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Family Bonding Time; Win Your Children Over

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There is a difference between men’s and women’s casual flings, and science says so.

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Family bonding time

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The Importance of Family Time: Luca at [email protected]

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25 Fun Games to Play on Zoom | Virtual Zoom Games for Teachers, Friends, and Families

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The benefits of family time are pretty clear. Strong family bonds are essential for kids’ social and emotional development, and for everyone’s well-being—adults and children. But especially as kids grow, it’s harder and harder to fit in that important family time. Shared meals can help you bond (even if they don’t end up happening at dinner time).

Why Family Time Matters: 10 Benefits of Spending Time With Family 1. Strengthens Family Bonding. One of the benefits of spending time with family and indulging in leisure activities 2. Family Time Improves Child’s Academic Performance. The academic success of.

Family bonding time is a way to model expected behaviors, and spending time together as a family can help parents relate more to their children and open the lines of communication. Spending a few minutes together once everyone is home for the day, whether for dinner or a scheduled family “meeting,” can help families learn to listen to, trust. The Benefits of Exercising as a Family: Bonding and Active Time We all know that exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. It provides us with innumerable physical and psychological benefits, including fitness enhancement, heart health, greater strength, better weight management, improved sleep and stress.

Family bonding is very important for a number of reasons. One reason is that today, both parents often work and the kids are involved in many different activities such as sports, clubs and hanging out with friends. The old concepts of what a family should be has been thrown out the window.

If you need to take time off to care for a loved one or bond with a new child, you may be eligible for job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA). At Stanford, some or all of your job-protected leave may be paid. Family time is an essential factor that helps to create strong bonds, love, connections, and relationship among the family members.

Spending quality time with family does help in coping with challenges, instill a feeling of security, inculcate family values, fill kids with confidence, and much more. However, when dealing with newborn or newly placed children in the home, just think of “baby bonding” time as the family portion of FMLA as opposed to the medical portion which is to care for the child, spouse, parent or one’s own self that has a serious health condition. It can establish lifelong habits.

Many factors can contribute to childhood obesity, from a sedentary lifestyle to food marketing and misinformation. So it seems only natural to get kids moving. Family bonding time builds confidence, teaches children about interacting with others, and create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. The following are the top ten benefits of family time.

First and foremost is the bonding itself. Spending time together helps to form lasting connections between family members.

List of related literature:

CELF family members, for example, usually engaged in homework as a shared cooperative activity; but, in addition, homework involvement needed to coordinate with the accomplishment of other family routines after work and school and with unanticipated events that entailed special consideration.

“The Handbook of Discourse Analysis” by Deborah Tannen, Heidi E. Hamilton, Deborah Schiffrin
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family-centered focus, including sleeping accommodations that more closely resemble the home environment for the new parents.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
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daily activities—preschool, play dates, homework, and so on—but often maintains a strong bond and active role as the child grows older, shepherding his child from school to after-school social and sports activities.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
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Even when fathers and children share residences, they may need to strategize to have “quality time” in the face of overstuffed family schedules (Daly, 1996).

“Handbook of Marriage and the Family” by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
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A study on blended families showed that quality time together is strongly related to bonding (Baxter et al., 1999).

“Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships” by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Ph.D., Walid A. Afifi
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In general, active rela­tions between full siblings continue throughout adulthood, both because the parents encourage the relationship and because many people feel attached to their siblings and want to be in contact with them.

“Encyclopedia of Human Relationships: Vol. 1-” by Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher
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Because people within families tend to have long-term connections to each other, and those with longer lasting bonds develop greater interest and commitment in helping one other, the focus on family systems of interaction is essential.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
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Benefits of leisure experiences for family bonding.

“Computer-mediated Communication in Personal Relationships” by Kevin B. Wright, Lynne M. Webb
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Family bonding helps strengthen the shared love and responsibility of this new life, which belongs to both parents.

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
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This shift of responsibility for the care of the dependent aged changes, of course, the incentives for the first stage of the relation of mutual dependency in the family.

