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TUESDAY, Jan. 17, 2017 (HealthDay News) Just a half hour a day of moderate physical activity could be potent medicine for patients with advanced colon cancer, preliminary research suggests. Study authors who tracked more than 1,200 colon cancer patients found a 19 percent decline in risk for early death among those who got 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise daily.

Study authors who tracked more than 1,200 colon cancer patients found a 19 percent decline in risk for early death among those who got 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise daily. And, five or more hours of moderate but non-vigorous activity a week pushed that survival benefit to 25 percent, researchers said. TUESDAY, Jan. 17, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Just a half hour a day of moderate physical activity could be potent medicine for patients with advanced colon cancer, preliminary research suggests. Study authors who tracked more than 1,200 colon cancer patients found a 19 percent decline in risk for early death among those who got 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise daily.

Daily exercise may boost colon cancer survival Moderate activities, such as walking or gardening, for half an hour a day, can make a significant difference in your fight against cancer, a new. Just a half hour a day of moderate physical activity could be potent medicine for patients with advanced colon cancer, preliminary research suggests. THURSDAY, Jan. 10, 2019 Regular exercise before and after a cancer diagnosis significantly improves odds of survival, a new study finds.

Among more than 5,800 U.S. patients with a range of earlyto late-stage cancers, those who exercised three or four times a week before and after their diagnosis had a 40 percent lower risk of death than inactive patients, researchers reported. New research suggests people who have been treated for colon cancer can reduce their risk of the cancer coming back, and improve their odds of survival. Lastly, survival rates for colon cancer can be confusing and even upsetting.

For that reason, some people choose not to discuss prognosis or life expectancy with their doctor. A healthy diet and exercise could reduce colon cancer patients’ chance of death and simply walking could improve survival rates for breast cancer survivors, studies presented at. Patients who exercised once or twice a week also had a much lower risk of death than inactive patients, suggesting that any amount of regular, weekly activity is better than no activity.

List of related literature:

Physical activity and reduced risk of colon cancer: implications for prevention.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
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Numerous studies show that daily exercise, active leisure activities and sunshine lower the risk of colon cancer.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
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For example, exercise may reduce the risk of colon cancer by enhancing movement through the bowel, thus limiting exposure to potential carcinogens in waste material as it moves through the intestines.

“The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Vaughan Kippers, Laurel T. Mackinnon, Marcus G. Pandy
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Certainly, our diet may play a role in preventing colon cancer.

“Principles and Practice of Radiation Therapy E-Book” by Charles M. Washington, Dennis T. Leaver
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Numerous studies show that daily exercise and sunshine lower the risk of colon cancer.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 2004

Colon cancer: Researchers are finding that adults who increase exercising (by increasing intensity, duration, or frequency) decrease their risk of developing colon cancer, especially compared with those who are inactive.

“Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants” by Amy J Mahle, Amber L Ward
from Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants
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The current epidemiological evidence indicates that physical inactivity (Lee et al., 1991) or excess energy intake relative to requirements increases the risk of colon cancer (Lee and Paffenbarger, 1992).

“Nutritional Oncology” by David Heber, George L. Blackburn, Vay Liang W. Go, John Milner
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A convincing inverse association between physical activity and risk of colon cancer has been consistently reported.”

“Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine 8” by Waun Ki Hong, Robert C. Bast Jr, American Association for Cancer Research, William Hait, Donald W. Kufe, James F. Holland, Emil Frei Iii
from Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine 8
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Among both men and women, high levels of physical activity may decrease the risk of colon cancer by as much as half.

“Encyclopedia of Cancer” by Manfred Schwab
from Encyclopedia of Cancer
by Manfred Schwab
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This is a very powerful finding that strongly suggests that physical activity may be causally related to colon cancer.

“Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health” by Harold W. Kohl, Tinker D. Murray
from Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health
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  • Dr. Bresynkie’s anteneoplastin therapy works for many brain and other cancers! He lives in Texas and has had to battle the gov. many times and won!

  • My mom is stage 4 colon cancer nd spreaded all over the abdominal and secondary liver metastases, she’s dying!!
    We live in Egypt, is there any hope? Anyone can help? She’s been doing all kinds of chemo regimens for the past 3 years, now they say she got almost 1 to 2 months if we’re lucky…HELP!

