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5 Foods to Always Have in Your Freezer 1. Peas. Of all the food on this list, peas are the ones that I almost exclusively buy frozen. Fresh peas are fantastic, 2. Corn.

During the summer, I live for sweet corn on the cob, but the rest of the year, frozen organic corn kernels do 3. Spinach. Not. Essential Foods You Should Always Have in the Freezer. Butter.

The next time butter is on sale at your local grocery store, buy a few extra blocks and then freeze what you don’t need right away. It’s a Bread. Bread is another staple that can be easily frozen, whether it’s homemade or. 5 Foods to Always Have in Your Freezer.

TUESDAY, Sept. 18, 2018 Shopping at specialty stores and farmers’ markets is great for getting fresh foods, but that’s not always possible, depending on where you live and the season. And sometimes you just don’t have time to get to the store. Often, flash-frozen vegetables retain nutrients better than fresh produce that was trucked to your store and then kept in the fridge for a few days. Green peas are particularly tasty as a side dish, a salad topping and as a healthy sauce when pureed into a pesto.

Raspberries offer a bounty of nutrients, plus fiber. Often, flash-frozen vegetables retain nutrients better than fresh produce that was trucked to your store and then kept in the fridge for a few days. Green peas are particularly tasty as a side dish, a salad topping and as a healthy sauce when pureed into a pesto. Raspberries offer a bounty of nutrients. Frozen food is just as nutritious as fresh, so keep these stashed in the freezer for easy meal prep!

5 Foods To Always Have In Your Freezer. Stock up on these essentials Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work.

Questions about personal health should always be referred to a physician. Nuts are a great thing to have stashed in the freezer. Nuts can go rancid if not used in an appropriate amount of time, even if stored in the fridge. When we buy nuts in bulk, a bunch of them go to the freezer for later use. The only thing to be aware of is that nuts can get freezer.

13 Foods You Should Always Have Stocked In Your Freezer 1. Rice and other cooked grains. Sometimes grains take twice as long to cook than your entire meal. But if you make a 2. Really ripe bananas. You could make banana bread with these (and freeze.

Soups, Stews, Chilis, or Sauces. The easiest freezer meals of all are the ones you just heat and eat or toss with pasta. Don’t forget to make extra the next time you cook a big batch of soup, stew, chili, or pasta sauce so your freezer has the best frozen food possible —.

List of related literature:

• Fourth, be sure a patient living at home has a functioning refrigerator with a freezer compartment to keep perishable foods fresh.

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7 Throw out any food you cannot eat the same day if your fridge has stopped working.

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The last article listed items a household must have: one refrigerator for meat and vegetables; an ice chest for butter, milk, and cream; and a pantry for storage of bulk food in bags and barrels, such as cheese, chocolate, coffee, oatmeal, olives, and rice.

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Frozen foods do not keep forever, so sort through those frozen blocks at the bottom of your freezer.

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These short but safe time limits will help keep refrigerated food (40°F) from spoiling or becoming dangerous.

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For added crispness, celery and cucumbers can be kept in ice water in the refrigerator until needed.

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And while you’re in the kitchen – and have the time – cook up some extra servings of your favourite freezer-friendly foods (lasagne, chilli, pancakes, muffins), and store them in clearly marked single-meal containers in the freezer.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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fReeZeR: hamburger patties, lamb chops, shrimp, chicken breasts, all in individual ziplock bags for quick defrosting in a bowl of warm water.

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Keep items like ice cream out of sight in the freezer with an opaque top 5.

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Freeze nuts in zipper-lock freezer bag.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
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  • This is a really good video, We tracked down an article about How To Reduce Food Waste Using Your Freezer let’s see https://www.girlandpower.com/how-to-reduce-food-waste-using-your-freezer/

  • Do what works for you and your family Jordan that’s what I do I prep on a small level it’s me but I’m building up my food storage you’re a smart lady I’m sure you have everything covered and with the virus know you are ahead god bless

  • Wait… what? You kept Easter chocolate in your freezer for 6 months? It’s unlikely it would last for 6 days at my house… and I live alone! Lots of great ideas for things you can freeze. I freeze guacamole but had no idea you could freeze a whole avocado. But I don’t think I’ll ever have to freeze chocolate to keep it from going bad!

  • Great idea for avacados, sour cream, cheese, cream cheese, half and half, ricotta cheese., cranberries Mine always go bad since i don’t use them fast enough.
    I wonder how rarely do you go shopping. So much in storage already

  • Thank You  (:  for this informative video.The explanations of how to store food in the freezer are just what I  needed to know at this time. Armed with these tips, I can greatly limit any future trashing of what was at one time good food. This will be good for our world AND it will be good for me personally. Following these food saving tips eliminates the guilt I would have experienced from being wasteful, not only of food, but of my money.