“Foundations of Social Theory” by James S. Coleman
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  • My hypothesis on this is that it all comes down to men valuing a woman’s correct judgment of his worth. Women value men primarily for looks, and secondarily for our ability to provide material things. We value women for their looks and for their ability to spot a high quality man*. Because if you *are a high quality man, obviously you want the kind of women you attract to be able to correctly identify and appreciate your efforts.

    So, what does it say about a woman who has a past riddled with terrible choices in men, and the fact that she is with you, a high quality man, may only be by accident (like a broken clock being right twice a day)? The fact that women get “final say” in who gets to be with her is also exactly why a man’s past isn’t as big of a deal men don’t really get to choose, so it’s harder to blame us for taking what we can get. Less freedom to choose means we’re less responsible for who we get. However, a woman who can walk into a bar and basically have her pick of who she sleeps with which is most women she has far more responsibility. When you have all the responsibility and you still make bad choices, those choices are fair game to criticize.

    Honestly, I don’t see this as unfair at all. Men have their own responsibilities to be the driven one, the charming one, the successful one. Asking for a woman who exercises smart judgment isn’t unfair.

    Also, women who complain about this supposed double standard are hypocrites, because they’re the first ones to be disgusted by a man’s virginity.

  • for me it’s just freaking disgusting. I dont want to share the same hole with other guy’s penises! I wouldnt stick my junk into a glory hole at the public bathroom, I dont want to stick it in there either!

  • this is the science the leftwing is suppressing because it doesnt fit their narrative. its the reason feminism hates science and facts.

  • I am a first year PE teacher. Of course starting virtually, I was very nervous but after watching this video I am a little more confident

  • Today, I am thankful for using my time on youtube to listen to a smart person with great insights on the personal quest for finding truth within.

    The greatest war comes from within!

  • Whatever man. If a woman that wants to get married has had as many partners as a prostitute; you would be stupid to take that woman seriously. Period. Don’t try to spin it any other way. Just like Snoop said you can’t make a hoe a house wife Joker. lol

  • The reply that woman gives in your billion dollar analogy, sounds like a very sneaky way of saying “I wanted your money” but I do understand the need for financial security, as I, too, like money.

  • I am so thankful for you!! Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. It has literally changed the dynamics of class 100%. My kids have their cameras on, want to participate and most importantly, they are having FUN!! Thank you for making my little ones smile.

  • 10:20 Africa is a CONTINENT. With 54 entire sovereign countries. Fifty four. CONTINENT.

    Much love from Ethiopia —country code 251 —in Africa. ��

    Five four. ��

  • Love them! Thanks for sharing. You make me feel that online teaching can be so much more fun than physical teaching in class. We would not do these in a regular class time!

  • Great ideas! Thank you for sharing. Can you please speak little slower next time? I could not catch my brief while you are talking, had to pause video several times. And my English is not that bad and I am used to native speakers. But you are just like the FLASH from comics.

  • What if Iron has something to do with this? Maybe women are not recovering as fast as males and thus causing the higher rates of depression among women.

  • Thought: Maybe the casual fling to him meant a lot more to her then he knew, and when he went off chasing other girls after she had sex with him, she felt like he didn’t care. So she: 1. ends up racking up a body count, or 2. walks away from dating.

  • Reading all these comments on girls, I really feel your pain. You must be hurt time and time again. But hope you won’t give up, because the one for you may still be out there. It may take a while because they may be the ones who stay home a lot or busy with all the stuff that makes them fulfilled. Women also sometimes wonder why guys like to go with bitchy girls, too. But then again, divorce system in the US (or most western countries) sucks for guys so you may need to move out first. We don’t have divorce in our country so the problem here is people can get stuck in abusive and often alcohol-induced households, including the children so it can be pretty traumatizing if you’re out of luck on the parents department.

  • Sorry, but what is with women which never been in intimate relationships or women dath gave wery chip to one gay gets divorce without having intimatacy for 20jr?

  • Promiscuity is terrible for pair bonding. A woman should have five partners or fewer in a life time. Men get ten partners because they are performance impaired if they have too few partners and they need more practice than women. Anything last five for her and ten for him is an bad for pair bonding and those who have achieved greater numbers than these are not good candidates for long term relationships. Both genders become desensitized to sexual stimulation and start to separate it from emotion and commitment if they have too many partners.

