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A child who is being emotionally abused may demonstrate behaviors that can be signs of abuse, including: Anxiety Attempts to avoid certain situations (such. Bruising, welts or burns that cannot be sufficiently explained, particularly bruises on the face, lips and mouth of infants or on several surface planes at the same time. Unusual bruising patterns that reflect the shape of the instrument used to cause injury (e.g., belt, wire hanger, hairbrush, hand, human bite marks). Signs of emotional abuse in children and young people can manifest in many ways. Below are a few.

Emotional Child Indicators: Low self-confidence/poor self-image, withdrawn and detached (difficulty forming relationships). Unable in trust/fearful, low empathy. Anxious and depressed.

When you think of child abuse, your first thought may be of a child with bruises or other marks that raise red flags. But the signs aren’t always so clear. It can be physical, sexual, or emotional. Signs of emotional abuse in a child may include: being fearful of a parent saying they hate a parent talking badly about themselves (such as saying, “I’m stupid”).

Childhelp® National Child Abuse Hotline (800.4.A.CHILD). Recognizing child abuse The following signs may signal the presence of child abuse or neglect. The Child: Shows sudden changes in behavior or school performance Has not received help for physical or medical problems brought to the parents’ attention Has learning problems (or difficulty.

A classic sign of a narcissistic type of parent is emotional manipulation. They love exercising control over their children. It’s either to make themselves look good, or they feel loving their children is a waste of time. This can be displayed either of two way.

Refuses to eat. Loses or drastically increases appetite. Has trouble swallowing. Sudden mood swings: rage, fear, insecurity or withdrawal.

Leaves “clues” that seem likely to provoke a discussion about sexual issues. Writes, draws, plays or dreams of sexual or frightening images. warning signs of child abuse Behavior changes –> fear, anxiety, depression, withdrawal, aggression, not wanting to go home or go to a certain person’s house, appearing withdrawn, afraid or nervous around certain individuals. Although emotional abuse doesn’t leave bruises or physical scars, the following are some signs that a child may be experiencing emotional abuse.

Children who are emotionally abused may: Be clingy and constantly attention and affection seeking Appear constantly withdrawn and sad.

List of related literature:

Although physical signs are lacking, there are several possible behavioral, emotional, and even cognitive signs that may indicate that a child is being emotionally or verbally abused.

“Advanced Pediatric Assessment” by Ellen M. Chiocca
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Behavioral signs of physical abuse in the child may include the appearance of having been neglected and/or showing emotional extremes of depression, irritability, hypervigilance, fright, or extreme anxiety.

“Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse” by American Prosecutors Research Institute,, National Center for the Prosecution of Child Abuse
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Changes in emotions are a normal part of growing up, so it can be difficult to tell whether a child is being emotionally abused.

“The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures” by Sara Lister, Justine Hofland, Hayley Grafton
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There are a number of signs to child abuse, such as: • Previously filed reports of physical or sexual abuse

“Effective Communication for Health Professionals E-Book” by Elsevier
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Signs of neglect and emotional abuse are less clearly presented than those of physical abuse.

“Forensic Nursing Science E-Book” by Virginia A. Lynch, Janet Barber Duval
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Not all forms of physical abuse have obvious signs.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
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Emotional abuse signs include emotional upset or agitation; hesitation to speak; extreme withdrawal; unusual behavior usually attributed to dementia; implausible stories; and reports of being verbally or emotionally abused.

“Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions” by Mosby, Inc
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Any persistent and unexplained change in the child’s behavior is an important clue to possible emotional abuse.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, David Wilson
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Even more alarming, the signs of abuse in a child may be far from obvious.

“Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Treating Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders” by James A. Chu
from Rebuilding Shattered Lives: Treating Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders
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Subtle indications that are not proof but may indicate abuse include a preschooler’s regression to behavior associated with earlier, safer times such as thumb sucking, clinging, bedwetting, fear of sleeping in one’s own room, and expressing feelings through art, especially drawing.

“Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care E-Book” by Joyce E. Dains, Linda Ciofu Baumann, Pamela Scheibel
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  • I would love to hear your thoughts on a psychological evaluation of the treatment of soldiers in initial basic combat training in the military. I’m doing some research into the area and would love a professional opinion

  • This was really hard to watch. Throughout the video I realized how many of these apply to my family. I’m not really sure what to do, but I think I need to rethink some things.

  • It’s crazy because I’m still 13 and I go through neglect and mental abuse and it always gets pushed a side because my parents seem “too nice” to people but behind closed doors it’s not what it seems.

