3 Methods to Enhance Your Levels Of Energy (Caffeine Not Incorporated)


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All-natural caffeine alternatives to boost your energy in the morning

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First, avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Even though the initial jolt you get from a cup of coffee may wear away within a couple of hours, caffeine has effects on the brain that may last much longer and potentially interfere with your internal clock. Forgoing naps during the. For an added boost of energy, try adding freshly grated ginger with lemon water.

Some studies show that ginger can reduce fatigue by improving blood circulation and blood sugar levels. Green tea is a great option since it contains catachins, a natural stimulant that can increase energy and help fight fatigue. Switch afternoon cups of coffee for a decaffeinated, sugar-free. To boost your energy levels, try to get some extra sunshineduring the day.

Take a 10-minute stroll outside during your lunch break, if possible. Sit next to a window where sunlight is coming in if you cannot get outside. If you’re at home, open your curtains or blinds to let the sunlight come on in.

Drink Water. There’s not much that drinking water can’t do, and increasing energy is definitely one of those benefits. Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to feeling drained and fatigued. But on the opposite side, keeping your water levels in check allows your body to perform most efficiently.

On a daily basis, taking a personalized multivitamin with the right combination of nutrients geared toward your diet and health concerns is a great way to boost energy overall. Certain vitamins. Guarana is a plant that contains naturally occurring caffeine. Coffee bean extract and green tea extract are a few more ways to naturally caffeinate.

Sure, to an extent, caffeine is caffeine, but natural sources will help you eliminate the artificial sugars, preservatives and. As one of the caffeine alternatives to coffee, peppermint can help boost your energy in many ways: It alleviates many types of pain such as stomach cramps, migraines, and headaches. The oil may reduce the chances of daytime sleepiness.

It can also provide sinus relief. Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are the best ways to maintain your natural energy levels. But these things are not always possible, especially when.

However, drinking enough water, eating healthily, getting enough sleep and exercise and being sociable can benefit your energy levels and your health. If you feel tired, it’s worth taking a look.

List of related literature:

Avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms by gradually reducing caffeine or by mixing decaffeinated coffee with caffeinated coffee.

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• Avoid caffeine within 8 hr of bedtime (cola, sodas [check label for caffeine], coffee, and tea).

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6–Avoid caffeine, especially full-strength coffee, colas and chocolate.

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Keep your caffeine intake below 300 milligrams a day (or the equivalent of two or three small cups of coffee), and limit your intake in the afternoon and evening.

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Evaluate the amount of caffeine in your diet, using the Caffeine Chart in this chapter, and attempt to gradually reduce your intake to less than 100mg per day.

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Above all, don’t substitute caffeine for sound, commonsense nutritional practices for extending energy.

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Caffeine and endurance per

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These include caffeinated sodas, energy drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate.

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The third assertion is caffeine’s power to lower the rate of perceived exertion (RPE)—that is, to reduce our sense of fatigue.

“The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug” by Bennett Alan Weinberg, Bonnie K. Bealer
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  • As a delivery driver, when I drink caffeinated drinks I can’t feel the pain from running all day and if I bump my leg into something it doesn’t hurt very much. Please explain.

  • Yerba Mate is one thing I discovered in a natural caffeine product which I’m now currently taking. Haven’t had coffee in almost a year. The caffeine withdrawals for me were a mess too initially but Im so glad I got over it:). I’ve honestly never had this much energy in my life since I started the product.

  • I quit drinking coffee after I found out I had stomach ulcers and my energy had been more steady rather than many ups and downs. But I do miss the taste of if sometimes

  • Can you do one on 4 supplements to fall asleep and stay asleep?
    For those who have tried melatonin, Restavit etc?
    My fatty liver and weight gain from keto and IF have returned because sleep quality and volume continues to diminish every night… this then stresses me out.

  • I naturally drank energy drinks every single day before I decided to change my eating habits around. It’s true without education I have noticed that it isn’t real energy, not that energy I seek for. It does boost your caffeine which makes you shaky but i still felt drained /sleepy ect. And when I tried going to sleep early I couldn’t sleep. So I forced not to drink no more. I began to drink 2-3 a day because i myself believed it would help but it didn’t. It’ then became to realize I had to educate myself more. Energy drinks do not work it’s an addiction to something elsewhere than your energy. More like stimulating to the nerve system. Which isn’t good for your health. Coffee does not work for me neither –

  • Thomas, you are not remembering the obvious here. The crash, slump or whatever is solved by a nice siesta. Here in Mexico, works for many. But really though, thanks for this. Really good info.

