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Dr Sean Cumming | Biological Maturation in Youth Sports: Breaking Biases

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Pep Guardiola’s Top 10 Rules For Success [Football Coach]

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Age kids can start: NFL Flag, Amateur Athletic Union and community flag football programs usually begin at age 5 or 6. In schools, players often start tackle football in middle school. Kids can play Pop Warner tackle football from age 5 to 16, but must meet strict weight-for-age standards. Football remains off limits as St.

Louis County releases new youth sports guidelines Sep 9, 2020 St. Louis County schools can begin limited competition Friday in cross country, girls golf, girls. In 2013, ESPN called youth sports “so big, no one really knows how big.” Project Play, a report by the Aspen Institute in 2016, stated that three out of four American households have at least one school-aged child participating in youth sports but that only translates to 56.6 percent of American children, despite all the proven benefits. The statistics show that youth sports in its purest form is a wonderful learning and growing experience for kids. It’s us adults who tend to mess it up.

Janis B. Meredith, sports mom and coach’s wife, writes a sports parenting blog called JBM Thinks. Elite Youth Sports is Northern Colorado’s leading sports organization focused on developing youth of all ages in leadership, team and character. We are excited to announce that we have launched our football development initiative!

Offering three different football leagues for. We’re the authority in youth sports, uniting this large and passionate community of youth athletes one story at a time. Get the latest national youth sports news from Youth1. Dynamo Kirov FC: team, live stream, next game, stadium, founded, manager. Dynamo Kirov FC: fixtures and calendar latest results, statistics. | 370 followers on LinkedIn | is a professional web based platform for football players (amateur, professional, youth), agents, coaches and teams. It lets. Skip to content.

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List of related literature:

Several hooligan formations at lower-league football clubs have been attracting new young recruits in recent years (King and Knight, 1999: 219).

“Understanding Football Hooliganism: A Comparison of Six Western European Football Clubs” by Ramón Spaaij
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An England Youth international, Keith Osgood made his debut in the last League match of 1973-74, but after a couple of League outings at the start of the next season went back into the reserves.

“The Spurs Alphabet” by Bob Goodwin
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Stuart MJ, Morrey MA, Smith AM, et al: Injuries in youth football: A prospective observational cohort analysis among players ages 9 to 13 years.

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Players of teenage years do feature in all top club teams, previously Manchester United and currently Leeds United squads are characterized by a high proportion of young players in the first team.

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The players were selected from high school teams and local youth clubs.

“Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from India” by Nayan Mitra, René Schmidpeter
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The following sections show how many youth leagues tweak the rules to benefit youngsters.

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Most of the studies focused on the relative age effect in youth soccer.

“Enhancing Health and Sports Performance by Design: Proceedings of the 2019 Movement, Health & Exercise (MoHE) and International Sports Science Conference (ISSC)” by Mohd Hasnun Arif Hassan, Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed, Nur Fahriza Mohd Ali, Denise Koh Choon Lian, Kok Lian Yee, Nik Shanita Safii, Sarina Md Yusof, Nor Farah Mohamad Fauzi
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Gravette Youth Football League Inc., Until June 2007,

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Using multi-lateral competitions in age groups will require coaches to expose young football players to fundamental football-specific skills and capacities as well as to fundamental multi-purpose activities.

“Developing Youth Football Players” by Horst Wein
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Víctor Valdés had already spent four yearsinthe youth system at the CampNou, and a 17­year­old called Carles Puyolhadjust beenscouted and signed – toplayasa winger.

“Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World” by Graham Hunter
from Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World
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  • This didn’t age very well, Germany didn’t even get out of group stages in 2018!!! ���� French soccer/Football now is on top with the 2018 world cup ����

  • Even though the poor kids are left out in the cold, I get a feeling with youth football going down the toilet youth football programs could either discount their prices or create inexpensive methods to get the poor kids to be their next players in pads.

  • This is brilliant, Germany are doing it right. It also makes me sad and I wish I tried harder when I was younger. I got scouted at an early age but never made the selection. I remember making a training schedule when I was around 8, but I had nobody to guide me like these young players. The future looks bright for the German kids though ������

  • I don’t know of many places that don’t have youth leagues run by volunteers that charge much less, whether that be baseball, soccer, basketball, or football. Parents get fooled into thinking their kid is the next big thing, but the fact still remains DNA plays a bigger role than many ever will on an athletes success.

  • The lady that moved to Hilliard and now says her girls can’t play soccer is full of it. There are multiple leagues around they could play in. Just because you can’t afford “Travel” teams does not mean you just can’t play anymore….this is bogus. Of course the rich people will pay for the top trainers and such, doesn’t mean that kid is going D1 or to the pros…

  • “Love what you do”
    Love this one because it doesn’t say “Do what you love” what everybody is saying when motivating, but it says to just love what you do. Very deep in my opinion.

  • This is a HUGE SCAM… they are lying so you can pay top dollar… if your kid is good enough, coaches, boosters, and scouts will pay for them for FREE!! ALWAYS BEEN AND STILL IS THE CASE! Only spoiled, non-talented, kids who aren’t taught to work hard by their spoiled parents are the reason you are spending 100,000 plus just so your kid can get embarrassed in-game by the kid who been practicing in the gym by himself.

  • What is Episoketren System? Does it work? I hear a lot of people improve their soccer skills with it with this popular training program.

  • He knows the Collective system and so important for all coach to know this system and you should focus on 4 things about your team as well as Technical, Tactical and Physical and number 4 is Mentality that so important. If you do the all you will be the best Coach like Pep.

