Window Shades and Child Injuries


In An Instant Short Version (Child Safety Video Dangers of Corded Blinds)

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The dangers of corded blinds

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Corded Blind Injury: Bobby’s Story

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Child Severly Injured by Window Cord in less than 60 Seconds.

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In An Instant (Child Safety Film Dangers of Corded Blinds)

Video taken from the channel: RedCastle Crusade


Window Blind Cords Remain a Serious Threat to Children

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Window Blinds Deadly Delay: The Fight for Kids Safety

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According to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), window blinds are a leading cause of injury in children under the age of 6. 1  In fact, window blind cords injure two children under the age of 6 every single day and kill close to one child every single month. Here’s what you need to know about window blinds and injury in children. Window Blinds and Child Injury: Safety Tips for Your Home Replace.. The best way to keep your children safe is to replace all blinds that have cords with either cordless blinds, Retrofit.. Retrofit kits to address some types of cord hazards are.

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics found that over a 26-year period, nearly 17,000 children were treated in the emergency room for injuries related to window blinds and 271 died. Window blinds and coverings with cords pose serious risk of injury or strangulation to infants and young children. But consumer advocates are. Window blinds remain an important injury hazard for young children. Although cord entanglements are not the most common mechanism of window blind injury, they pose a serious strangulation risk and can result in hospitalization or death.

Window blinds are frequently found in homes throughout the United States. But window blinds can cause serious injuries or even death to young children. A new study from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital looks at. Almost half of injuries overall involved being hit by the blinds, usually causing only cuts or bruises, but more than 1 in 8 children (12 percent) became entangled in blinds’ cords. Two thirds of.

Overall, most injuries (93.4%) were treated and released. entanglement incidents among children <6 years of age, and 98.7% involved the child's neck; entanglements with the window blind's operating cords (76.4%) or inner cords (22.1%) were the most common. Two-thirds of entanglement incidents. The new regulations also require blinds to have a wand (instead of cords) to adjust shade and tilt. "A lot of it has to do with the injuries and deaths that have come from cords,” Hummel says about. A child can become entangled in a cord loop and strangle.

This recall involves all Blind Xpress custom-made vertical blinds that do not have a cord-tensioning device that attaches to the wall or floor, as well as all horizontal blinds that do not have inner cord stop devices.

List of related literature:

Falling from open windows is a major cause of accidental death in children; parents should be advised that a screened window is not a safety device to prevent falls.

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Windows that malfunction, are cracked or broken, or are painted shut can induce eye problems or issues for the children of the household.

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Such falls often happen when children are jumping on the bed or couch near an open window, so caregivers should set consistent safety rules for children about playing near windows.

“Encyclopedia of Family Health” by Martha Craft-Rosenberg, Shelley-Rae Pehler
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Infants learn to climb and can fall out of open windows, even with screens.

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I became nervous when the son pulled on the floor-length vinyl blinds that covered the sliding glass door.

“The Cooked Seed” by Anchee Min
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Window screens are not strong enough to prevent a child from falling out.

“Mosby's Canadian Textbook for the Support Worker E-Book” by Sheila A Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert, MS RN, Mary J Wilk
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Injuries to toddlers occur most often when they fall from furniture, high chairs, changing tables, stairs, windows, and playground equipment.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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If no glass protection has been installed or if the protection is minimal, interior blinds or curtains should be closed.

“Hospital and Healthcare Security” by Russell Colling, Tony W York
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If the screen is not used and the child falls out of the window onto a cement driveway below, the mother’s and emergency personnel’s use of appropriate emergency first aid would be secondary prevention through the use of prompt treatment.

“Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public's Health” by Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes
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External windows should be at least 2 feet away from the infant’s bed and may be placed away from direct patient areas—for example, high up on the walls, as skylights, or in other locations that provide indirect light to the patient area.

“Comprehensive Neonatal Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach” by Carole Kenner, Judy Wright Lott
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  • Fortunately he doesnt remember it…..he doesnt remember it because he nearly got permanent brain damage due to zero oxygen to the brain…

  • cordless blinds are the best way to go I have my 17 month old and have custody of my niece 5 and nephew 3

    anything can happen I watch them I have a baby monitor if you can’t try to do your best and prevent things like this then don’t have kids no you can’t protect them from everything they will fall of their bike but if there are alternatives such as cordless blinds then why not buy those

  • at least there with god now:c and now i know to be carefull thanks so much for telling evryone waching to be carefull evryday like stranger danger and if someone where on a window right now i bet the wached your video to be safe so god bless you

  • You can’t blame the blinds companies. Instead, people with young children should buy blinds without cords (or buy curtains). These blinds are already quite safe and come with a clear warning, and there are many ways to make these blinds even safer. Instead of banning corded blinds altogether, consumers should be introduced to more options (which are fully safe for toddlers). These accidents are completely tragic; they’re not the fault of parents or the manufacturers. It’s important we don’t turn to punishment and bans and instead turn to constructive methods to prevent these tragedies.

  • Me as a kid: “What about Mister Monkey! He got hurt too!”

    Me as a teen: “Oh no Claire! I’m glad this is fake but I hope no one does this ever.”

  • Me in school: YOUR F***ING A**HOLE GIVE ME MY PENCIL BACK!!!

    Me as a mother: well let’s check if shOMG HELP!!

    why I will be in school forever and just may not have kids

  • Very naive parents and whoever else think it’s the blinds fault smh if anybody can come up with a real reason I will listen cuz I haven’t seen one in these comments yet

  • This exposes a heart issue. Since when did money become more important than the lives of children? It’s sad that people don’t place value on life anymore. If this was my company I would have made it my business to change the design of blinds right when the first child lost their life. We live in a sick money hungry world.

  • When you have a little child you have to keep all eyes on them but if you have more children its got be vary hard /my 2 year old is a little rascal hes everywhere in secs

  • My God…I never new that blinds were that dangerous. Thank you for raising awareness, this could easily happen to anyones children…including mines due to lack of knowledge. Thank you…an may God Bless you all an stay strong!!!

  • The people in the comments blaming the parents obviously have never had children before you could clearly hear the mothers panic in her voice and the relief when she heard him cry and anyway this could happen to any parent and it commonly does

  • This child she never thought of what could happen and she died������ Just learn kids to never to play with dangerous stuff think again before you do something or ask your parents before you end up like her in the video

  • The petechiael hemorrhaging around his eyes literally show how dangerously close he came to dying! He was already passed out and blue! So glad this was a happy ending!

  • as a child I had an incident like this before it was a shower head that came off to wash your lower body so it had a loop. one morning I was leaning over it was early I fell asleep for a Split Second and my head got caught in the loop next thing you know my mom hears shampoo and conditioner bottles falling I had passed out if it wasn’t for the sounds I probably wouldn’t be here telling you this. as a child you don’t know it’s nobody’s fault

  • I’m sorry about what happened to your child. Safety first! Blinds and young children don’t mix. In my book about The Girl Who Lived and The Boy Who Lived, I’m NOT going to add blinds for the characters’ 4 children, because they don’t want to end up in Bobby’s shoes.

  • That mothers cry of his name when she saw him was so painful I could feel her heart drop and I just know that mom saw her life flash before her eyes when she saw her child like that I’m so glad he survived and I bet she is too

  • Blame the kids and the parents like goddamn����������������like cmon how tf does this happen to a kid, honestly it’s kinda stupid.

  • It made me cry when the parents were devistated. Im glad my parents kept me away from the blinds. I now have curtains in my room ^-^