3 In 4 Teens Think E-Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco


Elders React To Vaping (JUUL) For The First Time

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Three-Quarters of American Teens Think E-Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco

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Vaping / E-Cigarette Lung Illness Diagnosis & Treatment

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The dangers of e cigs and juuling (WFMJ)

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The Health Effects of E-cigarettes

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Are e-cigarettes safe?

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Smoking vs Juuling

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TUESDAY, Oct. 25, 2016 (HealthDay News) Close to three-quarters of American teenagers believe e-cigarettes are less harmful or addictive than real cigarettes, a new study finds. The same can’t. TUESDAY, Oct.

25, 2016 (HealthDay News) Close to three-quarters of American teenagers believe e-cigarettes are less harmful or addictive than real cigarettes, a new study finds. The same can’t be said for their notions about the safety of cigars and smokeless tobacco. 3 in 4 teens think e-cigarettes safer than tobacco: survey by Steven Reinberg, Healthday Reporter (HealthDay)—Close to three-quarters of American teenagers believe e-cigarettes. 3 in 4 teens think e-cigarettes safer than tobacco: Survey TUESDAY, Oct. 25, 2016 Close to three-quarters of American teenagers believe e-cigarettes are less harmful or addictive than real.

TUESDAY, Oct. 25, 2016 (HealthDay News)— Close to three-quarters of American teenagers believe e-cigarettes are less harmful or addictive than real cigarettes, a new study finds. The same can’t be said for their notions about the safety of cigars and smokeless tobacco. teenagers believe e-cigarettes are less harmful or addictive than real cigarettes, a new study finds. The same can’t be said for their notions about the safety of cigars and smokeless tobacco.

3 in 4 Teens Think E-Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco: Survey. TUESDAY, Oct. 25, 2016 (HealthDay News) Close to three-quarters of American teenagers believe e-cigarettes are less harmful or addictive than real cigarettes, a new study finds.

The same can’t be said for their notions about the safety of cigars and smokeless tobacco. Addiction to nicotine matters because using nicotine as a teen may have enduring impacts on attention, learning, and memory, 2,3,4 and addiction keeps people using harmful tobacco. Only 13 percent of American students know that smokeless tobacco is safer than cigarettes and only 50 percent know the truth about e-cigarettes – a sorry commentary on education, the performance of our public health institutions and the credibility of some in the research community. Posted by Brad Rodu at 12:00 PM.

Teens now use e-cigarettes more than any other nicotine-containing product. While e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes for adult smokers, most versions pose a great risk to teens because they contain the same addictive nicotine found in cigarettes. One cartridge can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

List of related literature:

Results Reported in the Study Young adults who have used e-cigarettes have a fourfold increase in the risk of initiating tobacco smoking within 18 months; that is, 37.5% of young adults who have used e-cigarettes compared with 9% of young adults who have not used e-cigarettes.

“Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing” by Jean V. Craig, Dawn Dowding
from Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
by Jean V. Craig, Dawn Dowding
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Although teen smokers are less likely to smoke cigarettes, the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, is on the rise in both middle and high school teens (CDC, 2019d; see Chapter 12).

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

E-cigarettes marketed to youths is a new way to get children and young adults addicted to nicotine.4 Exposure to sidestream smoke, or passive smoking, may also lead to an increased risk of lung cancer.

“Egan's Fundamentals of Respiratory Care E-Book” by Robert M. Kacmarek, James K. Stoller, Al Heuer
from Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care E-Book
by Robert M. Kacmarek, James K. Stoller, Al Heuer
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

As can be seen, the proportion of youth who reported ever using e-cigarettes varies substantially across surveys.

“Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on the Review of the Health Effects of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, David L. Eaton, Leslie Y. Kwan, Kathleen Stratton
from Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes
by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2018

Secondhand vaping is likely much safer than secondhand smoking because 85 percent of secondhand smoke from regular cigarettes is side-stream smoke – i.e., the smoke that comes from the tip of a lit cigarette – while e-cigarettes do not produce side-stream vapor (McNeill et al. 2015, 65).

“Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy” by Mario J. Rizzo, Glen Whitman
from Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy
by Mario J. Rizzo, Glen Whitman
Cambridge University Press, 2019

Evidence supports a strong association between the use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products among young people (USDHHS, 2016); longitudinal evidence suggests that nonsmoking adolescents and young adults in the United States who start using e-cigarettes are more likely to progress to smoking

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
F. A. Davis Company, 2019

Whereas general smoking rates are declining, younger adults are more likely than older adults to try or use e-cigarettes; the use of e-cigarettes was highest in current and recent former smokers (Schoenborn & Gindi, 2015).

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

In 2015, 4% of adults (approximately 2 million) in Great Britain were current e-cigarette users, and more secondary school pupils reported having tried e-cigarettes at least once (22%) compared with traditional cigarettes (18%).

“Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice E-Book” by Karen Holland, Jane Jenkins
from Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice E-Book
by Karen Holland, Jane Jenkins
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

The number of persons using e-cigarettes is high, especially among young adults and children.

“Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book” by Elena Bablenis Haveles
from Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book
by Elena Bablenis Haveles
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Current evidence suggests that while children and young people are experimenting with e-cigarettes, this is rare in never-smokers.

“New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry” by John R. Geddes, Nancy C. Andreasen, Guy M. Goodwin
from New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
by John R. Geddes, Nancy C. Andreasen, Guy M. Goodwin
Oxford University Press, 2020

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  • bruh. i’m not addicted. but. i do use it a lot. not cuz of the nic tho. that’s just a plus. u just like watching the smoke �� and learning tricks tehe

  • Something you didn’t say in this video when mentioning the price difference is, you get a pack of pods for $16ish not one pod. So it’s like 4 packs of cigs �� for $16.

