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However, because this cancer often comes with no early warning signs, City of Hope urges women to protect their health by learning five things about cervical cancer: 1. The most common cause is human papillomavirus (HPV). Roughly 99 percent of cervical cancers are caused by this 2. Cervical. However, because this cancer often comes with no early warning signs, City of Hope urges women to protect their health by learning five things about cervical cancer: 1. The most common cause is human papillomavirus (HPV). Roughly 99 percent of cervical cancers are caused by this 2. Cervical.

Women 30 to 64 years old should get a Pap test every five years as long as their results remain normal. 5. Warning signs of cervical cancer may be scarce. Cervical cancer may cause bleeding, but many women experience irregular periods so this may not seem unusual.

Often, the disease does not cause pain or other obvious warning signs, making screening that much more. 5 things all women should know about cervical cancer in order to prevent it: 1. The majority of cases occur due to HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection. 2. Cervical cancer has no symptoms unless it’s very advanced. 3. There is a vaccine against HPV virus.

4. HPV virus is sexually transmitted, so. Roughly 99 percent of cervical cancers are caused by this sexually transmitted infection. The most common strains of the virus, HPV 16 and HPV 18, are responsible for about 70 percent of all cases of the disease. Roughly 14 million new HPV infections are detected each year. 5 Things Doctors Want You To Know About Cervical Cancer HPV is responsible for nearly all cervical cancers.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted virus, Cervical cancer develops from normal cells. Pre-cancerous changes are not sudden, and they can be detected by a Pap. Women 21 to 29 should get a Pap test every three years as long as their results remain normal. Women 30 to 65 years old should get a Pap test combined with an HPV test every five years as long as their results remain normal. Alternatively, women 30 and over may opt for just a Pap test every three years.

5. Warning signs of cervical cancer may be scarce. Cervical cancer may. Women 30 to 64 years old should get a Pap test every five years as long as their results remain normal. 5. Warning signs of cervical cancer may be scarce.

Cervical cancer may cause bleeding, but many women experience irregular periods so this may not seem unusual. Often, the disease does not cause pain or other obvious warning signs, making screening that much more. 5. Warning signs of cervical cancer may be scarce.

Cervical cancer may cause bleeding, but many women experience irregular periods so this may not seem unusual. Often, the disease does not cause pain or other obvious warning signs, making screening that much more important. Women who suspect a problem should not ignore their symptoms and seek a medical evaluation.

More information. The American Cancer Society has more on cervical cancer. If you’ve been diagnosed with cervical cancer, you’re sure to have a lot of questions.Maybe you just found out you have it, or maybe you’ve already been through treatments and don’t know.

List of related literature:

For 2016, the American Cancer Society estimated that 12,990 cases of invasive cervical carcinoma and approximately 4120 cervical cancer deaths would occur in the United States.1 Since 2004, rates have decreased by 2.1% per year in women younger than 50 years and by 3.1% per year in women aged 50 years and older.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) speculate that 50% of sexually active men and women will experience HPV infection (genital warts) during their lifetime.3 Cancer of the endometrium occurs primarily in postmenopausal women and is more common than cervical cancer.

“Berry & Kohn's Operating Room Technique E-Book” by Nancymarie Phillips
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Ovarian and Cervical Cancer Even though ovarian cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer in females, it is the leading cause of death from all gynecological malignancies (excluding breast cancer) because it is difficult to detect before it metastasizes (spreads) beyond the ovaries.

“Introduction to the Human Body” by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson
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Although 3–10% of cervical cancers occur in pregnant women, invasive carcinoma of the cervix is relatively uncommon during gestation, occurring approximately once in 2200 pregnancies.** Nevertheless, routine cervical cytology should be part of the initial prenatal examination.

“Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract” by Robert J. Kurman
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However, cervical cancer remains the leading cause of cancer related deaths among women in developing countries (National Cervical Cancer Coalition Web site, http://www.nccconline.org/).

