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On a cool fall day or a cold winter’s evening, soup is often the only food we have on our minds. Sure, you can serve a bowl of the canned, store-bought variety in a pinch. But whipping up homemade soup isn’t as hard as you may think. Assess.

Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup. This is my favorite tortellini soup recipe. It’s one of those types of soup that are quick to fix on a busy night and. Simmer up one of these homemade soup recipes on a cool day. Check out our favorite recipes for chicken noodle, French onion, split pea and more!

1 / 70. The Ultimate Chicken Noodle Soup. My first Wisconsin winter was so cold, all I wanted to eat was homemade chicken noodle soup.

Of all the chicken noodle soup recipes. Homemade Bean and Bacon Soup: I love Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup. It tastes like childhood. Now that I’m grown up, though, I’ve learned that condensed soup isn’t the healthiest choice I could make.

I was thrilled to find this recipe. Made with 10 ingredients or less, most of which are pantry staples you already have on hand, these simple soup recipes couldn’t be more budget-friendly or easy to throw together. Whether you’re looking for a hands-off slow-cooker soup recipe or one you can whip together on the stovetop in less than 30 minutes, these easy soup recipes. From classic chicken noodle to tomato and potato soup recipes, we’ve got a soup to satisfy any craving — plus quick ones you can get on the table in a.

2 15 Chicken Thigh Recipes for the Instant Pot This collection of top-rated recipes highlights this versatilty, featuring chicken thighs with international accents, from chicken curry to cacciatore, chicken teriyaki to chicken tagine, biriyani and butter chicken, and much more. These Air-Fried Calzones Are Less Than 350 Calories Recipe. Welcome to Calzone Making 101. Don’t worry—you’ll ace this course. The trick to perfect calzones is to resist the urge to overfill them.

Stick to the recipe below so that you can crimp and seal your calzones properly. The end of summer means one thing: it’s soup season, y’all! So it’s time to break out the slow cooker recipes!One of the simplest joys that the cold weather brings is coming home to a hearty Crock Pot soup that’s been cooking. Own mouth watering soup recipes – better than canned recipes. Soup is a great choice for various reasons.

It is delicious, nutritious and easy to make. Own mouth watering soup recipes – better than canned recipes. A Summer Soup and Starter Recipe for the Healthy You.

List of related literature:

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS: Most recipes for hearty winter vegetable soups are neither quick nor easy.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

Stir in soup, halfand-half, sherry, water, 1 teaspoon of the parsley, the poultry seasoning, chicken and peas; heat to boiling.

“Betty Crocker Cookbook 11th edition” by Betty Crocker
from Betty Crocker Cookbook 11th edition
by Betty Crocker
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,

Cook celery, carrot, and onion in one tablespoon butter, five minutes; tie in cheese cloth with parsley, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaf, and mace; add to stock with salt and bread crumbs, simmer one hour, remove seasonings, and rub through a sieve.

“Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book” by Fannie Merritt Farmer
from Fannie Farmer 1896 Cook Book
by Fannie Merritt Farmer
Skyhorse, 2012

171 HESSIAN SOUP Ingredients – Half an ox’s head, 1 pint of split peas, 3 carrots, 6 turnips, 6 potatoes, 6 onions, I head of celery, 1 bunch of savoury herbs, pepper and salt to taste, 2 blades of mace, a little allspice,4cloves, the crumb of a French roll, 6 quarts of water.

“Mrs Beeton's Household Management” by Isabella Beeton, Mrs. Beeton (Isabella Mary)
from Mrs Beeton’s Household Management
by Isabella Beeton, Mrs. Beeton (Isabella Mary)
Wordsworth Editions, Limited, 2006

VEGETABLE SOUP (without stock)—One-half cup each of carrot and turnip, cut into small pieces, three-fourths cup of celery, cut fine, one very small onion sliced thin, four level tablespoons of butter, three-fourths cup of potato, cut into small dice, one and one-half quarts of boiling water, salt and pepper to taste.

