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My 13u team in south Florida takes the whole summer off while other teams play another 40 games, and has since we started travel. Most of my kids play other sports in middle school also. The problem is that because of travel, rec has become unplayable. Article on pros and cons of children’s traveling sports teams, particularly soccer; notes that tournaments have become more far-flung and elaborate.

Many lifelong friendships begin on travel sports teams. Between practice, games, and traveling, the sheer amount of time spent with teammates is virtually guaranteed to inspire camaraderie. The social benefits of being part of a travel sports team can be especially significant for children who tend to be quiet or shy. 3. Sharpens Time Management Skills.

Health benefits: There is a greater emphasis in travel leagues for young athletes to keep in shape and learn healthy habits. Daily exercise, following a more nutritious diet, and developing better sleeping habits can promote a healthier lifestyle. Travel Team Cons. A big red flag went up when the baseball mom told me the travel coach doesn’t allow players to play Little League. At the younger ages, kids get the most fun out of playing with their friends.

There’s plenty of time for travel ball and “driving six hours to play another team. Encourages character development: Because travel teams are more serious, there’s a greater emphasis put on things like being on time, demonstrating maximum effort, and having a good attitude. Cons. Cost: Travel baseball is expensive — sometimes absurdly so.

Families often spend around $2,500 per year, but the costs can be even higher. Youth travel baseball falls under moneymaking organizations like USSSA baseball and others to provide weekend tournaments for teams. Anyone can start a travel team and meet the requirements, pay the entry fees and sign up for the travel baseball tournaments usually play at least two travel tournaments per month.

Cons: 1. High cost. Highly competitive youth sports teams are much more likely to travel long distances and play in weekend-long tournaments. This means sports parents will have to pay for transportation (gas or airfare), hotels, food, tournament fees, backup equipment, home/away uniforms and much more. They shell out thousands of dollars for team fees, uniforms, equipment and travel expenses.

Youth sports nationwide now represent a $7 billion industry, according to the Sports Facilities Advisory, a business consulting firm based in Clearwater, Florida, that serves as a resource for amateur sports complexes. A typical travel team will spend many weekends in hotels together, and exploring new places. It’s one of the best ways for a young person to get to go to new places around their region and the country, and they can do it while having a blast with their teammates.

List of related literature:

There is increasing evidence that the behaviours of travelling fans may be influenced by the location (e.g. training bases) of teams in advance of and during competition.

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Parents need to take a long look at the benefits of travel teams in the first three stages of LTAD.

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In addition, parents talk to each other on the sidelines about the players, the kids interact with each other, and everyone interacts with new kids and adults from other places, especially when the team is a “traveling” team, which many are.

“White Kids: Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America” by Margaret A. Hagerman
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After some brief research, you learned that youth sport travel teams are on the rise.

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With travel to foreign parts becoming cheaper and more accessible these are essential topics for coaches who may take players to soccer tournaments and tours in countries with other climatic conditions.

“Youth Soccer: From Science to Performance” by Gareth Stratton, Thomas Reilly, Dave Richardson, A. Mark Williams
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Because Club Tourism attracts many elderly people who can travel off-season, the firm can take advantage of cheaper accommodations, which reduces the cost of the trip and allows Club Tourism to retain more margins, away from the bargaining power of tour operators during peak vacation periods.

“The Power of Co-Creation: Build It with Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits” by Venkat Ramaswamy, Francis J. Gouillart
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A national team performing in international competition may attract ‘home’ supporters from throughout the country that it represents, many of whom travel as domestic tourists.

“Sport Tourism Development” by Thomas Hinch, James E. S. Higham
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Some tourism markets benefit substantially from the more mature population, such as the coach travel market (see Chapter 8).

“Tourism: A Modern Synthesis” by Stephen Page, Joanne Connell
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The Intercounty soccer team travels to out-of-state tournaments; players stay in hotels and eat in restaurants; during the games, they compete against children they have never met before.

“Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race, and Family Life” by Annette Lareau
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In fact, travelling to country with a different climate and culture may also put the visiting team at a disadvantage (Pace and Carron, 1992).

from SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, Second Edition
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  • 3 seconds before seeing this in recommendations I was seeing how Piqué asked for new people for the team. After losing 2-8 against Munich. Thx YouTube for reminding me that Xavi Simons is not at Barça.

  • I wanna be there so bad but fuck life…. i feel like i will be the most completed player in the world now imagine if i was in barça academy….