  • A quick and easy delicious keto lunchmicrowave some cauliflower florets and when cooked stir in a spoonful of cheese spread till it’s melted and yummy. The cauliflower will break up as you stir. That’s it! Delicioso. I like the yellow spread, it tastes like kraft macaroni cheese, and no carbs. The white one is good too.

  • I freeze cherry tomatoes whole then use them in soups/sauces/stews/chili where they will cook down. Roma tomatoes I cut an “x” at the end opposite the stem end and freeze them whole also. When I want to use those I thaw them, pinch the stem end  and the skin slips  right off. I do similar with grapes and can use them as ice cubes in drinks. As for bananas I don’t use them until the skin is nearly black then toss the bananas into blender for smoothie or break into chunks and freeze. I try to just freeze the kale and spinach so I know it will get used eventually, we don’t like those raw. That also saves on the guilty heartache of discovery in the fridge… thanks for making these videos!

  • I have a question, the freezers in your basement do you have them in one plug? do any of them share the same plug? you never have a problem with needing to reset them. Do you keep them a a surge protector or straight into the wall plug

  • How do you defrost frozen avocados without them going brown? I let some defrost in the fridge and they went gross pretty much straight away:( love this vid

  • Absolutely love this! I’m beginning the transition to zero waste and being a college student I don’t have too much money to be wasting on food, but I also am beginning to begin buying my own food, because I am a vegetarian and campus food is not healthy at all lol. This helped me so much. Thank you❤

  • Including reheating instructions on the label is sooo smart. As someone w a tiny freezer, i often remove frozen food from its box to make more food fit. Then i forget the microwave instructions smh

  • Thank you so much for this video!

    I use the webpage http://www.savethefood.com/tips when it comes to food preservation against waste, but this visualization in a Zero-Waste environment really helps!

    If you keep Bananas seperately, they require lots of space, so how do you cope with that? You can’t keep them close to other fruit neither, as that will fasten those fruits’ ripening process (except if that’s the desired effect).

    I would also love to see videos about cleaning all sorts of stuff Zero-Waste, One day/week in the life of a Zero-Waster or what impact you personally made with everything you changed in your life towards Zero-Waste (Envronment, social, your friends, business, job…).

    Keep it up!

  • I teach food safety at a local community college so I would encourage you to organize your frozen foods in a safer manner. Put your fruits and vegetables at the top, cooked products next followed by meats and poultry on the bottom. This would avoid any contamination to foods that you would not cook like smoothies.:)

  • Thank you so much. Your ideas and recipes are so easy and fun. I love the freezer meal ideas, so practical and easy to make ahead of time and have ready in time for dinner without too much trouble and mess to clean up in the evening.

  • I just made the avocado smoothie. I had 1 avocado left, too small for a meal and was thinking what to do with it. I used frozen raspberries and almond milk, had a little bit of blueberries left, threw those in too. Also added a splash of cream and some vanilla and used fresh moringa leaves instead of spinach. Deeeeeelicious!

  • Thank you! Love your blog, Love your videos!
    I read about freezing food on your blog and started doing it with meal I prepare on weekends. Watching you freezing veggies makes me realise how easy it can be!

  • Please DO make more videos like this! I would like keto foods that are easy to prep or prepare. If it’s going to take a lot of hands-on time, it will be difficult for some people, such as students, single parents, people with leg problems, or moms who have babies and toddlers at home. Thank you for the great presentation!! I just subscribed to your channel! ��

  • I have the following keto foods in my fridge: chicken thighs, chicken legs, chicken quarters and for that extra variety, eggs. with zero cal sauces now, I haven’t gotten tired yet. for a special treat like if i can wear something i haven’t fit into in 2 years (which has been happening now), i’ll eat some shrimp or scallops. strangely i don’t crave chocolate or ice cream anymore, but if i get an urge for something sweet, it’s a cup of iced coffee (the way I’ve always loved it black with sweet n low) for munchie cravings and this is something I need to fix I hit the peanuts but probably too much.

  • How does this lady get the energy to all this, both my pregnancies I was tired like hell to even get my ass out of bed. She is not a human lol kidding she is awesome

  • I am proud to say that my fridge is like yours! I always gave eggs and avocados especially. One thing I fear is bacon. I love it but worry about nitrites.

