Preventing and take away Your Son Or Daughter’s Splinters


10 fast and painless ways to remove splinters

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What Happens If You Don’t Take out a Splinter?

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5 Easiest Ways to Remove a Splinter in a Child

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Small Tiny SPLINTER REMOVAL Trick EASY LESS Painful STUBBORN Wood Thorn Metal Slivers

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The Secret: How to Remove a Splinter Without Pain (No blood, No cutting)5 Simple Trick

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How To: Painless Splinter Removal!

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How to remove a splinter

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Prevent infection. If you are successful in removing the splinter, wash the affected area with soap, put some antibiotic ointment or Vaseline over it, and cover it with a bandage. Don’t panic. Use tweezers, cleaned with soap and water, alcohol or peroxide. If the splinter is buried deep, cover the area with a hydrogen peroxide–soaked cotton ball or tissue.

This may force the splinter to come to the surface, and it helps clean the wound. Below are the 5 best and least traumatic ways to remove a splinter in a complaining child: 1 – Baking Soda Several moms swear by this one. Make a paste with baking soda and water and apply to the splinter area. Cover with a band-aid and leave for about 30 minutes and take the band-aid off. The splinter should be out or protruding much more.

Splinters occur when a small, thin fragment of wood or other material punctures the skin and becomes embedded. In most cases, it will be possible to remove the splinter at home. Baking Soda While it is a lengthy process, Mom Junction suggests a water and baking soda soak to remove the offending splinter.

The area will need to be soaked over a few days, but the baking soda has properties in it that will draw the splinter out on its own. Simply grasp the splinter with the tweezers, and gently pull it out. Wash the site where the splinter was embedded, using warm water and soap, to remove any dirt or bacteria dislodged with the splinter. Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to the splinter site.

How to Stop Splinters from Hurting? The easiest way to stop a splinter from hurting is to numb the area with ice immediately. Along with numbing the pain, it also distracts your child from the pain as you work to remove the splinter from the skin.

Once removed, wash the area clean, apply an antibacterial cream and cover it with a bandage. Reassure your child as best you can. If possible, seat him on your lap while you work on the splinter, or have another adult hold and comfort him while you remove it. If the splinter’s sticking out from the skin far enough, you may be able to pull it out easily using just the tweezer.

Climbing on wooden playground equipment and running barefoot on a deck are surefire ways of getting a splinter. Many parents try to remove splinters at home with no success, sometimes pushing them further down. If you think you can grab the splinter easily, go ahead and try, but if it looks difficult, go to a doctor as soon as possible.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove. In general, splinters should be removed. Splinters aren’t usually serious, but the sooner you tell someone, the sooner he or she can remove the splinter.

Try not to touch or pull on the splinter because you could end up breaking off part of it and making it harder to get out.

List of related literature:

If sliding doesn’t work, place two clamps on the cord and cut it before removing it from the child’s neck.

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• Prevent secondary infections by cutting the child’s nails and applying mittens and elbow restraints.

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Asking the same type of questions about splinter removal can also help assess the child’s nature and appropriate surgical approach.

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Avoid giving the child sharp or pointed objects, such as knives, scissors, or toothpicks, especially when walking or running.

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If the child is exposed to latex, remove the irritating substance and cleanse the area

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Depending on the child’s age, the child or parents need to learn stump care, including careful washing with soap and water every day and checking for skin irritation, breakdown, or infection.

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■ Remove anything that may injure the child.

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The parents should be advised that if the child is overly distressed, they should not hesitate to remove it.

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Refer to the activity Scissors on page 187 and instruct your child as to the proper use of scissors.

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Call the doctor or take your child to the ER if your efforts to remove the object are unsuccessful.

