5 Methods to Stop Dwelling on Negative Ideas


How to Stop Overthinking Everything | The QUICKEST Way!

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How To STOP Negative/Stressful Thinking Once and For All

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Two Things You Can Do To Stop Ruminating

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Stop Negative Thoughts

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A Simple Hack to Stop Your Negative Thoughts

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Simple Trick To Stop Negative Thoughts

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5 Ways to Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts None By Amanda MacMillan. When something’s bothering you, you know that getting your mind off of it is easier said than done. In fact, research shows that when people are instructed not to think about a specific topic, it makes it even harder to get that topic out of their minds. But rehashing.

Avoid perpetually negative people when you can, or at least be aware of what habits might be rubbing off on you. Physically Throw Them Away It may sound crazy, but clearing your head of a nagging thought could be as easy as writing it down on a piece of paper—and tossing it in the trash, according to a 2012 Ohio State University study. People who wrote down negative things about their.

How to Control and Stop Negative Thoughts? 1. Note Your Thoughts. When you are negative toward yourself, identify problem behaviours and make a thought journal.

2. Change Your Harmful Negative Thoughts. Be deliberate with your thoughts and remind yourself that thoughts are 3. Cultivate Self-Love. 9 ways to stop dwelling on negative thoughts Jenny L. Cook. ‘A great way to stop yourself dwelling is to talk to a friend or loved one,’ says Eék. ‘Whenever we ruminate, we tend to lose. Rumination: 9 ways to stop dwelling on negative thoughts.

1. Is it worth it? If you find that your mind is fixated on a certain situation, ask yourself if the dwelling is actually worth your time. ‘Ask 2. Set aside time to think. 3. Imagine the worst case scenario. 4. Identify your anxiety. How to take control of your problems and stop dwelling on them: 1. Recognize negative thought patterns.

Not a single thing can be done until you’ve recognized your negative thought patterns. You can try to distract yourself, or you can try to drown your sorrows in some way, but a pattern means the negative thoughts will come back. If you.

5 Ways to Stop Spiraling Negative Thoughts from Taking Control Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Legg, PhD, PsyD, CRNP, ACRN, CPH — Written by. and why just telling yourself not do it isn’t enough. 1. Recognize when it’s happening. The more you ruminate, the more likely you are to get stuck in a negative cycle that 2. Look for solutions.

Thinking about your problems isn’t helpful—unless you’re actively looking for a solution. Ask. If your negative thoughts are linked to a specific strong emotion like fear, anger or jealousy, try letting them all out in writing.

Use a pen and paper, and really express all of that pent-up negativity. You can then choose a way of destroying this paper, symbolizing your commitment to moving on. Often, we have these thoughts because we do not want to act in the way we are imagining. Our minds sometimes wander and consider the worst possible thing that could happen in a given situation.

Advertisement. Part 2 of 3: Examining a Disturbing Thought Eradicate and Stop Negative Thoughts.

List of related literature:

If you have other ideas about how to stop negative thoughts, add them to the list.

“Group Treatment for Substance Abuse, Second Edition: A Stages-of-Change Therapy Manual” by Mary Marden Velasquez, Cathy Crouch, Nanette Stokes Stephens, Carlo C. DiClemente
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Making a list of affirmations to counter your negative thoughts also can help you retrain your mind to focus on the positive.

“Singing For Dummies” by Pamelia S. Phillips
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(22) Identify negative automatic thoughts and replace them with positive

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Transform your negative thoughts into more appreciative thoughts by actively countering each negative thought with more positive reflections.

“The Power of Appreciation: The Key to a Vibrant Life” by Noelle C. Nelson, Jeannine Lemare Calaba
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● Positive thinking: Avoid negative thoughts of powerlessness, dejection, failure and despair.

“Quick Review Series for B.Sc. Nursing: 1st Year E-Book” by Annu Kaushik
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Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

“Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life” by Charlotte Eliopoulos, American Holistic Nurses' Association
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Actively replace negative thoughts and statements with positive

“Thin Within: A Grace-Oriented Approach To Lasting Weight Loss” by Judy Halliday, Arthur Halliday
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If you fight negative thoughts, you concentrate on them and make them worse.

“Examination Paediatrics” by Wayne Harris
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by challenging the negative thoughts and replacing the negative ivith more benign or positive ones.

“The Great Psychotherapy Debate: Models, Methods, and Findings” by Bruce E. Wampold
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By replacing negative thoughts with better-feeling thoughts, you train your mind to be more positive overall.

“The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients” by Liana Werner-Gray
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  • Loved the intro. To make lasting and sustainable positive changes take years usually. Learn from the journey. Cherish all the little victories. And get back up just one more time when you fall.

  • Thank you for the video. I unfortunately have been struggling with severe Anxiety disorder for the last 3 years. Had a perfectly normal life until it started. Have been looking for so many different types of helpful hints out there. And I would like to thank you for your assistance. I hope you have a video regarding Anxiety and panic attacks. Looking forward to learning more from you. Thank you.

  • This video truly hit me harder than any other. This 2 minutes literally changed my life and whole way of thinking. Thank you sir, you are saving lives

  • For last 15days I think that sumthing bed wit my health. I Will going to die who will look after family. very bad thought.plz give me solution wat to.I m not going wrk only of bcz of this.always thing bad about my life… Even I try to forget this.still it’s cme in my mind n my legs get vibrate n looze.plz suggest me.plz��

  • “Studies have shown that people are more unhappy when they spend their time with their minds wandering” (good thing to keep in mind)

  • Dealing with severe ocd and rumination!
    If there’s some therapist that is affordable and takes therapy abroad via skype! Please do let me know!
    I need help

  • If i get answers of these questions then
    My negative no more lives
    .Does my negative thoughts are real
    .can these thoughts effect on me in real life
    .and positive thoughts where are they when my negative thoughts comes
    .do thinking and thoughts are equal then only by thinking we get affected and no other……….?

  • Negative thoughts dont have to be the worst ones they can also just be ordinary unecessary useless thoughts that serve no purpose in the present. The more you drift of the more you get in a deep mind mess and then you just feel like your whole mind is negative and thwn you’ll start to feel shit in general as if there is no positive thought that can make up for all those negative thoughts in your brain.

  • What if you are a person like me that has been given mixed signals all my life it’s hard to tell what is real and want is fake. How do I know the difference between what is real and what is fake

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  • Thank you �� I liked and subscribed to ur YouTube channel because I think it will clear my mind at night when everyone’s asleep and these thought make me cry by thinking them I want them gone forever
    And I’m only 11 years old gonna turn 12 years old next month ������ I hate these thought.”Why me why not someone else ” I HATE THEM!!!!!!!????��������

    More videos plz

  • I NEVER like hearing nothing, it makes me think… thinking unpleasant thoughts. Horror movies, death, health… I sometimes have nightmares

  • I overthink so much that it drains whole my energy and concentration level.

    Can’t even focus study for 5 minutes ���� help me somebody

  • This happens to me constantly all day so much so I get headaches and my body physically hurts i can’t help it it screws up alot to do I just say it over and over

  • Yes i need this because my 12 year old roblox friend said he is having sex with an american kid. I need to clear my mind because i wanna throw up

  • Psy docs do should NOT be giving mental health advice. They are not psychologists. Psy docs are not about chemical indicators and not behavior or environmental indicators.

  • “Is this thought helpful?” Can’t negative thoughts assist you in coming to the realization that you will never improve? So, in a way, it is helpful because it’s saving you from wasting your time on hope. Right?

  • Hi Julia, stumbled on your channel this morning and who would’ve thought 4 words could help? My anxious/insecurity/doubt/negative thoughts are based around my relationship. The constant worry that something isn’t going to pan out, someone’s going to be unfaithful has had me worried for aslong as I can remember….any tips or techniques when these thoughts come about?