  • ❓Dr. Ken Ford says, “Now, it is utterly unclear why this is the case, and as scientists often say, more study is needed.” Jamie Charles (no Instagram acct)

  • I heard someone mention affording all if the items, lol.
    Yes it can get pricy, actually eating healthy is very expensive, but if you start low like dollar tree, on up to Walmart I think it could work

  • Keep the deep freezer for bags and bottles of ice. If there is a power outage you can use the ice to put in your fridge to help keep it cold until power comes on. Also, if there is some type of disaster and water taps aren’t working, you’ll have water available.

  • The egg in the avocado is called egg in a hole and it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. I made one. I really wish that I could share with you the picture but I don’t know how to put a picture in a comment. I sprinkled it with salt, pepper, diced onion, bell peppers and basil. Still, it was bland.

  • I’m vegan. That’s a lot of tortured dead animals in those freezers. But this lady has a great personality and I learned that i can freeze my plant milk yogurt and nuts and seeds. A few tips from my plant based freezer: Avocados that have been frozen are yucky. Don’t recommend it. Also, bananas should be peeled before freezing. If you ever have a bag of lettuce mix that you know you won’t finish, just roll down the plastic bag it’s in and squeeze out the air and put a chip clip on it. Toss it in the freezer to use for your smoothies.

  • Just a friendly tip, berries are actually not keto! your body will not go into ketosis with the sugar in berries. Everything else is amazing though!

  • I am currently on Intermediate Fast and already feeling full and inches are coming off. I take a Protein shake and only eat one meal a day which is at 5 or 6pm and boy do I enjoy it. One thing I have to work on is night snacking. Jus5 have to go to bed without my IPad because sometimes a video o4 pic of food would trigger my legs �� �� to get up and munch, lol. By November 7, 2020 going back to Keto living. I want to eat to live NOT live to eat!!!

  • I’m just starting my keto journey. I want to lose 50 pounds. I’m not in a rush as I’m learning a lot from Youtube. Thank you for this food list. I like almost everything listed. Going to the grocery store today.

  • 1. Eggs
    2. Bacon
    3. Chopped pre prepared veggies
    4. Easy packed greens for quick meals n smoothies
    5. Berries
    6. Pre cooked proteins
    7. Milk n heavy whipp cream

  • Wow! I hope you have a generator!! If you lights went out for quite awhile, you’d be out a lot of money otherwise!!
    My daughter swears by freezing meat in ice cream buckets—you don’t get freezer burn!!

  • What a good mom you are! I see feeding healthy, high-quality foods to your kids as probably the most important thing you can do for them. It’s LOVE materialized.

  • Eggs, bacon, veggies, berries, heavy cream no sugar, pre cooked protein, avacados, cream cheese and mozzarella cheese, grass fed butter��

  • I smiled at your garage freezer. We have 4 freezers and 2 frig. We raise beef and pork so we have 2 freezers for beef one for pork and one for frozen veggies from the garden and frozen berries we pick locally

  • We have always kept the freezer at 0 degrees and double wrap every thing. Inventory list is the best way to not waste food. Don`t do like some and have to throw out a week or two of frozen food each year.

  • Great tips, especially about the tomatoes.
    I’m proud to say have reduced our food waste by more than half just using our Fresh Bags to store produce and bread in.

  • While watching this video my son comes in who is like the most cuddly person ever (hes 1) starts watching with me and then says mwah! And gives the screen a bunch of kisses and hugs my phone. �� thats the first time hes ever done that too any one he doesn’t do that while facetiming or anything so i guess he likes watching you too

  • Your voice would drive me crazy. Keto diet is DANGEROUS for anyone who’s got chronic kidney disease. Eat this lot and say good bye to your kidney’s!
    To check if you’ve kidney disease, simply look at your urine as it goes into the toilet. If your urine has a head on it like beer has a head on it, then you’ve got protein in your urine. There should be no froth, no head on it. If there is a lot of bubbles and froth that tells you that you’ve got a problem and you must go and get a blood test from your doctor, or local test lab.
    Then you’ve got to change your diet, and believe me it’s no fun. I’ve just been diagnosed with heart failure. High blood pressure, caused by high blood sugar screwed my kidneys, and then that led to my heart problem. Far too much water in my lungs, gave me huge chest pain.

    They pumped me full of diuretics and the pain stopped within half an hour. Lucky to be alive. I’m 74 and fit as a butcher’s dog one day and had a heart attack totally out of the blue the next day. Now I’m gasping for air at the slightest exhaustion. So check your urine for froth. Hope this helps!

  • I am baaack! Last night I removed an avocado from the freezer to eat and curb my appetite.Well, it had a different taste and was much softer,it was not a good experience. Obviously I will not do it again! So disappointed.