  • This is the Mayo clinic that is controlled by the elite and made articles about “Kratom: Unsafe and ineffective” Then you find out that in Thailand hundreds of thousands of people left opioid/heroin addiction with Kratom and thousands in the USA. ( in Thailand the drug dealers lost so much money that they pressured politicians to ban Kratom, is well known fact) The ban in the USA didn’t work because some very wealthy people as well as some high level politicians kids quit heroin addiction with Kratom and big-pharma with the support of Mayo clinic had to back off their pressure on the DEA.

  • E-cigs are a stealth weapon: any chemicals could be loaded up into those containers & the user doesn’t know!

    If could be malice, or just cheap low grade chemicals containing Dioxin, Lead, etc…

    How will the user know it just tastes like cotton candy, mint, etc?!?

    Smoking is harmful to everyone at any age, so just Do Not smoke tobacco, weed, or random chemical concoctions from foreign sources.

    In addition to the ongoing amount of children & young peoply dying from e-cigs & vapes, or the more than 450 reported injuries, also add in the exploding / leaking battery units that power these little electronic nightmares.

    Even if there is no terrorism, and no shoddy quality low cost chemicals the very best Vapes can still harm your lung like little tiny chemical burns In your Lungs.

    Why take the Risk?
    Take a Walk instead?
    Read a Book?
    Meditate or listen to music?

    Anything is better than harming your lungs.

  • I heard from my local vape store they told me that you have to be 19 years old before September 1 then the states will Grandfather how is 19 years old and I’m 19 years old and i graduated high this year and I took my juul to school when I was 18 years old and I started vapeing when I was 18 years old

  • The healthier is to not smoke, not juul, not drink alcohol, not take coffee, not eat meat, not eat salt, not play video games, not got eat cooked vegetals, not exercise too much, not exercise too litle, not stay awake at night, not watch TV, not, not, not, not.

    What is wrong with all these people? They want to take away all that is fun in life.

  • I have smoked cigarettes for nearly 20 years (about a pack a day) and was able to STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES cold turkey after buying a vape device like the juul. I play hockey 3x a week and did the same the entire time I was a smoker. It is night and day in my lungs after only 2 months. I recover waaaay faster, I don’t smell like crap and I am saving about $3,500 CND a year on cigarettes after I take the $600 of vaping off.

    Don’t go out and buy ‘Joe blows’ vape device or liquid but purchase it from a reputable company and go from there. It’s a huge leap in the right direction and you’ll be extremely glad you did. If I did it, you sure as hell can too.

    P.S. If you weren’t a smoker before, stay away all together.

    P.S.S. this dudes on crack

  • Yes, let’s just ignore the Royal College of Physicians study which has real world statistical evidence that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than combustible tobacco products

  • Cigarette in greece cost only 4.10€ but we haven’t juul vapes here we have my blu who is more powerful but same healthy with only 20€+4 vape Juice

  • How are American studies so different to The UK? All negative and the UK all positive.

    Regulate is fine but banning flavours.

    Maybe don’t allow a brand like Juul to put 50mg pods on the market.

    Then again msa and tobacco growing countries wouldn’t want something to help people quit smoking as fast as vaping

  • This is all bullshit!!.how is this any diffrent from plug ins that people use in the homes Same thing a plug in is oil chemicals you plug it in it burns the oil you breath it????..hellooo Same shit..

  • me messing with my vape teying to fix it not paying attention to the automatic videos playing
    Video: smoking is bad for you no matter with a cigarette or vape
    Me: wha

  • Thank you so much for this information my dad wants to stop smoking and he is doing juul and I was really scared because I see ads that say they are inhaling metals and got scared for my dad

  • I quit vaping in less than a day lol. I legit just said I didn’t wanna anymore and I’ve been perfectly fine since. I was on 70mg of nicotine. It really isn’t that hard I’ve been clean for almost a month easily.

  • Ever since I started vaping juul, I slept better, am less anxious, less irritable and my insomnia was greatly reduced. For the meantime, I think it has benefited me a lot. If there are hidden negative effects long-term, I’m willing to take the risk. I’d gladly vape if that means I interact with people better, and if it helps with one key element of a good life good sleep.

  • For smoking I saw butane in the materials so I thought “I’m using butane to light butane so I’m smoking butane” I through out my carton

  • https://youtu.be/O4_l-klxqCQ
    Stop lying!!!!
    royal college of physicians uk
    35.000 health experts around the world saying it’s at least 95%safer than smoking.
    On the cancer level 98/99%safer than smoking.
    All about harm reduction.
    Focus on the cigarets epidemic.
    Only in America 480.000 death’s a year.
    That is the problem.

  • cigarettts cost 10 dollar a pack goverment gets 8 dollars a pack.. billions made.. 100k dead.
    ecig goverment gets 2 bucks instead 11 affected so far.. mmm
    which one makes more money for government.

  • How much funding does UNC get from MSA funds and from grants coming directly from the massively powerful Tobacco companies in NC?

    That is a VERY important question in determining the REAL motivation of this “research”…

  • Lipoid Pneumonia is killing people because of a sneaky ingredient that the Tobacco Giants and the FDA allowed them to use in e-cigarettes: Glycerin. A very effective humectant which can be used in skin products but not inhaled or swallowed. A humectant like Glycerin holds on to WATER, so imagine what happens when you inhale it. Water in the lungs is not good, healthy or advisable.
    But for the Tobacco Giants, who helped kill my mother at age 66 years old and grandfather, do not care about ANYTHING EXCEPT THE BOTTOM LINE!