  • What if they are big 12th class ones…and umm they feel nervous to dance maybe…
    Just wanted an idea to make them participate in the class.

    Any ideas??

  • For men, we’ll date a loose woman, but we’ll never marry one. Every man that has ever tried, has failed to maintain that relationship.

  • That woman saying to the “now broke man,” when she said to him, “I may have liked you $100 million ago. Now, you don’t have anything left to offer.” Are you talking about Shawn Kemp?

  • Joker,
    the articles don’t explicitly write that there’s a difference between men and women.
    On the contrary, they treat men and women the same.

  • 40 years ago, I worked in a hospital. I asked this one woman out; she said no. OK, didn’t talk to her again, her choice. Other people told me she liked playing around, a lot. I googled her recently. She still lives in that city, in a complex I knew to be low rent. Not married, obviously. I wish her well, and won’t be contacting her. She’s 64 now.

  • It’s interesting how we tend to wait for science to prove what we already know, just to get it in writing, which somehow is the only way to validate the fact that that this is how it works in general.

  • When you live a pointless life, sx is your drug of escapism and your crowning “achievement”. Many problems will be solved when the people stop treating sx as an alleviation for their boredom. At the of the day sx is a drug, the more you have the more tolerance you build, and the more pervert you need to become to enjoy it.

  • let’s say a guy doesn’t have sex for a year will there be less of that stuff made resulting in the guy wanting women less? i’m to fast with my question the question was asnwered like 1 min after my question. Keep up the good work:)

  • i have asked these women out either in high school or just after. i had three come back in my 30’s asking me out as they are ready to settle. i told all three no, all three had a litter. they all said you asked me out back then, why not now? my answer was yes, when you had no kids and wasn’t washed up, you chose to be with the bad boys, this is you consequences. once i ask someone out and i’m rejected i never try again as i’ll never be #1 in your books. 2 of them said, i have the right to be happy. i said so do i. one of those 2 asked my brother out 2 weeks later. we had already talked about what she try to do with me. he’s response was just to laugh and laugh and laugh.

  • Honestly ask yourself though, if you’re a man that’s been spoiled for choice and slept with many beautiful women, are you really going to be ok with just one woman for the rest of forever. Really? Because you WILL be tempted and feel attraction for other women, how will you handle it, when your wife is being kinda bitchy or she’s put on weight or just stopped putting in the same effortyou going to be ok with just her for the rest of forever and pass up a California blonde 9? Be honest with yourself

    The more partners you have, the less oneitis you have. Oneitis IS PAIR BONDING. Read that again. oneitis is pair bonding

  • Well if she spent the last 20 years on all 4’s, I might not want to go there. I’m not sure about them, but I do lie about my past experience. I’ve been with
    40-50 so far. Stoped counting. I don’t think they would apreciate my honesty. So I’m guessing my brain evolved into version # 2 of this study… or I’m normal.

  • There’s a reason why the Bible say’s a Man shall leave his Father and Mother and shall cleave unto his Wife. And the two shall become one flesh

  • This is so funny bro, I’m losing my mind. Little My straight up vibe checks Joxter. Moomin is just there with fear in his eyes. Pure art.

  • I’ve always subscribed to the idea for the differences between men and women with regards to sex as this It’s easier to see and clean the outside of a bottle than the inside of it.

