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RBK Extendable Youth Hockey Skates

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Life and Times of Wayne Gretzky

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Alexis 2nd Ice Skating Competition 1st place Champion again!!!!!

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Teaching my Toddler to Skate

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Figure Skating’s Upcoming Star Alexandra Trusova aims at Olympic Glory | Exclusive Interview

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Snow Angels Synchronized Skating Team

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Veronika Zhilina, Elements at 2020 Russian Youth Figure Skating Championships (Вероника Жилина)

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Age kids can start: Toddlers of two and three years old can begin to skate, sometimes with a metal bar to hold onto for balance. Learn-to-skate lessons can begin at about age 4. Skills needed/used: Flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Ages 7 17. Sky Rink Figure Skating Clinics are freestyle sessions for youth figure skaters.

Clinics are divided by test level for safety reasons. Skaters must be under 18 years of age and at least Basic 6 level and above. Skaters practice on their own or in a private lesson with their coach. Kids Figure Skating Youth Sports Profile. Fact checked by Sean Blackburn How to Talk to Your Child’s Coach.

Fact checked by Adah Chung Best Sports for Children With Asthma. Fact checked by Andrea Rice Lessons in Sportsmanship for Kids. By Catherine Holecko Kids Soccer Youth Sports Profile. Figure skating can be an invaluable learning experience for a child.It can keep your child physically active while teaching them dedication.If you want to get your child into figure skating, start by developing the right skills.Encourage activities like hopscotch and take your child skating. Figure skating, John Coughlin and the disturbing reality of athlete-on-athlete abuse Read more “Ultimately, it’s important to create a space where children can feel safe,” Tucker says.

Figure Skating Club The Eden Prairie Figure Skating Club provides training, skill development, activities and support for figure skaters at all levels and ages, both competitive and recreational. The club also meets the needs of developing skaters through its Junior Club. Ages 3 – 18. Location: Morrison Arena.

The Orono Community Education ice skating program is designed for all ages, and lessons follow the curriculum designed by Learn to Skate USA to provide a simple but progressive method of group ice skating instruction. The ice skating program includes preschool level skating skills, basic figure skating, hockey skills, and private. Offering excellent Youth Hockey and Figure Skating Programs plus our Hockey and Figure Skating schools rank among the finest in the Midwest! The ERRA hosts a wide variety of other activities and events all year long at our facility in Eagle River, Wisconsin including Northland Pines Boys and Girls Hockey games and Falcons games.

Playing youth sports is about more than winning and losing—athletes that participate in sports can learn several life lessons that can be used on a regular basis. 1. Competition. One of the most obvious life lessons that come with playing youth sports is competition. Teams and individuals go head-to-head in an attempt to outdo one another. Youth sports concussions vary by individual sports as do the safety precautions that are in place and safety gear that can be utilized.

In honor of today’s Team Up Speak Up Day, we’ve compiled some information about each sport’s concussion rate and safety precautions so that you can help prevent injuries to your child and make more informed decisions.

List of related literature:

For example, some skating coaches agree that age 8 is the latest one could begin skating and hope to become an expert skater (Starkes, Deakin, Allard, Hodges & Hayes, 1996).

“Child and Adolescent Development for Educators” by Christi Crosby Bergin, David Allen Bergin, Sue Walker, Graham Daniel, Angela Fenton, Pearl Subban
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The data shown at 12, 14, and last year are from senior National team skaters only.

“The Road To Excellence: the Acquisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences, Sports, and Games” by K. Anders Ericsson
from The Road To Excellence: the Acquisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences, Sports, and Games
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There are four disciplines in figure skating that the athlete may pursue once the basic skating skills have been developed.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
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Other skaters, such as the 16-year-old orphan from Ukraine, Oksana Baiul, maintained the pressure on Kerrigan to skate the best performance of her career.

“Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement” by John E. Findling, Kimberly D. Pelle
from Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement
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The elite group comprised skaters who were on the National or Junior National Team and who had international competitive experience at the Senior level.

“Expert Performance in Sports: Advances in Research on Sport Expertise” by Janet L. Starkes, Karl Anders Ericsson
from Expert Performance in Sports: Advances in Research on Sport Expertise
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A “Learn-to-Skate” program guides students of all ages in basic skating skills through advanced moves in figures, freestyle, ice dance, power skating, and precision skating.

“The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis” by David J. Bodenhamer, Robert G. Barrows
from The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis
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Meanwhile, in both the United States and Canada, thousands of young skaters each year begin the journey toward excellence in the sport, while older athletes continue to enjoy the opportunity to judge, spin, and twirl on the ice.

“Sports around the World: History, Culture, and Practice [4 volumes]: History, Culture, and Practice” by John Nauright
from Sports around the World: History, Culture, and Practice [4 volumes]: History, Culture, and Practice
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The CFSA offers programs for skaters of all ages and skill levels, including CANSKATE (the learn-to-skate program), CANPOWERSKATE and CANPRECISIONSKATE, as well as Test and Competitive programs.

“The Canadian Encyclopedia” by James H. Marsh
from The Canadian Encyclopedia
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Professional inline skater Kelly Matthews has been skating since she was twelve.

“Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence” by Robert Epstein
from Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence
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Children who learn sliding skills have a foundation for ice hockey, figure skating, speedskating, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, and even curling (curlers slide along the ice surface to deliver their rocks).

“Long-Term Athlete Development” by Istvan Balyi, Richard Way, Colin Higgs
from Long-Term Athlete Development
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  • Хорошая девочка!��������❤❤❤ Целеустремленная. ���� Хорошо говорит, знает, чего хочет, несмотря на молодость. ������������ А братик младшенький уж больно злой.������ Нахватался откуда-то выражений. Уж точно не от сестры. ������

  • Oh my gosh that fall on the quad looked terribly painful! I hope she’ll be alright.. I’m sure she’s just working through the pain.

  • My daughter was 10 months old her first time on the ice. It was more of pushing her around and letting her get comfortable with it all. She was able to stand on her skates off ice but She wasnt able to stand alone on the ice til 1. Now at 3 she is asking to play hockey. I told her we need to work on skating better.

  • Que de travail chez tous ces patineurs pour arriver à ce top niveau… Combien d’heures sur la glace et d’entraînement physique!! BRAVO à tous, un ravissement pour les yeux, vous nous comblez de si belles images et merci à tous!!

  • These skaters are getting younger and younger ever year. I am afraid of her future since we all know that figure skating can damage your body and mental health and her coach is a homicidal maniac.

  • Not thinking about quintuplets jumps cause she has to practice her quads….��������
    They can even land a clean, well executed, not muscled quad, why would they try a quintuple?

  • Excellent video! I was feeling depressed when I started it. I felt happy when it ended. I live about s mile from the arena where Canada won the gold.

  • I’m a Brantford gal and I feel such sadness at the way he was treated as a child here now that my son is on the ice…Wayne truly was and is the Great One and goes to show that nice guys do finish FIRST… Thank you Wayne for being a tremendous role model to our national sport and I see the gleam in the eyes of parents here at the arena hoping their 6, 7, 8, 12 year olds will be like the Great One and push their children hard at such young ages yelling from the sidelines “Get in there!!” Or “Cone on skate, pull it together!!” Wayne was great because he put his team first and always said “check your ego at the door”… live the sport love it with heart, not your ego. ������

    Walter is often seen at the rink to this day… a parking spot is reserved for him at the front of the arena”Walterour lord and mayor”… such a LOVELY, amazing role model.