  • I close my eyes and see demons attacking me but it’s just my gf yelling at me for opening my mouth. Everything I say or do is wrong and I really do not want to conversate anymore with anyone ever

  • Is it bad to cry when you’re in pain. I’m growing up in a home where I can’t even be myself. My parents talk to me like I’m a letdown. They belittle me in every single way possible. They beat me till I don’t feel loved anymore and they talk to me so harshly that I don’t want to be loved anymore. I close my eyes and hope I’ll just die. Why pick on me? What did I do wrong? I stayed alive is what I did wrong. If you’ve stayed and read this thank you.

  • The sad thing is when kids grow up with abuse and think it normal

    Like for me example I have been through physical Abuse sexual Abuse and neglect and I am only 15 the people I thought I could trust keep hurting me and I don’t know what to do

  • Idk if anyone will see this but I’ve been getting emotionally abused by my mom and I know because of my therapist telling me and I’m so scared of people not believing me and if they don’t and I stay with my mom I would literally get abandoned and my mom would never let it down but I have a other place to stay but my mom would never let me go there. What should I do?

  • Messiah’s whore is a victim of child abuse (happened about 5 or 6 years ago) and Messiah himself is one of the abusers. ��
    It was a case of child sex abuse; hand jobs, blowjobs and one time tit sucking. Payment was made in advance.

  • It’s not always as simple as it seems and it’s almost always a delicate situation. My dad used to punch me in the face as a warning not to tell anyone he was abusing me every day. My mother broke a board over my head one time and my dad struck me with beer bottles over my head on more than one occasion and they don’t usually break like in movies. When it started becoming harder to cover up the bruises, scrapes, cuts, and scuff marks, some of my friends started to notice. The “accident prone” excuse only works for a small amount of time. When I was 14 between trying to cover up the abuse and friends being concerned, I finally had a nervous breakdown. The foster system is a hit or miss. There are ok homes, bad homes, unlivable homes, and sometimes with luck a good home. As far as the police went, where I lived they didn’t care. I am now an adult, can’t keep a job, have series health problems, I’m on 18 different medications, I tried to kill myself 3 times, have major panic attacks, developed a drug problem, and live by myself because I pretty much can’t stand other human beings. Trauma always catches up one way or another. My therapist always says panic attacks can’t kill you but my blood pressure is always high because of triggers like nightmares, worrying, being afraid of being homeless one day, and dozens of other things. The only person you can depend on in life is you. Learned that at the age of 3 when I can remember when it all started.

  • I was molested by my older brother since I was 5 years old he was 10. The abuse continued when I was 13 and he was 18, however. When I was 5 and 6, I would do the same to my younger brothers who were a year younger than me. I didn’t know it was wrong at such a young age but when I knew, I immediately stopped. Like when I was 6. It haunts me to this day. I was too young to know it was wrong but at the same time, I destroyed my younger brothers innocence. Was I wrong? I feel sooo conflicted.

  • My mother. She was my best friend as a kid, but when I got older into my teens and adulthood and didn’t need parenting anymore, she couldn’t handle that. She lost her shit and became a nasty, selfish, abusive, toxic piece of work and treated me and my brother (into our 20’s and 30’s) like we were still 12 years old and couldn’t possibly manage our own lives. It’s impossible to have a relationship with that. I just went past the 11th anniversary of her suicide, and I still don’t miss her. When I cross to the other side some day, I don’t want her there to greet me. Mostly what messes me up inside and makes me sad around her death date is the keen awareness of what didn’t exist.

  • I went to this video because I suspect that my classmate is being abused, and I need to find information about abuse, it’s been hard, but I don’t wanna give up!

  • When I was getting out of my moms car I saw these two little girls who looked like they were being neglected, but at first i thought to my self and said not everyone is perfect so they ended getting in the elevator with me and the two little girls had bruises up and down they’re body on their foreheads,legs,etc they had mostly long pants on and the dad dropped a Ps4 and if I wasn’t there he was going to hit her, what should I do? All I know is that they live on the 6th floor in my building and I took a picture of the dads license plate.

  • its well known that women suffer physical or emotional abuse, but not enough is said about the emotional abuse men suffer (as well as physical), and thank god now its coming out finally. People need to come together against the abusers and stop all gender wars. Its not about gender, its about character although the abuse manifests itself differently in men and women.

