10 Methods to Beat SAD


Sad Type Beat 2019 “Break Up” | Rap Instrumental | (FREE) [PIANO]

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a sad mix of sad things

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lofi hip hop radio beats to sleep/chill to

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Eulogy Sad scene Stranger Things 2 YouTube

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Free 6lack x Drake Type Beat ”Bad Things” | Sad Instrumental 2020

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Sad Type Beat 2020 “Simple Things” | Rap Instrumental | (FREE) [PIANO]

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lofi hip hop radio beats to relax/study to

Video taken from the channel: ChilledCow

Beat SAD by eating mood-boosting foods like leafy greens (such as spinach), nuts, seeds, berries, whole grains and salmon. Read more Tips for Taking Care of Your Health in Winter. depression mental health. A nasty hangover is hardly the way to help you beat Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms either. Don’t be afraid to go out and enjoy a drink now and then, just remember to drink responsibly and avoid getting drunk on a regular basis. 1. Try a mini-spa in the shower..

Alternate the water temperature from hot to cold — one minute hot followed by one 2. Turn on a light box.. Commercially available light boxes use the full spectrum of light found in nature to restore 3. Turn on to D.. This is largely because vitamin. 23 Effective Ways to Beat Seasonal Depression 1 Stick to a normal sleep schedule.. People with SAD often sleep in more than usual or find it difficult to get up in 2 Wake up with a dawn simulator..

It’s hard to be a morning person when the moon is still up by the time you have to 3 Use a light. The bright side of things is that there are natural ways that you can overcome these seasonal mood dampening symptoms, so that you can feel alive again! Tune into today’s #CabralConcept 676 to discover the top 10 ways to beat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) Enjoy the show!

– Socialising is easily one of the best ways to help beat SAD. Meet up with friends on a regular basis, and don’t sit at home being a couch potato under a blanket. Laughter has been known to produce many psychological benefits, boosting your immune system and. Don’t Get SAD: 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues. January 17, 2013.

Every year, two to three percent of Canadians are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of clinical depression related to the lack of sunlight during the winter season. This form of SAD can interfere with your day-to-day functioning, disrupting your. 10. Write in a Journal. A journal can work in two ways.

Use it to write down fears and worries. Sometimes, having an outlet in this way can be soothing and ease your mind. Another good way to use a journal (I prefer this way) is to write at.

Today, I show y’all 10 ways to take down the almighty ZOMG in Bloons TD Battles! These are mostly unconventional ways to destroy this super powerful MOAB cla. 10.

Be persistent even if a particular group does seem to be a dead end for you, try another. AA and AlAnon recommend that everyone try.

List of related literature:

At times of sorrow and stress, reading helps but ‘anything too harrowing, mournful or sentimental has the potential to make me worse’.

“Why Women Read Fiction: The Stories of Our Lives” by Helen Taylor
from Why Women Read Fiction: The Stories of Our Lives
by Helen Taylor
Oxford University Press, 2019

One of the best ways to decrease the low moods of SAD is to go outside.

“Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
from Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies
by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
Wiley, 2009

For every one hundred journal articles on sadness, there is just one on happiness.

“Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment” by Martin E. P. Seligman
from Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment
by Martin E. P. Seligman
Free Press, 2002

If emotions are very sad, defeated, or fatigued, escalating brightness helps.

“Emotional Transformation Therapy: An Interactive Ecological Psychotherapy” by Steven R. Vazquez
from Emotional Transformation Therapy: An Interactive Ecological Psychotherapy
by Steven R. Vazquez
Jason Aronson, Incorporated, 2012

These strategies are all aimed at reducing your sadness.

“Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, Fifth Edition: A Step-By-Step Treatment Manual” by David H. Barlow
from Clinical Handbook of Psychological Disorders, Fifth Edition: A Step-By-Step Treatment Manual
by David H. Barlow
Guilford Publications, 2014

Starving negative emotions is another amazingly effective approach for preserving your joy.

“40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life: Living the 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newberry
from 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life: Living the 4:8 Principle
by Tommy Newberry
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2012

Now turn the page for a list of emotions that often surface in conflict and tips to reduce negative emotions.

“50 Activities for Conflict Resolution” by Jonamay Lambert, Myers Selma
from 50 Activities for Conflict Resolution
by Jonamay Lambert, Myers Selma
Human Resource Development Press, 1999

Confronting sadness through art‐making: Distraction is more beneficial than venting.

“The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy” by David E. Gussak, Marcia L. Rosal
from The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy
by David E. Gussak, Marcia L. Rosal
Wiley, 2016

Make an absorbing challenge and an adventure out of maintaining your emotional health and keeping yourself reasonably happy no matter what kind of misfortunes assail you.

“How To Stubbornly Refuse To Make Yourself Miserable About Anything-yes, Anything!,: Revised And Updated” by Albert Ellis
from How To Stubbornly Refuse To Make Yourself Miserable About Anything-yes, Anything!,: Revised And Updated
by Albert Ellis
Citadel Press, 2012

Help another person change a negative emotion to a positive emotion 1 2 3 4 5 3.

