can get enough tomatoes to can before fall frost. Only 100 growing days in our season.

  • Yahuah forbided the mixing of seeds like this in the Torah. And when you read it brings fungi forth in feelds they should be planted far from each other.

  • Could you please clear up the
    Cold vs hot potato saga. Do you eat them both ways or do you have a prefference or is eating them cold the best way? Thanks.

  • Great job, Patrick! It’s funny… my Dester tomatoes did better than my Big Rainbows. There’s nothing more discouraging than to see a plant die early in optimum conditions. How many tomato plants are you growing this year?

  • While heirloom tomatoes are usually better in taste, they have to be grown in top notch conditions to produce a perfect tomato, and growing a heirloom tomato is a bit difficult because of their weakness to some things, correct knowledge and technique can lead to an easy way of growing tomatoes. Heirlooms are made out to produce less but that is not entirely true. some people think this because they are not commercially harvested, this is because it is hard to grow a delicious tomato without using insecticides or pesticides and because these days, people prefer buying organic produce because of this it just doesn’t do as well on the market.

  • how much potatoes do you have to eat, Is it a half pound potatoes in the morning, half pound for lunch and a half pound for dinner??????
    And are you allowed to eat vegetables???
    Thank you.

  • I wondered if anybody on the potato diet had trouble sleeping. I’ve been on the potato diet for five days. And on two evenings I had an incredibly hard time getting to sleep. While my brain was tired.. my body seemed to want to keep going.

  • Here, one grafted tomato plant is $8.55 and that does not include shipping. Especially considering the deer, who are impossible to protect against 100%, that would be a hefty price. But those trusses are, as you said, magazine worthy. Loved seeing the update.

  • Planted all heirlooms this year. We have one plants that’s 8′ tall that has not produced flower or fruit. Though the plant looks perfectly healthy..?

  • Thank you Patrick for doing these videos! They are tremendous help in giving us more choices that result in successful gardening and in doing it in a more beneficial way for all concerned. I’m starting a garden this fall and having quality soil/compost brought in. (At my age I need a bit of a head start) I ordered soil builder cover crop I saw on one of your videos to start things on the right foot. I’ll start a Bocking 14 comfrey this fall too for fertilizing. I feel so encouraged. Your a great teacher!

  • Thank you for the video. That is amazing! I never really thought it was worth it to purchased grafted tomatoes, but the size of the trusses on those grafted tomatoes are spectacular!

  • Hello, I have been growing hydroponic crops for about 8 years now, and this is the first time I am trying tomatoes outdoors. I used 5 gallon smart pots, the fabric kind, and coco coir with a lot of perlite. I have to water multiple times a day. I am using a liquid hydroponic line of nutrients that is usually used for that other type of tomato plant. It’s just an experiment and I hope it works out.

  • Hi Patrick, Impressive how well they doing in shade, do they manage to ripe most of the fruits? I found that mine have always quite a lot of green left at the end of season so I’m trying to more comfrey tea this year but we will see.

  • I agree….. V g video Hi If you don’t know about biochar. Yet tell everyone that you know very very good videos thank you very much keep up the good work videos are awesome do you know about biochar feed it to the hogs and cattle and goats it goes through them and helps the soil I’m from northern Kentucky look up the history of biochar for gardening tell everyone you know passed it on it’s good for bad clay soil ok for good soil barn wood to char douse it with water then dry it out then activate it with worm castings or compost liquids first I also like rocket store Mas s heaters couches earthships homes are nice too look up sand to gold video very interesting for deserts growing have a good day https://youtu.be/c5jvFbQYybg sand to gold https://youtu.be/F2DLQw1K9Ms

  • In which season did you grow? APRIL yeah?
    Can they be planted in winter season or arounf the year?

    It is necessary for the growth of Potatoes that the plant must produce flowers and go through pollenization first?

  • Thank you so much for this very simple to do tip! I started my tomato plants from seed and then planted while they were small! Our weather keeps turning cold so the tomatoes are dragging their little feet!

  • what I have done with the sweeties is go single stem, and after the bearing fruit sprigs have played out, cutting back the plant to allow a sucker to take the place on the twisty single stem holder. video to follow later where I will describe the cut back and the fruit. I have had more than 200 cherry tomato on a single plant. to be honest, I am done with tomato for this year, there have been so many. at this point I am just giving to friends. next year, I will only grow black krims. they seem to be resistant to everything damaging except for cracking, which was probably my fault, due to watering schedule. they sweeties produce a lot but require a kinda of daily maint, while the krims can go a few days without intervention.

  • Great video Tony, them toms look brillo, as for that machine why don’t you keep it just for the seedlings?
    I am tying out gardeners plant velcro, and it’s great just cut what you want and stick together, but make sure you get the proper stuff and not the crap stuff, as that keeps falling off (don’t ask me how i know that) ha ha ha, but i am trying that for the first time, and at the moment it’s been great and has not been effected by the rain either. Cheers.
    Barry (Wirral, ENG)

  • Thank you so much for sharing your video and your know how. I get in a tizzy every year l buy plants and most of them did and the rest give only a few tomatoes. Do you use seeds from the tomatoes or in packets? ��������������������������

  • Never water them with a sprinkler, always flood irrigate them, which means berming and mounding around the stems to keep the stem out of the water. Be vicious with thinning, the adult plant needs 1m circle and be staked. They like a little lime and blood meal in addition to whatever NPK fertilizer you like. Best is to rotate them into an undisturbed garden of nitrogen fixers from the year before, e.g. fall peas and winter garlic into summer tomatoes. Also I found if you ram a steel prybar deep under each plant, they will tap root into that hole, then grow 2m tall. Here’s the wonderful heritage variety that I developed for Victory Seeds, the Northern Elan: https://www.victoryseeds.com/tomato_northern-elan.html

  • Shorter the growing season outside the better to have larger allready progressed plants. I live at high elevation and short growing season with late frost and early freezes come october. Solar minimum is here be ready

  • Good to know. But I planted one larger tomato and one smaller tomato in my raised bed about two weeks ago. The bigger plant has already grown another three inches, where as the smaller plant has grown way less. I guess we’ll see what happens when the temps get warmer.

