5 Reasons You May Be Depressed


6 Differences Between Sadness and Depression

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8 Reasons Why You Feel Depressed

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6 Signs You May Have Depression and not even know it

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This could be why you’re depressed or anxious | Johann Hari

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7 Signs Of Depression

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5 Hidden Signs of Depression

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There are many well-known depression triggers: Trauma, grief, financial troubles, and unemployment are just a few. But if you are depressed and none of these apply to you, it can be hard to. What Are the Main Causes of Depression?

Death or a loss.. Sadness or grief from the death or loss of a loved one, though natural, may increase the risk of Major events.. Even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can lead to depression. So Serious illnesses. In many cases, depression doesn’t have only one cause.

It often results from a mix of biology, psychology, and stressful or traumatic events. Learn more from WebMD. Feeling depressed after a break up is totally natural. While it’s not surprising that you are devastated because your heart has been damaged, there are other, sometimes surprising, reasons why you are feeling depressed and those reasons might be easier to manage if you. If you are not living with depression, you probably know or live with someone who is.

It can strike you at any time, for a long time, and we all need to find a way out but more on that later. The latest research shows there are five main reasons people feel depressed. 1. Little to no self-belief. Here are probably the top 3 reasons why you might be feeling depressed and a little something you can do about it.

All healing begins, first, with understanding the reasons. Anything else merely masks the problem, but does not solve it. stressful events, such as loss of a loved one, economic problems, or a divorce. Many factors can influence feelings of depression, as well as who develops the condition.

Visit http://TED.com to get our entire library of TED Talks, subtitles, translations, personalized Talk recommendations and more. In a moving talk, journalis. If you think you might be depressed, show your test results to your doctor.

Topics depression depression test depression treatment migration 2008. Glamour Daily. Physical Health & Certain Medical Conditions. You may be more likely to experience symptoms of depression if you have a chronic illness, sleep disorder, or thyroid condition.

Depression rates also tend to be higher among people who have chronic.

List of related literature:

The first two symptoms on the list reflect the core emotional abnormality in depression.

“Brave New Brain: Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome” by Nancy C. Andreasen
from Brave New Brain: Conquering Mental Illness in the Era of the Genome
by Nancy C. Andreasen
Oxford University Press, 2004

2, 3 A depressed mood, loss of interest in activities, sleep disturbance, feelings of guilt, decreased energy, decreased concentration, appetite changes, and thoughts of suicide are symptoms of depression.

“Lippincott's Content Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane M. Billings
from Lippincott’s Content Review for NCLEX-RN
by Diane M. Billings
Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008

TABLE 12-9 lists symptoms of depression.

“Nursing as Ministry” by Kristen L. Mauk, Mary Hobus
from Nursing as Ministry
by Kristen L. Mauk, Mary Hobus
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

5 Don’t confuse garden-variety depression with malignant depression: Nothing is quite so frustrating for depressed people when others say, ‘Oh yes, I get depressed every now and then and I find doing X is helpful’.

“A Clinical Handbook on Child Development Paediatrics E-Book” by Sandra Johnson
from A Clinical Handbook on Child Development Paediatrics E-Book
by Sandra Johnson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Depression: Key Facts.

“Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice: A Systems Approach” by Sam Willis, Roger Dalrymple
from Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice: A Systems Approach
by Sam Willis, Roger Dalrymple
Wiley, 2019

The three key presenting features of depression are low mood, an inability to enjoy life (anhedonia), and pervasive feelings of tiredness/fatigue.

“Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects” by John Hobson, Julia Smedley
from Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects
by John Hobson, Julia Smedley
Oxford University Press, 2019


“Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being” by Brian Luke Seaward
from Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being
by Brian Luke Seaward
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2011

Most likely, depression is some combination of all of these explanations.

“Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care” by Kristen L. Mauk
from Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care
by Kristen L. Mauk
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

Answer: 4 Rationale: The symptoms of major depression include depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, psychomotor agitation or retardation, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, diminished ability to think or concentrate, and recurrent thoughts of death.

“Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
from Saunders Q & A Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book
by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

That list gives us powerful motivation to be unhappy.

“100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever: Easy Read Comfort Edition” by Steve Chandler
from 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever: Easy Read Comfort Edition
by Steve Chandler
Booksurge Llc, 2008

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  • i told my friends i think i had depression but they say everyone gets depressed. then i told my parents i have suicidal thoughts and i attempted to kill myself but they laughed it off saying i was dramatic and its because of youtube.. i honestly dont see the point of living anymore when i have tried to ask and seek for help multiple times but im trying to do this all by myself since no one believes btw im shaking while typing this. oh and i told my parents today…

  • All 5 signs… while crying.. i don’t know why I’m crying… seeking for work to get distracted from this pain… getting angry easily… when can’t find peace jst listen to music… wanna spend tym alone.. don’t wanna talk to anyone.. can’t sleep at night… i don’t wanna be like that ��.. wht should i do?

  • Im depressed becuase Of…

    Everything. i just dont know why i feel im nothing i always get bullied by My cousin i cant fight My cousin hes stronger then me im just a depressed kid but ill always act Happy 😉

  • my friends keep saying that they’re depressed over really small things, when I explain to them what’s the difference, they don’t even get it. They don’t understand the pain and they’re using the word so casually

  • I relate to all of this. I just got into a really unfair fight that made me sadder than I was already I kept searching thongs like signs of depression or something like that would make me feel better, though I haven’t realize I have been doing this for 7 hours.
    I love going on to these videos even if I get no attention it just feel comfortable to be around the same kind of people.
    I am scared of getting betrayed.

