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Prevention of vaccine-matched and mismatched influenza in young children

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Flu Shots for Kids

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“Kids and flu shots” Tips to Grow By

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Flu Vaccine | Flu Symptoms | Flu Vaccine For Children

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Low flu vaccination rate is putting kids at greater risk

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Flu Vaccination and COVID 19 risk

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Flu Vaccine for Children & Flu Shot Side Effects

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The second flu shot is a booster dose to improve the effectiveness of the flu vaccine in children. The second dose is given at least 28 days after the first dose. Some children 6 months through 8 years of age require two doses of flu vaccine for adequate protection from flu. Children in this age group getting vaccinated for the first time, and those. If your child is younger than age 9 years and is getting the flu vaccine for the first time or has only had one dose of the vaccine in total prior to July 1, 2019, plan for two doses.

Assuming you’re older than 8 years old, it turns out you don’t need a second flu shot this flu season. A second dose is recommended only for kids ages 6 months through 8 years who have never. CDC does not recommend one flu vaccine over another. The most important thing is for all people 6 months of age and older to get a flu vaccine every year.

If you have. Doctors recommend that your child get a flu vaccine every year in the fall, starting when he or she is 6 months old. Some children 6 months through 8 years of age may need 2 doses for best protection.

CDC recommends a flu vaccine by the end of October. From ages 4 through 6, your child needs additional doses of some vaccines, as well as a flu vaccine every year. If your child has missed any vaccines, work with your doctor or nurse to.

Children who need two doses of vaccine to be protected should start the vaccination process sooner, because the two doses must be given at least four weeks apart. For others, the advice to get the flu shot by the midto late October is still good, Stockwell says. “It can take 2 weeks to reach full protection against the flu [for adults]. And.

The CDC also recommends that some children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years receive two doses of the influenza vaccine in order to have sufficient protection.

List of related literature:

Children younger than 9 years who are receiving injected flu vaccine for the first time will need a second dose 28 days after the first (CDC, 2017b).

“School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text” by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
from School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text
by Janice Selekman, Robin Adair Shannon, Catherine F Yonkaitis
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Any child who is vaccinated before 12 months of age should receive two additional doses beginning at 12 to 15 months and separated by at least 4 weeks (AAP, Committee on Infectious Diseases, 2009).

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing9: Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing” by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong
from Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing9: Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing
by Marilyn J. Hockenberry, David Wilson, Donna L. Wong
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• Children who have received 1 dose of HepA vaccine before age 24 months should receive a second dose 6 to 18 months after the first dose.

“Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases E-Book” by Sarah S. Long, Charles G. Prober, Marc Fischer
from Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases E-Book
by Sarah S. Long, Charles G. Prober, Marc Fischer
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through 18 months of age.48 Annual influenza vaccine is recommended for children 5 through 18 years.111 Children younger than 8 years of age receiving influenza vaccine for the first time should have two doses separated by at least 4 weeks.

“Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases” by John E. Bennett, Raphael Dolin, Martin J. Blaser, Gerald L. Mandell
from Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases
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Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

During an outbreak and depending on the epidemiology of the outbreak (e.g., the age groups and/or institutions involved), a second dose of vaccine should be considered for adults and for children ages 1 to 4 years who have received one dose.

“Disaster Nursing” by Tener Goodwin Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, CPNP, FAAN
from Disaster Nursing
by Tener Goodwin Veenema, PhD, MPH, MS, CPNP, FAAN
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Any child who is vaccinated before 12 months of age should receive two additional doses beginning at 12 to 15 months and separated by at least 4 weeks (AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases, 2012).

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
from Maternal Child Nursing Care
by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, et. al.
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One dose of the “flu” vaccine, given at the start of flu season (usually October or November), is recommended for children 6 months of age and older.

“What to Expect: The Second Year” by Heidi Murkoff
from What to Expect: The Second Year
by Heidi Murkoff
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

An intradermal vaccine (Fluzone) was made available for the 2011-2012 flu season for people ages 18 to 64 as an alternative to IM and nasal vaccines.8 In 2010, a high-dose TIV was approved for use in people 65 years old and older.

“Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice” by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, Joanne Sandberg-Cook, JoAnn Trybulski
from Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice
by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, et. al.
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In January 2009, the CDC recommended that influenza vaccine be administered on an annual basis to children aged 6 months through 18 years of age.