  • I traded something and I regret it. Do I give to my sis (her dream) or trade it for good stuff? Is this useful? NO It is a waste of mind space and I guess I can’t change the past soo yeah!

  • And ADD, And, OCD, And BPD, And PTSD, and… No? Do we not see it in all of them?

    I mean, I’m only asking cause. Jesus, I’m ADD, and I ruminate over how much I ruminate

  • I need this so much. I am consumed all the time be toxic thoughts and they are controlling every aspect of my life. I’d love to connect with others who are healed and/or healing from this.


  • I think you should do a re make of this. Also stopping means temporarily if you want to refrain from having negative thoughts. Take a step back and think about what your thinking, and think what it would be if you think the opposite. Also especially try it and take it slow. Because it’s not easy for many people to increase their positivity.

    Instead of naming, “how to stop thinking negatively” how about this…? How to permanently stabilize your emotions, and reduce on negativity.

  • Bc of this corona my life had started become negative and i started thinking the world is gonna end im gonna die and all the negative stuff BUT NO IM GONNA BE A POSITIVE GUY IM GONNA TALK GOOD TO ALL OF US IM GONNA STAND UP TO MY FEAR AND SAY NO TO NEGATIVITY

  • Negative thoughts started entering my mind since we’ve been quarantined. I’ve been struggling with them a LOT of time. Thanks for this method, it helped me a lot.

  • Am the one who blew up with someone amd something that triggered me am struggling on how to clear up my mind and go back to my productive motivated days of my life

  • Working out losing weight the meditation and trying to learn new language and how to code has helped me with that constant mess in my head….I actually have a few days out of the week where there is no thoughts at all just peace….I even was trying to overthink the peace I was experiencing and had to meditate to stop….it works just takes patience and practice….��

  • I apologized to somebody for saying something that was misunderstood to what I actually meant since they got mad about it of course and they said it was okay, but, after I apologized they said they were going through some things and it made me guilty and overthink a lot. I’m a really apologetic person but I don’t want to bug them. I honestly don’t know what to do in this situation

  • In many cases people project their psychological bullshit onto you. It is a kind of bullying self esteem whereby if they put you down they think they will improve their self esteem. It is twisted and sick.

  • thank you this is very helpful for me and I am going to apply this in my everyday life..really struggling with negative thoughts this past few days Thank God I watched this ��

  • Lately I have been taking things personal and having trouble letting those thoughts go. I end up dwelling about a particular confrontation and take more time meditating it out.

  • But bro sometimes I am not even consciously aware of my negative thoughts but if I remember or be aware I will ask myself it it is useful! Thanks for that man I appreciate you

  • Because of fear I have been troubled with artificial sickness for around weeks. I used to be so adamant on pushing the thought away that it only worsened my condition. This may sound ridiculous, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it every damn second. It went away for a while but came back after a week or so, and I was so scared of falling into the bad habit again. I just want to say that it’s okay if these tips don’t help you instaneously. Changes take time. Especially something that’s been bothering you for a long time. Whether it be depressed thoughts or the haunting realization that you’ll never be enough, it’s not going away in a day, but I want you to stay strong and keep it in mind that it’s normal to take time. Visualize what Prince Ea says, perhaps. Picture yourself as an ocean and watch the tide of thoughts get pushed away and diminish into nothingness. You can do this. You’re going to be so proud of yourself looking back. Let’s believe in ourselves and try our best. Don’t get beat down by these thoughts. You’re definitely stronger than them.

  • my bad thought is that i think i have a serious health problem and i can’t sleep bcz of it �� i just want it to stop already yk���� any help? or has anyone gone through that?

  • I think I will find a beautiful wife get married,we are so happy,but aah bit by bit we pursue different interests,the sparkle has gone eventually we literally can’t stand each other,and now she wants to take some of my pension,god how I wish I never had this intial thought,I am ruined

  • Now the problem is i love my gf so much and i wonder what if she don’t love me and i start overthinking and that hurts me sooo muuuch help please ��

  • Have y’all ever have those moments when ur jus chilling and doing nothing and a negative thought come in your head that is so out of character and u talk back to it and it gets worse and the negative thoughts try to change the way who u r even tho the thoughts r saying lies to u. Bc I’m having that rn

  • You’re ready for the next frequency??? Don’t focus on negative people, focus on yourself, allow your awareness the silent watcher to watch the negative thinking and it will dissolve ���� ��

  • I have recently started over thinking so much about my future, about my studies and what career path I want and I literally feel so tired mentally cuz I’m so stressed and feel like I just want to run away somewhere alone

  • To everyone who’s family is ill and to everyone who is struggling due to overthinking. You’re not alone��. Let’s pray for each other����..

  • I see it differently….
    All thoughts are for our benefit.
    Our benefit meaning staying alive.
    It gets tricky when our perception is rooted in content.
    “Negative” thoughts come with a protective perspective….their function is to keep us safe….even though it may seem like the opposite.
    Ask yourself, thought, what are you trying to tell me?? Notice the message and bring compassion to your perception of what is reality.
    Be gentle
    Be well

  • Everytime I do something my brain says that I will hurt myself by doing this or if I am holding something sharp my will tell me that I should kill someone plz help

  • I write as a single parent and student in a prestigious University… All of it was destroyed in that house fire while I was in a homeless shelter.
    It’s been about 29 months since I coordinated with dicuak services, I am in oernaent ssdu for scoliosis. etc. I have a great subsidy. My rekatio ship with my immediate family is merging stronger and happier.
    There’s one glaring problem that seems to exacerbate my ADD.
    I was suddenly cut off my ADD stimulant Rx that fateful day 2.5 years ago when it was apparent that I was flusterred….I tried to contain myself to minimize my distress when I had to fly out the door via cab and running a little late for my Dr ‘s appointment who was prescribing me for ADD. A medication. I was prescribed at his practice for fiyrs tears and hitherto, fir 17 years. I told him I had just barely escaped being physically abused very badly and I had requested talk therapy from him and another one if his providers multiple times. My requests fell in deaf ears. I do have a talk therapist now with a year in. The Dr.cut me off my Addrl right then and there and refused to give me a medical reason it any other tresrmtnebt except to continue me on anxiety meds.
    I never got accustomed to how I live life before the cessation of medication. I was a lit more active, being able to execute a thought to performance. At this point, when I say performance I am talking about folding clean laundry and putting it in my bureau….Opening my mail. You get the picture. It took me literally 18 months to pick up the phone and shop for another provider from the list my PCP gave me. Obviously, he is aware of my struggle and he supports my belief that I need to resume treatment
    So I spend a lot….I mean a lot of time ruminating about how cryel thus situation feels to me. I am finally working hard to try to find a viable treatment provider with my therapist’s support.
    My thoughts are so stuck in rumination. not just about being at need for psychistric care, but dye in part to my ADD and a huge manifestation of it is executive function stats in my head 95% of the time daily. There is a chasm if you will between thought and the sexy action that was ameliorated by 66% when I was in stimult Rx..Any feed back regarding my circumliculatory double chain or my ruminating problem being exacerbated with diagnosed but untreated ADD? Thank you. It often takes me a long time to get to the point.
    Barbara Anne

  • its so shitty when ppl say they need to take you to a fckng mental hospital when you tell them you have the same negative thought over and over again and they also say they need to put you with the disabled kids that look like ogres goblins or trolls or some fantasy shit if you have these thoughts.

