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How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night | MomJunction Hacks

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How to make Baby Sleep Whole Night | Tried & Tested with Indian Babies

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HOW TO SLEEP TRAIN YOUR NEWBORN || No Crying + Feeding on Demand Method

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How do you get your baby on a schedule?

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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

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How do you get your baby on a sleep schedule?

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On the flip side, if Baby is eating well during the day, they should be able to sleep for a 4to 6-hour stretch at night by around 2.5 to 3 months. To help your baby eat more efficiently, work. Always put your baby down to sleep on his or her back.

Always use a firm sleep surface. Car seats and other sitting devices are not recommended for routine sleep. Place your baby to sleep on his or her back, and clear the crib or bassinet of blankets and other soft items. 4 Common Ways to Get Your Baby To Sleep 1. Tap your baby’s back. After the child sleeps, if his mood is still not stable, the mother can pat the baby’s back, or hold the baby shake can also gently pat the back, the equivalent of comfort and touch, the baby will go to sleep.

As time goes on, your baby will start sleeping less during the day and more at night. At around 4 to 6 months, most babies are capable of sleeping for a stretch of eight or more hours during the night. Help your baby get there by following these guidelines from the start. The vibration of the deeper male voice lulls baby to sleep) and rock your baby to sleep.

If baby doesn’t drift off to sleep while rocking, lie down with your baby, still in the neck nestle position, and let baby temporarily fall asleep draped over your chest. Once baby is asleep, ease the sleeping baby into his bed and sneak away. You’ve rocked your baby to sleep.

Sung them to sleep. Breastor bottle-fed them to sleep. You’ve felt like your hands were about to. Training your baby to self soothe and sleep through the night is made possible through a technique called “wake and sleep.” Here’s how to sleep train your infant with this method: Every evening at bedtime, swaddle your little one, turn on rough white noise as loud as a shower, feed and burp her, let her fall asleep in your arms and then lay her down. Give your baby time to settle down.

Your baby might fuss or cry before finding a comfortable position and falling asleep. If the crying doesn’t stop, check on your baby, offer comforting words and leave the room. Your reassuring presence might be all your baby needs to fall asleep. Consider a pacifier. The best way to trigger tiredness Tactics to make your baby drowsy only do so much.

The best way to get children to sleep when they’re supposed to is to establish a wake-sleep schedule and stick to it, says Dr. Ahmann. “Nothing works better than keeping kids on a schedule,” she says.

List of related literature:

If the baby wouldn’t sleep, we could try one of eight sleep-training methods.

“Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It” by David Zahl
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Help your baby fall to asleep even if they’re close to you: pattheir back, rub their belly, sing quietly…

“Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents” by Alexis Dubief
from Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents
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It’s okay to let a baby fuss a bit in the hope that she’ll go back to sleep; sometimes if the father takes the baby and holds her against his bare chest, the warmth and smell—different from the mothers—will be soothing; sometimes swaddling or rocking can help.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 8th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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Some mothers tell me they even try to keep the baby awake after he falls asleep feeding during the night – whether by burping, changing the nappy, or walking around the house talking and interacting until the baby is alert – in order to lay him down in the cot awake, as instructed.

“The Discontented Little Baby Book” by Pamela Douglas
from The Discontented Little Baby Book
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However, quieting activities, such as holding them snugly in blankets, singing or talking softly and gentle rocking, help infants fall asleep.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing AUS Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor, Clint Douglas, Geraldine Rebeiro
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Sing the same song each time, rub the baby in a special spot only at bedtime, rock it, or read to it, etc.

“Pregnancy Journal, 3rd Edition (ebook) *OP*: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy” by A. Christine Harris, Greg Stadler
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If you anticipate your infant’s natural sleepiness (both at naptime and bedtime) and put her down accordingly (in the cot – not in the pushchair on the run), your baby will fall asleep easily (because she’ll be tired, but not overtired) and will sleep well.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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For example, different babies may relax to varying sensations—listening to the rumble of the clothes dryer, nursing at their mother’s breast, sleeping on their father’s chest, or going for a ride in the car.

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Vibration, white noise, or swaddling may also help to decrease fussing in some infants.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Playing soft music for your baby will comfort him when you’re not nearby and will help him fall asleep.