  • I think I might have seasonal depression, more commonly known as SAD (ironic I know) and I used to just think it was burnout or something until we learned about depression in health class. I really wish they would teach this at a younger age because I’ve been experiencing this for five years now and just thought I was tired or something. I have pushed people away for no reason and it’s like I wasn’t in control. I remember ignoring my friend at lunch for no reason and just being like ‘why am I doing this? She hasn’t done anything to make me mad, I should be hanging out with her!’ but it was like this angry person took over and was like no, I don’t need a reason, we are just not gonna talk anymore. I feel so guilty that depression doesn’t even sound like a good excuse, and it happened 5 years ago. Ever since then, have had like mini depressions from winter break to spring break, and I would always blame the feeling useless on not going to school, but it didn’t really fix when I went back to school anyways. I would really love it if Psych2Go could make a video about seasonal depression because I can’t find much information about it and I would like to be kind of sure before I go to a counselor or anything. My dad also doesn’t believe depression is real last we talked about it, so I don’t know if I will be able to get help for it. Thanks if you read this far, and I hope it can spread awareness about SAD even if I don’t have it:)

  • I Need help ☹️
    Im looking for free counseling online, but i cant find free. I really need help. I feel so sad everyday, i sleep 3hrs a day only. I feel so bad ��

  • Don’t you hate how so many people have faked having depression that no one will believe you, That one thing they say is “your doing it for attention”?

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  • Everytime, this happens to me…
    “Stop being so sensitive”
    “Stop acting like a baby” Mom

    Horrible Life.
    “Oh stop your blabbering”
    “Shut up x20”

    I can’t stop crying anymore, everyday I cry for no reason. I always think about my life in bed, I always fake being happy outside, upset inside.
    Why can’t I have a normal life just as a child? Why am I always to scared to die?
    I’m gonna stay in my room listening to music now…
    School makes it more stressful too…
    I have so many headaches and dry tears all over my face…
    I have suicidal thoughts too, I always look at things I can kill myself with, Can put rubber bands on my throat or tying a ribbon to my bed hanging myself.
    But I care about my parents and sister even when they make me hate life, I guess I’m gonna stay alive living my horrible life.

  • I’ll cry and cry and I realized my tears don’t fall down my cheeks anymore.

    That’s when everyone thought: Well this episode is over.

    Well they thought wrong. I’m crying internally and no one sees it.

  • My friend: “I can’t run it hurts too much to exercise it’s been hard to eat too. When I go in to public I put a hoodie on and it’s hard to not have a panic attack. I’m feeling numb too and just sad.”
    My friend:” no you just want attention”
    I can’t tell anybody my feelings.. they all think I want attention, and I’m the “happy” friend.

  • The fact that i only eat 1 time a day and i stay crying and hide my depression and put a smile on my face and that make’s it worse i just feel broken and not wanted:-c

  • I dont sleep til 2 am and i only eat dinner and i dont smile that much and i think i have trouble abandonment and i sometimes have anger

  • I had a sever accident. That made me use a wheelchair for 3 weeks. It was horrible. I felt do dependant on ppl. Plus few months later, my Disney program as a cp ended and I needed to go back home wich I didn’t wanted. I had depression for over 2 years. It got better now. (My dad had depression for 9ver 10 years ’cause of divorce so it was in my gene). I felt so alone and I was questioning why I was alive in this world. Like what is the point you know. It was haaard. Didn’t wanted to end my life tho but. Well.

  • and here my parents think i can’t be depressed ’cause i’m just 16:) and if i’m feeling depressed,it means i’m having a boyfriend or something and going on the wrong path of life. wish i had someone to share my feelings with.:|

  • If you have a nagging feeling telling you your not good enough for a short time and it fades away but after a while it comes back. However this time it stay for a longer period of time… And this cycle will repeat over and over again…
    Is this sadness or depression?

    You don’t have to answer

  • Me watching this video because my friend has depression but not me and seeing everybody in the comments section talking about themselves: ��

  • Parents and friends: Are you mad? You’re never smiling.

    In my head: Can’t you just say “I know you’re not ok” I mean for me it looks so obvious I’m depressed even if I’m saying that it is my rest face.

  • I met my bestest friend today, 2 year since last time. Over that 2 years i was in depression and anxiety. So his reaction today: just so so, and at the end, no goodbye. I watched him walked away. A lot to explain to him, but.. nevermind. It is so painful, sad, angry and happy to meet him. He did cry for me back then, but yeah, people do change. So i’m going to change also.

    So sad and.. idk

  • I only get a hour to sleep and i only eat 2 times a day and i just feel like i want to die and i hate to be around ppl and i will never tell my parents that i feel like this

  • There are two types of people with depression.
    1: hides everything, only eventually goes to a therapist
    2: constantly jokes about how awful they feel / their low self image. Usually overcomes it on their own without help/with little support
    Or a mix of the both

  • So I probably do have a depression because three of the things you said are like true sometimes I try to hold in the cry or anger and it like really hurts and then when I finally calm down I start crying quietly and then it hurts

  • I have no idea, what’s wrong with me. I dont have a reason to be,,depressed”. I dont have abusive parents or siblings, the teachers like me in school and i have really good grades, but i feel like im not good enouch for something, that i cant describe. Do you have idea guys?
    (sorry for the bad english, correct me if i was wrong��)

  • My boyfriend of nearly a year just left me, I quit my job due to stress, I’m trying to loose weight, I’m running out of money, and I still stay with my parents and it’s constant fighting and shouting with each other

  • Am alive. But i still feel dead inside. Nothing i do makes me feel like before anymore. Everything have change. The girl i love. My father with whom i want to have a can of beer.if only life has more to offer.