  • I mean.. I’ve been through every kind of abuse and neglect ever since I was a kid and growing up. Never told anybody until I was 13.. because he said my mom and family members on both sides including his would die or disappear. I know what it’s like to be abused, neglected and rejected by both parents. So I guess I can tell when others are being abused. This question I’m about to ask isn’t about me. I want to know if my 3 year old brother and 6 year old brother with autism are being abused and neglected by my mom.. she’s abused, and neglected me, my two younger brother’s who are 14 and 16 now for as long as we can remember.. anyway day to day life here isn’t okay or safe for anyone. Walking on eggshells and hiding emotions is normal here. Even for the kids.. if we don’t being yelled at or her screaming about how much she hates us, insulting us by calling us retards, b*tches, f*ckers, useless, worthless, sh*t heads, and so on.. daily including the kids.. when my step dad is at work and the older boy’s are at their biological father’s house the kids aren’t treated well.. they eat once or twice a day with small snacks every 4-5 hours, they always search for scraps on the floor or in the garbage can or try to sneak something from the fridge or cupboards, as for water they hardly ever drink water.. the 6 year old or Christopher taught himself to grab a cup and turn on the taps to get a drink, the 3 year old or Emmett has to beg or search for a cup filled with any liquid that was left unattended. They can’t tell my mom they need anything such as food, a drink or even a diaper change without her getting mad or kicking them out of her room. (If they cry due to hunger, thirst, a rash or pain she will yell, scream or hit them then lock herself in her room while they cry) They will be changed at least 2-3 times a day and usually have rashes. (They get bathed once every 2 weeks or more) (any wounds are left untreated and get infections) (poor hygiene they have lots of cavities and have a sugar addiction) They are always left unsupervised and will either be trying to feed or hydrate or even change themselves, or trying to entertain themselves with objects that would most likely hurt or even kill them..(Emmett swallowed an entire bottle of painkillers before and survived) when my mom hears them getting into something (she’s always in her room sleeping or playing World of Warcraft or smoking cigarettes) she will get mad yell and hit them this house is pretty big the walls aren’t too thin and my room is on the opposite side of the house to my parents room and I can still hear them getting hit, scream then cry while the doors are closed.. I usually have music to cope with my own trauma and I can still hear it.. my mom only hits and neglects them when my step dad or guests are not in the house. She doesn’t leave marks most of the time. Every time my mom gets mad the kids make sure to run and hide they get so scared and will start to cry or run to someone they trust. (My step dad, the older boy’s, and me) I keep trying to tell my step dad but he won’t do anything.. because he has never witnessed it himself doesn’t see any marks (there are marks just not much she does her best to keep it a secret) and has no video and audio recording… He has also never seen a child who was abused in anyway.. his IQ is also questionable despite being an engineer/mechanic.. I always suggest calling the RCMP and child protection services but he thinks they won’t do anything but he really doesn’t know that because he’s not from here. (Canada, Saskatchewan) (he’s from Mexico city) and he’s never been abused himself. (Also I just turned 18 three months ago I know I can make a report but she does target me the most for mental and emotional abuse and threatens assault, homelessness or sometimes murder and yes she has threatened me with kitchen knives before.) I’m trying to help my younger brother’s while trying to find a safe place to stay, waiting to reach out for help so it’s safe for everyone, dealing with depression, anxiety, ocd, paranoia, ptsd, physcosis, relapse, and medical issues that are all left untreated. I was diagnosed with them but stopped receiving treatment. Playing the replacement mother, making sure the older boy’s have everything they need, telling my step dad how to take care of children and even himself, dealing with their divorce and trying my best to not commit suicide multiple times.) It’s difficult but I’m doing my best to help without upsetting this weird balance.. my step dad wants to leave and take the kids but he has little to no money because he has to help his dad in Mexico to pay off his debt his dad owes to a group of criminals or he’ll be executed and my step dad has to pay for everything here including the bills and insurance for his cars and health. My mom hasn’t had a job in 6 years she was a bartender, now she steals money from the kid’s family allowance and uses it for alcohol, cigarettes and gambling and giving money to the people who she owes money from.. and I got way off topic I just want to know if she is really abusing and neglecting the children so law enforcement will do everything about it so it can stop. I need to leave this week because I’m always on the verge of suicide (I’ve attempted countless times I’ve lost count and my most recent attempt happened yesterday with a kitchen knife) and can’t get the treatment I need for my mental health and medical issues because my mom will get mad and continue the abuse.

  • Say Jonnys dad karate chops Jonny in the eye on purpose as a punishment and threats to kick his *ss and punch you if you act up or talk when he yells shut up to you would this be considered abuse

  • I remember a job situation when someone in power constantly tried to put me down. Did this horror in front of a lot of people and tried to turn them against me. She just hated me and was an envious A hole. The more I fought back the harder she came at me. She wound up turning her loyal friends against her by that.

