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It Could Be Pregnancy Hormones. HealthyWomen Editors. 30 May 2014. Medically Reviewed. When you’re 17 weeks along, your baby is probably starting to reach some important milestones, which, granted, you won’t be able to catch on video.

While he builds strong bones and begins to hear your voice, you may experience some not-so-pleasant side effects (hint: better grab some. Share on Pinterest After 17 weeks of pregnancy, you may be able to feel the fetus move. At week 17, you may be developing a dark streak down the middle of the stomach. Pregnancy rhinitis is congestion or a stuffy nose during pregnancy. It may feel similar to the nasal congestion you get when you have a cold, but this condition is partly caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

For example, a higher level of estrogen during pregnancy can cause the lining of the nasal passages to swell, producing more mucus. You also have more blood circulating during pregnanc. Pregnancy checklist at 17 weeks pregnant.

Learn some relaxation techniques. Deep breathing, guided imagery, prenatal yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation can help you stay on an even keel – and sleep better. Jot down your crazy pregnancy dreams.

You may find that your dream life gets extra weird during pregnancy. (Thanks, pregnancy hormones!). As week 17 comes and goes, you are probably feeling much more comfortable with your pregnancy and dealing more easily with your symptoms. You are starting to show, and you look more like a pregnant woman than a woman who is overeating. Symptoms and Body Changes at 17 Weeks. At 17 weeks you will begin to show.

Heather Schwartz was not herself when she was pregnant. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, the Vancouver mother suffered major anxiety and severe mood swings, something she had never experienced before. 17 mind-blowing ways your body changes after giving birth After you give birth, your endorphins, those feel-good hormones that help. Many women have mild hypothyroidism that goes unnoticed until the heavy hormone demands of pregnancy kick in.

Thyroid hormones are essential. 17 weeks pregnant is how many months? If you’re 17 weeks pregnant, you’re in month 4 of your pregnancy. Only 5 months left to go! Still have questions?

Here’s some more information on how weeks, months and trimesters are broken down in pregnancy. Fingerprints are forming. Here’s some proof that your baby is truly one of a kind — as if you.

According to American Pregnancy, painful breasts are one of the earliest signs that you’re pregnant; they can occur as early as one to two weeks after conception. It can also lead to itchy nipples, so that’s fun, too. Read more: 9 myths about breasts you need to stop believing.

Depression in pregnancy is an illness that can be treated and managed; however, it is important to seek out help and support first. What is depression in pregnancy? Depression during pregnancy, or antepartum depression, is a mood disorder just like clinical depression.

List of related literature:

For indigestion, gas, nausea, or morning sickness, as well as colds, coughs, and sinus congestion, take an infusion, sipping about 1 ounce at a time throughout the day.

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Expectant noses are stuffy noses, so it’s possible that you’re mistaking the normal (though uncomfortable) congestion of pregnancy for allergies.

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Nasal congestion during pregnancy can occur when an increased level of the hormone estrogen inflames the mucous membranes of your nose and causes a stuffy feeling.

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Thus, the rhinitis, with its nasal congestion and inflammation, experienced by approximately 30% of pregnant women during pregnancy is caused by hormone changes.

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Thus, nasal congestion is common during pregnancy and is more frequent as the pregnancy progresses.43 With this physiologic change, the nasal symptoms of allergic rhinitis or upper respiratory infections are likely to be exacerbated.

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Women often experience nasal congestion along with a tendency to develop colds and nasal tract infections due to hormonal changes and the lowered immunity of pregnancy.

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Acute nasopharyngitis (common cold) tends to be more severe during pregnancy than at other times because during pregnancy, estrogen stimulation normally causes some degree of nasal congestion.

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If you’re still smoking, quit: pregnancy rhinitis is more common in moms­to­be who smoke.

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Reflex cough during preg

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Nasal congestion is often more pronounced during pregnancy because of the hormonal influences on mucosal swelling.

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  • Ha ha ha Charlotte your so funny and an amazing mam to William I’ve watched you from the very beginning and I’m an anxious person I have anxiety always and I find one thing helps and that’s to stop worrying it creates anxiety which creates fear which isn’t good for you I find if you don’t worry about it you can’t fear it there’s nothing worrying can possibly do to help apart from make you far worse when I’m low and down I try to appreciate the small things the air in lungs kids roof over my head it’s really helps to also get a hobby mines stitching patterns and it helps so much as does watching you tube your doing amazing in this pregnancy don’t worry I know that’s harder said than done but what will it really achieve apart from a nervous wreck I love your personality I’m 32 with 3 children so I appreciate every day struggles of a mam and it’s hard work it doesn’t come with an instruction manual we learn as we go along and you don’t even need to learn cos your am amazing mam to Bill and I’m an outsider looking in and your life is truly amazing xxxxxxx

  • Thank you for video! This hits home for me. I am 18 weeks along, I feel the same about my body. I just remind myself it’s all worth it in the end & embrace it ��������

  • I’m 14 weeks going on 15 in two days and I get so annoyed sometimes because my belly is in the phase where is looks more like a muffin top then a baby bump because it’s slowly moving upwards lol but maternity dresses definitely shape it better

  • hey! Just curious how many mg of the progesterone suppositories are you taking per day? Thx! I really enjoy your pregnancy videos 😉

  • I’m 15 weeks and when you said that sneak attack nausea I got relived I’m not alone in that. I’ve been really hungry but can’t eat too much when I do eat. And if I over do it….well yeah. What happened to you. Sneak attack and RUNNING for the bathroom. And it’s almost like vomiting without nausea for me just like that “oh I need to puke. Like now!” Moment… pregnancy is weird…

  • Love this. I’m 16 weeks and I can relate to you so much. I def feel self conscious and it’s scary. Also I felt the quickening and thought I was crazy until I felt it again and it’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • I found your channel and immediately fell in love with your personality. You are such a sweetheart! I’m expecting my second in March 2020. We find out the gender at around 20 weeks, and I’m 17 along now. Much love from Grenada ❤����