  • i’ve been so depressed lately, i spent the whole week crying and i couldn’t sleep because i’m afraid of losing my family. Very very bad thoughts came into my mind and i got lost in them every single time. This morning i cried my eyes out telling God to be there for me, to help me stop thinking because i’m just so tired of waiting for the worse to happen, and now i found your videos. I feel peace, complete peace. You really made me feel that they are not real and nothing is gonna happen. Even if something does happen, we gonna face it in that moment. Thank you for reminding me to live this moment now and see what the future awaits for me

  • Thanks a lot, this negative thoughts ain’t helpful, thanks a lot your video has just helped me tk get ride of this thought forever

  • Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with ‘Pure O’ OCD relating to speech patterns, pronunciation and decision-making in advance? Thanks.

  • Hi, went to this video looking for answer. My son is being diagnose of Leukemia and a lot of negative thoughts coming to my mind, why did I not notice that my son is already sick that would had been avoided, I feel so guilty, thinking what if I loose my son, never stop crying I can not even visit my son due to covid lock down.. please help me.

  • At this point the only thoughts I have are negative. Fuck my family, fuck all the failures I used to call “friends” fuck this country, and fuck you to. I hope you all choke.

  • I have to keep myself busy engaging myself in a hobby, watching a movie or reading to get my mind focused on something other than my past hurts, traumas and all that other negative crap that circulates inside my mind and overcrowding my normal thought patterns

  • 6 for me negative thought comes in when I’ve accepted the new change for the new acknowledgment it’s learned about myself. I will become a little depressed and then when I work through it takes a couple days maybe a week and I’m fine everything’s good the negative thoughts are coming in about the past he could be related to family situations a neighbor it could be anything it’s so weird because whenever I’m off work and I go back after my days off I turned to have these pants like I’d like to be able to do this or I’m feeling I’m going to be fired or something it’s so weird I don’t get it it’s like I don’t understand these thoughts.

  • Ruminating for me has started last year during the month of May (the week of Mother’s Day) where my boyfriend had us on a break. I wasn’t supposed to know things and was even lied to. I felt cheated on because he had made it a break/in a relationship with me. Everything still hurts. You can’t be both of those two things. Anyway, the memory of all of it continues to bother and haunt me. It’s worse at night while I sleep because my brain and mind just keep repeating it over and over and over again. Nothing helps. I tried guided meditations, calming music, etc but it doesn’t work at all. I just want this never-ending cycle to end of it.

  • I always try to stop these 5 negative self talk…
    1 condemnation and damnation.
    3I can’t stand it.
    4 I am worthless.
    5always and never.

  • I got stuck with big pile of negative thoughts. Sometimes I think should I do sucide to get rid off all the problems. I’m not living my life to set down everything in my parents life and my brother. I worked hard and built big house for them. My brother is with my parents and I always advise him to do things which will make his life better. My brother stop talking to me. He don’t call me. I told my parents it’s your duty as a parent find out why he is not talking to me. But they never pay attention to it. I’m living here in Canada with my Dad’s sister’s family. My Uncle used to appreciate me but Now he always discouraged me whatever I do. I felt so demotivated. Bcz I don’t say anything bad to people but when someone say to me, it’s just get stuck in my mind and even after years I can tell you this is what you said to me. Right now I’m feeling there is no point of my life.

  • I’ve been struggling because I have a couple of very good friends who absolutely despise each other and it makes me feel guilty for being friends with one or the other.. my anxiety is so bad every single day I just really don’t know what to do. i’m 33 and so worried every single day about what they or other people think about me to the point where I drink almost every single day. & it sucks because I feel like it’s destroying my personal relationship with my boyfriend and the thought of losing him also gives me the worst anxiety.

  • my issue is….thinking about thinking….so any attempt at unthinking becomes a new thought….stuck right!!i know….aaaaaàrgghhhh

  • i have been thinking about my relationship for 9 months!! all day long! I hear my thoughts even when I sleep! it all started with a thought “I have no more feelings for my partner” at first I thought nothing of it and pushed him away.. but suddenly I had to think about it again and again. I think about it 24/7! My relationship is good! No lies, no violence, no cheating. But I can’t stop thinking about it for months and it takes a lot of strength. I cry a lot and get scared quickly.

  • Okay so I’m sitting in a park right now doing my wim Hof breathing techniquesmakes me feel good physically but then the brain crap starts in and I decided to do something about it so I went through all these other sites that want you to use music or sound been there done that.my kids were avoiding me because I’m telling them not to smoke and start taking vitamin d for their immune system. nobody wants to hear it.

  • I swear the moment you don’t try to control your thoughts then it will stop annoying you but the more you try to control it it will get worse and worse and will torment you even more so just untie them and just keep a straight line. If your are thinking negative about other people then instead pray for them in your mind and in your heart then you will see 2 different thoughts can not stay in your mind and your heart at the same time. May God bless all of us and makes us be good to one another. Ameen

  • Having a negative mindset helps because when something bad happens you’ll just accept it because you’re expecting it, so it doesnt hurt as much cuz youre used to it

  • I find the more I try to not think about something, no matter how logical it is not too…they get stronger. Best thing is my fave music.

  • When i feel like my thoughts are attacking me, i would just think that I’m not perfect and if people can’t accept that then it’s not my problem and plays Savage by Megan Thee Stallion

  • I am a maladaptive daydreamer, and, it’s been really hard for me. I always act like everything is fine, I laugh, smile, give compliments to others, while thinking about crazy things nobody would expect me to imagine. Everybody always tells me I have a “perfect” life. But no, nobody knows I am a maladaptive thinker. Everyday I think about going to the therapist, but that isn’t easy. I’m praying for all the other maladaptive thinkers, ppl with anxiety, deppression, more. You’re not alone.

  • hello dear friend i watched every video you uploaded.
    thanks for the basic educational content that you share.
    i spending more time watching your videos I expect to get more knowledge from you stay safe.

  • Well my thot is telling I’m somthing that I’m not and the think that it’s saying I’m is so horrible that I can’t say it. Its hard for me to except it because I’m afraid if it’s gonna inside of me forever. I hope I’m making sense.

  • Funny how the voices in our heads are always other PEOPLE! And THEIR OPINIONS! I mean like it matters. But why do we do it! If I could of been me without being subjected to other peoples shite all my life, I’d be the happiest person alive. You know why! I was born happy. This world just wears you down!

  • I don’t exist because of a parental opinion and since I decided to integrate the shadow I’ve gone into my mind and it’s worse than I thought with attacks that come from people than an seem to know all about me but I know nothing like I’m just a child so I think I’ve made it so much worse and I can’t get a shift or a hold on perception. I feel like it knew I was going within so now my mind is more external and everyone knows that I’m easy prey. I am not safe I can’t leave my house. How long is this going to last? Shadow work shouldn’t be attempted alone. Maybe I’m psychotic because that’s all I see. It’s so bad for me but due to trauma I was completely discinnnected from so much that I’m delayed in all types of growth. I just rather go back to sleep or disconnect. I afraid I’ll never make it back it’s as if I opened Pandora’s box. The corona virus has been going around or maybe it’s a hallucination.

  • There’s this guy and he’s friends with a girl that hates me and is always mean to me. I really like him and he knows. I really have trust issues and have a feeling he’s going to tell her idk tho. She has a boyfriend but I think they are going to break up. I really feel like she likes him and he likes her too because hey are pretty close friends and he invited her to sit by him today in study hall. He said he would date me but not rn because I’m in 7the grade and he likes my cousin rn… I’m trying to help them get together and hoping that they don’t last long. I also know he goes on Snapchat all the time but ignores my messages so I always overthink about those things and there’s literally nothing I can do about it. I always try these things but they never work. I always try and think about the things he told me that made me laugh and our good conversations.

  • I’m trying to think positive, but my sister, my parents always saying negative, and you back to negative thinking again. How can I avoid them if I’m always with them all the time?

