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7 Ways to Stop Overeating Once and For All. 1. Look Ahead. If you’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy food, it can be easy to eat all day long, whether or not you are hungry. Here’s one 2. Eat Slower.

It takes time for your stomach to tell your mind you’re full because the process of. 12 tips to help you stop overeating once and for all. msn back to msn home lifestyle. powered by Microsoft News. 7 Genius Ways to Kill Fruit Flies.

37 Genius Double-Duty Organizing Ideas. How to Control Your Appetite and Quit Overeating. Avoid sugar and processed foods.

Avoid wheat and limit other grains. Eat real food: eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats. I do eat some high carb vegetables every day such as potatoes, beets, carrots, or winter squash. Know Your Weakness.

Try to find out which foods you have a particularly hard time limiting can help you decrease your chances of overeating. Important tips which will be helpful for you is to keep unhealthy snack foods like chips, candy, and cookies out of sight. Avoid Eating from Containers. Keys to Stopping the Overeating Habit. I’ve heard people of all shapes complain about their looks, weight, and their love-hate relationship with food.

How To Stop Overeating Once And For All. The good news is that you can take some steps to stop overeating before it becomes a larger issue. Aside from exercise, there are many other ways. It can be hard to stop overeating on your own, particularly if there are deep-rooted emotional problems involved, says Robin B. Kanarek, PhD, professor of psychology at Tufts University.

Working. How to Stop Overeating Once and For All. Another way of understanding appetite is to look at it from the perspective of eating for two main reasons — as a response to hunger Okinawans call this practice as “Hara Hachi Bu”, and this can be a useful guideline to help stop overeating.

Known for having one of the longest life expectancies in the world, Okinawans call this practice as “Hara Hachi Bu”, and this can be a useful guideline to help stop overeating. Eat slowly. A Greek study found that eating at a slower pace tended to increased fullness and reduce hungry feelings in overweight and obese participants.

12 Ways to Stop Overeating, According to Experts Both physical and emotional components can trigger overeating, but these strategies will help you sidestep them all. By Kaitlyn Pirie.

List of related literature:

Furthermore, these overeating and/or binge episodes can intensify the guilt and shame that accompanies the eating patterns of those with food-addictive behaviors and can “reinforce the erroneous notion that restrictive eating is a solution” (Herrin, 2003, p. 156).

“Behavioral Addictions: Criteria, Evidence, and Treatment” by Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD, Laura Curtiss Feder, PsyD
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But there are other ways to avoid overeating that address the second cause of overeating: today’s fattening food environment.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
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In Step 5, you learn to resist and control the interactions between food and mood, the reasons we eat other than hunger.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
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A classic study by Keys et al. (1950) suggested that overeating is not the only possible consequence of restricting food intake.

“Health Psychology: A Textbook: A textbook” by Ogden, Jane
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When the cognitive resolve to maintain these restrictive habits is abandoned in response to emotional and external disinhibitors, the subsequent overeating can lead to weight regain, which then triggers the cycle to begin again.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
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A good deal of overeating is behavioural, related more to habit than real need.

“The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days” by Harley Pasternak
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Most people find that when they mindfully review what they are typically eating, it is actually easy to find ways to remove this amount of calories without missing it—for example, less mayonnaise on a sandwich; a smaller steak; one or two fewer sodas; a smaller bowl of ice cream.

“The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness” by Amanda Ie, Christelle T. Ngnoumen, Ellen J. Langer
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Some of the techniques are designed to reduce overeating.

“Learning & Behavior: Eighth Edition” by James E. Mazur
from Learning & Behavior: Eighth Edition
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The interesting (and revealing) part of this process is that it only takes three or four such separations of TV and eating before the craving to eat loses its compulsive power and becomes weak enough so that turning off the set (even during a commercial) becomes simply not worth the effort.

“The Science of Self-Control” by Howard RACHLIN, Professor Department of Psychology Howard Rachlin
from The Science of Self-Control
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Identifying positive strategies to deal with these situations promotes self-acceptance and limits self-punishment through overeating.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Priscilla LeMone, Karen Burke, Trudy Dwyer, Tracy Levett-Jones, Lorna Moxham, Kerry Reid-Searl
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  • I got this calorie app and the recommended calories it gave me was 5k calories a day and I just went with it and thought it was normal for me to eat that much or slightly more a day
    I then went vegan because of a really convincing video, I lost about 19 pounds but I still feel so fat and disgusted in myself, I even feel like I’m gaining weight, I currently am still vegan and am still struggling with binge eating. I just feel like I can’t do anything without eating something and just eat more and more fruit when I’m bored.

  • Thank you. I have issue with my stomach and u can’t eat thing. If I eat them I hurt. But I try to stay way form those foods. Only to find myself binge eating in the middle of the night.

  • hello everyone… I also posted a video about this and how I overcame binge eating! Would love it if you checked it out! Send you all the best xxx

  • I’m 15 and I have always been an emotional eater. But for the past three years(I started dieting), I’ve been binging. So much so I feel like my insides are going to tear. It hurts, but I just can’t stop. I eat and eat and eat. I can’t seem to get it under control

  • I listened to 3 different videos about this topic from 3 different specialist and only this video makes complete sense and is relateable. I really enjoyed the points made in the video especially relating to the inadequacy we can feel when comparing our selves to the body goals of social meida. I feel so like I’m not ever going to be the ideal and constantly couting calories and it fustrates me to the point where I break out and binge then go back on a diet the next day. Its an exhausting cycle. Thank you so much for this video. I really appreciate this video and its content! Love you work xxx

  • Help mehhhhhh. Even if i dont eat or eat only 1000 calories a day I gain weight and idk what to do!!! �� i eat really healthy but i always gain weight

  • So i have insulin resistance and my doctor told me I can eat the “main carbs” only twice a week, and so when those two days come, I just eat. I feel disgusting and sick later, and I really do not know what to do. Some times I even binge to try to satisfy my cravings for carbs, so I just binge on things that I can eat. I love my body so much and I just wonder why the heck do I keep doing this to myself.Tried not to make it long and I hope you will come to my comment. Keep in mind I am only 13

  • Well. At least I know now I have an ED I think I have for a long time i just never really thought it was a problem because my weight wasnt too high. But this year is the most weight I’ve gained in my life and I’m scared if I dont do somthing I’ll become obese and have heart issues. I want to stop so bad but it’s so hard. Also I do love eating fresh healthy salads but I’ll just keep eating and eating all day even if I feel like I’ll burst.

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful videos! I am so impressed with how much wisdom you have and how you are a role model for those of us that want to live happy and healthy lives! I had a debilitating eating disorder, but through years of work I have become FREE! Thank God for support and for people who understand. Here is my story in case you want to check it out. With Love, Donna ❤ @

  • I found this so so useful! I love the part where you said focus on what you should be eating rather than what you shouldn’t! This is something I’m definitely starting to do because it makes you feel much less restricted! Thank you so so much! I’d love if you could check my What I Eat In A Day videos and give me some tips on my diet I’d really appreciate it!!

