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Transgender track stars speak out as critics allege unfair advantage

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AAU Powerlifting General Rules and Requirements


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Mattie Rogers USA Weightlifting Junior National Championships 2019

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2017 USA Powerlifting Youth Nationals

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The Future of Powerlifting USAPL Youth meet

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Age kids can start: USA Powerlifting has divisions for kids 8 years old and up. AAU allows competitors as young as age 6. The International Sports Science Association says it is safe for kids to start weight training in a controlled, supervised manner as young as 5 years old. 1. 1 day ago · Powerlifting is a sport that consists of lifting as much weight as possible on the squat, bench press, and deadlift for a single repetition (rep).That is, you work up to the heaviest possible weight you can for a single rep of the squat, then the bench press, then the deadlift.You perform all three of these exercises at a powerlifting “meet,” where you take turns with other.

Powerlifting is a strength sport that involves performing three main lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.There are multiple weight classes and athletes have three attempts at each lift depending on the individual and organization; in an effort to achieve the highest total possible. 2020 National Youth Championships. Rescheduled Atlanta, GA Competition dates: December 3-6 Qualification Period: May 25, 2019-November 1, 2020Registration Period: February 1, 2020 to November 5. Youth Sports Profile: Football. Pin Flip Email Search.

Search Clear GO. More in Fitness Sports Active Play Featured Tools. Ovulation Calculator Pregnancy Due Date Calculator The Powerful Youth Sport of Powerlifting. Fact checked by Emily Swaim Yes, It’s Really a Thing: Sport Stacking. Ian Goldberg is a sports dad, coach and the Founder of iSport360.

Over 100,000 youth sport coaches, players and parents use the platform to share training videos, player evals, sticker rewards and a virtual locker room to keep their team connected active and strong through the. The Air Force Sports program is designed to encourage competition, camaraderie, unit cohesion, as well as the skill of the athletes. The sporting program starts at the intramural and extramural level conducted through the fitness and sports center on the installation. The Real AAU Membership Site The AAU was founded in 1888 to establish standards and uniformity in amateur sports.

During its early years, the AAU served as a leader in international sport representing the U.S. in the international sports federations. The AAU worked closely with the Olympic movement to prepare athletes for the Olympic Games. Girl Scouts, Atomic Sports Physio and Performance, Lezzet Restaurant, Bagel Buddies, Watermelon Park River Adventures, Adam Schefter, Juicy Memes With Flavor, A Woman’s Soul, Humour/Jokes/Memes, Amy Klobuchar, Sarcastic Mommy, Dr.

Jill Biden, Dan Rather, Women Hold Up Half The Sky, OSHA approved memes for working class schmucks, Need Want. Sports Performance. The Validity of Olympic-Style Weightlifting Exercises for Athletes.

Despite the numerous similarities between full lifts, pulls, and extensions, the kinematic profile associated with different variations of Olympic-style weightlifting exercises allows for a more rational, sport-by-sport selection of movements based on.

List of related literature:

During this time, youth fitness specialists need to provide all participants with an opportunity to develop good training habits through basic education about weightroom behavior, proper use of equipment, and sensible starting weights.

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
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Stone MH, Cormie P, Lamont H, Stone M. Developing strength and power.

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Young athletes who use resistance training should be supervised by qualified professionals who can design an appropriate program for the age of the athlete (Lloyd et al., 2014).

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
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While the long­term goals of youth and adult strength training programs may be the same, the focus of youth programs should be on skill development and having fun.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
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Tomasoni et al. [185] recruited strength-trained athletes to test different forms of bench press exercise (barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, inclined dumbell bench press).

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Irrespective of age and sex, Lesinski et al. [66] observed moderate effects of strength training on measures of muscular strength (e.g., 1RM) and muscular power (e.g., CMJ height) and small effects on muscular endurance (e.g., prone bridge test) and sport performance (e.g., throwing velocity) in youth athletes.

“Handball Sports Medicine: Basic Science, Injury Management and Return to Sport” by Lior Laver, Philippe Landreau, Romain Seil, Nebojsa Popovic
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Training goals for middle-aged and older adults aim to modestly improve muscular strength and endurance, maintain muscle and bone mass, and enhance overall health and fitness.

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  • I remember I started working out at 13. My goal was to get buff and get lots of girls. After working out for a few months I bench pressed for the first time. After a few reps of the 45lb bar I started to get super sore. The fact that these kids at 8-9 can do it like nothing is NUTS.