  • I’m A fan, i like their Style of Playing Soccer and I think they Will probably win the 2018 World cup in Russia i will not be Surprised if they Do so

  • USA are you watching this?
    USA you need to watch and take notes. This is the way to build up our soccer/football status. We have the potential. If it wasnt all about money and business.(pay to play) This would be our documentary.

  • 2:05 “Drop in kids playing competitive sports over the last decade”? So misleading. Does the supposed drop take into account exogenous factors like smaller average family size, greater number of kids from cultural backgrounds that DE-emphasize sports and emphasize academics/other activities, increase in alternative activities kids (from being video gamers to druggies), childhood obesity/declining physical activity, the proliferation of kid-sport-businesses while the number of casual rec level/YMCA/church type programs remain.

    All this “cost” stuff isn’t an issue. If you wanna play, you can play for free practically or at the Y, school, church, or woa here’s a crazy idea, what about pickup?

    If you’re truly a great youth athlete with pro-potential, “they” WILL find you. I’ve seen the pi55 poorest kid phenoms getting free rides (literally too, being driven from across town) to play in elite programs for football, soccer, baseball, and basketball.

  • What do you think of improve your soccer skills using Episoketren System? I notice many people keep on speaking about Episoketren System.

  • Not true where we live. My son does a local basketball league and it costs $100 for the season and includes the tee shirt. He also is involved in taekwondo which is private and costs a lot. But if he only wanted to play basketball, it is dirt cheap. Rec soccer leagues and baseball is cheap.

  • As a Liverpool fan since 1971 (when they lost against Arsenal in the FA) I’d like to see young local lads building the team again.

  • What is so sad is that many of these kids won’t even be college scholarship athletes and those parents’ money could put their money to more constructive and communal use.

    It doesn’t help that those parents also add pizza and burgers to the post game meals. Gee, what elite athlete foods when even more of that money could go to the poor. Oh yeah, what about those other matters such as academics most focused in science, technology, engineering, and math?

    Our national priorities are going down the toilet!!!

  • Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here:

  • And you wonder why parents will spend hundreds of thousands allegedly to buy their kids into some elite college/uni. Parents are living through their kids. We live in times where parents worship their kids.

  • 2 years seems a long time ago. The Low Golden Generation is coming to an end. My prediction is that we will never see another great German national team again.
    The Bundesliga clubs are swamped with foreigners. Teams like Eintracht have no outfield German players.
    The DFB will go the African route like France but I cannot see them winning any tournament ever again.
    Of the current crop of youth, I’d say only Sane is world class.
    There are precious few Germans in the top 50 or 100 players in the world.
    What few Germans are playing are weak soy boys.
    It’s nowhere near the talent being produced in the 1970s or the 1990s.
    Germany as a nation will dissipate aswell.

  • I’m glad I get to grow up with the great mindset of these mangers. I don’t know if we will get these type of mangers in the future.

  • Scottish football association ate yous watching we need to change everything from the bottom in Scotland like they do in Germany fantastic footballing nation

  • And every new prodigy that comes up into the sports world seldom has a story of paying there way to get there. Yet parents and society continue to think that capitalistic principals are true of athletic development

  • As a parent of a son who is club level soccer player and a daughter who is a competitive gymnast there is a lot of truth and falsehoods in this story. Recreational leagues are booming at a higher level all throughout the U.S. The main difference is that fewer are run by cities and are private non-profit entities. They are affordable and are a great way to have your child play. I think the hard reality is that parents live vicariously through their children and are imagining if I had this chance I might have made it or I was the worst and I want my kid to be better than I was so I will shell out over 5000 a year for them to be a little bit better. Now when you practice against higher talent you get better, but your natural skills and genetics play a role in this as well. There are truths about elite training being priced out of a lot of individuals budgets, but the last time I looked fields are still there and all you need is a ball, and a bat and glove to play baseball or basketball or football or soccer. Look at Dempsey he grew up playing in his trailer park and he was able to tear it up in the premier league so are these facilities really necessary?

  • Watching german football is like gambling in casino and those got insomnia please watch german soccer your insomnia can be cured.

  • What are some ways to increase your soccer skills? I read loads of great opinions on the net about how Episoketren System can help you increase your soccer game. Has anybody tried using this popular training course?

  • Great content again! I actually consider Guardiola to be one of the best managers in football worldwide. If possible could you do a ‘Rules for Success for Jose Mourinho? Pep Guardiola’s closest rival but equally as successful in football and leadership.

  • In Canada you don’t have qualified coaches. Because any high school has their own coaches for any of the sports. In Germany you could never do that because you have to become a coach in a proper coaching school for any of the sports ( like my coach who became a coach in Women Team Handball). It was not allowed that any person who was not qualified could not be a coach. In Canada you have very lax enforcement of these ideas. You should be ashamed of yourselves because you don’t care about the children’s welfare.

  • This is the product of a commons plundered by exploiting kids with and for big money, reduced government, social isolation, a pay to play culture, and racism.

  • Ils sont trop jeunes pour être encadrés de cette façon! Ils ne développeront aucune créativité dans le jeu car c’est dans la rue que l’on développe sa technique. C’est pour cela qu’aujourdhui les joueurs allemands en savent plus dribbler et jouent comme des robots. Messi, Zidane, Mahrez etc…ont commencé dans la rue avant d’apprendre à jouer en équipe.