  • I’m 13 so my mom thinks I have anger issues and gave me a therapist that I can only talk through a phone with and my walls are paper thin so I cant talk in private also I have siblings who r basically like strangers so I think I cant be more fucking alone…

  • Damn…im seeing all these comments about fake depression and wanting attention for it. NOBODY SHOULD WANT DEPRESSION AND NOR SHOULD THEY USE IT FOR ATTENTION!! Feeling depressed is different than feeling sad, sadness lasts WAY shorter than depression does. Depression is feeling more left out, like youre alone in this world with nobody, you start getting slower at things, you will lose interest in things that you were really interested in. You may isolate yourself from things and not even realize it. Depression is VERY misunderstood and its so fucking stupid that people will use such a horrible mental illness for attetion. ATTENTION! THATS IT!! Thats fucked up.

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  • Parents: you do nothing but use your phone all day!

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  • Me: already having most signs

    Also me reading hygiene: sHIT

    it’s been like two months since I’ve taken an actual shower, and since I was little, I was always less motivated to brush my teeth.
    I feel numb, can’t feel any other emotions but pain, sometimes I can’t feel pain, and happiness is something that I can’t really express. When I feel happy, I feel like screaming my head off and go crazy lol.

  • im not trying to be those 14 yr old girls who act depressed…i dont want depression i want to be myself..i just want to be happy.

  • Right now, I feel worthless, Loveless and i feel like no one loves me, I ignore people and sometimes feel like I should end things, I hope things will be normal but am really in a bad state����‍♂️��

  • I’ve got all of them and I’ve had them for a while now, my parents say it’s not true and that I’m too younge, I’m 11 and I just act happy around other people so they don’t worry about me and so that I can help them with thier problems������

  • Tbh, I had to search it up, because lately I’ve been dreaming about someone, I nearly killed my life over. Is it possible to meant all 6 criteria and still have depression or am I just broken?

  • The real reason people are depressed and anxious is that they are living under sick leaders and systems.
    Humans are so amazing and capable of massive things unknown to them,
    but they are deliberately suppressed and uneducated, they are divided and crushed by those who rule, and those who rule the rulers.
    It is not rocket science and is very easy to understand.

  • 1: I used to draw so much, but now I don’t… Not as much
    2: I sleep about 4 hours on average
    3: I eat once a day…. Sometimes 2 if I’m hungry
    4: I think you get it…..

    6: yea let’s just….. Yea…….
    7: y e a…

  • Not finding interest in things I used to enjoy… I can totally relate… I think after I got into an addiction I’m not able to overcome, I fell into a deep depression… Everything is meaningless… I have a boyfriend but I always have to fake happiness when I’m with him and it’s so stressful… He used to bring so much joy into my life… I wish I had never fell victim to this fucking addiction… It ruined my life forever…

  • I had 4 of these signs correct. But yet I don’t feel like I’m depressed.
    Wait never mine, it’s just the break up with my girlfriend

  • Teen: Depressed ‘ not having enough sleep
    Parents: don’t be so pathetic
    Siblings: laughing at you
    Friends: your just faking it to get attention, attention seeker
    Yourself:just die nobody would care
    Public after finding out
    “u r so pathetic “
    “you are to young to have depression “
    “U r not depressed u r just an attention seeking freak”
    Schoolmates after hearing
    Depressed freak
    Attention seeker
    Just die no one would care

  • some kids faking depression on the internet using kids game like gacha life etc, bruh that’s so annoying and depression is a mental illness and it’s not a joke. Edit: and they use gucci bracelet as the cutting lmao ☠️

  • I don’t think I’m suffering through depression. I feel quite happy! I can relate to the one where it talks about neglecting hobbies, I stopped playing with my toys but I still love drawing and making stories and my new hobbies are swinging on my swing and riding my scooter. I also relate to the one where it talks about negative things about myself. I would say sometimes how I don’t feel smart, but my parents would cheer me up and say that I am smart and very intelligent and sweet. So maybe I’m not, hopefully I don’t. Whoever is suffering through depression, I feel so sorry for you but I know things will get better for you! If you need to talk to anyone, you can reply back and I’ll listen:) I’ll listen to anything you have to say!:D


  • And also takes me about 1 hour to finish my food and some times I eat so fast but I’m still hungry and I struggled to get out of my bed to brush my teeth and this happens every night

  • Types of people:
    Acts like they have it for attention
    Actually is diagnosed
    Has it but not diagnosed
    Super optimistic girl with a sunflower tshirt

  • We don’t live in a macchine that is designed to get us to neglect all the important values… but it is almost truth, i would say a different perception of truth, but at the same time that wrong perception of truth it’s the major reason why this battle with depression is going absolutely nowhere. The macchine lives in our brain, it’s called EGO. We as a human kind developed such a big ego that constantly tells us how we’re bad and not wothy, and makes us feel down in every part of our life, and thats how it survives, by lying us all the time. Ego is everything that we think of ourselves. The good and the bad. Neither of it is truth. We should free ourselves from it. Read Eckart Tolle, he “cured” me from depression. People aren’t living in the moment.