  • I never feel hungry and I never feel full, that may seem like it would be easier to be healthy but im kinda anorexic and have never had good eating habits

  • im not even fucking HUNGRY! i just keep eating i cant stop and its so terrible. i eat till the point of wanting to fricking throw up and i have emataphobia as wellbut i dont want to self diagnose.:(

  • i’m struggling! especially during covid I definitely developed really bad habits of eating ):

    i went to the doctors and he said that i gained 20 lbs in the span on 2 months.. it hurts realizing i’ve gained so much! It’s emotionally draining now, upsetting and it hurts realizing that I don’t think I can control this! send prayers please! ��

  • Hey how’s it going I hope all is well. I myself dealt with binge eating for about seven years.. It’s fucking horrible but I learned how to control it and I’ve had lost 60 pounds and got probably the best shape of my life!! I even made a YouTube page dedicated to my journey if anyone is interested check it out!!

  • I don’t know whether my prob. Is related to binge eating.
    Earlier I was so concerned about my weight. Therefore I started dieting and happily I lost 8 kgs in a short period. Later that I gave myself a break and started eating normal (I was still restricted sugar and junk food)
    But after some time, I started craving food alot and specially sweets. The main problem is that, I don’t feel full even though I eat alot more than others.
    So it’s been one month and now I’ve gained 3kgs more.
    I’m so depressed ��

  • G’day from Australia ����
    I became a binge eater when l heard on a current affair segment on TV about people who get more food for their money by stockpiling a lot of half price stuff. Now l have 2 pantries full of food and 1 pantry full of juice and soft drink, and l have bags of food under my kitchen table. Then Covid -19 came about and it got worse as l started making homemade meals with flour, milk and eggs, like making omelettes and pancakes. I spend $600 a month on groceries. And about $100 on ordering take away over the phone and have it delivered to my home.

  • I have an odd food that I binge on: it’s yoghurt. I find excuses just to open up a jar, whether it is to taste it for a particular food prep adding sweeter and jam etc (licking the spoon). I keep on dipping the spoon into the jar and before I realise it I’m nearly half way down. This is for full fat yoghurt or Greek yoghurt.

  • The thing is that I always feel hungry, I don’t feel I’m full and go on. I feel hungry ( or anxious) empty and can’t feel calm until I eat a lot of carbs

  • I wanna be healthy I really do but I’m so dang lazy �� whenever I start to eat a lil healthy my parents come back with food �� I hate the way I look everybody else I know is so perfect and skinny and I’m just not like them and I wish I was I hate my legs I hate them so so so so much! Why can’t I just stick to my diet for once! I always feel fat around my friends and I hate it

  • I’m not a Doctor, so maybe what I say holds no weight. But coming from someone who has struggled with binge eating for years, classifying foods as healthy and unhealthy can be a really dangerous thing to do. Food is just food, and if you’re eating appropriate portions and savoring them in the moment, I don’t think there’s anything unhealthy about that. My therapist told me the way that you word things can dramatically affect the outcome and when I labeled food as healthy and unhealthy, it lead to food shame and then restriction and then bingeing again.

  • I do good all day and I’m happy to be eating food that’s good for my body but i work until 10 pm and after dinner around 6pm I’m full until like 8:30 then i see cookies laying in the break room or what have you and then i have one then i get mad and just eat anything else i can find because I’m already mad that i ate the cookies

  • This video of yours was sooo, so helpful to me and flew into my life at the exact right time. I’ve been doing so well, but all of a sudden I’m backsliding like a crazy person. Bless you. And thank you for this video.

  • Hey guys! If you have a moment, check out @cinnamon_raisin on instagram! I just started the page today as a space for self-love. It would mean a lot if you gave it a follow:)

  • I used to throw up after eating when I was really insecure and lost so much weight
    But then I was able to overcome the purging

    I developed a bad habit of binging and I am now double the weight I was when I would purge
    I don’t know how to stop

  • I’m so glad I ran into this video. It’s been a wake-up call that I’ve slowly fallen back into old habits since the quarantine. You explain everything in such a respectful and uplifting tone, it’s inspired me all over again to pick my food planner back up again.

  • The way to stop binge eating forever is to re-program the subconscious mind. I overcame a 31 year intense struggle with bulimia, not by food plans, will power, or therapy, but by deleting the negative programs in my subconscious mind and replacing them with new programs. I have been binge free and struggle free for 6 years now!

  • In my experience the best thing that helps me is the mindful eating, not focusing too much on weight loss and body image and eating nutritious foods.

  • my problem is 1200 is my daily caloric limit that i have set to lose weight because i’m 5’1, and with quarantine i’m rarely active… but this also doesn’t give me much food to eat and i feel like i’m restricting myself way too much which leads to binging. i have no clue how to get out of this cycle without eating more than 1200 calories, but i’m so short that i cant raise the number, does anyone have any solutions?

  • The easiest way to stop binging is to believe that you have more than enough of food. Restrictions of food will result you body urge to eat more and store it. And this is simply a human nature. People buy a lot of toilet paper as we believe they will be on a shortage during the crisis of Coronavirus. When store limited quantities of toilet paper to purchase. Everyone in the store will put toilet paper in their carts.

  • this video is stupid. like people who watch it already know the simpoms the consequences..you are not doing a scool apresentation on power point you dumn… what a stupid video, just say HOW TO STOP binging!!! go direct to it

  • The only thing that helped me stop was keto. It was awsome to have a sense of control! And not obsess about food. Very freeing!
    But I can’t do keto.I felt terrible sick and had no energy for days and days and could not leave the house from weakness and gym was very tough. Plus I was scared to cheat and gain instantally. Where as I have lost and kept some weight off despite the binging.
    So I binged on carbs, potato chips, and made cream cheese and peanut butter sandwiches and stuffed my face again hopefully tommorrow I can leave the house and not be look lethargic
    I always binge at night sice I have a hard time sleeping.
    I hate myself because of the binge but nothing I can do works to stop. I eat all the things described very healthy. Seeweed and kale and everything. I have tried everything its a fight every day.

  • i eat until i cant anymore or until theres nothing i want. even if full i continue. i used to have positive relationship with food but now i dont. i just want to be as healthy as before

  • thank you! i can say this very much helped me! i achieved my dream of doing more sports, and ive decided dancing! ny friends admire me for my meals and what i eat..��thanks!

  • My last binge eating was 2 months ago. I only feel good when I eat healthy like salads, salmon, fruit, and nuts. All the foods she said. Another tip: don’t buy junk food, you’re tricking yourself.