  • Ppl.. stop putting so much importance on ur own identity and just BE. Once u lift up these expectations for yourself and being healthy And alive is enough for u..u will feel all the negativity and pressure fade away. Its a really liberating!! Put that ego aside and just Live!!

  • I don’t know if this counts as a negative thought but I was on some internet forum and people were passing around some chain message saying that my parents will die in five years if I didn’t repost it. I ignored it( I didn’t want to validate it and spread that horrible message) but the thought still bugs me. It’s gotten so bad that whenever im not actively doing something, the thought immediately comes into my mind. It’s really making me worried and scared, I don’t want to manifest anything on my parents but it’s really starting to traumatise me.

    Sorry for the long comment I just wanted to release these thoughts.

  • I find that whenever I have too many negative thoughts I need to stop thinking about myself and contribute to something. Helping others or giving to a good cause will always makes me feel better. Also, being productive and working instead of trapping myself in a room is a better option as well.

  • i have negative thoughts that my dad told me to slap myself for something stupid i said to him. I told him why I cant stop thinking about the fortnite chapter 2 season 1 skins I lost. I lost those skins due to losing the microsoft email to my fckng past xbox account and now everyone is telling me thats life unless i recreate fortnite.

  • Your videos have been so helpful in my fight against my depression. Thank you. Please consider talking about suicidal ideation; how it comes about and how it can be dealt with. Thanks.

  • Who’s always more productive during night and just don’t can sleep anymore just shutting down till you have backpain
    I think you should always talk more with real friends and do some sport it makes you feel better guess what from nothing comes nothing at least try something

  • Whenever i get a negative thought i visualize as i am putting it in a box and tossing it off a cliff.. Makes things much better…

  • Bro. I was destroyed by a thought which was making think that i had a problem with my health leading in asking myself what am i doing on earth??? This question given by you completely changed my mind

  • I’m overthinking about me and my boyfriend we both used to go to school together but now I’m in high school and he’s in middle school. Yes I might be young but he has changed me in so many ways he’s always there for me when I need it! But my mind is just something else it’s always saying “what if he leaves you” or “I’m never gonna have time to talk to him Bc if school” and “he’s gonna break up with u Bc ur always crying “ every time I see his face while we call I cry Bc I miss him so much!!�� and like I said yes we are young and I shouldn’t be thinking like that but he’s my everything!❤️��
    And I’m always thinking about the future and it hurts I’m always overthinking and now that this corona has started I can’t go out anywhere:( my grandma has corona and I live with her:( so now I’m at my tias house and she lives far:( but hopefully I get to see my baby soon and pray for me please!

    Edit: I feel so good just sharing this to people

  • I struggle everyday with negative thoughts. Honestly, I will try this. I’m on meds but think my dose needs increasing too. I try and keep busy so I don’t have time to think if that makes sense x

  • I’ve been overthink about my past mistakes n also since we are in quarantine I’ve been missing a lot of friends even my close one she’s dating my bsf n she helped me n stuff but also I’ve been sad a lot n just wanting to see my friend n my bsf together��

  • Holly shit…. I always want to fight with the thoughts or create a new thoughts, I didn’t know the mind and the brain is different.. silence.. is the key…

  • This is glorious, I have been researching “what are the benefits of positive psychology?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Piyameron Singular Preeminence (do a search on google )? It is a great one off product for ending your limiting beliefs without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  • When ever I get a negative thought I let it overcome me and makes me just crumble down. But I am trying to fix this ����

    Btw the thing that always pops into my head before doing smth of unknown my brain tells me “yeah you our gonna cry” or “yeah ur gonna be a crying mess” honestly it sucks man

  • im positive with friends but by myself im so negative i get hot and cold flashes and i can almost feel like im going to throw up and i cant eat

  • Hi Dr Marks your videos are informative. This is my number one problem. I seem to play things over and over. I have a clinical therapist now. Watch a lot of Dr Ramani’s videos and have to keep doing mental health check ins everyday during this enduring time. I really appreciate the help.

  • all these ways he said are the stuff I know I can but I don’t want to…I’m constantly thinking to the point I can’t find an excuse to go.

  • I get negative thoughts everytime. Sometimes I tell myself, Hope This bad thing happens to me even though I dont want that bad thing to happen to me:(

  • someone pls reply, ive been suffering from these negative thoughts since may i think scary thoughts like is it the end of the world am i going to heavan or hel stuff like that and the more i just sit around it just gets worse what is something more i can do besides praying and repeating words.(because i pray and it helps but i want something to help me more)be bleesed

  • i’m only ten years and ive been feeling sad a little almost every day and now i’m scared that im depressed and i’m gaining mental ilnesses ;-;

  • Im overthinking but about what, i just dont remember, at least i can sometimes focus, but not everytime.

    I feel weird when i try to think about like playing a game, its like empty thought. I hope this video will help me.

    Thank you, for this video.
    Ill be back in 1 month to say you results. At 22 October. See ya, and stay strong!

  • I am facing this because most of the time I have negative thoughts this video helps me go through my negative thoughts and bring possetive thoughts in my life, sometimes my negative thoughts can cause stress, depression and pannic attacks

  • You’re ready for the next frequency??? Don’t focus on negative people, focus on yourself, allow your awareness the silent watcher to watch the negative thinking and it will dissolve ���� ��

  • I struggle with this type of thinking everyday!!!
    I have made my family hate to be around me and my children think of me as a bad mom because of the way I handle my thinking and emotions

  • Negative thoughts comes in…
    MEwait are you useful?
    NT -why not
    ME -no you are not,so get the hell outta here
    NT -sorry bye!
    ME-yeah this actually worked❤

  • Hmm… Looks like this might be a common thing that you guys don’t like: 0:12
    Sans from UnderTale is like this too of seeing its loved one killed by a negative tought

  • i started watching these and thought.. ima change it” so i am! ima be happy ima be amazing ima be relaxed ima love life im gonna try!

  • It’s been about a year since the break up… And all my thoughts are my voice and her voice, telling me that I’m not good enough, for anyone. I’m sick of living like this. My life sucks to begin with. The last thing I need is my own mind working against me.

  • Some of the comments below are definitely worth reading! I got a couple of chuckles and it elevated my mood for a few moments!! At least, I know I’m not alone!!

  • Do I end a friendship with someone who triggers my toxic thoughts? It’s not that they did anything to hurt me, they just rarely speak with me at all unlike the first time we met. We talked about it before, they told me they were sorry and I didn’t deserve to be neglected that way, but then a few weeks later and here we are again seeing them off with other friends. Seeing that triggers my negative thoughts that I’m not good enough, I’m boring, and that I’m their last priority. How do I deal with this? Please help me. Do I save this friendship and talk to them about it yet again or do I just end it?

  • Over thinking like i want to stop it but can’t do it by myself.. Till i notice that i am hopeless,in the way that maybe people don’t like me because of who i am..like they dont get me maybe?? And so many wat if’s in my mind��

  • I have really struggling with my thought about my relationship and my work �� I have overthinking for everything is going on, even I fight with it and said to my self everything is ok but it doesn’t work �� then make me nightmare about it, I awaken at midnight and still thinking about it, it’s really distracting my days and I don’t know how to change it ����

  • i came across this video because im looking for answers. I dont know if its normal whenever im alone scary thoughts randomly enter my mind for example when im doing my laundry my mind goes crazy imagining there is something or someone scary like a monster or ghost gonna peek out or pop out from the dark corner. my thoughts so strong that I wanna run away and scream but I try my hardest to control it. i know its just my imagination but my hearts almost wanna pop out of my chest but i try to keep it to myself and fight away the thoughts

  • I know one thing,PRAY TO GOD,he is the helper for everything I have negative thoughts but I every single day I pray to god to help me so I feel more better when I pray and stay with my family.