  • Mother: it’s just a medal.
    When I win state in soccer it meant everything because of all the hardships my team and I went threw to win

  • its great to see these youngsters get into lifting so early (while still doing it safe and protecting their spines etc.) instead of just sitting in their room playing xbox 24/7 and eating mcdonalds

  • He didn’t lionlike he’s got a good chest he needs to stfu he just looks fat and. It’s not helping him because I can bench a lot more

  • 8 year olds could bench the bar? Pretty sure I couldn’t do that until I was at least 10. I know 14 year olds that could barely do that (non lifters but still)

  • I get this is a sport and I also lift but for these young children it can damage there spine and cause the children to not grow like they should.

  • “Facts matter more than feelings”

    People ignoring actual science facts that contradicts them, because it doesn’t validate their feelings.

  • Fuck I am 14 and i go to a commercial gym, and I am strong for my age but my pt doesn’t want i put more weights on: he is just jealous cause he is so weak for his size

  • That kid is 13 wtf how he is so tiny and he only benches 100. I’m 14 and I max 235 rn and still going up with 5 months b4 I’m 15 and I only weigh 151

  • I was 16 a few months ago and at 180 bodyweight I benched 295, Squatted 335, and Deadlifted 405. Not sure how these numbers compare but am still proud of my progress.

  • So the kids parents get them into this sport, kids have no idea what it is and the parents try to live vicariously through them, continuous weight lifting at at such a young age for some of these kids will ultimately hurt them in the long run

  • I’m 15 I would love to go to one this yo!!!!!My gym is always full I can’t really do powerlifting, and the trainers cost money and I’m not about to pay anybody more money than the monthly fee.I suck at squatting that’s all I need help with deadlifting if I People wouldn’t take all the bars I would be able to do more then 200 by now.My squats suck I can only do what 120.And I’m 5’8 145lbs.

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  • Looks totally drug tested as well lol 7:20 and 10:27 Why do you let people like this compete tho… Would never get through in the IPF

  • That is what a gym should be, everyone supporting and helping each other, NOT idiots with their ear buds vying for the equipment, taking your plates in between your sets, and staring at themselves in the mirror, I wish you guys were closer…….

  • At the mighty ‘behest’ of being WOKE, this is defended completely DENYING THE THE BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES THAT CLEARLY PRESENT HERE and in most sports (biological women vs. biological males). Sports ironically only more CLARIFIES the distinct differences between men and women biologically and yet that fact remains ignored. EYES WIDE SHUT.

  • I think there is a hugggge confusion around difference between sex and gender. Your gender maybe female and all the power to you. But your sex is still male…competitions should be based on sex, not gender.

  • Can someone elaborate on the point he made about looking at a point across the room to balance your arms out? I’ve not heard that before.

  • Power lifters=Ego lifters=high risk of injury. No thanks. I’m gud with being an aesthetic builder by being ripped, strong, and under 10%. No offense.

  • You can’t lie if it wasn’t for barbell brigade and you Bart Asians wouldn’t have gotten into Power lifting. I got into Power lifting last January because of you all. Thank you.

  • Love this and thanks for the back story of your first gym and PL meet! You have come a long way and your powerlifting community is awesome:))

  • Now thats a gym I want to go to. Gyms in the UK especially commercial gyms suck. They tell you off for taking your shoes for squatting and someone have a go at your for slamming the weights, they don’t know anything about weightlifting. I need to open my own gym or find one like that. One day I’ll visit Barbell Brigade.

  • A buddy just sent me this link. Literally almost our exact story here on the east coast (Virginia Beach)! Big props guys, keep killing it!

  • I had the pleasure of lifting at Barbell Brigade last week. To walk in and get a warm greeting and the excitement that the staff have for life. Not to mention once you actually get in there and feel not only the intensity of the lifters, but the music and the eye contact of everyone is one of a kind. I never got mean mugged, I never was looked at up and down. There was someone going for a PR, and the entire gym stop to motivate. It was inspiring and motivating beyond what I had imagined. I PRed each of the big three, I was spotted by people I have only met through the YouTube universe, and saw the rest of the Barbell Familia in action. The fact that this was a normal day in the gym for the members was amazing. I only one day hope to build a community that Barbell Brigade has become. Thank you.