  • I appreciate all of your information but I have a suggestion. You talk about the importance of free-range eggs but you don’t mention anything about the processing of bacon. Cured bacon has a ton of nitrates/nitrites and can be very toxic. You might comment also on non-stick cookware as most of it contains PFOa’s (Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and these compounds are incredibly toxic.
    Keep up the good work!

  • So appreciate this channel and all you do! I’m always taking notes and getting new ideas. 95 lbs. down and over a year in and loving the keto life.

  • Far too much freezing in my opinion. I would not freeze a whole soup for a familly of 8. The thawing takes a day in the fridge. I would freeze some ingredients to use in the soup and then add potatoes and fresh veggies when cooking.

  • She lost me when she said, “If you don’t like bacon, we are not friends”. There are cultures where people don’t eat bacon or pork. Just replace it with some other meat.

  • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries; to any fruit in general is NOT Keto. They contain carbs [sugar; glucose] and a lot of it. If you eat berries, bananas [fruit in general, even as a ‘snack’] this will cause you to stop going into keto. Use stevia as your sweetener [this plant gives off the illusion of sugar and has zero carbs / glucose]. If you eat fruit; then you need to start from scratch all-over again [fast for two to four days with just water and salt] so then you can set your body into feeding off of fat as it’s main energy source.

    Stop saying you are doing keto or preaching tips, etc since you are eating things which are not apart of the keto diet [you are not on a keto diet, lady]. This is misinformation and a false keto channel to your viewers.

  • “If they freeze it in the store you can freeze it at home e”Girl yes ������ �� $aving Money I just subscribed because a. You’re hilarious
    B. This is just what I was looking for

    Thank u!

  • For religious reasons I don’t consume pork products. I use beef bacon, it’s delicious and can be used just like pork bacon. The beef bacon renders out tallow and its great for frying things like eggs, turnips, radishes, and potatoes for the rest of the family.

  • If you have a dented can and are about to throw it away because of safety reasons. It will tell you if the can has openings in it.

  • .Eliminate things that could potentially hurt you; and so, I avoid gluten, dairy, corn, soy, artificial colors and sweeteners because I just have _evidence_ and there’s research evidence that they can hurt you.” rupertdebbie

  • I got my salad spinner back out when my friend ended up in hospital after eating a ready to eat supermarket salad it had so much bacteria she ended up in hospital for 2 weeks. Leaves/lettuce & Broccoli can carry a phenomenally high level of bacteria. Especially if you have small children it won’t be to much of a bother to rinse/spin your vedge or salad. Be safe. You cant always trust what the food says on the label.. Ready to eat, no thanks.

  • Great video. Helped me a lot. I did have to laugh when others were saying the background music was distracting. I must have really been focused on what you were saying because I didn’t even notice the music. LOL

  • What is the Keto Diet?

    You may have heard of the high-protein, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet. The keto diet keeps carbohydrate levels low, but instead of ramping up the amount of protein in your diet, the keto diet increases the amount of fat. A typical keto diet aims for meals with 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrate. Eating a high-fat diet can still mean eating healthy. Keto diet menu items often include seafood, meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, and nuts. With the increased popularity of the keto diet, keto recipes are widely available.

    If you want to know how I did lose weight email me: [email protected]@t. I will send you a program.

  • Nice selection. I recently purchased a chamber vacuum sealer and it is magnificent. Sprouts ran grass fed ground beef for $2.99 lb. Bought 12 lbs an divided into 1 and 2 lb packs. Good for 2 yrs. Make large quantities of soup, keto stir fry, etc. Again divided into serving size. Can thaw, sous vide, nuke.
    Chomping at bit to try some of your favs.
    Thank you ��

  • Wow what a nice keto vídeo I loved it!! Thank you I am gonna make all these frozen recipes this weekend ����thank you so much. Question: Do you buy the avocados frozen or you have a special way to freeze them.. I am so upset I waste so many avocados and they are very expensive ��

  • I noticed in your video “Top ten Keto Foods to Keep in your Freezer” that you have your Bone Broth in glass ball mason jars in your freezer. Do the Ball glass jars hold up well in your freezer? I make Bone Broth from whole chickens; as I make our dog food from organic whole chickens + vegetable, but I have thrown out Bone Broth as I did not know I could but broth in glass Ball jars and freeze it. I do want to keep it and eat (drink it ) between meals as you suggest in some of your videos. Would your Bone Broth recipe with turkey work as well with chicken?

  • This video is full of bullshit. Most of the ideas are laughably stupid. Freezer inventory? I guarantee the bitch who’s talking doesn’t do that with her freezer either. Talk about a waste of time.