“The Washington Manual of Surgery” by Mary E. Klingensmith, Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.). Dept. of Surgery
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Nursing Considerations: Teach the woman that HPV vaccine is not treatment for existing genital warts or cervical, vaginal, or vulvar cancers and that regular cervical cancer screening should continue as recommended by her care provider.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing” by Sharon Smith Murray, MSN, RN, C, Emily Slone McKinney, MSN, RN, C
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Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women (under the age of 35 years), and in the UK approximately 2700 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year, around three-quarters identified at cervical screening.

“Crash Course Obstetrics and Gynaecology” by Sophie Kay, Charlotte Jean Sandhu, Shreelata T Datta, Philip Xiu, Ruma Dutta, Fevzi Shakir
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In the United States, Pap screening has dramatically lowered the incidence of invasive cervical tumors to about 12,000 cases annually with a mortality of about 4000 per year; in fact, cervical cancer no longer ranks among the top 10 causes of cancer deaths in U.S. women.

“Robbins Basic Pathology E-Book” by Vinay Kumar, Abul K. Abbas, Jon C. Aster
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(1) Cervical cancer is caused by HPV. (2) Cervical cancer is reduced in prevalence by Pap smear screening.

“Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility” by Marc A. Fritz, Leon Speroff
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Genital HPV infection is common in sexually active young women and persistent infection with carcinogenic HPV causes almost all cervical cancers.

“Hysterectomy: A Comprehensive Surgical Approach” by Ibrahim Alkatout, Liselotte Mettler
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  • A very important point she makes, is to talk about if you nervous about a pelvic exam, or if it hurt last time. Talk to your doctor about it. The can’t read your emotions. If it’s a good doctor they’ll understand. It really changed things for me!

  • due to vaginismus sorry if i spelled it wrong, pap smears and pelvic exams are so extremely painful im 21 and still unable to do them and i thought this was normal my entire life I’ve had past doctors try to rip the stirn up through me and still couldn’t get it through.ive tried everything to make them less painful and theirs nothing even the best of nurse wasn’t able to get me to stop panicking and shaking my legs the minute i feel something entering my vagina, anyone else unable to do peliv exams and pap smears and cry when putting in tampons

  • I have definitely heard about girls talking about being shamed by their (usually male) gyno for not shaving their private areas. So you may feel that way, like you don’t care, but that’s not a universal opinion, and some girls have reason to feel nervous. Just saying. I appreciate your videos though!

  • I would rather have cancer than have a pap smear. As a rape survivor, I just go into a different mental place when that whole exam has to happen. I HATE being checked when I’m in labor. It terrifies me. And the worst thing? When they say, “Hey, is it OK if we have 20 medical students watch us stick objects into your vagina?”

    I had one delivery at a teaching hospital and they just brought 5 students in to watch the dilation checks and had a few practice. I was way too humiliated to object. I finally got the courage on my 3rd, and I get that they need the practice, but this is SO hard

  • I’ve used sumers eve wash but rarely.. And the good thing about it, I started having sex with my now fiance and when we started it threw my oh balance off and caused yeast infection and a uti.. I didn’t really notice the infection.. I had some itching but nothing major or constant. And it was when I used the ph balance wash that set my lady bits on fire and made the itching insane after. Couldn’t get the soap off quick enough. and I knew I had to go get checked.. I’ve never had any issues with it other than it help to diagnose me. Considering I hadn’t had a yeast infection since I was a little girl who would take bubble baths every night..

  • One of my friend told me to try herbal medicine to get rid of my hsv2. I tried this treatment and I got great results…So I am recommending this product to all of you guys.. you can as well reach him on email [email protected] gmail.com or WhatsApp +2348114047176…

  • One of my friend told me to try herbal medicine to get rid of my hsv2. I tried this treatment and I got great results…So I am recommending this product to all of you guys.. you can as well reach him on email [email protected] gmail.com or WhatsApp +2348114047176…

  • I’m super nervous about seeing OBGYN’s…I had a horrible experience where I went to go see a specialist who dealt specifically with some uncommon issues that I need help with. I ended up pregnant because he prescribed birth control that had been recalled…never found out if he knew or not… but when I went in for a followup as soon as I told the front desk I was pregnant he refused to see me. It was a total cluster fuck and absolutely absurdity!

