5 Beauty Mistakes Which Are Aging You


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5 Beauty Mistakes That Are Aging You

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1. Applying Blush Incorrectly WRONG: Applying blush too far below the cheekbone. This makes your eyes appear lower, 2. Caking on Foundation WRONG: Putting on more than one layer of foundation or putting it on too heavily. If you have on 3. Skipping Moisturizer WRONG: Foregoing your. 5 Beauty mistakes that are aging you Bold lips and bold eyes.

We love a great bold eye or lip here at LovingYou, but we also know the two looks don’t exactly Liner lineup. Lots of ladies can get away with popping on a bit of black eyeliner on their top lids and skipping the Too long hair. 5 Beauty Mistakes That Are Aging You 1. You aren’t taking care of your skin This is number one because I can’t stress this enough. Seriously.

A good skin 2. You’re wearing the wrong makeup and clothing colors It’s more and more important as we leave our 30s, 40s, etc. 3. Your teeth are stained My. Your beauty routine may be on fleek by most accounts, but what if we told you there’s a chance a few slipups could be making you look older? From applying too much makeup to neglecting SPF, we share five common beauty mistakes that could make you.

11. Not using anti-aging creams This one is a bonus for you. The anti-aging creams work best before your skin starts aging.

So use the anti-wrinkle cream before the wrinkles start appearing. Best time to use anti-aging cream is in your late 20s. If you are older than that then go grab your anti-aging cream now. Try to go for some organic brands. These are the top skincare, hair care, and makeup mistakes that are secretly making you look older.

Skincare Mistake #1: Not wearing SPF every. single. day. This should go without saying. 5 Beauty Mistakes That Age You 10 Years. These little habits aren’t doin’ you justice. makeup artist Lavonne points out the ways you’re aging yourself—and gives you quick fixes for how to stop. 5 Skin Care Mistakes That Are Aging You 1. NOT WEARING SUNSCREEN.

It’s a beauty tip that is so over-emphasized we almost take it for granted. But the proof is 2. BEING TOO ROUGH ON YOUR SKIN. Our facial skin is fragile, particularly the. Makeup can do many things.

It can boost confidence, it can cover up blemishes or flaws, it can truly enhance your own natural beauty. And that’s why we love it. But with a heavy hand or the wrong shade, it can have adverse effects and actually make you look older than you are. 5 Mistakes That Are Aging Your Face 5 Mistakes That Are Aging Your Face Of all the places on your body, you face can truly show your age if you don’t take steps to keep your skin healthy.

List of related literature:

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  • Hi, I have just discovered you and now I feel like a teenager scrolling through all of your different exercises, make up tips and many others. During the five minute daily stretch I nearly cried at the end because I did feel safe. Thank you

  • I am 61 years old and I am a transgender woman, I have been on hormones for 2 months my face seems to be looking more feminine, so I try to keep my makeup to follow my facial features, and look younger

  • These are simply suggestions on how to not showcase your wrinkles age spots etc. Nobody is saying you must follow these rules. A lot of aggression in the comments…ultimately, do what you want.

  • I hate having oily skin. Every foundation/BB cream slides around even if I use powder, or it becomes cakey no matter what!
    Also I don’t think the eyeliner tip is universal, my mom lines her lower lashline and waterline with black and it makes her eyes look larger and more awake. It depends on your eye shape.

  • OMG! I remember this rice powder exfoliant. I had it about 15 years ago and it really is GREAT STUFF. I got straight online and ordered a bottle (at the 1:39mark lol) so a big THANKYOU for reminding me about it. Every woman needs this product…. period! I can finish watching the video now! ��

  • Your lips look off. They looked overdrawn. Also your blush is too pink, looks a bit teenage like. Overall even your makeup does not look good. Sorry for sounding harsh. I saw the thumbnail photo and even the good makeup was done poorly. ��

  • Instead of using sunscreen, I’ve become fully nocturnal. I literately never even see the sun. My skin is perfect.
    I also have never used eyeliner. Honestly. So I’ve rarely pulled on my eye skin. Man I’m WINNING, for the first time, in any area of anything.

  • Makeup makes you look older and not in a good way. So tired of tutorials where the goal is to apply makeup like you’re staring in a porn video. STOP telling women that aging is bad and must be controlled! @ 3:04 is an example of makeup mistakes. I tried the light liner and it made my eyes look smaller.

  • The Daily-foliant is beauuutiful!! You can whip the powder with water to make it a chemical exfoliant. It’s ready to sit on the skin when it looks like whipped egg whites. You can let it set on the skin and do it’s thing then rinse off!
    -Finding this out was a game changer!! hope you love this tip!

  • I’m sorry but I tried to start this video If couldn’t watch you tell me what makeup mistakes you think I’m making when you have these two huge bright dots next to your nose that look absolutely horrible.

  • Seriously, take a look at Samer Khouzami here on youtube where he is putting makeup on older women. This video should be banned as it is an insult to older women.