  • I have symptoms similar to colon cancer and even got a painless lump on my upper back thigh..but apart from the fear of the unknown, I can’t go for a diagnosis, cos I can’t afford that even…I am prepared for whatever happens

  • My wife battle with Breast cancer(invasive ductal carcinoma) started August 25th (2018) years ago, after so many Chemo, Radiation and other natural therapy treatment that i took just to cure my wife Breast cancer, it all did not work for my condition. I have been treating this disease for the past 2 years, but today I am here telling the world about my final victory over my wife Breast cancer with the help of Herbs from A herbalist from Maryland. This is a breakthrough in my Life with so much Joy in our life today, I do really appreciate all the help and contribution from every member of my family, everyone that suggested or prescribed any medications, thank everyone for all they did for me. And if you have any kind of cancer diseases, there is no need to waste money on Chemo or Radiation, go get herbals from drisah from ( [email protected]), this is a herbalist that has all herbs that totally kill cancer cell medication on cancer

  • HI PLEASE HELP MY UNCLE. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colo rectal cancer last 2011. He was advised to put a colostomy(?) Bag. So he is wearing that for 9 years now. Then recently. We discovered that his cancer recur. And it is now on stage 4. Please help us. We want to proling his life because his daughter still needs him.

  • Any scientist or medical association never have interest in finding a cure that they can’t make money from it, like the fact that cancer cells can’t live without sugar. Cut the sugar and all carb, they will starve and die.

  • My father has stage 4 stomach cancer and he is not able to eat anything because of blockge due to tumour.. can you help me because i m from india

  • My father has been diagnosed esophagus cancer stage 4 and every Doctor says that there is no cure for it because it had spread. Its been almost 8 months from now. Im just wondering is that truee?

  • Bullshit! If your body is ridalled with cancer it is impossible to cure that person, you need to remember, cancer is in the blood stream. You cannot rid the body

  • Sadly enough my mom has been diagnosed with colon cancer and its spread to several places. The doctors gave up and shes going for chemo now. Sadly enough they gave her 2 years and im terrified of losing her bc she is the only one I have in my life.. We live in the Netherlands and I pray everytime that a miracle happens but sadly enough I dont think it will.. ��

  • My gramps is 92 years old and they told us there is nothing we can do because of his age he has colon cancer is there hope for him ��

  • I am wary of this channel as it comes across as a commercial. Cancer centers should not be competing with each other a Canadian viewpoint.

  • Please help me i have stage 4 colon cancer�� im only 39 i have 3 kids and 3 grandsons my son died murdered 5 years ago ge was only 19 please help me

  • My wife now having mCRC but in India. Primary area and also abdominal area is clear but cervical nodes and left lung are having metabolic activity. Hoping for clearing up her cancerour nodes after immumotherapy with cetuximab. Any help to get second opinion??

  • Unimpressive. Why was immunotherapy given to a man who had esophageal cancer (adenocarcinoma) when it is more successful with melanoma and lung cancer? Irresponsible and archaic and a totally wrong approach. I guess the answer is because there are huge profits to be made from the misfortune of a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. This self effacing talk does nothing to help people who entrust their lives to your flawed technology and you have a lot to answer for. We request you to apply your minds as scientists to far better modalities than the limited rubbish produced to date.

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    Pls forward to save others as well

  • why not just say its against the law to cure cancer has been since 1939 and that in the 80’s GCMAF was found in the body that cures cancer? it’s natural so needs no licence,but people are being killed or jailed for using it because it costs the same as insulin rather than 20’000 that chemo costs, so makes big pharma no money,thats the truth

  • Please help me. My 55 year old daughter has stage 4 colon cancer. The same identical thing happened to her as it did to Marsha Bradley. Instead of completing the 10-16 hour surgery in which the Hi pac was to be done they opened her up, said she was full of cancer all over the abdomen and closed her back up, putting a drainage tube on the stomach and done in less than 4 hours. My daughter is young, has three grown children and 4 grandchildren. A baby girl that she hasn’t even held, she’s alone in the hospital going through this hell without any body allowed to be by her side because of the covid 19. What can I do to help her. Please, give me some kind of direction! Desperate mother