  • Oh thank goodness! I never used douches, wipes etc. my OB told me “the vagina is cool, you know why? because it cleans itself” when I was a teen. I did have a yeast infection once when I was pregnant, otherwise I’ve always been healthy downstairs. Wipe front to back, see my OB, wear clean undies. I’ve never had a painful exam. I’d feel a little pressure when they put that metal thing up there for a pap but it’s not painful, maybe some pressure but that was it. I’m almost 30 years old, been there done that. To all the young girls, you’re not alone. Yes the first time is a bit nerve racking, but as long as you are open and honest with your Doctor, it’ll be a walk in the park. Go vagina squad!

  • I cry at EVERY pelvic exam i have had, except the one 6 weeks after giving birth. Why do I cry EVERY TIME?! And yes, i relax and tell myself on repeat “its not gonna hurt this time”. First one I was 19. I’m now 36.

  • Ahhh women apologizing for their body hair is such a big issue! I’m a physical therapist and the number of times women have apologized for their leg hair is really sad. As she said, I DON’T CARE! It’s just hair, it’s your body, it’s normal and fine! Please don’t apologize for having hair on your body!

  • I had the worst experience when getting my first pap smear, I initially told the nurse and doctor that I was nervous and had never had the exam before. This was the first time I didn’t have someone with me at any dr appt… which made me believe that this specific experience would’ve been different if someone else was with me (my mom or boyfriend would usually go with me).
    Saying that the doctor spent more than 5 minutes with me would be generous. Her words to me were “Relax” (when I verbally told her that it hurt and cried out from the pain), she did the exam, stood up and asked me if I was on birth control, and walked out. She didn’t ask any further questions, didn’t ask if I was okay, or even ask if I had questions. I experienced the WORST pain of my life, bled from the exam, and spotted the day of and the day after the exam. The nurse that was with her just gave me a tissue & told me to get dressed and the front desk would tell me when my next appointment would be. As a 23 year old, never have I felt so terrified of going to the doctor. I’ve always had a wonderful experience with all my physicians but this Ob/Gyn just didn’t seem to care. I had been going to this specific office for a few years and had never been attended by this specific doctor.

  • I always say pap smears/pelvic exams are kinda awkward and a bit uncomfortable but otherwise fine. That being said I get mine done regularly around my birthday, and I do sometimes wonder if it would be weird to book it in for my birthday, because then it’s like don’t I have anything better to be doing on my birthday, but also, I generally don’t have anything better to be doing.

  • I wish you were my doctor. I don’t know how much I trust mine, because I got my genetics test done and they never gave me the results for my baby, they didn’t call me to tell me about my Gestational Diabetes test, was given two different genders for my baby, I never see the same doctor more than once or twice. I’ve been really sick my whole pregnancy and they haven’t even tried to figure out why. Now I’m showing signs of preterm labor. I’m just uncertain about what I’m being told.

  • My pelvic exam and Pap test both hurt. They told me it’s because i have a retroverted uterus. I remind them when I get my Pap test but they always tell me I dont have the right one for a retroverted uterus. So i get hurt every time.

  • After my first child it started to smell different and the cheapest pH balanced wash helps so much with that. I love it so much and I probably won’t stop using it.

  • Oh yeah, sadly, bc of my condition, pelvic exams do hurt. My gyno knows though and always tries to go really slow and make it the least painful for me, so at least that’s nice

  • I actually really thought feminine washes were a must. Thank you for this. I was never aware of any of these stuff and my mom doesn’t do regular visits so now I shall go do more research and do a pamper day with mom.

  • The first pelvic exam I ever recieved was when I was 15 years old, and in the ER. I had an infection, but the pelvic exam was the most painful and traumatic experience I’ve ever had with a medical professional. The speculum was covered in blood when pulled out, and the female nurse assisting the male doctor looked uneasy and when he left the room, she told my mom that I wasn’t supposed to bleed like that. Because of this I am afraid of pelvic exams to this day. I almost end in a panic attack each time.

  • If you have sex and of course we all know sperm is a living thing does it not linger up there for a day or 2 and get have a smell to it? That’s why I douche!