“Ansel's Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems” by Loyd Allen
from Ansel’s Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems
by Loyd Allen
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Children 6 months to 8 years of age who have not been previously immunized against influenza should be given two doses separated by at least 4 weeks for both vaccines.

“Conn's Current Therapy 2010 E-Book: Expert Consult” by Edward T. Bope, Robert E. Rakel, Rick D. Kellerman
from Conn’s Current Therapy 2010 E-Book: Expert Consult
by Edward T. Bope, Robert E. Rakel, Rick D. Kellerman
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

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  • We have had over 500 people die in our aged care residences, allegedly from Covid-19. I bet they were all given the flu vaccine as it is recommended. The flu vaccine is supposed to last only for the flu season and it can therefore only last 6 months. Less in some climates and does not cover all the strains. I heard Covid also has recognised “strains”.

  • If there is only three kinds of flu, and vaccines for them, why do we still have the flu? It has been around for a long time. Do you think then that they can get rid of this?

  • Don’t worry there’s enough useful idiots known as provaxxers that will get the poison, and make Bill Gates happy enough to leave the rest of us alone!! Thanks dummies!!

  • The Vaccine is on a fast track, mistakes under pressure are greater. I for one will not be getting a Vaccination. In the US its a political issue!

  • So if you have the influenza vaccine, can that be picked up by the Covid-19 test anyway due to the +35 magnification of the PCR tests that find even dead viruses or the infinitesimal, showing positive.

  • I wonder can you get the flu and COVID at the same time? What is going to stop you from getting it well it’s not going to be your natural always present stupidity is it? People will take anything just to prolong their lives but when it comes to doing the right thing like being vaccinated they just come up with the most stupid excuses imaginable anti-vaxxers do not care about the truth don’t try to give the statistics they will not believe you they will rather take the risk that their children go blind or deaf or even die to make their point. You would think that stupid would die out in time but no there are far too many made in the image of God stupid to the core.

  • I only had 1 flu vaccine for more than the past 35 years.
    I definitely won’t get this vaccine.
    It’s the beginning of “the mark of the beast”.
    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name”.

    Revelation 13:17 KJV


  • This so called doctor is a quack…i wouldnt trust him with ANYTHING health related!! ��

    Bet he doesnt get the poison he is pushing onto other people!!..but he’s probably up for pocketing the bonuses and incentives Dr’s get for mass vaccinations!!��


    Should be ashamed of himself.

  • Doc, I have seen another study on adults waxinated against flu with confirmed increased respiratory illnesses, not sure if from Japan or US, presented in one of the videos by Del through his TheHighwire.com channel. You may contact him for the link.
    If I remember well, the RR shown was 4.40.

  • There are and have been many scientific studies on the lack of effectiveness of flu vaccines. It would seem the Pharmaceutical vaccine industry and their well-paid promoters would have us believe otherwise: https://www.straight.com/article-270843/vancouver/whats-your-vaccine
    Who funds the mainstream media? Follow the money trail. 1) This
    investigative journalist hits the nail on the head:
    and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkYen0g4TRU and here:
    2) Meanwhile George Soros is controlling mainstream news agencies to
    support his ‘agendized narratives’.

    3) How Bill Gates monopolizes global health The Corbett Report
    4) Death certificates are being manipulated: Montana physician, Dr.
    Annie Bukacek, discusses how COVID 19 death certificates are being
    manipulated. Since her disclosure, she is being harassed and her video
    is being taken down from Facebook. This confirms Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s
    statements that Big Pharma is controlling the entire agenda.
    5) The documentary titled: Plandemic ll Indoctornation (Full Movie)
    This documentary exposes Wikipedia, Google, Snopes and various search
    engines ‘false claims’. Basically, “Who programs these search engines?

    6) Questioning the Covid numbers and the PCR tests:
    7) Who patented the Coronavirus in 2003? More questions answered
    regarding this “Plandemic”.

  • How do we know vaccines work? Blind faith? If vaccinated against flu and you don’t get flu can you honestly know it was the vaccination which kept you well? If you do get the flu what then? Sue the pharmaceutical company? I will keep buying my own version of faith. Thank you Doc.