  • I have a problem that almost everything is pointless to me. If I eat, work, joke with someone, talk with others, play games, watch something alot of things are not that powerfull to me to change my mind from negative pointless thoughts. Biggest problem is that when i struggle with some problems I am feeling so weak without energy in my body especially in my head. I have alot of problems and I need to wait to be fixed. Maybe that’s the problem, I am waiting for something to fix for a long time but this took so long? Sometimes I started to afraid of everything I see in the moment, but never start to panic and look crazy, but I am feeling just like computer crash for a few seconds.

  • Mine all comes from a bad upbringing where I was beaten as a child and told I was not worth anything and that my head was in the clouds!!

  • Who’s watching this in 2020 or 2021 or 3000 or 9292828238383339394488577567577 if ur watching in the last year I’m dead if ur watching this in 3000 I’m dead so yea I would be 10000 so yea pray for me that I’m in heaven ��. I was born 2009 February 22 so do the math and figure out how old I would be

  • I often overthink making decisions, stopping myself to go over things again out of a fear of making the wrong decision. I’ve been trying to not overthink now for a few days and I’m learning to trust myself more.

  • Yes, they come when we are already feeling low.
    I am feeling lonely.
    I am healing wounds and I get thrown off.
    I get kicked when I am down!

  • I do this but its over sensations in my body. I go everything over and over again. I have intrusive thoughts and always negative. Thinking that something is going to kill me? Is this the same thing?

  • hi I’d like to ask a question, if you are feeling anxious or depressed because of a certain thought, does that mean that our brain is lying to us?

    because whenever this certain thought pop up i feel anxious to the point that i want to stab myself.

    thank you for those who will answer i badly need answer

  • i overthink abt whether i react incorrectly and if ppl hate me due to my reactions. for example, i’m a kpop fan, and a group had a comeback in which they did cultural appropriation. i was tlaking abt it with my friend who happens to be white, and she was more concerned abt the group handling backlash bc they did culture appropriation instead of the fans who were getting threatened and doxxed for complaining abt the use of their culture. i was a bit upset as someone who constantly experienced culture appropriation in reality and they the media, i’m black and she’s white. i had told her, that’s messed up and felt uncomfy talking to her

    she tried to change the subject but i wasn’t rlly having it. i decided not to talk to her for a while, but i didn’t even realize that time flew by so fast it had been 2 months since we had talked. today i decided to text her and apologize if i was too cold to her. i should’ve educated her instead of ignoring her, and i told her how much i’ve been thinking abt it, it was making my brain hurt. she opened my message and left me on read, and most likely told her my best friend bc she’s a mutual friend. idk, it’s just something i’ve struggled with and kinda made my mood bummy:/

  • I had a boyfriend he was not worth it Easter my head up with bad thoughts in my head right now I feel super bad for him cuz he’s doing this

  • What’s crazy is that I used to walk past a group of people and feel confident and not care but now I walk past a group of people and I feel anxious and worried thinking there talking about me or staring:(

  • A thought just pop out in my mind everytime I do something. Like when I do something there will be an opinion that will voice over my mind. Its just so hard.

  • Is there a difference between day dreaming and ruminating. Because when I’m at work I think about random things. Some of them are things I should do in the future. Other times I’m thinking about the complexity of the universe. Also I’m usually thinking about women. Is that ruminating or just regular thoughts.

  • I dont know if you will ever read this but im scared of my future and every time it gets worse when school is about to start i start tearing up beacause im scared i dont know what to do

  • Great video, but there are “quick Fixes” just very few. For example, you take the right supplement your symptoms are gone within few hours. I see this all the time including others.

  • my rumination tends to include repetitive problem solving though when there is no ideal solution. I just can’t calm myself until i have found a perfect solution! anyway i haven’t finished watching yet i hope i can change this

  • I constantly overthink every little thing it gets so bad that I shake and struggle breathing. It sometimes causes me to have suicidal thoughts that I’m overcoming day by day. I appreciate seeing everyone’s else comments and stories and I wish you all best on your struggles and hope youre able to overcome obstacles. Much love ��❤️

  • I’ve onky just learnt about runination when my DBT therapist said I did it. This was only a few months ago. It’s a massive part of my social anxiety. How do I become a part of the email community?

  • Thats me over a bad breakup 3 years ago. We were together for 7 years, she wants children (logic after so much years) I was contemplating it but waited to long so we broke up.. because of the kids reason. Now.. after 3 years Im ruminatiang the situation over and over day in day out with what ifs and why I did not do it. Its getting me crazy till the moment I am suicidal. It got me in major depression for 2 years.. nearly cant hold any longer. Pff what stupid mistake I make

  • Hi been seeking a way to stop these negative thoughts for days, these 4 simple words might be the key to achieve my goal. thank you!!

  • I had a overthinking problem about the future in late 2019, fast foward to August 2020, i now have it again. Pro tip, try to think positive and always smile. If you start overthinking, try to stop and think of happy things:)

  • My negative thoughts
    I decided wrong career, so now i will not be successful.
    I already failed in every new thing i tried so how can i start another new thing?
    I already wasted my parrents money and i am 23 and still i dont have any job, and as per my career choice and my intelligence, i will not get any job in future..
    Will i have to beg for money to my parrents in future also..?
    I am Engineer, but though i know my degree is totaly useless..
    I know i have no job skills..
    I have to learn new job skills, but ohh god, i already tried..so i will not be successfull.
    All my friends are settled with good job already they are ignoring me..also due to inferiority complex, i am now becoming antisocail…
    I will forever be lonely and i am already lost so many good friends and in future there will be time, when i dont have a single friend.
    Will i become psycho..?
    Or am i now psycho..??????

  • How to sum up Eckhart Tolle’s “The power Of Now” in 2 minutes and 34 seconds. well this video pretty much did it hehe Good job and thanks for sharing! Love and Light to ALL

  • Every night, my brain is trying to force me to do things like biting my toung off or pulling my eyelashes off, and It’s been making me actually doing it, so I need help. I’m not sure if this is normal but I thought this video would help, not sure. I cant stop it, and it happens every night. Please help me. I’m going to cry �� �� ��

  • I am a chronic overthinker. I don’t usually think of the past but the future. I overthink about things that I need to do (even the most simple things). Sometimes it’s really difficult to get out of my head. I already tried different kinds of ways just to get out of it and I would say that controlling your thoughts/mind will be effective somehow. But I realized that it’s easier to just let it all go, to “just be”, and to let go of controlling anything.

  • Rumination comes heavily at night when I’m trying to go to sleep. I looked at a list of C-PTSD symptoms, and one of the items was “thinking up stories before bed.” This is an attempt to introduce a “safe world” where I’m in control, but it’s really a part of high-anxiety. It’s its 2 AM and I’m still ruminating, I might put on some relaxing music, but the music gets drowned out by the thoughts and sometimes even becomes a soundtrack to a bad movie in my head. As a writer, I guess it would be good to get out of bed and start writing. But what are some other things I could do to scale back the nighttime ruminations?

