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Team USA vs. Team Germany | 2007 Sport Stacking Championship | ESPN 8: The Ocho

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Episode 1 Introduction Learn To Stack

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The incredible sport of cup stacking, explained

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Sport Stacking | Motivation ✔ We Are Sport Stackers!

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Sport Stacking: Top 110 Sport Stacking Cycles Of Mid 2020!

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Sport Stacking Champion P.J. Ball

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10 Years of Sport Stacking

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Basics of Sport Stacking Players stack specially designed cups in specific sequences—up into pyramids of three, six, or 10 cups, then back down into nested columns. Competitive events also include “cycles,” in which different stack patterns must be created in order. Sport Stacking Youth Sports Profile.

Fact checked by Emily Swaim Spring Activities for Family Fun and Fitness. Fact checked by Adah Chung An Overview of Kids’ Sports. Fact checked by Adah Chung The Importance of Sports Physical Exams. Medically reviewed by Sarah Rahal, MD. Sport stacking helps students develop bilateral proficiency equal performance on both sides of the body.

By increasing bilateral proficiency, a student develops a greater percentage of the right side of the brain, which houses awareness, focus, creativity and rhythm. Stufen: Die World Sport Stacking Association erkennt 12 verschiedene Altersklassen an, von 6 Jahren bis zu Senioren (60 Jahre und älter). Die Stufen für Kinder sind: 6 Jahre und jünger, 7 und 8, 9 und 10, 11 und 12, 13 und 14, 15 und 16, 17 und 18, und sie werden in Einzelveranstaltungen in männliche und weibliche Gruppen aufgeteilt.

A poll from the National Alliance of Youth Sports found that 70 percent of U.S. kids stop playing organized sports by the age of 13, citing “not having fun anymore” as the most common reason. The state of Florida has announced it is listing restrictions on youth activities such as youth sports events. The Volleyball Nationals event is slated for July 14-22 in Orlando, Fla.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the impact of the COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), youth sport activities had been rolled back since March as everyone looked to stop. In 2001, the Fox’s created the World Sports Stacking Association, or WSSA, the governing body for sport stacking worldwide. In 2006 and 2007, Speed Stacks was the subject of a. STACK Sports Each sport — STACK currently follows 16 — requires a specific combination of Strength, Speed, Conditioning, Flexibility and Skills, so each demands a unique approach to training.

A. Problem #4: Youth Sports Organizations that Serve Adults, Not Kids. There are far too many clubs and sports leagues that are putting their own needs, values and priorities above those of the kids. Youth sports has become a business that serves them, and thus creates barriers to play for too many children.

Sports Blog. Create your profile and write about trainings and competitions. Writing will help you to analyze and makes changes according to it. Results. Share your results, personal records, articles, videos and take pictures of your awards.

Show yourself! Sponsors. Use your sports profile to get sponsors.

List of related literature:

Sport officials’ associations operate at local, regional, and national levels for sports at all levels of play (youth, interscholastic, intercollegiate, recreational, professional, and international).

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Sport federations as well as national Olympic committees (NOCs) argue that elite youth sport events provide young athletes with event experience and practice for their athletic careers at the senior level.

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During the investment years (ages 15-18), when athletes become committed to achieving elite performance in one sport, parents’ roles as follower

“Social Psychology in Sport” by Sophia Jowett, David Lavallee
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During the GPP, youth fitness specialists should try to develop a breadth and depth of athletic motor skills in children and adolescents while addressing both the quality of movement and the ability to produce and absorb forces.

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The following is a list of some of the larger youth sport governing bodies:

“Managing Sport Events” by T. Christopher Greenwell, Leigh Ann Danzey-Bussell, David Shonk
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The roles of ACHPER include advocating forthe promotion and provision of sport opportunities, providing professional development programmes forteachers, and accrediting and trainingpeople wantingto become community fitness instructors.

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Age categories in youth sports are often managed by having a birth cutoff point to determine eligibility.

