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6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness Here are simple things your employer could be doing to support your mental and physical health at work and home. Jennifer Owens. there are six simple ways your employer can impact your wellness for the better right now. Here’s how. 6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness Your Wellness.

Working Moms: Don’t Let Your Mental Load Lead to Burnout Your Wellness. Self-Care Isn’t Selfish—Or Why I Love Pilates Pregnancy & Postpartum. The best advice for your health, weekly, in your inbox.

While you are so much more than your health issues, taking the time to explain your situation to your boss can help remove some of the unnecessary. 6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness. Here are simple things your employer could be doing to support your mental and physical health at work and home. share.

HealthiHer. 6 surprising ways human resources can help your career representatives who can help you navigate different types of wellness and work/life offerings. issue between boss and direct report. Alexander Jacques Sabucido on 6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness; Alexander Jacques Sabucido on 6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness; James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon on Hundreds of foreign doctors mull leaving UK over ‘crippling’ fees.

Nature boosts your immune system. Dr. Qing Li, a professor at the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, believes humans benefit from the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of “phytoncides” which are oils that trees secrete to protect them from rotting and predators. 6 Surprising Ways to Help Your Heart Small changes make a big difference when it comes to heart health. By Angela Guzman angela guzman.

You know that maintaining your ideal weight is key to your overall good health, and your ob-gyn is a great person to lead the charge since she sees, and weighs you, yearly. She can talk to you. Alexander Jacques Sabucido on 6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness; Alexander Jacques Sabucido on 6 Surprising Ways Your Boss Can Support Your Health and Wellness; James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon on Hundreds of foreign doctors mull leaving UK over ‘crippling’ fees.

List of related literature:

Happy, healthy employees are more productive, use less sick time, and reflect the image the organization promotes.

“Health Care Financial Management for Nurse Managers: Merging the Heart with the Dollar” by Janne Dunham-Taylor, Joseph Z. Pinczuk
from Health Care Financial Management for Nurse Managers: Merging the Heart with the Dollar
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All of these methods have the goal of improving workplace health.

“Comprehensive Materials Processing” by Saleem Hashmi
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by Saleem Hashmi
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Both you and your employer have the same goal: for you to stay healthy so you can do the best job possible.

“The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health” by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
from The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health
by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
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By promoting a healthy work–life balance, employers benefit, as do employees.

“New Dimensions in Women's Health” by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
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6 Create healthy working conditions for all staff.

“Health Promotion: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity” by Keith Tones, Sylvia Tilford
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One key step is to encourage employees to stay healthy.

“Human Resources Kit For Dummies” by Max Messmer
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This is followed by an overview of techniques health care managers can use to promote motivational attributions among employees.

“Organizational Behavior in Health Care” by Nancy Borkowski
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Health promotion and wellness can also be achieved by clients who have some degree of illness.

“Wellness Nursing Diagnosis for Health Promotion” by Karen M. Stolte
from Wellness Nursing Diagnosis for Health Promotion
by Karen M. Stolte
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• Include a health-promotion focus for the client with disabilities, with the goals of reducing secondary conditions (e.g., obesity, hypertension, pressure sores), maintaining functional independence, providing opportunities for leisure and enjoyment, and enhancing overall quality of life.

“Nursing Diagnosis Handbook E-Book: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care” by Betty J. Ackley, Gail B. Ladwig
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• Health promotion occurs in home, work, and community settings.

“Potter and Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing: Second South Asia Edition E-Book” by Sharma Suresh
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  • Love between my parents I never saw, there marriage seemed like shit, whenever I wanted to cry everyone shut me down telling cry quietly, been sexually assaulted by boys since fifth grade, my closest friends didn’t even knew my fav color, now I don’t even have friends. Now I’m scared of marriage, intimacy, betrayal,. I have insecurities, low self esteem, social anxiety hardly got out of depression. My whole life I just explain ��

  • ME:
    1:Not sleeping enough
    2:sitting down a lot
    4.not socializing enough
    5.Junk food
    6.Watching too much TV
    7.Fast food
    8.Not Exercising right
    9.Worrying to much
    10.Being Pessimistic
    11.plastic using..?
    12:being on phone a lot
    That’s all I wanna tell

  • I think I can relate to all points. However (point 3) I was never a kid who throws tantrums or whatever. I was (and am) always retreated and isolated. Likely emotionally numb. And though I am looking for help I am also like in point 7. I dont care. In fact, I cant imagine my life being diffrent.

  • The list advice is that everything we are doing during the quarantine isn’t good for our health. Damn I should get out but I can’t. What are we gonna do now?

  • Been at my new job for 2 1/2 months,I usually keep to myself cause my supervisors are bitches lol, remember everybody go to work and make your money and try not be be friends with everybody because it can cause alot of drama and your downfall

  • That is a wonderful story, put a smile on my face. Not much to smile about on Sept 13 2020. Riots, looting and burning. Bad time for America.

  • ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? i just came here to see how cute pitbull is and now im crying. that dog is literally stronger than me in life!!! and im a person and he is a dog. I am inspired by a dog.

  • In MNC bengaluru India, had a previous team boss. Toxic was small word for him. I moved out of his team, he couldnt take it. He gathered people and start bullyong. here most of the people focus on what others do. They dont have any goals of their own i think. They build big big buildongs with around 5k crowd and most of them involved in gossips bullying pulling others down
    Hardly 20% genuinely work. Rest is bullshit


  • My Pitt Bull, Roxie to your left is battling cancer for a second time. First it was in her neck, now a tumor on her foot. The Veterinarian says he will be able to save her foot but she may lose one of her toes.