  • I acutally competed in my first powerlifting meet earlier this month (after about a year of incorporating powerlifting into my workouts). It was a great experience and totally agree about your comments on the community-very supportive and helpful. Everyone was super nice! Definitely look forward to competing in another one!

  • Can anyone explain to me how the weight classes work. Right now i weigh 200 but i know its more fat than muscle and i am a bit weaker than the people in my weight class, so should i be competing or looking to cut and then compete


  • hey Bart, big fan of the channel, I was wondering what you do when you are injured I pulled a muscle 10 days ago and it has just got worse, after failing to meet any daily squat goals since, I have just reduced my weights. this has been really demoralising and I wondered how you would proceed

  • Powerlifting is the fastest growing sport in what world lol. Google states lacrosse is the fastest growing sport and listed 14 others. Powerlifting just a sport.

  • I love this video so much! Even tho i dont go to barbell brigade, i try my best to support it. Love everything you guys do especially you Unco Bart and Aunty Geo

  • Thanks to the interweb people know how to squat. 10 years ago say one guy on the squat rack and he was doing barbell curls. wtf. Now squat rack is taken almost instantly because the interweb shows the benefits and how to properly squat.

  • So barbell’s thing is that it has motivational employees.. but I bet if you’re late on a payment you’ll be hit with high late fees… the reason I watch this channel is Geo’s butt.

  • I’d love to compete in the BB USPA Open one day. I’ve been to the gym and it was an amazing experience to be able to lift there. It was the highlight of my trip all the way from VA and I’ll be sure to go back again.

  • This literally made me cry a little bit. I wish there was a gym even just a little bit like Barbell Brigade where I live. The situation here is actually so bad people still give me insane looks when they see me deadlifting 3 plates, because I’m pretty much the only one who deadlifts at all. Makes me want to move to the US just to join a gym like this.

  • I’m privileged to say that I’ve witnessed the rise of what is and will be a legendary community, company, and person in the lifting world. Barbell has left its individual mark, much like Golds Venice before it.

  • I’m from France and your gym is the perfect dream! It’s my goal to open a gym like that in France someday where everyone helps each other and everyone loves this sport. Sorry for my bad english

  • Whats crazy is that these “chicks” will break every women sport record there is and i mean break them to the point where no biological woman would even come close to reaching I mean some might be impossible for some women to do

  • It used to be: they‘re black, therefore, they‘re better. This is so highly technical and medical and individual. So us average people arent gonna be deciding on this because it‘s not about our feelings either. Living on estrogen will eventually level them with others. As for the doping scare…some athletes have been abusing it regardless of gender or sex. That worries me more than whose T has been withering away

  • Hmmm…two dudes don’t perform very well in men’s events:
    Dude 1: I know what we should do
    Dude 2: what’s that?
    Dude 1: let’s identify as chicks so we can beat real-chicks in events. Remember what we learned in physiology?
    Dude 2: oh yeah, dudes are biologically stronger than chicks. I bet we could kick those chicks’ butts!
    fist bump

  • It’s honestly an insult to female athletes who were forbidden to compete in their lifetimes.
    Men taking hormones still have biologically male bodies. Their fast twitch muscle tissue IS different than female composition

  • Only way to stop this madness is for all the actual girls refuse to compete. Let the two men in wigs compete against each other. Slapping eye shadow on a dude doesn’t make him a her.

  • I wish we’d have had weight training in middle school, we probably would’ve sucked a whole lot less in sports. Or at least we’d have been better prepared for high school sports. These kids are awesome

  • It;s wonderful to see how women’s lap times are achieving close on par with the men’s. It just shows how women are closing the gender gap.

  • Nearly all these pussies are doing Sumo form, a few of them will most likely attempt Strongman only to find out that Conventional is the only form allowed in Strongman:) Get rekt’d fckers

  • i wish i can lift again but had an injury miss doing this everyday i go outside look at my weights and wish my chest would heal but till dis day still have pain

  • As a feminist with a lot of trans friends we agree that trans people shouldn’t be allowed to compete in sports competitions as they’re identifying gender yet because it isn’t their natural born sex and until we can find some way to block those advantages with being the opposite sex they shouldn’t be allowed to compete in these competitions because the reality of it is that it is unfair and we are trying to make it as Fair as possible

  • First off ABC, shame on you.
    But interestingly enough here we have quite predicament here. We fought for women’s rights, and implemented title 9. Now because of people like ABC, who want to live in make believe land, we have a found loop hole that allows boys to steal away opportunities from women in sports. ABC wants to focus on what’s fair for the boys who identify as girls, but they don’t consider what’s fair for naturally born female athletes. So where would feminists weigh in on this? Women, you need to fight for your sports; if not then why do we have gender separated sports at all anymore?