  • Kids have always been using mind altering substances, that’s interchangeable. The real question is finding the safe ones and publicising them.

    That guy is full of shit

  • People should start smoking because it’s enjoyable, but only when you’re 65+ you’d be dead before the cancer gets ya lol, I quit recently am on day 2 of hell, don’t plan on starting again until I did all I wanted in my life, fulfill my dreams etc.

  • Here I am vaping awau listing to her. So what if I want to spend my hard earned $s on something that I know has helped me quit smoking. Not coughing up flem, i can breath a little better, Much cheaper, the shit I buy is from people that make their own stuff ad well as import

  • One correction, A pack of Juul pods is 15-20 dollars. A pack contains four Juul pods so the cost of one Juul pod is 4-5 dollars making it significantly cheaper than smoking.

  • Cigarettes have been a “hot trend” with kids for over 100 years, probably thousands since tobacco use has been recorded for thousands of years. Vaping is proven to be safer than cigarettes. Is a no brainer

  • Tell me how the freak it makes sense that an 18 year old can die for our country can vote but they can’t go buy the stuff pack of cigarettes or vape that makes so much sense…. ��

  • Cigarette smoking VS E-Cigarettes Just so you all know how the News and Government will lie to us and not tell the truth. LOOK AT THIS. And if you can believe it look it up yourself, Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.Nov 28, 2018. *AND A total of 2,561 people across all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have been hospitalized for these serious lung ailments. The CDC is also investigating other deaths, in addition to the 55 confirmed to be related to e-cigaretteor vaping product-use-associated lung injury (EVALI).* YOU CAN’T EVEN GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM THE CDC!** THIS IS ABOUT MONEY AND WHO GETS IT! NOTHING MORE.

  • It’s really amazing how much the Government wants teens to smoke real cigarettes, they claim this will solve the problems but now kids are going to find a way to smoke the real thing. It is so depressing….

  • I would like to suggest Acetylcysteine for treatment. In theory, I see little reason why it would not work (in theory), minimal risk medication. Also due to lung compliance, low volume ventilation may be key.

  • I wish your kids never smoke or vape but I’m not your kid and as an ex ****ING smoker I find vaping %95 safer and better than bloody smoking in any form or way… Smoking is %100 deadly and harmful and that’s fact…

  • Everyone around me started vaping and dropped blems but thing is i don’t get any rush from the juuls, even high mg pods. I would switch if i did but it’s not that simple, i stell get rush on cigs though.

  • They often say, we don’t know long term effects. How many drugs on the market also have no history of long term effects since they have only been around a couple of yrs. Pharma does not study them for yrs and yrs. They study the new drugs for a couple of yrs. do studies and market them. Vaping has been around for over a decade now. We do know that one out of two smokers of tobacco will die from tobacco associated illness. 500,000 per yr. in the US alone. Vaping is safer than that. The other things they keep pushing is gum, patches etc. They have a 90% failure rate. What kind of advice is it to say use them if they don’t work. It is the same as saying, tuff luck.

  • So if these are so dangerous and getting banned, why aren’t normal cigarettes banned? Hold on, oh yeah because hey generate lots of tax profit for the US government

  • TAEHYUNG I HOPE U SEE THIS AND STOP this is from a small army which is billion miles away from u,which u doesn’t know that we exist:(

    (even though u doesn’t know we exists we still care for u and we love u)

    we love


    if i can have a any chance of meeting u (in Korea or even in a concert) i will personally walk on to that stage and SLAP EVERY SINGLE MEMBER IN GROUP because of not taking care of u




    oh and i hope your future wife wold be very strict person who can make u a better and take care of u *i will probably respect/worship her religiously:) 😉


    if some one can, please translate this to korean and repost

  • points at juul charger “now what’s that look like” “it looks like a USB” “Exactly” um maybe bc the charger is a USB… you plug it into a computer or charging box and connect the juul to it

  • After 6 years of smoking, and after dropping tobbacco cigarettes and thank God actively vaping now for 5 years, did a test for my lungs. Had to do it 3 times, as the doctor had a preasumption because of the false “unbiased” research on e-cigatettes of course, that my lungs should be in a bad condition and wanted to convince me that smoking is a lesser evil. And finnaly after the last test, she had to admit that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my lungs. Not only I have recovered after giving up on tobacco smoke, but I also did not develop any lung condition after vaping for so long.

    It is not vaping that people should be concerned about. It is the smoke, the carbon monoxide from tobacco (or any, for that matter) combustion, that chemical is the killer. Get your facts straight people, there is no carbon monoxide emmission in vaping, there is no antifreeze, no popcorn lungs, no radiation. That’s all as British friends would say, bollocks.

    It is always better to not inhale any substance aside from fresh air, that is obvious, but choosing to agressively attack on vaping and demoting it can cause many smokers to leave this world too soon.

  • i thin juul is worse tbh they are so new and we dont know that that might cause cancer in 10 years etc but i have seen people who smoked for years and still very healthy. i dont smoke i dont like it but still

  • Watch Netflix documentary E-Cigarettes Miracle or Menace? in stead of this fear mongering doc.
    E cigs heat propylene glycol the same compound fog /smoke machines heat at concerts.

  • i vape a lot for hours a day and i would like to see the damage that has been done to my throat and lungs. how do i get this tested if possible

  • basically, vaping is safer than cigarettes. its mot harmless but at the sametime its not some deadly thing that is killing people. cheap tch carts are the ones that are killing people we need to legalize weed so that these kids dont have to smoke these illgeal black market carts

  • Americans teens really almost over came a widespread nicotine addiction until these smoking mango flavored USBs came along. Seriously its pretty impressive compared to the rest of the world that younger Americans dont smoke as much, but now so many people vape.

