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Packing For Summer Camp 2019!

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Pack With Me For Summer Camp!

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Packing My Kids For Camp For 2 Weeks

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pack with me!! || summer camp edition

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Packing For Summer Camp: Tween Guide

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What to pack for kids’ summer camp

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Clothing. Clothing should include shorts and t-shirts (or whatever your child wears to play their sport) along with plenty of socks and underwear. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and a light rain jacket should be included for chillier days, and pajamas are required for nighttime. 2 pairs of your athletic shoes. Socks/Underwear for every training & game session (bring 4-5 extra pairs, they go the quickest) Any additional equipment needed specific to your sport.

Plenty of TShirts, shorts, and a few sweatshirts. Jacket in case of a chilly night. Pajamas: you will pack them, but some kids just sleep in their clothes. So pack enough for a week or so and don’t sweat it too much.

Specialty clothing items – Horse camp, sports camp, fishing camp — all of these may require specialty equipment that can’t always be borrowed. Be sure to check the camp website for information about special. You bring TVs, Laptops, or Cell Phones.

These are not allowed at Camp. You bring or frequently use plug-in appliances. Electric hair dryers and hot curlers can be brought to camp, but their use will be limited.

You pack glass containers all containers must be plastic. You don’t double check that your summer camp packing list is complete!Packing List for Camping with Kids. Your camping experience might not look exactly like ours (especially because no two kids are the same). Feel free to cross off the items that don’t apply to your family and write your family’s favorites on the back the Free Printable Packing List.

One important note is that this list doesn’t include food. Pack for the environment your child will be in. Does it rain a lot of camp? Pack extra shoes and sock or full-body rain gear.

Will it be cold? Gloves and a heavy coat should go on the list. SHOES Shower shoes Tennis shoes (at least two pairs) Sandals/flip flops/crocks Shoes to match their dressy outfit. TOILETRIES/BATHING Shower caddie. Sunscreen. – It can get h-o-t HOT at ISTC in the summertime and sunburns are never fun!

Bottom sheet. – Every camper has a single bed at camp and most prefer to cover the mattress with their own fitted sheet. Sleeping bag or blankets. – Bring whatever sleep gear you prefer!Title: Microsoft Word Packing List Youth Camp.docx Author: Rich Kemp Created Date: 3/8/2014 1:37:59 AM. Camp Dress Code. Loras All-Sports Camp is an athletic/activity-oriented camp and we require the ‘sports look’ at all times.

Athletic shoes, socks, shorts, and shirts are to be worn at all times. ‘Short shorts,’ rolled shorts,yoga/tight fitting excercise pants, spaghetti strap tops, strapless tops, bare midriffs, and sandals are no allowed. Every year at Citikidz Christian sports camp, campers experience lifelong friendships, caring counselors, and above all, the love of Jesus Christ. Located in the heart of southwestern Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, Citikidz Christian Sports Camp is home to hundreds of campers from all over the east coast.

Join us as we dive into Christian.

List of related literature:

The ten essential items were map, compass, sunglasses and sunscreen, extra food and water, extra clothes, headlamp or flashlight, first aid kit, fire starter, matches, and knife.

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Send home a gallon-zippered plastic bag with list of suggested items to include food options (high-protein foods, hard candies; avoid salty snacks), pictures of family members, a favorite book, a small package of facial tissue, and a short comfort note written by parent for elementary or younger students.

“Manual of School Health E-Book: A Handbook for School Nurses, Educators, and Health Professionals” by Keeta DeStefano Lewis, Bonnie J. Bear
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Ask them what items are appropriate for camp and what items are not.

“Connect Level 2 Teacher's Edition” by Jack C. Richards, Carlos Barbisan, Chuck Sandy
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They include a map, compass, flashlight, extra food, extra clothing, sunglasses, first-aid kit, pocketknife, a fire starter, and water.

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Some stuff was obvious: machete, compass, plastic pool for collecting rainwater, emergency rations, empty water canteen, first-aid kit and medicine, water purification tablets, sunscreen, mosquito nets, matches, Swiss Army knife.

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The list included routine items like a water bottle, sunscreen, flashlight, hat, bandana, socks, and underwear, but also some rather unexpected and even alarming things, such as a gas mask, a life jacket, and a bag of carrot tops.

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The packing list (like the one at

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Items not always essential, but potentially very useful and convenient, are sunglasses, pocket knife, whistle (or other signaling device), sunscreen, and toilet paper.

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Rucksack: water, sunscreen, hat

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Pack arucksack with everything abackpacker could need: camera, sunblock, spork, flip-flops and – crucially – a guidebook.

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  • Hey! I love this video! I clicked this video and heard you speaking French and I automatically liked and subscribed �� I also have a YouTube channel!!! Do you have any YouTube advice? Love you.

