5 Guilty Pleasures It’s not necessary to Feel Guilty About


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Five must-watch guilty pleasures you don’t have to feel guilty about! 5 years ago 5 years ago. Sponsored.

Five must-watch guilty pleasures you don’t have to feel guilty about! by Mike Morrison 5 years ago 5 years ago. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; Email; These days, when it comes to guilty pleasures, there’s certainly no shortage of them on. Why should I feel “guilty” about something that is so damn good?

So I decided, no longer I am putting my foot down. I will no longer feel guilty about any of my “guilty pleasures”. I will relish them with pride. Life is too short to hide the best things in life.

And from now on, the only reason I will hide them away in the back of the. This guilty pleasures list contains everything that has been giving me life over the last few weeks.These guilty pleasure examples are the type of experiences that put a smile on someone’s face during a time of need. You know, when you need a boost of joy!

We might not admit them all – but most have done some or all of these in secret. Guilty pleasures are those things that we love to do, but would never—ever—tell anyone about. Over our dead bodies.

Often, these guilty pleasures are embarrassing and utterly weird, so we keep them to ourselves, or pretend we don’t do them. However, these are what make us a little happier each day. Keep ‘em on the D.L.

Many of us have ‘guilty pleasures’ that we wouldn’t give up but would rather keep secret. According to this cultural anthropologist, indulging in them can be good for us. Wrong! But before I get there, first thing is first as much as people use the terms interchangeably it isn’t usual for sociopaths to be psychopaths as well.

Their psychological make up is often different if not opposite. So unless if your pare. Here are 50 guilty-pleasure purchases for when you need something to help keep you going but don’t want to be too frivolous.

Of course, everyone’s financial circumstances are different — especially at a time like this — so these picks cover a wide price range, from bigger-ticket items for those who can afford them to inexpensive options. “If you are eating the right thing most of the time, you don’t have to worry about the ice cream that makes you feel guilty. Enjoy that pleasure –. That’s why I truly believe that it’s the little pleasures in life that millennials shouldn’t feel guilty making time for. So, say, “goodbye” to the guilt, because it’s doing no one any favors.

When you enjoy a type of music or particular program but you are to ashamed to admit you listen to it/ watch it to your friends and family.

List of related literature:

not guilty pleasures—they are merely pleasures, and easily recreated at will.

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
from The Incomplete Book of Running
by Peter Sagal
Simon & Schuster, 2019

No guilt: the shower was marvellous, I ate a steak pie and chips downed with a Guinness and luxuriated in a double bed.

“In the Land of Giants” by Max Adams
from In the Land of Giants
by Max Adams
Head of Zeus, 2015

Getting this list together even makes me feel guilty for enjoying some of them!

“It's My Ovaries, Stupid!” by Elizabeth Lee Vliet
from It’s My Ovaries, Stupid!
by Elizabeth Lee Vliet
Scribner, 2003

Compiling this list may cause you to feel guilty.

“Shadows Before Dawn” by Teal Swan
from Shadows Before Dawn
by Teal Swan
Hay House, 2015

I like staying in my pajamas all day long and watching Friends reruns while eating a box of Oreos and not feeling guilty about it.

“The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass” by Mandy Hale
from The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass
by Mandy Hale
Thomas Nelson, 2013

I began to feel a little guilty about getting too much” (Pan, Columbia, Kramer n.d., 247).

“Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced with Fred Astaire” by John Franceschina
from Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced with Fred Astaire
by John Franceschina
Oxford University Press, 2012

I decided that a nine-month guilt trip was the last thing either of us needed, so I proudly announced my own list.

“The Other Mother: A wickedly honest parenting tale for every kind of family” by Jen Brister
from The Other Mother: A wickedly honest parenting tale for every kind of family
by Jen Brister
Random House, 2019

Guilty Feelings 0 I don’t feel particularly guilty.

“Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book” by Leah Hechtman
from Clinical Naturopathic Medicine E-Book
by Leah Hechtman
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Feeling guilty when relaxing 6.

“Exploring Management” by John R. Schermerhorn
from Exploring Management
by John R. Schermerhorn
Wiley, 2011

I take a bath and I’m sorely tempted to read the diary while I soak, but resist and decide to reread The Babysitter instead.

“Margot & Me” by Juno Dawson
from Margot & Me
by Juno Dawson
Bonnier Publishing Fiction, 2017

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  • I don’t think of guilty pleasures in I’m ashamed for liking this, the way I see it as. Accepting that it’s not the greatest thing objectively and still enjoying. I love the Degrassi series, I consider it one of my guilty pleasures because it’s and overly dramatic and repetitive show, I just fall in love with the cheesiness of the characters. It know that it’s not great it, but I’m okay with that because I enjoy it.

  • I remember my first ever job at 16 listening to this in the back of a run-down burger king washing dishes, Good memories, not a lot of money but I have some alright memories

  • I too socially unaware to know what pleasures I have would be considered guilty, so I don’t have any. Yay for social awkwardness!