  • What a great idea! I’m cheering here because it’s my main food source (i have 7 varieties growing) and i was just eying another patch of soil because i thought i might not have planted enough to last me a year, but now i don’t need another patch of soil, do i?! My back thanks you! I would love to have a second harvest of course. Yes, please.:) I have them planted a bit close (a foot apart) but i will work something out. Thanks, Stephen!

  • Hoss Tools. QUESTION: I’m in Northeast Tn. I would like to know about when you plant depending on your weather, From the videos it looks like you plant awfully early. I did step up my tomatoes and will bury them deeper maybe around May 10th as Old Timers did.

  • Thanks for the video. Why would you plaint the whole potato seed? I found that this makes many plaints that compete. One plaint will out produce many plants in a pot. That’s what i found anyway. Plus you get more use from seed.

  • Walmart now has a 4ft. LED light for tall plants, marijuana, 2 tubes, a white light, for $78.00 dollars in Mobile Alabama stores, add cow poop,green sand, and add 20% perlite to you’re store bought pitting soil, and red worm castings, run LED lights for 18 hours daily indoors, augment, all along the sides of plants, emergency sleeping blankets, to increase light strength, add lots if large mouth water container’s to increase moisture to the dry indoors air, Dollar Tree has kitty litter boxes, for $1 fill with water, place 8 per grow room, and soil surface will not dry out so fast.

  • I started Jan 1, today is Jan 9. Yesterday I wasn’t hungry at all. Didn’t eat any potatoes. Is it normal for that to happen? Is my body eating my fat? I know I’m losing weight. Need to check it. Been tired. Just feeling like fasting.

  • But if you prune it back except for the top 4 leaves, digging a deep hole I can put A.broken egg in the bottomof the hole, I also add 2 cups of AZOMITE, a 1/2 Cup of Oyster shell for Chickens, 2 Crushed ASA, 2 TBSP of Epson Salt, a couple cups of Compost, 1 TBSP of Miracle Grow, 2 cups of fresh Mowed Grass, mix all well, except don’t disturb the broken egg ( encourages worms to visit) to leave castings and make drainage holes, cover with 2″ soil, plant the tomato water with a weak Solution of Miracle Grow, the roots grow into the mixture and watch the plant grow daily. Have had indeterminate tomatoes grow up and down an 8 foot pole with bumper crops.

  • I have always done better growing my own tomatoes from seed. The ones you buy are expensive, and they are all sickly little drug addicts. They don’t ever get any real nutrition from the soil they get chemicals. They are drug addicts. And most will die without ever producing anything.

  • This is one video I will save to remember for next years tomato planting. I didn’t know you could prune to just one stalk, very interesting. My tomatoes are in pots, this is my first year planting them and they get about 5 hours of sun with some shade in the late afternoon. Do you think they’d be better off in another area where they’d get 6 to 7 hours? We are in the 90’s these days, but do get 100’s for most of the summer. They are still flowering most of them and i want to get the most harvest out of them. They are mostly the large variety. Thanks.

  • Once again, what a beautiful garden! I love the tomato ideas. I wasn’t able to stake mine this year, but still getting loads of tomatoes for some reason, and extra large. I love the idea of tying them to the construction mesh, I’ll do that next year.

  • one tip. learned this from a master gardener. plant the tomatoecplant sideways and of course cover the roots. the legs will sprout roots then when winds come the plant is better grounded and the wind won’t break the main stem. walls if water bring heat at night as well.

  • I could hardly believe I got anything at all, but I actually planted just ‘chits’ and ‘peels’ in a 5 gallon bucket lined with a plastic grocery bag. I mixed the chits/peels in with my hands and watered in. I’d raise the plastic bag out of the bucket on occasion and harvest just the potatoes that grew next to the side of the bucket without disturbing the rest. I actually got a couple of giants spuds too using this method.

  • I grow four tomato plants each year. I buy 12″ plants around the middle of May. My growing season ends around the 1st of October.

  • I live in snow country by Lake Erie and our growing season is a lot later than most. How soon would I be able to start potatoes in a bucket? It’s unseasonably cold here this spring with low temps at night and lots of rain.

  • I was actually wondering about the shape of the cells. It looks like you don’t have to wrestle very hard to get them out of there.

  • Another great tomato video:)

    I’d really appreciate your suggestion for my following experiment.
    I’m planning to do an experiment on tomato and pepper which I am planning to grow in a 2litre pot (not more than that).
    So what according to you will be an ideal organic potting mix for the above plants?? Do you even think that they will produce at least an optimum quantity if given the right mixture??

    The mixture items available at my place will be: Compost, Vermicompost, Manure, Sand, Rock dust, Biochar. Also anything which you think is suitable can also be suggested.

  • Tony
    Try grafting your own next year. I bought the submarine seed this year for the rootstock, but never got round to grafting any. So ive grown the submarine tomato and will collect the seed for next year.
    I wasn’t sure whether grafted would be worth it but obviously your observations have proved it.

  • It depends on your climate and growing conditions. I have a very short season (mid-June to late-August) and grow in raised beds filled with potting mix. So larger transplants mean earlier and a larger total harvest. A two-week-old seedling is just not going to cut it for me.

  • I have always had the food addiction going on. I’ve been doing mostly potatoes for a few weeks. I love it. I love mashed potatoes the most. The pain in my hands is gone and I can wear my ring again. I’m so close to my ideal body weight and love that I don’t have to weigh and measure my food and that I just don’t think about food 24/7 as I did before. Love this way of eating!!

