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12 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

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Eat unfamiliar foods. Giving your brain a new experience can make it more resistant to the effects of aging. New smells can cause your brain to make unexpected feelings and associations and stimulate your sense of smell, taste and sight. Try choosing a cuisine that you’ve never had before. Here, we present 11 scientifically-validated means of keeping the mind and brain sharp.

Additionally, these practices will further enhance many of the mind’s unique capabilities: critical-thinking, judgement, creativeness, focus, attention, and even spiritual connection. Here are 11 ways to keep the mind and brain sharp: 1. Staying mentally sharp is something that most people, old or young crave.

However, it can be an herculean task, as our a lot of things demand our attention on a daily basis, which means, time to keep our mind sharp is spent chasing after so many things. With also comes the risk of losing one’s mind. However, with the 12 tips in this article, all hope is not lost. You can keep your mind sharp. 13 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp 1 Do a puzzle or two..

Trying to keep your brain active? A 2019 study published in the International Journal of 2 Get your olive oil fix.. What you eat feeds your brain, too. And if you want to keep your mind sharp, you should 3 Have more fish.. 10 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp Take a daily brain break.

When it comes to the brain, the one factor we often neglect is mental stimulation. We are Keep family meetings. If you doubt the power of staying connected, consider this: Experts now believe that socializing, Maximize your workouts.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your memory, focus, concentration, or other cognitive skills, there are many brain exercises to try. Learn which evidence-based exercises offer. 1. Physical exercise can help you pay attention, learn and think faster, and remember more. ( 31, 32, 33) 2. One huge study on over 1 million young, healthy men found it actually raised IQ. ( 34) 3. Exercise makes you more effective and productive by improving creativity, mental flexibilit. 10 Habits to Keep Your Mind Sharp 1. PRIORITIZE LIFELONG LEARNING. However, that doesn’t mean you need a Ph.D. to take advantage.

The ultimate goal is to 2. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF YOUR MIND. Negative stereotypes about aging and memory are mostly untrue – and can actually 3. CREATE A ROUTINE. You can improve your brain health with the right diet. Eat these 11 foods to boost your memory and focus, help prevent disease and keep sharp as you age.

having good social connections. limiting alcohol to no more than one drink a day. eating a Mediterranean style diet. Memory and other cognitive changes can be frustrating, but the good news is that, thanks to decades of research, you can learn how to get your mind active.

List of related literature:

Even the very first series of exercises on the five senses will have proven the power of mental suggestion.

“Kundalini Yoga” by Swami Sivananda Radha
from Kundalini Yoga
by Swami Sivananda Radha
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Limited, 1999

12.I usually terminate impractical or unwanted imaginal exercises by distracting myself, emptying my mind, or by initiating a brand new exercise in imagination.

“Emotionally Dumb: An Overview of Alexithymia” by Jason Thompson
from Emotionally Dumb: An Overview of Alexithymia
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Five down, absduatulated: Crossword puzzle clues to how the mind works.

“The Oxford Handbook of Expertise” by Paul Ward, Jan Maarten Schraagen, Emilie M. Roth
from The Oxford Handbook of Expertise
by Paul Ward, Jan Maarten Schraagen, Emilie M. Roth
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And jigsaw puzzles or crossword puzzles are themselves good practice in exercising the skills in visualization you need to solve other problems.

“Chase, Chance, and Creativity: The Lucky Art of Novelty” by James H. Austin
from Chase, Chance, and Creativity: The Lucky Art of Novelty
by James H. Austin
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Number puzzles help keep your mind sharp, just like crossword puzzles do.

“The Astrological Guide to Self-Care: Hundreds of Heavenly Ways to Care for Yourself—According to the Stars” by Constance Stellas
from The Astrological Guide to Self-Care: Hundreds of Heavenly Ways to Care for Yourself—According to the Stars
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Playing with jigsaw puzzles also exercises pattern recognition, as does puzzle making.

“Sparks of Genius: The 13 Thinking Tools of the World's Most Creative People” by Robert Root-Bernstein, Michèle Root-Bernstein
from Sparks of Genius: The 13 Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People
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4) Try to engage in a daily meditative activity which focuses and calms the mind.

“Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood” by Douglas Bloch
from Healing from Depression: 12 Weeks to a Better Mood
by Douglas Bloch
Nicolas-Hays, Incorporated, 2009

(Note: Don’t try this with activities that require you to get lost in your thoughts, such as reading, Sudoku, chess or crossword puzzles.)

“The Reality Slap: How to Find Fulfilment When Life Hurts” by Russ Harris
from The Reality Slap: How to Find Fulfilment When Life Hurts
by Russ Harris
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Third: Repeat that which you wish to remember a number of times, at the same time concentrating your mind upon it.

“Napoleon Hill's Golden Rules: The Lost Writings” by Napoleon Hill
from Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules: The Lost Writings
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A good way to remember these skills is to think of soothing six different senses.

“DBT® Skills Manual for Adolescents” by Jill H. Rathus, Alec L. Miller, Marsha M. Linehan
from DBT® Skills Manual for Adolescents
by Jill H. Rathus, Alec L. Miller, Marsha M. Linehan
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  • Am I the only one that finds GMOs fascinating? Like the fact that humans are able the alter the DNA of food to make it larger, tastier, easier to produce, and in some cases even HEALTHIER! That’s so cool. I have no knowledge about the health benefits or negatives, but as someone who is absolutely fascinated by everything genetics and evolution, it is the coolest thing ever to me.

  • Hey Abbey, I just wanted to let you know GNC is promoting a ‘thermogenic’ supplement in the ads on this video. I don’t know what all you can do about it, but I know it’s not something you’re likely to support.

  • istg smart people have those eyes where they scan what they read copy it and paste it on their brain, my friend literally studied at school cuz she didnt study at home but she got perfect score like how??

  • I’m right handed, and I actually use my left hand more often when driving on streets due to constant use of turn signals, while on highways, I use either hand or both because I often get tired with driving long periods with one hand!

  • Yikes ����. I’ve not heard of this woman before but if I met her (or anyone) at a social gathering (when they used to happen!) and she shared these kinds of views w me, I’d feel concerned for her. It’s a lot of energy being given to this area of her life. I always find excessive behaviour (which this feels like) disconcerting but maybe that’s only because of my history of disordered eating. ����‍♀️ Wishing her the best ✌️��

  • What about the mercury in fish? Isn’t that “toxic”? Or the rain that falls on your organic veggies or even the air…Even the air is toxic ����

  • Hey Abbey, I was recently diagnosed with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and told to avoid sugar and animal fats to help combat it.
    I would really like a video from you about that, especially with regards to sugar. You seem very against the idea of cutting out sugar here, and I wouldn’t want to put myself in danger of a binge, but I also don’t want to make my liver worse lmao.
    I’d love to hear your opinion about this!

  • I’m filming for my first video on YouTube of what I eat in a day, I don’t have subscribers yet but I really want to know your comment and reviews on my meals ���� I love your channel

  • Brain Actives is a modern food supplement that is the best support for the brain. The supplement is used during periods of increased mental and physical exertion. Its safe formula helps to strengthen and develop cognitive functions. Prodacat Name; https://tinyurl.com/y5gp39ly

    Brain Actives is a modern food supplement that is the best support fo

    The Brain Actives food supplement was created using 10 ingredients. Mixed together, they form a complex that strengthens memory and concentration, speeds up the learning process, increases alertness and focus, and also reduces reaction time. The product is recommended for people who want to increase energy levels, assimilate knowledge faster, work more intensively and achieve higher results in sports

  • Coconut milk, almond butter and super low body-fat, to the point of her cheeks being marked… is she vegan? Edit: just too focus in veggies. Protein is important. Half plant protein is worthless.

  • I took an anthropology class which did touch base on biology and human evolution. I wouldn’t say that Sorelle Amore theory has a strong case in diet. But one article I read( I forget the name of the article it’s been a long time) that your body can adapt to different environments through selective breeding. I think the example used was how people living around mountains had better breathing capacities ( in their ability to survive on a mountain) in comparisons to the average person that didn’t live on the mountains. They also compare chest cavities to a non mountain dweller the difference was significant. Something like that. And in another article I read I think it was about body adaptivity and genetics depending on where one lived. A great example is lactose intolerance. The theory was that individuals could ingest milk because they had the genetic base for it. Where people who had not had that pervious exposure had more difficulties in digesting lactose in their body. I’m sure if you go to college you’d be able to look it up. These findings are in the area of bio-anthropology field. Interesting stuff.