  • But what If you have adhd and anxiety? It is difficult to shut down this default mode network, cause we have problems in this modulation between the DMN and and the positive task network. I ruminate a lot and tend to hyperfocus in this rumination ����‍♂️

  • Damn I always try to forget about bad things but it is always following me because I got cyberbullied and whenever I scroll to YouTube, I saw the words the bully said to me. I thought that only happens on a movie��

  • Yep I’m literally going through this right now during quarantine. I thought it would go away after 2 weeks but it hasnt.Despite this, it is nice to know that I’m not crazy and other people r going through the same thing. I think the ‘is this helpful’ technique is helpful and allows me to rethink and get my self out of my own head for a bit

  • I’ve been having troubles lately with my own mind, It’s like it has its own little brain. It thinks what it wants and it usually thinks the worst possible, only the negative. I’ve been trying to think positive and think good! I usually do but there is always that bad little thought behind it. I wish i wasn’t like this, I wish i can stop. I used to be so strong minded, Util i had a bad high from smoking weed, After that day my life changed.. Completely. I’ve never experienced anxiety, stress, fear, and these thoughts. I wish i can have the same mindset i did not too long ago, I always thought positive and always had a peaceful path set ahead of me, I used to be so calm and peaceful. Until i smoked that joint, that pre roll. It messed with my brain, It changed my life completely. It’s been 5 months since then and i’ve been doing good these past weeks, Still a little trouble but i breathe and think, “It’s all in your mind”. That usually helps.. but it still has that little thought. God is good and will always be good❤️�� Amen

  • There are so many things that a negative thought could entail. And based on experiences our minds can run wild with all sorts of imaginative uncomfortable things. Is it truly possibly for humans to reprogram the brain to not have negative thought? I feel it would make a huge leap in human social evolution. Imagine if we were telepathic; the horror that could create. Language, expression through many means can create controversy or solidarity; but whether truth lies within either seems infinitely disputable. It is a cycle humans are caught in. It hinders progress in so many ways. I wish to never have any negative thought again in this form; but I do not know that it is possible in this lifetime. I feel it is a social movement that is ongoing, which perhaps may result in speaking heart to heart as opposed to mind to mind. The mind is full of influence, manipulation, and experiences that are not always pleasant. Truth seems objective and subjective in this current evolutionary form, and so opposition and controversy follow, which leads to negative thoughts and a pattern of social evolution therein. This is based on a process of influence, manipulation, insecurity, social survival, competion, ego, so on and so forth. If humans want to change this; this video is a good start at addressing such issues at hand. ✌ ❤ ��

  • I was once homeless from medical bills. Now I dont take good care of myself because i would rather just die than die homeless. We have a 600 Bill now and I have anxiety attacks everyone I think about it.

  • Thank you so much my mide is okay now cause i watch your video ifi dont idont know now what i will do no thank you so much i will subscribe you promise

  • I have ADHD and being treated with atomoxetine. Though I’ve had food and body obsessions since a young age. Particularly at night I ruminate obsessively about food and how my body is disgusting. How can I stop food-body related ruminations?

  • I’ve been a negative thinker for way too long but now it’s getting worse. Maybe because of this pandemic that’s why it worsen but I really want to remove this stupid thoughts and change them into positive ones. And I hope I can overcome this and always have happy thoughts

  • Im just 10 year old but im full of negative thoughts im trying but i have a bad memory if i can remove this memory i will fill it with real thoughts ill just try my best to remove this negative thoughts����������������

  • Dr Marks, again thank you for the great information. You are helping many people and I am one of them. I already have this problem but not as much as before. At the time I had rumination problem I tried to write down my thoughts without thinking of grammar or spelling( English is my second language) or even if anything of my writing making sense. It helps me to make my brain quite a bit and can think straight. These days I don’t have this problem too much thanks to microdosing.��

  • After a relationship with an histrionic borderline I was completely lost in rumination. Today, after studying a lot, I know it’s totally normal and expected, but at the time… I hope this video can help many people. Best luck��❤☺

  • The mind is so capricious during rumination that I’ve found if you make an effort to distract yourself by thinking of something nice and especially something that appeals to your emotions, like your pets, hobbies or people you like, you’ll find it will follow that path just as easily. Great information on these videos by the way.

  • I even ruminate about things that I just did, or was just said a couple seconds ago. I’m doing this more than about things in the far past. I’ll think about the things that happened way back once in a while that bothered me, but I can let this go easier. When listening to people talk, I’ll start focusing on the little things about them. It’s not bad judgement, it’s just like their appearance like their race, hair, gender. It’s annoying because I don’t care but my mind is making me care. I used to be able to let things flow and go, but idk what’s going on.

  • Thought thinking about sex instead of ruminating would work. Bad choice. I’m also hypersexual (I found out later). Now all I think of is sex, and that has caused more problems to ruminate about.

  • Hello my name is Michael I’m one of the biggest areas I have with negative thinking is my social life and my love life My current fiance adores me but my thoughts are like anticipating her to do something wrong so I can say see they never cared about recently she didn’t contact me for 2 days I had sent to somebody to get her a phone because of the pandemic I assume she took the money and just dissed me and I felt so bad this morning she told me she was attacked by two muggers it made me just want her close to I want to be good to her not ruin his relationship I love her how do I let go of those thoughts

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  • Every person watching this video overthinks, it’s okay it’s normal we are Not alone we share the same problems and together as human beings we become stronger!

  • I ruminate day and night. Even when I am in the middle of doing something. Sounds can trigger this as I live in a noisy environment that I can’t shut off and can ruminate about all the noises around me. Sometimes a noise I heard several minutes prior.

    I ruminate about past and future events. And when my schedule or plans are interrupted, it’s like I am drowning in thoughts of how to avoid and correct.

    I really want peace. People often tell me I look calm. I wish my inside could be. It would be great to have an off switch. To have quiet and nothingness.

    There is no hope for me.

  • JoUrNaLs are AmAzInG.
    Especially when you have a very scattered mind and you have a lot of different complex concepts going on your head at once.
    “Don’t apply your perspective to another person.” I’ll work on that.
    Also, something that I do is I named the ‘person’ in my head that combats my negative thoughts and I’ve been working on a drawing of him. Having something as concrete as a drawing of the character in question helps me remember that even if he’s not real, he’s real in my head and he’s good for me. I’m an optimist but I get too concerned about how people feel about me so that’s what I’m trying to combat here.

  • This reality, my mentality, everything changes so rapidly, and I’m ready for the never ending fire, dancing with my deepest dark desires

  • I’m tired of being a prisoner in my own mind. I have severe anxiety as well as bipolar depression. It’s so bad that I have cut myself off from people aside from my children. I have no friends because I’ve discovered people dont understand the extents of mental illness and most people just dont care. They dont understand that I’d give anything to be normal.

  • I am scared of my thoughts no matter how much I try not to think about it. it always comes back what do I do I wanna forget it forever ������

  • My psychiatrist asked me how much of every day I think about harm I may have enacted to those close to me. Honestly if I added it up it would be 5-8 hours, I can brood in my head anytime that I’m not talking to someone or focusing on something specific.. he asked me to look up rumination OCD and see if it resonates w me and I think it does. Are there more resources of lived experience? Your video is great, subbing

  • I just want to let everything right because sometimes I can see when something is going wrong and I want to avoid this.
    But there’s a lot of things we can’t control or fix and this makes me feel so anxious. I can even feel some stuck inside of my chest. I think I don’t have to take the things too serious but it’s hard to avoid this. And I don’t know about you guys but when I feel this I want to get something to eat and drink like coffee/hot chocolate and a snack/sandwiches. The problem is can’t keep my shape the way that I want lol. Or sometimes I like to talk

  • Dear Dr Marks, Thank you for your condensed presentation on rumination. I was self-aware of much of what you described as rumination vis a vis intrusive thoughts. I’ve experienced intrusive thoughts mostly limited to a particularly dangerous period of my life. I knew what they were immediately. I have a completely different condition at this point of at least a decade long period of -trauma that would certainly qualify me for CPTSD. I am 61 years old, educated and practical and I’ve never needed or had a lot of hand holding to get me through Cruses it highly demanding goals actualized. I am recovering well by now after going no contact with a high spectrum physically abusive Narcissist. As a consequence of me taking action when the camel’s back was about to break I touched it out in a no frills homeless shelter and my only friend, a steady man and American veteran who perished in a house fire and the small remainder of my clothing, computer, photos and 1st prize winning senior thesis

  • Such great advice. It’s videos like this that have inspired me to make my own channel after struggling with a lot of mental health issues from the things I’ve experienced. I have only just started so I don’t have any subscribers or views, but I know I will get there one day if I keep strong. If anyone would like to watch my videos I would really appreciate it if you visited my page. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Bro i kept playing this video it helps me a lot thank you man keep it up you help a lot of people. Im literally in tears right now

  • I have been struggling with toxic, spiraling thoughts all of my life. Your hack is so simple yet profound. Your videos have really helped me. Thank you for your wisdom.