  • I do army cadets and this is my second 2 week camp. Videos like this help me with anything I might need this time, but mostly they are good for me to inform first timers on some of the essentials they need

  • I use some of these tips at Hidden Valley Camp in Granite Falls, WA. They help a lot! Also, I have found that most camps check for lice in all kids before they go to camp anyways

  • TBH, I feel like this was a bit to specific to outdoor camp, I’m one of those nerds that goes to academic camps for philosophy and reading at colleges.

  • I love you so much like �� I would LOVE to be friends w you ��❤️ I keep watching this bc we didn’t have our church camp this year and you seem so fun. Hope you see this! ����

  • i know this video is 10 months late but i totally recommend getting a trunk!! you can get packing cubes too organize and then you don’t have 5 different bags!!��

  • OMGGG this makes me so excited! I have my arthritis camp in 12 days do pretty much a week and a bit! This is gonna be my sixth camp so Me and my friend that has been going for 7 years so we are pros�� I have already packed and got a hanging tolietry baggggg heheh so long story short I’m Super excited �� also new sub��

  • Why is the girls pack with luggage but boys……just pack with backpack and I’m leaving tomorrow for camp I’m so freaking nervous it is church camp it is in Arizona

  • Why do I love this video though �� this is my second time watching and it is making me sad cause I keep thinking about how my camp was confirmed canceled!

  • last year i went to church camp for a week and i packed the night before �� but this year i’m only going for 3 days (leaving in 6 days) so i’ll pack the night before still lol

  • When you said outfits for church I was questioning why you guys dress up for that. At my church camp we go every morning after breakfast, and every night before bonfire and games. We’re all wearing our baggy t-shirts, and hoodies.

  • I go to summer camp in a different state for 3 weeks every summer and it’s like 4 months before I go and I’m really hyped idk y so that’s y I’m watching this lol

  • this year i’m being a camp assistant for an art camp and i don’t really know what i’m gonna wear so… here i am (glad i decided to watch this video, i liked it hehe!)

  • I go to wolf ridge in northern Minnesota every year it’s amazing and some tips/things I use is:
    1.this gets overlooked a lot but dont leave your soaps in the shower for instance at my camp we have cubbies and my tip is keep soap in cubby after you shower.
    2:Bring tons of extra underwear in case
    3: bring extra hair ties/scrunchies in case some break or whatever happens
    4: bring some warm clothes
    5: wear bug spray 24/7
    6:a Camelback works really good
    7: if your going somewhere in the woods make sure to check for ticks all the time
    8: DONT FORGET to use deodorant
    9:I bring a pair of jeans and a nicer shirt just in case but it’s not always needed
    10:bring a flashlight
    11: bring a sleeping bag and a blanket/blankets
    12:don’t use makeup
    13: don’t use expensive products
    14:if you do bring expensive product don’t let other people use them
    15:bring a WET brush
    16: bring a windbreaker jacket
    17: don’t bring Advil/Neosporin because most camps have a fully stocked med room or infirmary UNLESS..the Advil is for menstrual cramps then it’s ok
    18:even if your not on your period still bring lots of extra pads/tampons and stuff like that
    19:If bringing a camera don’t bring an expensive one
    20:take a shower when ever you can
    21:sleep whenever possible
    22:use detangler a lot
    23: bring a book/color books/pencils/paper/notebook/markers/cards.ETC..
    24:don’t bring electronics
    I have a ton but we’ll be here forever lol ��
    Thanks this video helped a lot♥️

  • I was like oh this will help me for summer, i listen to the beginning and like ohhh French well ik a lil but i anit that positive to translate a whole YouTube vid ����. Thanks for the good vid

  • I thought it was a mother video where they say another language that I don’t understand but I actually take French class ��I failed as you can tell

  • i do know this was a year ago and I already commented something BUT..
    Marianne, guess what.. I HAVE A BABY DEODORANT EVEN SMALLER THAN YOUR BABY DEODORANT ������������������

  • I wish i could go to go to an overnight Sumer camp but i cant because of cheer practices and i was gonna have an overnight school thing which was really similar to summer camp that you could stay over for three days but that isn’t gonna happen now because of the coronavirus!!

  • I go to church camp but literally know one cares about dressing up cause we don’t have time to change we literally go from like the beach to dinner and the church

  • Why you took like 4 jeans and 4 shorts because you probaply will not get thel all dirty so you could just take 2 jeans and 2 shorts

  • I’m going to blind camp next week. It’s at a school because the camp burned down due to the California wildfires R.I.P Camp Bloomfield

  • I made the mistake of bringing food to camp, long story short I woke up in a pile of ants

    true story 😉

  • Ok Folks… Cough it up Name the Summer Camp you’re going to. Quit acting like it’s a big secret. Unless you’re ashamed of where you go..??

  • I have camp in three days so I am looking to see how other people pack and so I will have  some tips on how to pack.:):):):)

  • Name the Camp you go to and how long it is. I’ve heard there are Camps that go for as long as 10 weeks.
    How many here go to Acting and Music Camps?

  • the one day at my camp it rained was the day we were supposed to roast marshmallows and sing acoustic worship songs so we had to use a stove or something i’m not quite sure.