  • I am not a full blown binge eater but if I don’t start getting a handle on it now I could become one… I had a baby an now I’m fighting with massive cravings

  • Hi everybody. I used to be a emotional eater. I struggled with binge eating, carb addiction, extreme weight gain, weight loss. I know it is very hard to get rid of it. Now i can fix it 90%. There are some tip i want to share:
    1) i talk to myself: you are able to eat everything you want. When my mind feel free to eat, i craving food less. Then i reduce the bad food, bad carb slowly.
    2) i accept, admit that i am craving, im a carb addiction. I relize that we can not lie our body. Let say the truth and brave to get rid of.
    3) when i want to eat more, i wait 30 minute more. In that time, i do something else and i relize that i didnt crave food anymore
    4) i learn to cook. I cook new food, eat healthy as much as i can and feel very good.
    Sorry for my bad english:))
    I want to contact with people to help them get rid of this monster and also want to improve my english. You can share with me and me can find solution together. This is my SKYPE account: live:hanhvuong283

  • Struggeling with an binge eating disorder! If anyone wants to talk about it please dm me! Maybe we can discuss the stuff that we’re going through together. and if anyone has tips for me also please dm me! My Twitter @ is djzmpaard <3

  • I really feel sick I wanted to go on a diet but instead of loosing weight I gained 3kg from binge eating in one week. From 60 to 63kg and I feel like crying ��

  • I’m 13, so it might be a hormone thing but I get home from school or I wake up and my first thought is food, I eat and secret a lot, only to be ashamed and disgusted at myself while and after I’m doing it. I don’t know what to do. I’m gaining weight fast and I feel disgusting. (I’m 5’6/165lbs

  • I have binge eating at times and deal with fluid shifts. I cant eat today as I liked biscuits too much. I walked away and talked to someone. My tip is try and stop earlier and limit excess salt, fat or sugar which will cause a bloat later on. Appreciate clothes getting comfortable and accept it happens occasionally or youve bloat after a takeaway. Just wear baggy clothes and enjoy it. I had a habit of this unfortunately and had to cut fat as I got acid reflux now I cant eat much at all. Waiting for meds to kick in but have less size in belly. Be careful around others that have the habit. My ritual was coffee loads of biscuits, one biscuit then 2 squares of chocolate. Hope this helps.

  • I’ve got this disorder big time, so I think that from personal experience up to now and from working on it it’s important to learn about it so you can beat it easier and quicker. Thanks Dr!! �� Specially here in Spain we’ve got a very good healthy and variaty of food, so I should take advantage of it.

  • I am really fighting this right now there is such a sigma do on males with eating disorders I lost over 150lb now I gaining all back ��

  • Who is this woman I absolutley adore here, what a great personality and so open and honest. give here a national show you americans!! X

  • I either eat 800kcals or +2000. I’ve been trying to lose weight since my early teens (I’m 21 now) and no one understands how I can be so chubby considering how little I eat in front of them and I’m always dieting bla bla bla but yeah I lose control once a week and I ruin all my progress

  • Firstly provide yourself with evidence that your craving is pathetic.

    There’s one word to help you with that: Auschwitz

    Before you give in to your ridiculous cravings think about what happened there. Are you really saying you can’t resist a late night craving knowing what those people went through? Even that binge eating monster inside your brain can’t argue with that.

    Secondly have a pint of water and double protein shake or high protein meal (no sugar, low fat) about 1-2 hours after eating dinner.

    Thirdly don’t sit around late, brush your teeth and goto bed.

  • I really could not wait around to use the weight loss program. This has offered me enjoyment. My friend shed 10 pounds soon after this particular weight loss program. My good friend has burned 10 pounds already because of this weight loss weight. Google can help you to research it. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    Best luck

  • Starting today I want to get over with this ED so I’m going to try really hard to finally stop binging, it would really help me if you could ask me how I’m doing if you see this comment, that way I know I made a pact and I have to keep it up

  • I totally haven’t mastered yet, but I’m getting better and I want to share some things that have helped me. Sometimes I don’t eat enough at meals, and when that happens, I want snacks all day. Name sure you eat enough, especially at breakfast, and if you get hungry between meals plan out healthy snacks instead if eating whatever is closest and easiest to eat. Don’t leave junk food out where you can see it, and keep the food away from where you spend time in your house. If you eat wasn’t to eat something and you know you shouldn’t, take a walk outside. You’ll be away from food, you’ll be getting exercise, and if you take time to enjoy you’re surroundings, you’ll feel better without eating. If you want to know if you’re actually hungry or just emotional, ask yourself if you would eat raw broccoli it an apple. If so, eat a healthy snack. If not, you’re emotionally hungry and you need to figure out what’s really bothering you and deal with it. My favorite saying about overeating is this: Face your stuff, don’t stuff your face!

  • I am confused like I crave so much and I restrict eating that as well, Like I do workout daily and once a week I guess I loose control and start eating so much that I feel like puking after that and regret and stop doing that but again after a week or so I do that like it’s so hard, I want to stop this like can u plz tell more tips

  • I am so ready to stop my binging and self help, it’s the last thing in my life REALLY holding me back from everything I want out of life but my habits are so deep and such routine, I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know how to help.

  • i love this vedio! Thank you for putting it in a way nobody ever has. i think this vedio will bring a huge change in my life from today onwards!

  • I can’t control binge eating ����������. I binge eat every day. I am gaining every day ��. I gained 4 kgs the past two weeks. I really want to stop it. ����

  • Trying to stop a binge brewing. I ate lunch then a banana with chocolate then peanut butter toast. I’m not even sure why i kept eating..

  • Im only 12 and i binge eat ���� i eat my emotions away but i dont want to! I always say imma go on a 1 meal a day diet but when ever i see junk food my hunger starts kickin in and i cant help but eat it! I try to listen to healthy tips but theirs so much yummy food in my house that i cant stopppppp eatinggggg������! I js want my ideal body and also i have weak muscles�� so when ever im doing excersises i just fall to the ground withtin 1 second and i cant even do a push up yet �� or a plank

  • I got tested of herpes early this year, I experienced dark urine and ribs pain so I went to the hospital for treatment and I was diagnosed of Herpes. The doctor gave me anti-retroviral drugs to slowdown the viral load which later worsens the ailment because the drugs weren’t effective and I was so scared because they say it has no cure, out of frustration I told my friend about it and luckily he told me he ones battled same problem in the past but he was saved by Dr. Abumere. He gave me his contact and reached him and I became well and tested negative after the treatment. Here is his contact if you have such case. contact: +2349021975055, ([email protected])

  • hello everyone… I also posted a video about this and how I overcame binge eating! Would love it if you checked it out! Send you all the best xxx

  • I have the strict twin and all or nothing twin. It stars with me restricting myself to not have anything that’s too unhealthy, but then someone in my family will offer me something sweet like a pastry or ice cream and it becomes hard for me to say no. So then because I’ve restricted myself so hard, I really want that sweet thing. So I think to myself “I’ll only have this small pastry and then no sweets for a few weeks”. But after I’ve had it, I’m like “well… I’ve already eaten unhealthy today…might as well get over with it and start fresh tomorrow”. And I just keep on thinking like “I’ll eat what I want this week, but when school starts I’ll quit” but then after going to school for like a week I eat one unhealthy thing and it all goes down hill. And then I feel like shit after because I shouldn’t have ate all that unhealthy stuff. And I restrict myself once again and then it starts over, like an evil circle. The hardest part is when I’m trying to eat better but my family keeps offering me sweets and unhealthy stuff, and then I feel pressured into eating it. I can’t say no. And I don’t want them to know that I want to loose weight because I feel like it’s a taboo thing.