  • There needs to be a section for transgender males and females in sports! These people have all the right to compete but without outcasting cis-females because of the physical superiority in strength.
    Human rights are to be protected for all parties involved.

  • I respect trans people but the science is that males tend to perform better at physical exercise than females. It’s because I testosterone acts as a natural steroid increasing muscle growth amount other things

  • Ok well… if it was just one, maybe…. but both of them? I mean… I’m sorry but it is like they’re on steroids compared to the rest lol
    Personally, I think we should take genders out of sports all together, but that’s just me.

  • i wouldn’t pay twice as much but easily 1.5x my monthly membership dues to lift in a gym like this. it reminds me of my gym when i was playing college ball. making gains is the only thing that matters. obviously don’t break shit but if you have to bail on the weight do it. congrats on your success.

  • I am not against Trans ppl at all but in this case, they have an overall advantage than the girls and are taking scholarships for girls who have who worked really hard for their opportunity

  • they will always have more fast twitch muscles than women even if they reduce testicle levels. The scientist are way too liberal on this issue.

  • They are boys competing against girls it’s not fair no matter what u identify as you can never change ur sex as much as I want to be a bird I will never lay an egg����‍♀️this is sad ridiculous and makes me want to throw the whole world away

  • If trans ppl need their own trans division it’s not right honestly if Kenton James was trans and went to the WNBA he’d or she would be the greatest female basketball player in history and no biological female will never break that record

  • Its really weird how my whole life i was taught or brainwashed that women and girls are just as strong and tough as men but now they say its unfair to have them compete in sports….

  • They’ve been though puberty and even with hormone treatments are STILL physically stronger and have thousands of genes that express themselves as male. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS and get them off the competition against girls. Ridiculous

  • If they play against males then they’ll be at a unfair disadvantage due to the hormone replacement therapy, if they play against females they are at a unfair advantage due to biology. It’s easy for me to say as a trans woman to just not compete. Cooperate, help and heal others.

  • I get why people would think this is unfair, but they can’t change the fact that they’re trans. They have to compete somehow, and it makes the most sense for them to compete in the gender category they actually identify with and are actively taking steps to change their bodies to look like. Everyone who’s against trans women competing in women’s sports doesn’t take into account what their argument will mean for trans male athletes. If trans women must compete with men, then trans men (who inject testosterone) must compete with women. It’s the same issue just flipped, and it’s a whole lot more illogical that way. If you think this is hard for you or your cis children, you have no idea how hard it is for trans kids. Just let them be.

  • Of course, is unfair!!! Just because the guy is confuse and parent go along with it, you cannot force girls to compete against men. No way Jose!!!

  • Lmao nah you are a man. Your body has generated testosterone your entire lives lol how is this fair at all? I’m a 6’4 230lb man lol let’s compete in track and field ladies.

  • They are girls it’s wrong to say they have an unfair advantage they are girls not boys it is basically transphobic to say they are not allowed to run track just because they used to be boys…its wrong

  • I’m gay but they are not biologically women, they were born a male and went through puberty with testosterone that gives them an advantage. So it’s not fair for the biological women who compete. I’ve done track 7 years high school and college. The biological men are faster than the women in the same exact race.


  • as for her parents saying its not about the medal or trophies then i say whenever their daughter wins she should not get a medal or trophy and she should also not be able to get a college scholarship do to her advantage over other high school girls

  • It’s not just the testosterone, if that is even a factor at all after hormone therapy. The advantage comes from having a male bone and muscular structure. It is definitely an advantage when competing is THESE types of sports.

  • This is such bs. They should compete amongst themselves. The nerve of these guys competing against women and kept a straight face about it.

  • Science clearly shows that they have an advantage. Feelings are irrelevant. Facts are all that matters. Maybe there are some sports where that advantage might not be as much. But in track and field it absolutely is a huge advantage. Fairness and integrity of the sport should come first. Let them compete against men if they want to compete. But im sure they won’t want to since it’s not competition that these girls are after. They just enjoy winning by the margins that they are.

  • They are not girls, WE FOUGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO PLAY.. and now you say boys are allowed to beat us pretending to be girls….. unfair and unfortunate