  • A good pro tip for chest freezers is putting the food in bags, i used woven shopping bags (bag for life) each bag has its set item/items. Chicken in one, beef in another ect ect. Also good if u have boxed food. I was able to get 8 bags in my old one. Having 2 layers. Then just had a small whiteboard i made a 2×4 grid on then just put in what was in each bag. If i needed chicken it was the 2rd from the left on the bottom all u do it take the bag out thats on top of it. Defo worth doing, i got rid of the basket as it was angled wasting a small amount of space lol.

  • Question: I tried wrapping my produce in a towel, but then they started tasting like detergent. How do you wash your towels thoroughly to keep that from happening?

  • I’ve been keto 4 two years and I can’t believe I only found your channel now! This was brilliant! Thanks for all the great ideas, new sub! ��

  • I had to laugh when she said grass fed butter is worth the extra pennies. I can get a pound of conventional butter for sometimes as little as $1.98 lb. Kerry Gold at Costco is over 3x that much. I’m in awe at her freezer stock but in no way could I ever afford that. I buy organic veggies at Costco and organic ground beef and chicken but that’s about the limit of what I can afford. I do the best I can but still only eat one meal a day. I am thin also and sometimes wonder why people who are on keto don’t look very lean. I’m confused about that.

  • great video! my favorite things to do with produce when i need to use it up fast juicing, making smoothies with overripe fruit, making veggie fritters and fermenting and pickling veggies.

  • Great informative video but the music is so distracting and not needed. Please consider doing the videos without the music or limiting it to the intro and outro.

  • I’m not sure if the Cauliflower rice at American Costco’s is the same as in Canada but I just bought 2 of the big bags and they are in individual potions inside the big bag.

  • Real Good foods tastes like cheap slaty junk food to me, however I did discover Quest pizza (and I am not a Quest fan in general). The Quest pizzas are delicious!

  • Thank you for the tips…I started meal prepping for the week. I also prechop my ��. Question: do I have to wash the veggies that come in a bag like broccoli and baby spinach? Thanks

  • Great ideas! Anyone can add and subtract or do what they need to make the receipt their own. Thanks for taking the time and effort. Keep up the good work and great ideas. Thanks

  • Mashed always assumes their audience is doing something wrong the whole time. I’m looking forward to “You’ve Been Watching YouTube Videos Wrong This Whole Time” (Mashed would probably recommend no pants while blindfolded).

  • I love all your ideas! I’ve made that lasagna so many times since discovering your recipe. It’s super delicious. Could you do a video using that pork shoulder in your freezer? I have one in mine as well and I’m sure you can make several different recipes from it. Thanks for your videos.

  • Looks like my freezer. ����
    In January, I bought a quarter steer, local, grassfed. It turned out to be less than $4 a pound. I asked for all the bones, fat and organ meat.
    I love the quality of your vids. Anyone serious about this healthy lifestyle needs to watch this. ��

  • Thanks for all the great ideas! I have never purchased the spiralized zucchini but will try to find it now! I am so not used to buying any frozen veggies, but have to stock up. -Emily

  • I have chest freezers. A few years ago, I got a side of pork. I didn’t want to lose it all in the freezer, so I bought a bunch of the fifty cent Walmart shopping bags. I labeled them as to contents and put them in the freezer. They are still being used today, four and a half years later without any tears. I hoped they would last until the meat was gone. I am so happy with this idea. I can find anything quickly because I just take out the bags until I find the one with the item I want.

  • This is a great video very helpful, especially the tip about freezing fruits and veggies on a cookie tray before moving them to a jar! Thanks!

  • I did see a video where she visits neighbors asking for their leftovers, go figure. Also on tv she gives her littles 13 cheerios and if they don’t eat them all she cuts down for the next day. Happy they are well to do but most of us are lucky to buy week to week and we work very hard too.

  • If your bread ever comes out crusty, it’s exactly because you shook out all the ice in the first place. Save yourself the trouble of wrapping it in a damp towel, and keep the moisture that came from the bread, with the bread. It’ll reabsorb, and you won’t even notice.

  • This lady has a supply of charcoal you know she has a generator probably whole house so stop meanmouthing people and learn you can do this on your own level stick dry goods intead of perishables you can do this and god bless all of you and let’s get to prepping

  • Tomatoes freeze very well… I often buy bags of tomatoes that are ripe for less money and I freeze them, the whole bag after I have washed and dried them… yes I throw them in the freezer as is and they are perfectly fine… I take out a tomato as I need it for cooking purposes. Admittedly they are not for salad use but they are perfect for cooking as the skin just comes off so easily when its defrosted… They do NOT need to be cooked first lol
    Cobs of corn can be done this way as well. I throw the whole thing in leaves and all.
    Bok Choy and Silverbeet can be cut to the size you want it to be and laid on the tray and frozen, when frozen it can be bagged and left for later use in the freezer.
    I personally reuse bread bags etc to freeze my stuff in. As for bread, mine goes into the freezer in its own bag. Slices can be taken out individually as needed.