  • Very interesting. Since coffee doesn’t work for me (I love the smell and taste but it has no effect on me, at least I don’t feel it)m I hope to get some energy from those sources.


  • It’s true, I drink a cup of black coffee before a workout and I did a 9 minute mile. It’s even better when your running in a cold weather as it keeps your body warm.

    Still, I would recommend you drink a cup of black coffee before every workout. Your body will become dependent on it, but the results and performance will be better

    And after a workout, drink water and a gatorade because coffee dehydrates your body and water also gets rods of that coffee aftertaste in your mouth

  • About the way this guy talks makes me tune out constantly… That’s too bad because it looks like a lot of good information… It would’ve been nice if products would’ve been mentioned that we could buy I really feel like I have no idea what he just said and I normally like this stuff…It almost sounds like somebody that’s talking to themselves in their head, it makes sense to them LOL

  • It’s always great to get health advice from somebody who looks awesome, rather than some fat-ass traditional doctor that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground! �� Keep it up Thomas!!!

  • Careful with the alpha lipid acid. Thomas is correct, but A LA is also a potent chelator of heavy metals that can increase strain on the liver because it has to then detox these metals from the blood stream. If it can’t keep up with the detox, then these metals can get redeposited in the organs which can be worse than where you started.

  • Does ALA have to combine with Alcar? Or can it be any form of Carnitine. I like LCLT ( L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) due to the research suggesting upregulatjon of Andrpgen Receptors.

  • I quit on Friday, felt very tired but not too bad. On Saturday I felt extremely tired, had zero motivation, a headache, and also felt slightly depressive but that went away. Today I feel much better, although still a bit tied. I exercised this morning so that helped wake me up. I only drink a double-shot latte in the morning before getting to work (around 8:30), but even that was enough to create withdrawal. It’s scary that a drug has become so widely accepted as normal…

  • I’m lost in the information overload. I just want to know what I can drink instead of coffee. I don’t like the addiction that comes with caffeine. My thought is, could I use hot coconut/almond milk and use the Bullet Coffee recipes with it?





  • As far as i know only one meta-analysis about caffeine and muscle strength is published. And it was only able to show significant effects of caffeine in upper body, not lower body? So would not say it is a 100% proven tho.
    (Effects of caffeine intake on muscle strength and power: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Grgic J, Trexler ET, Lazinica B, Pedisic Z)

    What is your sources for this claim?

  • Theacrine doesn’t work as well as coffee tho it is nice but I like having that nice rush of energy so I’ll try the first duo of things

  • Hello Sir, plz do guide us along with the information about the demerits of the drug and for how long it is
    advisable to take,so that we again dont get addicted to it.

  • I wouldn’t take tyrosine long term. There’s not a lot of studies on long term neurotransmitter precursor supplementation. These amino acids need enzymes to break them down. So creating an imbalance can in the long term lead to lower levels of competing neurotransmitters.

  • Do you have any information on CLA conjugated linoleic Acid I’m using this with the keto diet. it’s becoming popular with some of the dieters I know?

  • ExCept,,,, I Like my Post Lunch 15-20 minute “Power Nap”! As a matter of interest… When/IF I Do this Again,,, Post Work Day, just 15 20 minutes,,, I’m LOADED with Energy,,, for a Good Concentrated/Spot training,,, Before a Dinner…

    But that’s just me! If TIRED gonna come after Lunch and Work Day,,, I’m not gonna Totally fight it off. But!!!

    I’m NOT that Bright in the Brain Anyway. So I Need ALL the Down Time,,, I Can get!!! LOL!!!

  • I make a modified fat/Keto coffee and add Phenylalanine (mild sweetness to it) would Tyrosine be a better addition or a combo of both?

  • Decaf is the worse shit ever.. it contain solvant to decaf the coffee an is more toxic… better reducing 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 1 0 and prepare yourself for pain in the head.

  • Thank u for this info! I definitely rely too much on coffee and then crash later in the day…I need to explore alternatives for a better quality of life

  • It would really be great to get the dosage required to benefit from these, because even in pills the amount recommended greatly varies from brand to brand… and if we can combine those, how much is too much

  • I had atrial fibrillation. My body was rejecting caffeine.
    Now I avoided as much as possible.
    I can drink as much decaf as I want. And I think I’m doing a lot better now.