  • I was totally in love with my Husband for More than 25yrs. I did not have alot of partners in my earlier years because I was a tom boy and did alot of Physical activities the guys did not go for me. Most of my men friends where just that friends. I think I intimidated them because i knew how to work on cars and things Half men do not know how to do. Anyway for 2 years between our 25th and 27th Year my Husband would not touch me, He would say mean things to me like i was fat, I was stupid, to go away he did not want to be bothered. He would not hold me in bed or kiss me. I had never cheated on him at all.. But a person can only take so much rejection. I felt like we where roommates Not Marital Partners. I even went to him and told him we needed to find our way back to each other because the kids where grown and getting ready to leave the house. I was not promiscuous because i did not bond with my partner for 25 years I was madly deeply devoted to him. I felt lost, I did not know what happened and he would not talk to me, So one day out of the blue i met someone who when i told him i had been Married 27 years said wow you are special, it caught my attention. I wanted to be loved and feel passion in my life again, I needed to feel alive. Two years of verbal negativity and belittlement I had hit rock bottom. I did not do anything with this other person for at least 3 Months we would text each other talk and that was it. I started to feel alive again, Like i meant something to myself. All my prior relationships where all long term but when push came to shove it was the man that strayed not me. I felt like something must be wrong with me, I had a lot of guy friends but they where never sex partners. In April before i met this person, I had gotten into an accident where the person turned right in front of me, I hit his car like a brick wall and i was only going 20 miles an hour. my car was totaled and i thought to myself I could have died today. It reminded me how short life was and i did not want to live my life without Love and Passion in my life that i needed to feel wanted and alive again, to find myself again. So in August when i met this person and we had talked for a couple of months. We got together, It felt awkward at first he said he did not want me wasting his time, that it was the ultimate sin. It was not my intention to hurt my Husband or for him to find out about it.. It was about me finding what i wanted and needed in my relationship with my husband again and i told him that. We had an affair for almost three years. Not once did my husband ever text me to ask when i was coming home or asked where i was. He did not call me Nothing. I thought that was it he did not want me anymore. that is why the affair lasted so long. He was proving to me what i had already concluded. that he did not want me anymore. I did not even tell the other person my real age. I did not expect things to go as long as they did. But at least i had gotten my self confidence back. Conclusion to my story is that after 3 years and after me and this other person had called things off because i really wanted to reconnect with my Husband.. My Husband found out about the fling. He tried to make me feel guilty that it was all my fault.. I stood up for myself and told him I took the responsibility for my actions but he too needed to take the responsibility for His. I never thought i would ever have an affair. I was madly deeply in love with my husband, I still was during my fling and i told him that too. I met my husband on a blind date and 4 months later we where married. All my Previous relationships had been 3 to five years and I was always the one who got dumped. Even my ex Husband who i had gone with for 3yrs left me after 3 months of marriage and went back home to live with his parent. Then when i went to have him sign the divorce papers two years later then all of a sudden he wanted me back. Of course i said NO. But I do not know how you can say it is built into our brains to cheat.. Anyway my Husband and I are still together in 2021 we will have our 32nd Anniversary together. we have been working things out and he is much more attentive now but he says he will never trust me again. I hope that is not the case cause i am trustworthy. I just need to feel wanted and loved. Not put to the curb like a piece of trash.

  • My marriage of 34 years has morph into a platonic relationship, largely due to me where I still love her but do not find her sexually attractive any more. She once told me she had a dream she was screaming at me for playing up with another woman. I said to her that’s our current relationship, I love you but the bond that keeps us together is weakening on my terms. Silence….

  • I knew women in college40 years agowho had 3 digits of partners. Well, life is about experience, etc. We all make choices. However: choices have consequences.

  • You have no idea how helpful your games are to me! You are awesome! Congratulations! I’ve recommwnded your video on a teachers’ Facebook page 😉

  • WTF is this crap about “nature tells them..”!?
    Do these science theologes realize that research does not always require speculation from their inner ape!? Godless commentary is SO yesterday

  • @Better Bachelor, Joker, darling, remember that English is your first language! So, it is not ‘bonded’, but BOUND! Whilst, we are on the subject,  there’s such a thing as countable and uncountable nouns! Therefore, nouns such as people, relationships, etc. are mentioned in conjunction with numbers, NOT AMOUNTS.

  • Teaching Leadership trying to find games to play with the student body for a lunchtime activity. These sound pretty easy to play. Thanks

  • In my experience many women are often driven by their emotions of their moment?
    If that emotion tells them to have sex with a guy with an undiagnosed STD and no condom is handy, No Problem!
    She emotionally follows her hypergamous emotions.
    She comes home and has unprotected sex with you and later you come up with the other guys STD and your Emotions Queen girl tells you that she is with child.
    Whose Child?
    Many women lack the critical thinking ability, especially in the heat of the moment.
    Many women cannot be trusted to even protect themselves and their innocent partner from STD’s and illigitimate pregnancies!
    This is one reason a woman’s body count matters?