  • Sooo why is it that i report worse things than mentioned to the abuse hotline and people look the other way and dismiss it and treat me like im stupid??? The children even verbally reported it to me and no one seems to care

  • Bruh I never knew that I was through mental abuse until now saw this video because I never knew my boyfriend was doing all these things to and now I Realize and it’s crazy �� and we aren’t even together anymore

  • Ok can some one answer this so I was behaving bad and spoiled then I screamed at my dad then he told me IAM bad from my heart my heart every time he gets mad he has trouble breathing so then I got him mad that he got a pill bottle then threw the bottle at my left side of my forehead then I got a big bump and every time I touch it it hurts I told my mom she was mad then my dad said I deserved is child abuse or did I deserve it plz someone tell me

  • I would be cautious about corporal punishment/spanking. Current research suggests that it is not effective long-term in preventing problem behavior and may increase aggression in kids, not to mention risking hurting them.

  • corporal punishment like spanking, though widely used (over 90%), has been shown to have significant negative influences on a child’s psychological well being and development. other countries have banned spanking because they recognize this. i would encourage you to explore elizabeth gershoff and her extensive research into spanking. also, ive consistenly heard statistics of 1/4 of boys and 1/3 of girls have been sexually assaulted, so i think the abuse percentage is actually higher.

  • Just give them a diagnosis and meds. The abusers get off free and they include parents, extended family which then sets you up for more. If you have money/protection a support system you can get help. Avoid police. Pray for the afterlife.

  • I got pulled by my hair by my mother today just bc I’m always on my phone like what should I do all day my mom says nothing what I should do

  • I’m not sure if this is abuse, sometimes I refuse to go to school and have an anxiety attack. My mother gets really mad and kicks my down the stairs once I say that to her she says she “ didn’t touch me” I’m not sure if she just kicks me or it’s abuse?

  • I got hit on monday by my partner. she hit me because she said I brought it on myself. She said I emotionaly abused her. I dont think I did any of this. She puts me down all the time. I try to cook I’m not very good at it but i thought i did pretty well the other night. She said it was too stodgy and I should do less. She says i smell like a bin and dress like a tramp. She also does not get on with my parents.

  • 1:59 Wait, so if the parents don’t have money buy food because they don’t have a job, so therefore don’t have food, how is that neglect? It’s only neglect if you don’t give them food & you already have it, or you don’t let them have food.

  • I really wish there were some videos describing how the victim is changing over time due to this type of abuse so that friends and family won’t be so apt to believe the abuser’s smear campaign.

  • Wow I did see these things but didn’t really think of it as “mental abuse” I just learned that this is also domestic violence when I thought it was only physical…I left the relationship and omg I feel so good inside now. Thank you lord for a second (really like the 20th) chance, I say second cuz I learned this time. I know I did. I wish him the best, he has been family for almost 20 years and my kids’ father, BUT!!!!!!!!!! he had to go!

  • ok i asked my husband to spend more time with me because he really wasnt he always chose his cousins and he would stonewall me all the time and some how he always flip it on me he would let his family put me down he cheated so i was excessively jealous he made me and still does feel insecure

  • So I was yelling at my toddler after she ran towards a busy street. I got sooooo nervous. I scolded her while walking. I couldn’t control my anguish and my fustration. I was so shaky. I LOVE her and her siblings beyond comprehension. But there were a group of women accuaing me of child abuse. If you dont know the person you CAN misinterpret everything and get people in trouble. I have 3 children and two have special needs. My head spin all the time.

  • Spanking can be Child Abuse if the person administering the punishment is in a rage while doing so. When you r enraged and act in the heat of the moment, you are not thinking with a clear head and therefore fail to truly know whether or not you crossed a line in that form of punishment. I believe a parent who chooses spanking as a form of dicipline needs to be emotionally collected before administering such a punishment, because Hitting a child in anger is no different then hitting a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife / friend/ or stranger in a fit of rage.

  • Spanking is abuse? Really? I was spanked as a child, but NEVER abused. My brother’s were spanked, but never abused. I am SO sick of people thinking spanking is abuse. When we were spanked, we never received welts or marks. It was on our bottoms and we were never hit, neglected, starved and I adore my parents for loving us and disciplining us when we needed it.

  • When he said that religious institutions were one of the common areas of child abuse at 1:22, that reminded me of the Catholic priests in Ireland that molested and raped little boys while the nuns would burn, torture, and beat girls. Child abuse is highly common in religious families even though you might think that they’d frown upon child abuse as it is “the devil’s work.”