  • I rarely drink coffee. It clears my brain fog instantly, probably i have ADD form, but i can’t sleep at all and next day i feel so bad. I have dry eyes, sensitive skin, strange pressure in chest…

  • Been taking a tablet made of Alcar and Ala, wash it down with my morning coffee =) Seems to work better than Alcar alone in my prework out.

  • I used to drink 15_16 cups a day I’m now down to 5 plan to start next week with 2 per day then one then none so far my anxiety has actually increased ��

  • Can we take any of these before we workout in the morning and not break our fast? What about creatine, glutamine and beta-alinine (will those break our fast)? Thanks!

  • I dont like coffe but I always drink it before workout. I feel more pump and motivated to workout. To me black coffe literally tastes like shit, well maybe because just straight black coffe without cream or sugar.

  • Try to take a heavy dose of SLEEP a couple times a week. But be aware of side effects if taken in large doses……grogginess, fat accumulation, lucid dreams……etc

  • Tried to do it twice and lasted only 2 or 3 days. Reduced cognitive skills certainly suck, sometimes you start doing something and then you’re like… stuck. What was I supposed to do? What am I looking at here? You feel like your IQ and memory dropped by 50%.

    But the worst, absolutely worst symptoms were headaches for me, which didn’t react to any kind of painkiller. I was doing it cold turkey, I’ll try your method starting today. Thanks.

  • I’ve read before that l carnitine supps are taken up by the body only with the presence of a sugary drink. That is why I do not drink l car. Or am i wrong?

  • Cafeine is not that good especially if you suffer or had heart murmurs in the past in my case I once overdosed on Cafeine which had given me AF.

  • quitting caffeine was the best thing i done recently. not just coffe, all teas and dark chocolate also. it doesnt make us stronger it makes us weaker. much better without it

  • This is all bunk. Caffeine is never “good for you”, and no alternative energy boosters are ever “needed”. Just sleep well, exercise vigorously, and live your life’s passion. Mission accomplished.

  • Love you videos! Lean so much! do you have any suggestions or tips on controlling the hormone levels with lifestyle and diet? Or know what indications hormonal imbalance?

  • Hello Gretchen,
    I’m disabled, depressed and sort of stuck where i am. I find it very hard to be happy or laugh at anything. Please help. No joke:(

  • Do tyrosine and taurine break a fast, since they’re amino acids? I must knoww, been doing intermittent fasting almost every day for a two months!

  • Just spent $100 to try all this crap. I will let people know if it helps. Been taking Caffeine for decades and it no longer works. Stay tuned…

  • What do you think about N-Methylliberine? Which is sold as Dynamine. It’s supposed to be really close to Theacrine, but has an extra methyl group. Have you heard of it? If you have, is it basically the same as Theacrine, or are there additional health effects good or bad?

  • It would seem that if one was truly healthy, they wouldn’t need to search for stimulants. Running yourself down and flogging your adrenals for extra energy is not a healthy thing to do.

  • Thank you..I have hope now I only drink one cup but I really need to get rid of that cos is not making me any good I will try it…

  • Hi all of the product you sell, in http://foursigmatic.com/thomas15, are only for USA, can you make it available for Canada as well please, thank you and keep up the good job

  • I was only drinking 1 cup of coffee per day but since quitting I don’t have an afternoon crash anymore leaving me to feel like I have twice as much energy

  • Another Stoppani BS. Just because you have PhD from 50 years ago doesn’t mean you have always the true knowledge.
    Same with Full-Body Workout. When I watch this video i see “partial workouts” in right, For Example: Labrada Back Workout”.
    Not Full-Body. If It was that simple everybody would keep doing full-body

  • I’ve been without coffee before and I still had energy it’s just that my day was boring. I drink coffee and it makes me feel good emotionally not only physically. I drink a black coffee in the morning and one at night and I sleep like a baby and wake up ready for my coffee then my day. lol

  • Does anyone know if i can take Theacrine and St John’s Wort together? I have been off caffeine for almost 5 years now and have been trying to find something that I can take with my St John’s Wort that provides me with similar energy that caffeine use to give.
    Anyone have any Ideas or suggestions?

  • Thomas I have 3 kids four years old and younger. Your videos always hit home and are super appreciated!!!

    Quick question…does theacrine or tyrosine break a fast?

  • I stopped drinking all coffee and tea and did withdrawal by using caffeine tablets. They are 100mg. each don’t take a whole one! I split them in 4 and took a piece throughout the day for headache, etc. I tapered off them in a week and feel much better.