  • Something that instantly got rid of my binge eating disorder was just to stop weighing myself every single day. I never knew that it would be so easy for me to stop binge eating. Since I stopped weighing myself I haven’t had a binge eating day at all and I am so proud ��.

  • I am eating healthy but am living in a house with people who have very bad eating habits. There is junk food everywhere in the kitchen. The problem is that I don’t have a lot of ideas of what to eat to stay healthy. And sometimes I am hungry and binge and then feel so guilty.

  • Great video. I’ve struggled with binge eating and bulimia most my life. Most people dont know because I train for Ironmans and I walk around with muscle at less than 6% bodyfat. I can stay in a calorie deficit and work in “junk” food into my diet and stay inshape. But then something will happen and the all or nothing side of me will trigger me to eat 15,000+ calories. Then the next day I’ll eat nothing and ride 100 miles on my bike or go run 20 miles and make myself throw up and it’s a never ending cycle. I say all of this because I want anyone reading this to know eating disorders dont stop when you reach your “ideal” body type. I’m absolutely shredded and have a similar body to zach effron from baywatch and I still deal with this. These issues are very deep and hopefully my comment will help others realize it doesnt just end when you get “inshape”.

  • My anxiety and OCD have
    become a LOT worse since we watched my Mom die a horrific death from cancer last year. So anorexia in my early twenties has now shown up as binge eating disorder at 40 and I am so lost. Working with a therapist but not seeing much progress so far.

  • The only way I can stop binging on junk food or food that is not nutritious is not to buy it or have it in the house or else I will binge on it until it is gone.

  • I can do so well one week, eat healthy and not starve myself, but then I just find myself eating and eating and eating and eating and I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m stuck in a cycle,why can’t I stop myself, why?? I seriously see myself gaining weight, and cry and cry and cry, yesterday I just planned to go back eating well, but ended up eating a ton, now writing this about to sleep thinking the exact same thing, that I’m going to go back eating healthy and I know I will not be able to control myself again, I hate the number on the scale, I hate the image in the mirror, yet I’m the one preventing myself from achieving happiness, I’m my worst enemy.

  • This Channel is real! I recently started to control my food intake and walk and that alone helped me lose 17lb in three months! Slow and steady.

  • I just ended watching the video and I couldn’t help but cry cause I really wanna go out of this, I really want to get rid of binge eating cause it’s so tormenting and it is making me feel more weak every time and I just want it to stop. I want to live a day where I don’t have to worry about how am I gonna feel after every meal. Thank you so much for this, words really encourage and motivate, I’m gonna give my two hundred percent to be stronger.

  • I told my husband today I think I have an eating disorder and what I think caused it. He just said I need to let it go. I proceeded to eat 3 snack cakes and a bag of chips ��
    Now I’m thinking about how I cant eat any food tomorrow.

  • what i understand from this is that we need to pause and think about every move and try to make it a healthy move until its natural

  • I will change NOW. Not tomorrow or next week but now. Reply to this comment to encourage me or to ask me for updates:)) I have 50 lbs to lose

  • Sadia’s Video is amazing but personally when I was recovering I found this one helpful. I love Sadia though her Chanel is so amazing a also if you see this I love your Chanel and message https://youtu.be/SQFPaEQpcv8

  • I recently recovered from this and I wanted to say that to whoever is going through it, it will get better. But just trust your body, trust that you don’t need to be skinny and also try intuitive eating. Try to eat when you are hungry and include everything in your diet, fat, protein, carbohydrates, veg, fruit, If you look. Just know that you don’t have to overthink eating, just eat and make what you binge normal. If you binge biscuits and cookies and cereal like I used to then I suggest you try to have your usual breakfast and then a biscuit at the end. You may get triggered and binge sometimes but if you feel normal and you want the cookie eat it and enjoy it and show yourself some love. Just have everything in your diet so instead of having “cheat days” you have sweets anyway and veg and fruit and everything in between everyday so that you don’t feel the need to binge because your body realises that it gets what it wants. In the process of binging try to realise that you are doing it and try to investigate why you are. This really helped me. It took me around a good month to quit for good. Be patient and be kind to yourself. You have to binge eat to quit binge eating. Also this video is really good but please Sadia talk about the meaning of beauty because body image influenced me a lot and I thought I was not good enough so I would love to see someone to say that beauty is what you make it. You decide the definition of beauty to you.

  • Just don’t buy unhealthy food or snacks. There won’t be any temptation if there isn’t anything for you to eat.
    I often find myself eating when I am bored or watching a TV show, its hard to stop. I will try hard to have a healthier diet and mindset

  • NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY would look at me and think I overeat and binge. It makes sense like I look skinny and I guess I would say I am but that’s after a few intense workouts throughout the day, But the only thing on my mind is food. Ugh fuck life at this point

  • I know I have a problem now I just don’t know how to fix it. I’m to afraid to tell anyone. I’m hoping I’ll have the courage to tell my mam when I see her tomorrow.
    I know it’s become an emotional problem I don’t think I can fix it myself. I breakdown every time I watch these videos or I see or read anything about eating disorders. I think I might have one but I’m too afraid to say.

  • When I actually made an improvement like taking a desert when my day was going wel,l I do not know how to celebrate it, I feel like I messed up and so feeling down and so eating to tried to get better…

  • It’s hard to not eat stuff when you’re just depressed i mean. Feeling happy is rare for me, most of my day is just a mirky gray sludge of time i want to pass so i can go to sleep.

  • I’ve been trying for years to workout and eat 3 meals a day with maybe 2 snacks.. idk what’s wrong with me tho..no matter what I NEED TO EAT 24/7 and its sucks:(( I started working out this week ( 3 times a week) and I’ve been binge eating more than before…

  • You have such a beautiful smile and its making ME smile! Me; a sad potato who has a resting bitch face 24/7! Have a great day u absolutely gorgeous angel��

  • Omg i just love u soooooo muchhhhhh for making this video!!! OK like most of the stuff u said applies to me and oh gosh u make so so much sense I can’t waittttt to put these helpful tips to action! Thank you so muchhhh!

  • Thank you so so much for this video. I already did have a problem but the quarantine made it so much worse. But I’ll start making changes right from today. SUBSCRIBED!!!

  • Changing my vocabulary has been a game changer in lots of aspects of my life. That is sooooo powerful!
    Thanks for your work, tips and tricks. Your videos are always a pleasure to watch. ��

  • Thank you for the tips. While I have heard all of them before, you presented them in a clear short summarized version that makes it seem pretty simple (not easy…). While these may not work every time I feel a binge cooking on, I think you’re right when you say with time and practice it will eventually yield results. Thanks again!

  • I’m actually the opposite. When I’m really down or depressed I tend to not eat for hours. I struggle with binge eating when I start to eat something, but I find it so delicious that I can’t stop.