  • Last year I had a supervisor omit information pertinent to my safety. I received a fine because of his omission. He denied to my face not telling the truth. I personally paid the $100 fine. He never apologized and never made it right. I won’t forget it…totally changed my view of him

  • I really enjoy this. Never been easily hypnotized but something about this one, where I’m in already “in” within five minutes. Wake up feeling refreshed a more positive. Which is something I’ve needed for a while. I really like and respond well to Marissa.

  • En France, la loi nous interdit de recueillir les animaux sauvages, et si on essaie de le faire en cachette, il y a toujours un imbécile prêt à vous dénoncer si bien que l’Etat vient chez vous et confisque l’animal. C’est horrible.

  • Mental health-related issues tied to our childhood experiences are something that we want to raise more awareness. We want to help parents and future parents to learn how important our childhood is in shaping who we are. If you support this mission, we encourage you to help share this video and two others that were posted recently on this topic. For some reason, those topics haven’t been doing well, but we feel they are super important for our current generation. Help share if you can and if you did, let us know so we can thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • i told my friends i think i had depression but they say everyone gets depressed. then i told my parents i have suicidal thoughts and i attempted to kill myself but they laughed it off saying i was dramatic and its because of youtube.. i honestly dont see the point of living anymore when i have tried to ask and seek for help multiple times but im trying to do this all by myself since no one believes btw im shaking while typing this. oh and i told my parents today…

  • I wanted to skipped this because it makes me so angry. Children should not be depressed. I take it very personal because it happened to me. I am in my 50s and am just now getting better. My life could have been so much happier and better.

  • Dear Marisa, thanks for this excellent presentation. My question is: my mother tongue is french, do you think that giving English commands to my mind would he understand them? It’s easier to use english commands as they sound more powerful than french.��

  • Yep. Been depressed since I was a child. Couldn’t fit in with others. The best time ever was studying n teaching. Then my world came tumbling down. 21yrs later, many psychological n psychiatrist later, nothing has changed.
    Decided to limit myself to 1 anti depressants only. The side effects were terrible. Meditation is my go to right now. I’m still hiding from life, at 58yrs young. ��❤️

  • Life goes up aaaand down…..there is no cure for depression, love or hate…..we all have to deal with it on a regular basis…
    Trust me, I know after being alive for more than 50 years…..life is a battle just fight it the best u can and that’s good enough:)

  • Toxic bosses always sneak diss you in a way that you’re not sure if you can say anything back. They know that you are afraid to speak up because it’s your job and your wage that’s on the line. Once you actually do speak up, they say something like ”Fix your additude, I want this place to have a good working environment.” which sounds ironic since they are the ones that are ruining the ”good working environment”.

  • Unfortunately, she is another charlatan. If this was true it would work for everyone. She’s such a charlatan she’s not even sincere. You all should be able to see that.

  • I’m working as an buffet attendant full time so I can save up for college. My boss gives me new work schedule every week without any notices. For example my work schedule this week was tue, wed, Fri, and sat. I was looking forward toward my 2 day holiday but after my slave work on Saturday night 11:30 PM, he told me I have to come in on Monday and work 3 day in a row working 12 hrs shift. He’s explanation is that because I have a full time position, it is my obligations that I have to be available anytime and anyday of the week. I think it’s ridiculous and I want him to give me more notice because my life is more then my work. I want more than a day to spend with my family.

  • I worked as a cleaner for 8 weeks in a small company. Manager expected me to complete a 4 hour job in 2 hours (due to covid) so I met that challenge. Then the picking started. It was explained as “high standards” yet nothing was mentioned about the actually cleaning but pics were lopsided, rugs not straightened. I began to think I was going mental so I took pics on my phone of each room. When boss finally stated the loos were grubby I looked the pics. This was not recieved well (exposed the lies) and I left. I was not prepared to stick around for more damaging accusations like stealing etc..I have kept the pics just in case.

  • I couldn’t lash out or imma get beat, instead I suppressed it and remembered it recently once I’m trying to be a good parent myself

  • The worst thing about no. 5 is that nobody understands.
    When you’re too scared to answer to text messages because you might write something ‘wrong’ and think that they end up hating you, everyone will simply think you don’t like them at all (since you show no visible interest).

    But what they don’t know are your struggles and worries to make these simple interactions. And the more you like someone, the bigger the fear of failing and being hated.

    It feels like every option is wrong. A neverending spiral…

  • One thing that’s always frustrated me is that I could recall being happy up until about age five, but notthereafter. One of my hopes in seeing a therapist was the hope of feeling happy again, as I once had. Still working on it though, at age 66

  • When Rudie is grown even with 3 legs, he will be able to jump like a deer. They can clear very tall fences.
    I hope they can keep him safe, and are prepared for adult male deer attitude.

  • Oh when a person gets cancer they get treatment but when a dog gets cancer the vet be like “you should put him down”
    slams face with the table

  • I actually can’t take this anymore, all of these apply to me. I’ve been depressed for almost half of my life it started before i was 12, everyone hated me, everyone bullied me no matter what, so i grew up depressed, i’m 19 now, and i don’t know what i would be like if i wasn’t depressed, i was still a little kid when i was mentally killed. I have no friends, no one’s ever loved me and therapy isn’t working at all. I don’t want to take antidepressants, they’re fake happiness. It just doesn’t get better, i can’t recall a single happy memory from my life, i don’t have anyone left for me but my parents, but they don’t understand me. They don’t make me feel better, they try, but it doesn’t help. I can’t really even put it into words how much i want to die. There’s no hope, for almost 10 years i’ve suffered and it just doesn’t get better. I’m starting to feel like i’m just not meant to be here, like these are all natures ways of saying to just call it quits. Everyday is the same lonely and gray miserable hell. It’s like all life is throwing all the shit it has streaight at me. It’s like i’m actually cursed or something. I’m not afraid of death. I’ve got nothing to live for. I didn’t sign up for this, i never asked to be born, i don’t want to play this game anymore. No one can help me it seems, no one cares, and i don’t blame them, it would be a waste.