“Caring for Your Baby and Young Child” by Steven P. Shelov
from Caring for Your Baby and Young Child
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  • My son is one years old and he still wakes up through the night whining and wanting a bottle how can I get him to sleep through the night?

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  • He plays too much,the night is no different from the day to him only five months old and I have never had a good night sleep since his birth

  • How To Make Babies Sleep On Their Own? Here Are Eight Tips

    Are you sick of the sleepless nights because your baby wakes in the middle of the night and demands your presence?

    It may seem like an inevitable part of parenthood. But it is a common misconception. Babies demanding your presence to fall asleep is part of their instincts. They prefer to be in the safest place they know, which is your arms. Which is why ‘how to make babies sleep on their own’ is a less-discussed topic. However, training them to sleep on their own is not as hard as you imagine. No matter how well they sleep, waking up a couple of times during the night is normal. Adults also wake up during transition between cycles. Your job is to train the baby to go back to sleep at night. ‘how to make baby sleep on his own’ is a less-discussed matter because people think it is not possible. Here are a few tips to train the baby with less crying.


  • He’s talking about sleep training which has been proven to cause anxiety and depression in children. The undermining he’s referring to is a parent not wanting to listen to their baby cry for hours on end in a room alone.

  • My sister / neighbour loves my baby so I say “ I bet you can’t get her to sleep” sis “ bet you I can “.

    ( I walk out of room ).

    (2 hours later ) I walk back in and that is how you get a baby to sleep.����������

  • When i knoww mine is tired or itching his eyess bcz of tiredness i rock him in my arms gently swaying and make a shush sound like shuush shsssh gently which he falls asleep to

  • Drop of NyQuil in grape juice, then let them like down on the couch 5 min later. Put some classical music on and let your baby listen to it with headphones �� not so tough now are we ��

  • Hi there! That is true. I have a 4 and half years old son and he associated sleep with food that lasted until he was about 2. After that, he decided himself somehow to give up on it and things started to get on a normal sleep routine.

  • Holla! Thanks for sharing! Since you are on the topic of baby sleep; have you ever tried ” Vidadsmedia Help Baby Sleep ” (do a google search)? My hangout buddies had some dealings with them and was impressed by their great system and how fast the baby fell into deep sleep!

  • Hi. This video is so helpful! I do a lot of this stuff already and I follow the eat play sleep cycle. He’s a great night sleeper, but it’s chaos during the day. He’s not great a napper. I’m gonna try the 5 min and the jiggle thing. Also, I would like to help him drop one nightly feeding, how much do you dream feed? Is it a full bottle or more? Also did you increase oz during the day to make sure he was full? Thanks in advance! ����

  • hi, my baby is now 5 months old. she can roll to her tummy in her own but every time she will sleep with out swaddle, the moment we will put her to bed she will wake up and cry. We don’t know how to start her sleep without swaddle. pls help.

  • How did the baby go so long without a feed? What happens to your milk? Do u have to wake up and pump? 3 month Babies generally need 2 feedings a night

  • I love your video! Im big babywise person..i need some confidence lol advice.
    My baby is 12.5 weeks old now…and shes been 7-9 hours a night since she was 8 weeks old. But its gotten to the point where I want her to sleep 12 hours..but Idk how to edit my babywise schedule of
    7am feed waketime nap
    9:30 feed waketime nap
    12:30 feed waketime nap
    3:30 feed waketime nap
    5:30 6:15 feed wake catnap
    8:30-9…feed bedtime routine
    Then sometimes dreamfeed but she wont take it. Lately she wont nap consistently…the past 2 weeks ive been having naps strictly in her crib with the method you use. But idk how to start putting her to bed earlier if she still needs 6 feedings in 24 hrs and when to put her to bed then…

  • I’m a second time mom, and I just learned this time around, that babies have about a 45 minute sleep cycle. Meaning that after 45 mins, they sort of wake up, whine a little, but if given about 5 minutes they will fall back to sleep on their own and have a good 1.5hr to 2hr nap, or longer depending how old they are. Of course if baby is full on crying then nap time is over. lol

  • Extremely helpful video! My little guy is 7 weeks old and I’ll definitely be implementing these tips. Ordered the swaddle! Thank you for the code! ��

  • Do you have a book order recommendation. I am due in July and my first child…. let’s just say I need something new this time lol

  • my baby will be 10 months old now, when he was younger he happened to sleep a couple of times from 9pm to 6am. The last 5 months dinner and fall asleep around 9pm. During the night he surely wakes up to eat once and sometimes 2x… It’s the same whether he ate milk before bed or cash, he just asks to eat and we are used to it..