  • It was an coincidence that I happened to watch a video yesterday by unnatural vegan about this lady. In that video she was talking about not ever eating a food if there are more than 2 ingredients on the label. That was just strange as even bread has more than 2 ingredients in it. A lot of her rules are a bit imaginary. In addition, as a proud citizen in Canada, I protest against her claim about not having fruits if you live far away from equator. What have we done to deserve this��

  • It’s funny. She uses nail polish (that is full of chemicals) and dyes her hair!! but she just eats organic, because non-organic foods are poison! Brown bread and grains are bad!!

  • I actually agree with her on eating less fruits in northern countries, because it is not normal for us to eat such a high fructose diet, but eating seasonal fruits is good, like apples in the autumn and berries in the summer. Eating a diet that is particular to the area your genes come from is good, because you have evolutionarily adapted to such a diet. It has been observed in some native tribes that they have much better teeth (among other things) on their native diet vs the modern diet. Overall you can’t forget that people are different from one another, a diet that suits a person of african descent probably wont fit a northern european.

  • I struggled with the YouTubers comment of “before I accumulated wealth due to hard work” or whatever it was. Yeah girly that’s not how it works for everyone. A lot of people work hard and don’t accumulate wealth

  • One more exercise that I have tried….remembering what happens throughout the day before going to bed…a quick recap of the day would boost your brain capacity to hold moments and facts..������

  • What an exhausting way to view food. Carbs are the preferred source of energy for the body. Why do we keep demonizing them? Sure we can always try to eat more unrefined carbs over refined but still….. fruit is bad for you??? ����

  • This channel or at least this video seems fake af. The art style, the way the answer is delivered, and the quality are all different besides a few which are in a row together.

  • I was all about organically until I got a farm with a garden and orchard and realized how many pests there are and how annoying it is to get rid of them. It’s a necessary evil at times and I never thought I’d say it

  • Goodness. Her video is so cringey! Talk about someone who has so many opinions without any research to back them up. Where is she getting any of this information?! This type of video is dangerous, and I hope people don’t actually fall for her BS.

  • Her use of the word “poison” to describe everything drove me crazy!!!!!! Clearly she has no evidence based studies to back up her claims so that’s the only thing she can say to get people’s attention. Thank you so much for shedding light on these problematic claims Abbey!!

  • I find a lot of these youtuber’s diets reek of privilege but this one REEKS OF PRIVILEGE. A majority of people in the world do not have the time or resources to implement these diet tips she says are absolutely necessary.

  • i don’t think she understands how dangerous her (sorelle) advice is. if i has watched her content when i was in the thick of my disordered eating i would have hung on every word she said. i’m so tired of these “clean eating” fear mongers on social media

  • I do a thing called, “the lollipop game”I thing of the word lollipop In my mind then I say (in my mind) lollipop for when I eat dinner. Then at dinner I say lollipop in my mind (I usually forget)

  • Orthorexia is all over social media, bla bla no oil, no salt, no sugar, no fat, no carbs. Not to mention the protein obsession and powders and supplements. I dont know how people have that much free time for all of this! Boring lifes!

  • I’m so glad you touched on GMO’s and how they aren’t generally harmful. People don’t do their research and seem to think just because something is an acronym it’s detrimental for health

  • I know this is a little outside of your normal WIEAD reviews but I’d love to see you review the WIEADs of some homesteading type channels. Simple Living Alaska did a good challenge last year where they lived off only what they had grown, raised, or foraged, or caught for an entire month that I’d love your opinion on. (It was the middle of winter so think ice fishing, hunting, home canned food, and lots of root veggies.)

  • Oh Abbey! This one was so bad! (I mean you were SO good, but this was so bad!) This was like such a crapstorm of every wonky food belief, and I swear to God all these rules cannot exist simultaneously unless you’re eating ice and air. I think the best word for this poor woman’s diet is “exhausting.”