  • Some of the depression terms apply to me, but i dont want to delf diagnose myself. Its not that i dont trust this channel, but I never talked to anyone about how i exactly felt

  • Western analysis and therapeutics are very robotic and mechanicall i find. Eastern teachings are the best. My life and my health has improved mllion percent after i studies Buddha and Zen teachings.

  • Me: shows all signs
    Family: Why are you withdrawing yourself from us?
    Why can’t you just get out of bed?
    Why can’t you tell us what your feeling?
    Why don’t you just cheer up?

    They don’t understand..

  • Hey����
    Are you feeling sad or depressed or are you worrying too much.
    You are not alone
    Join this whatsapp group to connect with other people around the world to share your thoughts and feelings with
    WE ARE STRONG✊��✊��


  • i’m sacred to tell my mothers i have depression,$uicidal thoughts and social anxiety even if they are very supportive i’m really scared should i seek help?maybe it’s better to not say anything i said it to my boyfriend he does support me but when i told my neighboor she said “gay guys can’t have all these your faking it.”so should i tell my mothers i have all these..?

  • I don’t like too label myself with problems but this helps me cope more and thank you for letting everyone share their feelings because I’ve tried too share my feelings with family members and they just think I overact and that I have the perfect life, and I’m sure alot of others have the same problem, so once again thank you Psych2Go

  • I can’t really smile.

    Yes sometimes at jokes or someone doing
    Something stupid but not something else.

    I don’t really show the biggest signs of saddens
    I just hang my head and feel empty.

    I loved playing rounders but now that joy isn’t
    There anymore.

    I’ve started paying attention to things people say
    About me like “you’re not really here today wake up”
    “Why didn’t you bring you bat for rounders”.

    I don’t think I’m depressed just feeling down.
    But I just can’t seem to be happy right now.

  • I don’t like hanging out with other people but I do like making friends online I don’t like seeing my parents I spend most of my time in my room alone and I always feel like someone is behind me or something

  • ‘sadness only lasts for some minutes, it’ll just fade away. Watch some funny vids, you stupid lazy ass’
    me: laughs in 6 years* okay! hope it will! thanks!!

  • Can someone just diagnose me…? I have these but I still don’t know if that really points to me being depressed… I don’t want to self-diagnose…

  • I was 4 when I stared felling depressed then I was 7 when I started getting some really bad thoughts if u know what I mean and I’m 10 now and I still haven’t told anyone but I’m thinking of telling someone after watching this video

  • My mam and dad just say I’m grumpy and get annoyed at me. But it’s because of flat emotions. I don’t look sad and I don’t look happy so they just say I’m grumpy and it makes me really sad that they can’t see what’s actually happening. I feel like I’m trapped and I’m just going on and on and on. I can’t do this anymore. I cant tell them because I think I’m overreacting and I’m just a baby who thinks they have depression they’ll just think I’m an idiot.��

  • “you can’t be depressed, you always smile”
    “Its that damn phone, im getting it away from you”
    (Friends making fun of me and turn away) me can’t be happy, im always trying to find funny videos, Dad: “i will break that damn phone” now days depression is a joke and a “mood” some people need help and no one is there for them

  • This talk helped me to identify the fundamental layers of needs and one thing I’d like to add is the importance of exercise. I don’t mean to be physically healthier to prolong old age, I mean it gets the blood pumping, increases oxygen (not walking or weight lifting as such, instead sports or demanding activities) and it reveals the term ‘pumped up’. It gives a sense of excitement and passionate enthusiasm we often neglect when spending hours hunched on the sofa staring at screens. Also, I suspect high carb meals (not carbs, but too many carbs instead of balanced nutrients) seem to make me tired, although I don’t know how this affects others. Just food for thought here.

  • https://www.linkedin.com/posts/anatoly-gershov-172579173_soon-i-will-bring-objective-measurements-activity-6707784959337226240-Pe6-

  • “These signals are telling us something we really need to hear.” This hit me hard. I’ve known something is off for a long time and have ignored it and here I am in 2020 depressed, drugged up and anxious.

  • Pretty sure this staryes around 12..and now Im 35 and in a constant mode of sickness, exhaustion, anger, irritability, and hopelesness.
    But, I dont want meds. Tried them a few times, made anxiety WAY worse.. pretty sure the anxiety/panic CAUSE depression.

  • I remember listening to this 3 years ago and crying on my floor listening on repeat:( now I listen and feel so numb, they lied it doesn’t get better:( u just deal with it

  • Is it possible to be depressed for so many years that other people just dismiss that depressed person as being aloof, uncaring, distant, anti-social and having a preference to not fitting in?

  • Very oversimplified. I was sent for treatment for depression since I was 8 years old and learned a thing or two since thenthat’s it’s often a combination of chemicals and circumstances. One affects the other, and both are validated.

  • I want to actually see If I’m diagnosed w depression by the doctor telling me, but I’m too scared that I’ll hurt my family by doing that just because they do so much

  • I am unable to bother myself with someone who consumes man made drugs and wonders why man made drugs have a negative effect on the human psyche… how ridiculous of a notion it is that I might listen to those who have a piece of paper that simply means “I am capable of remembering something”. How ridiculous this is that most of the human species would belong to this category.

