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Please contact [email protected] “Stay Focused!” or “Toughen Up!”. While sports cliches don’t necessarily harm kids, dads who use them are wasting their breathe because young children don’t really understand them. You don’t need to agree with your child’s statements that he’s the worst player that ever lived or will never step foot on the playing field again.

But you can empathize, and reflect his feelings, with statements like: “You are feeling so angry about this.”. I’m sure I’ll say other things, some that are helpful and some that aren’t. But I want my kids to hear that doing what they do, and learning about who God created them to be, is a joy to watch as it unfolds. Related reading: 5 ways to kill warmth in your family (and how to rebuild it) What teenagers need from us more than (almost) anything else. Laying that load on a child makes her anxious.” Designed by Betsy Farrell.

4 of 60. In general, you should avoid using words like “always” and “never” when speaking to your child, because it can. The second category of reasons why kids quit involves negative sports experiences.

Research has shown that the following reasons often underlie a decision to drop out: Not getting enough playing time. 71 Things Parents Say To Kids Before a Game. The reaction to our video on the words of wisdom you pass along to your children before they play their games was overwhelming! Thanks for watching and for sharing what you say to your kids.

We enjoyed reading your comments so much we thought we would share some of them in a post. “You’re already having difficulty getting your child to eat their food, and this actually increases your child’s perceived threat and creates an increased power differential,” explains registered play therapist Sarah Rees. 1. Suggesting that this is not where things end for them sports-wise.

In fact, maybe they are not ready for this level of competition yet and can spend this year working on their skills. 2. Talking to your teen about other opportunities. Perhaps he/she would like to try a new activity?

3. Making sure that you don’t make this about yourself. This is solely about your child. Saying the child’s name first, as this gets their attention! Speaking at the right volume and not speaking “over” the child. Using regular eye contact.

With this in mind, here are 100 (!) positive things to say to your child: You are cared for and loved. I will always be here when you need me. I’m grateful for you.

You are important. Naturally, you want to raise your child to be strong, independent and resilient, but be careful with the words you choose when having conversations about bullying with your kid. Perhaps your first instinct is to parrot the advice your own parents or teachers gave you back in the day.

Unfortunately, some of these common refrains, like “just ignore it” or “toughen up” are not.

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