  • HOW I GOT CURED: Thanks for the Dermatology video most internal medicine guys are weak in Derm but, this stuff is really important. Skin cancer is no joke I got cut twice for premalignant cells on my left arm around 4 years ago. Yes the pathology biopsy came back nevus but, the dermatologist look at the histology printout and said it looked like premalignant cells. He recommended surgery and the first surgeon was wonderful but according to the pathologist she didn’t get all of the premalignant cells so a second surgery was ordered and this surgeon was a butcher, she was terrible. Just goes to shows that all doctors are not created equal. What I found out later is the hospitals and doctors in Tampa Fl and the whole United State involved where playing political games and I never needed any of the surgery. At the same time a neurologist at the same hospital diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.), which I didn’t have and he wanted to start me on 6 shots of interferon a day immediately. Good thing I went to another hospital for a second opinion where that neurologist said I definitely did not have any signs of M.S. I also found out that these doctors work with corrupt lawyers to make money off insurance companies, pharmaceuticals etc… This is the reason I don’t tolerate any corruption in medicine. My mom’s doctor got 3 years in prison for fraudulently falsifying medical diagnosis’s with a lab and treating people that didn’t have those illnesses. I have worn long sleeve shirts and hat’s ever since and the premalignant cells have never returned. This video could save some life’s, very important. I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to studying natural herbal herbs which lead me with the contact of Dr Abiola who was able to cure me of this Skin Cancer. All human lives have value and should be treated like a reasonable person and everyone who want to be cured should be told the truth. Dr Abiola is a credit to the Herbs community as an outstanding educator and herbalist doctor. Contact him via: ([email protected] yahoo.com )




  • Some Cremes and pharma going rapid….greed cause Cancer is not a natural illness. Caused by greed. Cancer is cured by proper food, vitamins and minerals which we lack….magnesium will cure if it wasn’t grounded.

  • Hi dear, I have been patient of Colon tumor I found an herbs I am student of Homeopathy and herbal, I chew some leaves of it and feel better after taking continusly 45 days I was surprise that there is no pain or no tumor. I want to help other I dont need money just share your number or address, I am from Pakistan. Thanks

  • I often wonder if the diet I’ve followed for about 15 years might alleviate cancer. It is about 92% fluid dairy products-cream; half-and-half; and whole, 2%, 1%, and nonfat milk. (All these are cow products, as opposed to vegan.) My impression is that when the nutrients from these fluid dairy products reach the body cells via the blood, they are more broken up and possibly softer than the nutrients from solid food, and hence clog the cells less, so the cells work better.
    In my case, the diet helps with a pesky eye problem, where when I eat solid food, my vision blurs and eyes hurt, but for the reasons in the prior paragraph, my eyes feel and work better on my 92% cream/milk diet.
    For this reason, the nutrients being more broken up and I think softer from cream and milk than from solid food, I think my diet might alleviate many diseases.
    Another diet component of alleviating cancer, I’m guessing, is weight loss. I think, although not sure, that my diet might help weight loss. For one, milk and cream are delicious, but they largely fill you up with zero-calorie water, so you feel quite full and satisfied without ingesting too many calories. Also, since the crream/milk nutrients don’t clog the mind as much as solid food nutrients, one can think more clearly, which is a help in controlling appetite/food consumption.
    But I’m not sure. When I was eating mostly solid food before the last 15 years, I had no orientation to weight loss. It’s only in the last 15 years, while on the 92% milk/cream diet, that I’ve become oriented to losing weight, and I’ve learned lots of techniques to keeping my weight down. It’s possible that the techniques would work well with mostly solid food, and I could keep my weight down as well with mostly solid food as with my diet. But I really don’t want to try because I’m very happy with the 92% cream/milk diet. So I’m not sure if my diet is superior for weight loss and control.
    However, I am sure that the first benefit I mentioned, that the nutrients from cream and milk are more broken up than the solid food ones and hence the cells work better on the 92% cream/milk diet than a mostly solid food diet, is quite true and accurate.
    I know in the talk you disparaged a diet with a lot of dairy products, but my experience has been that it is superior.
    There are some more aspects to my diet, so reply if you are interested.