  • This was honestly a depressing watch, I feel so bad for that girl. There is so much worry about “poison” being everywhere to the point of almost sounding paranoid, completely contradictory pointless claims, and a total lack of joy around food. I don’t want to bash her or anything, I wish her all the best, but it’s concerning that she has influence and spreads her health anxiety as something people should look up to and follow. Thanks for the video Abbey, really important to spread this message.

  • I find this girl’s attitude extremely annoying and condescending especially when she doesn’t have any idea what she’s going on about? How can you sit there and tell people they NEED all these unnecessary things when some people don’t even get to eat everyday bc of poverty and homelessness. I’m literally screaming inside even the “accumulated wealth through hard work ��” made me irrationally angry lol

  • Hej abbey!
    It would be great and interesting to hear your oppinion of this video:
    “Dietician reacts to my cheatdays” from alwayshungry.
    I think that her diet is really really desordered!

  • This 3 is what I liked,
    1. Reading out load is more better than reading silently will increase your understanding.
    2. Use also my left hand for brushing teeth not only my right hand.
    3. Clinching for 90 sec both hands.
    Right hand for storing information
    Left hand for recalling information.. I’ll try this.. I don’t want to try Chopsticks, I am a Filipino.. ��

  • I followed Sorelle for a hot minute a couple years back, but she gave me really weird vibes and I couldn’t pinpoint what it was… Stopped following after she made the death of 2 youtubers/influencers(?) she didn’t personally know all about herself and profited off of it. Seeing this toxic bs now doesn’t really surprise me.

  • Currently eating honey nut cheerios with whole milk as she says poison and I’m like.. yeah she thinks I’m eating poison haha. Also good info I will change my water filter right now LOL

  • This was a great video! Thank you for being a voice of reason, for always speaking from compassion, for referring to data, and also for not letting the haters win ��. So looking forward to the videos you mentioned you’re working on in this one.

  • On the topic of *organic*, here in Ohio, over half the state is farmland. I’ve worked with many farmers at my last job and several used to be *organic*.
    They only need to pass an inspection by a percentage in order to be considered an “organic farm”.Not only that, when they go to have future inspections to keep their organic label, inspectors pretty much just do a questionnaire style approach and don’t even tour the farm or check the crops.
    Yes, many farmers have lied. Why? Because they are struggling severely in the farming industry and this entire organic movement is their lifeline. They use techniques to safeguard their crops that are not considered *organic*, but they’re able to sell at a higher price since people will pay more if they believe the product is ‘healthier’.
    This isn’t to point blame at the dishonesty of farmers, but so many farmers are taking their lives because they cannot survive when they try to make an honest buck.
    If you want to truly eat organic, grow your own garden….then you’ll see how difficult it is to manage.

  • Please talk soon about intermitent fasting cus I’m thinking about doing it and I trust your opinion and I would love to hear what you have to say ��

  • Gross… “before I had accumulated wealth, through hard work…” come on man. What a privileged statement lol. I could work myself to the bone and end up destitute just from unlucky events.

  • I think she deleted the video but I remember seeing it on her channel right when she posted and thinking it was so triggering. It screamed orthorexia to me. Thank you for covering this!

  • Abbey!! Can you pleaaase make a video on how to buy meat?? I am SO confused about Organic, Grass Fed, Vegetarian Fed, Vegetarian Diet, etccc!! When I go to whole foods is fine because they usually carry organic AND grass fed at the same time! But in most other stores, is one or the other… and when it’s just vegetarian fed, I just have no clue if that’s the same as grass fed or if it’s just a marketing strategic word ��

  • Thank you for doing. When I watched this video, I stopped eating carbs and tried to follow certain aspects of her diet. I become sad and lost with what I should do about eating. Through the help of my friends and you, y’all made me realize that it’s okay to eat carbs and food that makes me happy.

  • This video Sorelle posted was the deal breaker for me and I had to unsub to her, cause spreading this nonsense is actually harmful. I loved her photography stuff but she’s way out of her lane on the nutrition stuff. I hope she gets help for her disordered eating and mindset and stops spreading bs.