  • such a great video, thanks so much! I am so happy to see you use Happy Eggs, they are also my favorite. I have experimented with every egg brand out there and next to backyard chickens, these are the best!

  • Your super lucky here in Europe we have these small fridges with tiny freezer space they are just slightly bigger then hotel minibar fridges hahaha

  • I have 3 freezers. I am proud to say that mama canned and froze food during my youth. I always buy in bulk then repackage with zip lock or food saver bags. I will definitely have to try freezing in mason jars. I have plenty in every size. Mama also taught us how to stock the pantry. Quantantice has helped to up my creativity in the kitchen without breaking the bank because I could pull 90% of meals from the freezer. I love to bake. I freeze homemade dough for pizza, crumble toppings for easy desserts, cookies, pies, etc. I love the inventory list idea. I am definitely going to do this. I don’t like to pay full price for anything. I save when and wherever I can.

  • @jordan page: there is a way o compartmentalize a chest freezer,go to prepper David Armstrong on youtube & he’ll show you,it’s a roughly 5 minute video

  • I am a single person household, who does not eat a lot, so I freeze a lot. I have been looking for alternatives and eco-friendly freezer dishes that do not cost a fortune. I can’t use glass dishes because they become too heavy to lift and I am afraid of dropping them. I don’t want to use aluminum foil pans either. I have been trying to come up with something that can go from freezer to oven, but at the moment I use like the rubbermaid type plastic containers and just reheat in the microwave.

    I have also found it challenging to keep fresh produce from going bad. I get 3-bananas and they still go bad. I basically need a freezing produce for dummies. Or I get a salad kit or taco toppings and I can never eat it fast enough. Do you have to cook the produce first and then freeze? I froze carrots and they came out rubbery. The other problem is that my appetite goes in waves where some weeks I eat a ton and then others barely anything making it more challenging to meal plan and grocery shop.

  • This is very wasteful! dont think you sould be promoting single use plastics with your large youtube audience. I think you should look into more sustainable ways of doing this!!!!! I

  • Some years ago hating myself at 170 pounds,after invitro of 2 xs,to have my 2 sons. It’s a lot of hormone shots to deal wth one right after other because my first son died at 6 months with kidney failure I l weighed 125 after having 2 older daughters so mentally I couldn’t care about myself. I had gastric bypass. This was before all the fancy way sleeves where down. My body rejected the surgery. I went into organ failure,anemic yet had 5 blood transfusions, gerd,iron deficiency, malabsorption syndrome. All in 8 months. I had to have it reversed doctor said because it was killing me obviously. I take so many medications to make it through just one day. Not diabetic amen. But they cause weight gain of course as side effect. Now a friend suggested Keto so I’m learning all I can. It’s overwhelming to find the meals that have made it with many people losing on cause every persons list is so different I find. Thank you for giving the basics and ideas. I’ll be reading your others. I have an autistic son so his food sensory leaves it challenge. Any ideas?

  • can freeze:
    -vacuum seal MEAT and chicken
    -fully cooked/shredded MEAT
    -lunch MEAT
    -bread crumbs
    -bread/bagels (wrap in damp paper towel and microwave for 10secs)
    -guacamole/avocado whole
    -shredded/sliced cheese
    -chocolate/baking chocolate
    -chia/flax seeds
    -banana bread/muffins
    -hot dogs (buy in the summer)
    -freezer meals (defrost in preheating oven)
    -egg roll wrappers
    -cookies/baked goods
    -beans/refried beans
    -seeds/garden items (flash freeze)
    -sauce/soup (mason jars with extra space!)
    -dairy/cream cheese/sour cream/ricotta/cottage cheese/butter
    -veggies cut up
    -cookie dough/batter

    deeper=colder for meat/seafood

  • My husband wants to try keto & I’m pretty nervous. I can’t have ANY artificial sweeteners the obvious, well known brands, as well as xylitol, sucralose, monk fruit & stevia all of those are migraine triggers for me. Could I substitute agave syrup? Do you have any other sweetener suggestions?

  • I also peel and slice each banana in quarters and freeze on a tray. When frozen I store in a glass container in the freezer and use them for smoothies etc

  • We have two of the chest freezers and omg do I have to pull EVERYTHING out at once to get to the bottom! My husband says…Well there’s a light when you open it and that should help! �� He needs to start diving down in there!