  • I would like to add to this video:
    Being an Ambivert makes many symptoms hard to self-realize. I am 1,and spent most childhood in denial or upheaval. BUT I can entertain/occupy myself both ways, so it was easy to stubborn thru it thinking I’m a badass,etc.
    Now as a late 20s adult,I am STILL doing it but fully aware of everything from past-future(including what ifs). My life is disgusting,painful,and failing. “Practically pointless” is what comes to mind.
    Lots has happened during adulthood(health,connections,etc)that only piled on the pressure/took away support. My options are lost to me and so did a piece of my ❤.
    Sry for the rambling point is if ya got this personality type(or know them) get ready for complications/confusions cuz that’s literally what we are.its a curse when damaged

  • On my first thirteen hour shift as a waiter, I had to help deal with an attempted murder inside the restaurant. The man was mentally ill and tried to kill another patron because he “didn’t want to be mugged”.
    We watched him repeatedly smash into the doors after we locked him out.

    When I told my boss the next day, she said “yeah, well I had a hard day too.”

    This is the same woman who parked her sports car in the handicapped space in a lot that only had 4 spaces total.

    The other manager got fired for jerking off at work. Multiple patrons saw him do it. This guy also did tons of coke and would sprinkle cheese on the pizzas after taking a dump without washing his hands. I’m so glad I left that place ����

  • I resonate with all of the things mentioned in this video and even asked my parents to get me professional help but I had to suck it up because I have an Asian family that doesn’t believe in mental health issues (they’d say that it’s all just in my head) also, my mom just brought me to church lol I even dropped out of school but now that I’m 18, I have somehow learned how to live with it.

  • Damn… this video describe me way too well. I’ve gotten really good at pretending I’m ok, but I think I never really been ok
    Thank you for the video, I’m not ready yet to confront my childhood trauma but I think it’s the first time that I realized that I need to

  • Did that animation of the little kid crying with broken stuff around them make you cry? It made me feel things I didn’t know I had in me.

  • Most of the memories I have vivid in my mind are bad things, and I have a picture of me crying over many things that children don’t cry about often. Ps: I loved the chimmy pillow and all might and deku posters:)

  • I have had some pretty evil bosses and coworkers in my experience. Lots of back stabbing and discrimination. I think in this case you have to find another job to keep your sanity.

  • Please keep us updated about Kapone……like, is his cancer terminal, what his wheelchair looks like, etc. I was going to donate, but apparently you reached your goal because the page is closed. And, if the family of Kapone reads this, please tell me where you’re going to in order to adopt another three-legged dog. I want a hard to adopt dog, but I cannot find any in the city where I live.

  • I can relate to 5 of the 7 and this video made me cry.

    I’m considering professional help for a diagnoses, I guess it’s probably a good idea

  • So, when talking about being so hopeless that nothing excites a person anymore? What is that like? Is it never feeling excitment over things at all? Can it be little sparks of joy followed by feeling emptiness for 3 quarters of the day awake?

  • I seriously feel like I could scream about this and I’d lose my voice loooong before it would register to anyone, even my loved ones. I don’t have very many people in my life because I don’t want to burden people with my clumsy awkwardness

  • i think i may have depression or anxiety but i’m scared if i tell my parent i want to seek for psychological help, i’m afraid of what their reaction would be because when we talk about mental illness such as depression or anxiety, they will “joke” about it or say they are faking it or need attention. can someone tell me what to do?

  • Gotta be honest, the way her voice breaks a little at the end of almost every sentence is really triggering my misophonia. But I really appreciate this video nonetheless.

  • I’ve had the misfortune of being around many bad people and so I have bad memories. I still wouldn’t say being a kid was all that bad though.

  • Well I guess I’m dying tomorrow.
    No. Wait. Everyone in my family lives to be in their late 80s/90s doing all the things they’re not supposed to do. How’s that working again?

  • When I was 9 my best friend died, and i burried my face in Amstrad CPC 6128k computer and then a NES and then a SNES etc.. got bulled at school, turned down by 500 girls and so I stayed away from all humans, I ended up with Xbox one and PS4, my dad hit me with his belt and smashed my face on a radiator between ages of 10-20, now I’m still a hikikomori at 41 locked away from all

  • My childhood ( childhood emotional neglect) oh yes had the best clothes, holidays, money etc… But what other people thought about our family was that it was well balanced and lots of love and cuddles. Fantasy was the correct answer. I don’t want to talk about it anymore�� At 54 yrs you’d think it would all be ok now. I’m an empty shell.

  • Every one of these signs describe me perfectly. So sad to have lived this way for 60 years. I have not found therapy to be helpful and I have tried for years. The patterns and trauma are ingrained into every cell and I believe will never be overcome. Myself and siblings are walking wounded caused by the emotional and physical abuse we suffered as children. That’s when I think about putting an end to the pain. At least I didn’t pass the family abuse onto my kids, except they are scarred from having to be raised by a depressed parent. In my opinion, there is no help.

  • when i i had 9 years old, without noticing it, i did self-injury, everytime i got anger, now i’m still doing that, but, i don’t get angry as much as before, and most of the time, is because my mother

  • I’ve had a past with being inappropriately touched by some people and never told anyone until this year. Could this be one reason I have anxiety and depression? Or is that a myth??
    Thanks for making videos for mental health! ❤️

  • I’m living this nightmare now. I actually felt suicidal because of this boss. I have been with this company for 17 years and may have to leave because she wrights me up for EVERYTHING. she takes screenshots of all of my Emails. and pops me for private conversations. in the break room I might add. I received my first Disciplinary discussion ever from this boss.