“Tools for Strengths-Based Assessment and Evaluation” by Peter Lehmann, PhD, LCSW, Dr. Catherine Simmons, PhD
from Tools for Strengths-Based Assessment and Evaluation
by Peter Lehmann, PhD, LCSW, Dr. Catherine Simmons, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2012

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  • Weißt du noch, unser aller erstes Treffen
    Weiß du noch, dein& mein alles erstes Lächeln
    Weißt du noch, wie schüchtern du am Anfang warst
    Nächst nicht geschlafen biss du in meine Leitung kamst
    leer, so leer das ich keinen an mich ran ließ
    schwer, schwer war die Zeit wo kein paare fließt
    Mehr, mehr wollt ich von dem was ich nicht hatte
    Biss ich dann begrier das ich schon alles mit dir hatte
    Alles mit dir hatte und Begrief das ich nur dich brauch
    Keinen an meine Seite außer dich als Meine Frau
    Du warst immer anders, anders als all die anderen
    Anders, viel mehr als dieses abgelutschte Standard
    Alles was ich mit dir hatte hatte mir doch gereicht
    Mit dir an meiner Seite war alles schwere immer leicht
    Heule wie ein Kind an die Zeiten denk
    Ich dachte wirklich du bist ein gottes Geschenk
    Heute bist du weg, behandelst mich wie scheiße
    Überleg Ma 2 min wer war immer an deiner Seite
    Warte diese Typen denn du jz was vorspielst,
    Verpiss ich will nix mehr hören alles nur geschauspielt
    Ich hab dir vertraut, man ich hab dir geglaubt,
    Bei jedem scheiss Gerücht hab ich mich gehauen,
    Hab dir mein Herz gegeben du hast es missbraucht
    heute bin ich der, der keiner Frau hier mehr glaubt
    Mein Kaffa ist kaputt
    ich paffe an dem Joint
    bestimmt bist du währenddessen mit irgend einem Freund
    Möge Gott dir das geben was dir fehlt,
    respekt Menschlichkeit und liebe die hier zählt

  • This song gives me a feeling that I matter, and everybody else in the world matters. It brings me joy and hope that I will succeed in life. God bless all lives. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Drastic changes, I hate it man I feel complacent
    I can’t face this, emptiness I have a solution seems so basic
    Sit down and trace it, but I feel like I’m losing my mind
    Can I reveal the truth in your lies
    Cause I need some help but I swear that I’ve tried
    To do it my self but the damage is obvious even with time
    Stuck in a box, memory locks, I feel like a mime
    With everyone watching, I’ll just act like I’m fine
    Like I’m fine

    Can’t get up, pick up my sorrow, and remove the dust
    Man this is tough, emotions I borrow, who should I trust?
    To heal is a must, is today or tomorrow, or am I left feeling stuck

    I’m losing patience, is there a remedy do I just copy and paste it
    Man it’s amazing, how people can be so faceless
    Am I just a fool to continue these demon chases
    This all just a lie, man questions of why
    Try to stand up but I fall down oh my
    I’ll say that I’m fine, no eatin, no sleeping, I try
    It all just comes up cause the damage is all just inside
    Inside of my mind, outside a reflection of health and divine
    But reflection don’t mention the fears that divide
    The self loathing that comes with pain and goodbyes
    With pain and the lies
    Cry out and they just pass by

  • มันเป็นแค่ฝัน ชั้นไม่อาจหลงละเมอ
    เธอจะหันมาซักกี่ที ก็ยังมีผมคนเดิม
    ผมอาจจะหลงละเริง เส้นทางที่วาดไว้ก็ยังมีผมกับเธอ
    ถึงแม้ว่าวันข้างหน้าจะมีเรื่องราวมากมาย ผมจะจับมือเธอแล้วพากันเดินข้ามไป
    มันอาจเป็นผมที่ผิดเธอเลยไม่ชินกับเส้นทางที่ขีด เธอเป็นคนดีไม่มีที่ติเธอช่วยฟังเสียงไอนี่สิ

    เลือกใคร เธอก็คงจะเลือกมัน ชั้นยังคิดถึงเสมอ ตอนถามโรงเรียนเธอเลิกยัง
    เชื่อใจ แต่คุณก็เลือกทำ และผมไม่เชื่ออยู่แล้ว ว่าเธอกับเค้าแค่เพื่อนกัน
    และผมไม่เข้าใจ เมื่อคนให้ใจมันต้องพัง และชั้นไม่เคยจะลืม กับปัญหาแย่ๆที่สู้กัน
    และก็ขอโทษกับคำแย่ๆที่พูดมัน และถึงจะรู้อยู่แล้ว ว่าเราสองคนไม่ได้เกิดมาคู่กัน

  • Tard le soir, mes pensées sassombrissent. Et moi je rêve de toi, te voir à la sortie de l’hôpital. La seul chose que je vois, c’est moi face a un miroir cassé. Je sais pas comment te dire je t’aime. Est ce que je rêve de toi, car c’est la fin de ma vie? Est ce que je rêve de toi car je suis dans le coma? T’es en face de moi, te retourne pas. Je joue a la roulette russe, chargeur rempli. C’est pas un hentai qui va m’aider, non.

  • Why dont you take me instead

    Why do you take away my friends?

    Why dont you take me to heaven?

    Instead of them, i deserve to be dead

    So many thoughts inside of my head

    So many things i wish i could forget

    So many things ive Done that i regret

    Im so lost lord, i try to hide that im upset

    Cant sleep at night dont wunna leave my own bed.

    Is this it? Is the world about to really end?