  • I’m not addicted to caffeine. However, I’ll punch anyone that even dares to talk to me if I haven’t had any in the last hour. But again, not addicted.

  • God love y’all whose digestive systems can take multiple cups a day. Mine’s torn up with just one, even decaf. But I still can’t stop. I need beverage substitutes that don’t suck.

  • omg. 5 cups a day. I drink 1 latte in the morning and I feel a huge kick of energy. I think my heart would literally stop after drinking an espresso!)

  • which coffee do i need for my pre workout Cold or Hot Coffee, & also is it Black Coffee or Normal Coffee?�������� i need to know guys Cuz im drinking Protein Powder after workout. But i dont drink pre workout supplements. But Coffee wil be fine right if i use as a Pre Workout? �������� plz i need respons asap Ty in advance guys!��

  • Awesome video Thomas, i really needed this cause i face it everyday. I do clean fasting. i wake up @ 5 am and during 10 am i feel this crash. I take a power nap and go back to work. but now i will try your fantastic tips. Thank you so much leader.

  • I really need to quit caffeine for good. I’m definitely tapering off this time though. My withdrawal symptoms last times were terrible and lasted about 3 months. It was just really high levels of anxiety but it was pretty terrible. I just checked out the book caffeine blues from the library so hopefully that’ll give me some motivation when reading it.

  • Gluconeogenesis is an on-demand function. I don’t believe that eating more protein has anything to do with an increase in blood glucose.

  • 1.) Alpha Lipoic Acid, Combined with (ALC) Acetyl L-Carnitine FOR HEIGHTENED ENERGY, 2.)Tyrosine especially for the sleep deprived & creates more dopamine that caffeine depletes, 3.) Cordyceps mushroom, & 4.) Theacrine

  • I’ve tried to quit coffee several times only to go back to it. But I’m going to try to go cold Turkey on my vacation next week. ��‍♀️

  • I cannot relate with caffeine addiction because I never liked the taste of it, neither beer and I never smoked. As a result, I never buy drinks that contain alcohol for mysel, and most of the times when I am invited to social events I refuse to drink, I don’t think it is fun in any way, it just makes you dizzy/sleepy/forgetful and you might vomit and get that burning-blood effect which is terrible. I agree that drinking caffeine is useful at times and I have an example that is happening at the moment: I had insomnia this night and in an hour I have an online exam at my university, I chose to drink a home-made cappuccino in order to be able to focus, otherwise I would not have drunk coffee.

    It’s really a tradeoff for bad days like this, but drinking it on a daily bases is not good and the explanation is in the clip. Caffeine is present in multiple products including juices like coca cola so it’s not limited to coffee. As a person who rarely drinks caffeine (a cup of coffee in years, when it is a MUST) and juices a bit more often (1-2 times per 1/2 year or 1 year), I don’t feel those consistent waves of energy because I’m mostly a sedentary person, I’d have to do other things as well to feel this energy. I also do programming marathons like 20hrs/day for 2-3 adjacent days and I don’t feel any need for caffeine, it’s just a habit, that’s all, it’s in your mind.

    To be honest I see lots of students like me that are always with a cup of coffee in their hands, they go and buy them consistently during the day, I see them spill it from time to time and it’s really a problem. The way you use a tool is essential, don’t let the tool use you. I have my addictions as well which I am trying to solve out they are just in other aspects of life.

    Reminder: You can develop an addiction to anything, it just happened to be caffeine, work consistently on it and the payoffs will show.

  • Best video I have seen on quitting caffiene. I like the taper off withdrawal method. I love my coffee way too much I’m a 6 cup a day junky. I’ve quit many times and felt great after the adjustment. I’ve always gone back and I hate that I do that. At least I give my body a break now and then. Thanks

  • Nooooooooo one cares about all this TALK JESUS. We want to see reviews of a product from real people. I stopped listening after a few mins.

  • Nobody said a damn thing about these stuff when I was taking engineering classes.. man, we were told it’s about kinematics and dynamics…..

  • I feel like this video seriously underestimates the time frame in which symptoms occur. Some feel depressed and fatigued for months.

  • I’ve been following but I want to record the show. What time and days are the shows. What’s the name of the show. She tried everything hope her tummy was ok.