  • I pray to god we will find that ultimate cure “An army inside us” to end this deadly diseases and stop the sufferings around the world. ��������

  • Yes we know immune system gone haywired contributed to cancer, and this fact is already known for quite sometime. However, immunotherapy (IT), the various varieties ‘invented’ till now, are very very costly to a typical citizen/government and the methods used are not without any long term side effects (it might cause a lingering problem, the body attacking some parts of its ownself, happens when the immune system is tinkered with).

    There are cases where IT seemed to have shown good response but the full picture/statistics with larger number of subjects? Benefits to cost is also another very big issue. The benefits is usually only published as 5 year survival thing to indicate therapy usefulness/helpfulness

    IT is where pharmas are keen for big bucks. Most of the costly etc therapy proposed by big pharmas have the side effects being published as a side note, and such a disclaimer is where big pharmas can protect their own profits from being taken away by their own claims. Profit based capitalism does help political funding = what would we the people expect?

    Ppl do contribute to charity for cancer research, the bits and pieces of information fr the research are disseminated and published, some type of capitalists took the info (for free) from public domain, put the pieces together, claimed an “invention” and they get billions from it, even if the drug (development) have ‘used’ humans subjects (typically free volunteers) to eventually help the drug approval. The current system is skewed, there should be a cap on the amt of profits gained by a drug…. after passing such threshold profit, the cancer drug should no longer be covered by patent protection

  • Your right, Scientists need to stop thinking about how to treat cancer and instead think about how to put it to sleep long enough for the immune system to find it and notice that its bad so it can kill & remove it on its own…. Even if they find a method that puts the cancer to sleep only for a day at a time…. Each day will add up and each day your immue system will fight it and it will disappear! They need to do more studies on what Cancer & Abnormal cells DO NOT like! What puts those cancer cells in panic & fear, what it confuse those cells to unveil themselves to the immune system…

  • Lot s rodeo and time speaking and can even said, “ the cancer cell has 2 lines and he takes one out for the NK cell not recognize it.
    This is continually. A lot of entertainment and nothing about cancer. What ever degree he has, waist the time on it.
    I think he work for a FDA. Under grown hiding inf experts.

  • Why do doctors speak DEATH into our lives and NOT encourage us? They did the same for my dad who LISTENED to them at the very end, when he was turning the corner & now he’s no longer with us. Stage IV Leukemia cancer. Doctors, if you’re reading this STOP telling us what will kill us. You are NOT God. Do your job & do everything in your power to heal us and speak life into our canver journey!!

  • The best cancer cures are free and there are many of them if they are shot down because they are free by many organizations around the world they destroy natural healing this is very unfortunate

  • How you cure cancer depends on what caused it. Unresolved physical, mental or environmental stress seem to be the main causes. If you remove the root cause you cure the cancer.

  • My sister did chemo and radiation and it only destroyed her immune system and allowed her tumor to grow uncontrolled. She went from a 95% survival rate to terminal status in less than 8 months. Search Royal Rife machine (M.O.P.A.), Rick Simpson Oil, Fenbenzadole, Vitamin C injections, Immunotherapy. My sister is doing these and we are seeing slow progress with Stage IV cancer. The RSO has allowed her to get off ALL morphine which was causing nausea, bloating, constipation, mental decay, etc. yet the pain management through the hospital continued to try to get her on pain “medication”. If you know someone who has cancer, do not give up hope! Research away from Google (they censor many subjects), use Duck Duck Go for example. Watch “Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies” to see what the Rife technology has been able to do since the 1930s.

  • Mr. Wesley Wilson! Please read this…..Cancer cannot live in an Alkaline Body! To my knowledge most people have a PH level of 7.6 or lower. This is an Acidic state that cancer loves. Yet…..all one needs to do is take a daily dose of Magnesium (400-500 mg/day!)
    Cancer be Gone!!!

  • I need your help i have Malignant melanoma, it started in my eye, then went to my liver, it has came back, i am in a study IMCGP100.

  • I have a dear friend who’s battling cancer. The chemo created so many other problems in her body. Now, along with the cancer, she’s having to deal with permanent chemo damage.

  • This is a joke 5 year survival what happens in the sixth year humm. Unless you have an agressive cancer your life expectancy is usualy higher than 5 year anyway. With out doing anything.