“Rufus Estes' Good Things to Eat: The First Cookbook by an African-American Chef” by Rufus Estes
from Rufus Estes’ Good Things to Eat: The First Cookbook by an African-American Chef
by Rufus Estes
Dover Publications, 2012

The following soups are all simple to make, though none can quite compare with Margaret Costa’s green soup, of the previous recipe, for freshness of taste.

“Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book” by Jane Grigson, Yvonne Skargon
from Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book
by Jane Grigson, Yvonne Skargon
Bison Books, 2007

Today’s best recipe for vegetable soup is simply—open a can of Campbell’s— add an equal quantity of water-simmer and serve.”

“Food is Love: Food Advertising and Gender Roles in Modern America” by Katherine J. Parkin
from Food is Love: Food Advertising and Gender Roles in Modern America
by Katherine J. Parkin
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006

Be careful not to season soups too highly with salt and pepper, as a lack of them can be easily supplied at table.

“The Kentucky Housewife” by Lettice Bryan
from The Kentucky Housewife
by Lettice Bryan
Applewood Books, 2001

And condensed soups can be a great way to jump-start soup or stew recipes.

“The Dinner Doctor” by Anne Byrn
from The Dinner Doctor
by Anne Byrn
Rodale, 2004

This recipe is inspired by my mother’s homemade vegetable soup.

“The Healing Powers Of Vinegar Revised And Updated” by Cal Orey
from The Healing Powers Of Vinegar Revised And Updated
by Cal Orey
Kensington Books, 2008

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  • I recommend adding a bit of lime zest to soups (especially soups with veggies) because it adds a little sour and tangy flavour to the soup. I made veggie soup today and added a little bit of lime zest and it tasted amazing! I hope some one tries out this method of flavouring soup! Believe me, this method saved my life.

    A bit of fresh spices also adds just a little bit of a spicy taste to any soup! I recommend using some spices which are NOT grinded because I find those types of spices ruins the spice flavour in the soup OR you can put a little bit of hot water to the spice and then adding it to your soup because not only they make the soup last hotter just a bit longer but it also enhances the flavour of spice to the soup.

    Also I want people who are reading this comment to take notes that I’m not an experienced chef and I’m just telling suggestions that I tried from MY own experiences that I thought was good for me. Of course, not everyone has the same taste buds as me but if it doesn’t taste nice enough for you, just know that you tried something new (even though you don’t like it). Thank you if you tried out my suggestions but also thank you if you saved a little bit of YOUR time to read my comment. Have a nice day/night.


  • Thank you for the great info. I am new to the vegan world and have been investigating all the different ways of doing vegan. I am surprised of so many different ways—all raw, mostly fruits, mostly carbs. This ways fits me the most, I believe. I will be soon through with a detox with the Green Smoothie Girl, then be ready for the Eat to Live way. I take it we can use canned beans. Do they have to be No Salt added or low sodium? Hard to find no salt.

  • 0:05 Baked Potato Soup
    1:18 Cream of Broccoli Soup
    2:22 French Onion Soup
    3:17 Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Soup
    4:16 Chicken Pot Pie Soup

  • 05:22 I watch all these video, only for this sound “Oh Yes”, since the tone he says resembles that one say Oh Yes, when he sees his girl friend without any dress for the first time

  • Could someone please tell me the last soup he cooked the machine that was a pressure cooker wasn’t it I just wanted to make sure thank you

  • I do think tofu has “some good stuff in it,” though.:) you mentioned this when talking about nuts for creaminess. DrFuhrman. com has recipes with tofu in them.

  • Why so much cheese! Some people don’t like or can’t eat cheese you know? That aside, I would like to do some of these. Just…. Not with… Well, yeah. ��

  • Thank you SO MUCH for this! I have struggled with this for a very long time, and I simply LOVE soup, but always worried about the MSG and sodium content in the various types of soup bases you can buy at the market. Literally a life saver! Thank you!