  • Vaccines are a Religion. They are not based in science. They are based on assumptions, and faith. HHS Fails to Perform Basic Vaccine Safety Requirements.
    After eliminating the market forces that assured vaccine safety, Congress
    made HHS directly responsible for vaccine safety pursuant to section”32 of the 1986 Act entitled the “Mandate for safer childhood vaccines. HHS recently conceded in federal court, it has not performed even the basic requirements of this section, such as submitting reports to Congress on how HHS has improved vaccine safety. No safety studies that is a religion not based in science. Now we have mRNA warp speed vaccines dose that sound like science? NO

  • Only ONE Study and give us the study source and the names of the “students” doing that study. And the Names of the PEER REVIEW experts. There IS at least One FLAW in that “study” which you have overlooked.

  • Here’s the globalist agenda on display, what’s really causing this rise in diseases is Illegal Immigrants that ARENT BEING TESTED AND ARE COMING RIGHT OVER.

  • Stop watching cen-sored mainstream media, All is part of the same order as Bill, musk fauzi and co. Most people are dece-ived with false teachings and traditions, idols, and  fake gods, ultimately serving satans cause. With pre-fabric-ated stories and phi-lanthropy of the rich and famous, that seem so innocent but so dece-ptive feeding the global satanist and pedo celebri-ties ambitions,  The main stream media are in with the political satanic agenda. The nwo want full controll and fully condition the human brain and body with nano tech-nol-ogy and you will literally become slaves to science and the beast, read the book of revelation in the bible. We are so close. I advise all not to take any vacci-ne as they are tainted with several evils. Look up 060606, ID 2020, ID 2030 and read what these demons are realy planning and playing at.  Please wake up, as they have been busy bringing about this agenda for full control and de-populati-on of most humans on planet earth. Yes folks, they can also contr-oll the weather with, proje-ct HARP, and your brains through proje-ct MK UlLTRA for many years,  now they are preparing for proje-ct COV-ID-19 and proje-ct blue-be-am. By keepìng changing the narrat-ive all the time and changing def-initions gover-ments are de-ceivi-ng people with false information. There are no people dying of covi-d, other than any flu would do to people with comprom-ised or low immu-ne systems.  All a hoa-x to bring about Tyra-nni-cl new world system in which people will be hooked up to arti-ficial int-ellige-nce in due time. Do not be dec-eiv-ed by all this circus, do your own homework and check the real stats and research from multi-ple    countries. You will see with all the fak-e and un proven scie-nce,  these meas-ures are letting 300 million people starve and equally, numerous people unable to get treatment for all other ailments, Saving lifes? really.  Its all a pla-ndem-ic from the eli-te to redu-ce the world populat-ion by means of vac cines which chang-e your dna, which than be pat ented and owned by Ga-tes, Fau-ci and co. A cas-hless socie-ty coming soon.
    Wake up people. We all need Jesus Christ only, not any false teaching or religion.
    True Christian’s are not followers of religion. They follow the commandment of God in the bible. People that preach the truth in Jesus Christ are forgiven and free of sin and unrighteousness. Out of this world and not in it. Anything that does not line up with truth is of satan, dece-iving most with false teachings. I would recommend reading the word of God yourself and come to the truth. Religion in churches is so false and wrong. They pick verses to meet their own understanding and keep people in sin and take their money. Do not trust in the pope either and Marcon, he is a very likely candidate for being the anti christ, as he compares himself with a Greek god.
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for truth, we just have to believe and put our trust in him, not ourselfs. Be born again.
    Ameen x

  • You all are so concerned about vaccines not being tested properly. I have news for you. You need to be more concerned about the PILLS that are prescribed to you. Ever wonder why you see all these class action lawsuits advertised on TV by Lawyers? Or commercials warning you if you developed certain problems after taking this or that medication that you may be entitled to compensation. My friend of over 40 years who works as a PA told me 15 years ago that New medications are Not tested and approved under the Old strict 10 year guidelines of the FDA. New medications can be created, developed and on the market to sell to the public within a few months and not the years they use to require. Wanna know how they can do that. Because the pharmaceuticals are no longer required to do years of testing a new drug in clinical trials anymore. Guess who these New drugs are tested on, you and me the consumer every time your doctor tells you he’s going to write a prescription for whatever. Then it usually takes a few years of before they figure out if the drug can stay on the market or be taken off the shelves and no longer used. The pharmaceuticals know they will be sued for any new drug that causes death or severe organ damage but they said those lawsuits are much cheaper to deal with because by the time anything bad is figured out they’ve already made billions & trillions of money just being able to sell that product and it ends up being a lot more profitable for them than having to wait & test 10 years before they can sell that medication. So here’s what I’ve been doing for 15 years now, if a doctor wants me to start taking a medication I’ve never used before I will point blank ask them “how long has this drug been out for people to use?” Rule of thumb if they say anything less than 10 years I tell them No Thanks give me something that has been out there for 10 years. I refuse to be the pharmaceutical drug companies Guinea pig to test their new drugs, no way.