  • Right now I’m quarantined so I’m not going to the gym and I would only drink coffe energy drink prework our etc if I would go to the gym so since I’m not going I’m not drinking anything and I feel horrible and I don’t feel like doing anything no home work outs or even getting out of bed or anything I hate the withdrawals but love taking prework out I miss the gym ��

  • This channel has the best produced videos. You didn’t had this bunch of information brought so easy to you via the internet in the old days… This shouldn’t be free tbh.

  • I’ve quit cold turkey just over a week ago. I feel a lot better, but I miss drinking it for taste, might get some decaf herbal coffee for a warm drink.

  • i love bullet proof coffee..The fat (butter and MTC oil) together with the caffeine from the coffee gives you a boost of energy to start your day.

  • Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered Saankramer Life Card System (google it)? It is a great one off product for learning how to stop drinking without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate at very last got astronomical success with it.

  • my experience:
    day 1: quit
    day 2.: feeling normal
    day 3: headache by 10 am (Advil is your friend)
    day 4: massive headache at 1 am (Advil is your best friend)
    day 5: coast is clear…

  • Or just drink in moderation?? Everyone these days wants goes to the extreme. No carbs, no sugar, no alcohol… Just don’t drink 5 cups of the stuff a day!

  • i did quit coffe for 15 days my head feels good i feel ok not sleepy and tired BUT my gym workout is SLow and weak im sure if i drink coffe i will work hard in the gym like i used 2 i dont know if i should keep the coffe out or get it in only before gym

  • H I have done on and off.
    When quit going to Timmy’s. Started to go to McDonald. When let of McDonald started star bucks.agsin when let go off Starbucks started coffee culture.,?? Wants to quit coffee culture. Going cold Turkey from dec 1st 2019. Promise not going to any of this places dont have a coffee maker at home. no breakfast either 2 meals is what iam planning. Thankyou for this video.

  • So annoyed at seeing so many videos start with morning routine making coffee. No one starts a video shooting heroin or smoking crack. But coffee is socially acceptable. So acceptable that no one even assesses what they are doing.

  • You didn’t really go that much into the why… What you seem to forget here is that there are actually more upsides than downsides to drinking coffee… if you do it right. A healthy use of coffee would be (according to my understanding) a maximum of about 2-3 cups per day, don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach (so breakfast first), and only drink coffee before like 2 PM or so. Some sources say 4 PM, i’m not sure. These days I go by 2 PM. Also, since it does dehydrate, make sure to drink a enough hydrating beverages like water too. And lastly, try to spread the drinking out over time because gulping down two or more cups in like 30 minutes leaves you with a bigger-than-necessary dip in energy. What I do myself to automatically circumvent that issue is pouring extra water per cup so it naturally takes longer to drink the same amount of coffee particles as otherwise. This only works if you don’t mind a bit less strong flavour though. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

  • I tried it 3times and I think the tapering off is the best, but I did it within a week. I went back to it, cause believe it or not was so alert I didn’t think I would sleep for a month,so I went back to coffee,but I seldom have more than 4 ounces a day,sometimes 8 ounces just to stay on an even keep as far as sleeping is concerned.

  • I’m never going to quit coffee because I’m on anti-psychotics that drain me of all my mental energy and vitality. If it wasn’t for caffeine, I wouldn’t do anything.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/quittingcaffeine/. I started this group to help people get off caffeine. hope to help you over there.

  • Cold Turkey helped me out tremendously but since my new job is 12 hours days for four days a week I don’t sleep enough some nights since I crunch in so much in the little time I have I’m drowsy in the morning. Just when I was about two years clean too.

  • Like most things if you over indulge it can be detrimental. Coffee has its benefits if used responsibly. https://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/scientists-just-discovered-best-time-of-day-to-drink-your-first-cup-of-coffee.html

  • Could you address the question of keto eyes? Please take a look at this vid by Vegetable Police: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ2bLfxKdco. I think a lot of your science based videos and was wondering if you also had “keto eyes,” and was a tad surprised to see that you do seem to.

  • Strangely enough, since I was a kid I was insanely hooked on Pepsi and mountain dew which is high in caffeine when you drink 15 drinks, which is insanely high in caffeine I was always tired and sad, til I reached high school senior I got interduced by coffee, which you guessed it, pure caffeine source, all my college years I was anxious, impatient, depressed due to irregular sleep, huge consumption of coffee, even at the gym my heart would skyrocket even its just a warm up.