    Will i be left alone as the word burns

    When will all the pain end?

    I hate i have to hide that i hurt

    try the best that i can to let it vent

    This is real, this is how i feel not pretend

    god gave me this gift so ican write, yeah

    he gave me a way for me to fight,

    i got no friends to hang with

    So i do this Like Every night

    Its a great gift, to be gifted,

    but i wish i had somebody to hang with

    yea, that would be nice,

  • düşün
    hayatın bu kadar saçma olmamalı düşün
    kendinden başka değerin yok düşün
    senden bi tanesi daha yok bu dünyada düşün

    yok mu bi haberin yok mu düşün

    bu mu olacak son sözün

    yüksek yerlerden düşerken ben
    kendime inanamazdım inan ki yendiğim o kadar savaşlar içimde kopan fırtınalar hepsine bi çare al yok mu mecal
    okursun hayatında olmayak bi masal törpülersin ömrünün kaçını en fazla
    her zaman sürükler seni yaptığın hatalar o yüzden inanma masallara kirletir seni hep saf herif
    ortalıkta dolaşamazsın kat edip kendine gelemez dikkat edin o yüzden diyeceğim sana son kez bi

  • Me and my friends were having a argument about who is better at making a sad rap song we gave each other 1 week and I didn’t even used the week because I was focusing on school work so I freestyled with this beat and I won.

  • This hits hard when you break up with yourself and rip the stitches you put back together and said dont you forget always remember

  • Why did u lie why did u live
    Left me to die and now it’s a meth
    I’m always waiting till that day
    When I die and enter heaven
    I lived 10 years of my life
    And I’m grateful for all the blessing
    I just feel like this world is destroyed
    Like my heart when I lost a loved one
    I know I barley saw the world
    But I already saw enough
    I hope my friends become successful
    Yes I became so stressful
    I feel like dying today
    My heart can’t go through all this pain
    The main reason I wanna die
    Because this world left me to drown
    Broke my heart and now its gone
    I hope ur happy I left this world
    I just wanna remember all the great memories
    With my friends
    Let me just drown
    Let me just die
    I’m so speechless
    I’m so endless
    Cause I entered this world
    Now I’m just going to go die
    Like my heart that just Fryed

  • This song makes me feel a feeling that doesn’t exist or rather hard to explain I feel a lot of emotions sad happy but not as happy as being able to act just like the cast. I will be so sad when this show ends and cry it will be so hard to get over this, but I know one day I’ll become just like the cast and start acting on a show like myself I’m sure of it!!! But at the moment I have no friends but who cares? I will become a actress and nobody’s going to stop me I will presume my dreams!

  • За окном огни


    Курю и пью до дна,
    За окном горят огни.
    Она сжигает всё дотла,
    Эй пох кто там внутри.

    1 куплет

    Каждый раз я говорю, что люблю тебя,
    От тебя без ума, схожу с ума,схожу с ума.
    Твои губы, волосы, глаза, обожаю всю тебя,
    Ты улыбаешься в ответ думая что это шутка.

    Поверь детка, поверь бейба,
    Поверь милая, поверь Лейла.
    Моя любовь к тебе настоящая,
    Ведь Я говорю от всего сердца.

    Я Ромео ты Джулия.
    Ради тебя готов выпить яд.
    Тебя не заменит не одна слат,
    Но боюсь что это не взаимно.

    Пожалуйста подожди, Милая моя,не спиши,
    Дай мне собраться духом,без обмана и лжи.
    Тебе признаться в своей безумной любви,
    Давай от всех этих людей вместе убежим.

    Но пока


    Курю и пью до дна,
    За окном горят огни.
    Она сжигает всё дотла,
    Эй пох кто там внутри.

    2 куплет

    Можешь сжигать всё, я боюсь темноты,
    Ты моя страсть, и ты светлый луч Луны.
    В мире где люди,перестают быть людьми,
    Ты мой яркий маяк, в эти темные ночи.

    Боюсь признаться в своей любви,
    Ведь все мне в след кричали умри.
    Вдруг, у тебя нет чувств ко мне,
    Вдруг, я даже не друг тебе.

    Что делать мне, как поступить,
    Какие меры принят, и не тупить.
    Как перестать думать о тебе,
    Как перестать курить, и пить.

    Как перестать писать бред,
    Дай мне совет,ты мой свет,
    Боюсь что про мои чувство, знают все.
    Ты оставила в моем сердце, свой след.


    Курю и пью до дна,
    За окном горят огни.
    Она сжигает всё дотла,
    Эй пох кто там внутри.

  • this tune right here is one my favourite from the entire soundtrack! I love the part where the high pitched sound comes in it really kicks your nostalgia and even something else more deep in your conscience. it’s slow but it’s soothing as hell!