  • As I only wanted 1 grafted cherry tomato plant that’s not going to work. The one plant grows so huge it’s ridiculous. It’s autumn here and my plant is dieing off, sadly has black blight but it’s kept 3 people in cherry tomatoes�� over summer.

  • I like to get the small plants to plant in the ground, but pick up one large pot with three grown plants inside it. I then pull the three large plants and separate them into three larger pots and keep them up at the house. They usually start to give me tomatoes wihtin three weeks as the pot I get will have full grown bush pants with some tomatoes already on them. Sometimes I will also get one cherry tomato plant with flowers and some tomatoes already on it and transplant it into a 25 gallon pot also having it up at the house. I have two family members who give me over $2,000 a month to buy with and they like tomatoes early so we agree to do this each year.

  • Another great video, Patrick! My tomatoes are finally ripening. Picked a bucket-full of them last night.: ) Your ten-foot-tall plant is amazing.

    My zucchini plants are about 99.9% finished producing. I’m thinking about pulling them up and tossing them on the compost pile. And, replacing them with some late-summer lettuce. I know it’s really hot, but I’m going to give it a try.

    Your thoughts?


  • They really don’t have many leaves at all. I thought they had to have quite a few leaves for sweet fruit. I’m always amazed at what you are up to in your garden, Patrick. YOU are amazing!

  • This only works down south in a long growing season. You can do it with something like an Early Girl up north but most tomatoes need warm soil to get going and warm temperatures to ripen. If you don’t believe it just watch what your volunteer tomatoes do. If you have small tomato plants starting in June you will have hundreds of green tomatoes when the frost hammer drops in September/October. I start my tomato seeds in plastic or foam egg cartons two months before last frost. About a month before I pop the tomato seedlings out of the egg trays and put them in larger round pots. The pots that Lowes/Home Depot sells their seed geraniums in work pretty well.

  • hey i think your potato hack is cool but this video is stupid that is not how satiation works your stomach doesnt need to be full the only requirement for satiation is nutrients which proves this entire hypothesis wrong for you should strive for most nutrients from the least amount of bulk so as to not have the digestion system working over time i feel your hypothesis would lead to digestion [problems 20-30yrs down the road

  • Amazing crop of Tom’s Tony. I’m only growing one plant a cherry which got a lot of vine, only wish I had bought more plants now����������

  • What an amazing selection of tomatoes! So far, my smaller tomatoes have been so much more flavorful, than the larger ones. I am curious to know whether you are growing blueberries in a shady spot. I was under the impression that they needed lots of sun.

  • Does the same rule apply for a diabetic? Meaning, can a diabetic also eat the potatoes to his/her heart’s content on a daily basis like twice a day or so?

  • I have started to eat only potatoes, sweet potatoes and spices in order to cure my binge eating and stop obsesssing about food about two months ago. I stopped obsessing, but still binge eat, eating >3000 calories of potatoes, sweet potatoes and spices daily, which is far too much for me. Unsurprisingly, I have gained 6 kg as a result:( I wish Andrew was right on this one:(

  • I just ate about 7 potatoes a. day for 3 days and lost 4lbs, and I was definitely not craving more food. It is easy to feel full on potatoes. I ate them with salt, pepper and garlic powder (no oil or butter). I also made a very chunky potato onion celery soup (also no oil or butter)which was very filling and tasty, and that also seemed to have a similar effect. I think if I ate like that for one or two days a week I would definitely feel satisfied. I also seemed to have more energy.

  • good afternoon from france Tony, heres a thing, if you binning that gadget, ill have it with its tape and stuff, happy to cover postage to france, its not actually for me but my son zac, hes 12 and a proper fetteler and builder of stuff, hed be in is element with it,,, all the best dave,,,,, oh and your toms look good too

  • Your garden is what I think heaven must look like. Excellent harvest, and great tips. I got to try again for next year, this year I was only successful with my black berries….. thanks for educating and inspiring us to keep on trying.

  • Hi Tony. I’ve grown grafted tomatoes before and had similarly great results. Didn’t bother this year and I wish I had. Certainly getting some grafted toms next year. Glad you’re enjoying the Sungolds. I love them. Mags

  • What about the Japanese sweet potatoes? They are so delicious I could easily eat way more of them than just plain potatoes…Thoughts??? ��

  • agriculture related videos please subscribed to my new youtube channel


  • Loved the drawings. I really liked this video. I cook them in my instant pot. Eat them when I go to work with Pico from Well Your World.

  • I broke pretty much every one of your rules, and with only 18 plants, in soil, (raised bed), and 12 inches apart. I started them indoor, from cuttings from three mother plants that I overwintered in a grow room, and from seeds from one of the two tomatoes I produced during the winter. I transplanted in early March, and I currently have well over 250 tomatoes on the vine. 30 have already been harvested, and currently in the ripening stage. Not only am I literally up to my neck in tomatoes, they are an heirloom variety (creole) which you said doesn’t produce as well. I used no fertilizer of any kind, no insecticides, and no fancy soil. I cut off all the shade leaves, leaving only the suckers. As of now, they have no pests, and no diseases, with the exception of five that were on the same cluster, which I removed right away. But, by leaving the suckers, I have to thin them at least every two weeks or they get totally out of control (as you stated). I’m not alone either, because everybody is having a great year, whereas, last year NOBODY did, at least not anybody that I talked to. With my tomato plants doing as good as they are doing this year, and as bad as they did last year, they have me convinced that environment plays a bigger roll than my growing technique. It would be interesting to see what they would do if I actually followed the rules!