  • What a great Vid. My boys are 3 & 5 and had them in the ice for the first time last winter. Such good tips and advice. I love your perspective. 1 more thing, always quit while their still having fun, don’t let them go til their cold and hurt and frustrated. ����

  • Omg she is so lucky ���� i feel bad becose i am poor and i cant start figure skating becose we dont have money �������� my dreams are broken

  • Gretzky was a cherry picker his whole career, except the last 2 yrs or so
    when he “tried’ to act like a tough guy and you kiss asses on here know it but won’t admit it

  • Один только думает и мечтает,как сдвинуть гору,чтобы пойти дальше,а Сашуля….из тех людей из тех особенных личностей которые сбивая в кровь свои руки,ноги,берут и перетаскивают по маленькому камушку гору,преграду,прокладывая себе путь к своей цели своей мечте!!!И Александра обязательно добьётся того к чему стремится!!!!Делай,что любишь,и люби,что делаешь!!!Удачи и Всех благ!!!!

  • She seems like a really nice girl. For someone who is shown really promising results at a significantly young age I feel like she is really down to earth and humble which is really nice to see. I loved how highly she speaks about her coaches and the skaters too. The part about her not being sure about friendship seems most likely lost in translation. At least I hope. I can’t wait to see her shine and be the next big thing in skating. Also her brothers are such a big mood.

  • My baby brothers name is mason, I’m trying to convince him to do hockey since I want to do figure skating but he wants to do baseball ��

  • She’s skilled and her skating is cool but I’m very upset that this technique won’t let other girls to compete… I like Alina’s and Evgenia’s skating but we won’t see them at World’s because of Sasha, Anna and Alyona. They’re all great but I’ll miss my favorites((((

  • at the end of video lady mentions how Gretzky has more assist than anyone else,how about more career assist than anyone else has in career points.

  • This young lady skated into my heart in the Juniors this year. Her smile is contagious and such beautiful hair and I was amazed at her perfect performance in my opinion. I have been watching female skaters all my life. I am 58 and she may be my favorite after all these years. I am American but I will be always pull for Alexandra and I hope she ends up with Gold in every event. Others say she won’t be able to do quads when she gets older. We will see.

  • aww she’s adoreable. lol i can tell my mom gene is starting to kick in now. i was terrified she was going to fall the entire time and i kept jumping as if i could catch her through the screen lol

  • I took lessons for a year or so as a kid and quit cause my mom made me wear a dorky helmet. About ten years later, I started dating a hockey player and thankfully my small bit of skill paid off! Now I’m trying to get good enough to keep up with him��

  • Honestly, Sasha has such a sweet personality! Hopefully she achieves her dream of becoming an Olympic champion…Wishing her all the best in her figure skating career:D

  • My favorite sport is hockey and football I call soccer football ��⚽️ because im not from America but I live in America I am from saudi arabia

  • Wow! When you watch her skate, you don’t realize how YOUNG she is. It kinda breaks my heart that this is her whole world at such a young age. But she is an amazing skater, that’s for sure!

  • For those who don’t seem to understand, this is apparently a basic level competition, where you show off the basic moves you learned in class. She did forward stroking, a couple nice one foot glides, right and left crossovers, backward wiggles, snowplow stop, and a few hops and dance flourishes. So she was probably in basic level 2 or 3 at the time. Nice job.

  • They throw girls like Yulija Leptinskaja and Zagitova under the bus as soon as they find fresh meat. Cruel life being a skater in Russia.

  • Just started taking my 4 y/o daughter out by going to a freeskate by Tim Hortons Day 1 went well few falls few tears but she enjoyed it. I found if the rink was too busy like the 2nd time we went out she was to preoccupied with what the other skaters had (ie. The pvc aid she doesnt have one but has the Skateeze) so she would give up a little more quickly. Had a few falls that day but no tears! Overall I think its been good but it seems to be about taking your time and moving at their pace!

  • I always wanted to play hockey, still don’t at the age of 16, but my grandpa would take us skating sometimes if he didn’t have a game the next day or anything, and it wouldn’t happen that often. But it was always fun, and I started to learn sound the age of 8 or 9.