  • hoy estaba viendo los últimos videos a los que le di like y me apareció este, encerio estoy muy triste porque ayer falleció un actor de marvel al cual yo admiraba y quería mucho ���� y está canción es hermosa, triste y emotiva. Wakandaforever��

  • Something about this song makes me think about all the good times and bad times in life I wish I could go back to when stranger things first came out everything was so good not just because of the show just In general I miss a lot of stuff I’m going to be a senior now and wow time just flies I’m with my girlfriend on FaceTime while she’s a sleep and I just hope me and her stay together forever because she truly makes me the happiest guy on earth and I don’t have the words to explain how much I love her gn everyone

  • Relation discrète relation


    Ont s’embrasse en pv en

    Ont se fais la bise en public


    mieux que personne le sache

    moin tu sais et plus tu

    parle je marche dans sais pas

    ont se cache du grand public

    pour pour s’épanouir et vesqui

    les critiques dans tes bras

    j’m’évanouie je suis bien avec

    toi je n’e repense plus au

    passée mon coeur et délivre

    mais sentiments je les mais de

    coter car je n’aime plus

    m’attacher mais avec toi c’est

    plus que sa dans tes yeux je

    nous voie je n’e veux plus que

    tu te noie chui pas parfait

    mais j’vais comble l’imparfait

  • Reciently I saw the Bob’s death, you can’t imagine how I cried in the scene and this song only remember to me that moment, really, really hurt me his dead

  • Esto va por HOPPER que está en el más allá por Billy que pensábamos que no podía ser mejor y lo fue al final de tener 8 garras clavadas en su cuerpo lleno de recuerdos felices esto va por Bob que siempre nos hacía reír por Benny por mews el gatico inocente BARB que siempre nos cuida. por Smirnoff Alexi que empezaba a divertirse de verdad en nuestro mundo lejos de su compromiso con los rusos, por darla por todos los que el desollamentes mato y por la valentía de todos.
    En nuestros corazones.

  • I listen to it most of the times, one of the reasons why I’m rewatching Stranger things. I watched it last year in summers which were one of the best for me, I enjoyed a lot. My health was great and I was stress less. Life was just amazing man. This brings a feeling where I just cry and rejoice all those good days. I hope it’s Normal and I’m not the only one

  • Loosin my mind im goin insane,
    My teardrops are falling and they matchin the rain,
    Stress on my chest so i take 2 to the brain,
    I hate goin in circles no pullin my chain
    I forgot my own name cuz
    Its covered in shame
    And Im standing all alone so no one to blame
    Cuz life is a joke and life is a game
    I grow up rough but shits still the same
    I got nothing to lose but so much to gain
    So i keep on pushing, running thru pain
    Got my hand up cuz im reachin for fame….
    Im takin them Ls & im learnin from lames

  • Jesus Christ, this is why I love Stranger Things. The soundtrack is the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard from any movie or show. I’m serious there’s something about it man

  • Эта девушка любила балконы
    Во времена когда грустила и было так плохо
    И даже в дни, когда мороз и неистово холодно
    Выходила она и косилась на провода

    Даже когда не светит солнце
    Её душа бежит, несется
    В объятья каменного злого монстра
    Чтобы рукою лишь потрогать космос

    Мерзкий злостный мир
    В детство возврати
    В день когда затих
    Женский жесткий крик
    Глубины души
    Не соединить
    Разошлись все швы.

    Это так дико по сути
    Наблюдать, как за путником путник
    Проходят, гуляют, стремятся к чему-то
    Останься, замри лишь всего на минуту

    Ведь так за месяцем месяц, за годом год и за жизнью жизнь
    Ты проживаешь, так и не задумавшись, что значит «жить»
    Ну, а сейчас держись

    Это реквием о потраченных днях
    О том, что сам понять не удосужился
    О том, поднять чего не хватит мужества
    Я расскажу тебе, чего мир тусклым стал

    Ведь каждый стремится лишь для себя
    А ты попробуй стать в ранее чуждый ряд
    И ты поймешь, каково было путникам
    Кто до сих пор не найдет свой маршрут никак.

    Эта девушка любила балконы
    Во времена, когда грустила и было так холодно
    Во время ветра стала расплетать свои волосы
    Стоя в метре лишь, над безумною пропастью

    Пока все думают о счастье,
    На сердце грусть или ненастье,
    Я тут присяду рядом? Здрасьте!
    Под кофтой спрятаны запястья.

    Твоя жизнь дикий ад, безликий мрак?
    И потеряла лишь азарт, сдаешь назад?
    Не сделав лишнего уйдешь вот так
    не торопись сестра с земли на небеса.

    Ведь водопады, реки и крутые склоны
    которых ты не видела помеж дела
    но эта девушка так любила балконы
    что взяла с них однажды и полетела

  • I like to listen to the song to think as it has that feel to it I don’t know why it does, yes it makes me sad but I think about things I can do for others when time comes.

  • Omg i love these everytime im down i listen to these❤❤❤❤ i hope u guys get so many like btw if u leave a like on my comment it brings more subscribers

  • V1
    الذكرى السابعة والحياه دايم تدور فيني
    ماصرت احكم عقلي الظلم والكره شايفه بعيني
    احس نفسي ضايع احس نفسي كرهت العيشة
    احس نفسي مجرد روح بدون جسد ومادري ويني

    خلال مسيرتي واجهت صعوبات كثيرة
    المصايب ورا بعض..بس يارب انها تكون خيره
    سافرت لأكثر من مكان عشان اكون انسان ناجح
    متى النهاية.. مادري متى بتنتهي المسيره

    روتيني نفس ماهو مافي اي اختلاف
    تفكيري السلبي خلاني ادخل في حاله اكتئاب

    كل ما اسمع موسيقى حزينه يقشعر البدن
    جملتي المعتاده “سيكون الافضل غدا”

    عرفت ان الوصول للهدف كالجبل و لازم تصعد
    مو من اول مره تطيح.. لازم توثق بنفسك وتصمد