  • Which positive affirmation technique helped you the most? Let us know in the comments ��
    Watch Marisa’s FREE Masterclass on how to develop an abundance mindset NOW �� https://go.mindvalley.com/VW6KAMgG

  • How many other people have a headache after listening to this video by moving your eye’s up into your forehead like I do! I should have known better! Tried something like this year’s ago and same thing occurred…

  • I’ve been dying to sleep after being awake 3 days in a row and almost getting killed in a car crash! And one to 3 hours sleep weeks in a row! But I’m open for you to help me! We will see! Been through 100’s of videos like this one, and subliminal suggestions tones frequencies pep talks and chakra alignment and many etc etc etc..

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  • Just voice your opinion!! And dont tolerate being yelled at. Bosses think their employers are puppets and can talk to them any kind of way without a response back.

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  • Who is the ghost lady at 18 minutes? Why would she come out from the spirit world when we were going deeper and deeper, to take photos of me in trance????

  • I really enjoy this. Never been easily hypnotized but something about this one, where I’m in already “in” within five minutes. Wake up feeling refreshed a more positive. Which is something I’ve needed for a while. I really like and respond well to Marisa.

  • He is a beautiful animal but what happens when he hits the rut as an adult? I hate to be the debbie downer because this is such a wonderful story but all babies grow up.

  • I post this massage anyone’s reading this please pray for me I am paralyze now due for the accident of motorcycle past February 19 2019 and now my spinal cord are totally damage, my doctor said I don’t have a chance to walk again, I’m suffering now I lost my job and my support to my family i have 5 children and still studying and I don’t know how to survive..
    please help me to pray I want to walk again and to work and i also I serve to God, I bow down my knee to ask your help in Jesus mighty name amen

  • Hey Marisa! I sure love to hear your teachings and I love the humor that you also put in to your talks. I’m trying to find healing for COPD have you tried anything for your patients that worked?? Thank you so much for any help. Btw so far you are the only one who can help put me in a trance. Thank you so much for all that you do!!! Love n Hugs <3

  • I was diagnosed with diabetes last November. When I went to see the diabetes nurse to do my foot tests etc, I told her I know I don’t have diabetes. She gave me a stern look and said, “that’s your diagnosis, accept it.” I was silent, but in my mind, I said “I reject your words” and I did the test. I never for once took the pills they gave me. Last week, I went for blood tests and my Dr was shocked, not a single trace of insulin resistance or diabetes. I looked at them and laughed in my mind. I knew from within that the power of I Am is always working for me, which is why I try my best to put only positive words after I Am. Man proposes, God disposes. I trust in the Power that’s within my and it’s moved by my words and thoughts. Please keep speaking positivity into your life no matter what anyone says to you and hold a positive image in your mind’s eye. All with go well with you ��

  • Lol most people dont even know whats is the biological clock.feed the spirit body gets nourish alone, staying near dull person for a day destroys health more than smoking more than 100 packs of cigarettes/alcohol a day,majority of people dont even know that fact, and they wounder why i flee from bordom/drama like a mouse running away from a cat.��
    God will judge me about my health right after my prayers on that day dear.
    Cell phones/computers too but how can we work to make living with out them they dont even hire you if you dont have computer skills but drinking much water prevent/reduce its negative effect

  • Wow that was so amazing! The cleansing process was pretty uncomfortable towards the middle and end. But if I was able to let go of one oz of negativity it was worth it! Although I believe I let go more of more than I think lol if that makes any sense.

  • For cure of any disease, genital herpes, diabetes cancer, H I V, e t c…contact Dr harry mercy for herbal cure because helped my aunty with her cancer problems..whatasap number. +2348141659546 or email [email protected] gmail.com

  • Thank you for this. I’m still a Christian and will use God’s healing to heal me in addition to this. There are some things I personally cannot heal by myself, for example, all the healing God has done of my body and mind and heart and soul after I survived 30 years of human trafficking which I was born into, and 5 years of homelessness. Only two years away from all that and I am able to function amazingly well.:) Thanks to Jesus.:) Amen. I did not do my healing on my own, but my healing on my own plus my faith allowed Jesus to carry me the rest of the way.:) I got my IQ of 120 and I’m using it to get my masters degree in Environmental Sustainability. Cause I am awesome and God is awesome.:)

  • the problem of human why cannot heal or repairing the body because lack of memory to the blood,, the gene are working to make a stem cells using by the command of the blood, and only repairing the skin but if have a problem the organ no command to the gene for repairing the organ like a salamndeer of home lizard this animal have a command came from the blood if the parts of the body are broken commandibg to the gene for repairing if have a problem, that is a lack for the human and other animals,,,,, the problem for the human why cannot do that procedure of repairing are how to insert a memory to the blood

  • Just a comment to feed the algorithm. Dont mind me, mind this beautiful creature instead. Hes a true fighter and im glad he runs like a lightning now

  • If you are reading this you are blessed, you are loved, you are here for a reason. The universe wants you here, that creative energy lives within you. Access it, heal yourself, let go of everything that does not serve you. Stay vigilant, the battle is within. Create the life you want, be disciplined, do what you need to do not what you want to do, get up early, get outside with nature, exercise, visualise, play, laugh, love, live with your heart open and embrace yourself.

  • Why in the world would you use Africa as an example of people not having it??We in 21 century and that kind portrait don’t exist anymore so change your example coz there a lot of people in the UK who don’t have it

  • Marissa Peer, you are amazing, so helpful and positive. I love the inspiration and insights learned from you videos.
    I’ve needed this.