  • You want to put that Men have the “spread seed” mentality so they aren’t harmed by their youthful indiscretions as much. But, the truth is both Men and Women both re-write this pair-bonding to a more open bonding. And once they have done this both will have to overcome this. The mind will revert and alter, but it will take time and effort to make a strong single pair-bond again. Again the top 20% of men and the top 35-40% of women fit this group, because of the options they have. For the rest, most have one partner at a time, and do not effect their natural pair-bonding.
    But, I was thinking that men(and women to a smaller amount) through the use of porn, and fantasizing of others may also be weakening the pair-bonding. Does masturbation and fantasy impair a healthy relationship because of the attack on the pair-bonding reward system? I’m leaning towards probably.

  • Not to forget the influence of social media on women. Even the average looking chics has dozens of simps dming her a day. Shes exposed to so much validation its just impossible to fill the cup by just one guy.

    Shell always have her options linedup

  • I think women also have the ocytocin system and receive the same neurological bonding hormones, however when children are born, for women the oxytocin gets released when with the child and it doesn’t get as much a release when with the partner so she loses interest in sex.

  • I have yet to find a man who loves more than a woman does men can’t love the way women do. They don’t even forgive infidelity as easily as women do

  • The key which can open a lot of locks is a very good key.
    The lock which can be open by many keys is a very bad lock.
    Greetings from Poland.

  • Hello friends! Just wanted to let you know that there is a mistake in this video. I’ve written about it in the description box of this video. Sorry for any confusion this my have caused. Thanks for understanding. Also, if you are looking for more Zoom game ideas, I’ve created a playlist:

  • PLEASE DON’T TRUST THIS VIDEO. It is very dangerous to take a few studies about neurotransmitter release in animals and extrapolate behavioral patterns in humans. It is obvious that the Joker attempted to find good scientific research. If you click the links, these are not peer reviewed journals. All of these are psychology journals. There is NO neurological research backing this up. NONE. There have been no physiological differences found between men and women’s brains. The Joker is not understanding what they mean by the firing of neuropathways. Neuropathways get stronger with repeated firings. This is why you are good at addition. Everytime you fire the pathway for 2+2=4 it gets stronger. Eventually you don’t have to think, the pathway is set, and almost reflexively you say 4. This is true for knowledge and acquired skills like bicycle riding. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that allow and enable neurons to fire. There are many different neurotransmitters, and they are way more complicated than this. As he says himself, “oversimplification can lead to misunderstandings.” This is certainly the case here.

  • You don’t understand a culture until you know its jokes. This one goes back over 100 years. So, church is in session. All of a sudden, the Devil comes in. People are really scared, and run out. Except for one man, who stays in his seat. The Devil went over to him, and said, “Don’t you know who I am? Aren’t you afraid of me?” The man said, “I know who you are. But no, I’m not afraid of you, not at all. I’ve been married to your sister for over 30 years!” Men were laughing at that joke in the 1920’s, that I know of, and probably well before that. Really think about that.

  • Thanks very much for your sharing, these games are very useful. The problem for my class is that the students do not turn on their camera during the class, or sometimes, they switch off the camera quietly, suppose I do not mentioned while I am talking to other students.

  • Nowhere in these articles they say women cant overcome bad behaviour pattern and men can. You just made it up. And by the way, same women are biologically inclined to pick the best of the men available to her as suitor but you have a problem with that too. Dude i get it,dating world was unkind to you. Get over it!

  • Everytime they receive different sticks there are parts of her dying down inside, resulting in accelerate aging, physically and mentally.
    I don’t know the science on this, i can only observe.
    When i see girls that looks tired and older than her average age peers, i just know.

  • Thank you so much for the ideas! As a therapist seeing kiddos 1:1, would you be willing to respond with your super fast teacher brain of the best 1:1 games?