  • To me, vaping in comparison to smoking is like having 2 different poisons. Maybe one seems a little less toxic, but it is still poison. Your lungs are meant to breathe air. People have said they feel better switching to vaping. That’s good you feel better, but who’s to say there is not other harm being done? If you want to be healthier, breathe air. Not chemicals. Just my opinion though.

  • Ever considered that some people smoke because they like to step out for a break every now and then? Ever crossed your mind that it looks weird af to step outside with your medication, take a pill and then stand there looking into the distance?

  • traditional cigs have so many chemicals and are proven to cause illnesses and death yet you choose to target a 95% safer alternative.

  • America wants to kill the population it’s a fact they think it’s overpopulated that’s why they don’t want people to vape they want them to smoke cigs

  • “all the chemicals in vape smoke” ummm…there are only 3 ingredients found in all vape juices (propylene glycol, vegtible glycerine, and artificial flavors. Four if you add nicotine) only one of them is a chemical and it is a food additive in everything. Get your facts straight people

  • I think this sentence is is a mental scientist 100% wrong just good message for people you are directly training for smoking smoking is danger everybody people

  • What gets me with all the news on E-cig’s is, why do they show, all through the ads people blowing clouds of smoke? It’s like warning about the dangers of cocaine and shooting up, and the whole time showing people using needles. By the time the commercial is over you have a whole bunch of addicts worked up and rushing out to get a hit. Why don’t they show young kids in the hospital fighting for their lives instead, or bodies in the morgue. Maybe it wouldn’t look so appetising.

  • No better place to get advice than from someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Vaping is harm reduction for ex and current adult smokers to transition to vaping which has been proven to be at least 95% safer than smoking. So since most parents can’t control their children we should ban all vaping and just allow current addicted adults who smoke to continue smoking and dying? If this is the case then why weren’t cigarettes ever banned when youth smoking rates were at their highest year’s ago? Interviews like this are full of lies and misinformation to spread fear mongering and discredit vaping.

  • so using a vape to wean off nicotine and quit all together is a bad idea so i should go back to smoking tobacco is what your saying im down from 32mg to 12mg ready to goto 8mg soon so i get it dont try to ween off nicotine just enjoy cancer

  • Look im not gonna roast this guy because hes a smart guy. But hes kinda right vaping is not safer. But heres what he missed and in different more vague words its 95% more clean then cigs. And have tried the nic mints, and patch. Nothing will ever be as good at making smokers to ex-smokers duelly to the fact it feels similar to what there used to

  • The green yellow and red lights in old big screen TVs contained propylene glycol, a chemical also used in The vaping liquid or “juice”…… Kind of makes it less appealing doesn’t it???

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  • I want to smoke something just to see the smoke and try the tricks…idk why this appeals to me. Not even nicotine. Just smoke. Is anything safe?

  • My sis introduced me to NJOY & JUUL VAPORS: it helped me out a lot when I was under stress that day. I haaaaaaaaaaaardly take it. Took it twice out of the same week I got it. Then this week once, that’s it. So basically when I am super stressed out to the point where I think about Suicide and all this negativities about life I/I’ll take it. That’s it. I charge it, take it like four times on the day I am stressed, charge then puts it away. Soooo to say that it’s addictive, I’ll say 50% (depends on the person who’s up to it). Someone like me, nope. I started with blueberry flavor which my man laterally drained it (smoked it all) all and didn’t wanted to give it back. So since the store didn’t had that same flavor I end up getting cool mental which taste like mint. However, I’m here to study this cool menthol vapor because on the box it got warning ⚠️ “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical” and I definitely don’t want to get hooked on it the way I don’t want it to be. So I’m here studying it but all this videos are all taking about it being bad for kids. I’m 24 soon 25, not a kid and this videos ain’t helping at all. Shit is frustrating; on gawd. But at list I learned something that I can pass to my future kids. And also be alert for my body & health.

  • in all fairness most kids would try normal cigarettes growing up until the new vaps arrived, so thats not really a good argument to say they wouldn’t of smoked.

  • Blows my mind all the people hating on vaping here. I wouldn’t have quit cigs if I didn’t have all the flavors of vapes an so on. Mind you I don’t wake up anymore coughing up black tar. So go ahead hate away but vaping is saving thousands of lives everyday from big Tobacco Nobody said you guys had to do it. No your children are not being targeted chill tf out and smoke some weed.

  • There are options to quit smoking….councelling…well thats how many hundred or thousands of dollars out the window?.chance is up..ill stick with the safer and HELLAcheaper alternative in the Vape

  • OMG how can cigarrettes be SO EXPENSIVE in Canada?!?! Here in Chile the Marlboro equivalent costs 5 dollars. And we considered it expensive here.

    No way! they are putting you their finger in the eye (if you know what I mean). We must not tollerate such a high tax on something that costs only 10% of the legal price. Only under the excuse that it does harm. I bet smokers are paying the whole health care system for hipocondriacal people on Canada.

  • And furthermore! Dont enjoy anything that may have negative effects. Be paranoid about every single thing you do…

    That’s how to live a successful life!.. a long… uneventful life.

    Enjoy your life. Do what makes you happy.

  • I know since I stoped cigarettes and went to e cigs all my medical issues, high blood pressure and sweating horribly has completely gone away and I feel fine.

  • How don’t you know that an adult would want a flavored vape. just because they are flavored doesn’t automatically mean they are directed 100% towards kids. Smh.