  • Looks really good!! but I think I have a different opinion on what a soup is
    the first one to me was just a bowl of loaded mashed potatoes

  • Plant based is one fo the craze right now. Do you have any list of soup using only plant based ingredients? Also please do checkout our channel. Peace! ��

  • ok ok i dont want to offend anyone but honestly i really dont think that cheese or cream and that stuff should even go in soup i mean isnt soup made with meats vegetables noodles etc? and this is my opinion but soup is supose to be healthy right?

  • You don’t count the time for grocery shopping and chopping up the ingredients before cooking. But apart from that, good recipe ideas!

  • This could be a stretch, but I know you are a creative gal!: easy lunch or dinners that are gluten free and vegetarian or pescatarian!

  • Love that all of these are vegetarian:) one of my new year resolutions is to eat less meat so this is great. Would love to see a vegetarian meal prep too

  • Oh my goodness! These all look delicious! Your videos or so bright, they motivate.

    Can you please do a video on quick healthy meal prep for work?

  • I’m gonna make a creamy soup of all the vegetables I hate and see if it comes out any good (I’m assuming it will).
    Gonna call it ‘Hateful Soup’…

  • Oh my! These look delicious!!:) Cannot wait to try the pumpkin coconut one! Although it’s pretty warm here right now, but once it cools off again, I am soooo making this!! Love to you, Nikole!

  • I’ve been putting potatoes, zucchini, frozen kale, frozen mixed veg: peas corn and carrots. Gonna start adding, leaks, celery, button mushrooms and the creamy nut mix!

  • I was waiting for the “chef” to show this recepies… Wow he’s amazing… The food looks like a master piece instead of a daily dish… ❤

  • anyone else notice that the Tom Kha recipe they didn’t name two of the ingredients? One appeared to be chopped garlic, then there was a red/brown powdered spice that was added with no label?

  • Never boil miso. I would just switch the order. Pour in the boiled water, boil it, then turn off the heat and add the dissolved miso.

  • Love love love this video…and on top of that they are vegetarian….definitely gonna make them ��
    Can you share recipes/ meal prep for vegetarian quick lunch ideas taking to work?

  • These are the following recipes ->
    0:10: Tandori Chicken with Yellow Rice
    2:10: Chicken Tehari
    4:10: Lamb Shank Biryani
    7:50: Crispy Chicken Fried RIce
    9:55: Mutton Tehari
    13:10: Egg Biryani
    15:25: Mutton Yakhni Pulao
    17:50: Hajir Biryani
    20:30: One Pot Chicken Pulao
    23:05: Chicken Kabsa

  • I would love to see quick lunches and dinners. I am in dental hygiene school and do not have too much time to spend in the kitchen. This video was perfect timing in this weather. ������

  • Maybe I should walk into Spanish class with one of these. My teacher really likes soup and chicken nuggets aka sopa y nuggets de pollo. ��

  • 10 minute brunch ideas would be super helpful for me���� (& snacks and appetizers).
    Love the tomato bisque & miso soup recipes! I’ll be trying those in the next few days, for sure.

  • Maybe you have already mentioned this but what pots and pans do you recommend? After discovering the C8 in non-stick pans I am looking for a new set!

  • I love soup and I can eat it every day! These soup recipes look amazing, delicious and the best part quick and easy!! can’t wait to try them all!! Thank you so much Nicole! ������

  • His skill is amazing. Practice practice practice. and maintenance of his knives. Knowing how to react to the chemical reactions and why things react to heat.

  • Get the soup recipes:
    Hot and Sour Soup �� https://www.tasteshow.com/product/hot-and-sour-soup_12155.html
    Wonton Soup �� https://www.tasteshow.com/product/easy-wonton-soup_2945.html
    Pork with Bamboo Shoot Soup �� https://www.tasteshow.com/product/pork-with-bamboo-shoot-soup_2862.html
    Oxtail Soup �� https://www.tasteshow.com/product/plain-stewed-oxtail-soup_896.html
    Chinese Style Russian Soup �� https://www.tasteshow.com/product/chinese-style-russian-soup_12156.html

  • They look delicious! Only one thing: you’re actually supposed to turn the heat off when you’ve dissolved the miso, not keeping it boil Japanese friends were used as a source for this information

  • Okay, I get it.. y’all like cheese. but so much of it, and in so many damn recipes is gonna overrule the potato, which ruins the point of this video

  • Man, I love hot and sour soup. Chef John knows the deal. At the end, when he put the white pepper and vinegar in that bowl, I immediately knew he knows what’s going on. That is one step some Chinese restaurants omit. But, the one step that needs to happen to make it authentic. I could eat hot and sour soup every day.