  • So i just started this potato diet thing and honestly, im loving it. I used to go to jack in the box, get a large bacon ultimate cheeseburger (2 patties, 4 slices of cheese, and bacon for those who dont have JIB) large fries, large soda, and two tacos and id still be hungry. But i swear to god with these plain potatoes i max out at two potatoes, aprox 300 calories. There were more calories in the large soda than my biggest meal of the day. Ive been doing this for literally 4 days and ive lost 9 lbs! 9! In four days! Im sure im going to slow down but the person that turned me onto this diet said she was losing about a pound a day. My pants already fit better and i honestly feel fantastic! It really is the craziest thing.

  • I tried Cherokee purple last season with 4 6 hours sun. I got around 20 tomatoes from one plant. Our cool season (18 -25 C) is so short the unripe vine tomatoes were soft to touch, I was advised by a G+ community member to harvest on first first blush and ripen on counter. Beautiful capture of the sweet millions and [email protected] Oscar��

  • The cute drawings make me smile but you make so much sense. A few years ago I had a gastric sleeve, lost 100 lbs and gained it back. Still have a stomach the size of a banana, so I have to eat several times a day. I love potatoes, I love a baked potato with mustard, if you never tried it..do

  • I had an abusive relationship with food until I found your videos you posted on potato diet. I use them to maintain my weight after taking off 40 pounds 3 years ago. Thank you Andrew for inspiring me.

  • I’m going to try Big Rainbow, but mostly Roma tomatoes. Love tomatoes, eggplant and peppers so crop rotation is a problem since they are all related vegetables…and usually devote lots of space to those plants in the garden. Sun is no problem but the problem is finding the time to go to the garden to maintain the garden and to net them to keep the crows and other birds from eating them in the summer.

  • Great short video. I would like to add a couple more tips.
    1. When planting, bury 3/4th of the plant in the soil.
    2. Water consistently, deep and preferably in the morning. This will allow the plant to absorb the needed nutrients, especially calcium (which prevents blossom end rot). Also, water the base, making sure the stems and leaves don’t get wet.
    3. Remove any leaves that touch the soil during early stages of growth.

  • Great graphic images, Talking about potato water content, I freeze a mixture of potatoes and vegetables made into patties. I was amazed of the water, at the bottom of the pan, when they thawed

  • i need 3kgs of potatoes a day to be full, and i use minimal butter to cook them in, i dont find i need more then 3kgs of potatoes wen using butter and i cant see it affecting weight loss

  • Can’t remember the name of the study but there is one which showed that plain boiled potatoes are one of the most satiating foods you can eat. I have mine with a sauce of 1:1 Balsamic vinegar:soy sauce mixed up with a bit of French mustard. Bliss. I get my dopamine hit shovelling them into my mouth. ��

  • I grew costulluto a few years ago mate, I never got much fruit but it made up for that with flavour. The best flavour tomato I’ve had this year is Black from Tula. I’ll have to give the grafted ones a go next year on your say so. Great video as always.

  • I have been starting my own plants from seed for years. I start them in those 50 cell trays 8 weeks before the last frost. From my experience if they are left in those trays they will be so root bound once you plant them in the garden they won’t thrive. 5 years ago I started transplanting them into quart pots at around 4 weeks.
    My garden has never been better, I get fruit earlier in the growing season and the plants are bigger and healthier.
    The only downside to the bigger pots is they tend to start flowering. I would recommend cutting off the flowers and buds before transplanting in the garden. It makes the plant work on growing roots instead of working on fruit.

  • Hi Tony, I have over 50 + tomato plants with a lot of really big tomatoes and really big plants and some well over 7 feet tall. I have and still use my taper on every one of them. I would think you have to have a good look at yours as there must be a problem with it. Check the teeth. Stefan.

  • İSEEN A DİSSSED AIOTMENT AII THE DEAD GRASS IS STACK UP I NE A GOOD DEAL. I GRE TOMATOES FOR 3YRD MASSIVE ÖNES they are not hard to grow just hungry but as I no longer live in England the quality of the seeds in asia are not as good.

  • This was taken from an article on BBC news about living on one type of food if forced to. The article discussed a ship wrecked family surviving eating sea turtles. It then looked at single foods including mushrooms.


    Nutritionist James Collier says the spud is the “one food that contains most of the nutrients humans need, albeit some in only small amounts, but (if stored correctly) potatoes could help keep you going for some time”.
    “Potatoes are rich in carbs, potassium, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, protein and some essential fatty acids.”
    Plant-based diet proponent Dr Michael Greger, from NutritionFacts.org, also plumps for potatoes. “If you only had one food and you had to go months or a year, probably white potatoes even though they’re not the healthiest food. You’d go blind from vitamin-A deficiency and all sorts of horrible things would happen, but you’d be alive.”
    Download BBC Sounds to listen to All Hail Kale”

    I’ve not heard the bit about going blind from lack of Vitamin A before

  • Great video thanks for sharing grafting is addictive and fun I grafted many trees I just can’t stop ��I recently grafted eggplant onto a huge tree that lives for over twenty years check it out if you get a chance tell me what you think

  • Dang!! I wish I knew this before I planted my big plant like that one you talked about. I’m planting on my appartmemt patio. I planted mine in a large pot that has an opening at the bottom for air. I added a lot of soil to it, about 2 week now, and a few leaves on the bottom branch looks weak. After watching your video, I’m thinking that the original soil along with all that new soil could be the reason the leaves are perky.

    Should I remove the plant from the pot and take off the original soil it came with, then plant it in the new soil?

  • I don’t use chemical fertilizer or chemical bug spray. I use compost and a vinegar/dish soap and water solution for bugs and diseases. just a little vinegar and dish soap (for an emulsion) to mostly water. I mulch with straw. It helps to retain moisture. I plant basil, onions, radishes and carrots under and around them.