  • Zooming with my little nephew today to give my sister a break and some time to clean the house — thanks so much for these great ideas!!! So helpful:)

  • sigh men are always trying to justify their own promiscuity while demonizing women who act just like them. Took a look at the link and it sure doesn’t seem to say what the title of this video says. Glad I looked at it before listening, and chose based on the dishonest title to NOT listen to this misogynist hogwash.

  • Some native American groups would have a woman, say 16, walk down a row of corn. They were told they couldn’t go back; and to collect the best ears of corn, only, as they moved down the row. At the end of the row, the women invariably had no corn, at all. Which is how many women handle their relationships with men.

  • FYI, a woman neuroscientist summarizes current scientific findings on male and female brains for those who are more scientifically literate. Her name is Louann Brizendine. I’ve read “The Female Brain and it’s very good. The other book is ‘The Male Brain”.

  • Make sense? Women use to be kept pregnant and at home until 1970 or so. They didn’t do all the promiscuous things because as soon as they had a baby the husband went right back at it trying to get her pregnant. Old saying, “keep her barefoot and pregnant”. That’s how my family and lots of others were. Now, with no kids, there is no reason, other than love, to not be out running every night. Men have been doing it since the beginning. Now, not having kids, women are doing it to. Love i’snt enough. It’s all about what’s new and better and popular. It’s been a throw away society for many years. How many men have an old lawn mower?

  • Dude I seriously love the way to speak and convey! Really appreciate good stuff. Great videos on your channel. Looking forward for many more……..

  • So that’s what is in Love Potion #9. But in all seriousness. I think that is a big part of the problem. Once a man marries a woman her physical affection drops swiftly and continues to go down over time. It seems like women forget that men have feelings and needs also. So it doesn’t bother them to simply ignore their husband. This is a big problem in Japan. Often the man works so much that me may only see his family for a few hours a week. He really isn’t even part of the family. He is simply a source of money. That is socially expected. Men really do not have it as good as everyone wants to say. When A woman stops giving her husband affection he looses feelings. However women seem to loose their desire for their husbands as soon as they fulfill their breeding urges. Then the focus is on the children and she doesn’t see a need to continue giving attention to her husband. She doesn’t need to anymore. She has what she wanted and he is legally obligated to her. It’s no wonder the divorce rate is so high. However at the same time love exists. I have seen it. You don’t see it much in recent generations. But people who have been married 40, 50, 60 years. When they look back, and they still love their partner on their death bed. It’s not as common now. But I can’t believe that is entirely chemical. I don’t think people know how to love each other anymore. And not just as a partner. But people don’t know how to love each other as human beings.

  • If a man is too experienced with too many women in his past, women often feel the same way. That he’s too used up and washed out. Works both ways.

  • Love this stuff. Kind of burned out needed to create fresh content. Purchased several things and my only comment would be that you should charge a bit for for the work you.

  • funny how when it comes to climate change, those who are skeptical are called ‘science deniers’ but then when this stuff comes up, people become ‘science deniers’ themselves. They seem to think that picking and choosing facts is the way to go.

  • No, there is not a difference, and no, there is no scientific evidence showing there is. Just face it, you’re a beta at the lowest level. Also, after reading many, many comments, under age females are at risk. Hope the authorities are paying attention.������

  • Woman are like cars the more miles on the clock, the more owners the less value it’s worth. Yes you do get some vintage classics but they’re high maintenance and take a lot of work being also very hard to come by and let’s face it who doesn’t just love that pristine one owner from new model. You’re better off with a rental it gets you where you need to go and all that maintenance is someone else’s responsibility.

  • Just want to lay it out there. I’m a neuropsychologist and read both articles and papers this man expresses. Just want to clear up that woman who sleep around are still capable of pairbondingthe brain changes every day with behaviours so it’s not tremendously difficult to pair bond to one person after having a past. The article even expresses that but you failed to read it or understand it

  • So guys look like your broke and drive a average vehicle. No it dose not matter, it’s just chemicals guys just chemicals, you are being chemically controlled every time you touch her hand. If she has a FaceBook walk away the ex is a click away.

  • I can understand how for women easy sex lowers their self esteem and ability to pair bond. But women still need physical pleasure so should they be judged for high partner count?

