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5 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth May 31, 2018 There are days when healthy choices seem easy to make (yay!), but let’s be real—we all get hit with sweet cravings from time to time. 5 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth HealthyWomen Editors. 22 Oct 2013. When it comes to your sweet tooth, you might feel the urge to give in to that brownie, cookie, chocolate bar or ice cream cone—but don’t.

While it’s OK to indulge your cravings every now and then, you can’t let those little treats sabotage your efforts to stay. 24 Deliciously Healthy Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth. 1. Chocolate Avocado Pudding. howsweeteats.com.

Avocado FTW. Recipe here. 2. Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles. 3. Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites. 4. Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet. 5. Ginger Watermelon Italian Ice.

5 healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth Whether it’s a late night craving or a bit of workday stress, having a sweet tooth can be a struggle if you’re trying to keep a healthy diet. While a few treats here and there won’t completely derail your healthy eating efforts, they. Sometimes we have a sweet tooth that we just can’t shake. However, when we try to resist we oftentimes find ourselves face down in a box of Oreos.

Instead of fighting it, find some sweet and healthful alternatives. Here are a few of my favorite ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, made with wholesome ingredients. Not very healthy. How do you satisfy a sweet tooth without ruining your diet? (And by diet I mean healthy eating regimen, not crazy cabbage soup only type of thing). I found 5 healthier ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, and hopefully they work for you as well!

Betsy’s Best: Nut and Seed Butters. All the jars of healthy, natural nut butters I. Here are five suggestions for sweet snacks you can try the next time you feel a sweet tooth coming on. Fresh Fruits. Looking for the healthiest sweet snack around?

Why not just grab a piece of fruit? Fruit is not only sweet, but it contains healthier simple sugars than the refined, complex sugars you find in most processed sweet snacks. Plus, you get all the added health benefits of the fruits.

5 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth February 10, 2014 Adam Schafer, MS, RD, LDN Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means many sweet little indulgences are probably in your future. 14 HEALTHY WAYS TO SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH (HEALTHY EATING TIPS) 1. Eat sweet fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pretty much any fruit is far better for you than a candy, so keep a 2. Honey. Eating honey is one of my favorite healthy ways to satisfy my.

Five Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth The national tour of Mary Poppins is in Nashville this week, and Joe took me over the weekend! I am still humming “A Spoonful of Sugar.”.

List of related literature:

Also, learn how to satisfy your sweet tooth with one or all of the following substitutes: fruit (opt for water-filled fruits, such as apples and berries, and avoid fruits that contain a lot of sugar, such as grapes and ba

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
Rodale Books, 2009

You’ll appreciate the exquisite subtle sweetness of fruit like raspberries and blackberries, spices like vanilla and cinnamon (which helps control blood sugar) —things you hardly notice or appreciate as a sugar addict.

“JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks” by J.J. Virgin
from JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks
by J.J. Virgin
Grand Central Publishing, 2014

In the first two weeks, three micronutrients—selenium, cinnamon, and chromium—can help you resist the urge to eat Sweet things, thereby helping diminish insulin resistance.

“Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline” by Dr. Steven R. Gundry
from Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline
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The initial goals for Senomyx’s sweet taste modulators are to reduce targeted sweeteners by at least 25% in foods and beverages while retaining the taste of the fully sweetened product.

“Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology” by Kay O'Donnell, Malcolm Kearsley
from Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology
by Kay O’Donnell, Malcolm Kearsley
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There are now numerous human studies examining the dependence-producing properties of sugar.7 By reducing dopamine signaling in the brain’s reward center, the pleasure derived from food is reduced (increasing tolerance), compelling the individual to consume more.

“Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease” by Robert H. Lustig
from Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease
by Robert H. Lustig
Penguin Publishing Group, 2012

A “sweet tooth” is generally indicative of a vitamin B deficiency; the craving for sweets usually disappears when adequate amounts of a natural source of vitamin B complex, such as nutritional yeast, are taken.

“Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth” by Walene James
from Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth
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A. Believe it or not, your craving for sweets will diminish with time.

“Protein Power” by Michael R. Eades, Mary Dan Eades
from Protein Power
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Four options at one blow: sugar reduction—sweetness reduction—fewer calories— fibre claims The steady increase in obesity rates has triggered recommendations and requests to reduce ‘added sugar’ calories in the diet.

“The Technology of Wafers and Waffles II: Recipes, Product Development and Know-How” by Karl F. Tiefenbacher
from The Technology of Wafers and Waffles II: Recipes, Product Development and Know-How
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See below for some quick ways to satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner.