  • Is it possible to test the patients for coronavirus post desease? Because if it walks like SARS cov 2 and talk s like SARS cov 2 it probably is…

  • 2:16 dude I do the same thing but I usually put it under my pillow just so in the morning I can take a hit but I’m really trying to stop ��

  • So why people start smoking.. if they cant start vaping…let them do anything to their bodies its not your anyway..protect youriwn soul…one cannot save two soul only one..and that is his/her soul..regulate age and thats it…until you have your own mind of thinking what good andwhats bad. Not forced and not preassured

  • I agree on flavours, e liquids lists PG, VG and nicotine, but they don’t actually list the contents of the flavouring on the packaging.

  • I was watching this with a guy that beside me at bus stop and when he saw this he said to me Oh this is not a vape this is a cylinder cloud

  • The whole point is that it is worth a pack of cigarettes you don’t go through it in one sitting unless you’re addicted similar to someone who smokes a pack a day

  • Vaping is more addicting than normal cigarettes and it makes you want to get stronger nicotine and that’s why you can get up to 70mg nicotine

  • Extremely strange that Vaping has disappeared and the Coronavirus outbreak is running rampant.
    Well it’s a well known fact that lots of White people are Vaping and getting the same exact symptoms as the Coronavirus.
    Saving the White population and exterminating everyone else with the Coronavirus.

  • Tobacco companies found way to go around 21 years of age legal limit
    Poor kids fight for gun control,abortion,freedoms. Stupid kids dont fight to lower legal age limit. If you can pay tax, work, go to jail as adujt
    Why u shouldnt be able to drink

  • You people always relate vaping to kids, nothing it’s god for them not even sweets. I want to know the effects on adults, like me, and if is safer than smoking regular cigarettes!

  • I’ve been vaping since I was 13 I am 18 now, I haven’t had any health problems since. Tobacco 21 isn’t working and won’t work. So many people are already addicted.

  • The next person in my family who dies a horrible death from being addicted to cigarettes due to the increase in nicotine which is added periodically, hence causing addiction, is getting a lawsuit filed on their behalf by me and my family for millions of dollars the Tobacco Barons will have to pay out.

  • I’ve chain vaped My friends juul for the first time. while out for drinks for a few hours. 2 different days in one week. And I haven’t juuled since. It’s been about a month. Not everyone gets addicted.

    Tho not going to lie while I was doing it, it felt good lmaoo but haven’t done it since so I’m curious about how addictive it actually is. Because I didn’t get addicted

  • Bruh. They didnt sell juul pods as singles tho. A pack of 4 is $16, not just 1. And each individual pod is the same as a pack of cigs.

  • So ur saying that people that smoke should should die insted if vape because we dont know what happebs manny people have been saved frome vaping

  • Bro I’m legit kinda scared rn I took a hit of my puff bar and then YouTube reloaded and this was the 1st thing I saw ������ FBI QUIT WATCHING ME

  • So let me get this straight, we’re going to fear-monger on vaping, which has killed ZERO people in the history of humanity, and we’re going to bash it when by the end of the 21st century 1 BILLION humans will have died to cigarette-related illnesses by the year 2100?
    Drops mic. These people are tobacco-lobbyist shunts. I think my father would rather have an increased risk of pneumonia than COPD tyvm.

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  • I quit vaping as it makes me choke. I took up smoking cigarettes again instead. I recently found out that my vape juice that I still have, is flammable. Wtf else is in there???

  • I have vaped 3 years after years of Camels for ages. I never planned on quitting vapor but 3 years ago I quit cigs using 24 mg in the vape. Now I’m down to 3mg and vape hardly at all. At least to me it’s an easier habit to avoid than cigarettes. Just read the following a few minutes ago:

    “E-cigarettes have 4 big players against it. The pharma industry who fear losing sales on stop smoking products, the government who fears losing billions of tobacco taxes, the tobacco industry who fears losing money in cigarette sales and one many won’t believe, the WHO (world health organisation) who fight for a completely non-addictive society.”

    Good luck to all!!! ��

  • Safer but not safe. I don’t know anybody who vapes that thinks it’s safe but they do think it’s safer then smoking. If e-cigs were as dangerous as smoking of the 12 million US citizens that vape 160,000 of those people would die each year and 438 of those people would die every day.

  • So why doze the government alow cigarettes to be sold threw out the country. Hows that for legal crinnamlization. A total disrace. And have the ordasity to put people in jail for selling dope.total legal crinnamlization

  • ecigs are safer then cigs we aint telling teenagers hey go buy ya a vape no we telling smokers hey vape would be a safer alternative to what you are inflating ur lungs with right now. the reason you see them in schools is becouse these kids think its cool and they wanna be a cool kid wich the fact is they aint supposed to have their tiny hands on those ecigs their friends probaly bought them for the kid or parents could be buying them or the kid might of bought it from some dumb fuck tht dont look at i.d wich is making the people who make ecigs look bad so ye its in no way shape or form targetting children

  • I find it interesting that flavored E-liquid is the big attraction. The FDA always has some bullshit excuse to try and ban vaping. Parents you’re “little angels” aren’t kids anymore it’s a new day and age step up look at the types of people you’re children are hanging around with. Stop blaming the tobacco and vape industry for turning your children in to smokers. Everyone finds a way to deal with the shit that’s going on. Some people play music and some people smoke to cope with the harsh reality of life. If you’re children want to get cancer and carry an oxygen tank around with them let em. If young adults find an alternative such as music or become artists instead let em. If you’re lack of parenting is the issue, fix it but don’t ruin it for everyone else because your “little angel” has grown up and chosen to take on bad habits. Smoking has been around for 2,000 years and alcohol has been around for 10 million years. Alcohol is the number one cause of teen fatalities.