  • I remember when I would just lay on the ice my coach would tell me it would crack and id fall through and I never layed on the ice for more than a second again haha

  • Im late to this but these comments are seriously ridiculous,, you guys are criticizing a small child who is obviously having fun. She’s not a professional, stop talking abt her like she is

  • My little brother has been on the ice since he approx his 5th birthday(he’s almost 7 now) he has been in and out of hockey and skating lessons and he has just joined his very first house league! It’s amazing to see all of the work he has put in to make him a better player. It has been and still is very important that we only let him play when he wants to. I see a lot of parents screaming at their kids this age to work work work and torturing them to the point they may cry on the ice. If it’s drilled in the kids head they are never going to enjoy the fun that comes with the sport! Skill will come with time and seeing the smile on your kids face is the best part about taking them to play

  • We found these to be amazingly helpful. We used them for all four kids, starting just after they were comfortable walking, until they fit the smallest size of toddler single blade skates that we could find. They are expensive, but we used them for 4 kids, plus friends kids and nieces and nephews.

  • I’ve been skating for 5 years, if you reply to this comment saying “you don’t know!” I’d like to see you criticize her and watch her not care. Crossovers are meant for technique, and she is young. You guys can’t except a PROFESSIONAL out of her. I wanna see you try ice skating and win 1st place.

  • Gretzky-Best NHL player to ever play the sport ��

    20 years
    4x Stanley Cup champion
    9x MVP
    Most points goals and assists in history

    No one else is able to come close to the “Great One” ☝️

    Gretzky=Great One ☝️

  • Out here in Sweden we as kids were taught to suck it up and stand up again. And no, we didn’t have any fancy skates just some old raggedy rip off skates

  • And at age 18 she’ll retire cause she’ll be burnt out. I want to move the age limit up, go back to the elegance of figure skating. Those 15 year Olds just jump and jump

  • Thanks for the vid! Josh here in Ottawa. Bought my 3 yr old his first pair of Bauers for xmas and hopefully hitting the ice tomorrow for the first skate. It was a lot of fun watching you and your boy hit the ice. Now pops is on the hunt for a new pair of skates with the help of your channel. All the best in 2020!

  • I know nobody but Gretzky made that many points, but man, the goalies… jesus lol today, a goalie lets a puck slip in in a hole as big as the puck and they get destroyed in the medias after game lol

  • This poor girl is brainwashed by adults… it’s true that none of those girls are her friends as they have her same interests and they are competition… but it’s sad to hear a 13 year old girl saying basically I have no friends because I can’t trust my competition and basically I only trust my family. seems like there’s a LOT of pressure from adult for her to achieve gold medal in the olympics… she probably will

  • She is such a talent. Shame she would never be able to participate in Olympics under the flag of her own country, or hear its hymn when she’ll get her already well deserved gold. Not fair to her. But oh well. Her name is already written down in figure skating’s history. Not bad, not bad at all.

  • Out of all the major professional sports leagues in North America, no one was anywhere near as dominant as Wayne Gretzky. Name me one other professional athlete who started his career with eight consecutive MVP’s. Gretzky won the Hart in his first eight consecutive seasons, something that as far as I’m aware is unprecedented in all of sports.

  • I was 4 when I started playing hockey and they put me in full gear and put me with the older kids that new how to skate and then I wanted to skate fast like them so I would chase the around and eventually I just knew how

  • She’s the champion? Is this a joke? She hardly moves. I just feel sorry for other children, who are really talented and who deserved to be champions in this competition.

