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You get short of breath easily. So, if you’re winded doing things you’d normally be able to handle—like walking to the car, climbing a flight of stairs or doing your usual fitness workout—you may be iron deficient. Along these lines, low iron levels can impact your endurance.

You have brittle nails. Symptoms of Iron Deficiency Anemia. Mild iron deficiency anemia often isn’t noticeable. When it gets more severe, you may have these symptoms: Fatigue or weakness; Pale or yellow skin; Shortness. You’re exhausted.

The most common symptom of iron deficiency, it’s also possibly the most difficult one to detect. “Women are so used to having frenetic lives and feeling tired,” says Nancy. Internal bleeding. Certain medical conditions can cause internal bleeding, which can lead to iron deficiency anemia. Examples include an ulcer in your stomach, polyps in the colon or intestines. Patients with low iron and low ferritin tend to present with 1 or more of the following symptoms: Extreme fatigue and/or decreased energy levels (the loss of energy from low ferritin is usually constant and worse with exercise) Inability to exercise or decreased exercise capacity.

An iron deficiency can cause many symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, and cold hands and feet. A doctor can usually diagnose an iron deficiency using. “Cough is much more frequent in women and iron deficiency is very frequent in women due to pregnancy and menses.” In addition, immune function can be affected by. To determine if your fatigue is caused by an iron deficiency, check yourself for these other five major warning signs: You feel fatigued for over a month.

You. Angular cheilosis (ulceration at the side of the mouth) Fatigue. Conjunctival pallor. Pica (consumption of non-food substances) If you’re anemic, your tissues and organs aren’t getting the oxygen they need. That’s why people with anemia tend to feel tired, dizzy, and fatigued.

Iron deficiency anemia can affect both genders, even though women are more likely to suffer from this condition. Iron deficiency is simply determined with a blood test that checks iron levels. Once iron deficiency is diagnosed, proper treatment with iron supplements and dietary changes is required.

When left untreated, iron deficiency can have.

List of related literature:

The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) mimic the complaints brought on by the pregnancy itself with fatigue, malaise, irritability, pallor, headache, paresthesias, and pica.

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You may experience symptoms linked to anemia, such as fatigue; dizziness; heart palpitations and shortness of breath; pale skin, especially in your fingernails or under your eyelids; trouble concentrating; or headaches.

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Iron deficiency is the cause of 75% of all anemias in pregnancy, and its prevalence may be as high as 47%.58-60 Clinical symptoms include easy fatigue, lethargy, and headache.

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Iron deficiency is the cause of 75% of all anemias in pregnancy, and its prevalence may be as high as 47%.57,58 Clinical symptoms include easy fatigue, lethargy, and headache.

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Iron-poor blood can lead to anemia and its symptoms, which may include excessive tiredness, dizziness, fast or irregular heartbeat, fainting, pale skin and/or shortness of breath.

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Iron deficiency is the cause of 75% of all anemias in pregnancy, and its prevalence may be as high as 47%.48-50 Clinical symptoms include easy fatigue, lethargy, and headache.

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Iron Deficiency Anemia Lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid, repeated loss of blood, and increased iron need during pregnancy cause weakness, irritability, brittle fingernails, cuts and sores on the face at the mouth, and other debility.

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If iron stores are depleted, less oxygen is available to meet the demands of the body, resulting in signs and symptoms such as fatigue, pallor, shortness of breath, and rapid respirations.

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Iron-deficiency anemia produces the signs and symptoms common to all anemias, which are pallor, palpitations, tinnitus, headache, irritability, weakness, dizziness, easy fatigability, and other vague and nonspecific complaints.

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The symptoms of anemia are: paleness of skin and mucous membranes, fatigue, dizziness, sensitivity to cold, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeats, and tingling in the fingers and toes.

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  • Everyone here in the comments section has Anemia, and I’m here trying to see if there any comments about the stand, Metallica… Don’t forget to take you pills.

  • just bleed aloot from teeth surgery and now i got blood checked and found out i have anemia, probably from blood loss i guess, any tips of recovering would be awesome:3 gonna go search for some good diets in the meantime

  • I have all the symptoms and I almost fainted today. Looks like my mestrual makes my anemia worse. I have anemia due to sjogrens or gastritis my docs cant figure it out. Thank you for explaining. Is more complex than my docs tell me. Where is the second part of this video?