  • How did you transition your son!? My baby started to roll too and we have tried removing those arms for her but she wouldn’t go to sleep…she would suck on her fingers…

  • This is soooo interesting!!! My son is 3 months and his name is Jayce! I just now stumbled upon this video and will definitely be using some of these tips! Thank you��

  • Blacking out his room, and moving him to his crib at 4months. Definitely has been a game changer! My baby sleeps 12 hours straight, plus two naps during the day❤️ great video!

  • The baby time is so short. By my fourth baby I threw a schedule expectation out the window. My last two were breastfed. I don’t know how breastfeeding moms are able to nurse and also get their babies to sleep in their own bed. The only way either of us get sleep is with her on my chest and dream feed on demand. Letting her cry even a few minutes at night causes her to fully wake up and takes longer to get her back to sleep. Good job for the mommas that are able to somewhat keep their pre pregnant schedule but for those mommas that can’t just know it passes fast and don’t stress. Your baby will be grown and gettting married in the blink of an eye. ��

  • Hi there. I feel compelled to write you.. maybe you will have more children and you’re open to suggestions and I would like to save you the pain of hearing your child cry multiple times a night with all of the delayed feedings.. and keeping your child awake after feeding during the day.. I personally feel this is unnatural. Babies like to sleep after eating and they do get hungry throughout the night. Feeling hungry is unpleasant I’m sure you can agree.. and as we love our children it’s not kind to delay feeding them right? Would you like someone to delay feeding you? I have a 5 month old and this whole time, other than the first week, my husband, child and I rarely lose any sleep, and I’ve adjusted very well to waking up for maybe a minute or two to put the breast in my babies mouth when I hear her tossing around and looking for the boob. We Co-sleep, baby is in the middle of the bed, and I am side lying feeding her when she needs. I can even do both breasts without moving her and I have one boob pad to cover the other boob when it leaks. The baby sleeps through the feeding so she isn’t losing any sleep in the night. No burping necessary. This has worked the whole time we’ve had her. We all sleep soundly. I don’t see the point in all that work you described.. sounds like a lot of stress! Seriously.

  • Feedback on videos, Pls get to the point! To much talking and most of the information is common sense, but I did finally get some new tips.

  • I am curious my baby is 4 months n i give him milk n he sleeps at 9 so if he doesn’t wakeup doesn’t it mean i have to give milk to him???if he doesn’t wakeup i wake him up n give milk.m i doing right or not??

  • Things will change my 9 month old is teething and waking constantly but keep it up and enjoy the sleep I would even cuddle to sleep for naps while you can as you’ll be kept busy when they start crawling and will want your own space

  • 3-5 min letting a baby to cry is crucial…. of course they stop crying after 5 mins of crying because naturally they think that nobody will come and i should be quiet otherwise it will arise bigger hunters…. so stupid!!! You should never ever let the baby cry for 2-5 min!!! It is leaving a huge physiologically defect!!!!

  • My baby only sleeps for half hour n wake again same goes in day time as well n night too its really difficult for me to handle what should i do nothing works

  • Love the opening! Although it’s sad to see so many YouTube moms having to defend themselves before their video even starts….? Great info thank you!

  • Nice video��..Hey im new to youtube just asking for support can u please go watch my videos and subscribe to my channel i would greatly appreciate it!

  • Thank you thank you for the tips! And how you explained it i was searching for this kind of methods and is okay to start from 3 months, i will try it and update you ❤️

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and giving advice with openness, and without claiming you have the answers for everybody. It’s just rare, and I’m glad you can release the pressure for moms out there by reassuring that every child is different. And I’m sure people are helped through your experience ��

  • Hi. My daughter is 2 months and I’m just now looking into sleep training. The problem is my daughter feeds 5 minutes at a time since birth. She will not feed longer, which leads to frequent feedings all day. Is it still possible to sleep train?