“The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook” by Lois Levine, Marian Burros
from The New Elegant But Easy Cookbook
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Daily doses of sweet nothin’s sure can add up and may leave a sour taste in your mouth: NutraSweet in your morning coffee, Splenda in your yogurt, aspartame in your diet soft drink, xylitol in your chewing gum, sucralose in your energy bar.

“The Looneyspoons Collection” by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
from The Looneyspoons Collection
by Janet Podleski, Greta Podleski
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  • SarahI’ve watched your videos for years! But it seems like you only make sponsored videos now. I get it, it’s your business… but it feels like I”m watching an ad for products, not something you genuinely like. And I’m not saying this just because i don’t like this brand haha. I mean, for real. I miss your perspective. I love to see you do recipes and reviews of products you may not actually be paid to review. Best of luck and lots of love.

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  • Another thing on my shopping list: a food processor/blender!
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  • Cinnamon is the ultimate low calorie healthy sweet tooth craving for me. I know it has no sugar or anything, but it has a sweet flavor when you put it on or in stuff:) Good vid as always

  • Definitely gonna try 4! I’ve tried your individual cheesecakes before and they were divine. So, I was very happy when I saw you uploaded some new desserts! Thank you Rachel xx

  • Omg thank u my birthdays tomorrow and my teacher said that we are not aloud to have sweet treats ao we have to bring healthy treats and here u are saving the day again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ❤❤


  • I do the dates snack the exact same way as yours but I add mine with mangos and blend it with wth the dates. And omg it taste amazing

  • Made the coconut dates they’re in the freezer rn ���� can’t wait to try didn’t have a food processor so just tried a normal blender than got a wooden spoon and tried to smooth them down hopefully they’re okay

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  • To the question: I have 9 piercings, and every single one of them was apart from the first one on each side much worse than a tattoo on the costal arch

  • Made the chocolate hearts today and they were super duper yummy. It had that rich and good quality taste with simple ingredients. I had the same heart shaped silicon mold from IKEA, so had to try these ones. Thanks for great recipes! ��

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  • I decided to reward myself after a workout by stuffing my face with pizza and donuts. While i watched this and feeling disgusted at myself.

  • I have quite a few tattoos and even have my ears stretched, but the pain from my second ear piercing hurt SO BAD, I felt like a baby and now I always say the only thing I will touch is my ears! Lol ��

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this incredible recipes, I have a question in the chocolate candy: can I replace the coconut oil with regular butter or peanut butter?

  • definitely gonna try those peanut butter cups. so easy to make a bunch at once and eat them knowing i’m putting clean ingredients into my body! love these videos:)

  • Will definitely be trying three and four. Thanks for the recipes. Love all of your videos. You have inspired me to become an indoor gardener xx

  • So enjoying me some Galaxy doughnuts after this video. Gonna put up some Delta Parole and AFI rock music while I bake em up again so they crisp �� again food and music so good together. Make sure u dont cough tho singing along like I do

  • Thank you SOO MUCH for the past few weeks I’ve been doing workouts and ways to lose weight but it never pays of because I’m craving sweets so thank you so much��

  • I’ve never had real tattoos, only eyebrows and lips for temp colouring, but I find them more painful as compared to piercings. Bu than again I’ve only pierced like different parts of my ears.

  • I’m pretty guilty of just taking a giant scoop of peanut butter for my cravings! LOL! But in all seriousness I love peanut, sunflower seed or almond butter, dark chocolate, cinnamon oatmeal, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, roasted pumpkin, carrots, and fruits for my sweet cravings!

  • I think pericings hurt longer, my tattoo only really hurt during and an hour after �� when I had my daith pieced I almost passed out lol ��

  • This is very healthy and looked tasty too �� I will try this recipe! Btw I’m in love with your background its so minimal and boho!

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  • I can deal with piercing pain better than the pain I experienced getting my thigh and the front of my ankle joint tattooed! However, i have a tattoo behind my ear on the bone of my skull which I have to say was barely noticeable pain wise.

    These recipes look fantastic. I never thought to blend chai seeds for some reason.. I’m hoping that the pudding will help fill a void I’ve not been able to resist filling with sweet junk food the past few days.