  • Tell me am I the only one who feel as if everyone gets depressed and then you end up feeling as if your just pretending and it’s not real

  • So basically taking drugs, in most cases, is like when the alarm/warning signal goes off goes off, rather than finding the problem/mechanical failure we jam the alarm so it stops signalling.

  • Pretty sure half of these viewers are just 14 year old girls and the other half (including me) are sure that they have actual depression

  • The way to get out of deppresion is to find a loyal cuddle buddy. The way not to find them is to be depressed. This could be in cat or dog form as a progressional step.. As long as it’s all about cuddles

  • https://youtu.be/ewF7dsp8AJE 
    Regulate your mood and improve your creativity.
    Light and refresh your Mind with a blue Feather! 
    This ecologic session is designed by a specialist in 
    Neuroscience and Chronobiology.

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  • Do i really have depression?
    I don’t know… It seems surreal to me. I don’t want to live but I also don’t want to die. Is it normal that I cry suddenly overthinking about my life and how useless it is? I’m scared of future.
    Is it normal that I sometimes just wish to die?

  • Absolutely brilliant Ted talk.
    I’ve been living alone with my mom, she’s working so we hardly get time to talk. And because of the pandemic, I haven’t had any social contact and my depression became much worse. But I’ve been seeing a drastic change in myself after I joined an online listening group. We all stay anonymous and just speak about anything that we want to. No one knows each other but when we speak about our emotions, it feels like I’m not alone. I’m a part of a tribe. We all laugh and sometimes cry, but together. I’m so grateful for it. If anyone wants to be a part of the listening circle, you can contact me.

  • Never ever make drug companies richr than they have already are. Just meditate, pray if you re a believer, or practice gratitude and mindfulness. It’s free and long tern solution!

  • I say depression is just like a deeper sadness because well look at the facts, if the person depressed knows what is making them depressed well you could probably know how to cure it so mental thing? No

  • My depression I know come from my surroundings…for over 30 yrs Ive lived in an area I hate..first family obligations then financial issues have kept me living in an encironment I can’t stand and I know once I get out I will feel where I belong and my life will really change for the better…I just hope I get there with enough time to enjoy it.

  • sadness is being sad

    depression is not caring, numb, alone, and misunderstood… it’s not having motivation… it’s a mental illness that often isn’t noticed…

    remember… u can be depressed without having depression… don’t self diagnose… if ur worried then go see a doctor

  • I don’t think anxiety and depression is only because we stopped living as a community. I have anxiety and all of the triggers of my anxiety disorder are resourcing from people. When I cut the connection between people and triggers my anxiety decreases and disappears. I cut those connections using my “conscious thinking system”. I persistently reverse the the thought that causes my anxiety, and this process could last for minutes. This is very exhausting. I hope one day it becomes easy for me. This technique as many of you know is one of the methods of CBT. So no, the cow is not the solution neither the sick community, the representation of that cow in your thought patterns can eliminate your depression and anxiety. I don’t want to disrespect the speaker but he talks about what happens on the scene not the real life. However if I change my environment and move to a more healthy community it will make easy for me to reverse anxious thoughts.

  • truly.
    My depression lifted when I removed myself physically from conflict with people I still love, but cannot be around.
    It then faded further when I spoke what I meant, and meant what I spoke. I ceased to ingratiate myself.
    It was gone when I started writing down the dreams. To remove any vestige of fear.
    Fear is the mindkiller. When fear passes through me, i will let it, and when it has passed through me, I will turn to face it and there will be nothing. ONLY i SHALL REMAIN!



  • …God I feel bad… Can anyone help me, if I have depression or not?.. So I’m I was loud before but I like, got so shy, don’t want to talk and don’t care of anything, and beefing so quiet, but I ma only 10… and I got like all the um symptoms on the video…please help me.

  • You have to learn to be your own best friend. Get a hobby and do things that make you happy that are positive. Don’t do drugs and drink that will make you depressed and sick in time.

  • I think i might be depressed.. I am never hungry i just feel tired and i am sad and i feel nothing just my brain reminding me how bad i am, Please if anyone knows tell me what’s going on!

  • I have problem about my family, friends, and school everyday, and whenever I sleep at night I always think like this “if tomorrow I can’t open my eyes, it’s okay”
    Dunno, nowdays just felt emotionless.

  • I think this role was filled by church in Western society for a long time, I’m not religious, but I think its loss left a big hole

  • I’ve got a question what if the sadness only lasts a few hours a day but it also comes back every day for months, and it always happens the longest at night when ur by urself, is that bad

  • I made a list of people i know,close relatives, far relatives,,, friends,,,n decided to meet each one every week sunday morning or friday night,,,,over period of time now im close to so many people that i can say i am fully supported by many! N thats how i cured my anxiety n depression,,,

  • i’ve had nausea in my throat for the last year, everyday. I’ve done all the test from an endoscopy, multiple blood test and everything seems right. What could this be?

  • What if dealing with people is the thing that is causing you pain and depression? What if your thoughts and processing of external experiences are the ones that are making living everyday a real ordeal for you? and what if we found that people who are acting anti society and squeezing other people are the ones enjoying and succeeding in life? The points mentioned here are OK as a part of depression in certain context, but daily life is more complicated than that.

  • Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger.
    A book which focuses on a similar idea as this talk, but in the context of PTSD and war veterans. Short, easy, and incredibly powerful read.