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Meet Entries Some youth track and field programs place an emphasis on team scores at competitions, while others focus solely on individual performances.

“Coaching Youth Track and Field” by American Sport Education Program, USA Track & Field, Hershey Company
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The sports for youth should be a platform for them to improve their skills, increase their physical ability and the most important is enjoying playing with peers having similar abilities.

“Enhancing Health and Sports Performance by Design: Proceedings of the 2019 Movement, Health & Exercise (MoHE) and International Sports Science Conference (ISSC)” by Mohd Hasnun Arif Hassan, Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed, Nur Fahriza Mohd Ali, Denise Koh Choon Lian, Kok Lian Yee, Nik Shanita Safii, Sarina Md Yusof, Nor Farah Mohamad Fauzi
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Summers for these aspiring athletes (and their parents) are given over to attending specialized camps and playing on club teams in competitive leagues.

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  • Hey, you are a really good role model and even if you had stacks that were so close you finally achieved your victory and best of luck to you

  • Dude You are truly amazing you motivated me to start stacking in 2016 thank you you have changed my life is so many ways your an inspiration to me

  • You are the reason why i started stacking, you are my inspiration,you are my idol, you are the one of most succesfull stackers on the whole internet, thank you for all of that Lawrecne!

    “Once a Stacker, always a stacker”

    sorry if my english is bad

  • I think people think its hard to learn because they had to show all of the additional things like how manny moves there are and all that

  • Nice montage and the top) BTW, people think that this montage is hard, but a person, who does montage for 3 days, would do this for a few hours, but the montage is still nice!

  • Is it just me or in the thumbnail on the very far right does it look like the person in the red shirt with a hand on their back the top half of their body is straight but the legs look turned

  • Has someone contacted the world mumbleypeg union or the england lawn bowling committee? I hear they are looking for ESPN

  • When I see that doubles clip it’s crazy to me to think that we’re competing together at another worlds. Seems kinda crazy to me at this point, and I would have never thought we would do that in 2015. Also did you use different audio for the philly 2015 clip? it sounded like Juniors for some reason

  • Hey you stackers out there, this teaches you a life lesson. Like I’m struggling to get my first 5 and the life lesson I discovered in this video is “never give up”.And Lawrence did the same life lesson. I can’t wait to see Lawrence get his first 4! ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • This is not a sport…this is something that should have been left in elementary school PE classes when it was too snowy to go outside

  • Ah, I remember when I was a teen I got pretty decent at it but I guess it was too unconventionalnand people made fun of me for playing it so I just stopped:(

  • How is the coach not getting all the blame, they didnt change their strategy at all, didnt separate the cups before the next teammate came in

  • This is one of the most nostalgic videos i have ever seen ive been a fan for many years now and remember watching your old videos best of luck in college hipe to see you again abd again

  • easy take 20 cups take 5 cups in two stack (be sure both stacks have 5 cups) place them on top of each other then take 10 cups and place them on top of each other and u are done

  • I genuinely feel like there should be some sort of way to extend the list of the top stackers, maybe up to top 200 or something? It would just take a lot of research to find all of them:/

    Nice video you posted there! William Orrell’s 4.47 screwed both of us over lol

  • Someone make a university here in the phil. With a speed stack when its time for pe ���� and also im getting my speed stack cups ��

  • THis is why I love ESPN and the USA. U guys put every sports event on television. As a german I wouldn’t even know that there is/ was a stacking event xD


    Mistake 1: Mistype on Josh Hainsels Cycle, should say “4.852”

    Mistake 2: Tristan Likes To Stack should be here, he has a 5.253, you should check him out:)

    Only pointing out my mistakes to let everyone know that no one is perfect and just because you made a few mistakes doesn’t mean you should feel bad about it.