  • GOOGLE FREE PAP SMEAR & MAMMAGRAM IN YOUR CITY!. You may have a health dept in your city or surrounding area..Just for the hell of it (I was desperate) I googled FREE PAP SMEAR & MAMMAGRAM… And much to my surprise a number popped up! I called I had no insurance & I was poor. Made an appt & it was free! Did not have to show proof of my income or anything else I just brought my driver’s license. This may not be this easy for you BUT YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY I’m in Texas in a tiny Texas Town. We have a tiny government clinic as well that’ Charges by the pay scale. I only pay $20 up front TOTAL for all of my visits!. IM ZERO PAYSCALE I JUST PAY $20!. The government clinic there also has a dentist office that does any and every kind of dental needs you have! The health department is who did my 1st free mammograms and pap smear when I googled free pap smear and mammograms if nothing pops up don’t give up! KEEP LOOKING KEEP SEARCHING!. Perhaps call your local health department and ask them if they don’t have them ask them for the closest government clinic they have different names, here in south Texas its called Coastal Health and Wellness. I called family planning and asked if they did pay scale well woman they said no it’s $1200! I SHIT YOU NOT!. They take insurance and cash. Moral of the story don’t give up ask around Google & search!! 20 years ago went for my annual well woman pap smear AND had cancer at 35! BUT because I went every year they were able to catch it early. My tubes were tied so I didnt need my cervix any way! It was painless! I’m 55 now and it’s never returned! Don’t be late get it every year don’t make excuses don’t think your too young & don’t think you’re too busy! If you’re uninsured or you don’t work it doesn’t matter your life is important and you CAN get these life saving tests you just have to look!!!Ohhhh ya….AND.. Recently I went for my mammogram, needed an ultrasound then a biopsy…I WAS SO SCARED! All of this was during the Pandemic! It took 3 months total from getting my mammogram to my ultrasound to getting my biopsy which is a lot longer than normal but with the pandemic it’s just how it is. So don’t use this pandemic as an excuse to not make your appointment ladies!!! That was the longest 3 months of my life but guess what? IT WAS BENIGN!

  • So do or don’t you need to wash your vulva? I’d always heard the vagina was self cleaning, and I used to not know the vulva are not the vagina, so I’m not sure if the vulva are included in that statement? I know getting soap in your vagina is harmful, but is it also harmful to the vulva?

  • Oof I’m 19 and haven’t seen a gynecologist outside of my eating disorder recovery, never had a Pap smear, and my family has an extensive history of cancer. Thanks for the heads up, an appointment will be scheduled soon!

  • I have a question! I have searched up on the internet that your first vist to a gynecologist should be between 13 15. If we are younger, are we still supposed to go?

  • Dont be afraid to ask for a second opinion or go to a different obgyn even if ur obgyn said that they would not be able to see u after u saw a different dr. My life and my daughters life was almost taken because I didnt get a second opinion

  • Is it okay to use summers eve? I know it’s to clean the outside and the product claims to be gentle. Just wondering!!! Is that product okay??

  • Hi! I hope you would notice my question. As an OB/Gyn, what is you stand about menstrual cups? Here in our country, we do have OB that would say no when it comes to MC. That saddens me. I hope you notice my comment:)

  • Welp I’m still using feminine wash(the one with neutral ph and no perfume etc) once every 2-3 days because just water won’t wash off that smell. It’s not a bad smell, but it gets to me, can’t live with it. Also, when I wake up there’s the morning wetness I loathe it:/

  • I was SO SCHOCKED when I got my first pelvic exam. All the women in my family said it was uncomfortable and even my doctor was kinda like, “This might be uncomfortable.” It felt like nothing. I barely even knew that it happened.

  • I went to the ER for heavy bleeding and being on my period for 2 months. They told me they were going to do a pelvic exam. I told them I think I have vaginismus. They didn’t listen. I asked them to stop multiple times because it hurt so bad I was crying. They did not stop. A few days later I went to my OBGYN and told him about the experience and he brushed me off. I’ve been trying to bring up this issue with my doctors for years now, but they never listen to me and tell me it’s just because I’m not sexually active. I am so tired of being ignored. I’ve known that pelvic exams shouldn’t hurt, but the fact is that for me they are traumatic and I can’t seem to get my doctor to understand that.