  • Maybe you already have a vlog about this subject… but do you mind posting a video of books you read on raising a child and being a new mother? I love all your tips and I’m looking for some good material to read since I’m pregnant with my first as well! I have so much to learn!

  • I’m honestly curious why anyone would dislike this. Seriously, please tell me! I get that not all babies will sleep through the night at the age she mentions, but it’s still no reason to dislike her video, unless there is something else I’m missing.

  • I know these videos are suppose to help us but am I the only one that feels like the worst mom when watching these videos? Especially when ur doing it alone it’s sooooo hard to get a routine or schedule without someone helping you.

  • For many moms including myself, nursing will not be possible if the baby was to sleep 12 hours by 3 months. Milk supply is dependent on frequency of nursing, so a break longer than 6 hours would be disastrous

  • This was really great! Super informational and I like that there are several options for different approaches. Just wish you could talk a little slower so I can follow your suggestions a bit better. Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m going to look for those books mentioned in your video too ��

  • Ive been using the pause method without even knowing it had a name. I would wait, and Thomas sure enough cries for a minute then falls asleep.

  • My son is a premie.. he is 2 months (adjusted) hes about to reach 40weeks gestational age (he was born at 29w4d).. is it safe for me let him sleep 5-6 hrs through the night?

  • YES! We followed this same approach (same books!) with the addition of “Cherish the First Six weeks” and we also found that around 10-12 weeks our son was sleeping through the night (we continued a “dream feed” until about 12 weeks by then he was so sleepy he wouldn’t even be interested in eating. (I was exclusively breast feeding) He is now 7 months old…no sleep regressions, sleeping 7:30pm-7am. We have had to make adjustments as he has changed and grown (sometimes adding an extra nap and feeding if he wakes up early from naps) Hard work to keep yourself on track (we wake him up each morning at 7am) especially when you want to sleep in! We have travelled extensively and been thrown “off schedule” on travelling days, but by keeping the same routines (Sleep Eat Play) and giving him the same sleeping cues, he has always re-adjusted well:)

  • Thank you for sharing this, it was really helpful. I didn’t sleep train or have any kind of schedule/routine with my first daughter. Tho now she is doing fine as a 20 months old toddler but she kept a bad habit, she has to hold her bottle in order to go to sleep. I am 36 weeks now, I will try some of your methods with my newborn. Thanks again for sharing:)

  • New here… Love this video, and your channel. We started sleep training our 6mth old son, (no pick ups /holding/rocking) which was the whole premise of starting our channel. Within a few days he’s gone from being up every 2hrs to sleeping 6-7 hrs. Bliss

  • I get that establishing a routine is important but most babies don’t sleep through the night until around 4 months old. Some still won’t up until 8 months old. Every baby is different. All moms watching this, implement some of these tips but don’t feel bad if your baby still doesn’t sleep through the night. The baby stage is over before you know it. Enjoy it.

  • My baby is 11 mnth and still he wakes 3 to 4 times during night for feed while rests well in day time and m struggling 4 getting gd sleep for about 1 year plz help

  • I’m a nanny and this is pretty much the techniques I use to put the baby to sleep. Now hes 7 months but he started to sleep thru the night since hes 3 months. And the naps ufff definitely consistency is the key!

  • Thank you so much this was a very informative video. I’m gonna definitely try some of these tips. My son is currently 2 months nearly 3 months and the longest he has slept during the night is 4/5 hours.

  • I have to say, I was a little skeptical about the pause (love the book too), but I decided to implement it from day 1 since we got home, and it is very useful. It is not even a minute usually. He is 6 week old and only wakes once at night. Love your routine schedule and your whole, philosophy, very close to what I do and it works for me too:) Thanks for your ideas! I’ll try the dream feed!

  • I tried pausing with my baby today during her night sleep time. I let her cry for 6 minutes and she didn’t stop. Then I gently rocked her in her cradle keeping my hand on her chest. That also did not work. Finally, she woke up and started sucking her fingers. Then I had to breastfeed her. She is 15 weeks old(4th month). What shall I do?