  • oh god im sorry but she is very bad for her age have you Sean the 7 year old girls from russia im 12 and I already jump all tripple jumps so this is bad

  • Her arms need some work, but she reminds me of my 1st comp. I wonder if she even skates any more! And do not criticize me for telling about her arms because I have been a skater for 9 years

  • Wow she’s really good omg I can hardly leave the wall ��

    Edit: wow I made this comment a while ago now and I stumbled upon this video again and found my old comment but I’m now actually a figure skater lol

  • I do figure skating and her spirals have her legs bent, her crossovers have her heels in the wrong spot, and 1st place in probably people who are bad at skating. her performance had barely anything not even a good spin or a good waltz jump. I would say she is stage 3 out of level 6. So she isn’t even at level 1 yet.

  • I met him many, many times. He was polite. Even though we wanted the same girls. But yeah, he was a LOT LOt tougher, if you watch film, this was not a skinny wimp. He fought off checks, you don’t get to this level, by being weak. He was hit before he made the NHL, in circumstances, where people, questioned whether he would get up. Or PLAY again. He was a lot tougher, than anyone knew.

  • the Queen AD right before this….omg!..and the best us the figure skater and the belly dancer….cause I do both! when I’m on ice, with my veils…you can’t stop me now!

  • I’m a figure skater and I can do an axel. But not even clean so I bet you she is better at footwork and absolutely amazing at spirals unlike me

  • Ok. For yall that are criticizing this girl, get out. Some of you guys don’t even know what a chinese spiral is and youre getting up in people’s faces for doing crossovers. What she does in this program is fit for her level, so don’t expect a full on Alysa Liu program. So what if she does a chinese spiral? For her level, it’s very good, and at her age now, probably better than mine. If you want to criticize, at least have 5 to 6 years of REAL SKATING EXPERIENCE AND NOT JUST WATCHING THE OLYMPICS FFS, P L E A S E. As a Preliminary girl myself, I feel very offended by people who think they have all the knowledge on skating but can’t even go around the rink 1 time in a minute or less. Yall be criticizing on crossovers, which are basically the first thing you learn in skating besides stroking and swizzles. This is ISI, not the fancy ISU for Olympics and not the IJS for local competitions. Please do your research first before saying anything.

  • I’ve been skating for most of my life and i can say this wasn’t the best but she did very good for her age. I first started when I was just a few years younger then her but when I was her age I couldn’t even do a good spiral and her spirals are beautiful so please no hate for her if you don’t skate I’m sure you don’t know hard it would be to actually do this routine at her age.

  • It’s too bad she’s russian.. will their doping scandal be considered over by then or will she have to skate without her country I wonder?

  • I love and adore Wayne Gretzky he is intelligent, decent, and ethical. Yes, I’m an American, but I still really love him! And he proved everyone wrong by staying married to Janet Jones for 30+ years. They are clearly still very much in love. The haters can go to… (well, you know)

  • That is ugly the girls are ugly clothes are ugly your make up your hairstyle your shoes your pants are ugly ice-skating boots I mean your shoes are fantastic but it’s ugly

  • All she did was crossovers and skate in circles. She was not good enough to win first place. The person that made this video click baited you. The music does not match either.

  • I’m not trying to be rude but the choreography didn’t match the song and all she did was just doing cross overs and going in circles

  • Wayne a Canadian icon brought down by an American egotistal money hungry self obsorbed acting weirdo. Broke CANADIANS hearts when he left Edmonton to Los Angeles for someone that was all about herself

  • Just to clear up confusion. This is ISI, not ISU.

    ISU is what you’re seeing on tv, olympics, etc. jumps, spins, choreography, etc.

    ISI is a program based on performance, and even at the highest level, the required element is only a double. They focus of entertainment, and it’s not a legit sport.

  • Met Wayne and his family several times, I worked at his restaurant in Toronto for several years. My absolute hero and such wonderful people,

  • Cool to learn about the heritage “old timers” series. I’m not a huge sports-head but I was just thinking how cool that’d be for other heroes to come back in other sports. Like a Basketball Old timers series with Michael Jordan, Barkley, etc… I imagine many of these guys would have a bit too broken down bodies to do it again, especially Bird and a few of the others. But it’d definitely be a huge draw and money maker.