  • Spanking your child is “NOT” child abuse u idiot people like “SERIOUSLY” spanking your child is what u call in my days “DISCIPLINE” but’ yes punching,hitting in the face,or even slapping a child just because you want to the YES!! it is child abuse.. so if anyone one has any question for me please feel free to inbox me ok thank you and god bless:).. p.s PLEASE!! no rude comments ok thanks

  • I don’t know the answer to your question, but I do however understand how that feels. When I used to live with my mother she was extremely abusive and neglectful. As punishment for failing a test in school she grabbed my left wrist and twisted it till it broke. To this day I forgive her for all the horrendous things she did to me, but I wish I knew what a real mother is like. My child abuse case was only reported once and it was from a neighbor, so I don’t know what was said or how it was said.

  • i know i posted a comment on here before but how do you tell someone that neglect is going on in your house. Its been about a year since i started thinking about it but i still love my mom even though she is never there and often forgets about me and my brother.

  • A huge shame that you cannot see that hitting a child is child abuse just as it would be if I hit you. And spanking IS hitting. You made good points and then lost all of it by not calling a spade a spade ie that spanking/hitting a child is abuse. Children deserve SO much more than society today gives them, they deserve the SAME respect and safety from being hit just as you or I, indeed more as they are smaller and unable to protect themselves.

    Time to remake the video & get this right!

  • My ex husband abused me in so many ways. One of my favourite (by this I mean the one that pisses me off the most), I went to him, knees buckling and scared as shit, I asked him if I could have my daughters child support to by her the things she needed (this man already had my pay and my daughters child support go into his account), anyway, I finally got the courage to ask him if I could have my daughters child support for her… long story short, it ended up with me in the kitchen making him crepe suzzette, and crawling to him when he agreed to ‘up’ my fortnightly allowance from $50 to $100. Might add, I paid for my own petrol in my car and put aside from that money to buy gifts for birthdays. I was so controlled. If I saw that man today, I’d still buckle in fear.

  • Child abuse can have long term effects on child’s personality if the child is not allowed to take timely revenge, through legal course of action.

  • when a 14 year old is left with a 12 year old with disabilities on both sides and the 14 year old doing all the house work. does that count as neglect. when the adult is home they lock themeselves in there room. If so can you help me. I don’t want to call someone.

  • My friend doesn’t believe I’m in an abusive relationship, but after watching this, I’m quite sure. The worst part of this is I’m a kid. She says I just don’t know how to say no. I do, but my ‘abusive’ friend was suffering from depression and has had multiple suicide attempts (according to her), so I wanted to make her happy. Soon she took advantage of that. I was constantly her emotional punching bag. This rippled on me and I’m always yelling and freaking out at the little things my sister does. I love her, but I feel so abusive. I slapped her once because she was rolling a window up and down, I called her selfish for not thinking about how I felt about that noise. I hate myself and don’t believe I can do anything to change. Back to this abusive friend, she would yell at me because I didn’t sit with her at lunch because I was a home lunch and she was peanut butter and jelly. I didn’t like peanut butter, but I forced myself to eat it so I could make her happy. She also said my other friend stabbed her in the hand in 3rd grade. When I talked to my other friend, I found out this isn’t true. Another sign. I constantly compared myself to her because she was prettier and better at art, but this year I found out she traced. I cried myself to sleep once over a lie.

    I soon realized this was unhealthy. I broke the friendship. She hated me after that and blamed her depression and anxiety on me. I felt so bad, but knew this was for the best. This was my argument to my friend I mentioned at the very beginning.

    “Remember when she blamed her depression me? ‘You’re the reason I have depression.’
    If she wants to be my friend and that’s what she says to me, that’s a definite sign of emotional abuse. She was emotionally manipulating me into being her friend again.”

  • This was great, thanks, I’ve been looking for “mind control techniques in relationships” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Wonlivia Mindhammer Manifestation (just google it )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got cool results with it.

  • I realize I’ve started to behave like this after years of mental abuse and I’m so stressed. I don’t realize until after. I hope my sister and I can work it out.


  • Well I’ve never been in a relationship but all this has to do with releshionship but all 6 of these signs my mother and my stepfather and some even my father displayed and has always displayed the silent treatment my mom only gave to me a few times though so I don’t really know if I should count that that also led to me giving people the silent treatment then again in alot of ways dad gave us the silent treatment to and that one where they like switch from one exstreem to the other that seems like my mother big time and that seems very similar to that of some one with borderline personality disorder that’s partly why I think that my mom probably has it I was told I have it do to abuse abandonment and learned behaviouras and most if not possibly even all of those symptoms that I have that relate to bpd relate to how I saw my mother would behave and that’s partly the reason I feel those tendancy yah all of these basically seemed to fit either one or both my parents behaviour

