The 7 Worst Drinks for your children


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The 7 Worst Drinks for Your Kids Sports Drinks. Parents may think sports drinks are healthy options because they contain many of the minerals and Energy Drinks. Energy drinks may contain some undesirable ingredients, including caffeine and large amounts of sugar.

Soft Drinks, Sweetened Juice. Worst Drinks: Sports Drinks (Shutterstock) In addition to training your children to drink their calories and encouraging a growing sweet tooth, you’re also. Capri-Sun and Kool-Aid are among 30 drinks that contain less than 5 percent juice, a whole lot of sugar and are considered bad for your kids.

Fruit drinks. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends kids ages 2-5 drink 2 cups of milk daily. However, too much milk can lower the body’s iron stores. Great juice: Pure fruit juice ─ not juice drinks ─ is packed with vitamins and other nutrients. However, juice also contains a fair amount of natural sugar, so mind your child’s daily intak.

It goes without saying that soda is hands down the worst drink for kids. Soda is high in sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. Soda and other sugary drinks are main contributors to the childhood obesity epidemic, and conditions like type-2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which are also on the rise in kids.

Worst drinks for your kids Artificial Colored Drinks. There are no other unhealthy kinds of drinks if they are not purely or naturally made. There are a lot of artificial drinks that are made so that they will look good and enticing so that we will be able to buy them and enjoy them whenever we want to.

Best and Worst Drinks for Kids (Slideshow) While I can’t help you with the big decisions, I can help with one thing: what in that long, colorful aisle of drinks should you be giving your child? Bad news first: nothing. It’s an aisle that you can skip entirely. (Even the 100% organic juice? Yes. Even the 100% organic juice.

Giving your children replenishing, low-sugar drinks is important for their overall health. This article lists 7 healthy drinks for kids — as well as 3 beverages to avoid. There are certain worst drinks that kids should never have. You must be careful regarding the eating and drinking habits of your kids. Nowadays, most of the children are already into junk foods and colas; this has resulted in obesity in children.

Parents must be aware of the ill effects of certain foods and drinks. With food, at least you can see the debris left behind allowing for effective brushing and flossing, but liquids can be sneakier. That’s why we’ve put together a primer on drinks and teeth ranking them from the best drinks for kids’ teeth to the worst drinks for kids.

List of related literature:

As few as two drinks per day have the potential to cause adverse effects in an infant.

“Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
from Foundations and Adult Health Nursing E-Book
by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr Pepper contain caffeine-a drug that can make kids irritable, give them headaches, and disturb their sleep.

“Chew on this: Everything You Don't Want to Know about Fast Food” by Eric Schlosser, Charles Wilson
from Chew on this: Everything You Don’t Want to Know about Fast Food
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Favorites for most children are soft drinks, punches, fruit juices, and milk.

“Toilet Training in Less Than a Day” by Nathan Azrin, Richard M. Foxx
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3–NO “hair of the dog” drinks; they drag out a hangover.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
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In addition to white wine and carbonated water, other top-class drinks are vodka, especially mixed with water only—having it with tonic is a bit middle-class; Bloody Marys (but never after 3:00 p.m.); and Scotch, especially on the rocks or with a tiny bit of water.

“Class: A Guide Through the American Status System” by Paul Fussell
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However, moderate alcohol consumption of one to two drinks per day may lower cardiovascular risk (Mukamal et al., 2003), dementia risk (Ruitenberg et al., 2002), and the all-cause mortality rate (Lee, Ayers, & Kronenfeld, 2009).

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
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They can drink anything else they want: milk, ginger ale, tomato juice, Coke.

“Global Communication: Theories, Stakeholders, and Trends” by Thomas L. McPhail
from Global Communication: Theories, Stakeholders, and Trends
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Children were shown eight bottles of supposedly new drinks and asked to sample them for taste.

“Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family” by Adele Pillitteri
from Maternal & Child Health Nursing: Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family
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Cow’s milk and water are the ideal beverages for children.

“Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Assessment and Management, Third Edition” by Joan C. Arvedson, Linda Brodsky, Maureen A. Lefton-Greif
from Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Assessment and Management, Third Edition
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Most women with affected children actually drank four to six drinks per occasion, however, which averaged to be lower daily doses.

“Beer in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy
from Beer in Health and Disease Prevention
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  • Help my heart is hurting

    How long will this last

    I’m in hell red bull is satan

    Help what do I do I’m
    Trying to survive

    This heart attack

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  • “Another problem rising up is the sugar”

    Oh, shut up. I don’t like energy drinks but bruh. Y’all worried about this when kids be drinking soda that can have more than 70+ grams of sugar. Let’s compare:

    Energy drink they show:27 grams

    Most bottled sodas:about 2 to 2.5 times that amount of sugar.