  • Lately (since the start of corona quarantine) I’ve been eating at least 3,500 calories a day (I maintain at 1,600). And it made me gain more than 20 pounds and gave me super bad skin because of all the junk food… I watched this today and I will use these tips. I’m super optimistic and hope I can actually go back to eating normally (not have 8 chocolate bars and half a jar of Nutella a day!). I’ll come back in a month and let y’all know if these tips helped or not, thanks for the video!

  • i lost weight last months thats why im binge eating right now and i cant stop thinking that i deserve it because i did great. now im back to zero

  • You have amazing videos with vedic insights that you bring to our new century. I feel I’m eating king size resturant meals by following your recipes and realising that I need to fulfill the 6 tastes. Life changing, thank you

  • My problem is that I am full like everythime all day long and so my parents force me to eat and because I am already full before eating, I dont know when I would normally be full…..

  • 1) Eat real food.
    2) Eat protein at every meal
    3)Load on veggies
    4)Use smaller plates
    5)Eat slowly
    6)Drink water 10mins b4 meal
    7)Brush yr teeth after meal
    8) Make rules not to eat in front of TV, whilst cooking in kitchen etc.
    9) Food journal

  • Something that works for me is instead of going for that next snack I brush my teeth. For some reason it makes me not want to eat more after. Hope this helps someone

  • I am not hungry, never. My doctor diagnosed me depression and because of that I sleep way to much and never eat. Yesterday I only had meal and breakfast and today I had nothing I even forget to drink something

  • I’m trying to become healthy. I’m going to try and start eating healthier but if it doesn’t work I’m just going to stop eating. It’s worked before for me. It may not be the right way but it’s the fastest way for me��

  • What if cereal or breads..isnt enough to me?Give me some advices that can motivate me not to eat too much foods… please…thankyouuuu

  • I honestly can’t stop myself sometimes and then I cry because I ate it…
    Today I ate a lot of almonds maybe like 20!! And then some chocolate.
    I try to stop myself but I fail.. I still grow up and I know I have to eat but I can’t say no to some chocolate or sugar… I promise myself tomorrow I am going to lose some weight.. but the problem that I am underweight and I don’t know how to keep the weight and don’t lose or gain.. someone help me how not to binge… maybe I’ll try to eat more fruits when I want some sugar but I do eat a lot of fruits and I am hungry.. help me someone please…

  • Tiffany, binging on a bag of pretzels every now and then does NOT mean you have an “eating disorder” or food addiction.!! “Stress snacking” is common, especially in college. It’s not like you binged on pizza, ice cream, etc. Please stop being so hard on yourself!

  • Excellent information
    Self control is much needed.
    We must not make food an idol…..must have when we think we need it.
    Be good to yourself…listen to your body

  • Hi gurls! Lol. I totally stress eat. Pop corn is my go to. Also, from childhood I was always told not to waste food. Now, I can’t seem to leave when I am not hungry.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I could relate to EVERYTHING you said. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more understood, especially the part where if you restrict yourself of a certain food, ALL you do is think about it and that’s so annoying. Usually when I explain to people why eating is such a struggle for me or just research about it online, I am directed to other diets or exercise routines. I really don’t want to diet anymore, because when you’re on a diet, all you think about is food and that leaves room for nothing else. Besides, like you said, I want to be able to enjoy food without panicing about my weight. It’s ironic how the fear of getting fat is what causes us to focus on food so much and overeat. You adressed the core issues that need to be adressed. Every single tip seemed to be meant for me, ao thank you sooooooo much! I will do my best to practice them <3

  • I want to just share one thing that helped me during the course of changing my eating habits. I used to feel so bad about letting my really good, delicious, slaved over food go to waste (like that last little bit that takes you into overeating and you know it will but it looks so good and took a long time to prepare.) So instead of eating it, and therefore overeating, I would just excuse myself from the table and come back in about 30 minutes to clean the dishes off. By then, that little bit that had so much power over me has lost its appeal because it’s no longer fresh and I can easily dispose of it without the temptation. And not to mention, the correct amount of food that I ate has already done its good work and I’m no longer hungry, which just empowers me to clear the dinner dishes and not have to eat everyones (my kid’s) leftovers. It is nice to go play crazy eights or connect 4 during that time. My family surely doesn’t mind that!

  • This is great advice! I did those same things! It took me so long to really accept that I was eating my feelings! More frequent meals -yes! I heard that on your high anxiety video. These tips really work!! I started them a few weeks ago and I’m really feeling less anxiety in general and no guilt when I leave a half a biscuit on my plate!

  • I think about food all day.
    I skip breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner (I starve myself) and then the next day I’ll binge eat anything within arms reach until I feel so bloated and guilty I just want to throw it all up.

    The next day to compensate for the guilt of what I ate yesterday, I’ll starve myself again as punishment.

    And so the cycle continues.

    It’s been over a year now, and I know it’s not healthy but it’s sooo hard to break the cycle and eat sensibly.

    This video helped but I feel like I’m not strong enough to change my mindset..Im optimistic about the giving thanks part thoughI’m too used to just being so hungry I’ll shove food in my mouth without a second thought to Who provided it. If I’m more grateful for my food I’ll be more likely to go easy and savour it rather than hurriedly consume more than my body actually needs.

  • I found that replacing foods with other types that taste just as good but are lower in calories and are better in nutritional value has helped me. Eg. I use to drink a lot of soda but now I drink soda water with lemon in it. It’s much more refreshing and healthier.

  • Hey Tiffany,
    These tips sound like they could help and I’ll try to incorporate them when ever I feel the urge to binge.
    I have problem. I feel fearful and uncomfortable eating infront of strangers and I will go to all lengths to not eat in public. This fear is starting to effect how I feel eating with my family. Does anyone here experience this or has so in the past, it would be helpful know how to some tips to help combat this.

  • you have no idea how much i needed to hear these words, i am only 16 yet i have struggled with a binge eating disorder for as long as i can remember, you’re like the big sister i never had ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

  • I can relate so much, i eat food when im bored…normally i ate really good and healty food,but some day i really wake up wanting chocate cookie,tuc,cereal and a loooot of candies….and then i felt so gulty. You video was really intresting, i’ll get your advise. And from an italian, pasta tomato souce and cheese..is just the best things ever xD.

  • I love this video, because instead of listing the external factors as reasons for binge eating (which really sounds like making excuses and confirming the belief that we have no power over ourselves) it focuses on the actual mental work that WE will have to do in order to fight binging anyway. It’s truly helpful, not just informative.

  • Fuck offf YouTube…..maina subscribe KR rkkka h or bell icon bhi pressed h all p….fir bhi ya video mujhe 3 month late recommend Hui………��������

  • Thankyou thankyou thankyou hidden secrets foods fasting is heaven diamond soul journey one meal heaven respect journey from Kenya beautiful beautiful beautiful world sharing world heaven on earth our cells trillion cells working

  • All your videos are just awesome! This pandemic has made new normals like everyone now knows about kadha and immunity boosters.. But please help in letting us know that how should we manage our diet so as to improve immunity naturally every day. Please make a video on it.