  • I’m in Arkansas and I’m stuck with a person that like to call me retarded,, nothing is good enough for the person,, what’s worse is that I’m homeless with no place to go to,,i make a great slave to them,, i also have aspergers syndrome,, they want me to get down on my hands and knees and scub the floor so clean you can eat off the floor,,i can’t live with that,, she has O C D obsessive compulsive disorder,,we don’t mix what can I do to get out of here,, maybe into a group home,

  • I wasn’t neglected on *purpose*, but I was alone a lot as a child. My mom was always going to the doctor because of health issues, and my dad worked two jobs to pay her bills and keep our little family of four afloat, especially after 2008. I had to learn how to do a lot of things by myself, the most prominent in my memory being cooking. I had to learn to make my own meals whenever dad was at work all day and forgot to bring home takeout for me and my sister. I remember actually being really proud of using the internet to learn how to make a grilled cheese and doing it for the first time. I burnt my pinky something fierce on the pan, and I cried abt it but like all my injuries, I knew I wasnt gonna get immediate treatment, so I googled what helped burns, and did that.

    Being on your own as a kid consists of a LOT of googling.

  • Unfortunately my mom is the first and worst abusive person in my life who is exactly the same you described.she,’s been and is the cruelest enemy in my life.destroyed my life.ruined my self esteem in the exsctly the same way you described.

  • When I was 16 years old an elderly neighbor that was losing his eyesight trotted over to my home and asked me to read a letter. I stumbled and mumbled trying to read the letter. I simply could not read it. Mr. Gindlesberger gently took the letter and said, “You have never been taught anything.” I kind of chuckled and thought I went through the public schools what do you mean I have never been taught anything. His statement was so unusual it stuck with me. I thought about his statement regularly through my life and I am 62. I had a girlfriend in 1980 that told me my family had made a mess of my life. I thought who are you to say such a thing. Again, her statement was so unusual it stuck with me all these years. Finally, one day a few years after I had been told these things and other hints dropped that I was the victim of Childhood Neglect, I realized, what Mr. Gindlesberger was saying that I was literally never taught anything. How does a child go through 12 years of public schools and the teachers do not teach the child a single thing? If this is not a case of child abuse and neglect what is?

  • I dont know if my grandmother is mentally abusing me. She likes finding problems from me because she likes scolding me, slaming everything including my door for something small,doesnt care enough about me to know my mental state. She gets angry at me yet i try so hard to not get in trouble and all i do now is sleep,sleep,study,sleep, and so on. She thinks shes the only one in pain and that im giving her stress in everything i do. She gets so angry because of somethkng small and doesnt cook for me for 2 days or a week and im only 11 so i learn to cook on my on. She slams my door so hard and scares away my friends…

  • my mother applies to all of these. no matter how much i try to explain things to her she screams and throws things around the room, even hits her head against objects just to shut me up.

  • I just want to know what “help” they are offering im scared of saying anything bc i have a child. I keep going back… I love him. I am tired of me n my child’s life changing. Cant make it on my own cant pay all the bills with 1 paycheck. Anyway i just want to live.

  • I am def going thru something. I’m being emotionally and mentally and physically abused. I’m not even allowed to show pain or distress. I cnt let him see me cry that will upset even more. Causing.y situation to become worst. I’m honest already writing letters to my sister just in case something happens to me. I hope she gets them. She’s the only person I have. Idk why I’m saying all this. Just venting. Crying as we speak. Or write. Or type.

  • What if they don’t spank you but hit you with a spatula on the head, shoulders, hands, pretty much anywhere besides the butt? Would that be child abuse?

  • Good to see things are changing these days & there’s more awareness. Back when I was growing up in the 70’s & 80’s, I was just the “weird girl” who needed more spankings or discipline. Even tho I never spoke a word for yrs & always had good grades (out of fear mostly)

  • My mom’s new boyfriend is a really bad mental abuser. I’m half tempted to record his conversations with my mom over the phone and posting them on YouTube. He’s a drunk piece of shit. Just using my mom to pay his bills. He cusses her out until she caves and gives him money. He’s broke because he has to pay alimony to his ex-wife.

  • I need someone to help me. I am not allowed to say anything about the bad people. I am just suppose to let them harm and continue to harm me and my child.

  • After a lot of researching, I now think that my grandma is mentally abusing me. Living with her has been a huge challenge, I always knew it was something

  • I have a whole group of people insisting I hook up. I’m 71. They do this in a way others wouldn’t interpret it as such. What I hate most is when I get off the senior bus and like a ticking clock I can see people standing around seeing if I hooked up along the route with the guy they sent to fetch me.

  • My brother always criticizes me and judges me and it makes me feel really insecure and like I should just always stay silent and not do anything. I don’t know if he even realises he does it or that it makes me feel so bad.