    Now after all those years of being sad and bloated from caffeine, I feel better, no heart palpitations while sitting idle, happy with myself, and weird enough the pump in the gym is INSANE for some reason even though I don’t take any pump supplements yet it feels like it (its like when you started working out for the first time) so I highly recommend anyone reading this and still consume caffeine

    Give it a shot. But there’s things you need to accept
    1-when you feel tired without coffee, you are not tired that’s the normal feeling buut you are used of high stress feeling so you think you have no energy

    2-once you acknowledge the first point it will be much easier cutting caffeine beverages, supps. Because now I know it put you in stress, doesn’t make you feel energetic

    3-enjoy your life ��

  • Thomas, I have no appetite or desire for food even when hungry, which has caused me to stop eating keto. What can I do to get back to being fat adapted again and have interest in food again??? Please HELP

  • to quit anything i sugest dry fasting 2 3 days. it clean a lot of your body isues that cause cravigs or addictions..best detox, then you just dont put junk in again after fasting

  • I was consuming upwards of 700mg a day and it got to the point where it literally did NOTHING. Decided to experiment with no caffeine for 30 days and I was able to reset my tolerance a little bit. The headaches were a nag though

  • Question about Theanine supplements. I have found pure Theanine supplements, but also ones with Inositol. What is Inositol? And is it good or bad for Keto?

  • I quit caffeine in December. Headache-headache-headache-sleep-sleep-sleep..
    Went on vacation, end of January, gave my caffeine a free reign.


    Quitting caffeine cold turkey AaaaGain!!!
    �� �� �� ��

    Worst phrase ever uttered… “just once, drinking only one won’t be a problem” goes for �� and ��

  • 1. Push carbs to later in the fay
    2. Take theanean and theacrine instead of coffee
    3. Listen to Binuaral beats for five minutes
    4. Walking and standing intermittently

  • “the anti-fatigue effect of theacrine was associated with the regulation of brain glucose metabolism and the inhibition of phosphodiesterases.”  So, would ketone metabolism in the brain instead of glucose change the effect?  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S175646461500239X

  • However if you have impaired glucose tolerance this study says it is better to have carbs in the AM.

    “the avoidance of carbohydrate-rich meals in the evening in people with impaired glucose tolerance should be recommended. In line with this recommendation are previous studies showing that an increasing carbohydrate intake at the expense of fat in the morning seems protective against the development of diabetes and metabolic syndrome”.

  • I would love to push my carbs for later in the day, but what if i workout early in the morning and break my fast right after that?? Can i still not eat after my workout and wait until like 4-5 pm?? Wouldn’t that be bad for the gains?

  • When you talk about switching to theacrine and theanine later in the day, are you talking about just taking those as supplements or is there an actual drink of some sort that you’re consuming?

  • I just got through more than half of the video, and I decided I’m sticking to my opinions. It’s too late to actually be vested in this information. Again, it’s 3am, this is YouTube culture.

  • Hi, Thomas, i was wondering if the studio or set, where you guys shoot your videos, is the same one where the guys from SixPackAbs.com 40+, shoot theirs?

  • Thomas…would’ve liked a good link for the binaural beats {mentioned at 6:15} Does it matter which device I use to hear it?Love the 5 minutes every hour info { 7:55}

  • I commented on a video 30 minutes ago that I have a mid afternoon anxiety spike while fasting…. your the man thanks for keep it relevant!

  • i had trouble following him… what is he talking about? i crash at noon on my days off but I’m super active and im prob in keto

  • I was recently convinced to quit after learning the half life of caffeine was 6 hours.

    I did the math and found out that because I drank two cups of coffee a day, this basically meant that 24 hours after my first cup (which was when I had the next day’s first cup), 18 mg of caffeine was still in my body (which is approximately one tenth of a coffee).

    Tl;dr If you drink 2 coffees a day, the amount of caffeine in your blood never goes below a tenth of a cup.

  • Nutritionist recommended stewed apples twice a day (2 tbsp) thoughts? She said it contains pectin which releases IAP which protects the body and doesnt allow toxic bacteria? Have you heard of this any thoughts?

  • I’ve been using the keto low carb diet approach, and I’m a truck driver, over the road truck driver, that and dumbbells and pushups and exercise, I was able to lose 50lbs. I also use the intermittent diet approach everyday. I feel great and feel like I’m more focused and more productive when at home.

  • Superb channel, you my friend know your research. Glued to your channel will use my social media pages to bring you more subscribers.

  • You just described my dream Beveridge. So, where can I get some. You got a connection for the good stuff??? Yo, hook me up. Lol, no really!!