    I mean unless you enjoy being a serial killer you shouldn’t feel guilty about liking something… wow my mind goes to the extreme fast.

  • Except for hurting people. If you enjoy that, then maybe you really do have a guilty pleasure. But if you are just hurting your fictional characters then maybe that’s ok.

  • My (not guilty) pleasure: Singing robots!
    Vocaloid, UTAU, Chipspeech, you name ’em!

    This video’s super informative and totally true, I never realised that before

  • I made a comment on a diff account on this video last year but I’ve been using this account for a looooooooooooooong time now So i decided to comment again

  • Jennifer’s lessons are so professional and beneficial..I’ve been watching them since 6 months and now I can watch movies without translation…
    As for me: My guilty pleasure is spending time on facebook.

  • If you wanna blow up then release thing song as a single. Get it a video. Get it on tv or on a radio station with a large audience one time and you’ll skyrocket to the moon bro.

  • Everyone’s out here like “AtHlEtE sPeCiAl??” But like… is anyone else here because they just like Bryce vines music? �� there all bops ����

  • My guilty pleasure is to binge watch Easy English when I only came to prepare lessons for my students:) The best Easy Language part!

  • I’m still working on the guilty pleasures thing. I freeze up when people ask me what I write about.

    Ava Jae, I’ve been wanting to break into NA lately in my writing, since it opens a lot of possibilities for characters. I specifically have a scifi story in mind and a character employed on a space station orbiting Io to do research under federal grants—I have a thing about Jupiter—anyway, I’ve been looking up NA and I can tell it’s kind of a newly flourishing audience. Thus, the selection seems small. The ones I’ve found are romance novels and/or take place in college, and I’ve yet to find the diversity in genres that I’ve seen in YA. I wanted to read up on them so I can get my feet wet and pick up on NA tropes, but this can’t be all there is of NA. I may have to dive in headfirst and just do what my gut tells me. What are your thoughts on the direction NA is currently taking?

  • I seemed to me the sentence [delve into some icecream] means you actually hold spoon and take out some icecream from the big icecream cup.

  • only one I’d say is being a guy who enjoyed Oarun High school Host Club. but besides that, I’m not ashamed to like what I like.. I even admit to loving sailormoon. even hamtaro was entertaining. if I don’t like something then I just don’t.. if I do then I do

  • So you would absolutely lose your mind about a story featuring a bunch kids, all of whom are chronic masturbators, stranded on an island, trying to survive against a horde of dinosaurs? Hmmm, I’d probably read it?:D

  • Hey Bryce i was at your concert (and why don’t we’s) you kept walking out the staff door and I took a bunch of pictures of you because i was like right in front of you I just want to say you’ve got a new big fan❤️��:)

  • Regret not picking up Btoom it was extremely cheap. Like you said with survival manga it’s obvious who’s going to survive, but it’s interesting to see how they make it.

  • Yeah these are all strangely likeable… I went to have a look at some School Days reviews… Many people were getting upset about that ending…… ( Apparently people only like a Surprise with a Knife.. WHEN.. a slice of cake is included )……….( Shakes head….. then slowly looks down… drops to knees  )….  ” I’m so sorry for that joke.. I….. I couldn’t help myself “….. ( Lets out a war cry… Pulls out knife cuts own little finger off )…… didn’t see that ending coming. lol   Great video!  😉

  • Hi guys¡¡ I want to congrat you for this wonderful video. You really help people like me that want to learn english
    Thank you so much, from Spain.

  • songs to get lost in 5, going up sunday ��
    and i have a special upload for you all tomorrow! meanwhile, i hope you enjoy this gem ��

  • I’m just living like so what just guilty pleasure omg I love ❤️ this song & I love u Bryce vine that sexy voice of his ������������

  • First time watching you guys.. I’m afraid binge watching you would be my guilty pleasure. xD I should be studying now for my upcoming exams ☺♥ haha

  • My guilty pleasure is my curiosity, and that is the reason I am watching english instead of watching german (language I am learning)

  • Thank you! Everyone should watch this. My “guilty pleasure” is Twilight, and I was ashamed to admit it. But no more. Reading it makes me happy, and if someone else disagrees, well, that’s his or her problem. There’s no point in wasting energy hating what someone else likes. 

  • I watched, like ages ago, “School Days” and girl…. Let me just say that I never felt so angry over an anime and neither have I cursed so much over an ending! It sucked! But I’m kinda glad I watched it:P haha

  • Thanks so much for watching, subscribing, and liking my videos! I couldn’t ask for a better community. Also, I did get a twitter… so follow me there! https://twitter.com/altbriggsmanga

  • Fantastic.Good teacher with complete competence of speaking. Thanks so much for your various materials of english that you have shared to me. Very interesting and useful.