  • I’m emotionally abused, he takes me down and i’m not active i cant take it… my grandmother I live with and she hates my friend and when i’m happy she takes me down, she acts fake shes lovey then she so rude I CANT she’s just jealous i don’t know

  • There are a lot of things in this video that you might see with me that you THINK are abuse, but AREN’T. I have excema, and when I scratch it again, it restarts the healing process. I fell because when I was running/jumping on the sidewalk, I messed up my form & center of gravity when I leaned forward in midair, so my lip hit the ground & I scraped it. Right now, it’s late, and my stomach is like a black hole & I don’t know what else to eat. I already ate dinner, had desert, had some more chicken, and I’m still hungry. This one time in 2nd grade, I had a bruise on my thigh, and it went from black and blue to yellow-green. I also burned my thumb (I already said that in another comment, but I’m saying it again).

  • My last BF, did all of these things and in a classic textbook step by step.I knew the signs and was so mad at myself for bringing Captain Chaos into my life….I said bye when he when out and befriended the jealous ex girlfriend who created more drama with stalking and her smear campaign. He went nuts with the smear campaign….classic narcissist.

  • It hurts, so bad. And I’m stuck. Im stuck becasue of the person he use to be. I love that man with every part of my being.

    I am stuck becasue of the little tidbits of what now seem like the most intense forms of love, like him just laying his hand on my shoulder once every 3 months.

    But mostly I am stuck becasue of my son. I love him more than myself… so I will put on a happy face and pretend everything is ok. But in reality I cry constantly.

    I am so sad and broken I dont want to be here anymore. But becasue I had a child, I can not, NO MATTER HOW HARD IT GETS, leave him alone here, even for half the time.

  • I’m currently crying because I have a fight with my dad (what’s new) and he had the nerve to bring up self harm. He acts like he knows everything, how I was feeling, and the reason why. I so done. I want to leave. I’m only 11 and have had two suicide attempts. And he says he “loves” me.

  • Is getting slapped hard on the face abuse? And then the person after saying there sorry? Cause this happens to me everyday but then I forgive them and they say sorry and do it the next day.. ��

  • i’m in this situation and i don’t have nobody to go to with this, it’s an everyday thing and i feel worthless more and more every single day, i cry almost every night.

  • I was patient and calm with the bible group heated arguments but there is a time for assertive moves even to block…And withdraw myself and let GOD deal with the situation >>>>>InJesus

  • As a victim of mental and emotional abuse, I can thank people for making videos such as these. I often think that my story of being abused isn’t abuse which is wrong. Abuse is abuse.

  • So i need help i dont know if i am neglected or abused and i think there is animal neglect there us animal feces that have been on the floor for weeks expired food in the fridge there is also mold in the walls my mother often lashes out on me for no reason and hits me or yells at me there has been times were my mom is to busy playing her pokemon go tgat i sit in the car for hours and when i ask for food or water i get yelled at also i dont know if this is psychological but when i was younger my mom would fat shame me and say she wish i had a heart attack when i couldnt help how she feed me my moms a teacher and im afraid no one will beleave me and im also afraid of what will happen if i report it and also how do i report it im only 15 and i want my mom to lose custody of me so i can live in a loving home with my father

  • I was in one of these relationships. I was made to think my family was horrible. I couldn’t speak to any of my male friends because I was going to cheat on them. I was called too sensitive when I got hurt about a joke they made. I was pressured to do sexual things for them. And I was called name fat, ugly, etc. A friend finally told me it wasn’t healthy and I broke up with them. Of course they used me breaking up with them as them being the victim, I lost all of my friend and the damage was already done. I was thinking what they did was okay and slowly started to become toxic myself. When I got in another relationship I realized that I was not myself before and it has taken me so long to even feel a little bit better. I still have a long way to go and even have to stop myself from doing things they forced me to do that I still do to this day.

  • They put trackers on your car hack your phones get mad and bit u wen u go out with friends they bit u up wen someone compliments on how u dressing scare the kids because they bit you in front of them…��help

  • Given research put out through books such as Beating the Devil Out of Them, I absolutely do not appreciate your ridiculous differentiating between spanking and abuse. You can give whatever little fake Bullshit nuances you want to about it, but there never is under any circumstance a reason to be putting one’s hands on a child for any reason that isn’t for anything other than affection. If you’re advocating physically hitting a child for correction even one time, then maybe you need to look at the fact that you’ve already lost control of the situation.

    Further more, if you’re intent on continuing to advocate physically hitting a child, or spanking as you call it though much research over the last several decades proves hitting to be abusive and possibly risking the child’s psychological and physical health, if you still stand by even one instance of physically hitting a child under the guise of correction, then maybe you need to ask yourself why.