  • I would like to try this. For several reasons I think it cannot work for my breakfast. Whereas for lunch and dinner I think I will be fine. What do you reccommend for breakfast? (I usually eat biscuits or croissants with a coffee)

  • I have a running conversation with a relative of mine, where I tell her “potatoes and all tubers are perfect human food.” And then she says, “potatoes are a high-calorie food, therefore they make me fat, therefore I shouldn’t eat them.” She will eat potatoes, and proceed to top them with milk and cheese, gain weight, and then honestly believe that it’s the potatoes that are the problem. She’s been so deeply indoctrinated by misinformation, she cannot see the reality. This is the state of mind most people are in, and I have not figured out how to get through to them.

  • My entire garden is now based on yours, I’m just coming out of winter here in the southern hemisphere and have spent winter building frames and cages to support my summer crops. I love your garden and look forward to mine becoming like yours. Also loved seeing the little UFO at 5.21

  • I love the diagrams and find your explanations so easy to understand I guess thats the teacher in you! Please keep making more videos I find your story so inspiring. Much love from the UK!

  • Patrick, you’ve done a great job. Commercial greenhouse and hoop house growers use the single leader method. I like the flavor of heirlooms. Wait till you cut into that Cherokee Purple.

  • I had a moldy tomato in my fridge and squished it up and spread it around on some potting soil in a pot and put a half inch of soil over it and there are plants coming up all over the pot!

  • It’s nice to see success growing fruit in shady spots…I only have a balcony and it gets some sun but definitely not full sun. I’m being stubborn and growing strawberries, we’ll see what happens!

  • I did just that at the start of the season after watching your previous Tomato videos. I moved cherry tomato to spot which only get 5 hours of Sun and moved the bigger tomato plant to 8 hour Sun location. It made the difference.

  • Hi Patrick,
    If I may ask you a question? What are those little yellow tomatoes you are harvesting. They are roma tomato shaped. I don’t know why but they look delicious. Thanks for your channel.

  • I would like to suggest for next year growing 1 that spirals around a ring of 6 stakes. I had 1 6 ft from ground but the spiral was 11fr 4inch. Think yours could top that if keeps going well

  • I feel better about putting my garden in a shady area. I live in Nicaragua and the sun is brutal and did not want to have all of my plants burnt. Thank you for the video!

  • Wow! What an amazing garden! I’m an avid gardener and I’m excited about the spring. I have lots of tomatoes and other plants started indoors just waiting for the right time.

  • When surrounded by foodies the path is full of challenges, but I am staying on course with the Spud FIt challenge. I bought new clothes yesterday and my belts are now at the last hole, the purchase of smaller belts will be the next purchase. Going from a waistline of 104 cm to 91.44 cm in 6 weeks isn’t bad for this bloke.

  • We love your videos and look forward to growing this summer with your hints and tips. Thank you! This video has been saved to favorites:-)

  • Have you ever made a video on your plants in the front of your house? I feel like this would be relevant considering many people’s space contraints.

  • Great advice, hadn’t thought about it before, but everything you said about planting the smaller tomato plants makes so much sense. Thank you.

  • Revisiting this video I get about 5 hours of direct sun in a small portion of my garden, and then dappled sun for a few additional hours in the morning and afternoon. I’ve got 50 pepper plants and 40 tomato plants that I was starting to stress about actually producing anything, and then I remembered this video! Thank you so much for these wonderful experiments. I live in zone 8a, but my property is very wooded, so even though I have a long growing season, I sure could use more sun! I’m sure it won’t work out, but I’m still doing my own experiments this year: melons, winter squash and 4 types of pumpkin! Thank you again for your fantastic videos!

  • OK TOMATO GROWERS I NEED AN ANSWER ASAP! So tell me this is it a good idea to put only one stake between two tomato transplants I argued it is it she argued it isn’t!

  • Your garden resembles mine, I too have my house in the south and trees on the east, limiting the amount of sun light. I have been experimenting with reflector panels this year along the fences that border my yard.
    Have you or any one you know ever tried this?

  • Plant a pot or two of Basil nearby; helps to prevent unwanted visitors! Also, I’ve tried many different ways of watering in the greenhouse; nowadays I just flood a trough of good soil on each side of the greenhouse, every week, and the plants help themselves! Previous success was pushing a 90cm pot into the soil next to each plant and filling each one with water every day; tomatoes like a consistent amount of water each day, to prevent splitting.

  • i just watched huw on growing vegetables in the shade. he refers this video to all about growing tomatoes in partial shade. i remember watching this and have had just as much fun watching it now as before. this video helped take out the stress last year of thinking i made a huge mistake on where i planted my tomato plants.:-)

  • It’s a shame your tape tool didn’t work too well I was quite impressed by how well it worked when you showed it off to start with! Have you tried the Velcro ties? I find them really easy and a bit quicker than tying!

  • Tony, have you ever grown one without staking? Just curious. I used to just let mine go mad, they are vines after all, and boy did I ever get big yields. Now my beds are gone, his nibs didn’t like them. No more, just pots now. Sigh… Grafted ones seem to give large yields, might be worth a try next year. We will have to wait and see.

  • Thank you so much for this great information! I am going to use it wisely; you will be saving an old penny-pinching woman some money! Much appreciated. Bless you!����������

  • Funny how you just said the same thing my mother did. She is 94 this year and grew up on the Canadian prairies.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • wow…that’s amazing. you definetly have some good nutrients there. i managed to grow a 7ft dandelion…yes a dandelion…it grew over my septic tank… healthy as could be.