  • It also helps to stop eatting after a certain time (I stop at 8pm) and eat a balanced and healthy meals at the same times. 2 meals a day, no snacks, and only healthy liquids (with no sugar) in between those meals!
    Apple cider vinegar (teaspoon/diluted) helps to make stomach more acidic for proper digestion if ingested before a meal. Helps with insulin levels too ��

  • does less food make you feel weak and malnourished?
    Honestly, do you feel great after you over eat? I know I’m ready for a coma after my 3rd plate of Chinese Buffet

  • No choking in India? That’s an unsafe statement. Choking can happen to anyone and you shouldn’t be underplaying the value of good first aid.

  • I can relate. I recently developed an acid reflux due to overeating. On a diet with small meals now. So important to stop overeating.

  • Keto OMAD is where it is at…even ayurveda is high carb…after decades of traveling different countries, staying in ashrams etc Finding Keto OMAD has done wonders…fasting 24 hrs every day is insanely beneficial to health and pretty much the only way to do that is to eat nutrient dense, bioavailable and satiating food…

  • Do you ever thing maybe she isnt over eating and has tastes like who doesnt prefer european chocolate with its higher butter fat content and there is so few options in the lower fat darker chocolate in the mass market probably have to go to a specaility store to get that….

  • Can this be delivered to the US? I do not understand the pricing…the serum reads 699.00. Is that almost $700 dollars in US currency?

  • This video was superb! Loved it!
    I would like to check out the face washes. What are your thoughts on sunscreen…natural vs. Unnatural?
    I watch out for overeating because I do not like that feeling..no-no��

  • I eat calorie controlled with one cheat meal per week where eat as much as I want till I’m satisfied. But I’m on a training program. This is good advice for normal regular diet, but obviously not everyone eats a lot of Indian food.

  • These are great. I have 3 more important ones to add:

    1. Use a slightly smaller plate than you normally would, but with the same amount of food on it. Studies show this helps going back for seconds or thirds and that you haven’t missed out, when you feel your food hasn’t filled the plate up to the edges.

    2. Feel or express gratitude while eating (like a precursor to eating consciously) just feeling grateful for every mouthful you’re about to have (and just had at the end) creates a totally different experience and control over wanting MORE!

    3. Be curious (vs absent) about the tastes, like you ate the food for the first time (also very much about conscious eating or mindful eating). Note the dimensions of smell, texture, flavour, etc. It adds enjoyment to meals. ��

    And actually, a fourth:

    4. Fasting and intermittent fasting can build control over food cravings and helps regulate Leptin (satiation hormone) and Ghrelin (hunger hormone)

  • My obsession with food is a punishment to me. It’s not fun or cute, it’s not a “i love food” trend.. I can’t stop eating, I unconsciously bury my face in huge amounts of food & eat way past fullness. I eat till it hurts and i feel disgusting. And after that it doesn’t take me long till my next meal ( mind you that i consume about 4 meals a day, each meal is big, excluding snacks). Also I don’t eat because I’m hungry most of the times. And I feel guilt on a daily basis, regularly, after eating and after looking at the mirror.
    The past five months I’ve gained crazy amount of weight (about 8 kgs). My struggle with food have started a long time ago but I just didn’t notice because there was no obvious changes in my body. I am currently above average weight for my height and age. I can’t fit in 90% of my clothing. I keep comparing myself to my skinny friends on daily basis and that brings a lot of mental destruction for me and it adds up to my low self-confidence, meaning that it makes me more self-conscious and hateful towards my body. I believe I have binge eating disorder because I have all of its symptoms. I’ve been trying to start recovery on my own but it’s just so hard because I find myself giving up to food before even starting. I also believe that my relationship with food is very toxic, it is literally the meaning of love-hate relationship. Eating makes me happy but I’m unhappy when I eat.

  • That is exactly what happenned to my unkle because they convinced his mother to feed him government / corporation food ( kellogs cereal ) milk sugar and stale wheat. He developed diabetes and later pancreatitis.

  • I like your channel but the fact that you promote milk is a little bit concerning to me. I don’t think milk is for everybody. Milk and sugar causes inflammation in the body. Could you look into this. Thanks

  • Just now I do the same
    I ate so much tha now my stomach is too heavy…I loved 5 kg after struggling 3 month and today I ate so much may be within 2 days my weight will increase 3 kg

  • Your Video is amazing but I only use yogurt store bought I use tofu and avoid meat I am diabetic so I do not use any type of sugar might try honeyI live in Toronto I am West Indian so how can I improvise on your meal plan I don’t use much fruits because of the sugar. Namaste ��

  • Hello fit tuber I am looking very thin and my body is too heat I want to gain weight can u please tell me how to gain weight and before that I want to detox my whole body how to detox please reply me

  • me: I wanna over come this once and for all!

    me after: eats conchas, Guatemalan tamales, coffee, Tacos, more Tacos, mashed potatoes, chips, pb&j, and finally more tacos. I don’t think I trust my grandma’s house anymore. ��

  • I don’t binge much eat now but after I eat something like a donut or ice cream I just wanna keep on eating other junk idk how to stop it

  • I dropped from 280 to 155 at my lowest. Been maintaining that for about a year. I started lifting and put some muscle on and looked great for a while. For the last month amd a half ive been locked into this daily cycle similar to yours. Im terrified of gaining weight again. For once i have good self-esteem and am very with the way look. Worst part is im a chef so im constantly around food. I skateboard to and from work everyday which is about moles round trip but im still eating so much that even with that and runninf around a kitchen for 10 hours a day that im still gaining weight at an alarming rate. My 6 pack is now gone and i feel like fucking shit. Idk what to do

  • I feel disgusting I hate food I fucking hate it. But i can’t help it and I can’t stop. Whenever someone points it out all I say is “we all die one day. Just let me eat what I want.” But then I feel so guilty. The worst part is the feeling fullness after.

  • I do have a bad problem with eating, just recently i am done with pepsi and pop.

    But last time i out myself in a strict defacet i endded uo getting sick by day 5 and my heart rate went really low that i had to break my diet dispite me doing really great on it but it made me miserable and i still obsessed over food.

    Honestly for me nothing sets me off unless my brain realizes im not eating or don’t feel ‘completely’ full or ‘satisfied’ like i do with junk food dispite me knowing it’s just the sugars and such added to entice me to keep eating.

  • hello everyone… I also posted a video about this and how I overcame binge eating! Would love it if you checked it out! Send you all the best xxx

  • Every time I try to loose weight I eat in a calorie deficit for three or four days and then I end up binging in the evening and every time I feel like shit after I cant even enjoy holidays cause I binge when I have to eat a ”Unhealthy Meal”. I hope I can stop and never binge again this sucks

  • I don’t really eat aloz like 700 calories a day but then I have binge days and this time my binge day is already 4 days:/ now I’m here ��

  • aight I just watched all of ur vids and subscribed that’s NEVER happened before so that rlly says how good ur content is ����anyways keep doing what ur doing and I wish u the best

  • Oddly, intermittent fasting has stopped me from binging. I follow the OMAD lifestyle and I find that the less I worry about food the less I eat. I have my meals prepped and that’s made it easy. Yes the first couple of weeks were hard but the body is amazing and adapts. Plus I’ve lost weight without hardship.