  • I tried freezing ginger and garlic. Didn’t work. Both became translucent and soft, not very appealing. The garlic was usable, but the ginger was not.
    But, this has started me buying frozen packs of pineapple, blueberries, fruit, for winter, when I’m continually wasting fresh or tinned fruit by not eating it all.

  • I’m following Ketogenic diet for last 5 years, What I learned from it

    *Super easy to follow once you are adapted which takes around 15 to 45 days.

    *Only after you are keto adapted you get all the brain related benefits( more focus, occasional high:p, no brain fogs and super concentration as I can sit at one place and work for about 8 hours without running for food or snacks)

    *8 weeks ON Keto and next 4 weeks OFF keto works for me as by doing that I face less Keto issues like dry skin, hair loss, occasional tingling in finger tips etc.

    * Do not cheat on a regular interval it increases your cravings for carbs, If you don’t cheat there will be no cravings.

    *You can’t judge this diet just by trying it for a week or so cause that’s just the transition period and you don’t see many benefits and because of your system changing to fat friendly from carb you may feel pathetic about it.

    *There are many tips and tricks I can share but this is becoming very long comment, I have a page on facebook with the name ‘Himalayan Keto adaptation’ where i occasionally share my experience and keto recipes and also help you in following.


    Feel free to join for friendly help with your Keto journey and suggestions. See you there:)

  • Very interesting. Ty for sharing And interesting the ones that didn’t affect sugar levels was hurting digestion. What about the monk stuff?

  • Thanks for all this great info on keto. I’ve decided to subscribe so I can keep great �� info from you. Once again thanks for the great ideas. God bless you, �� Greetings from New York ��

  • Bacon?? It is mostly fat. And it is pork. Dr. Berry said to avoid nightshades like peppers and tomatoes. Swiss Chard same as Rhubarb. How do you find grass-fed butter?

  • With all that ecoense to feeeze, you are not saving.

    Throwing away food is not bad since they are biodegradable. PLASTIC and ALUMINUM foil OTOH are..BAD..

  • in order to have FOUR FREEZERS around the house you better equip yourself with a good power generator because if you don ´t…..you will be kicking yourself in the rear once the power goes off. It happened before and it will happen again.

  • We had our fridge & freezer n kitchen break within a month of purchasing it & we went through heck trying to get the company to fix or replace the refrigerator tho they sent repairmen multiple times to fix over 3-5months n which sucked so while we were waiting for them to figure something out we went & bought a used just a regular fridge & put it in our garage also a tall freezer which we didn’t pay much for them both because they were used! After it all was said & done the company after we threatened to get ahold of attorney general they refunded our money so we went & purchased a new fridge for our kitchen & thankfully the used fridge & freezer still works that’s in our garage so whenever we find meat & other stuff on sale we purchase it & put in our freezer in garage & if we purchase excessive food that won’t fit in fridge in kitchen we store in fridge in garage so we have a lot stored in all our freezers & fridges altho we’ve been eating up stuff we had in freezers & fridges for past couple months so we don’t have to shop so often! Don’t get me wrong we don’t have lots of money to buy lots of food but when I’m shopping & I see stuff on sale knowing I’ll b purchasing it during months to come I go ahead and purchase the food instead of waiting to pay full price! I’m just glad to learn of things I didn’t know could be froze I hate wasting food & there’s times when we don’t eat it fast enough especially produce & fruits & lunch meat I love knowing I can freeze it so I won’t have to waste it from now on! So learning this stuff is a great thing to know about! Thank you for educating us on what you can freeze! Everyone stay safe!

  • Just love your channel I have
    re subscribed. Such fantastic content and brilliant vocal delivery. Keep those recipes coming you are very inspiring

  • Love your videos. You are so smart and money savvy. But curious, why don’t you move all the food from that little chest freezer to the nearly empty one so you can see what you have and get rid of it?:)

  • Nasty bananas can be put the blender and mixed with raw oatmeal. Over nights oats! It’s so good!
    Edit you can also puree the peels and use them as mulch

  • What a helpful video. Thanks so much. Any recommendations for bacon with no nitrates and no sugar that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

  • Remember always wash fruit and vegetables before storing. Meat on the bottom of your fridge. Dont buy too much food unless you can freeze it before it goes off. Food is precious and you don’t want to waste anything.

  • Woooooowwwww… that’s probably the equivalent of what my husband and I grocery shop in a year for our household of 2 �� but it’s all excellent ideas. Hopefully we can apply them one day when our family grows

  • Good Lord, I just started the Keto Plan �� you have given me so many Awesome Ideas ��. Thanks �� Glad That I am Subscribed to your YouTube channel ���� look forward to trying out some Recipes �� I’m hoping I can sneak some in Without my Husband Knowing �� xoxo From Alabama

  • Do videos with the Foodsaver. I need help knowing what’s ok to vacuum seal, how long to store, and how it turns out thawed back out. Teach me please!!!!! I agree buying in bulk saves but it expiring or getting mold is my money going right in garbage. I have foodsaver with the to seal jars if i ordered accessories.