    على كل خطوة تخطيها شد عزمك بالله الواحد
    حفز ذاتك بالنجاح خلك لنفسك واعد

    واذا فشلت المره الاولى.. حاول قد ماتقدر
    اتعب على شغفك..ذا الشي بيفيدك كل ما تكبر

    تعبت من كثر التفكير..ابي اعيش في عالم ثاني
    عالم اعيش فيه براحه دايمه.. ابي اكون وحداني

    في العالم الحالي مافيه غير مصالح وفساد
    وش بيصير فيه بعد سنوات؟ يمكن الحقد يزداد
    تنمر وعنصريه و تحيز و تسلط وكبرياء
    بسبب كل هاذي زادت افعال النفاق والرياء

    كل ما امشي بالطريق تطلع مطبات الفشل
    احاول اتجنبها لكن كثرت على شكل البشر

    ارهاق دايم عشان القى الحلال الي يرضي الخالق
    ابغى شي يحفزني لان تعبت وانا في الفشل عالق

  • HOOK:
    One day I just wanna have some decent health
    Maybe have some talent and some extra wealth
    I need to stop thinking so badly about myself
    And all of the sadness just needs to be dealt
    One day I just wanna have talent and make a lot of stacks
    Not a rapper who is rich but his rapping skill is whack
    I guess that will never happen so I won’t come back
    The only problem I have is the talent that I lack
    I guess the people who hate me have a reason
    For being polish I get knocked out to another season
    Bully me for not playing the games by Gordan Freeman
    I just wish people can hear me out unlike Leelan
    The first and only friend I ever had was a fake
    He beat me up to impress the school and not his own sake
    This is something that I imagine watching while I bake
    It’s like a huge tide appeared after a casual and relaxing lake
    One day I just wanna have some decent health
    Maybe have some talent and some extra wealth
    I need to stop thinking so badly about myself
    And all of the sadness just needs to be dealt
    I am getting bullied for having a suicidal thought
    Just tell me why I’m adopted and Brought
    I guess I can slip into something because my life will be short
    Even if I tried I know people won’t care If I got caught
    I need to stop with the thought put into my mind
    Something that I dig for but can not find
    Why do people say I always whine
    I’m just expressing my thoughts and trying to be kind
    All these people are getting into fights
    My little brother was killed in the middle of the night
    In my life I just wanna see some light
    My mother was killed the day she lost her sight
    I just want to make a single friend
    So I can be happy with the positivity they can lend
    I just want to be happy
    not someone who is rude and always to snappy
    All of this negativity I can not cope
    I’m just going through my life and treading like it is a slope
    At this point I have no more Hope
    Because My life will probably end hanging of a rope
    One day I just wanna have some decent health
    Maybe have some talent and some extra wealth
    I need to stop thinking so badly about myself
    And all of the sadness just needs to be dealt

  • I love this song it makes me cry because i haven’t seen my crush in 381 days that is 1 year and 16 days i cry everday hearing this song thinking of her

  • bro I really really dig the sad shit. this shit give me similar vibes to the shit I make. you earned my sub. mind showing some love?

  • Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein stein nailed all of the soundtracks for stranger things, it brings a vibe into the show that you just cannot describe

  • All of the stranger things soundtracks are amazing but eulogy is the one that hits the hardest for me, I just can’t get enough of stranger things, it will be so sad when they will stop making episodes but I suppose they can’t keep making more and more ��

  • I got inspired by you to make my own channel of me making music and I just recently released an album I love your channel and thank you for inspiring me to make music.

  • 2 minutes in and I love it. Still gotta hear the whole thing through but I don’t see it getting bad at all if the start is THIS. Good

  • two weeks after finishing the 3 seasons, I remember listening to this starring at the vast and empty sky and feeling the sadness��❤.
    Waiting for S04…

  • elle me fais l’a geule
    elle n’aura plus de nouvelle de moi
    J’vais me retrouvais seul
    le destin va m’imposer se choix
    Alors jbois pour oublier
    sa fais 2 jours que je suis killer
    J’allume une garo
    la vie ne me fais pas de cadeaux
    Mon coeur à tenter de chasser tout la noirceur tout mes peurt
    Et au fond je meurt
    jvoit la lueur
    J’me barre sur un coup de tête
    sa fais 15 que je recherche ma quête
    elle s’éloigne de moi je voudrais que sa s’arrête
    chui trop triste donc j’me déclare un pète

  • All i thought about while listening to this was my dead relatives and my dog this music just makes you think about everything that was good in life and to tone out of this fucked up reality just tone out and listen

  • Und du fragst mich  wies mir geht und mir fällt dann direkt ein
    ich bin ohne dich allein
    viele Nächte nur am Wein,
    trinke viel vom weißwein.
    Seit dem du weg bist läuft viel verkehrt
    schau in den Spiegel was bin ich dir noch wert,
    Ohne dich mein Herz so leer,
    Und ich frag mich wann ich sterb.
    Den ich brauch dich in mein life,
    Doch mein Herz eis kalt
    Und ich break dann das Eis
    Trotzdem bin ich noch allein.