  • My manager does nothing but yells at me and criticizes me all the time and I get you told me this goes to table and it doesn’t! Read the tickets! Servers have more important things to do than run food! Can you buss tables! I have to run food, be on expo and buss at the same time! I get no tips but cut down by servers, managers and customers all the time! I hate my life

  • This is only a few disgusting traits of my demon boss. And in the end she always makes herself looks stupid infront everyone cause I always have data and paper work to back myself up and to show her and others how she is a fool. Never argue with a fool. Empty vessels make the most noise.

  • Lady R Kiss, wow this was a well timed answer to a praye request l had earlier in the day regarding my present work space…thank you!! Also Lady R. Kiss can you please do a segment on clicks in the work place and why so many women are so blatantly mean, unsupportive and ostracizing. I have a supervisor who actually creates a work culture that is indicative to this sick and immature behavior. To see women and not just African American women as old as 70 on down lie and behave with this level of immaturity is discouraging, embarrassing and sad. Because, I am such an individual in my thoughts and ideas yet a team player for the purpose of performance and productivity l am often ostracized! I am very kind, diplomatic and helpful. I find that some work environments don’t encourage that. Please help me bring clarity to this puzzling matter!

  • When you’re working under a toxic boss you have no other option than to look for another job. Cause a toxic boss is a slimy manipulative duche who is an expert at destroying an underlings credibility and sucking up to upper management.

    They are detrimental to the company they work for and do a lot of damage to the company and promote suckholes. Quite often the suckholes are lazy incompetent people who are slimy and useless also.

    Eventually the business will go to the wall if these arseholes are not identified and sacked or forced to leave.

  • I’ve always been appraised as an exceptional performer at work… But the moment I stepped into a new department I always feel like I’m walking on eggshells. My boss ridicules and makes personal comments and loses his cool and yells at the drop of a hat. After 7yrs in my company… I’m seriously contemplating moving on. ������

  • This video has been successful in accurately explaining my life. I’m depressed but my parents don’t understand mental illness. They think I’m being ungrateful about life. Now they blame me. I’m afraid I’m going crazy day by day.

  • I said goodbye to our pittie 6 years ago…. still cry over her,and always will. She was poisoned ��
    she was the most loving,beautiful Angel…will always live in my heart and soul. Pitties are amazing!!!! All animals are amazing!!! God bless this beautiful family and their gorgeous pittie baby ��

  • This hit the nail on the head in every possible way. I began praying for god to kill me in sleep since I was 6 years old. I now have CPTSD, schizoaffective/bipolar2 and clinical depression. Nothing helps. I have been on all types of medication. I try to exercise, I meditate, I get sunlight, I try hard not to isolate. I also try really hard to get up, believe in myself and keep going when I hit set backs. It’s like my brain is scarred. I can’t afford the psycho therapy I desperately need. I can just barely afford to see an NP for my medications. It’s weird, and people think I’m super unconfident, but I actually really love myself. A lot. I’m smart, talented and kind but even thought I think I am wonderful, the depression never goes away…… Every day my alarm goes off, I hit snooze and hope I never wake up. No matter what activity I’m engaged in, who I’m with, what I’m doing, I am crippled with sadness. The only thing that has ever alleviated the pain were magic mushrooms but since they’re expensive and illegal where I live, it isn’t very tangible. I hate living like this… I have never known true lasting joy. Not that there is such a thing, but I know plenty of neurotypicals who genuinely feel like life is a beautiful and happy experience. I feel cursed and I just wish it could end. I’d give anything to be cured. Anything in the world.

  • Yesterday i got yelled at by my boss in front of 15 ppl and threatened to check the cameras all cuz I accidentally forgot to clock in for break. Also its my first week of this job.

  • I wish my job would just fire me so I can get on unemployment. But they won’t. They know I need to money. Hate my new supervisor. She’s only been there 2 month, claims to appreciate my work, but I recently got written up for trivial things. Never got written in the 6 years I’ve been there. Ready to quit. F it. Ugh ��

  • Lol I just left my job and it’s the best feeling ever. Honestly the most toxic environment and every employee would leave after a one week. Especially some of my coworkers would projects their frustrations and belittle you.

  • I was surprised I was expecting a fluff piece, but you nailed my situation. My “boss”, who’s really just my lead came in pretending to be less qualified than he really is (why?). He’s technically SUPER qualified for the job (overqualified). He says he never led a team before (even said the reason he decided to leave his old company was because “HE” put his company’s competition out of business, and got bored) yet he charmed his way into the leadership role by over-promising deliverables to our (even more ambitious) manager. He has the ability to do a lot of this by himself, but I don’t play his game, and I wont kill myself 14 hours including unpaid overtime per day trying to please him, and he knows it. I’ve been relegated to doing repetitive tasks, and any time I ask to do something “in my wheelhouse” he’s like… “ummmm let’s have you work on THIS instead”… THIS usually being some repetitive task nobody wants to do. He’s tried to set up everything around his own success, and I can feel people who were initially enthusiastic about working in our group are getting progressively more disillusioned. Pretty soon he’ll be left with just the dead weight and even they will find other options once they figure out it’s all about elevating HIM, and not the team. When/if he gets promoted, the team will be shadow of itself starting from scratch, since he will have taken a lot of the tribal knowledge he’s currently the gatekeeper for, with him.

  • thank you for making this video. this really helped me a lot. I’m sure my friends who also suffering from depression thinks so too I’ll share it with them. We got called to the councelling room about 3 times now because our mental health score and we might get called again for the 4th time and it involves our parents tnis time. we don’t want to trouble or burden them with our own problem
    I’m so sorry, this is the first time I’ve ever typed out a lot:’)

  • Everybody derserves a chance in life even animals.
    im glad Rudi was given this chance and just look how happy he is.
    In return he is giving comfort and joy to the vunerable.what a sweet little guy.