  • I am usually wary of just popping back supplements with weird names. Has anybody given Theacrine a try? and if so, where did you source it from (Brand? Pill? Powder? Tea?)

  • Hey Thomas, new to the channel but loving it so far. You’re an inspiration! Quick question. Will lemon juice added to my green tea break my fast?

  • In Asia, EVERYBODY, my entire company, all the employees and bosses nap for 30mins after lunch, done.
    But great video, it’s very interesting and helpful.

  • I just want to say thank you, Thomas, for wearing a shirt that supports first responders. Nurses, paramedics, police, and firefighters rarely ever get the recognition they deserve for being daily heroes. If you see/know a nurse or paramedic, give them a hug and thank them for their service because they’ve seen alot of f*cked up sh*t and they deal with it every day so that WE don’t have to.

  • I am on Keto and have lost 75 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. I was an athlete in high school at 220lbs and ballooned over 300lbs after college. Over the span of 15 years, my weight fluctuated and I got a serious case of the “dad bod.”

    Then I started Keto and began listening to Thomas religiously.

    For the first time in my life, I was never hungry and actually had to make an effort to eat while on Keto. I recently began a heavy weight lifting regiment with cardio throughout the week. My muscles are defined and for the first time since college, my veins are popping. However, my appetite is through the roof. Although in my opinion, I still could loose a few more lbs, my weight has completely stalled.

    It appears (at least for me) exercise equals increased hunger. This contradicts the study referenced by Thomas.

    Any input or thoughts would be helpful.

  • 200hz in one ear and 210hz in the other ear would most likely cause an overlap with a total frequency of 410hz. Very nasty high frequencies.

  • Delete this video immediately before the FDA and big pharma and coffee and tea companies try to ban or make it schedule 1 substance

  • Coffee LITERALLY increases life expectancy scientific fact. Multiple studies with millions of participants.
    E.g. dx.doi.org/10.7326/M16-2945

  • Adding to others…
    Thom do you have recommendations as to usage?
    Amount per pound, etc?
    Do we just follow package instructions?
    Time of day vs down energy time frsme?
    Amount of ALA vs carnitine?
    Do you have a separate video covering the usage posted or one coming up?
    As an example a nootropic recipe; I read a recommendation of 200 mg caffeine with 600mg of theanine to calm the jitters from the caffeine.

  • In addition to the physical activity, little things like getting a little sunlight, or listening to Rage Against the Machine’s first album can also improve wakefulness.

  • I tried decaf as a substitute. There’s a race element of caffeine in decaf so your are just adjusting the dosage down. Next, after a week cut down on volume. Instead of 5 cups, reduce to 2, 1 and then nil. Seems to be working in terms of increased energy.

  • You need to tell people that Theacrine is bitter as can be. It ruins anything you put it in no matter what it is. Needs to be in capsules or you will never take it.

  • I guess your name would have smthn to do with your proffesion lol. Jeez Grechin Ruebin. What the hell did you do in your last lifetime to deserve a name like that. You shd look into sueing your parents for child abuse!

  • MUCH better for your health and well-being (and that of those around you) to use essential oil instead of an alcohol-based perfume. Do a little research and you will find how toxic most perfumes really are and how they burden the immune system, unlike pure essential oils which can be very healing.

  • Hello, I have a question. What you are saying is that we have a limited amount of self energy at the moment and we need sleep to obtain more, refill that self energy so you can have self control. So an example for me would be, getting up to go to school early in the morning. I don’t want to, but I must. So I go to school every morning and I learn to Accept it. It’s a daily routine and it’s almost like breathing to me. Do I still use this self energy? or not? Thanks.

  • im 14 and for me i cant get up in the morning i procrastinate i find myself eating alot of sweets. and choosing a book over taking notes in class… its a battle with myself. i have tried to set rules for myself but i always fall back into my old habits.

  • Not sure if you’ve covered this topic before, but a great topic to cover would be how to deal with sickness while on Keto and/or IMF. I recently recovered from a nasty stomach bug, and found myself with lots of questions while dealing with it.

  • Hey Gretchen,
    I’m from Kansas City and love your book. Did you you go to SunSet or Barstow? I think I read that you played field hockey.That narrows the line for field hockey in KC. I went to Barstow. Love this post and I am going to go for a more diciplined life style for changes. Thanks.