  • Told me once,you told me twice, told me life would get better and feel so nice. thought i wake up in the mornin have some ice. But I gotta go to sleep, pray to Jesus christ. yeah, Deal with pain that be floatin thru my membrane fuckin wif my main brain gonna make me insane. Hold me down but i fkn hold a new chain. Dealing with the whole thang Goin thru a new lane. Slowly as my pain,drain tryna make me complain but i fkn maintain, yeah hop up on the pain train as my fkn vein drain dealing in the cold rain.

  • when i hear this i think of the scene where joyce and hopper are sitting in her bedroom after bob’s death, just taking everything in:(

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    kalsaydım geriye bakmasaydım hiç olurdu
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    hiç sikimde değil eminim başarıcam bir gün
    bu boktan yürücem engel tanımaz bir deli

    oldum çıktım çevremdekilerin karşısına
    3 kez ölüp dirildim kim vardı sokayım anısına
    dinlemeyip başına buyruk oldu sonunda
    dediler,sormadılar bir kere hayatın nasıl

    hayatım hustle, suratım her zaman asık
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    onca yaşanandan sonra diyom vay anasını

  • Never last place cuz u know I’m gon be winning g
    Making so much money it be growing on a dollar tree
    Everybody calling cuz they wanna make a song wit me
    When I shoot the three it be perfect it be green release

  • Yes and maybe my life ain’t been perfect, and a lotta crap happened I’m wonderin if I deserved it, and people tellin me I’m worth it, some say I should go to church and work with it, but if there is a god above and he love me, why do lotta people not trust me? I know I’m worth it and that I gotta stand up in this life, and I know things will be ok if I try, I’m a good man in the end I gotta take that with pride, and I hope when I read this u holdin on as much as I can grind, because in the end u a good person as long as u try, and I know u will always be an inspiration of mine, lotta people talk trash when they hear this rhyme, but deep down I wrote this just so u remember to stay alive. ♥️��.

  • This right here, tells a different type of sad, not the kind where you just got cheated on, or you just got yelled at by your mom, or even if you failed a test, it’s more of a sad where you know where you could have done more, you think you could have stopped it from happening, but in reality, you can only focus on the present now

  • Pioggia acida
    Esco di casa apro l’ombrello
    Sopra di me, un tormento eterno
    I ricordi mi cadono addosso, quasi mi sembra bello
    Fino a quando il mio cuore non apre l’ingresso
    Molti sono entrati senza permesso
    Quando ancora non conoscevo me stesso
    E mi chiedevo quanto tempo ho perso
    Nella testa un passaggio a livello
    Per passare devi fermarti al casello
    Perché non puoi ascoltarmi
    Se non paghi il biglietto
    Come quando giocavo al campetto
    Le bottiglie sparse su quel muretto
    Un sole che scalda come la pioggia d’inverno
    Perché quando fa caldo e dentro sei freddo
    Apprezzi il mondo anche con un piccolo gesto
    Cosa mi è concesso?
    Cosa mi è costato?
    Ogni parola uno schiaffo dato
    Siamo alieni in un mondo sbagliato
    Come quando mi hanno spostato
    Dalla strada che hanno spezzato
    Levati dalla mia faccia tu mi chiedevi
    Scegliere tra le due era da scemi
    Ero andato fuori dagli schemi
    Ma il buio mi ha detto dov’eri
    Scrivo con penna su un foglio tagliato
    Perché sull’ altra metà ci hanno sputato
    Scrivo con penna su un foglio a metà
    Perché l’altra metà è frutto di un gioco spacciato
    Accendo la luce illumina la stanza
    L’oscurità mi segue con eterna costanza
    Anche se scappo è una guerra falsa
    Non ci sono vivi senza ne cuore, ne ansia
    Tu nella mia testa balli una danza
    Io li fermo, sperando il tuo corpo può darmi speranza
    Parole volano al vento
    La pioggia le bagna sembra cemento
    Che rimangono impresse in chi si è visto dentro
    La sera buonanotte ti voglio bene
    A cosa mi serve se non stiamo insieme
    Il giorno dopo apro le finestre
    Sono tutti fuori come le iene
    Tu mi dici don’t cry
    Io mi chiedo come fai
    Che cazzo hai un tasto reset in questa life?
    Ti pensavo mentre cadevo nel porto
    Chiudo L’ombrello ormai si è rotto
    Dei buchi si sono formati per colpa di questa pioggia acida
    Alzo la testa arcobaleno che ha un’aria sadica
    Zero colori vedo solo grigio e nero
    “La vita è bella” Non ti ascolto nemmeno
    Ricordando quello che ero
    Penso a quanto non ne sono fiero
    Broken heart

  • Living the sad life
    Living in sad times
    Writing the sad rhymes
    Wanna take the knife
    Put it in my chest end my life
    Too much pain hidden on the inside
    Fake good side
    Real dark side
    Grandpa died
    Made things worse but I continued to hide
    All my problems eventually I considered suicide
    Im crawling with my hands tied
    Behind my back and my legs cut off but I still try
    To get to the end where I was told there was happiness but was that another lie

    Where am I supposed to go
    I’ve written so much but still have allot to show
    No words can explain
    All of the pain
    That my heart contains
    I ain’t being plain
    There’s the calm after the rain
    But I know this suffer will leave a stain
    I hope you understand what I’m sayin