  • Being in touch with yourself help increase self love and can vanish negative thoughts and tendencies like depression. It can be done by practicing simple yoga techniques like yoga postures and breathing. Learn some of them here: https://vineetbasantani.com/

  • The only reason I’m here is because somebody didn’t wear a condom when they should have & the other one didn’t use birth control when they should have.

  • -i neglect playing piano and dancing
    -i cant sleep lately
    -i dont eat well
    -i have low slfest steem
    -but i have good higine
    -i have a rollercoster mood
    -my face is always flat even whaen i got hurt

    Oof i got deppresion
    Not supprised.

  • I see it this way: the feeling of physical pain is a warning that something isn’t right physically. The feeling of mental pain like depression is a warning that something isn’t right mentally or emotionally. It means there is a problem that if not acted upon has the potential to become much worse. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • Family? Well, nobody would ever go to a therapist, but…
    Grandpa: abusive (not towards me, just met him a few times)
    Uncle: abusive (again, not towards me)
    Uncle 2: Killed himself
    Uncle 3: Well, there is something
    Aunt: PTSD, definitely depressed
    Aunt 2: Might be bipolar
    Mother: Yeah, unresolved issues, but the healthiest of the batch (yey, I guess?)

  • Problem is more and more people think the solution is out there…learn to seat and watch your mind and you will one day watch your depression and I’m sure you’d laugh out to realize it’s not even part of you.

  • We know this brilliant man struggles with depression and anxiety because he doesn’t have the self-esteem to stop at profound applause points. And then the audience at 13:30 decides they aren’t going to be patient anymore:-p

    I’ve heard a few of these specific stories from Sam Harris on his app. I wonder if their paths have ever crossed. 1 google search later, he’s on his podcast. There’s my next listen. Too many suffering in my life. Natural to want to understand and to help.

  • བཀའ་དྲིན་ཆེ། This is “thank you”Tibetan. This video gives me a lot of knowledge and lights me up half as I am not completely lightened now! I have been becoming more and more lonely while I reaching more and more life goals. Those are completely about helping people and society to build a better safer future. But at the stage of life, you get tired and can’t trust people, because they are there to jealous you and betray your selfless motivation. And so many things, I can share for the whole day. Why we get stuck in useless conditions while we are helping people?

  • The fact that school is ♾️ better then my house because school have nice teachers friends even if they scream at me they will never beat me up so hard I would rather live at school forever..

  • I lot of people think depression is a joke, it’s not. You can’t self diagnose yourself with depression. From a person who use to suffer from depression, I find it disgusting how people who has fake depression acts like it’s a joke to get attention. If you have depression it’s better to ask or get a therapist to help, but DEPRESSION IS NOT A JOKE!

    You are beautiful
    You are worth it
    You are perfect
    Your body doesn’t matter how you look
    People love you
    Your wrist isn’t paper so don’t cut it
    You are everything to this world
    You are more then enough
    You’re beautiful, pretty, perfect
    We all love you��

  • I don’t wanna be that type of person to just guess I have mental illness, but a lot of my friends have experienced me break down and express myself and all of them think I have depression and that I’m truly hurt, and now I’m questioning it myself. I feel numb, and I say that I feel numb since I can’t feel many emotions except pain, and when I’m happy or excited it only feels as I’m going crazy and that I want to scream my head off. Since I’m very young, I don’t know if I could use this video to the fullest since I can’t drive and etc.

  • Like many, this TED talk hit me. Well done. I particularly like his points about the human need for a tribe. That’s why there are gangs, churches, political groups, and WoW clans. Some tribes are healthier than others. This talk also made me want to work on a garden with a friend.

  • Y’know when you’re an adult or teen people understand and believe you better when you think you have depression but as a kid like me, people never believe you can have depression. I mean why because I’m a kid, that doesn’t mean kids can’t have depression or mental diseases like others and people should understand that

  • Idk man i always feel like i am but i never want to reach out because everyone will say im faking it
    In theory i have everything i could want like nice family, good friends, money, i should be so happy
    but im not…and they wouldnt believe me
    Everyone was making fun of all those depressing things and all i could do was smile, nod and laugh along

    I dont know u, idk who u are and idk ur story, but if you’re ever feeling down, i hope you’ll get better
    I can’t pretend to understand what so many people go through everyday but i can try my best and at the end of the day that’s all many of us can really do

  • So today I told my mom I self harm and she told me that wouldn’t get her attention and that makes her want to put me in a mental hospital. I don’t think that’s what I wanted to hear. Infact I didn’t want to talk about it. I wanted to just send her a text and her to see it but not reply. I wasn’t trying to get her attention I was hurt. Now I regret ever telling her. I wish i never did. Now things around me and my mom are going to be weird. What should I do? Any ideas?��

  • Chronic depression= the good times are being able to wake up really early and run around but realising that’s a result of being very depressed before, and out of nowhere you can’t make yourself get out of bed until you have the minimum time to get ready for work, and at the weekends your joints hurt from just lying in bed but you can’t move, chronic depression is shite cos you want to run from it but you can’t ��

  • Loyal Subscriber here����‍♀️

    Can ya’ll make videos about the psychological effects of racism?

    Also, could ya’ll recommend some black/African American psychologist for some of us to reach out to, thanks.