  • I really dont like that she speaks as if her insane beliefs and fears are FACT. That’d be like someone with misophonia saying that if you hear someone chewing, all your teeth WILL fall out that night. And if someone scratches something the wrong way, it’ll make you develop schizophrenia.
    Or as the sex ed teacher said in Mean Girls “Dont have sex. If you do, you WILL get chlamydia and you WILL die.”

  • don’t know where this notion that our ancestors were healthier comes from. Even ignoring the difference in life expectancy, look at archaeological discoveries around the globe in difference eras they’ve found signs of heart disease everywhere. I’m curious on the fasting research, but even if something comes of it, my postcholecystectomy digestion makes it a non-starter.

  • Life expectancy was low because of infant mortality. Once people passed the infancy years, they had long lives, with longevity being about 70 years old.

  • I’m 21 I would probably believe all of this stuff at age 16-18 cause I definitely had strict “diets” I was even vegan for 3 years & recently started eating seafood then slowly meat & I allow myself to eat “junk food”, I’ve been losing weight and building muscle regardless of what I eat, I was so weak when I was going though all of those diets.

  • On the subject of eating well: I have seen some preliminary research and discussion of Alzheimer’s being a sort of “Type 3 diabetes” where the brain uses glucose more and more inefficiently, and a low carb/keto diet can be used as a tool to help manage it. Might be a good tool in the box!

  • Breads are not what they used to be. There is not the natural fermentation in the industrial brands. I found out that my body don’t like it. Same with pasta, except durum wheat, that is another species (the most common produced species has much more gluten too). I also found that many people with leaky gut get issues with wheat while the issue is not healed, so there can be more to the gluten issue than you commented.

  • Abbey, your videos are always so informative! It would be SO cool if you did a video on organic/GMO/pesticides because your little snippet in this video was already so interesting!

  • My mouth dropped open when she said cooking with olive oil is “poison”. So basically a ton of people should be dead right now including me. Also I loved your reaction to that Abbey I laughed so hard seeing your response!:P I could never have a diet that is so restrictive, I feel like someone should help her with her problematic views. I hope she gets more information on these topics to help her see there is some misinformation she is spreading. I never heard of her and wont watch her.

  • I almost found allthe answers if some of you also found all of them then give a like and the riddles are just for small babys but, I am already 7 and half my birthday is on March 1st…..������

  • I literally looked up and screamed “WHAT?!” at the same time as Abby when Sorelle said that cashews are not good for you!! LMAO!!! Thanks for taking the time to go through each of these points, Abbey, and explore them kindly with science. I know your patience was tested though lol!!!

  • Her philosophy on food is incredibly inconsistent… I think she just came to a conclusion (avoid “toxins” & “poisonous” food, eat natural), then came up with reasons to justify it after the fact.

  • My god. Listening to her food rules in itself is.. Sort of triggering. The misinformation, the conviction with which she delivers it I can’t even. Thanks Abby as always for doing this.

  • Hope the world gets to see this video. Please share this as much as you can. I have been working in Agriculture R&D lab for so many years now. I completely agree with Abbey’s points on GMO, Organic and other misconceptions. Come on we all got to eat even rich and Poor. This whole agriculture biotech industry is investing on to produce drought resistant, high yeild, Nutrient rich… Just for so called influcers with million’s of followers to be misled.

  • I think there’s a big difference between being knowledgeable about the food you put in your body and over thinking everything you put in your body. It just doesn’t need to be this complicated.

  • The body digests fructose differently than glucose also natural sugars like honey are slowly digested. I don’t mean to be rude but soemtimes even abby doesn’t know what she is saying, ik this fact cause im on the candida diet and my doctors specifically explained the difference between added and processed sugars and naturally derived sugars. Im allowed natural sugars but not the gut provoking white ones for the yeast

  • I’m confused. She says eating fruit is not natural if one does not live close to the equator, so does she suggest everything one eats should be local. A lot of the things she eats aren’t naturally occurring in Iceland.
    By her logic, it is not natural for anyone in Iceland to eat coconut oil, tapioca flour or basically any fresh vegetables during winter months. They are all imported from areas closer to the equator.
    Is she promoting traditional Icelandic diet, the one the Vikings ate? Does her diet consist of cod, ammonia (urine) preserved shark, sheep, sheep blood sausage? In Iceland not that many vegetables grow naturally.