  • Little bit:
    I couldn’t give it all
    I couldn’t give you my heart
    Cuz is cracked already I can’t take another scar
    It’s like I’m going around in these circles
    been tryin to get out please don’t hurt me
    I just wanted to get loud but your voice
    it still haunts me
    I just wanted to make a sound but ur choice
    Was to love me
    I hate when your around Cuz you feel joy
    When you hurt me
    Yeah I won’t stick around in these walls
    Don’t you worry

    All these thoughts made me so mad
    Take another sip
    All these thought burned inside my head
    I Can’t seem fit
    I guess I’m just hurting Cuz I’m dreaming of the feelings I’ve never had
    These feelings made me break instead

    Just a little bit
    Please don’t take it all from me
    I don’t know why everyone keeps ripping out my heart you see
    It’s been hard for me
    I can’t seem to be
    What everyone expects from me
    So please don’t believe in me


  • Ti aspetterò baby tra 15 anni
    Nella vuitton lei ha solo danni
    Noi pensiamo farli
    Ti ho giurato amore anche se saremo distanti

    Io e te che pensavamo a un futuro tu lo sai è solo nostro
    Guarda baby il cielo è scuro come queste scarpe l amore ha un costo
    Mi ricordo di te le sere ad agosto
    Mille bitch non saranno mai il tuo volto
    Guarda che ti aspetterò con una pila di soldi
    Così fuggamo via in altri posti
    Miami baby la ti porterò
    Problemi li lascio indietro con te farò uno show

  • Drawing pictures
    Maybe if I painted them
    They would come out clearer
    Who do you see when you look in the mirror
    A winner or a loser
    A picker or a chooser
    Maybe the pain leads you down the right path sooner
    You act tough when women come around you act even cooler
    Not yourself having no pops never helped

  • he sido testigo de mi alma cayendo en pedazos
    miseria, condena me di cuenta de que soy un fracaso
    espanto, la niebla me traga sin llanto
    el dolor camina en mi vida y soy su trapo
    no encuentro alegria en las cosas pequeñas de la vida
    me dicen q estoy vivo pero en la muerte me regocijo
    no hay lagrimas en mis ojos para derramar
    no hay buenas noticias solo cuentos con terrible final

  • Em ơi biết
    Khi điếu thuốc trên môi vẫn còn siết
    Là lúc anh biết
    Khi nói lời từ biệt
    Là lúc anh viết
    Khi cây bút này hết mực
    Vì anh biết
    Cuộc sống này còn rất cực
    Thì lấy cái gì
    Để làm động lực
    Muốn có đồng tiền
    Thì phải ra sức
    Còn nếu ngồi 1 chỗ
    Thì cuộc sống của may vức
    Cũng có những đêm thao Thức
    Suy nghĩ về
    Cuộc sống này quất ức
    Nhưng may vẫn luôn sống thật
    Giữa những con người tất bật
    Đầu may vẫn đội trời
    Chân may vẫn đạp đất
    Khi tiếng chuông đồng hồ
    Ren lên tích tắt
    Nhưng sao may vẫn
    Ngòi sau song sắt
    Thân sát may vẫn còn
    Nhưng tâm hồn may đâu mất
    May hãy sống như người điên
    Bỏ lại cả muộn phiền
    Đi cùng tao bay tới giới thần tiên
    Đường dài liên miên
    Và ko ai sống được 2 lần
    Trong cuộc đời
    Và hãy làm những gì mik muốn
    Đi thật nhiều nơi học thật nhiều đều
    Rồi sẽ thấy đều kì diệu
    Chứ ko phải hạnh phúc mờ ảo
    Liệu em có cảm nhận được thứ tình cảm anh chao

  • Aye I do this every day for me and for you, but coming with you boy I was a fool
    when you walked down the hall all the boys would drool……… I just thought you were so cool, we came all this way thought this would last all the time, I don’t know I put in the time for you, for me for everybody, but just tell me girl why did you leave me, aye why did you leave me, im in love with you cant you see but I guess I just want that somebody �� note: this is not a true story just made this up for fun and because I’m leaving romantic stuff for late for when I find someone true

  • Man alexei didn’t deserve to die he just wanted to have a free life but that was tooken away from him and also bob his life was going amazing then he was kill. And this song brings tear to my eyes when i hear it

  • G

    Scrivo una strofa di fretta,
    Prima che cali il buio,
    Mescolo sogni e speranze,
    Ne uscirà un bel miscuglio,
    Ho riempito i buchi o li ho lasciati in pausa,
    Perché ho capito che me la vivevo male,
    L aria è abbastanza per tutti non c’è bisogno di dire cazzate,
    Lascio stare sti freni mentali, non realizzerò nulla, se mi concedo sempre scuse, per non agire

  • its been a while
    since you said goodbye
    i kinda stopped caring
    but never stopped asking why
    what did i do to you
    except text you goodnight
    i did everything
    but all i got a was a goodbye
    it wasn’t even that
    and that is just a fact
    you left my heart broken
    i feel so attacked
    your not coming back
    i just got to attached
    i tripped over the cracks
    and fell right on my back
    all i see is black
    you fucking ate the facts
    you knew all about me

    im not finished but i hope you like it…

  • Rap time:
    I’ve been waking up to dreams where I can’t see myself I look in the mirror but see someone else please help me I’m trying to make it to make out of my own hell…yeah

    I see you everywhere I can’t help myself I put a smile on my face but I wish I could pass it to someone else in need that’s my wish to help somebody that doesn’t hate me I wish I could forget to remember but I just forget important memories completely.