  • Wait this feels like a safe club of women/femmes just sharing stories and bonding over shared experiences. It feels so safe here. Thank god I found you guys

  • When I got diagnosed with CIN 1 I got noted that I have HPV aswell. I contacted the last guy I had sex with and told him that. After one and a half year of taking procosions, eating healthy, watching out for myself, I downsized to just CIN 1 and three months ago to no CIN whatsoever. I’m 21.To all women who fear that they have HPV, to all of you who are afraid of getting it I advise you to do a PAP test twice a year. It’s akward to go to the gynocologist but she/he is your bff when it comes to your vaginal health.

  • I really wish I could find a dr like you who takes medicaid. Finding someone who actually tries, isn’t dismissive, answers the phone, or even just gives me basic direction after prescribing meds.

  • Wow thank you so much for creating this video. The first one blew my mind. Pelvic exams and pap smears have always hurt, and it feels like I’m being ripped in half. Even my doctor tried her best to accommodate me and be gentle, and it still hurt. I was never diagnosed with any condition that would explain this, but I think I also just have to make it clear that it hurts for me and I need my next doctor to do whatever they need to do to not make it hurt. Thank you so much!!! <3

  • idk if this is a bit tmi but i have an infection and i have to go to the doctor, im only 13 and ive never had anything like this happen to me before and never had to show anyone something so private. and to put it lightly im freaking the fuck out, ive literally cried like 10 times about and im so anxious about it, can anyone give me some advice

  • I got my jab last year. Anyone who’s scared, don’t be. I was at first. It only hurt for about a second when then put it in, but here my warning: DO NOT LET ANYONE HIT YOU OR PUSH YOU OR TOUCH YOUR ARM. I NEARLY GOT PUSHED. EVEN THAT HURT!!

  • Can you put the name of the hospital you work in the description, you seen like a great doctor in case in the future I decided to travel to there for some reason, thanks

  • I wish I was assured that my vagina is normal.. I mean I have bigger internal labias and always have been complexed about this. How can I know I am normal?�� My husband thinks I am crazy, but I never liked my vagina because the small labias are showing between my legs..

  • Wait… I use the wash stuff to clean the outside of my vagina (not good with technical terms sorry lol) just because it’s unscented and looked better because I get yeast infections easy, is that ok??

  • I passed out from my first Pap smear because it was SO painful. When I finally woke up the practitioner was on over me yelling for me to “wake up!” And then later confessed she was new to this. I never went back there again and told the story to my current OBGYN. It’s never once been painful with him.

  • YES! I’ve been telling my friends SO MANY TIMES that you should never use soap to clean your private parts and the only response I ever get is pure disgust because “that’s not hygienic”

    When really it’s the other way around and what they see as “personal hygiene” is exposing themselves for fungus ans odor �� please stop over-cleaning your private parts people

  • #4 Is a big one.
    I’ve had some heated discutimos about it, and people just don’t Seam to learn. Is lime they don’t want to hear anything different than what they are used to do.

  • Mama Doctor Joneshats off to you, THANK YOU!! You made being a woman not so scary at all. I was terrified of turning 18 because of doctor appointments and more, but watching your videos made me more amazed at what my body can do and not so scared. Thank you.:D

  • Are pelvic exams actually important? Because most Aussie women I know get their Pap smears fine by their GP, and never see a Gyno unless they’ve been specifically referred for something that requires a specialist.

    And when we get our Pap smears, they’re just Pap smears. Not pelvic exams. I’ve certainly never had one that I know of. So are they actually important? Is it an American thing, like going to a gyno for a Pap smear?

  • I’m glad to know that doctors don’t care if your legs are shaved or not. However I make sure mine are. I fret over it. I will fret no more! �� Thank you for mentioning that!