  • Let’s face it the flavors is why we all stop smoking cigarettes
    big tobacco’s goal in the beginning come out with flavored Vape market it to teenagers then get a ban on flavored Vape so 1300 people can keep dying every day and so they can keep their profits. Let’s rise up and protect our next generation so no one needs to see their loved ones die from smoking cigarettes

  • Mayo clinic. I’m severely disappointed. If ur M.D.’s won’t expose this nonsense which will go down as the stupidest ban in history, who will? Assuming they haven’t banned Harrison’s or WHO protocol, it is the most basic of medical facts that acute, individualized reactions (such as bronchiolitis obliterans) RULE OUT the involved agent as inherently causative. It is the same principle (though not mechanism) upon which peanuts aren’t banned. Does no one in this country still have an M.D.?

  • what about tobacco that kills more the reason why they don’t stop tobacco they get lots of taxes you know health care cost will go down. doctors won’t say anything tobacco killes more than strong pain drugs.

  • Kids get asthma from growing up in NYC

    Funny how she’s not interested in preventing people from smoking cigarettes or even breathing clean air.

    Her passion is trying to get vapes banned through a bs study with no controls

  • I’m using an e-cigarette with pure n-base without any flavour. It is better way to quit using an e-cigarette. I’m quitting it within three months.

  • This is exactly the perfect cover up for the Covid-19, which was already ranting in the USA before China even heard about it. Do not point your fingers to China, ever. You are guilty to the core on many levels.

  • Vape smoke is better for your lungs than cigarettes and joints, but it’s still dangerous due to the amount of toxins and the huge amounts of nicotine.

  • Vapor pipe has stopped me smoking for the first time.this is why the government band vapor pens in wa Australia.cos there loosing to much money. Even if it saves lives. Hows that for legal crinnamlization. What a discrace

  • Why doze the government alow cigarettes to be sold to women men children threw out the country. Just for money.hows that for legal crinnamlization. A total disrace.

  • Well, i agree the comparison at the end is the correct one but i started vaping cause i was a heavy smoker and i think vaping should have some points for being probably the best way of getting cleaner

  • cigarettts cost 10 dollar a pack goverment gets 8 dollars a pack.. billions made.. 100k dead.

    ecig goverment gets 2 bucks instead 11 affected so far.. mmm

    which one makes more money for government.

  • When will people in America simply leave other people alone? It is not the government’s job nor anyone else’s responsibility to tell the rest of us how to live our lives. I knew when I started vaping 4 or 5 years ago that it might be bad for my health. I am responsible for my life, you are responsible for yours. Government and all of these other so called experts need to keep their noses out of our lives and stop lecturing us.

  • “the level of comparison should not be between cigs and ecigs but rather compared to not inhaling any type of product and comparing the e-cigarettes to that??????????? That statement shows little or no knowledge of addictive substances and makes a common assumption that smokers and vapours have less willpower than the general population. Think about the children, absolutely but also think about mom, grandma and grandpa who are enjoying longer lives since they switched to vaping.

  • So… a few people have died from vaping (rip). Most of those cases were related to black market e juices. The response is to ban e cigs. Millions of people have died from smoking cigarettes. The response? Raise the price of cigs. ������

  • A very interesting video which is very insightful to electronic cigarette and regular cigarette use and recursive outcomes of their use.

  • Government losing way too much taxes on packs of cigs from people who are now vaping. Perhaps they need to address support, clinics, free health care for people who where encouraged to smoke back in the day. Vaping is encouraging people to stop smoking. Setting regulations means taxing and the government getting their cut.

  • So what would the government alow cigarettes to be sold on every street corner threw out the country for every man woman child to buy. Hows the for legal crinnamlization. Makes me laugh how there are so many bad people out there and none of them are taking a stand gutlesss pathetic i believe the government has alow this to keep the population down. That is why they have allowed gay marriage to exulate aids 1000 times more faster. What eles would it be.wake up people befor it’s to late

  • Mayo Clinic Minute: Are e-cigarettes safe?
    Approved medications huh? you mean like Chantex The medication that made teenagers want to kill themselves, Yea death is safe……………!

  • I’m a doctor of common sence.

    Don’t start smoking attall drrrrrrrr

    This is my common sence.
    1) lungs are only made for oxygen nothing else.

    2) E cigarettes are only made for people to stop smoking normal cigarette to quit completely. But they don’t quit completely because of the nicotine.

    3) the people who did not smoke are getting into e cigarettes because they like the taste, the fastion of them because they think it’s cool plus everyone else as a e cigarette.

    So really people are trying to quit but they can’t because of the nicotine and poeple think it’s cool.

    I’m living in a world of people who don’t know that lungs are only made for oxygen. People today are thick with no common sense. The people who are vaping or smoking and they get a dangerous lung disease or cancer they can only blame themselves. I dont feel sorry for them. That’s the sore truth. I’m glad I don’t smoke or vape. I’m staying fit and healthy.

  • https://youtu.be/xdQxACUGrjM


  • The only thing proven in this video is that inhaling vaporized cinnamon flavoring temporarily suspends immune function in the lungs.
    But the message is that all vaping is bad, get the kids back on cigarettes keep those tax dollars flowing.

    You people are unethical and you make me sick.