    You said you needed help you sold me out to save yourself I’m burning every single day Triple 6 degrees while holding on to memories but I’m slowly rotting in the grave that you dug for me I wish I never met you so I wouldn’t go through this fucking pain “I still love you” bitch please that’s the shit you said to me before you walked out leaving my soul empty

    I did drugs Just to find out my whole life is coming down I can’t breath I can’t see it’s like I’m under water but the water is ink I’m stuck in time watching shit go bye you drained my heart dry I can’t wait for this pain and suffering to stop and then nobody would care if I died Cause my life’s a fucking lie.

  • yeah yeah don’t wanna break my heart.. yeah sure.. don’t wanna tear me apart yeah sure..you really broke It.. and now It’s all frozen..acting like I don’t know but really that’s sad bro. you think I got It on my mind? right? you think I wanted to spend time.. with this shitty ashole, I don’t even know why you doin solo. leavin me alone, I don’t wanna be home. Everytime I try doesn’t really work at all. well just say goodbye say goodbye say goodbye.. yeah don’t wanna break my heart yeah sure then why you put a crack In my heart oh no.. don’t even try to say It’s all fine, I know It’s not so don’t lie, don’t lieeee, don’t lie.. yeah lie.. lie..mmm yeah..

  • Walking through the streets
    Thought I’d never have a girl to meet
    Now I’m walking alone
    Always had to be a little bitch to moan
    I always started to cry
    I had a real reason to go and fly
    Thoughts were going through my brain
    All I wanted to do was fucking die

  • Theres alot I’ve been going through like what the hell am I supposed to do ik people say to forget abt the past but I kinda want it to last especially since it’s better than my present I wish life could be a little more pleasant I kinda want to leave this earth cause like what’s it really worth

  • I cry every time I listen to this. I just became an uncle but because of corona I can’t visit my niece anymore and I’m so heart broken

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  • What’s up, everybody!

    I’m a very underground rapper heavily influence by old school hip-hop. If you have time, y’all should come check out my new EP and tell me what you think!

  • Tired of all the lies and all the tears in my eyes
    How you claming you love me but dont even try
    You left out of my life when i needed you the most
    I cant believe you did that you really went ghost
    Remember all the times you talked but you lied
    Told me you would never ever leave from my side
    But you did
    So just listen
    You got me laying around remincing
    About the good times we had
    Still dont know how it turned bad
    Guess its true good things never last
    The reasons i know its true because i fell too fast

  • Yeah,
    My Roses Dead ��
    My violets are Dying
    Out side I look happy ��
    But Inside I’m crying ��
    She claim she love me ❤️ ��
    But I know she lying �� ��
    I run from my feelings �� ❤️
    But there is no hiding ���� ��
    All I feel is pain ��
    There is no escape �� ��
    These are my last words today �� ����
    So good day ��
    Thank you for treating like I’m nothing ��

  • Flowers for the dead
    At times I wish that you were here instead
    And all our precious memories I’ll never forget

    You was in the hospital bed
    Not believing it yet
    Everybody sad and depressed
    Counting your blessings
    Praying and praying, hoping for the best

    Mom shaking from stress
    Breaking in tears and fear
    Cause man, she loved you to death
    Next thing you know, we was walking mom out the room as she was yellin your name hoping you’d wake up but you was gone

    I Wish I could see you
    Though I know you wit me spiritually
    Physically, Hopefully God forgave you for what you did cause I know I did

    But I’m shedding tears right now
    Cause I was watching you fight for your life
    And I couldn’t do nothing help out

    Best believe I’ma keep you alive always
    Till the day we meet again
    Face to Face wit a grin
    In heaven where I know you are
    And Im ganna Miss You Uncle Jessie ALWAYS!

    RIP Uncle Jesse forever in my heart!

  • Ты меня не любишь, не жалеешь,

    Разве я немного не красив?

    Не смотря в лицо, от страсти млеешь,

    Мне на плечи руки опустив.

    Молодая, с чувственным оскалом,

    Я с тобой не нежен и не груб.

    Расскажи мне, скольких ты ласкала?

    Сколько рук ты помнишь? Сколько губ?

    Знаю я — они прошли, как тени,

    Не коснувшись твоего огня,

    Многим ты садилась на колени,

    А теперь сидишь вот у меня.

    Пусть твои полузакрыты очи

    И ты думаешь о ком-нибудь другом,

    Я ведь сам люблю тебя не очень,

    Утопая в дальнем дорогом.

    Этот пыл не называй судьбою,

    Легкодумна вспыльчивая связь,—

    Как случайно встретился с тобою,

    Улыбнусь, спокойно разойдясь.

    Да и ты пойдешь своей дорогой

    Распылять безрадостные дни,

    Только нецелованных не трогай,

    Только негоревших не мани.

    И когда с другим по переулку

    Ты пойдешь, болтая про любовь,

    Может быть, я выйду на прогулку,

    И с тобою встретимся мы вновь.

    Отвернув к другому ближе плечи

    И немного наклонившись вниз,

    Ты мне скажешь тихо: «Добрый вечер…»

    Я отвечу: «Добрый вечер, miss».

    И ничто души не потревожит,

    И ничто ее не бросит в дрожь,—

    Кто любил, уж тот любить не может,

    Кто сгорел, того не подожжешь.