  • I am 55 i have never been vaccinated and have one lung from birth

    we were created with the best immune system

    if you leave it alone
    when the Government said no jab no

    pay i went with the no pay

    my children and grand children are very healthy

    and a
    vaccinations has to be animal test for 10 to 15 years

    before it can be given to any humans

    If Australians have this vaccination and let there children have

    this covid 19 vaccine you need your head read

    We have survived
    KILLER FLU virus pandemic

    Pandemic Influenza (Flu)

    A history of major flu pandemics

    The most devastating flu pandemic

    Russian Flu 1889–1890 1 million possibly H2N2

    Spanish Flu 1918–1920 50 million H1N1

    Asian Flu 1957–1958 1.5 to 2 million H2N2

    Hong Kong Flu 1968–1969 1 million H3N2

    1972 to 1997 in the… influenza pandemic alone may have

    caused as many as 50 million deaths

    Swine Flu 2009–2010 over 18,209 novel H1N1

    • 2014-2016 Ebola Virus Disease according to the

    World Health Organization. More than 28,000 people were


    and over 11,000 people died

    Just to name a few

    Flu Kills 646,000 People Worldwide Each Year:


    Seasonal flu kills 291000 to 646000 people worldwide each year,

    according to a new estimate that’s higher than the previous one of

    250000 to 500000 deaths a… seasonal flu numbers for a minimum

    of four years between 1999 and 2015.

    Up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to..
    . http://www.who.int › Newsroom › Detail

    Dec 14, 2017 Up to 650 000 deaths annually are associated


  • This is a great time to turn your attention back to the Bible and Jesus. These vaccines and covid are all Biblically related. Dr gene Kim and Robert breaker have some great videos. Time is running out to believe in Jesus Christ before the rapture.


  • I don’t use the flu of any kind (no flu shots never and I’m charge RN retired but still license). Even with flu being pushed down I only only use water for me…and a me of us who refused to use flu. It’s is a thing with people like me won’t use flu and we get don’t sick but the people who get all the flues all the time are the people who get sick all the time. FYI and my kids, grand kids, and neighbors and me…me never get sick: every interesting.

  • @ 3:52 he says “of course a flu vaccine will not protect you against Covid19 as this is a Corona virus which is totally different” This is not the case. Corona virus simply refers to the shape of the virus, when viewd under an electron microscope, resembling the corona of the sun during an eclipse. Corona viruses have been referred to as such since 1968; and fall into exactly the same catagories as ‘the flu’, i.e A,B,C and D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronavirus#Etymology

  • It is depressing to see so many misinformed viewers who boast that they trust their own immune system to fight the virus. That is precisely what the vaccine does. It give the body a dose of inactivated virus to activate and booster the immune system before the season. So later on when one faces the real one, the body is MORE than ready to deal with it.

  • I would get a flu shot in a heartbeat if I did not have to walk into a COVID incubation center to get it. They should give shots outside.

  • Pls could you do this again and add the results from this study https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31607599/ am grateful, this is potentially life-saving information for those elderly people especially who are strongly advised to take the flu shot.

  • You are not going to get rid of disease as long as we eat poison food!!! The flu is not the problem!! Its the radio frequency that is making us sick!!!! In 1918 the first radio frequency was being tested!!! Dont you understand??? Cell phones work on radio frequency, a cell phone is just a high tech radio!!!!

  • Amazing to think post Smallpox, Polio, Rabies, Mumps, Diphtheria, Rubella vaccines (which have comparatively all but eliminated those diseases in vaccinated populations) that folks are anti-vaccine.

    Vaccines are not a profitable part of pharma (to the point that several major drug companies wanted to pull out completelytoo much commercial risk, not enough profits and too many nutters to deal with..)
    Eg Ebola & Zika they invested $1Bs and never sold any as these diseases managed to be almost fully contained by NPI measures in time).

    To not get vaccinated against a highly contagious novel pathogen with a 0.6% chance of death (far higher for those >50), and a significantly higher chance of serious illness and hospitalisation with potentially long term health effects is pure baloney.

    (The real profits are in chronic diseases Hepatitis, AIDS, Cancer drugs are pushing $100k per annum now..)