  • 21 years after retiring he still holds the top 7 spots for Assist one season by NHL hockey player including the record of 163 assist.There has only been 2 players to record 160 points in a single season Wayne himself & Mario.Wayne still is the only player to record 200 points in a single season & did it 4 times.Bill Taylor & Gretzky hold the record for assist one game with 7.Taylor was the first to do Gretzky did it 3 times.Bobby Orr,Mario & Gretzky are the only 3 players to record 100 or more assist in a single season,Orr did it once & was the first to do it.Mario did it once & Gretzky did it 11 times.

  • She did ok…..her crossovers were well kinda bad…….I’m an actual figure skater so don’t say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • I never saw interview with her but she seems so powerful and mature as a person. I admire that because I am much older than her and still have to work on the way I think about my life/goals and accomplishments. For example I would never say that I am not afraid of losing. Everybody should have hobbies and sports, I guess. Beacuse they build your personality, and give you a chance to manage your “flaws”. Of course, people you are surrounded with also have a major impact on your way of thinking. All in all she has a mindset of a winner, but there are more things beside being in the first place, dear Alexandra, you will see it in the future. To me its most important to leave an impact to at least one person and that is, again to me, the real winning. Good luck, looking forward for your new choreo.

  • Is like to dedicate miracle any given Sunday and drink one to Wayne and Wayne’s world a heart in winter and Centerville ghost to Janet. I dedicated titanic to the queen and sixth sense to the parliament in 1995 when I WROTE THEM.That is the truth and will always be the truth.There is a school in my hometown named after George Washington’.

  • My GREATEST Moment In My Hockey History, Playing Against Wayne, in Grimsby, while as like 10 year old,s JUST working on Our In Flight Slap Shots, while on the bench, Wayne came over the red line, and WINGED a SLAP SHOT, “DING” RIGHT UNDER THE CROSS BAR, WOW, I MEAN WOW, HOO, IS THIS GUY, “WAYNE GRETZKY” “THE GREAT ONE”

  • Wayne put up mind boggling numbers. And for anyone today to say, well the goalies sucked( I hear this a lot). Compare his points to who came in second in scoring to him in his prime. He won scoring titles by 60-70 points!!! We will never see this level of domination in the sport of hockey ever again.

  • Great piece. Thanks CBC and Ouzer. This was just… GREAT! (coulda showed the loss to the Islanders as a pre curser to all those Cups. You have to learn to HATE to lose before you learn to love to win.)

  • She was set to be the champion of this new era of skaters but she couldn’t even win against her teammates yet this season. I’m afraid of what would happen if her body fully developed. Will she lose her quads which is the only thing that she is known for? Nobody knows yet.

  • True story: I signed up for Gretzkys fantasy camp. Got in a car accident right before camp. Couldnt make it. Due to my injury. Wayne kept my money. I was so sad. My respect to him was gone. I know hes great. I know hes the best. But wow what a dagger man. Anytime I emailed or ask for my money back. I was ignored.

  • Thanks for sharing your video, Coach Jeremy. Definitely important to emphasize on having fun. Started my son at 20 months. Just doubled up on the socks and put him in hockey skates. Got my daughter started shortly after she turned 2 last year on Bauer Lil Angels but she’s in hockey skates this year. Started them both with a 5 gallon bucket turned upside down. Seemed to be just the right height at that age to encourage them to bend their knees and the bucket helped them to glide/push with their feet in a V-position.

  • So who was the better player? Gretzky or lemuix? I know gretzy had more career points but imagine what lemuixs would look like if he hadn’t suffered thru injury and cancer?

  • BEST PLAYER EVER ->>> Bobby Orr. He did everything Gretzky did, PLUS… he played defense, fought, blocked shots, back checked, dived in front of shots. Not to mentioned just like Gretzky he had great offensive skills, ice vision, passing, shooting, etc. etc.