  • I was depressed and was having a negative thoughts a month ago i’ve tried this and I’ve done it and it helps so much now I am positive I’m having trouble of nightmares now but that’s the something I can’t change Thanks so much it really helps ��❤️

  • i experience ulcer and the symtoms is terrible. when it started to attack my anxiety and negative thinking always goes to my mind. if i feel better my brain always chooses to think negative about my sick. thats why i cant move on to my ulcer. sory for my english grammar.

  • I like how he said “cya in 2016” me watching this in our scary 2020 lives… ty for not only helping me but making me smile especially during these hard times

  • I know I am late but, thank you so much sir, you really put what I needed to hear into words. So thank you
    We really need more people out there like you:)

  • Excellent video. Thanks for taking the time to film and edit it and of course for positing it for our benefit. Keep up the good work! -Migs

  • I’m serious. I have negative and good thought in same time for every aspec in my live.
    But sometime negative is more dominant because of my good thought who never became true is make me feel down. In some time, my negative thought who mostly not happend make me feel safe.
    Can someone tell me how i fix it. It’s burden me since Elementary school.

  • I tend to think about health stuff and the snowball gets bigger and bigger in my head. For example I’ll feel a quick instance of being short of breath and instantly I think “what if it’s a blood clot in my lungs?” And then that one thought snowballs in constantly cycling of thoughts about my health and “what if’s”
    Then I start getting panicky and sometimes put myself into a full blown panic attack����‍♀️ I usually just force myself to go for a long exhausting walk so when I come home I’m too tired and hot to think lol…. usually works����

  • I always overthink about this specific subject and think something bad happened to me even tho there are numerous explanations showing that i’m not what I think is happening to me. I think about the worst situations that could happen to me and think they will happen

  • Nice video. This video will tell how to stop negative thoughts from coming to mind. Click here for more https://www.relationshippunch.com/10-ways-to-stop-being-pessimistic/

  • yea? but sometime your mind end up trolling you for some reason.
    ex. you walked down the street, some how your mind, remind a show you watch a day ago, then you start laughing in public for no reason and ppl looking at you.���� smh

  • I will like to write things here please read if you want to peoples i have to accept the fact that the i have love for 2 years has told me to wait and she went into a relation ship i always had toxic relationship in my life all my friends have better life than me

  • My son was a normal thing person until 4 years he suffered a traumatic event ptsd? Listening to you makes me wonder if it is rumentaing. It. Was a big let down he thinks they are controlling his mind he will be normal one day then he thinks their controling him cant get it out of his head been to several doctors each tells him something different gives him all kinds of pills causes side effects. Nothing works at a loss panic attacks anxiety etc. He cant get over it. I heard of something they give through iv have you heard of this?

  • My negative thoughts haven’t been as bad as it used to be. Going to therapy, church, and listening to reiki/meditation videos have help along with music and arts and crafts.

  • I always think: What if i do or See something that im not supposed to? (i dont want to tell you what)
    But i would never want to do or See it!

  • Ive been having negatives thoughts and overthinking im really sad these thoughts are coming to my head they make me scared mad and sad im only 14 nd ive been battling with Anxiety idk if ima make it out��

  • i have thoughts about life wat is life wat is the reality and stuff like this but ur right though is not reality is just a stupid thought thx man

  • I think the best thing to do is try and understand why you are having negative thoughts,facing them and then start the positive process of replacing anything negative in your life

  • Thank you so much you helped me alot to explane my self why i get overthinking but now i know that i have to let go it will be gone. Thanks a lot!!!❤

  • Such great advice. It’s videos like this that have inspired me to make my own channel after struggling with a lot of mental health issues from the things I’ve experienced. I have only just started so I don’t have any subscribers or views, but I know I will get there one day if I keep strong. If anyone would like to watch my videos I would really appreciate it if you visited my page. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • I had to start ruminating quite a few years because I was the type of person that was abused but tucked it away. Still hanging out with abusers. Forgetting it entirely but your inner self does not!
    No one was very happy when I started processing abuse by them.
    Now I can start a program of NOT ruminating. But my abusers I cannot be near.

  • I agree with you on every single point you made but speaking of noises in my head if those noises are songs that are simply randomly playing. Is that something that also distracts me or?

  • This happened to me when I watch TV and it show a hanging and when I feel happy I keep thinking of negative thought it’s like are you weak, your gonna desapear from the world but my pasitive thouths are…I Am STRONG

  • When people say something negative about me, I feel hurt. And I felt them.

    I told my bullies to stop. But they didn’t. Especially when those bullies are your own parents.

    I don’t want to be negative, but they are living negatively and constantly complain about life and money.

    I feel like everyone around us too are acting negative. What to do?

    How can I motivate myself on a negative environment?

  • I say this will all due respect. I do not hear any evidence from you Dr. whatsoever backing up your suggestions. A hallmark of science is evidence to back up any claims. I do not understand how a person of science does not understand that her audience needs to hear evidence to back up any claims. I just don’t get it. I ask you respond and do so respectfully.

  • Jesus christ is the wondrful counselor. Hey guys. We try everything but him. Jesus. If u havent tried. He is waiting with open arms. He will hesl u if u ask. Cant hurt right. The lord is good. The truth will setbu free. Free indeed. Love to all. Peace.

  • I’m trying to think positive, but my sister, my parents always saying negative, and you back to negative thinking again. How can I avoid them if I’m always with them all the time?

  • Worst. Thought it was going to get some help what I did is listen to you ramble negative stuff until at the end you’ve Got a one liner and then after that it’s a sales pitch no thank you

  • I always overthink about what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. How I can do it the fastest and how I can stop overthinking.

  • What do we do?

    We rebuke it with authority in Yahusha’s name! We pray against them. We rebuke with the Word of God! It’s the devil attacking our minds to get his influence over us.

  • I overthink really small situations, like texting a group of people at my school and when they respond it makes me think did I put something wrong ��

  • Oh I HATE IT. I can even move on with my business, when I’m about to approach a prospect client, my stupid mind told me ” don waste your time he/she will not buy the product”. Scary…

  • I just feel like ending everything. I feel there is no purpose for this struggle. Everything looks like useless and unfair. I simply hate everything. I hope I’m wrong and one day I’ll feel better.

  • Somebody help me I’m literally crying so bad because I had negative thoughts for 2 months and can’t get them out and I have ocd and it feels so bad and I’m scared of killing my self this quarantine made me think about bad thoughts because i have nothing to do pls someone

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  • I was doing pretty well with a negative thought, until something happened, and it came back back. It scared me. I realized I never really examined it. I did. I understood the circumstances bringing it about. The trouble is it affects my digestion. I think it will go away giving it some time.