  • Mopping up the water without turning off the faucet. This is the current Western Medical Model as we know it today. Treat the symptoms. And it’s fundamentally flawed. To successfully deal with any problem in life, you must address the cause. When you understand the root causes of cancer, you understand that the cause is also the cure. Pharmaceutical based approaches to cancer will never be the long-term answer, because pharmaceuticals do not turn off the faucet. They’re only capable of mopping up the water. This approach misses the forest for the trees. How many cases of cancer ‘remission’ from chemotherapy are then followed shortly after by relapse and “back with a vengeance”? There was a humble German physician in the 1930’s who understood very well the causes of not only cancer, but also most so-called ‘diseases’. Toxicity and deficiency. Toxicity of the body by environmental and food-borne toxins. Deficiency of essential nutrients the body requires for proper metabolism and function. He proved his hypothesis correct by curing the so-called incurable. TB, cancer, and others. He understood how to turn off the faucet. He systematically removed the toxins from the bodies of his patients, and flooded their bodies with the required nutrients they had been lacking for a long time. This approach changed their metabolism at the cellular level. The body and its DNA instinctively know what to do and how to react when given the right raw materials for health. Cancer and all diseases can not survive in a body with the proper aerobic metabolism, provided by the correct raw materials, devoid of toxins. Animals in the wild instinctively know what to put in their body and what not to put in their body. They avoid external toxins at all costs, because they know instinctively it might cost them their life. Cancer and other diseases in wild animals is very rare, for this reason. Humans eat whatever they want, and are exposed to many external toxins, every day. Unless and until these root causes are recognized and addressed by mainstream medicine and our health agencies, Cancer and other chronic diseases will always be a scourge to the human race.

  • Is it possible that the ” Gut Theory ” foods that we ingest or not could contribute to our immune system? For example,eating beef that eat toxic grass, pesticides, and rushed to the market with antibiotics,consumed by those who eat this beef contribute to our immune system? If so, what about other foods? What other ways would you suggest contribute to a WEAK immune system? Also,how could our genetic makeup be improved to strengthen our immune system? Thank you.

  • I had 4th stage Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer with EGFR mutation, I have tried different methods of treatment to get rid of this disease but I could not, few months ago a friend told me about Dr. Sani’s Herbal Medicine that Dr. Sani could cure me totally from pain with his herbal medicines and Cancer oil, when I heard about his good works from my friend I requested for the contact Information of this man, after some days passed as I was always praying to God for mercy, I said to myself that God could use this man to heal me totally, after giving myself this thought I Immediately contacted Dr. Sani on ([email protected]) and I told him about my condition, he responded to me and told me not to worry that he was going to prepare his herbal medicine and cancer oil and send them to me that all I needed was to provide him my home address where he can send my medicine to, after some days of deal with Dr. Sani, I received a package from the courier service, while I was with this medicine I told Dr. Sani that I have received the medicine he sent to me, he gave me prescription on how to take the medicines. Today all I can share with you now Is that I have been cured permanently from my Cancer disease. Is been 4 Months and I have not experience the symptoms again, God has used Dr. Sani to do some great works in my life, I’m a living testimony of Dr. Sani’s cancer oil, Root and Herbs Medicine, Please contact him for help on ([email protected]om) This Man can help you cure no matter the sickness you have, why not contact him now and start to live a healthy life again.

    Email: [email protected]gmail.com

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  • I just went through Colon Cancer.
    Their are different treatments out there.
    The universities have the best, most modern treatments, the strip mall doctors are way behind in treatment. Brutal and archaic.
    This doesnt have to mean colostomy bag and radiation. Avastin and other chemos can beat it without that.
    Go to USC Norris.
    Beware of snake oil touting flat earther believers.

  • Decades of research and 100s of billions of dollars with no significant reduction in the incidence or mortality of the 4 main types of cancer. But wait, gives us more money and maybe we will someday find a cure, he says.