    Those who are seriously are anti-pharma can refuse all surgury, antibiotics, drugs and medicines… its the exact same industry group…

  • This is Veronica Vanderver and they have said it’s possible to get flu and Covid19 at same time. And would help confusion and hospital.

  • Big Brother speaks through ‘mainstream news narratives’. Mainstream news
    agencies are the fake news. Follow the money trail. Two old guys talk
    about this Plandemic and ‘over-inflated covid numbers’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXslWBrHOIA

  • Is it possible that last years flu vaccine caused the current COVID-19 deaths? It seems that we had a lot of deaths in the nursing homes. Flu Vaccination of senior citizens is very high. I think it is automatic in the nursing home setting.

  • A lot of the problem is that people don’t “shield” for three weeks after their influenza jab. This is the time needed by the body to mount an immune response to the vaccine which uses up a lot of the body’s resources. If you contract another viral infection WITHIN THOSE FIRST 3 WEEKS then you OVERLOAD your immune system and CANNOT FIGHT BOTH THE VACCINE AND SECONDARY INFECTION AT THE SAME TIME.

    Result = a nasty case of the secondary infection for example Covid-19.

  • How to get rid of running nose or cold and also sour throat? I have two of those right now can you help me how to get rid two of those also for sour throat I watch one of your video I know that just use salt water but I still don’t know how to get rid of running nose or cold �� any medication suggestions or something beside medications that would be great. Thanks You ��

  • Remember Jim Jones, the Prophet he lured everyone to drink this so called potion that would get you into heaven boom they all fell out dying who knows this might do the same thing I’m not interested in there bs vaccine

  • IF YOU DON’T WANT THIS VACCINE THEN PLEASE SIGN THIS..Only British citizens or UK residents have the right to sign. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/323442/signatures/new

  • I am 70 years old and never had a flu vaccine….up until Decembet 2019 when covid started going around I decided to take the flu shot so I woukd not get the flu….since then and now I have not gotten the flu never had any symptoms or any sickness as ppl say they get…and before that every flu season I always come down with a cold…..so I csn say the vaccine works.

  • This the only thing I hate about working in healthcare where I’m being forced to take it or lose employment. My immune system can’t get stronger naturally, but I’m fighting a weak watered down virus.

  • My mom hasn’t had the flu since the 70’s. She is not anti-vaccine but no longer gets the yearly flu shot. I don’t agree with making medicine mandatory unless you break something and require a cast or other reasonable, standard treatments. What do you think?

  • Terms like “Reducing public impact” and “Stressing the health system”, are all based on reductionist and deterministic probability, and we all know how this has worked out with Neil Ferguson’s fraudulent soothsaying. No one still can say anything concrete regarding an illness whose Infection Fatality Rate is very similar to Influenza. All the steps taken on the basis of “statistical damned lies” and fraudulent research have killed more people across the world than the two World Wars, and these include Tuberculosis, Cholera, Malaria, HIV, cardiovascular deaths, malignancy and of course CoVID-19. The efficacy of the Flu virus is around 50%. Rather than improve Immune Health by clean air, Clean food, Clean water and supplementation with VitC and VitD which would cause far lesser number of deaths, all advice is regarding distancing, masking and vaccines. If these people really want to stop this plague of contagiom, then they must stop ALL research in Genetic Manipulation and Viral replication, anf if not, leave the public alone and just vaccinate the politicians, epidemiologists and collaborating doctors, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. Let them only be the subjects of the clinical trials. The incontrovertible fact of history is that more loss of life has occurred directly from the failures of governance and corruptiin of political leaders. They have no concern for the welfare of people. All they care about is power and control over people and amassing wealth.
    Vaccination has never been nor will ever be a definitive solution.

  • Funny thing. I used to get colds and flu’s all the time when I was a kid. Now when I feel a common cold or flu coming on, I take plenty of euthanasia before it starts. Many times its gone before it appears, or its very mild for a few days. Never had a flu shot in ages.