  • I worked door and security for a show by the Genitortures early in their career. Their lead singer was named Gen, a statuesque blond who dressed all in black leather, including leather chaps.
    A dominatrix, she was unbearably rude.
    The feature of the act was onstage genital piercing.
    I don’t intentionally inflict pain on myself. If I have to endure pain, I get paid for it.:)

  • I’m the same with piercings! I’ve sat in a tattoo chair for 6 hours and been fine but gotten ear piercings and had to ask for a vomit bag and sit down for ages after

  • You couldn’t have posted this at a better time! I’ve been wanting to make a sweet healthy treat for days and this is just the inspo I needed��

  • New to a healthy lifestyle, Literally have been googling for healthy desserts all day and almost talked myself into getting a cupcake from the bakery and then you posted this just in time:D

  • My kind of diet �� you make everything look tastier. I epliate my legs the closest I’ll get to feeling the level of pain a tattoo offers (point is, no tattoos for me), and I have to say it does hurt. Piercing is more eye watering, but it only lasts for a couple of seconds, yet epilating a leg can take a while, hmm…

  • Can never go wrong with neutral colors.And it always depends of the location of your tattoo or piercing, you know theirs always spots on the body that are more sensitive. Personally the spine has a special sting for me when it comes to being tattoo, piercings no problem.

  • For the cookie dough cheesecake doughnuts, make sure you heat the raw flour in the oven before consuming it raw. They probs did that but didn’t specify it. Either way, make sure u prepare it correctly, guys, so you don’t make yourself sick ��

  • Your recipes are so easy to make and to follow, with ingredients that can be find easily. Your channel is great for vegan friends
    Edit: it’s great for non-vegan friends too.. It’s great for everyone!

  • The only thing I noticed that your making wrong is that your puting salt in your liquid mixture which kills the yeast. I don’t know I’m not an expert but it’s different from other expert YouTubers who make perfect donut. They say you should put the salt on top of the flour so you won’t kill the yeast and your dough will rise and be fluffy when it’s cooked

  • I love donuts as much as the next girl, but some-or allof these just seem a bit much. The ones filled with stuff does not need to be caked in sugar. It has so much already smh

  • can you make ” non healthy foods that everyone loves, but a little bit healthier so you don’t gain as much weight when you did when you bingwatched stranger things eating all the food at 7-11″ XD

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  • omg I am seriously going to try that granola tho. you know every granola you can buy in shops is literally o sugary and fatty and they say it’s ;super low in calories’ but they’ve only put the macros in for like a 35g serving like wow imma eat 3 spoons of cereal for breakfast

  • Are the peanut butter cups really healthy? Like guilt-free healthy? Because chocolate chips + peanut butter will make me cry of guilt…

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  • to be honest for a bodybuilding kid who is 14 years old not healthy well what can ya say im only 14 and a boy kid so ye good bye xD

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  • Belly button piercing, but rib tattoo was close second. Almost passed out with that piercing but was told my car was maybe being towed so I felt okay immediately to go get that.

  • 5 Ways to Cut 100 Calories From Snacks:

    1-Buy pre-measured snacks, no more than 100 calories.
    2-Choose fruit over a bag of pretzels.
    3-Choose plain yogurt over flavored yogurt.
    4-Choose flavored seltzer over soda.
    5-Choose celery stalks over dried fruit.

  • I’m from Portugal and I believe we dont have Yogurt Covered Raisins or Yogurt Covered Almonds, i will be basic and eat without the yogurt XD Thanks for the advices and ideas, really helpful!!

  • These look so good omg! I’m always craving sweets so this is so gonna help me stay on track even when I do. Amazing video as always! ��

  • I just tried the Sweet Habit Caramel. it’s horrible! Consistency of frozen brown sugar. Weird after taste. Seriously, not worth the calories.

  • Omg the chocolate one is DELICIOUS! It’s super good but it is a little bitter. However I myself am a huge fan of dark chocolate so it’s fine!

  • OMG I love ice cream. My sister is due on June 9th. The shower is this Saturday. I spoiled the little guy. She hasn’t really had cravings, although she did say she craved pickles once.

  • I love halo top!! But this looks so good I live in Canada I don’t think we have this:( might have to make the 45 min drive to port Huron

  • I have made two of these recipes. Granola was delicious and the brownies are in the oven as I type this. This video was everything I needed, I was desperate for a recipe video that was healthy but would satisfy my want for sweet food. Thank you x

  • Hi Vince
    thanks for the video love all the ingredients…my question is: the 4 different variations you made is that the proportion size(in each bowl ofcourse lol) for 1 sitting? It seems a lot for just a bedtime “snack”? I thought yoghurt covered nuts were a no no?? Thanks in advance

  • Tattoos don’t hurt as much depending on where you get them? I think piercings are harder to heal;-; however I got my sternum tatted, that’s shid HURTED. Coming from a very pain tolerant human.

  • Thanks for the inspiration. I definitely want to try more healthy foods because I’m a major snacker and sweet tooth. More videos of easy snack and desserts.

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