  • I have anemia and i didnt know that until i have extreme hair loss then i went to doctor and he asked me how do you feel like if you feel sleepy or faint then i noticed that yes i always act as lazy person due to headache and dizziness when reports came it was 9.6 and from last one month i am taking medicine still hairfall is same it will take 4 -5 months or maybe more to recover properly

  • Informative video. My friend was suffering from anemia since 4 years. Now he is taking anemia care pack from planet Ayurveda and it is very effective.

  • I was short of breath, always felt like there wasn’t enough oxygen in my body. Chest pain close to heart. Heart palpitations, sore leg muscles, ice cold feet and hands, cold all the time, sensitive to wind and cool water (pools, shower, washing hands). Falling out hair, memory loss, pale skin and nail beds and lips. No energy, fall asleep whenever and need lots of sleep. No energy for exercise and chores.

  • It is really true that I did not eat enough red meat and I have heavy flow period. I am suffering iron deficiency for few days. I feel short breath like cannot breath, my heart does not feel comfortable and I do not feel going to pee. I do not feel hungry or sleepy. I am taking iron pills but i still feel the symptoms when I did not eat much meat
    . My heart feels fine when I eat enough meat per one day. Will it damage my kidney?

  • I am usually an anemic girl and taken various tonics to boost my haemoglobin but the best one is Daily Essentials and Hemo plan syrup recommended by Planet ayurveda. Thank u Planet ayurveda to solve my problem.

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  • This is doing too much if you have low iron u just need to drink more water and eat more then u often eat your not eating as much as you need

  • Fucxkkk…whats with these fucking robots reading this shit…give me a fucking human. I can’t listen to thei shit for more than 10 seconds!!!!

  • I had a bloodtset not even a week ago because i always feel dizzy and weak so yea. Im getting my results in 2 to 3 days from now so if anyone asks ill tell you the results when they come out

  • Iron dropped so low from my body that I had Anemia and was unable to trace a cure. I searched the net myself and reached Planet Ayurveda and got Anemia Care Pack and some dietary tips that were followed precisely by me. Iron enhanced in my body and I said bye-bye to Anemia.

  • I had a miscarriage at home. I was scheduled for a d&C, but the baby came before then.
    I lost so much blood. I should have went to the e.r but didn’t.
    Doctors are having me take iron, but so far I don’t feel better.
    I lost the baby on July 4th.
    Could I still have to have a blood transfusion?

  • I got very bad anemia. I fainted 6 times in school in diffrent time. I am already pale. When i have it i became almost as white as snow! What can i do?

  • Tongue Irritations and White spots (Sore Tongue for one month, i guess)
    Chestpain or Heartburns
    Rashes and itchy skin
    Sometimes heart pain
    Joint pains

    And I never tried seeing a doctor. Uhhhh I need help.

  • Today I just had my period and I woke up so early because of cramps, and then I could barely breathe,… I felt like I was gonna die. I couldn’t even cry because it was too painful

  • Recently I found out I had gastritis through endoscopy and an pill camera and I’ve also have had anemia for most likely 2 years unofficially due to not checking records and my levels were 1 notch ( 35 mcg ) above the anemic threshold so there wasn’t a big concern. I say two years cause two years is roughly when I started noticing I was balding and some of my fingernails fail off. Ofcourse the balding could be cause of my age and the medications I’m on. Humira is my new medication that I have been back on for roughly 2 months now, I went off the Humira twice for cuts and colds in the 6 months I’ve been on it, but anyways roughly 3 weeks ago I also doubled my dose ( 325 mg to 650 mg ) of iron pills and my test results came back and my labs came back from looking like I was dying to being healthy or healthier ; like 44 mcg which I know isn’t the highest it could be. My question is which one contributed to the rise in iron levels The Humira or The Double dose of Iron Pills? That was a few days ago and since then I have tripled my dose but unfortunately for me I won’t be able to get a blood test for 3 months. Now I’m wondering whether the Humira or the double dose of iron contributed to the better iron levels?