  • Could u plz advise me on daily routine to help take care of my super oily skin. And products suitable for my skin..n plz advise on primer n foundation to use for my oily skin

  • But about applying lip contouringit was brilliant description and I’m so glad it was mentioned, because those “clowns’ lips” are so common among women who stuck for the rest of their life in their early teens time!

  • Im 45, and none of the liquid foundation/primer and so on, looks good on my skin at all! It breaks all the time! Only powder. ONLY powder! And its not about the age, its about the skin type, and the way women caring for herself for years. IF she using too much products trying to cover all imperfections all the timeskin doesn’t breeze! this is what makes face’s skin look so old and so dry after time and even before time! And Im using the powder on very special occasions! This is why I’m so happy that i’m not working in front the camera!

  • That dermalogica solar defines booster is ridiculously expensive, even for the 1.5 ounces, come on, it wouldn’t even last that long.

  • If you would like a condensed, readable version of this video, follow this link!!

  • This was very informative, especially about the foundation. Great tips. If you could talk a bit slower that would help some, as I put the cc on so I could catch all you were saying as your accent is great but if you can, just slow the pace a bit. Just subscribed to your channel and look forward to more of these very insightful videos.

  • Shelleah baby you look simply adorable without make up and strangely enough younger! ))) Yes makeup make us brighter but without it innocently younger ))) xxx

  • I’m a side and stomach sleeper all the way. I didn’t want to spend a ton on the nurse name pillow but I found that using a neck/airplane pillow helps you not turn your face on your side or roll over..supports your neck too. Also is a good solution for the tech neck because you can rest your chin on it without looking all the way down (we might’ve already suggested it in your previous video so sorry if you did!) Thank you for such informative fun to watch videos:)

  • Thanks for these tips. I haven’t worn much make-up in the past few years and my 40th High School Reunion is this Saturday. I appreciate your content.

  • Good to watch an Australian lady in these vids!! I’m in Brisbane where the humidity and heat goes all year round. But I still moisturize twice a day with one thick ‘coat’ left on my face and neck just before bed and it’s helped a lot. Do you exfoliate right before makeup because I would normally do this the night before?

  • The absolute best hair spray I’ve ever used is L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin..extra strong hold. (I can only find the extra strong hold variety.) This hair spray holds really well and I don’t need to do my hair every single morning! I love it!!Its not stiff or hard and will brush out without tearing out your hair! Give it a try, I think you will love it too!

  • El segundo error es un error en si. No debes mezclar la base de maquillaje con el protector solar, ya que está formulado para actuar con cierta cantidad por centímetro cuadrado, lo que estás haciendo es diluirlo y no brindas la protección necesaria. Así que primero aplicas tu protector por todo el rostro y cuello y después la base de maquillaje.

  • I would love a video on the correct way to apply your blush for your face shape. I have a round, and I mean round, face. So hard to contour or apply blush without making my face look fatter.

  • Why on earth did you use mostly young models in this video. Then you showed one pic of a washed-out older woman. That did nothing for my self-esteem

  • It’s not even about looking older, it’s about looking truly confident in your own skin.
    Take care of your body and stay out of the sun and you’ll not have to even worry about bullshit make-up. Just some mineral powder, lip gloss and a bit of mascara every once in a while. Save being “painted the house down” for special occasions.

  • I have never exfoliated my skin since a dermatologist told me it will make your skin lazy where it stops doing it itself plus I have never took off my make up before bed I am fifty eight years old and I get compliments on my clear skin all the time plus I don’t want to boast but I look not a day over forty I am saying this to let younger girls not worry to much weather they are doing things right it’s all down to genes I don’t have one wrinkle on my skin and have done nothing correct make up wise

  • You are my favorite. I would live to know what foundation, and powder you use and the color cause you seem to be very close if not the same as me and I’ve had major trickle finding something that doesn’t cake up on my mature type skin

  • As far as recommending exfoliating, I’ve just met with my dermatologist; here’s some info:
    Pores are actually hair follicle openings in your skin. Oily skin does tend to produce larger pores. AVOID exfoliating, which dermatologists tell us is completely unnecessary anyway. When you exfoliate, or even apply foundation with a brush or your fingers, instead of lightly stippling with a sponge, it will micro exfoliate, and that dry skin has no place to go, except to clog those pores. Pick up a salicylic acid gel or liquid, wear it while you sleep, to reduce pore size. Chemical peels with glycolic acid can also help. Avoid any foundations or primers that are oil based, as they will exacerbate enlarged pores. Using a retinol cream (which is actually an exfoliating product itself) can also improve the look of aging or problematic skin. Lastly, ALWAYS wash your makeup off at night, NOT scrubbing, just lightly using a washcloth will give you all the exfoliating you need. I hope that helps ��������

  • What is actually wrong with a few wrinkles? Why try and pretend you are not going to see you face change over the years if you are lucky enough to grow old and have along life?