  • I Love Wonton Soup… I Grew Up Eating Soups And Stews Usually With A Hot Or Cold Sandwich Or A Hamburger.. Its One Of My Favorite Meals For Lunch Or Dinner

  • I made the Tuscan White Bean soup the other night and it was SO good! Always down for white beans in my soup now that you’ve got me hooked on that. ��

  • Weil… roasting three slices Bacon for over 20 min in the oven… energy waste over 9000 and speaking of which:

    Kill it with cheeeeeeese!

  • I’d try all of those, but I would make the pot pie soup without the peas and corn… The worst two vegetables on this planet. Corn isn’t even a vegetable, it’s a grain… FUCK CORN

  • This is food Terrorism, I will report this to the Federal department of “Why the fucc you showin me these good lookin foods while I can’t have em but I want em so yeah, bad” Agency.

  • ’10 Ways to Flavour Soup’ it took 1.50 minutes for you to get to the point too much talking on this vid boring just get to the point!

  • When you’re trying to read the ingredient and the fucking info box pops up and covers it. �� MOVE THE PLACE OF THE DAMN INGREDIENT TEXT BOX, PLEASE

  • A question i always wondered about if i use example 500 mg of sodium to cook does that mean i eat 500mg everytime i eat from the same pot,anyone with a answer?


  • I definitely came into this a skeptic but I made a veggie soup last night w/ low sodium broth using about 1/4 cup of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar & Bragg’s Nutritional yeast to “cheese” it up & it really did satisfy my taste buds need for salt. Now mind you, I’m only a week into this salt free diet & I’m still craving salty everything. I literally have dreams about salty food. So to find something that takes the edge off of the blandness is a beautiful thing. Thanks for these ideas!

  • The French onion soup was the only “soup” of the lot. The rest were mashed potatoes, fondue with broccoli in it, sweet potato dip and chicken pot pie without the crust

  • Wow! Cheri, you really packed a lot of info into that video. Even though I haven’t added salt to my cooking in years I have to admit when I couldn’t get a flavor right my thing of last resort was always worcestershire sauce and that is loaded with sodium. So thank you for all of the additional info of what to do instead. One question, what do you do with the pulp of the vegetables after you juice them. Years ago I tried juicing and stopped for 2 reasons. 1. The juicer was a real b-to clean and 2. I would save the pulp telling myself I would use it in baking or in a soup or something and end up having to throw it out. So always felt guilty. Thanks for the informative video though.

  • The first soup along with the fourth one look like they’d please my palate. ��Unfortunately, while some of these soups clearly would only take a few minutes to prepare, others look like they’d need much more prep time. �� Thanks for these DELICIOUS recipes.����

  • Not gonna lie white people soups are weird. Chicken Noodle Soup is the only soup that looks like a actual soup and not a bowl of stick sauce.

  • Thanx yet again Cheri… you is such a cleva gal! After making the veg juice, you can also use the pulp to make your DELISH veggie burgers (that I’m now addicted to, thank u)!! I even tried homemade oat creamer (Kathy Hester) & nooch… soooo yum! ������

  • My husband has cirrhosis stage 4 and he can’t have anything with sodium. Can I get some recipes without sodium? That way I can make it for him. I will hire you to help me understand all this no sodium diet. Please! ��

  • You are a genius! These are really innovative tips! I’m eliminating table salt from my diet because it keeps me constantly bloated (retaining up to 15 lbs of water after eating a fast food meal), gives me headaches and makes me constipated/dehydrated. I thought I would have to give up eating soup but using natural sodium from vegetable juces and nuts is a great idea thaaaaaanks ��

  • There was a lot of cheese in that soup, and can the potato one really becalled a soup? I mean….its just thin mash really
    Overall good vid nonetheless

  • Hey, Cheri! Helpful video! I’m actually making soup right now (: I love to first make roasted chickpeas, then use the bean stock as my soup stock (I buy the dry beans; the canned ones can’t compare). After my veggies have been cooking for a while, I toss in some of the roasted chickpeas for good measure. Hope that makes sense. Since the roasted chickpeas have already been seasoned, they add a yummy flavor. They add a bit of crunch, too, if you don’t add them too soon.

  • Thanks very much Cheri. Juicing my own carrots as a soup base has been a game changer. I also use a lot of herbs, spices, and balsamic vinegar.

  • I have my mind set on opening a soup, sandwich and salad bar for starters in my home town. The idea came many years before i returned though. Just hope it takes off well and soon. Wish me luck? Please bless me, thank you

  • First: I love soup! and always without salt since finding Dr. F. Second: It was funny that I thought the door stopper on the wall behind you was something that I needed to wipe off my phone screen, like a drop of smoothie!

  • 1 vegetables 2 vegetables3 leeks onions 4 nuts creamy5 nutritional yeast cheesy6 fruit7 spices herbs8 tasty veggies9 lemon0 add a salad

  • I appreciate you Chari, been vegan for 2 years now, giving this lifestyle a go, ur channel has been everything to this journey ����

  • Just an idea! You should do many versions of your green smoothies with the enerex green powder (and some without). I just bought the powder and it’s great! I want ways to make it more sweet tasting too! Just a suggestion:). Maybe like 10 green smoothies recipes in a video? Thanks!! Love the channel!!

  • Hi. Loved this video. You mentioned that you had a video about yeast extract, but I can’t find it. Which one is it? I had been using Table Tasty, but was always wondering about what Nutritional Yeast Extract was. I don’t find much online about yeast extract, except how it’s made. Seems highly processed and not natural at all.

  • I can watch Chef John’s cooking videos for hours and hours. It’s so mesmerising and relaxing. He is such a professional and skilled Chef. Respect for you Sir

  • This video has a lot of value for anyone on a lower sodium diet, or anyone trying to limit MSG intake. Brilliant! Also, my high school home economics teacher in Australia taught us to make curry bases using (golden) raisins, banana and/or apple.

  • 1. Baked potato soup, 2. Broccoli cheddar soupin bread, 3. Swiss and parmesan, 4. Garnish with cinnamon, 5. Chicken pot pie soup

  • Hey there Cheri! First of all, I’d like to say how much i LOVE your channel. Thank you SO much for sharing all this free content with us, it’s helping me so so much. <3 I wanted to ask if perhaps you could share a recipe (or quick quick guideline) of the soup we can see at 7:19. It looks sooooo good, and I’ve been craving a “brown” creamy soup like that! I looked a little bit on your channel and in the comments but haven’t found one that looked like it. Thank you so so much in advance <3

  • I swear soup is the one thing that can be so healthy and light whilst also being delicious and hearty, u just had to stuff it with cream and cheese lol

  • This video is NEXT-LEVEL! It has some amazing tips, and my family only uses some of these techniques so I’m excited to try the rest!!

  • Thanks for this video, Nikole!!�� I’d love to see more like this (especially easy weeknight meals or make-ahead breakfasts for grab and go)!����

  • So many great ideas! I find that different soups seem to call for different “salt subs” ie: Italian bean soups vinegar, Mexican bean soups lime juice, creamy cruciferous soups nooch. Yes! Juicing your own carrots (veggies) tastes soooooooooo much better in a soup. My first Fuhrman soup was terrible b/c I used bottled carrot juice. Never again! Thanks for the informative video Cheri!