  • If your doctor isn’t treating you like this, definitely switch! We all deserve to be treated well as patients. Also, I encourage women to consider seeing a midwife. They’re not just for pregnancy, and if you are low risk, they can be wonderful. My midwife office works in partnership with an OBGyn so all patient issues are still run through a doc, and if something more significant comes up, I can still see that physician for more specialized care. They spend more time with me at appointments, are easier to schedule with, and the kindest group of ladies you could ever want caring for you ��

  • It’s all very well and good to say “hey, just come in a second time to have a conversation” but that’s another $50 co-pay for me. Why can’t we just have this conversation over a phone call?

  • I was in the waiting room for my very first Pap smear and was nervous bc I was a virgin at the time and the older lady ahead of me said the professional she saw made her bleed ��

  • My 1st time at the OB/GYN was so much easier then I thought it would be. I had a problem that I brought up with my regular doctor and she referred me to the OB/GYN, I’m 17 and was super nervous because it was my 1st time and I didn’t know what to expect. After lots of questions and talking about things I agreed to have her do a pelvic exam, it hurt a lot so they numbed me, the pain was due to a medical issue that they found, which now is in the process of being treated, once it’s treated I should never have that degree of pain again during a pelvic exam, and I’ll be able to do things that I can’t now because of the medical issue. So if you have a problem talk to them, or even bring it up with your normal doctor like I did, and let them decide if you should see a specialist or not. Yes it wasn’t easy talking about it, but I’m glad I did, because now I have peace of mind knowing why I was having the problem, and that it can be treated.

  • You can still get HPV ( genital warts ) with a condom its a skin on skin transmitted virus.
    So angry my school only started giving out HPV vaccine after i left school.

  • Thank you so much for this video! It’s great to see some solid, meaningful content here, and on such a prevalent subject. Please do breast cancer next!

  • Great info and reminds me I do need to get an updated pap test and look into the shot.
    Only thing I didn’t agree with was the comment about “pain free” pap smear examination! Definitely not the case for me and most women. It’s more uncomfortable than painful but definitely not pleasant.

  • Hei “Mama Doctor Jones”! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!:)
    We can only dream that all the health-workers would be like you!
    Just wish you lot of strength for carrying on the good work you do!

    Greetings from Estonia!:)

  • I am really glad that you shared this I know what I am saying might seem odd,(I asked a lot of my women friends and they didn’t know this either) but so many of women think that when we go in for that great visit to the doctor for our “yearly” that that visit is covering us for all cancers there (it’s not true), it only covers for 1 of the cancers this is really sad and that we aren’t told this, again thank you for doing this video!

  • Just in case anyone says the shots don’t work:

    The shots don’t work 100% of the time, but they could. And the shots are probably only for the carcinogenic types of HPV.

  • I need help. I have all of the symptoms; pelvic pain, painful urination, painful sex (I am a virgin but I do have fingers), and abnormal bleeding. I am overweight and used to be obese. My doctors put me on birth control to stop the bleeding but I still bleed. I take the strongest birth control but I’m still constantly bleeding. I get pelvic pain when I bleed (also when im not if I haven’t pooped). I’ve been to the doctors thousands of time but they just tell me to take pain medicine. I DON’T KNOW WHAT WRONG WITH MY BODY. I’ve looked up everything, and cervical cancer seems to be the only thing I can relate to best. ALSO, I have white tiny clusters/bumps around my vaginal area. They are hard and sometimes contain puss. Plus, I’m a super virgin, a.k.a. no sexual contact of any kind. Can someone please help me??? l’m only 17 btw.

  • The very first PAP smear I had was done by the family physician I had gone to all my life. His wife was his nurse, I’d was familiar with her. The doctor laid out the instruments, started the procedure very slowly, and said, “If you feel embarrassed, close your eyes.” So I did. It took me a few seconds to realize closing MY eyes wasn’t going to do anything.

  • I’m always so afraid of catching cervical cancer,I haven’t gotten my hpv shot yet, but I ain’t sleeping around either;0;
    But this is very cool!

  • Uhhhh some ppl came to my school to give all girls injections for this
    I hate needles so I pushed the doctor over and ran out the door xd