  • you are such an inspiration to me and maybe others there are good and bad times in this sport but you overcame them and you proved everyone wrong,you arent lame but idk why but i dont see why people hate you,but id say you worked hard for the past 10 years and that is what we should learn from you…RESILIENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS,GREAT JOB LAWRENCE,GO STRIVE FOR THE FUTURE I BELIEVE IN YOU

  • I wanna say thank you for giving me this hobby many years ago. I kinda stopped 3-4 years ago, but it was fun stacking and trying to beat my record. So thanks for inspiring me to do better

  • i dunno a darn thing bout this….but there right! the US shoulda spread cups out!�� cuz thats where they fumbled n made mistakes!����������

  • Who tf thinks this is actually a good sport your just stacking cups, solving a Rubik’s cube is more complex and requires more things to learn to go fast
    SpEed StAcKIng ISnt JuSt a SPoRt
    Speed cubing is just a children’s game
    Why do you want to do speed stacking when cubing exists

  • 3:10 highly advanced tactics??? cubing has so many more highly advanced tactics like ZBLL F2L cross. big cubes. square 1. 3 Style in blind solving

  • Gateomon at 1:48 his comment is so rude!!! You say Lawrence is stupid when Lawrence is not, and Gateomon is!!! Amazing Video Lawrence!!!

  • I just don’t understand the idea of it. Like why is stacking cups as fast as possible impressive or even a sport? Then again anything done relatively fast is considered a sport so I guess that is just humans being humans at its finest.

  • I remember, when I was in 3rd grade 4th grade pupils build a big cup pyramide that had 55-86 (I don’t remember how many exactly) cups (plastic cups) and then it was destroyed.

  • It’s so cool to see how young teens practice to be able to achieve the fastest time and how dedicated they are to this sport. They truly have passion for it and the fact that they can move autopilot or spend hours upon hours practicing on their own truly shows how much they practice.

  • I grew up in Colorado and we did plenty of cup stacking in elementary school back over 10 years ago. It’s funny to know Speed Stacks was born in Colorado, lol.

  • Would you tell me what the man said in the begining of this vedio. “she _ the fastet _in the world.” He speaks so fast that I don’t understand what he said.

  • Yessir!!!! Thank you, I felt bad that I accidentally left two people out and I’m glad it was fixed in an even cooler video!
    Also the music at the beginning will probably make a lot of people sad, being a TikTok mashup, as it’s likely being banned here in the US this weekend:/
    Great Video Finley!!!

  • Your so cool and this video made me cry I’ve been stacking for 3 years and I’m still on cycle in 8 seconds and I don’t know how to do it You taught me that there will hard times in stacking life but you will always get through it and your the reason I’m a stacker today

  • Wtf how much thoes that thing eve cost i just wanna try too se if i like it and not buying that and if i dont like it i just boutgh something i will never use again

  • I love this video and I know the meaning of the end of it. The following is just a joke.

    Lawrence: is well-seasoned in traveling for tournaments
    Also Lawrence: packs 6 shirts and no shorts, socks, underclothes or toiletries

  • My aunt was a PE teacher when I was around 11 and started doing this. My cousins and I got really into it and when I was 12 I got second in state for the cycle for my age group. Those were the days.

  • I remember when I was in 3rd or 4th grade everyone had that bag where you put the cups connected to their backpacks showing off their cup designs. This was even included in our school sports fest ������

  • Be back tomorrow for the International Shoe Tie Open with events such as the 8 second Bunny Ear and the infamous ever so dangerous Double Knot.

  • Man, this is probably one of my favorite videos on youtube! The editing for this is perfect, along with the music! Very emotional video and I love all of the effects you put on it! Keep stacking brotha!

  • There’s legit no brain needed for this they never have to stop and optimise or learn anything just blind stacking with Abit of optimisation on how to stack and stuff

  • dang it i miss my set. they broke while they were in storage when we moved houses. but it’s comforting to know it has evolved quite well now.

  • I watched the singles division on ESPN 2 this morning and it was amazing to see that young man set a new World Record. Congratulations to that young man. But I still can’t believe they’re calling this a sport. Talk about desperate.