  • Anayoussef from Algeria, I have two talents like Messi and the left leg And when I run, no one can give me an injection ����Argcom Ooredoo is a partner in Argco Barcelona Academy My talent is like Messi and God ��Ooredoo to enter the Barcelona Academy I am 17 years old

  • i have a home work the teacher said describe a country that you want to visit it so iwould be différent for my college i would say that I would live in my country but visit country in my vacance but i don’t know how I beginning please any person see my comment help me please because i researched in Internet but i didn’t find any important information

  • I’m trying to spend more on travel, fuck material possessions. Of course I buy mods for my cars but I manage to budget it. The only draw back is my job don’t pay enough & I’m trying to move out of the shithole overpriced San Francisco Bay Area.

  • One extra point that I learned while traveling:
    You may think you’re motivated to succeed in life when you look at someone’s yacht, but when you travel and fall in love with the freedom lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at how hard you’re willing to work to reach that level of freedom again.
    Love the name freedom kingdom by the way. Very good.

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  • Superb jus loved it…..well we would to see a video on why health is important…which constitutes both physical and mental health…..the way you showcased travel video is very nice….even kids can correlate…

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    कितने खूबसुरत पहाड है नदियाोका पानी कल कल की आवाज करते हुएबह रहा है हवा
    साएं साएं की आवज से बह रही है । एेसा लग रही चीड के पौधे सगीतंकी ध्वनि पैदा कर रहे हो please transelate this into eng

  • Travelling is for people whose lives are so unexciting that they need to be consuming something in order to fill their empty lives. The environmental cost of travel is huge, but travel agents and airlines won’t tell you that. Stop selling this as if travelling was some sort of innate right. If you are creative you can find joy where you normally live.

  • That first point is basically saying you should go on a cruise and not buy food, water, or clothes for the next 3 months. No thanks.

  • There are two types of travelling from time to time, when you have a job and can’r dedicate the whole yourself to travelling, others travel permanently, and I can’t imagine what is more exciting than that

  • I’m currently going to my senior year, after i finish College, i plan to quit videogames and start branching out in life. I would want to travel, ( not necessarily country by country ) but rather different cities and landscape, i’ll probably buy a motorcycle and a bike and that’ll be my source of transport, not only i get experience, i’ll also get excercise:D

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  • It is my favorite activities. I enjoyed this video and want to share this is at Please keep sharing.

  • This is a bunch bull. traveling is a waste of time and money. This era of technology we can just view everything online.
    Being Rich is the only way in get happiness

  • Viajar nos da la oportunidad de conocer nuevas culturas, contar nuevas experiencias y es lo mejor que puedes hacer en tu vida. �� Gracias!!!

  • I urge you to consider the effect of so much air travel on the environment and on you, your family and friends. Are you aware of the impact on the environment and human health of aircraft emissions, contrails and their resulting clouds? Wikipedia has an article on “Environmental impact of aviation”, however it barely mentions the effect of aviation emissions on human health. The article mainly discusses the impact of aviation on climate. While climate effects from aviation are very important, so are human health effects. Yet there is no separate Wikipedia article on “Human health impact of aviation”. The human health impact of aviation is discussed only within a separate general “air pollution” article (interspersed with many other air pollution issues).


    Lee, H., S. C. Olsen, D. J. Wuebbles, and D. Youn (2013), Impacts of aircraft emissions on the air quality near the ground, Atmos. Chem. Phys.,13(11), 5505–5522, doi:10.5194/acp-13-5505-2013.

    In addition, as a result of aviation emissions, there are short-lived contrails, long-lived contrails, persistent contrails, contrail cirrus clouds, contrail cirrus clusters and contrail outbreaks. Go to Google Scholar and look up any of these terms in the search box. You will find many papers reporting the negative impacts (on climate) of contrails and the resulting cloud structures listed above.

    For example:
    Burkhardt, U. & Kärcher, B. Global radiative forcing from contrail cirrus. Nat. Clim. Chang. 1, 54–58 (2011).

    Look up at the sky today see the contrails and clouds resulting from aircraft emissions. Do you think the dirty particles just disappear? They fall down to the ground and impact the environment and your health. Aircraft pollution is a huge issue being played down by the aviation industry which wants to make more and more money.

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  • Nice Video!
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  • It’s so sad what’s happening to the academy. Lots of youngsters are going elsewhere because Barcelona cannot afford to pay their wages. Bernabe, Simons, Garcia. So much talent gone.

  • Traveling is one of my favorite activities. I try to travel as much as I can and visit different countries at least once a year (hopefully I’ll do that more often haha). Besides the fun, a traveling has an important value to add to your life.
    Let me know if you have any question or request, I’m here for you:)