  • Bosses have responsibility to take organisation forward….but I have experienced boss infact director doing nonsense with employees….that organisation should thank to other talented employees to taking that organisations forward… Otherwise director like this ruin direction unknowingly…

  • By reading the comments, I see so many of us have suffered childhood trauma. We deserved to have been born into a loving, caring family but sadly it didn’t happen that way. I want all of you impacted by childhood trauma and suffer with depression like me to know now that the universe loves you. We may not be able to love and receive human love but we can love the nature and animals as well receive genuine love from them. That is loyal, pure love. Take care

  • Yeah I gave my boss many chances and many times he’s apologized yet they anger, rage, bullying, and verbal abuse persists. He got divorced last year and his living situation sucks so he used me as a beating stick. But not in public only on the job sites. Just rude nasty attitude with very verbal abusive behavior and fits of rage that have him throwing things and hitting things. So today I left his ass at the job site and returned the worked truck and took myself home. Then he messages wanting to talk…. nah we past all that

  • I’m an IT professional and my boss was very happy with my work. But now I got a new manager after 2 years. He is always disappointed with me on small issues and he told me he will give me the written warning from HR next time. I can feel racism ��

  • If Mahdi is reading this. You are the one Marat talking about. Hope this comment reaches Mahdi, who worked here in Malaysia and living in Canada now..

  • Hello Marat: Quick but important question. When you leave a job because your boss was toxic, how do you go about marketing yourself to new employers? How do you explain to a hiring manager the dreaded question, “why did you leave your last job”?

    I know that saying the truth will sound unprofessional (“my boss was toxic”), so how do you get around this hurdle without bad-mouthing your toxic boss and risking sounding ungrateful/someone with “work baggage”?

    I will appreciate your answer greatly! ��

  • The worse manager is one who plays favors and refuses to listen and sides only to those he likes. A manager or boss should be professional and base his evaluation on an employee’s hard work and performance, not because they are friends with the other employees. I have and will never experienced having a dream manager because let’s face it, it does not exist.

  • You have to know that nothing deserves sadness..you have to devote part of your day to meditating on the happy side of your life..talk about your accomplishments in life even if they are small..there is something that calls for happiness..a loyal friend..a loyal sweetheart..a mother. A father there is excessive happiness in life.. Sadness is a little thing in life.. See how birds live to something that worries them


  • This video is SPOT ON. I quit after 46 days. Anytime somebody is condescending in voice tone coupled with disrespectful body language (ie. think shoulder shrugging, eye-rolling, etc., while they speak down to you) that makes you feel belittled, constantly and daily, it’s time to go. Verbal/emotional abuse on any level is not acceptable from any supervisor(s). When you start to feel everyday stress, the physical aches and pains that go along with it and you dread going to work, there’s your sign. Always give two weeks notice unless, you feel so stressed that physically and emotionally you hurt, it’s time to go. Save yourself. Stress can kill you.

  • My boss from a thrift store I worked at was so inconsistent. She told me it was a laid back workplace, but when she saw I was a hard and good worker, she pushed me to reach goals she didn’t care about when I hired in. I quit after two weeks because of her inconsistency. A contract becomes null and void to me when someone goes back on their word, so I quit. She would also ask questions and when I gave answers say she wasn’t asking all of a sudden.

  • My housemates worry about a lot of things. they are being foolish acting like frightened animals sometimes they should stop watching the news a lot.

  • Great video. Thanks for the tips! In my situation, my toxic boss is not the overt type of narcissist that you described but rather the covert type. He’s passive aggressive when he bullies. He’ll even smile while doing it. This type is harder to spot and much worse to deal with. Finally, how can you spot a toxic employer during the interview process so you can avoid taking the job in the first place? Cheers.

  • Hello EMMOTION by Marat I hope you still remember me because I was put the comment on your section while ago about I had a toxic manager who was trying to get rid off me from work I had a written up from her 3times which is I almost got fired out but luckily nothing happened to her plan until the restaurant was shut down in 3months because of the covid19 and when we reopen again The management decided not to call her back because they found out that she got a lot of previous complain which is she got fired out because they didn’t call her back because she is miserable and and I really happy because she is not there anymore and now I realize that karma strikes her

  • I think overrall, the worst managers are the ones that would die for their company when the higher ups wouldn’t give a damn about them.

  • This describes my situation with 100% accuracy. I wake up with anxiety every day, and even when I work extra without pay it’s met with criticism. Every conversation feels demoralizing no matter how much I work and my mental health has taken a nosedive.

  • Idk but my work environment speaks one language and I’m the only one who speaks English. �� my boss could do with a uppercut too. Fake lookin ass boi. Lucky theres consequences to our actions otherwise I’d knock the foul out of your mouth.

  • I was taught this in 1982 by a man saying he was from Alpha Centauri….100% not kidding and very serious. I was very, very ill at the time and healed myself. I am a professional nurse now and can tell you that this process does work. You will become better at it each time you do it. The power of the complex mind has been such a mystery but believe me, it is the answer.

  • Knew a friend who was in service industry lemme tell you that place was Toxic as hell Managers yelling at anyone they don’t like belittling gaining people on their side so they have defense against anyone who will try to report them, also there is special treatment to those they do favor, glad I decided not to get into that type of industry fuck that.. I don’t work for or with entitled little bitches.

  • You have very calm and relaxing explanations, here’s a video of a real life toxic manager cursing and flipping off people https://youtu.be/4ZNnCWXr_iY

  • better recommendations, and more personalized experiences in Maps WITH FACEBOOK LEADED TO 500 000 DEATHS 2019 WHAT ELSE TO THINK ABOUT? CAN GOOGLE MAKE PEOPLE BETTER OR WILL MAKE MORE HORROR FOR AMERICA?