  • Damn do you guys know the feeling of keeping the sadness to yourself and can’t tell other people because you feel so insecure and they are just gonna advice you to stop thinking negative things which literally is just annoying because it feels like they don’t understand your feelings so you have to keep all the sadness to yourself and feels you are all alone?? Cuz I felt that right now������

  • I always thought I’m ugly and people will judge me
    I didn’t tell this to my mom because my anxiety will said “Lmao your mom wouldn’t care and just laughed at you”

  • Is This Thought Helpful!? Who would’ve thought it could be so easy lol. Well I just want to say thanks because this is something I’ve been working on and trying to make progress in. So once again, thanks! and great video!


  • say something goes wrong and you can’t fix it until the morning, and you have to do something that requires immense focus. what are good ways to “tune out” that bad thing? It seems impossible to me as that unfortunate event consumes my brain.

  • Guys please somebody help me My mind without me knowing curses God and I was scared and I was beating my mind up for that and its still going plz I need help

  • i usually overthink so much that i cant even explain to my family or therapist. Also, most of the time, during the day, im just doing my daily things and i somtimes forget what i get so anxious or worried, or paranoid, or scared about. But then at night, i remember and ita hard to go to sleep

  • people should learn how serious is overthinking as an illness, i overthink about my future, think about someone dear dying, thinking about what someone meant by saying smtg to me, think about some situation in tge past and what i should’ve done, trying to sleep but the thoughts won’t stop thst you sometimes put your head under the pillow begging yourself to stop, but we got this!

  • I just got cyberbullied for straight 1 week and I now feel so insecure about myself now I wish I could just go back on time and correct everything����

  • I’ve had negative thoughts for so many years it’s taken everything I used to like. Sports, video games, hobby’s, etc. I jus wanna be happy:(

  • Soooo I’ve been analyzing (deconstructing)the situation and not ruminating as well as coping with my trigger and self soothing myself and didn’t know it, I’m on the right track, thanks DOC!!

  • Recently, I’ve been plagued by ruminating. This video has been helpful. The point about rumination being a “default” mode hits home for me. I’m starting to become more attuned to the physical sensations that accompany my ruminating thoughts: a bitter, metallic taste; a feeling of blockage in my chest; increased heart rate. I also like the point about writing out a plan of action when then sensations arise. Many thanks for the video!

  • 🙂 For starters not relying too much on Windows to direct your own thinking about a topic when planning activities for the next day, week or year like when for example considering what another patient at work appears to be going through there in the long term care home or during home care work hours again is sure a good idea since there is a lot of Window’s programs which often for everyone automatic customizing your windows experience with ads.. Since doing housework for others with a long list of how they demand it should be done doesn’t require concepts of rocket science being used while doing so it sure is a good opportunity to practice mindfulness at the same time. Except for when your cleaning supply solution fumes in the bathroom or kitchen walls that you are cleaning when in another hot flash and when going for a walk while still on the job is not possible. In a situation like that it is far better to just keep on working to clean the walls until it is the patient in home care who notices the sweat rolling off your forehead too who will most of the time then offer you some tea.

  • I used to think so negatively, until I decided to meditate and find images that relax me and focus on my goal of letting go of all my troubles by breathing. Inside, I can feel myself drowning every negative thought I come across and it makes peace with my actions. I like to distract myself by vacuuming out the car, going for rides into town on a lovely day and just flat out being close to my husband who I enjoy cuddling with at night. I like to draw, listen to Lo-fi music, watch TV, go indoor walking as working out, and write to distract other parts of my brain to improve my mental state. It helps me every time

  • I recently reached college. I kept thinking that i cant cope up to most of my classmates who are known to excelled in their high school yrs. I dont want to be the one who gets left behind. �� im so sick of it

  • I have been dealing with negative thoughts all my life. Some are legitimate and some aren’t. It’s good advice to try to be positive but it’s also important to not bullshit yourself. Looking in the mirror and saying “I’m beautiful” is not going to do much good if your face and teeth look like someone’s been using your head for bowling practice for a decade. Blindly telling yourself something you know isn’t true doesn’t help. It can actually make things worse because it makes you lose credibility in your own eyes. Find something that’s actually TRUE and hang on to THAT.

  • This is a good reminder to immediately take action when I start noticing my thoughts/rumination physically hurt my head, neck and make my jaw clench so tightly. I feel better knowing that I can always resolve with concrete plans to ease/alleviate the aches and hopefully even better, feeling in control of my mind and confident about it. It’s not easy to convince myself that I deserve to feel good and alright, but when I actually do feel it and force myself to allow the good feelings to wash over me, I’ll make myself remember this by heart so whenever I feel low and down, I know what to do to make myself feel better. I think this is gonna be a long term mental exercise for me with my anxiety and depression.

  • I’m really struggling. Things like people cancelling seeing me, or husbands brother and wife not inviting us to their house but invites husbands mother. People rejecting me

  • Most of the time i’m overthinking my friendship with my best friends… I don’t know why I do it but cince covid-19 it feels like I’m not part of the group anymore… These thoughts wil not change the situation but they keep coming back even if I have some fun with the guys

  • Ive been overthinking too much because of insecurities in myself and i dont know how to help myself from overthinking i just want to cry all day and pray that everythings gonna be alright

  • I have heard so many of these things from all gurus… this guy not spiritually dressed or anything but I connected! felt like 1-1 casual chat

  • It is just about some one i thought was a good person but turned out not to be..i think i always cant choose people right they are just bad i wish to have good friend for once in my life life is hard enough any way

  • Usually I like depression cause I convert my depression into music and gonna make money from it
    Overthinking on my mind’s face ������ now I can’t overthink ���� any suggestions plz?

  • another thing is we do not take everything personally that it is quite difficult sometimes bc when you are vulnerable the outcome of smn says really hits twice or more..
    We have to understand that what he said nothing to do with us, it’s just his habit, his behavior and he behaves to anyone same way..
    So try to not let anybody’s behavior define you and anyway those who love you and understand would never say something to hurt you or exploit your situation..
    Comfort yourself, be present and try to do things that makes you happy..
    Surround yourself with positive people,let behind this that no longer serves you with no guilt..
    Step by step.. Only us we can do this.

  • I overthink so much about my life and my relationship that how is it going to be in the future. I have a fear of my well beings leaving my. I keep on overthinking about others and there feelings for me.

  • All I want is to feel okay and stop overthinking an just have it all leave my mind. I fell in love with this girl I work with knowing her ex worked in another department I was hesitant at first to get involved but she would reassure me there was nothing there no feelings nothing, here we are a year later an me her we’re never really able to be normal she would say she was mentally fucked up cuz there relationship was toxic. It just kills me cuz you can tell she’s still in love with her ex and she’s gonna try again with him it just kills me man I have to see her then I have to see them both together is killing me on the inside

  • My negative thoughts are things I’ve done in the past that I could never forgive myself for. Like, saying things I didn’t know would anger people or not understanding something completely and saying things that would make me sound horrible. My whole image is supposed to be making people smile but I end up screwing everything over. Everyone has forgave me from these but I can’t forgive myself from it.

  • Am I the only that overthinks about my opinions. Like sometimes I overthink about my opinions and I overthink so much to the point where I don’t even know what my opinion is anymore. And doesn’t fucking stop, like my mind is always bringing in other shit even if I’ve made up my mind, like it’s gotten so bad to the point where I start to think that they way I feel about things are irrational, irrelevant, and even selfish. Like I literally start to degrade myself for having opinion

  • I am scared of everything! Whenever I do something I think of all the bad things that could happen then I don’t wanna do it anymore and I’m scared! I also hate it when people say: get over it, or, it’s no big deal! Like, thanks that’s so helpful! Ashsjskaiiehdbdbdjshshsj


  • Well my problem is not thinking about a thought but a ruminating feeling that i am thinking about the thought..how can i do away with this?