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  • I have a splinter of wood stuck in my foot and I gotta go to the hospital tomorrow and I can’t walk so I’m petrified they might have to like cut into my foot bc it’s literally under my skin so yeah

  • This is a scam. Get it out by scraping the skin around with a sewing needle make sure to sterilize the needle and wound. Scrap the skin to the point at when the head of the splinter is visible. Then take it out with a hair plucker.
    Then again treat the wound with spirit and apply bandages.

  • Thank u so much sir I have liked and it did help loosen it up and my mum pulled it out! If ur having a splinter you’d know how much it hurts pulling slowly carefully,but I recommend get ur mum or do it ur self and pull it out. It might be hard at first and seem scary, but after you’ve done it, it doesn’t hurt or anything! And the water method helps loosen it up a little, especially the hot water! I think the cold water puts pressure on it for it to fall out by its self. Unluckily I got a hard splinter it was a hard metal splinter but it’s getting out time by time. This took one hour to write and i really hope this helps! If the creator notices me please pin this for people to see! I am subscribing right now!

  • I lighting touched a peice of wood and I have this stupid splinter on my finger. It hurts like crazy I got a peice out but jeez it hurts like crazy ����

  • For a small deep splinter use a nail cutter it may take a few attempts tho but eventually it will work (took me around 20 to 30min but it was worth it)

  • The bot speaking: splinters can be QUITE painful ��
    me: PAINFULL? Not painfull it’s like screaming and the feeling your about to die

  • That’s exactly what I do…. It works every time!! I do it to my son and even my father who loves to garden and do all kinds of rough things outdoors

  • i walked barefoot on a beach and my foot started hurtingto i looked at it and their was a thorn in my foot
    i sqeezed my foot and it came out easily
    a few minutes ago my dad put in a new chandelier and i was walking barefoot (bad idea) and got a really tiny and painfull thorn so i went upstairs to my bathroom and took a pair of tweezers put cold water on my heel aroud the thorn sqeezed my skin which made me not feel a thing and slowly took it out

  • My splinter is so f*cking small and so deep in my skin that it took me a whole f*ucking day to find it so I hope the tape works

    (I don’t know if u realized but I’m mad right now

  • Mind in the palm of my hand and I use sellotapeI put sellotape across it and then pulled it slowly and then it called the skin forward and I’ve got my nail behind it and I just pulled out sellotape is my trick

  • This video doesn’t answer the question, “What happens to the foreign object/splinter if you didn’t take it out?” though…. Nice to know which is more harmful but will our body be able to get rid of the splinter eventually or is it just gonna be contained there for eternity?

  • Bruh none of these worked the only thing that worked was using my pocket knife and cuttin’ skin but honestly its the best way and doesnt hurt too bad lol

  • Anyone else here because they got a splinter. I am but I’m just gonna have to leave it in I have no choice its dug in pretty good.

  • Oh, so this is how you do it. My glass splinter pretty small, the tweezer kept breaking the glass piece so I grabbed a nail cutter and cut it along with the skin. Problem solved.

  • I could of done with this video a week ago to show my daughter it doesn’t hurt, 2 hours she full on screamed the house down hahaha

  • one of the few SciFi videos that didn’t answer the question posed in the title, what does happen? Does the splinter stay there forever or does your body push it out after being walled off?

  • I fell off a log into a pricked bush the ones with the needle like thorns that are thin and it’s deep and I can’t get it out with tweezers I don’t want to make a small cut with a knife or needle any ideas preferably with little to no pain

  • I used a nail cutter take the splinter out and it works you guys can do it if you want but it so painful my finger hurts so much��

  • It didn’t work for meh…How come? What can I Do? Bc itz night rn for me and da splinter came outta no where…Plus I can’t ask no body for help cuz everyone asleep. WHAT DO I DOO???

    Edit: Still a rly great method tho

  • OMG thanks so much.I managed to get the splinter out. I went out in my nearby forest amd went collecting had a lot of thorns and I had two.I didn’t notice it until I found out puss getting out of my finger.