  • Man energy drinks are safe my favourite drink is monster and my second favourite is redbull like they are perfectly safe for kids under 13 just dont overdose I drink monster every week and no problems

  • 1:06 So it’s ok to drug kids with ADHD medication that contains meth, but not ok to give them a sugary drink, that makes absolutely no sense!!!!!

  • There should never be an age restriction on energy drinks. Because first they’ll make it 18 and then in a few years raise it to fucking 21 which would be dumb as fuck. And it’s not the government’s job to care for our health. I thought this was a free country?

  • What kind of idiot is feeding their kids energy drinks? And under 6? Fuck off. The parents should hide the drink if they are leaving it out.

  • theyre really good, and are a great subsitution for coffee for me because im not a coffee person and theyre awakening and refreshing.

  • Yeah I had rockstars and bro my stomach has been hurting along with my liver and heart. Fuck that I rather stick to my diet and drink it at 17 or 16 lmao

  • I think caffeine dosage should be measured relative to body weight, and not that many kids metabolize caffeine so differently as to have 4x smaller dosage.

  • It’ll never cease to amaze me how I, an 18 year old 6’4” vegetarian, who does light exercise on a daily basis and doesn’t vape, smoke, drink, or do any kind of drug EVER will be scrutinized by my family for drinking roughly 10 Monsters every month bc of the fear mongering the media pushes.

  • I like how bad double standards are. Ya know, two cups of coffee is fine, but a red bull, oh god no, the horror. Drinking to cups of coffee and a soda is the same as drinking a red bull.

  • dont let this distract you from the fact that hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with Spoon engines, on top of that he just came to harry’s and ordered 3 T66 Turbos with NOS and A Motec system Exhaust

  • I’m 13, and i just drank a Nos energy right now.. My heart does beat faster than it did before, But that clearly doesn’t mean ima die.. News and People are such dramatic over Kids drinking some Energy.

  • I have a bang right here in my hand and I’m gonna hide it from my closet
    And I’m panicking on what should I do I took like 9 sips of it
    And just figured out it has 300mg
    Ima hide it in my closet until someone tells me what to do 
    should I drink it
    Should I take 5 or 6 sips every week
    Throw it away
    Take less than 5 or 6 sips every week
    Or do I just save it until the morning to drink it all for school

  • I haven’t had an energy drink in a while so if there’s anything I have to be careful of if I drink an energy drink please let me know that would be much appreciated

  • Weren’t Sport Drinks the original Energy Drinks? All these drinks are to me are just “Mental Sodas!” Besides, most People I know who like Mountain Dew drink it the same way others drink Red Bull. So cause of that, the only difference to me is the ingredients. Otherwise they’re the same thing to me!


  • Not really a big deal the amount of kids that pick up there parents vodka and coke by accident instead of there own drink and take a sip

  • Henry Lin can you do a Five Nights at Freddy’s drink cost for a new character called the Marinette and also three DIY drink and draw her the puppet Ismail

  • a can once in a while can’t hurt just don’t go overboard since it’s addicting and people would crave for more i rink a can maybe 1-2 a week

  • And every one that says im fine your heart just gets weaker if your a kid because your still growing i used to drink nos all the time now im drinking kickstarters because there only 92 mg of caffine because im only 12

  • What the heck? Why would you give a young child an energy drink??? Or soda to a young child??? That’s horrible. I get headaches drinking rock star. High in sodium. Don’t have that problem with any other energy drinks. Never had an issue.

  • I had to type fast because I ran to my mom complaining that my arm was hurting and my stomach was burning Inside and I was sooo sleepy after drinking a tiny bit of a kind of an energy drink and my heart was hurting…

  • CONCERNS: too much caffeine, and too much sugar…

    REALITY: Most energy drink brands come with sugar free options (which are always much better imo… ie white monster / sugar free redbull) AND most energy drinks have about the same caffeine as coffee, sometimes slightly less, sometimes a little more.

    CONCLUSION: these are the two most commonly used arguments against energy drinks, especially when being compared to coffee for health reasons… and they are FALSE!