  • I’ve already got my blood tested if I have anemia or not when I was 15 and it turned out i do have it �� no wonder I’m the weakest in my class during PE class ��

  • Can being over active make it worse I fell like it is I do competitive gymnastics and dance and I’m constantly having to miss out on competitions because “it’s to dangerous”:( I get dizzy from sitting down to standing, I constantly feel tired and weak, I look pale all the time, I already had bad concentration from my adhd and now it’s even worse which sucks for being a high school student ����

  • I think I might have it becuase I get headaches a lot and recently I’ve been feeling tired and weak and have been going a bit pale in the face. Do I see a doctor???

  • What is the best solution for an anemic person? Cause i don’t have money to go and check up myself in hospital especially now in this time of pandemic, please help me

  • Someone help me please ��I get fast heart beats sometimes,heart palpitations, pain and sometimes my heart aches �� please I’m only 13 �� I’m scared��☹️

  • Definitely needed to be smarter going vegetarian, I have very heavy periods and for the past couple years have exercised very intensely, this past month my body was basically like ‘hey.. uh.. this isn’t okay..’ I had pins and needles every where, my eyes are blurry/dry, I feel sluggish and weak and I’m very paranoid/axious. I’m now on very high dose Iron pills and trying to recover.

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  • I do have celiac disease, tiredness, problems sleeping, sometimes headaches and yes it is in my family too and I used to have iron defiency as a kid… still waiting for my test results..

  • Thank you for info, got blood tested my iron is low, also feel like crap, have months of been well, the strange symptom, I sometimes want to eat pins like drawing pins etc.

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  • all these comments help me know that im not alone, i’m a terrible eater because im scared to try new things, this makes me low on iron and have horrible stomach problems.

  • I went to the docter today and they took my blood and cake back saying I have anemia, I’m 14 guys✋��docter said it could be fatal, I’m scared

  • I’m to be admitted to hospital tomorrow for blood transfusions because of this or I may get the iron transfusions instead, doctor hasn’t decided yet but I’ll be so much better afterwards, it can’t come soon enough the symptoms are awful. I can’t wait to say goodbye to this damn tinnitus!

  • Reasons for many women over age 25yrs old is stress, eating too much salt, fried foods, dying your hair, bleaching hair, lack of iron in body caused by Aneimia caused by heavy mensuration cycle, miscarriage, abortion, operation after baby. So great to eat sheep/ lamb liver with carrots/ orange/ bell peppers. Avoid the following for 2.5 hrs whilst taking iron fortified foods/ iron tabletsdairy, milk, nuts, Zinc multivitamins tablets, chapati, rowti, pitta bread, wheat, parata, wholemeal bread, bread, cake, doughnuts, tortilla wraps, muffins, cheese. Cream, crackers some crisps, bread sticks because of the wheat. These foods STOP iron from being absorbed n this is the reason why the body is not getting enough in the first place. Some levels are even so dangerous that many people end up having a stroke/ heart attack because of LOW levels of Ferritin and IRON. N please have a blood test done to check both Ferritin and IRON levels. Health is Wealth. Also its IMPORTANT to be happy becaise that can cause the iron not being absorbed bt the body. Peace from England UK

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  • i have fatigue, headaches, pale, cold feet/hands, always eating ice, shortness of breath, palpitations sometimes, fast heartbeat just from standing up or even laying down. it’s horrible

  • I have iron deficiency and passed out alot everything would get fuzzy my ears would ring then boom lights out then I would wake up confused not knowing when I passed out

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  • I’m 23 and 4 days ago I noticed my heart beat was way faster and some times would skip a beat, been feeling super tired and sluggish and every so often I’ll get super dizzy out of nowhere. Currently as I right this, my feet are absolutely frozen and I can’t stop shaking my leg. I’ve read alot of these comments and apparently this is insanely common. I’m not sure if I have it yet, but all the symptoms are pointing to it. I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious. If you’re reading this, take comfort, as I have, in knowing that you’re not alone. It’s extremely comforting knowing that this isn’t rare and can be treated.

  • Thank you very much. Great Work it is truly interesting
    to watch this video to know more click here- https://www.nutriwellindia.com/our-blog/how-to-treat-anemia-by-diet/