  • Mouthwatering recipes indeed! But on a, lighter note eating too much of carbs and fats for dinner is not a good idea. These could be weekend treats instead ��

  • I need to know what veg bouillon cube you’re using bc the only ones I can find are not natural and full of salt and sugar! Pls help! ��❤

  • I never added salt to the Ratatouille after sauteing onions, peppers, garlic, zucchini etc.
    Low sodium chicken broth and/or a can of tomatoes with juice has enough salt to flavor.
    I’m attempting to go Vegan last couple of days not to lose weight, thin enough but to eat Healthy.

  • You guys are all saying that ” who watches these videos but never makes them. ” well jokes on you because I made the first one a while back and if it gets too thick just add more chicken\veggie broth to it.:))

  • Thanks! I really appreciate all these great tips and the PDF. This format works for me. I would also be interested in watching videos of you cooking a soup with each tip and List of shopping list etc. Favorite video so far!

  • Excellent video!! I had to stop eating salt as it would give me palpitations and these are truly great tips, thank you and spread the word of peace and sharing

  • this channel is successful largely due to the amount of broke students who watch and lust after food which they cannot afford to eat

  • I usually eat broths at home. And I prefer soups instead. But I don’t actually love any of these. So, why am I watching this?
    Edit: I’ll do the chicken noodle soup. With a soda on the side.

  • She states in the video that sodium in vegetable broth are okay to eat. This is not true, sodium regardless of the source is still sodium.

  • Made the potato soup… only used 5 potatoes instead of 6. Followed everything else exactly. This is not a soup it’s just mash potatoes ��. Gonna add more broth and see if it turns it into soup

  • Can I replace the coconut milk with almond milk? I REALLY don’t like coconut milk:( I feel like it makes everything taste coconuty!!!

  • Can you make these recipes when you’re able to?

    Turkish Vegan Yogurt

    Turkish Vegan Carrot & Zucchini Salad

    Turkish Vegan Halka Tatisi

    Turkish Vegan Merchimek Koftesi

    Turkish Vegan Cig Kofte

    Turkish Vegan Turkish Pide

    Turkish Vegan Alinazik Kebab

    Turkish Vegan Pogaca

  • Thank you so much for sharing TOP 5 Soup. I love watching your video. May I know what kind of pot (rice cooker or low cooker?) that you make the last beef soup?

  • ادعولي عندي ضعف نضر وتركيز عمى مؤقت وحالتي خطرة لااريد الموت بسبب احد سحر قديم من طفولة سفلي اسود سنوات من عذاب كل دقيقة من حياتي تعذبت بيه الظلم ظلمات فقدت الإحساس بالحياة اتمنى اعيش مثل اي شخص يارب ارحمني لا مال ولاحال ضعيفة وصغيرة هلكانة وحيدة نضيفة مريضة ومضلومة تعبانة يارب سنين طويلة واني بين الحياة والموت ياربي ياللهي ارحمني واحميني من كل شر لم اعد اقوى تألمت كثير وكثير قلة نوم فقدان شهية تورمت من وجهي لرجلي جنون ونفسيتي تحطمت وخسرت كلشي حرفيا فقدت نفسيتي وتفكيري ودراستي مستقبلي وجمالي وصحتي والارادة والحرية والامان والثقة والقوة من دون ما احس والمجتمع مو متقبلني

  • Ok, that first one? That was not a soup. At best, it’s a dip that you’ve decided eat without chips. And can we get maybe ONE herb or seasoning of any kind? No? Just salt and pepper? Awesome.

  • Shits too fast. Got annoying YouTube links at top of the video covering the description of what I’m supposed to use. Is this for experts cause all be it i know what a russet is between a golden. Not many other people will. These videos your channel puts out should be more specific in everything.

  • a foreign viewer has to restart the video several times before being able to write down only the ingredients of one soup! in the end one gets tired and leaves it out you and your channel. sorry for being genuine. do you want me to do the same and put the same to you? we’ll see if you will manage to prepare just one soup! and tomato past plus fresh tomato together in one soup? why? For me your channel is zero, it is only for the far east and I am sure they already know these foods from their mothers.