  • Energy drinks… contains about the same amount of energy (Time Boost) as it take you to drain it down… let’s say 2 minutes of Rush and then the downer.
    I am going to be honest here… I do drink Energy Drinks occasionally (just had a Monster right now) but I attempt to minimize the consumption to maybe once a week or more infrequent. So I am no saint in that regard.
    The caffeine acts differently on every body, some can take 10 Monster Drinks in straight succession (DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMENDED) and have NO effect whatsoever where as the next person over can take a sip and… NOT so Good afterwards…

    The reason I came into this right now was to show my son (5yrs) someone else explaining that it was NOT Healthy, especially for kids, as He, to copy his Baba, wanted to try it too. He did have a baby sip, and it wasn’t his ‘cup of tea’, so to speak.

    There are many friends here that claim that they have been drinking X amount daily for X amount of years and nothing happened to them… that may very well be true, I wouldn’t know… but for Minors and adolescences… it is better to stay on the side of caution… probably nothing will happen, till it does, and that will be too late… no going back in time (Doc Brown didn’t actually make the DeLorean Time machine) ������.

  • Yes. Two reasons: a. It amps anxiety in folks that suffer from certain mental issues, and b. Young folks are still developing, and caffeine is addictive, so more and more will be used, and scaling back the use, or discontinuing the use, will be far more difficult for them later in life than an older person that uses the product. Personal experience: I suffered from severe asthma when I was a child. This was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Back then the treatment was caffeine. So as a little boy, they tried to start me on coffee. I threw that nasty stuff up every time. So I ended up on soda pop. Lots of soda pop. I don’t think it helped, but the doctors never asked my opinion. I have tried to give up caffeine a few times. But I never felt normal. So, I will drink soda pop till the day I die.

  • Look they arent that bad when drank in moderation…
    The company’s are not to blame for problems caused its the person being careless with their consumption

  • Am a doctor, I drink one can a day, I believe no need to regulate it, caffeine is all over the place, maybe more education to the public is needed and more transparency on the side of manufacturers, but it is not a serious public health issue

  • Lmao I drank energy drinks when I was five years old. Cuz my mom though they were healthy, but she realized that shit ain’t good so she limits it, now I’m 11 and I drink monster and red bull.

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  • Heart palpitations are not a problems unless your heart beats way to fast. These wierd rithims are mostly because of electrolyte depletion.

  • I love my energy drinks and coffee. So no way. Just don’t them to your kids. I don’t think kids should have caffeine anyway. they have enough energy as it is.

  • just wanna say….i as a person who takes adhd meds it isn’t just adderal, there’s many different medications that are used for adhd but this bitch was acting like he just became and alcoholic and now needs AA like chilll

  • I drink energy drink every friday once a week doesnt kill me and felt nothin just little bit blood preasure from my both arms and my neck and i sleep normal ok and drinking water n juice weekends are normal

  • Man it’s always these Defect kids with Parasite parents who think if someone breathes near their child they are threatening their life

  • I don’t trust this video cnn is fake news. I don’t trust fake news network. stop lying fnn. The man i look up to Donald Trump told me that you guys are liars.

  • He takes drugs everyday but alcohol is bad for em yea ok I’ve been on those drugs and i can tell u with first hand experience its worse then drinking 6 beers

  • I consider myself self-aware and a smart person, i am 10 going on 11 and drink monster and venom energy drinks. i like chemistry biology and math, let me get to the point here. I know caffiene has a similar structure to the natruall chemical in our brain that is called adenosine, caffiene enters the blood streem and ends up in the brain and because the caffiene has a similar structure to adenosine caffiene binds to the adenosine receptors blocking adenosine and triggering dopamine. My point is what is harmfull in that proccese other than the crash you experience after you consumed the caffiene assuming you havent built a tolerance yet?

  • So you said they could be lethal and stated who these drinks are more dangerous for but did not expand on the HOW. Could you go into more detail about the effects on high risk individuals?

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  • I think there should be a law you need a parent beside you to buy a energy drink if your between 10 if your the age of 13 you can just go right In and get like the whole store worth of energy drink’s.

  • I live in Norway. They do not have much root beer here in Norway. When I asked for root beer at the store, some idiot gave me real BEER. I showed him online, He gave me a stupid non alcoholic beer. Dumbasses…

  • Yeah just feed him medication that will only f*ck up his development later on he will have a lot more problems by feeding him powerful adhd medicine.

  • The category evolved and the fastest growing brands are Organic Natural Plant Based.. such as GURU organic energy drink! And the balance is important… one or max two per day

  • my story,
    i was 8, hot day, i came home from school, i saw my dad’s beer, he forgot it on the truck’s trunk, i drank it, 16 years ago in Viet Nam

  • literally this is overreacting like omg. servers make mistakes. yes it was a mistake and i understand what it could have caused. but omg bringing it to a WHOLE news story…