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How to Feel Happier at Work – 10 Ways to Completely Shift Your Mindset

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3 Ways to be Happier at Work

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10 Ways to Feel Happier at Work

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3 Ways To Be Happier At Work There’s a common belief that you will be happy when you are successful, but the reverse is actually true. [Photo: Flickr user Loren Kerns ]. 3 Ways to Be Happier at Work February 6, 2019 / in Candidate Resources, Client Resources / by Gaige Baisch Although the majority of Americans (51%) report that they are satisfied with their jobs, what does that mean for the other 49%?Top 10 Ways to Be Happy at Work.

Purpose, growth, and a sense of control can help you love your work. Find a Career Your Enjoy. Find a Job That Gives You Time Outside Work. Take Charge of Your Own Professional and Personal Development.

Take Responsibility for Knowing What Is Happening at Work. If you want to be happier at work and achieve true career success, Work It Daily can help. When you join Work It Daily, you get access to coaches, courses, and a community that helps you stay accountable and motivated during the job search.

Take care of yourself. Eat well, and get plenty of rest. Take your sick days when you need them; use your vacation time. If you let yourself get run down, you’ll be unhappy with your job, and. Happiness is contagious.

3. Happiness is the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy. Radical change is possible. We’re not just our genes and environment. If we find a way to creating these positive habits in our lives and our workplaces, we can tip our world away from negativity, stress, and uncertainty to a more positive world. Along with building in moments of happiness, building exercise into your daily routine can help decrease your work stress.

Get up and move around every 30 minutes or so, or add in exercise by biking to work, getting off the bus stop a few stops early, or even just parking at the far end of the lot. 3 Meaningful Ways to Make Employees Happier at Work Ving customers are using tech to manage their way through COVID-19 and preparing for post-pandemic. 6/12/14 11:48 AM Rebecca Whittenberger.

Walk or bike to work instead of your usual commute to give your mornings a fresh perspective. Ask a friend to lunch instead of grabbing a quite bite at your usual deli. See if you can spend a few hours in the afternoon working from a coffee shop instead of your cubicle. 21.

Team Building 12 Ways to Become Happier at Work We spend much of our life at work, so it might as well be an enjoyable experience. Here are 12 ways to be happier at work.

List of related literature:

Bulletproof your job: 4 simple strategies to ride out the rough times and come out on top at work.

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In 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, Leslie Yerkes and Dave Hemsath write that “organizations that integrate fun into work have lower levels of absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity and less downtime.”

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7 steps to build a mentally healthy workplace.

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Probably the biggest trick to success at work-life balance is figuring out what works for you and ignoring all the other annoying advice that doesn’t align

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You definitely will want to take notes on the section “How to Lighten Up and Laugh More: Creating More Humor in the Workplace,” which will be at the end of this chapter.

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Mindful management could also help overcome motivational problems of coworkers.

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Employees tell their friends how much fun they are having.

“Do More Faster: Techstars Lessons to Accelerate Your Startup” by Brad Feld, David G. Cohen
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• Be more positive with new colleagues.

“Communication in Nursing E-Book” by Julia Balzer Riley
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New research has also shown that happy people persist longer at a task that is not very enjoyable in itself (tell your boss that only the happiest employees should be attending boring meetings!), are better at multi-tasking and are more systematic and attentive56.

“Positive Psychology in a Nutshell: A Balanced Introduction to the Science of Optimal Functioning” by Ilona Boniwell
from Positive Psychology in a Nutshell: A Balanced Introduction to the Science of Optimal Functioning
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Smiling and being friendly shows you’re a supportive co-worker; it can also help others to be more relaxed and comfortable.

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  • Be vigilant about work relationships, many will take advantage of that and suck you into their level of negativity, complaining, gossiping, meaningless conversations…not my cup of tea. I enjoy watching YouTube videos and reading books instead


    What if I cannot think of anyone at the office that I can click with? Does that mean I should ignore the first step and move on with the others?