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    | 4 Reasons Why Caffeine Makes Workouts Better |
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  • Just if Marvel does not want a CGI Thanos….this guy would be perfect…
    Super Genius intellect.
    Master Tactics
    Hyper WillPower
    Super Human Physique
    Above all. one thing..which he knows just like Thanos….
    Humans are doing their shit wrong to themselves ad the world…

  • please don’t drink the ginseng things like this as it’s not good for everyone. Those people who without Chinese medicine knowledge are always taking Chinese medicine incorrectly and they are actually poisoning themselves

  • This is an awesome video! Would you recommend trying these individually then certain doses all together? Or are they direct substitutes of each other? Thanks!

  • Getting chased by an angry bear before a workout will also improve your workout. Both caffeine and an angry bear increase adrenaline thus improving motivation, strength etc. ��

  • The air in his lungs sounds like it’s in a perpetual state of going in an out, like the outside air is being held hostage by his alveoli, not knowing if they’re leaving, or coming in.

  • Excellent Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered Saankramer Life Card System (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to stop drinking without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my close friend Aubrey finally got amazing results with it.

  • I knew it I swear one day I drank 4 cups wow what a fucking great work out the other day no coffee pfffff terrible today coffee wow I feel great my muscles are shocked o worked out for 3 hours and I will sleep great tonight thanks caffeine

  • Can I consume alpha lipoid acid and acetyl L-carnatine while intermittent fasting? Will this break my fast or would it be bad to consume without any food in my system?

  • Bro i’ve a confusion…! Should i do full body (upper-lower) workout or split workouts? Which one is more beneficial for me? I’m 72 kgs, 13% body fat…Kindly reply!!

  • hey,if anyone else wants to discover
    what is the best energy booster
    try Xenotolie Flexors Blaster ( search on google )? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it.

  • How do we get those things you were talking about for the brain? I dont think you told us that?? I need this advice so bad! I crash hard everyday and can sleep for a good 2 hours no prob.

  • Like everything in life, it has its pros and cons. So pick the pros that you’re willing to take on the cons as well. He’s focusing on the pros w/c is the point of the vid. Quite informative tho so thanks.

  • 1: You will get more energy in the short term but in the long time it will lead to fatigue an addiction. The more you take in the less effective it becomes.
    2: No, caffeine does not make you “stronger”. That’s some genuine bullshit. Your muscles are your muscles. They will not get stronger from drinking a cup of coffee.
    3: Again, the reason you “feel” like you have more endurance is because of the short burst of energy that caffeine provides. Believe you me, you will crash afterwards just like a sugar high.
    4: 100% Grade A Horseshit.

    Also, please show me the study that found that caffeine expands blood vessels. I would like to read it. If it’s actually legit.

  • I really feel like videos such as this should ALWAYS at least mention the most obvious negative effects and risks that come with the subject of the video. While caffeine is widely known, other substances might not be, and people might come to go down the “more is always better” road. Otherwise, I appreciate videos like this one.

  • First of all, thank You <3. Your videos helped me many Times to get stuff rolling again, but as now im trying to "recapture", would You mind making a video tailored with some 1 2 3.. steps for someone that felt out of a wagon of great habits and started binging Apex / LoL and denying all saint signs that the one is going wrong way. Maybe even stoping wouldn't be so hard, but the idea whats next is so overwhelming. The consciousness of what is step one where everything felt apart. Etc
    If not, still thank You for all Your input in Our self development.

  • he can barely breathe between words or he can barely read…. either way he’s out of shape or sucks at reading from a poor education…. either way he’s the biggest bullshitter out here

  • So a couple of caveats to this advice: don’t overdo it I’ve seen guys pass out because they had a little too much, and then went too hard in the gym. Additionally, your body quickly adapts to caffeine, so too much will negate the benefits long term.
    Other than that, I totally agree!

  • I think Stoppani and his halt-and-go style of speech would make for a wonderful mafia character in a Scorsese film: I need. To. Get. Some information. And that means. You. Will. Talk.

  • while caffeine is beneficial its not a magical drug and im not going to go what you are “likely” going to have, what you will abso-fucking-lutey have is palpitations,tachycardia, forceful heart contractions, dyspepsia, insomnia. i take 200mg caffeine in the morning and before workout. if i miss a dose i get a headache and if i take it and end up idling because something came up and i couldnt workout i get chest pain. yes it works but its not fucking magical. and its not that great

  • Adrafinil’s better, less jitters, less heart attack feeling, more focus, less nervousness. Just don’t abuse adrafinil or modafinil