  • I have yet to find “pre-packaged Keto” meals that are truly “low carb”. In fact, MOST “Keto” products (vs fresh) are really not. I recommend you learn how to fight your cravings for carbs instead of substituting “processed” trash. I also recommend you NEVER use ANY sweeteners. It will help you fight the cravings. Not telling anyone what to do, just saying what has worked for me.

  • Most of this was spot on. The only thing, when labeling your foods, don’t use tape on the bags or containers. I’ve learned that after about a week, moisture caused by the freezing process will affect most tape and the label will end up in the bottom somewhere and you’ll have no idea what is in the container or when it was placed there. Your best bet is a vacuum seal system and a sharpie to mark down the info on the sealed bag. BTW… I had a bit of a chuckle when I saw the Foodsaver in the video. I use the same one shown.

  • I just love these videos that say “you been doing…” All wrong. Make me wonder how I have made it for over 60 years, “doing it wrong”. LMAO

  • Have missed it or do you have a recipe book with all the instructions. So far I love your recipes and I think you should publish a book.

  • Found a vacuum packed piece of meat and plastic container of dressing that I prepared and it was delicious, dated 2007. That was 3 months ago, I am still doing fine. I know the quality and nutrition was gone but maybe the calories were missing also.

  • You can freeze eggs without the shell. Frozen eggs can be kept in the freezer up to a year. Just crack the egg into ice cube trays, or silicone muffin cups, etc. Then add them to a bag and keep in the freezer until needed.

  • Don’t rule out coconut milk and water…and I always use the oil for cooking and frying…it is a medium chain fatty acid and works perfectly with the keto rules! the ones that say ‘virgin’ have the flavour of coconut…..otherwise it is flavour free..great for frying….flavoured I use in smoothies and any baking or desserts that can hide the flavour…(not a fan of coconut) BUT it has amazing health benefits…the water is full of electrolytes…I add lemon…read the book by Dr Bruce Fife….the coconut oil miracle…(something like that) or go to coconut oil research….I think it is.org. well just thought I would share…been using this oil for over 5 years now and along with olive oil these are the only oils I use. Glad to see bacon….I don’t eat it often bur I like it! Great video will be starting keto this week with intermittent fasting (Dr Berg) ���� Namaste

  • Orrrr, you could just buy 3 bags of chicken breast and and 10 bags of veggies and 6 bags of hotdogs and 4 containers of concentrate and then just reorder when I run out.

  • Due to Crohn’s, I was told to go keto from my doctor. This stuff looks amazing. Bacon… I agree. If you don’t like it, we’re not friends ��

    This video helps. Thanks ��

  • I don’t eat pork. If I want bacon I eat invited turkey bacon. I’m watching a few Keto videos and bacon is mentioned often. I loved your video I watched it a couple times and took notes! What do you feel about the uncured turkey bacon?

  • I don’t believe any of these so-called experts on foods in the freezer. FIRST they almost never tell you that the food will not become harmful that “spoil” here means only the flavor has been slightly altered. I have a nose like a golden retriever and the tastebuds to go along with it. Being a cheapskate, and having experimented over the last 20 years, I can give you my SECOND point I think you can extend the “freezer life expectancies” by 3x. Instead of 2-3 months, think 6-9 months. Instead of a year, think 3 years. (OK, I have never gone beyond 2 years and 1 month for a steak, but I may run the experiment). The texture indeed goes down, but rarely the flavor. Once you know that the less-than-perfect texture is your imagination and not a sign that the food is bad, you realize it is good enough to eat. Frozen vegetables become brownish and shriveled. But did you notice that broccoli in the microwaveable dinners? No different than “expired” food from your own freezer.

    Stop being squeamish about food safety. What do you think they did before refrigeration?

  • Hi. I have just finished watching your video you said you cannot freeze eggs. If you crack your eggs whisk together and put contents into a plastic freezer bag and then freeze. They will last for up to 3 months it’s in the freezer. We had hen sometimes you have far too many eggs so it’s a handy way to have eggs when the hens are not laying so well.

  • I just go the grocery store everyday. Everything’s always fresh that way and I’ll end up not having leftovers just buying what I’m consuming for the day.

  • Yeah guys, NICE AND TIDY with the freezer! Yours is nice and tidy, right?!
    Mine totally is… slowly sneaks away

    totally. Tidy.