  • It has taken me many years to realize that the relationship with my co-workers is just as important as my work ethic. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Isaac

  • Well done Vanessa, nice to hear that you stick the comments you �� on your desktop 5:50. Not trying to get mine there �� but someone suggested to add a review list in these videos, I suggest an improvement to this: add instead a timeframes exercise list written in a comment (only few people read video descriptions) and ask your viewers if they think these apply to them, and if not, ask them to explain which other ones do. People will comment and rewatch your videos more often because of this.

    Another minor suggestion: I know you explained how important showing your ✋ s when communicating is, but I rarely watch videos since I hear them while doing other chores (YT is an audio channel for me most of the times). However if you ask me to check out a certain graph or image (e.g. “so here’s the full exercise list, write it down and check the points you covered already”) I will definitely go to that timeframe and do that.

  • Really helpful video Prof Nez! Your point on recognition at the workplace is spot on! I feel most people work even harder when when feel appreciated and know they are making a difference.

    Hope your summer is going well!

  • One thing that struck me really hard in this one is two things. One, this really, REALLY, goes into so much more than worklife. Two, working in a resturant, we have weekly/daily chores to do. Putting up a personal chorelist with one or more, small missions, to accomplish, a “pridelist” if you will, would really get the motivation going for others to do the same. Motivation and inspiration is really hard to come by, but my first boss really did a great job at this. One of my first work days she confronted me and said “this here, this is your task, no matter if someone else do it or if it is written on a to-do-list”. It was 3 years ago she left and I’ve had 3 different bosses since then, but her words stuck with me. To this day I still take pride in doing “my task” wether or not it is important in relation to other tasks.
    Though I do not know if she did this with other people, but I do know that I alone have a set of tasks that I personaly supervise and boy, when I’m not at work, they get messed up pretty quick! So thank you Linda for being the greatest boss I’ve ever had, and thank you Vanessa et al for the reminder and clarification of what joy actually IS at work.

  • Hello Vanessa, I had an important meeting earlier today and I was suddenly hit with a flush of anxiety that totally took over my body (my face in particular, couldn’t control my cheeks and lips to smile). I tried my best to stay with it, continue the meeting and take a few breaths but it lingered longer than anticipated that my boss got worried at some point. How do I control my anxiety with body language? And what can I do in serious situations like this one?
    Thank you!

  • There is so much one can learn by just watching you or ur body language!! Very inspiring! I plan to show this video to my team before this years performance goals. Thank you!!

  • Very interesting and informative youtube video ever which is done at the right time. Thank you alot for your effort. Dear, Vanessa Van Edwards, can you work and add another video on the relationship between passion and performance in workplace (If you have any practical experience and exposure).

  • But i don’t want to explaine to no one my private life at work, and this is what all they ask about, just to see if you have a better life then they have…. no one want to have friends at work please, they are coworkers, we just work together ��

  • is funny she uses the name ” human behavior hacker” since someone name Susan Ibitz, from Human Behavior Lab, is been name herself human behavior hacker, before Vanessa!! Is so cheap to been stilling other people names, come on getting your own name tag!!!!

  • This is a really good video. I have subscribed to your channel. I produce explainer videos on similar topics and am interested to look at your other videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • this was published one month before..


  • A nice and tight video boss! I want to share that I worked for a high-end Global Consulting company in tech and when they did a “combination” with another Big 6 firm, our culture disappeared, all in the pursuit of money. I did work in a place with an amazing culture that turned into one that lost its soul. If one finds a place with a great reputation for culture, it can make the world of difference for job satisfaction and enable one to make real connections in work, instead of mostly becoming an automaton for the profit machine.

  • This is a really good video. I have subscribed to your channel. I produce explainer videos on similar topics and am interested to look at your other videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for this video! One small suggestion for videos that present lists to the viewer: review/summarize the list at the end of the video or provide the full list in the description.

  • thanks a lot for this video.��
    currently i am looking for job, and i will keep this in my mind.
    but sometime it become hard to find job and we have to accept that job even if we dont like it instead of staying job less.