  • I’m really disappointed at these comments. You can’t criticize Alexis if you only watch videos of the Olympics and such. I’ve been skating more than half my life, and I’m a Juvenile and this girl is doing good if she got 1st place. Crossovers are essential to figure skating, and obivously you have to start somewhere. Don’t listen to people who don’t what they are talking about.
    Alexis, you did amazing, your spirals are beautiful, and so is your stroking and your crossovers. Keep going!!!

  • I was watching some figure skating on t.v. today while running at the gym and I was thinking, would it help hockey skaters to learn some figure skating skills. Figure skating seems much more fluid and I would think these moves would help hockey players be more agile and quicker on the ice. I don’t mean that they should be spins and twirls, but moves such as side to side, stopping, starting, speed control, etc.

  • jeez when people shit on these kids going into the nba at 18… look at these white kid sports. nothing against the great one, but 14???

  • Greatest player. Love him. But my friend signed up with Gretzkys fantasy camp paid thousands then was in a car accident. Couldn’t go. So my friend requested a refund or a credit to next year. Wayne’s manager told my friend to screw. He wouldn’t get a refund. He lost his deposit. Shocking when I heard the story. I still love Wayne. But my best friend was screwed over by him. True story. Shocking. But it happened. On some level it made Wayne look more human to me. We all make mistakes. I dont judge Wayne. But I wanted to share this story. The great one is not perfect. No one is. But I know for decades the media has always portrayed this great behavior. Seeing my friend losing money like that after his car wreck was surprising.

  • Why did he retire at the age of 38 he even said himself he could have played a few more years but wanted to retire rather then be forced out he should have played like jagr tell he was 46 think how many goals he’d have then

  • I know it his title of being the greatest of all time is thrown around lightly, but if you gave me the option of Gretzky in his prime or Sidney Crosby in his prime to play for a team this year I would probably take Crosby.

  • I remember a pee wee team from Brantford was playing at triple rinks in Ancaster Ontario and my uncle nudged me and said watch that kid #9. Well I couldn’t help watching him because the puck was always on his stick.
    He scored 5 goals with 3 assists.The thing that most impressed me was the way he transitioned with the puck.
    If he didn’t have a lane he would always dig in with his edges and start again until he moved the puck into the offensive end which most of the time turned out to be a goal or an assist. I said to my uncle, ” that kid will be in the NHL some day “. Well the rest is history!

  • As a ice hockey parent, there will never be another Wayne Gretzky, as that is just not the game now. We do not have 200 point scorers in the NHL as it just is not practical nor is it respectful to teammates. YES, a puck hog sucks to have on your team and teammates resent them they do. They handle it in the locker room, in the hall ways, or on the ice. You should be passing to the player with the best shot, not awaiting time to give you the best shot. The game moves faster now and if ANYONE had 300+ goals in a single season today for a traveling kids’ team that would never fly. Not even 100 goals.

  • His mentality on the heritage classic is ridiculous. Fans like you for you. Not just when you were in your prime… I’d do anything to watch these guys play again even if they’re 50 yrs old.

  • it is a pity that it may not be allowed at the Olympics, like other girls(Shcherbakova, Castornaya, Zagitova) for a showdown with WADA

  • Gretzky is one of the great but I wouldn’t call him the greatest yet
    because Mario Lemieux would have passed him in a hockey era where the
    players and goalies were superior… you can’t compare today’s league
    with the open era of the 80’s (where gretzky made most of his points)
    because too much evolution in skates, sticks, strength speed etc

    in today’s league gretzky at his best if he played the same would top
    70-80 points max like at the end of his career in the newer hockey where
    he couldn’t top the league anymore, because goalies were too good, and
    the easy goals weren’t entering anymore… don’t forget he played on 1
    of the strongest team ever in the Oilers too that help greatly..