  • Amazing advice!! Thank youuu. This has been happening to me for at least 3 months and I was kinda ignoring it but for the past weeks it has been happening more and more often. Now that I analyze it, I think is because lately I have been trying to eliminate carbs and gluten completely. That did not worked for me at all! So many restrictions to what is being cooked at home and a feeling that I could not eat at restaurants. It is great to see that this has a name and a way out of it. Everything in this video spoke to me! I can recognize I have triggers to binge eating and then is a like a ”vicious cycle” because once I do it I feel so guilty that I try to skip meals or promise myself that the next day I am going to be better. I have found that the best way to ”keep me on check” is to eat from all group of foods but in an adequate portion (1/2 cup of starchy carbs, 1 whole plate of salad and 6 oz of meat) and snacking if I feel like it. Oh, and yeah, avoiding boredom and other triggers. Again, THANK YOU!!

  • My answer to binge eating is to find veggies you enjoy and just binge those……………………

    Like if you want to snack, just get a huge bowl of carrots, bell pepper, celery, broccoli, etc…

    Then just get some hummus to dip all the veggies in. (preferably you make your own hummus without oil and make it a little watery so that it’s not so thick and calorie dense, but normal store bought hummus is honestly ok too)

    Then just start munching away while watching youtube……….. EZPZ.

  • I’ve used to suffer from binge eating for over 2 years and even though I’ve been recovered for a while now it’s still something I struggle with every single day.

  • Hi Kiana, I’d really love to hear your insights on hypnotherapy for eating disorders and weight loss. Personally, it’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and I don’t see much media coverage on the topic. After many years of struggle, I’ve finally been able to overcome my bad habits and emotional eating. I love your channel so much. Thank you for making videos.

  • I used to binge eat when I was 17 to 19,, it was like bulimia without the vomiting… then I met my husband to be and the Binge eating stopped.. just like that.. and Iv`e never had the problem since.. Im 67 now,

  • It’s not that my diet is blown or smth, for me. It’s just falling out of the new pattern and back into destructive habits again and that “loss of control” triggers some really bad feelings

  • I am happy for this video this is all something I really fully realised in last few months. And I’m finally on healthy weight loss journey. Also my binge was usually triggered by fear of missing out. But I like to repeat myself (kinda like if I was in scary castle with”ghosts” or something) that me wanting to binge is not real. It’s just an illusion. And it’s just my food addiction and boredom.

  • Here’s how you stop bingeing. LOW CALORIE DENSE FOODS like veg and some fruits. Don’t tell me that u can eat junk food after you’ve eaten pounds of salad. Make sure you don’t put any dressing on salad it will add 300 calories

  • You are sent from heaven this is all so accurate and your tips really help if someone right now is reading my comment and doubting the tips she gives and doubting yourself in a way that you think you can not follow the tips I took the time to write this specially for you you canndo it you can overcome it! And be the person you want to be! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’ve been a binge eater since high school and am still in the throes. I’ve lost 100 lbs and gained it back, lost 70 lbs and gained it back, etc. Thank you for this video! <3

  • Did you pursue any therapy during your journey? I’m considering signing up for online counselling, but the cost is making me hesitateeven though it’s probably less per week than what I spend on a binge-heavy week, lol. I’m just not sure if it’ll be helpful enough to merit the cost. And it’s just so hard not to stop and buy a ton of junk food and ready-meals on my way home after work when I’m tired and hungry and just go to town.

  • My way to Stop Binge Eating: Eat vegetables as much, as you want. And eat a lot of lean protein-meals such as low-fat quark, cottage cheese, lean meat (As much, as you want).

    Water-rich fruits like melons, apples. No processed foods. Ony things without many calories that make you full the whole day. If you don’t like how it tastes: Use Flavour Drops, spices like cinnamon etc. Everyone finds lean meals or types of preparation that taste great if you invest the time and look for it.

    You shouldn´t buy or eat processed foods in the future if you have a binge problem with that.
    Many people can’t stop eating, because it tastes too good and if you eat the tastiest high calorie processed meals every week (or day), your brain remembers it, you´ll get fatter and it won’t stop ever.

    Another important thing is, that high protein meals and vegetables have not so many calories as you think. Your body cant gets so much energy out of this stuff and you lose weight. It is not all calorie in calorie out. What you eat, is more important. Too much processed, high calorie-dense foods are not good for everyone, and we all get fat and unhealthy with it over time.

  • Nobody needs a 1200 calories a day unless you’re a potato and super short. That just going to set you to yo yo dieting.

    I’m 4′ 11″ and workout 5 days eating 1500 calories and I will loose wight.

  • I’m on 1300 kcal per day unless I do a lot of cardio which in that case I can eat more to compensate. 5’4” is average and 1200-1300 kcal are proposed as the daily intake while dieting.

  • I’m in cbt therapy for ED now, part of my “home work” is to note the time I eat, bracket meals so like if I have a steak and salad thats considered a meal, but if I eat a bowl of soup and then I eat a little debbie cake or whatever where it was sequential and unplanned thats unbracketed, thats not a meal, I have to note where I ate it (specifically, like if at home where at home work school etc), if I ate alone or with someone else, if so who and then comments on what I was thinking or feeling when I was eating and rate my mood on a scale of 1-7 and then I have to put stars by the food events that I am bothered by and we discuss what happened that made me be bothered by that even so like if I had a shitty day at work and I got pizza that’d be a star but if I planned the pizza or just didn’t fucking hate myself for it, maybe not such much a star…its annoying af but its helping me work through some shit..I have a history of being excessively restrictive to the point where I will probably have long term heart problems, documenting food intake helps for a lot of ED I guess its helping for me…I hope for the long run

  • Hi Kiana! I just recently discovered your YouTube channel and I just wanna say I really love your content! I was actually surprised to see that your channel is new, given that your content is so detailed and well-made. Thank you for making these videos! I’m even more motivated now to continue with my weight loss journey. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll post!:)

  • OMG I can so relate! Except I don’t think I have food addiction, what I have is just sudden intense cravings for junk food, which makes me feel grossed out (i.e. the food not matching my cravings/didn’t taste that good) then I stay away from junk food anywhere between a few days to a month. There is just no way that I can have junk food every day, because I seriously think I would throw up from nausea by like the 3rd meal. But the psychology is the same when I decide I need to watch my calories, I have like something that was not planned then I’m like well, I already broke it so, let’s wait for the next time.
    My problem is I cannot stay on track for anything, even for food: that was given up instantly when I got addicted to some internet novels and I couldn’t stop reading. Basically because I was too engrossed in the novel(s), I would use any spare time I had to read which just left me barely eating for months (I never had any junk food cravings at all during that time and ate relatively fresh foods mostly salads or fruits, just very little) which made my weight drop like crazy in a bad way.
    But then when I finished the novel(s) and couldn’t find other good enough novels to pique my interest, my normal meals returned but so did my bad food cravings:/.