  • I just quit my job due to stress, i worked at a prison and I was under constant stress!! I feel so much better now and even though I don’t have a lot of extra cash, I am so much happier! Money truly doesn’t buy happiness ��

  • Another tip: AS I see this on EVERY video-there are some of us out here with God given nice small button noses. If you are one of ” us” do NOT contour and highlight your noses. I totally ” GET IT” as some have a nose like a baked potato and overall great make up ” screens” BUT if you have a nuce natural nose pls do not do this. A too ultra thun nose looks HORRIBLE as it can throw off face symmetry. I have seen someone with a super nice natural small cute button nose photoshop tgeir nose so thin it made a beaUtiful girl UGLY.

  • The eyeliner tip is interesting. The only thing I would change is the size of the blush brush. Mine is smaller so I can follow the cheekbone without “overdoing it” Less is more!

  • Awesome video. I make a lot of these mistakes unfortunately. Sugar especially. I eat dessert every day! It helps decrease my stress though, lol. Anyway, I need to make some changes!!!

  • Dreadful video, as per most other remarks, being shown perfect makeup on 20 year olds isnt helpful, and ridiculing older women is just insulting.

  • I use this in my bedroom and at work, and my skin’s been pretty comfortable this winter. I use a small heater in my bedroom, as we keep our house at 66 overnight, and I’m in a suburb of Chicago (read COLD), so I feel this helps to counteract the dry air to some degree. I especially like it because I’m a light sleeper (due to stress LOL) and this is very a very quiet humidifier. Here you go; it’s just an amazon link, no affiliation, https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Ultrasonic-Humidifiers-Space-Saving-0-6Gallon/dp/B07L4K8G46/ref=sr_1_15?hsa_cr_id=7692135190001&keywords=humidifiers&lp_asins=B07KBRQN8F%2CB07M8J27F3%2CB07GWCBX7Y&lp_mat_key=humidifiers&lp_query=room+size+humidifier&lp_slot=desktop-hsa-3psl&qid=1551241174&refinements=p_36%3A3299-7999%2Cp_89%3ATaoTronics%7CVAVA%2Cp_n_condition-type%3A6461716011&s=gateway&sb-ci-n=shopNow&sr=8-15&store_ref=SB_A0569397XWOLN22WW7DQ

  • Air innovations top fill humidifier qvc. I love mine. Indispensable. Also keeps you from getting infections in the winter when the heat is running. Keeps the mucus lining the lungs from getting too sticky and allowing bacteria/viral germs to stick and grow.

  • Stress is a biggie. I find exercise helps relieve stress, and it also helps to keep you healthier, therefore younger. Also helps me to relax so I can sleep.

  • Started sleeping on back with head elevated because of allergy induced eye puffiness 1-1/2 yrs ago only to discover anti-aging benefits as well. Works both for eye puffiness and sleep wrinkles. Now am working on not resting my temple on my hand while reading which I suspect is what has caused one eyebrow to have a wonky bit of loose skin under the outside corner.

    Anti-aging is a constant challenge. �� oops, not supposed to scroll either. ��

  • Exfoliating is wonderful IF your skin can take it. I have rosacea. My dermatologist specifically said that I should do as little to my face as possible. I don’t wear foundation etc. & I only use water to wash it no soap. When I wear waterproof mascara, I make sure to just use a cleanser on my eyes only.

  • If you have been using the same shade of foundation snice the 8th grade the problem with that is WHY are you using foundation at 13, thats the skin case issue, my mom never wore foundation just concealing a couple of spots on her face, and around her nose(her problem area) foundation will ruin you skin, spend you money on good skingcare, facials and you will see you won’t need foundation.

  • Great tips! Along with too much make up, especially black eyeliner completely covering upper eyelid ridge and lower eyelid ridge Makes the eyes look smaller and older.

  • The rimmell #42 is the color you have on? Looks lighter on screen when you search it. and you do not give the color o the lip liner you have on?????

  • What are the best eye creams you said to ask about? I am 33 and need to start using something but I’m confused what I need. I have very dry skin! Thank you!!

  • I like you sooooo much right away just by watching your video the first time love your beautiful accent, your honest demeanour, and the way you talk!!

  • Thank you for this video! I just applied my lipstick the way you suggested and it made a huge difference. Also, re-evaluated my eyebrows and blush. So helpful. Still working on eyeliner, never my strong point!

  • I love your videos so much, they’re so helpful. You always look so pretty and stylish:) I’m 49 and I use tretinoin at night, and a copper peptide cream in the morning under my sunscreen copper peptides are super effective for serious skin rejuvenation. The company that invented them is Skin Biology.

  • I’m noticing that when you apply eyeliner you pull the eyelid. Since eyelids have the most delicate muscles, if they’re stretched they will stay that way, I would suggest not pulling the eyelid at all. I’ll be trying the “right” way to line the upper lid since it helps the eyes look much younger. Thanks for the tips.

  • Lady you have to check this out


  • Do you have a video addressing bags underneath the eyes? How to minimize the look of them? I am over 60, Ivory skin and blue eyes. Do I still use concealer?

  • Uma it’s mitu here your old Dubai friend ex Pacific ventures…. I am losing hair in bulk evejday. Don’t know what’s wrong. Just a handful left on my head now. PL helppp