  • Favoritisms
    Trivializing/Minimalizing of of problems
    Gaslighting “You’re the only one to complain about this problem/person…”
    Calling you in on your day off
    Treats you like a nuisance when you approach them, even when they asked you to
    Breaking promises
    Hypocrisy, breaking their own rules

  • I relate to alot of these symptoms but can’t think of being that sad in my childhood, or even that happy… it was just kind of a boring blank time for me

  • So happy to see such videos. I wish if whole world is like this. I am still sad for street dogs. They are brutally treated everywhere

  • So a business stakeholder misbehaved with me & when I told my boss he said manage! You can’t be successful without good r’ship with sponsors. He absolutely paid no heed to what I felt

  • This is exactly what happened to me. Glad that I don’t work there anymore. It was 1 year and 7 months of complete hell, until July 14, 2020. I thank God every single day for the termination. Blessing in disguise.

  • My advice: if someone is micromanaging you regardless of whether you deserve it or not…QUIT. Micromanaging is inappropriate period.

    Find a new job ASAP.

  • I’ve had 2 horrible managers and they are now both unemployed.

    With a bit of luck they will get coronavirus and die.

    That would fill my heart with absolute joy.

  • My job expects me to stand in one 2 by 2 square for 9 hours with or without work. Literally stood there all day yesterday and only made it 4 hours today without going home. Not cool.

  • My mother completely denies my traumatic experiences. When I was in 5th standard, I had scratched the new covers of my books. Yes, that was wrong. However, my father brutally beat me up. He took me to the terrace at 11 pm. It was pitch black. He tied my hands with a rope and locked the door. I was left there in the dark with my hands tied alone and petrified. My neighbours came and freed me. I can never forgive my parents for the way they treated me. I have completely stopped loving them. I have no happy memories of my childhood.

  • I worked for a family owned gym for 3 years. The owners moved to California “last minute” from New York and left the team leader in charge who only became increasingly condescending and petty as time went on. The owners are only partially in the pic now and do other projects. I was working 52 hour weeks and anytime I said no I was told I didn’t do enough. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    I finally left but the mental and physical fatigue as well as getting micromanaged left it’s mark.

  • Something I had in my boss:
    1. Indirect talks: she would tell me to suck it up for something that wasn’t even my fault and I probably didn’t even know what we were talking about

    2. No room for adjustments or talk. My boss had this vibe about her where you really didn’t want to speak up or speak out during company meetings, and if you did you would be out down or insulted, but on the other hand she would ask you to say something and when you did you would be shut down.

    3. Tip toeing around her, you really had to watch what you say around her. You couldn’t even say something to your coworkers as a joke that wouldn’t be considered polite or positive without her telling you to stop or borderline yelling at you, even if it was a joke.

    4. Over managing. My boss would literally come in my work space and watch what I did and how I worked even if she had or could’ve been doing other things, this wasn’t me specific but everyone in my company. She would do my work in my work space and really just tell you you are doing it wrong, and when you let her do it and she had some trouble or issues with it, she would leave the room without saying anything.

    5. Favoritism. I would literally be doing someone else’s portion of the work because that person (who was getting paid better than me) was my boss’s right hand and I think was related to my boss. This person would literally be writing essays for schools and doing her applications online while I would be busting my ass, and my boss would just turn a side eye.

    Honestly not knowing how to manage and lead your company does more damage than good. If you think your employees are easily replaceable and you can and should use them until u drive them on the edge that’s going to cost you more trouble in the long run than anything.

  • Wish I saw this video 4 years ago, when I had a super toxic boss woman. Remembered one time she was blaming me for something I didn’t do. I tried calmly explain that I didn’t do it. It only made her more pissed, she called me disobedient and threatened to fire me on the spot. While there were customers around us.

  • satanists think God is a bad boss, but God could destroy satan if he wanted to because God is the creator and satan is the creature the creature is not greater than the creator.

  • I agree with this assessment and qualities of a bad boss…… BUT!! NONE on this planet has a BOSS unless YOU signify he/she is YOUR boss!

    I inquire and recommend everybody look up the Definitions for the word Etymology and Then look up the Definitions and Etymology of the word Boss

    I promise you you’ll realize that the word Boss means Master and noone on this planet has a “Boss(Master)” unless you’re incarcerated in a US Prison/Jail thanks to the 13th Amendment putting a clause that is a loophole for the continued existence of Slavery

    These people are MANAGERS Nothing more!

  • Wow, is all i can say.. i did this session,listening to every word she said, and i feel so much better.. i felt so heavy in the chest region from anxiety issues and i thought why not give this a try.. so glad i did. I can breathe better and i feel lighter. Im a Libra so when things are off i can feel it. All that negative energy we carry around really does take a tole on the body.. ❤

  • I am a volunteer and was recently told that my role is being demoted and paid staff are going to chaperone on a bus instead. I had being doing this role for 2 years and enjoyed it. I was promised 6 weeks ago, that they would try and sort it out and nothing has been done. I feel angry and upset about this. How can I say I want change without risking my job and told where the door is?

  • I am the products of child depression during childhood up to the age of 24 until my father finally stated that he literally disown me. For some reason I feel relieved. But some of symptoms explained were true. I believe time is the best healer apart from people. So for you out side there that might have similar experience, don’t give up. You are not alone. Everything comes for a reason.

  • My boss is a hypocrite. He’s a people-person towards the customers and everyone else that comes in, but he treats most of the workers like dirt.

  • I like a toxic boss because she will pinnalized the co workers who bully me. But she is not going to pinnalize me because I am the online government advisor. This is what happen when spying is rampantly happening in the society.