  • It’s not at all easy to be brave BUT DON’T EVER QUIT!! I also didn’t have ANY other choices either? Stage IVb Terminal Metastatic Adenomcarcinoma (Gastro-oesophageal junction) with Lymph Nodes and Liver…so had my total stomach, together with 14 lymph nodes and 2 segments of liver ALL REMOVER in 9 hours long multiple surgeries but the main thing is it’s so good to be STILL ALIVE & AROUND AND PAST THE 11 YEARS NOW (ALSO NOW FEATURED IN MEDICAL JOURNAL AS ‘GOLD STANDARD’) BUT THE HARD PART WAS TO GET ON THE SURGERY TABLE WAS TO REDUCE/SHRINK IT FROM SIZE OF FIST TO A SMALL COIN SO IT CAN BE REMOVED. THIS IS ACHIEVABLE WITH FOLLOWING PROPER PROTOCOL, REGIME, MINSET AND NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS PROOF WAS PAT SCAN SHOWED NO ACTIVE CANCER CELLS)!! I want to let everyone to know that MINDSET is EVERYTHING..KEEP GOING TILL YOUR LAST BREATH ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE… God bless!!

  • Show NO FEAR of Death. Consider your food as medicine and medicine can be your food. Look at some of the solutions found by Japanese doctors, they are amazing! Teresa ��❤️��❤️��


  • I came to know only cannabis oil kills the cancer cell, b17, vitamin c injection in high doses, pure oxygen in severe cases two to three hours, drink lots of organic green juices, eating apricot kernel seed, turmeric. If I miss any other, please tells us and help humanity.

  • Speaks a lot says nothing!! What did he add to anything? Waste of time and BS, missleading subject as well. He only spoke about conventional medicine, nothing about the body healing itself. Why li and mislead??:))

  • Plz help me my Mather suffering from kidney cancer now it is in lungs plz suggest what we can do best������������������ save my mum!

  • I have used Urine Therapy for 20 years, have not been to a doctor for treatment for 18 years.  No cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.   Eat a normal diet, live a normal life. I get the occasional cold…no fever, aches, coughs.  Just an aspirin will knock that off.  UT is not medicine but I believe it is like immunotherapy i.e. it energizes the immune system to go after virus, bacteria and deviant cells.  Plenty of testimonials of those with cancer tumors that have surfaced after weeks of fasting on urine and water.  So, read up with an open mind.

  • every cell in your body is eve dropping to every thought that you think. so good thoughts. now over and over. i am a self healing………………. or you can put the right
    thought in to repair your body that make you feel good. ps when sum one said sum thing not good to you how did you react. you must felt sum thing. job..money ect.

  • Nice video, explained so many technical points. However, we need to know about prevention measures and foods that help in fighting cancer.

  • I hope to see scientific materialism one day opening it’s eyes to the very real possibility that consciousness precedes matter…!

  • Thanks for the lecture! In regard to grape seed oil, I have read numerous reports on NIH stating that the grapeseed oil, especially from the muscadine grape, contains very highly quality Vitamin E that can garner many benefits. I believe it’s packed w/ alpha and beta tocotrienols

  • Urine. Therapy bee therapy scorpion therapy. MMS therapy. Zapper therapy. Changing your diet to a living food while on any of these methods will help clean your system are the toxins that created the problem drinking distilled water will carry out the positive in Organics out of your body it is the only water that can do this leaving only the good stuff in your body

  • There are MANY CURES! And always have been! But they are and have been, actively suppressed by Big Pharma! And some Drs! Because they cannot profit from it! To name but a few…..Cannabis OIL, the Budwig Protocol, Baking Soda!, etc, etc, etc! Cannabis oil is illegal in most countries, Dr Budwig, who rcvd many awards for her work, was elbowed out because she could CURE cancer with her very simple natural remedy, Baking Soda, etc, are all laughed at as old wives tales, and so on. If you have cancer, do the research yourself. Chemo has a 3% “success” rate! Meaning, if u survive for 5 yrs after rcving chemo & co, it is considered a successful treatment, no matter if it comes back the day after that 5 yr deadline and kills you!

  • I found out that I had lymphoma cancer this last October. Then after my 1st round of chemo I had a blood bacteria too. I had to survive my blood bacteria before I could survive my cancer. I survived both of them, I’m cancer free, and done with my chemo.

  • THIS IS GODDAMN EXCEPTIONAL! I never knew how much I didn’t know about cancer, and damn these graphics are good, whoever did the design is bloody great..