  • If you get the flu they mark as COVID-19 and if you get the influenza shot your test comes back positive for COVID it’s all a massive mess and so many opinions and for the COVID-19 vaccine coming out soon how do we trust it no one is going to get it no one trusts it

  • Is there apt.creep where virus travels thru build up and transmission thru air vents and visiting the neighbor?Is question clear enough?Sometimes I experience communication problems.Thank you sir.



    echinacea root


    elderberry extract


    vitamin C



    olive leaf extract

    vit D3

    mushroom complex formulas

    amrit kalash

    beta glucans super immune booster


    zinc + NAC

    elderberry extract




    vit C IV and liposomal (it would be hard to take enough C in tablets or capsules-although taking in addition are excellent)

    virattack by HerbPharm


    oil of oregano

    olive leaf extract

    glycyrrhizin (licorice root)kills viruses

    curcumin high doses

    VIVI (Systemic Formulas)

    Many of these also support lung health and have many other ways of promoting immune health

  • Here is some info on Bill Gates and his horrific, amazing cash cow, vaccine, and on vaccines in general:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVYWKyslti4 This doctor produced vid tells what I think the scare tactics are really moving the unsuspecting and too trusting populace toward. Notice that though it features an American doctor, it is on the Nigerian T.V. channel. Nigerians have caught onto how the racist Gates has used and abused them while acting like he is being their humanitarian savior.

    I am no way a fan of Farrakhan but I sure agree when he tells blacks to not take the vaccine.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY-vLrz9XCc I personally think that when Gates talks here about “the final solution” through his vaccine program, that he is deliberately (probably gleefully) revealing what he is really up to. He counts on the naive and trusting to not think it was just some strange slip of the tongue.
    The phrase “the final solution” was, of course, made famous through Nazis in regard to their eugenicist plan for exterminating Jews. They also made “essential services” famous. Of course the “need”for “essential services” was used to cull and control the populace.

    Gates and others working with him want to put invisible tattoos on children and others to track their “health” and vaccination records. Now what are those tattoos reminiscent of from last century?

    He is so interested in decreasing population, particularly in the vulnerable African countries. Uh, who asked him to be a depopulation czar for our planet? No one. Why don’t Bill and Melinda start depopulating with themselves? Oh, wait. We are supposed to assume that they are god like beings who get to make decisions for human “population control” in the world, while they are are above such consideration. Another underlying assumption appears to be that people in Africa, especially, need to be stopped from reproducing more black babies.

    The need to depopulate is a eugenicist myth. If all the people in the world were to stand together in one place, they would fit into a large city easily. All one has to do is fly over this country and other countries, including even little but highly productive Israel, and see the vast amount of empty, unpopulated, space that is out there.

    Let’s see. Gates has a strong family background promoting eugenics. He called his vaccine “the final solution.” He wants to depopulate the world. AND he wants you, with force if possible, to take his vaccine. See any red flags there?

    This less than one minute vid, with the smirks on Bill’s & Melinda’s faces, is incredibly creepy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmP6_gy-MIE I’ll quote a You Tuber here about this vid. “The fact he smirks and claims the second one will get attention means this is orchestrated.”

    Here is a video with Senator Robert Kennedy Jr. vs Alan Dershowitz. Kennedy gives tons of hard core data about how he discovered how harmful vaccines are. His eyes were opened during his work as an attorney bringing lawsuits against Big Pharma for the incredible damage they knowlingly inflicted on people through their vaccines. Derschowitz gives the draconian party line.

    The CDC, Center for (so called) Disease Control is regularly cited for statistics on CoVid19 and pushes vaccination for it. Well, no wonder they push vaccines and the virus scare. They sell billions of dollars in vaccines each year! Here is a webpage revealing how corrupt they are. You only have to glance over it through the little grey box with quotes by Senator Robert Kennedy. https://steemit.com/vaccines/@canadian-coconut/cdc-is-a-vaccine-company-not-an-independent-agency-revealed-by-activist-robert-f-kennedy-jr

    See the doctor produced movie Vaxxed on You Tube. It has hard core documentation showing the corruption in Big Pharma in regard to vaccines. It is heart breaking, especially for blacks.
    As for masks, people are abandoning their common sense to the ever changing and ever varying opinions of the experts of their choice. Viruses and germs are infinitesimally smaller than the spaces between the fibers in masks. Of course the viruses and germs are going to go right through with the air! And of course depleted oxygen and rebreathing air with increased carbon dioxide is a health hazard. Turn off the fear mongering, trance inducing t.v. and think for yourself.