  • Nice. Was thinking general potting mix comes out approx 2000 on the salt meter with additional slow release ferts and drains well due to ruff bits and compost holds water and some NPK neuts and micro’s and trace elements dear Watson. Thus reversal of what you said. For the organic Gardener this could mean a difference.:)

  • that is an excellent crop of tomatoes Tony! I’ve got one flower truss on each of my two plants lol this is the first year i’m growing them. thanks for all the tips for growing these! Jen

  • Hi Patrick, I have grown Purple Cherokee for the last 2 years in pots here in Ontario Canada. It sure has been a bumper crop for all of my veggies so I must have learned a lot from you and others on YT. I love the flavour of the Purple Cherokee. They don’t look pretty and are slow to ripen but they are delicious for sandwiches etc. My most productive tomato has been the Juliet Roma Hybrid. They taste good too and in size are between Roma and Cherry. So quick question how do you pick fruit from a 15ft tomato tree? That is a video you must show us for fun. Thanks again for all your great ideas and advice. Let the Revolution continue!

  • Great looking tomatoes Patrick. I’m only growing one large variety Mennonite Yellow. I only get a few tomatoes from them but they are so good and make the best sandwich. Grown from seed saved from last year which must have cross pollinated I’m sure they were lemon yellow last year but they are a light orange this year still taste great though.

  • good video! I do the same thing with boxes. cardboard boxes line with woodchips.then potting soil in the middle between, I do three harvests like that by putting boxes on top of each other. directly on my backyard grass. then at the end of the season knocking it all over and working it into the grass. I do it once every 2 years. gives the grass a thick mulch which means it has an actual chance to survive in our drought It’s closer to in place composting vertically. growing at the same time. the boxes break down and I leave it all in place. We never get enough rain to really break down the boxes fully so at the end of the season I use the lawn mower on the dirt and what’s left of the boxes. easily harvest as well. just a box cutter. oh and I don’t use seed potatoes I used potato slips I make by putting the slips in water and getting some root growth on them.

  • You are doing great work in your garden Patrick! I love all the varieties of tomatoes that you demonstrate there. Your methods of using only organic compost, worm castings and local free resources is really working out for you! Keep growing my friend:)

  • King of the toms, think we will have to call you. All my toms are outside, bar about four plants. I just googled about grafting and step by step how to do, intrigued by it. Wonder would you keep one of the tomatoes from the grafted to save the seeds, one person i heard of doing that via letting the Tom ferment and get the seed. Well done Tony you did very well. All looks brilliant.Gloria is huge.

  • I’m glad you posted the video! because a month ago i made the decision to shade all of my heirloom tomatoes. I shaded my tomatoes because i’ve never really had much luck with growing them and i always get damage from sunscald. i’ve had great success this year and got a bumper crop of Amish Paste Tomato, Black krim, Costoluto Genovese.

  • That looks fantastic mate. I am having mixed results with tomatoes this year but I do have some big beef I might get a ripe one 😉

  • i’m not having a single problem with my tape machine.. i’m using it on my tomatos, carnations, sprouts and thornless blackberry…………………..brian

  • I love the channel, especially the potatoes video. nice to see someone with a passion for the garden. I have a start-up channel with a potato video as well, come check it out

  • Those Cherokee Purples look ripe for picking. The shoulders remain green. I think its the best tasting tomato, thick and meaty like a beefsteak, but more sweet than acidity. Bon appetite:)

  • I think I’m doing this already I got a little confused I’m not feeling that well today. You talked about it quickly and I may have not caught it completely. Sorry for sounding stupid I’m far from it I’m just not well. I’ll watch it again when I feel a little bit better. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right so I don’t have all these tiny potatoes that haven’t developed

  • hey Patrick. I have a question. I see you dont have many leaves on your plants, only leaving the ones on top. Does this really increase production? Since from what I’ve read leaves are neccesary to feed the fruit/tomatoes. Also, do you think this will have an effect on flavour since the leaves convert sun energy to sugars in tomatoes thus yielding in subpar tasting product? Great video btw:)

  • Great video! You are the tomato guru lol!! I barely got any tomatoes this year but I didn’t really have time to tend to them with 3 little kids. Anyway, i planted a small apple tree in a place where it maybe only got a couple hours of sun and i got around 10-15 apples all great tasting! Now its bigger and obviously i get more but i learned not to worry about getting 6-8 hrs of sun all the time!

  • is it okay to do dried potatoes? orrr does that it gets rid of everything healthy?
    can you only have that “au naturale patate”

    Just FYI: I did do this diet for about 4 weeks (i think). The reason was because I had surgery in my throat and was on recovery for 4 weeks. This was the diet the doctor gave me. Unintentional weight loss but I felt so much better and I lost 15 pounds. Planning on doing it again w/ doctors help. yup

  • Your tomatoes are looking good, and wow to the grafted ones. I’ve tried a new plant food this year and have to say my tomatoes are huge, much better than previous years. Its the Balanced feed by Chempack. Its not the cheapest but omg the results are fab. I would say as good as your grafted ones. Could be worth a try on all yours. ����

  • Looking good Patrick! It’s really useful to try things that you might not think will work. Pound for pound though you’ll still get the most from cherry tomatoes in my experience.

  • If you can find the seeds, next year try the “Principe Borghese”. Not only they are very quick growers, like cherry tomatoes, they are perfect for salads and for making sauce. Finally, the last crop, around September, has a thicker skin which prevents them from going bad. In Italy they string the cluster together in large “chains or necklaces” that they hang on the wall in a dry and cool spot of the house the tomatoes will stay fresh all winter long!! In Italy they call this particular variety a “hanging tomato” because it’s one of the few that can be kept fresh all winter long by simply hanging it. Hope you get to try these, next year we decided to remove all larger tomatoes and replace them all with this variety.

  • I have been a Michigan Master Gardner for 30 years, This man knows what he is talking about. To anyone who disagrees, cut the BS. This is a fact…. I am 73 years old, I LMAO at the folks who pay $6.00 dollars for a tomato plant, in a one gallon container and 2 feet tall, only to get $4.00 dollars worth of tomatoes 3 months later.

  • Where do you live? Out here in phoenix a yard probably get 10or 12 hours of sun. Lol we need to shade them to keep them from over heating.