  • Vaping has saved millions of lives, but that costs governments money as sin taxes make governments sin, by making them part of that industry. State government is Big Tobacco.
    We also have a for-profit health care system in this country, and those millions of lives saved are viewed as up to $5 trillion in lost revenue. Killing millions of smokers is in the interest of the medical community. This is why you hate vaping. Patient health is not the concern, rather greed is the focus.
    Vaping is not safe in the way that frying an egg or smelling coffee isn’t safe. It isn’t safe in the way that eating food or drinking water isn’t safe. When you quantify measurements and compare to other every day items, one finds out how safe vaping is, comparatively.

  • It’s because of the nicotine…… I’ve been vaping non nicotine for 3 years My doctor said I have nothing wrong with my lungs, nothing has changed at all. If they want to ban vaping. Do some FULL testing first. Test that stuff with the non nicotine e-liquid too.

  • I smoked cigarettes since I was 10, I was always sick for months at a time,and felt like shit, fast forward to now, I have started using e-cigarettes for almost 3 years and I have not been sick or have felt a single trace of a cold anywhere.

  • You are a idiot let me inform you about something you know the pandemic that Everybody’s Talkin about covid-19 well it began in the United States of America that’s why Fort Detrick was closed last year for leaking harmful pathogens and to cover it up what we did was blame all death at the time on e-cigarettes, that’s why you don’t hear about anyone dying from e-cigarettes now nor will you hear about it in the future guess what change, we use China as our escape goat so to all you weak people who need to smoke cigarettes feel free to smoke your e-cigarettes the Chinese saved you. Don’t tell nobody because if it got out the government withhold e-cigarettes Millions.

  • Like 10% of kids have tried vapes. How many kids when you were in high school tried smoking? I think atleast 10%.

    People are vaping instead of smoking. The healthy outcomes will be much better. Just make it over 21 like alcohol etc, and appreciate the better health outcomes. Vaping has helped so many people stop smoking when nothing else did.

  • Here in Australia, cigarettes cost $30 USD per 20 pack, you can get a vape, juice and pods for $50usd which will last at least a month… It’s a no brainer everyone here in Australia who smoked now vapes

  • I tried quitting smoking for 30 years. Never even came close. Then I started vaping one day two years ago and never touched a cigarette again. I watched the Super Bowl in a bar full of smoke while happily vaping away. Never once thought to bum a cigarette. The doctor speaking in the video is wrong. The chemicals in cigarettes are not in vapor, other than nicotine.

  • I have just started vaping and i had a pack a day habit. It has helped me in so many ways so I am waiting to see any future side effects because I love it and think it is 10 times healthier than smoking. Thank you for the great video.

  • my german shepherd goes turn into cujo mode when she hears my lighter click or try to give my girlfriend tiger woods treatment it’s quite ridiculous

  • Okay ban the 95% safer option because of the 5%.
    Just continue smoking. It’ll kill you but the governments collecting tobacco tax approve of it.
    I’ll put it this way, if you smoke, get a vape. It won’t kill you like the cigarettes do.
    If you are a non smoker. Just don’t start either.
    It’s as simple as that.
    And I like how big pharma likes to talk big after shoving opium down people’s throats in the most basic of medications.

  • well… good thing my lungs aren’t made of plastic. very different chemical reactions I’d imagine. season 1 of Breaking Bad demonstrated a good example of contrast regarding this point. jxsxrhtythjgyhvthres

  • Este tipo diz que uma recarga destas tem mais nicotina que um pack de cigarros…..pois….claro…..só não acrescentas que uma recarga destas pode dar para dois dias e meio ou até mais…..

  • ok but wtf yall in america be smoking? why tf is it so expensive over there? 2 pods over here are roughly 8 bucks and a normal pack of cigarettes is like 8 bucks too and a pack of 30 is 11 bucks

  • Would it be safe to say that this vaping induced lung injury is similar to ARDS judging from that CXR you showed in your earlier lecture? Some of the symptoms are shared with patients in Pulmonary edema and ARDS.

  • So let’s clear the air, Vaping e-juice wont kill you but vaping THC with Vitamin E could kill you. Vaping to help you kick the habit is still safe!

  • Before I thought this was just a vape thing. People would make jokes and what not but my ex became such an addict that if he went a day without doing it he would go so crazy and I would be afraid cause he was just messed up. I was testing him and bought him one cause he didn’t do it for 3 days and when he smoked it for the first couple hours he was calmer and wasn’t acting all crazy. His addiction became a problem in our relationship and he ended up messing himself and our relationship up even more.

  • Juuls are better than cigerates and jus because it safer and it also has little amount of nicotine but it wont hurt your lungs get your facts straight ��

  • Vaping is just another way of smoking people just don’t get it they they thought it would curve them from smoking instead of tobacco stink they got sweet stink price.

  • This is propaganda to get people distracted while y’all dump chemicals out of planes into the sky all on top of us like a volcano just went off in our neighborhood. Only it’s all over the world. Don’t see how anybody could be upset about vaping if they only knew what they were breathing in every single day 24/7. Vaping is nothing compared to that. Why don’t you report on some real news why don’t you talk to the people who have ran all the tests and know exactly what’s going on and what we are breathing in and how harmful it is to us. That would be nice

  • In about long-term effects vaping been around for 10 years there’s been no actual deaths from vaping all the people that died from vaping where vaping THC cartridges with vitamin E acetate in them!

  • “If you think about what it does to your lung, it’s probably not a good thing” 03:12
    Nice arguments you got there, since my lungs are in fact made of plastic and don’t heal.

    On a more serious note, you shouldnt compare vaping to smoking, but you should compare it to things everybody does daily, like eating and drinking.
    Turns out that almost everything you buy in the supermarket gives you cancer. Alcohol gives you cancer and breathing regular air GIVES YOU CANCER.