  • You know you have a bad boss when they can’t deal with long term problems and then proceed to blame you for people being shitty to you because the manager doesn’t know anything about how to manage people.

  • Yes yes!!!! To almost everything in this video, this wasnt my actual boss but from a colleague who was my supervisor/superior, constantly nitpicked at me even though no other supervisor who ive worked for ever did, constantly negative towards me very, rarely gave me any praise �� but oh yes when other colleagues came in who were at my supervisor ‘s level then all of a sudden they were nice to me ���� lol ahh well not working with them anymore ��

  • This is so brilliant you know I have said “the ” in place of “My” with statements etc since I was a child as I realised the importance of this Thank you for clarifying the difference of ownership and love of my person xxx Gold

  • My parents used to tell me to kill myself and now I’ve got schizophrenia and everyone says it’s because of weed. I haven’t been able to sleep properly for 10 years and I can’t get anything to help me sleep because I smoke weed. Phycology is a joke it makes it worse. I’ve just started eating again, my parents yelled at me so much that I stopped eating and didn’t eat for 15 years. The mental health workers harass me and say I’ve got treatment resistant schizophrenia because of the weed. Now my dads got a new girlfriend and shes said she put poison in my food and calls me a drug addict. I stopped weed for a year but it was taking me up to 3 days to get to sleep for 5 hours.

  • Everyone says they feel sorry (don’t get me wrong, I do too) but I felt sorry for it when the girl dabbed… no dog should see that.

  • Sending prayers for this family….for healing for Kapone he is wonderful….and so is his dog family….God bless you guys….much love

  • Anytime a vet’s first choice is just to “put down” the animal, you know you’ve gotta drop that bitch and find a new vet because the old one is obviously past their prime of caring for the actual animal as an individual and only cares about the money he’s making.

    Kudos to the family, and kudos to the mom for being pro-disabled dog the world needs more people like her and her family, who are not afraid to take on animals with disabilities/older dogs, and in fact, truly believe and love those animals.

  • Ow my heart it hurting. That poor doggy has cancer yet still smiles and loves without a care for it self it just wants love! That makes me cry so much I will support your amazing dog all the way!!!!

  • I just had to hug my cuddle bug Trinity. He looks so much like her, and the way he is with the kids, it’s like watching Trins brother.

  • when a Toxic boss i’m like to him hey mate how are you doing they hate it the most its funny they never can put me down i know who i am as a person there nothing at the end of the day im a grown man not a child

  • I wish this sweet dog, and loving family the best.. I had a mini pin/ jack russel mix, my Louie. lost the same leg to cancer tumor in his chest. He was walking like he had 3 legs his whole life, right after surgery.. Hes gone now but I miss him everyday after 3.5 years. All dogs deserve a chance. This pup is beautiful

  • Lost my pitbull to cancer 5 years ago it still hurts because he was my brother! I tried to save him even removed the cancerous leg but it had spread! Heaven won’t be heaven if my family & dogs are not there!!!����

  • I found a stray with only 3 legs, a blue heeler. I kept him until he passed a couple years later. Loved him no less than a normal dog.

  • Guys I know this is supposed to make u happy but I always think when the dog dies what then it’s so sad because they’re life span is so short

  • my staff has terminal cancer, with nonstop tumours. bless her, she’s just as much as an angel as this one! at the age of 4, the vet said she would only last a few months… now she’s six years, on my lap, wagging her tail.

  • I had a friend ask me recently if I had any good childhood memories. I literally couldn’t think of anything.
    My childhood memories are nothing but getting ridiculed by teachers, constantly apologizing to my parents, constant chores.
    I hated summer break as a kid. Every morning my father would leave chore lists for my brother and I. And of course he wouldn’t do anything because I would do everything so dad wouldn’t scream at us. And here’s the thing. It wasn’t just simple stuff like take out trash. No it was clean out the chicken coop, for 300 birds. Then do all that other stuff.
    Pick up sticks and we lived on five acres. And if the littlest twig wasn’t picked up, we would have to hear the lecture of the blades were messed up because we didn’t pick up all the sticks. Do the dishes. And if we missed something we weren’t just simply told “hey you missed this” it was “when are you going to get the dishes done?!” And it would be over as something as missing a spot from wiping down the counter.
    I couldn’t talk to my parents unless it was a commercial break. God forbid I needed help on homework. If it couldn’t be figured out during a commercial break, then I was just told to ask my teacher. Mind you, small rural farm schools suck so it was just at the beginning of class.

  • EVERY child should grow up with a dog!!!! that dog will teach UNCONDITIONAL love and loyalty and god forbid that someone threaten that child that dog will fight to the death to protect that child!!! that child will also have a much stronger immune system!!!! dogs are what YOU train them to be!!!!!!!!

  • Everybody says that PitBulls are vicious. Now, look at this little precious angle. Suffering… This dog and no other dogs are crule.. You train a dog to fight, They are not born that way. This poor baby. ������. Best of wishes to the dog and the dogs family.

  • This is why I want a Pitbull!! I just wonder why people think they are bad animals because of their breed… they can be SO sweet like this little munchkin we are watching. ❤️️

  • Hey there!! Remember me from Ig? I explained the reason why that snuggle buddy has a red rocket? I am so happy for you that the dodo noticed that sweet baby of yours. Kapone looks fantastic and I swear to god if they would have shown that clip of him hugging your kids it would have amassed a million hits! Take care! Will see you on Ig!!

  • New subbie here, love love love your channel…I so admire people who do amazing things for amazing animals. Since my birth, animals have always been apart of my life, I used to call my dad doctor dolittle; I really believe he could talk to any animal, lol. I’m now an empty nester, with my dog and cat and I could not imagine a life without animals in it! Great job!