  • Mind Over Munch has been making big attempts to take out harmful language like “clean” from their videos! Would love to see you dive into her content eventually!

  • Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard about Bonaliyar Bizarre Blaster (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one off product for teaching your child to read minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my m8 at very last got astronomical success with it.

  • Hey everyone! What other ways to improve your brain power do you know? ��

    Btw, you can test how fast your brain is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiDFjSQ8Vqw&t=1s

  • There are a few factors in learning to focus better. One place I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Wilfs Blueprint System (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the best plan i’ve heard of. Check out all the unbelievable information.

  • This idea of fingers to train the brain isnt new. It is thousands of years old. It’s used in schools to help with all aspects of learning.

  • When are these judgmental and nasty diet reviews going to stop? When did this become a thing? Let people eat what they want. if it works for them, and people similar to their lifestyle enjoy it, then let it be. I’m tired of videos like this that are mean spirited, snarky, and judgmental. Why do people support this? Make your own content. Stop feeling the need to tear others down for views and money.

  • guys is it seem impossibel to memorise the dictionary because i already memorised words starting with A and B, should i stop please give me any opinion

  • Everyday oh my gosh oh my gosh makeup what’s the number one I’m going to do right now like I don’t even know what I’m going to do right now I just don’t even know when I go to do right now I’m still picking out of like I could just pick you up but we’re singing Queen sheets on Safari full size truck size put I got that is the time what are you going to do I don’t know my name isn’t even know what to do today but I really don’t need one.

  • Sorry, some are great, but others are dumb. Logic is based on prelearning and as such is prone to generalise and follow certain paths, which fact you used to mislead us.

  • “As im taking isolating measures from toxic parrents, i will stay and practice with these vids. This way, i can break free from prison.”

    What do you think about this quote told by not me but an another person?

  • We now know that most of the exercises that were mentioned here are related to OUR INDIAN YOGA ASANAS!!!! SO SALUTE TO OUR COUNTRY AND ITS IMMENSE KNOWLEDGE……
    Who accepts this?????

  • Dr. Paul, your videos are so rich in golden information and sound advice! You are definitely serving a very wide community, in the best way possible. Thank you!

  • Doc. Thanks for your sensible holistic approach. It resonates. I am only doing 1 out of 12! No wonder I am shattered and battle weary. The only ‘one”,. I am doing is prayer. In fact, it must be what’s keeping me afloat. I have adjusted to waking for dawn prayers regularly, and now I wake for predawn worship. It really is underrated. Thanks again

  • 1)Reading
    4)Eating well
    5)Getting adequate sleep
    8)Appreciation and Gratitude
    9)Interacting with other people
    10)Serving Others
    11)Connecting with One’s Faith
    12)Getting outside/Nature

  • your reaction to “cooking with olive oil is poison” had me cracking up. Just looking up and shaking her your like “lord, give me strength to deal with this nonsense”

  • Great list! But I think you should include “games”. Card games and board games. My girlfriends grandparents are in their mid 80s and I was very impressed with how sharp they were while playing. And that’s because they’ve always played games. Maybe games could’ve been mentioned with puzzles; but I’m sure they work

  • PLEASE don’t go gluten free just because you think it’s healthier… I have half of my family with a celiac disease and I often eat like them for convenience and to avoid crosscontamination, but I got chubbier and eat more processed foods that I don’t actually need to have.

  • I believe I can boost my brain power or IQ by playing piano or studying hard songs(with both hands) after a fixed time…. I can now learn piano songs easier than earlier guys….:)

  • Playing with sounds like with a musical instrument and doing exercises or activities related with brain and doing physical exercises tremendously boosts brain power than not doing anything…:)

  • THANK U….Listen to all sides. = Simple cure for BRAINwashing. > path to PEACE.