  • Every year I try to grow tomatoes,either grasshoppers or tomato worms eat them up,I have a raised bed and only plant 2 plants but just don’t get many because when the tomato ripens..insects chew holes in them,any ideas to stop this?

  • Hoss Tools: Wow, thanks! My tomatoes are already in the ground (I bought different sized starts from different sources, two or three times.) They are all different sizes and types: cherry tomatoes, Early Girl, Beefsteak and Arkansas Traveler-planted next to the fence to be trainedbut next year I’ll try growing some kinds from seed and have some tiny transplants to try your advice. I like Heirlooms and won’t buy hybrids.

  • I have tried my best to plant some tomatoes, but they die just at flowering stage. I feel so frustrated.
    This video is helpful. Thanks

  • I have 3 potato grow bags. I put 2-3 Yukon gold certified seed potatoes in each one with my own compost. They have little velcro windows. The plants are growing well so far here in New Brunswick. Let’s hope for a big harvest!

  • I’ve got 11american tom plants Tony, and only 1tom on them all, feed em dose of Epson salts once a month and a tom feed once a week, first time I’ve tried American ones, always do well with my Tom’s, not this year.yours look great

  • I enjoyed the show. I love tomato picking season, we are eating them every day now. Job one in my garden is growing enough tomatoes to keep my wife and I in sauce for the year. I grow a bush Italian type called Picus, it has TSWV resistance which I really need to get a good crop here.


  • I love your videos, more please. However, the green colour in potatoes indicates the presence of chlorophyll, BUT it also indicates a likely increase of Solanine, the poison in the nightshade family of plants including potatoes. Ingesting solanine will not cause ‘irritation’, according to Wikipedia “Solanine poisoning is primarily displayed by gastrointestinal and neurological disorders. Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, burning of the throat, cardiac dysrhythmia, nightmares, headache, dizziness, itching, eczema, thyroid problems, inflammation and pain in the joints. In more severe cases, hallucinations, loss of sensation, paralysis, fever, jaundice, dilated pupils, hypothermia, and death have been reported.” Green potatoes can kill!

  • So it seems like the more I eat, the more I put on. Even on a no fat 100% whole food plant based diet with exercise everyday. I have added in more potatoes over the past few weeks and have been taking in more beans in addition to fruits and non startchy vegetables. Since then, I’ve put on weight and have accumulated some belly fat.

  • Thanks Patrick. When you have some time, can you please mentioned where you buy seeds for each of the veggies you grow in your google docs? Thanks

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSXMH3MXwAE Potato Growing Hack to Double Harvests Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable
    Why not use air pruning bags containing a mixture of 25% cold compost bioactivated rock dust powder, 25% cold compost bioactivated biochar made from food grade activated carbon or from public drinking water utility grade activated carbon, and 50% is cold compost bioactivated Mittleider soil mixture of sand and sawdust or peat and sand or just plain clean soil pre-planted with Mexican marigolds of the Tagates Minuta variety. Once all three are matured/bio-activated, mix them thoroughly while spraying them with a fine mist of rock dust powder dissolved to saturation point water mixture at the same time while mixing them. Then plant your seed potatoes along with Mexican marigold of the tagates minuta variety to fight against blight and fungus. Depending the the variety of potatoes being cultivated, if the potatoes are the first to mature but the Mexican marigold of the tagates minuta variety has not yet flowered and bolted and seeded, then wait until the Mexican marigold of the tagates minuta variety has flowered and bolted and seeded AND GATHER ALL OF IT’S SEEDS. The greatest mistake of the Spanish Conquistadores did is they took the potato to Europe after invading the Incan and Aztec Empires but they, being illiterate and full of arrogance and superiority complex, ignored the Aztec’s and Inca’s method of properly cultivating them WHICH REQUIRES THE COMPANION PLANTING WITH THE Mexican marigold of the tagates minuta variety to protect the potato crops from all kinds of soil pests, diseases, fungus, insects, and BLIGHT that caused the tragic Irish Potato Famine. And to those unable to acquire the Mexican marigold of the tagates minuta variety then use PURE SULFUR POWDER to thickly coat the seed potato and apply 1st a layer of sulfur powder before placing the sulfur powder coated seed potato and applying an another layer of sulfur powder over it before covering it with soil and spraying a moderate amount of water to activate the growing process. AND HOPE TO GOD THAT IT WORKS FOR NOW TIME IS THE ESSENCE. To those who are independent seed producers making seeds for their own use, if you are propagating both natural different genetic varieties of the Mexican marigold of the tagates minuta to protect plants and the Mexican marigold of the tagates erecta of the medicinal variety, if you can spare some and please share with the others and tell them on how to cultivate it properly and how to inter-crop/companion plant it with the potato crops and even with other crops as well.

  • this is only a life hack for people who don’t known anything about gardening. He is not doubling the yield per plant, just planting twice the plants. WTF? What a waste of time this video is. In the square footage he is using for those bags you could plant four times as many, just do it in the ground in rows. Mound as greens grow. Stems produce potatoes all along buried portion.

  • I’ve been growing potatoes for the past 3 yrs. I’ve never used seeded potatoes like is usually suggested. Instead I’ll get a bag of my fav potatoes(Yukon) put them in my potatoe and onion area on my kitchen and allow them to grow eyes.once that’s ready and there is no more frost a trench about a foot deep, 5ft in length, and about 1.5 ft wide lay the potatoes eyes facing upwards, three some natural fertalizer down and cover them up and water. This had always worked amazingly for myself and im are able to harvest some of the best potatoes my family and myself have ever tasted. I would like to try this trick in this video for next year, cause you can never have enough fresh potatoes.

  • If I planted tomatoes that small I wouldn’t get fruit till August. I would be more concerned about transplanting on a bright sunny day which is the mistake you made.