  • Me and my mom had been talking about exercise and she was like I know laughing burns 60 calories and in my head I was like

    Well maybe that’s why I’m so fat

  • Me: casually watches thinking I am not depressed
    Also me after watching the video: has all the symptoms
    Also also me: “not depressed, it’s probably just a coincidence”

  • My family always says I’m not depressed because I could have anything I ever wanted. But I guess I’m showing signs of depression and repression. Nice to know, but I can’t tell my family cause they won’t believe me. Yay

  • Someone: I’m depressed…
    “Attention seeker!”
    “You have a perfect life!”
    “Everybody loves you!”
    “You’re always smiling and happy!”
    “You have many money!”

    But inside…it justs hurts more and more…

  • I dont know to be honest.
    I have always felt bad about myself
    I starve myself at times and than eat whatever I can
    I cant sleep anymore and sometimes i oversleep
    I never leave my room and hate talking to people
    I dont like talking to people about my problems
    My parents are toxic and make me hate myself even more
    I dont even know why I am feeling this way
    I feel numb now,, the only way I can feel good is when I cut myself.
    I always fake a smile and hide my feelings but I dont want to look like I just want attention.
    I hate myself and dont want to be alive, I’ve felt like this for a year and a half now.
    I never shower anymore,sometimes it takes me 2 weeks until I bath again.
    Nobody cares and nobody has noticed.
    I dont know if i need help I think this is just normal right?

  • well i now am out of depression now i am… blank. its like i’m not actually here. i wish i could feel somthing. even depression. it was something. now i am just— here?

  • What I have:

    •Crying/laughing uncontrollably
    •Searching gore to calm myself
    •Stressed(?) family makes me do all of their dishes, mom falsely accuses me, dad stays out of it, older brother doesn’t say anything
    •Throbbing pain on right side of my head sometimes
    •Fatigue maybe? Idk but I can’t eat any more than a bowl or I’ll feel too full and sick.
    •Losing motivation? Have no motivation. My motivation goes up a bit when my parents triggers me in a negative way.
    •Loss of appetite/super skinny, like around 90-95 for weight without hundred digit.
    •Breathing problem/nasal
    •40+ Injuries from past, it’s still visible, I sometimes feel like harming again but I promised to not.
    •I never make appointments, we don’t get the answer anyways.
    •double-jointed neck and hands.
    •I don’t socialize much, I have no friends even if I do have some classmates I talk with.
    •I have trust issues, I stay away from people I don’t care for.
    •I think I am apathetic? I don’t know accurately, my mom got in a car accident but I didn’t really feel sad, I felt a thrill rather.
    •Bad teeth, two front teeth have small holes and one fell out but a teeth is growing there thankfully, all my teeth are a bit wiggly. I know gross, but I really never had time to care for my hygiene since I was always stuck on thinking about others problems.
    •I stay in my room 24/7 unless I’m getting food or something.
    •I have misophonia (a condition that was discovered in 2005?), it’s a condition where you have triggers or irritation of specific sounds. I’m okay with fan, but not with the wind sound, or my own breathing so I try to keep it down a little or put my headphones 24/7.
    •Chest pain, some extreme some mild sometimes.
    •Burning eyes, vision blurs whenever I get up but then it comes back. I don’t sleep much, I’m a night owl.

  • Hey, Psych2Go. I’ve watched your videos for a while now, and I’ve come to a conclusion. I believe that I may have depression, and I have two questions about this. In my childhood, I had a toxic friend that I still have to this day, as I’m still building up the courage to break our relationship. If it’s true that I have depression, is it most likely that this is the cause? My second question is how I can contact a doctor to confirm my worries? I’m still young enough to not be able to go to the doctors independently, and my parents have no idea how sad I often am. I don’t want to have to tell them yet so I’m unsure on how to get a diagnosis. Thank you for your help:)

  • 1. You keep yourself very busy. ��
    2. You’re hurting everywhere. �� the back of my throat was hurting a few days ago if that counts.
    3. You either gained or lost a lot of weight. ��
    4. You can’t seem to make up your mind. ✅
    5. Your glued to your phone or computer. ✅
    6. The slightest things set you off. ✅
    I have 3 signs of depression..

    The word Depression itself is quite flat, dull & meaningless, in fact the word itself is Depressing! No wonder so many people avoid those who say they are Depressed.
    However, to the sufferer, it is a complex & multi faceted condition, no set symptoms, always individual to each person. Neither easy or instant to overcome, however one positive step that appears to help in most cases is TALKING & SHARING, something that is alien to most sufferers of Depression. However, a necessary first step to be taken! There are many useful free charity websites with Helplines & Advice available.
    I chose this route & it really helped me.
    Start your journey today. You won’t regret it!
    David ❤️

  • I can totally relate to what he said. The more advanced technology has become, the more information you get, the more depressed you will be.

  • The worst part is if you know you have it but nobody has diagnosed u you feel bad cuse people are like you and they have been diagnosed

  • Hey so………

    My mom broke up with her boyfriend

    My dog died

    I’m going to a new school

    My moms sick

    I feel depressed…… oh don’t forget


    that’s my life…

  • Its a problem,when kids my age say they have it when they are faking,when they dont know what others are going to,i have random bursts of me crying for no reason,my mom noticed hair loss from me because of stress,i just stay quiet,that was 3 months ago,im 10 and i dont know what to do,my mom is the only one i open up to and she out of the country for 2 weeks,shes coming in 9 days,what do i do?