    But if you want to hear from an expert outside the box: Dr. Shiva is a biological engineer, running for Senate, and invented email. Here he presents research on how totally ineffective masks are:

    Here is a little song vid from Disney. I think it can be used as a metaphor, with the boy representing the mostly sleeping populace, and with the snake representing MSM, Big Pharma, Gates and the NWO in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDs57R6MYsY

  • Vaccines are very dangerous, the government has to pay millions of dollars to people who got vaccinated to compensate for the damages that it causes to their health! Don’t get any vaccine

  • SMARTEN UP PEOPLE…Corona virus is nothing but the common cold as stated in the AMA Medical Encyclopedia 1989 random house publishing…… vaccine is the real killer..Agenda 2021 get everyone vaccinated then agenda 2030 depopulation said by bill gates reduces mankind by 90-95% WAKE UP and do not hold your arm out for the poison AND take off the F`king masks you look so stupid…You are just breathing Co2 and breaking down your immune system with all the hand sanitizer poison(same ingredients as antifreeze)

  • I greatly enjoy your videos, which I’d describe as authoritatively and colloquially informative. However, permit me to opine that your narratives tend to be a tad too wandering… A sub-editor would cut them down by perhaps ten percent.

    Warmest best wishes.

  • So we can see them lying again. Putting the flu deaths on the COVID death list. To increase their fear control. Which is the agenda they have to take control. Trying to turn us into robots like the communists do in their country,s. Rule by terror. All to do with the NEW WORLD ORDER. WHICH IS THEIR INTENSION. THE MICRO CHIP AND VACCINE ARE ALL PART OF IT. THE VACCINE HAS SOMETHING TAKEN FROM DEAD FEATUSES. THAT HAS A DNA CHANGING ACTION. BILL GATES HAS THE LICENCE TO IMPLANT MICRO CHIPS IN HUMANS, ALSO OWNS THE. LICENCES FOR THE VIRUS AND VACCINE. THE LICENCE NUMBERS HAVE. 666′. And 60606. Check it out for yourselves on google.

  • Consultation document: Changes to human medicine regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines:

    “Regulation 345 of the Human Medicine Regulations transposes into UK law a requirement of EU law that key actors in the medicines supply chain cannot generally be sued in the civil courts for the consequences resulting from the use of an unlicensed product…..regulation 345 of the HMRs puts in place for certain products whose unlicensed use is recommended by the licensing authority in response to certain specific types of public health threat, so that it clearly applies not just to manufacturers and healthcare professionals but also to the company placing an unlicensed medicine such as a vaccine on the market…..The current legal framework already recognises that if manufacturers or healthcare professionals are asked to supply an unlicensed medicine in response to a public health threat, it is unfair also to ask them to take responsibility for the consequences of the use of that medicine”

    In other words; we don’t have to take any accountability if your decision to vaccinate caused injury or death because we know it inevitably will kill and debilitate and we need to protect ourselves against the very people we are pretending to be caring for….

  • If you are a real Dr……… shame on you…….you lying deceiving puppet..you will have to answer for all the lies………good luck with that

  • On what science you’re saying coronavirus is going to stay for winter or years to come??? We know though on science that any flu or cold might have a form of coronavirus. Coronavirus was and always been as part of a form of cold and we always treated as any cold with medicine from doctors that always worked. The fact that people with chronic diseases are not taking for treatments or surgeries in hospitals, that actually killing people rather then coronavirus. Is that right?

  • Excellent information. I agree this is a major question that should be addressed… or at least acknowledged that the experts have seriously explored and assessed the impact on Covid-19 case outlook.

    Two questions:

    First, any ideas about the effectiveness of this year’s flu vaccines? What strains are they targeting, etc.?

    In the U.S. data, concerning flu cases prevented, I’m curious about how many people had to be vaccinated to get a 4.4 million case prevention. You said 50% “uptake”. Does that mean 165 million were vaccinated (half the population)? And just so you know I religiously get vaccinated every year. I’m a believer in vaccinations.

    Secondly, I am always curious when researchers talk about randomized studies, if there are any efforts to assess or control the environment? I mean, for instance, exposure levels to the viruses. I mean, if some participants are practicing social distancing, isolation or quarantine procedures and others are not, this would seem to influence study results.
    Are studies randomized by demographics (a representative sample of the general population) so that generalized advice can be given to the public? For example for: age, race, comorbidities, etc., or, are these just WAGS because they are not really controlled studies.

  • It makes sense. Influenza vaccine may lead to covid!
    Not having ANY VACCINES. I’m better off without any drug interference in my body.

  • Gates owns huge investment in Moderna
    WHY is that?
    this is why: covid vaccine = human 2.0. first come first serve!