  • I’ve been in this abusive relationship for 4 years and it’s nothing but mental abuse I can’t go no where I can’t do something without him saying anything negative. Always embarrassing me… always making me feel like shit like theeews something wrong with me… I’m scared

  • Constant criticism Not only is my weight a great punching bag for my mom, but she told me the other day that a 3.0 gpa while working full time wasn’t good enough. Isolation from family and friends I’m constantly left out of family activities. Silent treatment Yep. Enough said. Cruel sarcasmI’m the butt of every fucking joke. I’m told I’m too sensitive all the fucking time.

  • My husband has turned my life upside down. He emotionally abused me. I feel isolated & alienated. Unrelenting is a perfect word for this. I’m exhausted. Very subtle things, but acts like he wants to spend time with me only to watch every move I make. Stonewalling is debilitating. It’s so hard to function. I finally filed for divorce. Please God help me get though this.

  • I dealt with both but not at the same time.

    I dealt with childhood abuse at such age as 4-14 and emotional abuse/neglect/abandonment at ages 14-? Because I’m 16 right now and this type of pain hurts

  • My father beats me with a bamboo stick he was so proud of that stick that he used to call us into the room and wack it through the air showing us how strong and powerful it was I still live with him because I’m 13 i don’t talk to anyone about anything because I feel like they will think I’m stupid or trying to get attention I know that this is not true but every time I told him anything about myself at all or asked him to stop beating the shit out of me he would laugh I don’t know how long I can go on he told us not to tell anyone but Im not sure if this is abuse

  • I wish u can help me my bf is a drunk i did not know it was that bad..he tells me i cant do nothing he makes me feel like i want to just die.he is doing all this.i live with my mom and but i live down stairs with him.i need someone to talk tto

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:14  Now we exhort you, brethren, warn them that are unruly, comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men.

  • I remember when I was 2-3 years old that my care taker was punching and kicking me for no reasons. After the full day, my mom came picked me up and the care taker explained everything. I only remember hearing the care taker saying ‘I punched him and kicked him for fun’ then my mom said ‘well that’s great’ then 7-8 years later, I somehow remember hear that and when I came back from school. I wrote down the paper what they said and then I still have the paper for it. I am not sure I should to a child abuse safety center because it been 16-17 years from now

  • Are abusers always bad intended? Could a person do this things because they learned from a parent and don’t understand the harm they are doing to others?

  • Exactly what my child goes through with husband. Scary. Very scary. She threatens to commit suicide daily. I pray and pray for a way out.

  • PLZ anyone answer this who really knows and isn’t someone go in around lieing on YouTube to annoy people of your parents r yelling, screaming constantly threatening you lieing about what you have/havnt done as a excuse to target you is this abuse or am I just living a normal life like every9ne else but it really dosnt feal like it

  • This is done by men and women. The saddest is parents and siblings who do this to another child. My ex did this. So glad I left. My life has been peaceful, for the most part, ever since I moved on.

  • I only experienced the last two loving then demanding, accusing me assuming cheating during innocent conversations, and gaslighting. Somewhat controlling. Although with other women in his past he was so different with them, I’m just wondering why he treats me differently, if it’s my poor self esteem and boundaries? Or is it him?

  • I grew up with a father who did all those things, married, divorced and moved in with my parents (same father) and all my kids had to live with the same abuse because we all thought it was normal. Sigh. Still trying to forgive my mother and myself for allowing it to happen and forgiving him from afar.

  • You give some good tips on recognising child abuse, I’ll give you that. But spanking is child abuse and you are doing children a disservice by not recognising it as such. Nobody should have the right to strike a child. Also I see pressurising children to change in front of each other for sport as a form of abuse as well and covering up bruises is not the only reason a child may be reluctant to undress in front of others. Some children feel uncomfortable about others seeing their body.

  • The man i was in a long distance communication with would not text me directly but posted songs with lyrics on his youtube channel. I asked him for direct communication or a phone call, and he refused. He wanted me to go abroad and meet him without telling me what he does for a living, his general plans. He just posted love songs and lyrics, some wedding themes. Then by accident i found out that all the time he was posting this form of communication, that he had set up a website where men can privately/ discreetly meet models of their choice and ask for personal media from them. All the pictures on the site were nude, on the bed, etc. Not fashion modelling. I challenged him about this and he said i was being emotionally abusive in saying i disapporoved of his site. He used the arguments used in this video to say i was the toxic one saying i wanted him to stop his lifestyle of clubbing and erotic “model shoots”. I said he was with a bad crowd, and he posted your video to say i was the abusive one.????