  • thank you. our warm season just starting and i’ve been raising warm season seedlings on a heat mat. i have been re-potting from seed tray as i’m not yet comfortable enough to keep growing in seed tray to larger size, as i see growers do. seed trays dry out quick. i need to find a way. Running out of bench space with the light. only have solid 20:20:20 fertilizer, which does not dissolve in water.

  • Great video! I have a question; i want to start a 3 meal a day potato only diet. I want to lose belly fat for the next 3 and a half months. Can I boil my potatoes and eat them cold? And will this diet work if I drink coffee every day and also if I eat my potatoes with onions? I guess it isn’t a potato only diet but does it defeat the purpose of I eat kale, cucumber, boiled eggs and ovocaddos with my potatoes? I am addicted to fast food and feel that without the other foods I mentioned I may not be able to eat potatoes every day.

  • Thank you for this! I am a newbie gardener and plan to plant potatoes a few months from now (once the monsoons, which run over June-Sept here in Mumbai, have passed). One of the videos I watched said potatoes like acidic soil with a higher sulphur content. Any tips on how we can achieve this organically? We have rich clay soil, which is filled with debris. We are currently cleaning it up, which should take a few months at least.

  • Brilliant, Where did you come across the pruning tips for single stem tomatoes? I have the hugel kulture raised beds where our toms are going strong. we have three varieties one being a small tomato, one heritage and the others being a heavy cropping variety. They’re intercropped with basil, onions and beans. I’m experimenting with seeing whether nettles, which are supposed to enhance herb’s oil production are likely to have an effect on the crops of Tomatoes too. The vertical planting methodology would be very useful for us as although we have lots of space our agriculture area is on a fairly compact plot. Weve only had to water three times this summer (except for urine and fermented leaves). Although its been a slugapalusa of a year we seem to in high production.

  • Hi Tony! Very impressive selection there pal! Just a question on potatoes… do you buy seed potatoes or can I use some shop bought ones that have sprouted in my kitchen? Going to follow you and grow them in the 30ltr tubs! Thank you

  • First comment! Ayeeee ������

    Currently eating my vegan meal, spicy kimchi brussel sprouts mixed with corn, onions, & zucchini �� plus some steamed white rice on the side ����

  • What causes the truss to snap (well, bend over really) when there is a heavy load of fruit?
    Is it worth reducing the number of fruit per truss?

  • Great stuff. I didn’t trellis mine in any way just to see what would happen. Huge weird bushy tomato plants sprawling all over my hugel mound is what happened. And it’s wonderful, but l can see how much better yours are doing with that vertical setup. Next year I’m trellising way way more, there’s plenty of beech saplings to use. Runner beans especially, they don’t like sprawling on the ground in VT, slugs and snails get them easily. They’re not as strong a plant as I thought, whereas tomato is more powerful than I thought. Winter squash is weak at the beginning, focus more on them next year. Harden off properly this time or just wait and direct seed at the right time

  • FTR, the term “determinate” actually means that a plant sends up a single main shoot, that terminates in a flower, after which no further growth occurs. “Indeterminate”, by contrast, means the plant continues to send out shoots that grow independently of what would be the main shoot, all of which can have buds, and growth continues after blooming.

  • I also am forced to ” push the limits” but I have found many things that I thought needed full sun actually do much better with my partial shade. They THRIVE IN THE SHADE.

  • What a great idea! Can you make a list for us, of names of potatoes that are determinant, and names of the ones that are INdeterminant?

  • I would expect the grafted tomatoes to do better if the soil were contaminated with nematodes or wilt from years of planting the same crops but your ungrafted plants look perfectly healthy. The root stock looks to make for an overall more vigorous plant under clean conditions as well.

  • I take care of the sign where I attend church
    About 5 weeks ago I noticed a volunteer tomato plant. I took 2 cuttings from it, brought them home, and placed in water. Less than a week later they had rooted. They were planted at my patio. One is now waist high with several small tomatoes. The other one is knee high with several blooms.

  • What do you use for soil to start your seeds in? And do you use something to fertilize it or wait till they have sprouted. I took your advice and started my okra in doors and I have nice plants and one even had a okra on it needless to say I was extremely happy. And they were easy to grow.

  • Love your videos. I’m zone 9 Las Vegas. This was my 2nd year for growing tomatoes here, I did have a good crop.originally lived in California where you can grow anything. The hot winds kill the plants here lol

  • I have roof top garden, all of my plants get direct sun till 11 am then under shade cloth 60 % till 1:30pm and then again direct till 4 pm.temps are very high reaching 40 C. DOES this affect growth of plant. I MOSTLY have citrus and peppers and tomatoes are just ready to transplant

  • Enjoyed the video must try the grafted ones if I can get them here in Ireland. Iost all mine to blossom end rot and i mean all I might be to far North for outdoor tomatoes in county Antrim but will try thanks for the into BA94 Antrim Ireland

  • Interesting method, Stubbs. Me, I cheat, though. I dig around my raised potato bed with my fingers, while the plants are still growing. One or two is all I need for my supper:D

  • All depends on your zone. Micro climates here in New Hampshire. Safe bet here is to get them out at Memorial day weekend. Short growing season for Home Gardener. Done quite well with larger plants. This grower looks like he’s commercial in the Carolinas?

  • After watching this guy handle his plants, I realize that I probably baby my plants too much when handling them. I delicately remove them from the tray and gently place them in their designated spots in the garden.
    I didn’t know that plants could be handled like that �� I was watching him shake the bigger tomato plant, like����

  • Two of my coworkers and I all started gardens about the same time. We got lumber from two different places, and soil from the same place. One of us has potato plants that are well above 30cm, and the other two of us(myself being one) have smaller plants. Only 20cm. The nitrogen was a little low, but everything else is fine. Any idea?