  • Its sad (and sick) that so many Western females think they’re “empowered” because they can spread their legs. I 100% agree that women are the reason dating/relationships/marriages nowadays are completely screwed up, and make it difficult for ‘traditional’ minded women to find a normal relationship, because so so so many men have been treated like sh** and basically get traumatized. Its funny, in the past I would say how I wish I had been born in different era, where men were men and women were women….masculine/feminine roles instilled and it was OKAY! According to feminists every woman that stayed home, wore dresses and makeup to clean/cook and said they enjoyed it was a liar….that’s total bullshit. Now if you say you like to cook and take care of your man, enjoy being home and not out getting high or drunk, you wan to be attractive for your man and keep his attention you don’t want one night stands, think having an OnlyFans account basically makes the person a prostitute, you can’t sleep with a dude 2 hours after meeting him, enjoy being feminine and LOOKING feminine….then you’re looked at like YOU have a problem and you’re allowing yourself to be ‘oPpReSsEd.’ I’m sure its extremely disheartening for men and women that don’t believe in all this fem filth that is taking over.

  • I’m sort of shocking about your presentation As I were ur age, I couldn’t. You did great job and your opinon about spending more time with your loved ones are also great. one more, eye contact more to people, cause your great looking loved ones want to watch. Billy from Korea.

  • Thank you for these! For game #20 I think you mean you’d send the person who can’t hear the theme to a breakout room by themselves (instead of muting them…when they’d still hear the theme!)

  • We should also talk about the dependency of women and birth control pills. Birth control pills also reduce pair bonding with a single man, and when she stops taking birth control, she is likely to become unattracted to her man(if a woman is balanced, her man’s sweat actuallyturns them on, not the case when they are drasticallychanging their hormonal compositionwith birth control). Birth control also pushes women to favor more effeminate men over masculine men.

  • i must inform y ou that in nature there are also many species of females that also are promiscuous so how do you explain that. If it is only males that are naturally predisposed to have multiple mates how come females such as cats, rats, seals and probably many others also practice promiscuous behaviour? Humans are the same. I don’t see how females would be different, as in they too would want to spread their genetics.

  • “I hate that my intimacy is not my own!” You weren’t the only participant, what are you expecting?
    “Everything I try now will become a part of my ‘history!'” That’s called actions having consequences and it applies to everything. C’est la vie.

  • I know this is probably not gonna sound cool but I think you should just be with escorts until you can afford a baby bearer…once and if you achieve the task of passing on your Gene’s you should be able to relax in regards to women I mean there’s always escorts or masturbation…sex is the only thing women offer at this point.

  • i Teach in a Christian monastery here in Utah and my elderly students are very slow so it is very helpful to have this technology for their


  • I once told a girl something similar, that having multiple partners while they’re young (women) is like chewing a gum; you don’t want to be the other person savoring it, because the flavor is best when the gum hasn’t been put in anyone else’s mouth before. She took offense. I understand those who want commitment, date for some times seriously before parting ways because it does not work; error happens, not everyone is compatible with everyone else. But fooling around is different. To me, fooling around without anything serious in mind, both men and women, devalues the person. I don’t know, that’s how I see it.

  • That video was informative but really depressing. Knowing the behavior of women nowadays having just recently gone through my twenties and seeing it first hand, a conservative estimate for any girl hits double digits. Gives me the impression that we as a society are past the point of no return.
    On the bright side I no longer feel guilty about sleeping around for any reason whatsoever so I guess I’ll just have as much fun as possible and not worry about it.

  • Okay…. so if men are wired to ‘plunder’, and women are wired to ‘bond’, who are the men plundering? For men sowing their seeds far and wide, don’t they require fertile ground (i.e. willing women) to do so? This suggests that women having casual flings are necessary for men to do what you/the research say men are biologically predisposed to do.
    Are you/the research therefore dividing women into two groups; the eternal use-and-discards, and the keepers?
    This sounds pretty awful.

  • 4:20
    If you’ve ever had sex within a loving relationship, you already know about the bonding and afterglow effects. It seems weird that studies had to prove something so obvious and ubiquitous exists, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to scientifically confirm things.