    I think players today’s are superior athletes and it’s normal they grew
    up with better equipment and all the Crosby, Ovechkin, Mcdavid of this
    world are better than theses old players but it doesn’t mean they
    weren’t great players back then..

    Nobody in the league today would touch a Mario Lemieux at his best
    without sickness or a Bobby Orr…. even Kariya or Bure would rock the
    league without the lanes and new rules… kids have it easy now, it’s
    “soft hockey” in my view compared the times of Sakic and Forsberg etc
    imagine a Stevens or a Lindros he today’s league they would be in the
    penalty box ALL THE TIME hahaha:)

    Anyways we can’t compare different era easily in hockey, nothing but
    respect for theses great stars of the past but the game changed too
    much… I think its easier to compare different era in Basketball and
    Football, NFL than in hockey or Tennis etc because the equipment factor
    doesn’t play a role

  • That last throw away fact about Gretzky’ having more assists than any other NHL player in history should have been “Gretzky has more assists (1,963) than any other player has points (Jaromir Jagr, 1,921)”. Gretzky holds the records for the most goals, the most assists and the most points.

  • I skated on the ice once with Wayne playing pick up hockey,..just goofing around,..and i was skating as fast as i possibly could chug my legs and couldn’t keep up with him and he was just laughing and gliding along,.. i never forgot it,…

  • She seems like such a sweet girl. I have really high hopes for her and her skating career and I can’t wait to see her become the next big thing. Also, her brothers are such a mood. Love that energy, like yes Alexander you murder them alright??

  • I have so much respect for Wayne Gretzky. As an American, I so admire his love for his country, Canada. There are those who want countries to disappear. Americans who love their country don’t want to see that happen. It’s so wonderful to see others throughout the world love their country too, and want to protect it. The media has turned the word “nationalist” into some sort of racial slur! Is Wayne Gretzky racist because he loves Canada? No way!

  • We are doing the same as w/ potty training. No pressure:) We live in Arizona, so rinks are not as easy to come by-I wish we could just flood the nearby tennis courts! We take lots of breaks and just have fun:)

  • I was pretty young but am fortunate enough to watch Gretzky in his final Oilers days. Me and my dad on the couch, hardly saying a word and hardly ever leaving the TV, watching Gretzky working his magic with a very talented Oilers team with guys like Kurri, Messier, Coffey, Anderson, Fuhr, and so on. Thank you Wayne and everyone else from those days for those early childhood memories of me and my late father.

  • This is cool but one thing about the title he’s not a toddler… He’s too old. Toddlers are between ruffly 12 and 36 months. 1 year olds are toddlers and this would be hard for them lol�� Still this is cool. These red pole’s things are like old people walkers for little kids

  • I had a buddy from Japan show up here in Edmonton as we walked into the first Sports bar he saw Gretzky memorabilia everywhere and was overcome that he was actually yard Gretzky’s YARD and OILERS territory. I asked him do you know who Gretzky is? He said everybody in Japan knows who Wayne Gretzky is. Japan follows the greatest in every sport.

  • If you take the greatest player from every position of every other sport besides hockey and try to compare what they’ve done in their sport to what Gretzky did, he would still be greater than all of them. Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, etc.

  • She’s a great jumping bean but her skating skills are not good. Judges need to stop rewarding skaters like her with 8s and 9s when she is a 6 or 7 at best. Bring back school figures and teach these young sprites what great skating should look like.

  • As a kid wanted to be the best hockey player. As an adult wanted wealth and power. Marries Hollywood, sells crap to the public, and yes McDonalds and Coke are crap. Great hockey player, now one of the highest paid sales men in the World.

  • He’s the best in his time it was to be in Edmonton to see it all and thank him for all the years,people were and today love the number 99 for ever

  • Hello icewarehouse. Were these extendable skates intended to be heat molded?
    Wondering because they have moveable parts and threaded connections to make the adjustments.