    To get closer to the TRUTH we need to read and listen to news reports from opposing and neutral sides. Thus, Global news, NBC, EURO, DW, CGTN, RT, BBC, CBC and CNN are one example of a wide spectrum of news and propaganda. If one listens only to CNN, or CBC, then you may get a third to half of the reality.

    (Getting opposing views is essential for classroom debates as given by AEP book “Taking A Stand: A Guide to Clear Discussion of Public Issues”, an AEP Public Issues Series, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.)

    I am a Type ‘A’ Specialist Teacher for World Politics and World History.

    Juro GD Knežić (London, Canada. N5Z3S9)

    See me on Facebook and LinkedIn (as Juro Knezic) for more.

  • I’ll be 40 this year and I don’t think my memory is going, I feel like I’m just overwhelmed with so much more to remember with more responsibility and kids, etc. I’ve been told that I should write or type out a list or utilize my phone calendar for other than work related things. I actually feel like this would hurt my memory long term because I wouldn’t require myself to “work” my brain to remember things as much. I have started using my calendar more because dates have always tripped me up when the weeks seem to fly by. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks!

  • In a sense of sustainability it is better for the planet if everyone bought and ate things that naturally grow or can be grown where each individual lives. Not for health reasons but just looking at the problems that exotic fruit farming areas face for having to supply the world, the pollution caused by shipping, the waste that’s creating. Further from the equator there’s still plenty of fruit available. Local fruit. Im from central europe and there’s plenty of local fruits available. Cherries, peaches, plums, berries, pears, watermelons, tomatoes etc.

  • Hi there, I want to know if Rotogenflux Methods, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this iq course.

  • Add another 2 poients: 1)Pressure on your finger tips by opposite finger tips. 2) I get this info.(Islam) from my religion, eat food by ur hand, it helps to well digestion.

  • alligators live for 50 years and can go 3 years without living so it would be alive and zombies are not real and lions can go 14 days without eating so u would wait till it dies and then go in, the video never says u have to go in right away

  • Glad you made this video..I watched this a few week ago and was n`t sure too about it!!!! I respect your superior knowledge on this U tubers diet advice..IT does get confusing if somebody (random non qualified U tubers) says SOMETHING WITH ENOUGH AUTHORITY!! Its good to be able to cut through the BS and hear some common sense!!……… THANK YOU:))

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  • Thanks Abbey, addicted to your videos. As a fellow dietician, I fully agree with your advice and your take on health and food. Also, you keep me up to date and informed. Love from the Netherlands!

  • I know I’ve already suggested this youtuber before, but Plantiful Kiki (she does a high starch diet based off the book, the Starch Solution I believe)

  • Thats why indians eat with hand. Aiyyoo west english got up now. All was told in vedas. India is great mother of all civilization

  • మీరు ఈ ప్రశ్నకు సమాధానం ఇవ్వగలిగితే..మీరు ఎటువంటి పరీక్షలనైనా సులభంగా ఎదుర్కొనగలరు.ప్రయత్నించి చూడండి..

  • 8:54 people choke because the flapping thingy inside that automatically close if the food is there, sometimes our flapping thingy suddenly opens it because we it food fast, if u drink. It will just make it further to our lungs, thats why others food comes to the nose when they choke

  • I must say I am so happy we have registered dietitans like you to talk about nutrition that backed up with research. Compared to the youtuber you are reviewing, you back up your statements with actual facts… she has many contradictions! PS! You’ve really helped me on my way to better eating/less disordered habits and I’m glad you are here to educate us:)

  • I’d be very hungry on her regime and must be a lot to keep on top… Every diet fad out there she seems to take on board but well it looks pretty and sounds pretty…

  • some times when I listen to music when I’m studying I keep singing the whole playlist.
    in 30 minutes.
    me: wait, im still on the same page?
    same paragraph?
    the same line for thirty minutes?

  • #3 I don’t have to do that exercise because I am already a day dreamer. My most of times goes in day dreaming. I don’t know why I love imagining things that could never happen.

  • Learning something new everyday such as languages, instruments, reading, helps as well. Try to be creative and create something out of anything to see if you’ve improved over the course of a week or two.


  • I am SO grateful to have found you and your channel recently. I am learning more and more about diet and nutrition ���� thank you!!!
    Best wishes!

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