    Vaping is not safe, but with the same logic, neither is eating and drinking. The reason why these products that give you cancer are sold in supermarkets, is because people DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about being unhealthy. There should definitely be research into the long-term effects of vaping, but people should stop saying it’s really bad for you because there hasnt been found a single bad thing about vaping, apart from unknown long-term effects.

    You are a verified channel, but you dont do your research. Video’s like this give people a negative view on vaping, while it could save lives…

  • Who wants smokers?
    Tobacco companies of course, Pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs, Drug dealers obviously, private nursing homes to keep patients, pension funds as smokers don’t drain the pot, governments as taxes offset medical costs and reduced pension payments as smokers die early.
    Who doe n’t want smokers?
    Non smokers because smokers stink, pollute the atmosphere and sprea disease

  • Ok, this is ONE person talking. It’s all anecdotal. For me, that cotton ball video where they compare cigs and vapes changed my mind. Cigs are way worse, don’t do it.

  • can we just talk about how nicotine is what they’re worried about? not the… oh idk… carbon monoxide that is a prime feature of cigarettes and not vapes…?

  • Oh don’t smoke fruits and sweats you might die i made vape juice JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE SOMETHING DOES NOT MAKE IT BAD cinnacide IS NOT cinnamaldehyde


    Flavor: Atomic Cinnacide, cinnamon, jawbreaker, confectionery

    A Tasty Vapor original and one that put us on the map back in 2011! Just like the “Fireball” candy, it packs one hell of a cinnamon punch. This highly popular recipe is only available in lower VG levels and is only recommended on low wattage devices. Cheers! If you have any questions about this product, please give us a call at (888) 389-3229.

    Popular Mix Ratios: 10%VG 40% VG


  • the doctors definition of “third hand smoke” is the definition of “second hand smoke”… 2030 we now have “fourth hand smoke” its the smoke that lingers on smoke thats inside smoke on smoke on the stuff that smoke smoked

  • This is a uniquely American thing, follow the money, England bans many food additives that we continue to use. The are much sticker about what is allow for human consumption. Their researchers says that vaping as at the very least 95% safer then cigarettes.They believe they have the potential to save millions of lives. Big tobacco wants stiff regulation to kill the highly competitive cottage industry. Big tobacco has there own vaping products. They can afford to navigate heavy regulation.If they have their way prices will skyrocket, Stay away from IQOS and e-cigarettes from big tobacco.

  • Please share comments, questions, case studies, articles, etc. related to the treatment of vaping associated lung injury/illness so we can help keep the discussion going. Hopefully, more evidence-based information is available soon.

  • People have real issues. They always have to do some abnormal thing and think they are cool. Why don’t they go into a burning building and inhale the smoke, now that’s cool.

  • This makes no sense…they fake a push on how bad cigarettes and e-cigarettes are and then on the other hand State gov’ts and others seem to be pushing in the direction to allow and even in some cities enable hard drug usage. It makes NO GD sense!!! Also, show me the data and evidence that regulating this way actually has or will work? Gov’t interventionism fail more often than not; particularly, on these types of ‘in the weeds’ issues. My personal theory is Cartels foreign and domestic push for this type regulating so, more people actually do turn other illegal and illicit means to obtain their ‘goods’ and self medicate. On this type of stuff just leave people the f’k alone.

  • So ban e cigs so when these kids grow up addicted to smoking they won’t be around to help them quit

    Vaping is the only thing that worked for me.

    Every cig smoker used to be a child and you aren’t helping these children as many will grow up into cig smokers.

    What a dumb lady

    Go do something useful like figure out how to clean up the city air literally giving thousands upon thousands of city kids asthma

  • Let me tell you, I’ve smoked a lot of things in my time.

    Vaping feels 100% better than anything else I’ve ever put into my lungs.

    It’s been around for years, there have been 0 deaths related, and the only illnesses that have been related are from cheap THC cartridges.

    It IS safer than smoking cigarettes. Prove me wrong.

  • The FDA says it’s ok for them to add antifreeze, like propylene glycol to the e-cigarette liquid. This is in many processed foods, too. It’s not safe in the amounts some people are getting. Antifreeze is pretty toxic.

  • Have u ever watched family guy and peter gets sick and gets pale from smoking now that’s what is gonna happen to teenagers when they ban vaping

  • I’m curious about this research, has it been peered reviewed? Also, who is funding it? Finally, I find it always strange that people want to absolutely “regulate” (aka ban vapes) when they do nothing about cigarettes, which we know for a fact kills over 50% of its users, or even alcohol, which is on the rise with the youth, pushed by many tv series where you see all the protagonists heavily drinking, and the fact that they are teens..

  • im buying the patches and quitting today. i shouldn’t even be anywhere near these things since i have asthma

    i actually started by vaping since 2019 then switched to cigarettes a month ago. they were cheaper

  • cant we just agree its a safer way to ingest nicotine for people who like to smoke

    there are long term health risks associated with eating and drinking not everybody is a vegan health nut people wanna enjoy life vaping is a more enjoyable way to smoke

  • I like how this idiot, isn’t talking about vaping as a hole. Juul has always been more expensive, then any other form of nicotine vaping, let’s say a gens mod and any form of atomizer, that you would buy from a vape shop. I spend 20 dollars on a 100 mill bottle of juice, that will last me a month. Also vaping is at least 95 percent healthier than smoking.

  • Literally if all the high schoolers wouldn’t of snitched on their school for everyone doing it then flavors probably wouldn’t of gotten banned I’m just saying