  • sooo ive been through the comments and i just see people saying like how depressed they are, or they will just go kill theriselfes. its a bit disturbing knowing the fact that a lot of people who clicked on this video are just faking or attention seeking. maybe im not old or anything, but i have depression. its not like just “oh look, i decided to have depression” no. it comes slowly and by the time you dont know it hits you. some people are like “well, i have depression, imma go suicide now” its not like that. yes, if you have depression, you might aswell have suicidal thoughts, but it takes a while to decide if you want to end it or not. if anyone wanna talk to me, you can add me on discord. my username is Smoothye�� #6125

  • Ion know man. I acc can relate to what u said (except I dunno how to cry nomore). N I guess I am alone… U do got friends and family although I still feel like there’s nobody around me I can talk to

  • We just want to say thank you to everyone who has helped shared our videos. We really appreciate that we’re doing this together to reach more lives with the content that may potentially help a life. Thanks again for being part of our community.

  • i’ve been depressed ever since i moved and the things that are happening in the world make it even worse and i used to get headaches a lot and i was always sad but i always hit it by being the first one to make jokes and but luckily i stopped getting so much headaches i think i’m getting better and i’m going to turn 12 in january f1est

  • I just don’t know if I am actually depressed or just overthinking. I don’t wanna talk about it with my loved ones coz why bother them, right?what should I do??

  • For anyone feeling useless, unloved, fearful, like they are too bad, uncared for… There is someone who does care for you, who loves you and who is merciful no matter what you have done. No matter your background, status,race, sin or circumstance Christ is willing to forgive and save even those who think they don’t deserve it. In matthew 11:28-30 Christ says “come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and i will give you rest”. The rest he gives is like no other, it frees you from the burden of sin, fear of death and the hopelessness of this life. God loved you some much that he even sent his only son to be crucified for you in order to pay for your sins and give you eternal rest in heaven. Today if you willing to put your trust in him as lord and saviour, believe in your heart that he died for you and chose to walk with him for the rest of your life, he will welcome you with open arms!Turn to him today with all your heart. He is the way, the truth and the life john 14:16.

  • Most depressed people say they aren’t depressed
    Some normal people who listened to Billie Eilish for 3 minutes say they are depressed.
    It’s tough, because on top everything else, people keep calling you a liar and an attention seeker, while you have to sit there watching everybody else get their depression fixed. People have built up a huge wall of lies, all just to hide their depression, and when people try to share those feeling, they fear that as all the lies and everything that you have done to mask yourself crashes down, the consequences will be worse, so they shut their mouths. This just for me personally but other people can relate

  • Dear Psych2Go Team, I enjoy your videos very much because they´re helping me understanding myself better. In connection to your videos of depression I would appreciate if you could do some videos about antidepressants for example types, how they work or what side effects they can have. I find this topic really interesting. Thank you in advance:)

  • I’ve had all 8 of these causes in my life with a chaotic home life and family gens really affecting my development of depression and other problems I have about 5 people in my family with depression and a few with bipolar and schizophrenia and with anxiety and ptsd there’s alot of things of childhood adversity that people go through that causes mental illness not just physical mental sexual abuse but other things like seeing your sibling or one of your care givers be abused or yelled at or emotional or physical neglect abandonment seperation from a parent can cause it a parent who’s not there is an alcoholic or lazy or having a parent with a mental or physical health problem or being bullied at school can also cause it or having to move around alot death of a loved one can also cause it there’s so many environmental and genetic biological factors that play a role I had a bit of all those mentioned traumas in my life as well as genetics so I’m very high risk for depression witch I do definitely have along with other mental health problems but even one of those things can cause someone to be depressed or have a mental illness there’s just alot of factors that play a role in the development

  • Most comments i see saying they told their parents about their deppresion but they said:you’re just lazy. Something my parents never told me. My mom always tells me:if you’re sad tell me. I don’t want you to be sad. Makes me feel lucky than others ��

  • Well,i have depression because of my toxic little brother.People say im too young to be depressed or stressed.And i believe it.I think that i am just over reacting but i dont know if i am or not.I am really young but my toxic brother is nuts

  • im mostly depressed, because i got bullied at high school for 2 years, they made sure id know everyday that im not good enough, i have tought suicide many times, i dont have anyone Who i could talk to i dont have friends, i dont know if my life Is a worth to live..

  • 1: Oopmy father’s nature is being exposed
    2: I couldn’t help my mom when she was getting hurt by my father. I’m just too weak. I’ve had multiple panic attacks due to these thoughts.
    3: I guess…
    4: Yeah.
    6: My mom was depressed since she was a child.
    7: Yeah, a broken family is one way to describe my family.
    8: Yeah, I can’t tell anyone. I have like four friends. And I don’t open up to family. Because, they’ve handled the abuse longer than me.

    My father: 2 years.
    Total of my mom’s ex-boyfriend’s abuse: About 1 year.

  • I just feel like no one gets me. My dad has a job which requires me to be on my best behaviour constantly and look like I’m doing my best even though everything seems dull and pointless. I can’t explain this to my parents because I love them and I dont want them to worry even if they tell me to focus and work harder, to stop being lazy, to stop using escapism as an excuse of getting out of complicated situations I cant tell them what is really happening because they will blame themselves even if it is not their fault. Depression just fucking sucks. I won’t say it will get better because I don’t know. What I do know is that I cant even imagine taking my own life before I tell depression to go fuck itself and leave the world a better person, to not let it win.