  • Do you change his diaper at night while he sleeps? Is he waking up then? Because my son can sleep at night, but it is often wet by 4am.

  • A silly question may be but to make a night routine you said you bathe your baby, feed and put him in the bed. Do you bathe him daily? Because here in Germany the Pediatrician has strictly said to not bathe the baby more than once a week. Apparently its not good for there skin and you end of making it drier and bathe takes away all the good bacteria and oil your body produces.

  • How does burping work if we dream feed the baby? I have tried doing this but baby cries because of colic issue later in the night if we don’t burp him after a feed. Please help if you know any tips for that!

  • Im so happy I found this video. Literally sitting here 1 am watching this video while making sure my baby pacifier is not falling, so that she can go back to sleep! without having to pick her up. I’ve started implementing a routine for both naps and bed time a week ago. Man is so challenging. I am glad to hear you day that you went through what I am currently going through. I feel like I make progress and than she goes back to breaking the schedule. definitely encourage me to continue what I am doing. thank you so much your this video!!

  • Hi madam my 45 days baby cries a lot what can I do? He sleeps in daytime comfortably but awake in nights..we parents sleepless nights.pls suggest me

  • Wow i love this, thankyou, im a maternity nurse and i try implement these methods to new mothers, first they queation me and at the end they thank me.
    Anway im soon to be a 1st time mother so lets how i will cope lol hahah

  • I’m on Instagram as @parentingmilestone. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=10d98ht89hdqv&utm_content=idnuo9a

  • Hey Guys 3 ways To sleep your baby better instantly baby slip let’s your child to help in sleeping help 90% parents

    If you Want to get this Sure hear how can I help you- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pRH3YwwaPcMVfkwMzyXvFtspLe7Z_aqEc6vSP3KXqBs/edit?usp=sharing

  • Babies cannot sleep through the night (infants) they just cant….remember they have to feed like every 2_3 hours so once they are wet an hungry or uncomfortable they are gonna wake dont care what u do…u just have to deal with it

  • Please �������� tell me my baby 4 months he is not sleeping during night and he slept whole day time only feeding time he wake up how can i solve this problem

  • Hi there, your current schedule says bottle at night. Is it a bottle south breastmilk or formula and if so, what formula do you use with your breastfed baby.?? Thank you

  • My angel 6 month old..she sleeps well but her naps are small about 20 to 30 minutes max. Rocking in my lap is a must for her sleeping which i cant quit. How can i do that?

  • hi madam,.my baby is 9 month old she will not in night how i put her to sleep she will use to play during night time how i change her that habits

  • Hey so this Friday my son is 3 months. So far he falls asleep at 4 or 5 am. I’m exhausted I’m trying to get home to sleep at 9pm. And have him sleep though the night. I’m all for a schedule. Don’t know what to do to get home to sleep I’m so exhausted also when can I start feeling him

  • Love you’re video. The lighting is really good and your baby is so cute! I hope to get my own channel up and going soon. Parenting is fun but hard work!

  • I’m 5 months pregnant and just overwhelmed with all the info I need to know….. this is really helpful, and I think I need these books you’ve been reading to thoroughly know what to do step by step.

  • My 3 month old baby sleeps in the morning from 9am to 2pm and feed and bath her and will sleep again from 4pm to 8pm. Feed again and sleeps at 10pm and wakes up at 2am til 7am. Help! What should I do I have sleeping deprivation because of this even if I tried all the tricks to let her awake during the day.

  • hi kavitha,
    my 18months baby sleep afternoon 3to3.30 hours. and night 9to 10 hours daily.but she wake up two times night.I m breast feeding her after she sleep.I m same things doing u said that.but why she was not sleeping whole night continuously.
    pls suggest me.

  • My precious little one co sleeps i gently rock her too sleep every night I’d never let her cry it out she would scream until she was picked up and rocked ��

  • This is just superb, been searching for “best way to put your baby to sleep at night” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qeysaiah Baby Bangka (just google it )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.

  • One thing that most moms are oblivious to is the fact that spirits do worry baby’s because they are innocent. Sometimes in the shape of Jinn or shadow creatures. So it’s not always wise to leave your baby to cry.