  • Loving your channel, I’m someone who struggled with binge eating and purging and then not eating all day and the cycle goes on… and everything you’re saying is so true and so informative I really think you are going to help a lot of people with your channel keep it up!

  • Would have helped to know all this at the beginning but got still new info and tools. Thank you ��

    Is It sustainable in long run when took control and stopped eating all time and years later I am in situation when there’s high stress or anxiety I just “allow” myself some binging?

    This happens maybe once a month or once every 2 months and doesn’t go further than 1-2 days.. It makes me confused at times bc there’s no more shame and guilt after. It feels more like recharging batteries. ��

    P. S. Today felt like could eat whole grocery store but kept going without extra food. So it’s in control do I get it right? ��

  • Hi sorry if it is a lot to ask but I badly needed a support person. You see I have no many friends so if your willing then you are a God sent angel to me. Don’t worry I won’t do anything to offend you, I just really need you.

  • Everyone I’ve ever met who does “Keto” dieting ends up gaining weight and becomes a binge eater. Keto is a fad diet and will not lead you to long-term and healthy success.

  • i don’t understand why you’re not getting more clicks for those nice videos! they’re very informative and interesting, i’m glad i discovered your channel

  • Eating fruit always makes me want to binge on honey Peter Pan creamy peanut butter and Concord grape jelly. I’ve given away/thrown out all of the other foods that I’ve been tempted to binge on, and I’ve lost 45 pounds since the beginning of 2020. But I always had peanut butter and jelly, so many times I would end up eating a lot of that. I don’t like eating either of them by themselves in large quantities, so yesterday I finally threw away my jelly and hopefully my weight loss journey will no longer be thwarted by the PB&J Gods!

  • This is so helpful. Thank you! I feel like I’ve been too strict about my “don’t be so strict to yourself” journey. I’ve just recently figured out that I’ve already made progress and I shouldn’t blame myself for not being perfect already. Me talking to myself “you’ve messed up again!” or “why do you still have these cravings?” makes it worse. Instead, I’m trying to look at my binges and realize they’ve become “healthier”, less intense and less frequent. This shouldn’t be something I blame myself for. Did you struggle with this kind of negative self-talk? If yes, how did you deal with it? <3

  • This is a great reference video! I’m a recovering binge eater. While I’ve only ever been slightly overweight, it did become a problem, and it was usually triggered by alcohol. I would drink a few glasses of wine and then all of a sudden wanted to eat everything in the house. I stopped drinking and the binge eating seems to have mostly subsided, but I don’t want to jump the gun and say it’s gone for good. I’ve lost 25 pounds from my heaviest weight of 157 (I’m 132 now). But I know how easily I could pile that right back on if I don’t keep myself in check.

  • Hai I am from Malaysia. I really love your video please make more hahaha. You are very good, very informative and at the same time give adequate edits and personality. thummbss uppp

  • Thank you so much! I’m only 13 but I binge eat…it’s mindless I don’t like that I do it but when I start eating a snack it’s not enough I just have to keep having more and I can’t stop, my parents have brought up that it’s a problem and I know it is, like for example today I got a box of junior mints and it’s the end of the day and it’s already almost gone I only have a few more left �� I couldn’t stop myself

  • I told a psych I had the symptoms of binge eating. She said no. Binge eating is going to several restaurants and eating it all in one sitting. I disagree and feel ignored

  • As soon as i found your channel i BINGE WATCHED your every video! The only kind of BINGE that is beneficial is learning from your videos! <3

  • Okay so maybe I’m the outlier but I found IF to help me a lot with stopping binge eating. It’s like… Before that, I’m constantly thinking about food, how it’s right there, how I can eat it and I end up exerting a lot of willpower not eating it, which becomes a binge when I do eat. On the other hand with IF, it’s like the option is out of my head completely. I just don’t think about food when I fast cause eating is not an option. Does that make sense?

  • stress and sadness trigger my binge eating. i started lowering the quantity of sweets that i eat throughout a binge. i’ve been through some rough moments bcz of my toxic bf, and i think it’s time i changed my thoughts and my lifestyle. thank you for your advice! it’s good to know, as a perfectionist, to not follow strict rules and give your body the amount of healthy food that is needed.

  • Great advice, insights and neutral information. Being a binge eater my self currently on a journey to be fit. (lost 65lbs to date 15 more to go)… The most important and most notable thing I have change from previous attempts to weight loss that ended up on a cycle. Is DO NOT QUIT!!!! The by product of one day of failure to the “plan” does not define who you want to be and your goals!

  • I am currently 194lbs. @ 6ft. When I do benge I grab a tilamook ice cream half gallon, the chocolate moose vanilla bean one. And I just dig in with my hands and get messy into it. And eat it until i get sick of it. And after I do this I can make it about 2 months or more before I get another cholate, moose vanilla ice cream craving. So the next time the cravings come up I just remember the gross feeling I got right after binging on it. I usealley eat about 3 quarters of it and throw the rest away. I usealley go through this cycle about every 2-3 months. This is my demon. Tillamook ice cream. But as I learn more about junk food the less I want it. Especially the chemicals that destroy our cells. My last ice cream benge was 3 weeks ago. So yeah I have fallen off the wagon. But I keep getting on. Cause if I don’t get ice cream I will start chaseing women. The one thing that does make me resist and fight back my cravings 95% of the time is that when my weight is below 190 or less I not only feel better and see better but my emotions are much more pure and well this will sound gross but that thing that everyone dose but will never admit too. Feels so much better when my weight is down closer to where it should be.

  • I get cravings in my binge. Like during I’m like i ate sugar and now I HAVE to have salty or spicy foods and I don’t feel satisfied until I am stuffed.

  • The violin at 1:04. I remember it from a yugioh simulator and I’ve been searching for that audio so I can use it for memes, for like 3 weeks now and I cannot find it wtf ����������

  • Just wanted to say that you are stunningly beautiful. And that your videos really inspire to look after your body. I feel that you don’t want to shame anybody but still analyze their behaviour, it’s like you have analyzed mine. And you are right: we don’t have to be our own victims, we can handle stuff pretty good if we really want to ����
    I’m happy that you reached your goal and people like you are my example to never give up ❤️
    I’m looking forward to more of your content ��

  • you’re just telling me what i don’t wanna hear but i know it’s true. i don’t know if i can let go of these rules i’ve set for myself. it’s going to be hard.

  • I’ll be 14 in July and I was 180 pounds. I’m 5’3. I love food! But I realized that if I die because of food, food isn’t going to care. I’m training my brain to be stronger and have more control over what I eat. I eat less than 2,200 calories a day now and I exercise like crazy. I’ve lost 10 pounds in about two weeks. Today is the third day of my seven day water fasts and I feel like dying. Lol. But I know this is good for my health. I cut out all soda and junk food such as candy, chips, sugary drinks, etc…(though, I do treat myself to desert once in a while. Lol) I only wish love on everybody who’s reading this and good luck on your weight loss!��