  • So what happens when you’ve had a foreign body made up of whatever for a few days and your body kinda ‘pushes’ it out? Like a splinter that went all the way in now suddenly can be pulled out?

  • ??? i just put cold water around it squeezed the skin around it so i didnt feel anything and also so it pops out easier and took tweezers and it popped out and i put hand gel on it

  • tell someone to take out the splinter for you If the splinter stucked anywhere in your arm leg it will be bleed when you get it out you feel better after you get out it ain’t gonna hurt no more

  • Thank you:’) my mom put pieces of cactus in the fridge and didn’t tell anyone so I pushed it with all my might and got a thorn in my hand

  • Another way is if it’s a small sliver all you need is a pin/needle and tweezers that’s it so first try the tweezers if u can’t grab it with tweezers take the pin and scape little layers of skin until you can grab it the tweezers and don’t cut it tho just scrape it with the pin and then try to grab it

  • Mine was pretty long and I was just about to take it out but then I ended up breaking some of it. So it is small now and dug deep. Not sure if it will work

  • I had a small splinter i have been fighting with all week. By this point skin had grown over top of spinter. I used a pin to break open the skin slightly and applied this method and wow, the darn thing nearly popped out on its own. Thanks for this video.

  • One time I got a splinter from sliding my hand across wood and I tried to remove it but it broke and half of it was under a thin layer of my skin so I got needle and stick it into the the wood went in. And I started to rip little pieces of my skin to get it out. It was the worse day.

  • Haha, i’m carpeneter.. I get a lot of them in my hands.. Splinter like in video is so easy to remove.. Usualy i have splinters so deep that i have to take paper knife and cut open my fingers and cut out that splinter with tiny pieces of skin.. Painful sh*t..

  • i had a splinter removed by my doctor because it went way too deep to get it out by just using tweezers. The anesthesia was worse!:D But I´m glad it`s removed.:) will try this technique though next time. Tnx for this tip!

  • Soon as I saw AAD, I knew it was going to be completely liability free bullshit info. Any arm of the AMA would NEVER suggest placing a banana peel on your splinter for 24 hours or painting it with baking soda…but those are effective measures. Such a shame the lawyers of the world ruined it for us all.

  • This hot cold water method also works for pain. It needs at least 5 cycles of cold-hot for that. 3 minutes for hot, 30 seconds for cold.

  • You are so nice to share this with us! You littary saved my life. I am a kid and it hurts so much as a kid. Thanks for your awesome advice!��

  • I’m waiting still to see a podiatrist. I’ve been in terrible pain for over a month now. I see what looks like a puncture wound, and I seem to recall a stick flying up and going into my heel when I was wearing flip flops. I’ve had tons of swelling, around the outside of my ankle, but I’m not sure if maybe the ankle is sprained as well. I cannot bare any kind of weight what so ever on my foot, and it feels like something sharp constantly in the bottom of my foot. Finally after the whole foot swelling for about three and half weeks, the swelling has gone down except around the ankle, or if I have to be up too long. The worse pain is like so deep up inside my heel, where the puncture mark is, the inside area of the ankle and in the arch of my foot. I have tried soaking it in epsome salts, to make anything come out on it’s own, but no luck so far. I’m miserable with pain, even if the whole foot doesn’t swell twice it’s size like it had been for the past three and a half weeks. The biggest hold up has been the gov insurance, and doctor’s offices not communicating all on the same page. The x ray showed no broken bones, but I heard if something like wood is up in your foot, it may not show? All I know is I’m suffering every single day with terrible relentless pain in whole back half of my foot. ��

  • wow, that is the best doc you have for video? I work with hundreds, surely, there is one whom is happy on camera! good video BUT you need to show for splinters that are lodged deeper and do not require the ER. just a thought……..thanks!!!

  • Thank you so much. I didn’t know how to remove one especially a tiny one and it got out real quick and painless. You are amazing ��

  • That’s how we remove them too but my daughter screams to the high heavens because I have to use a needle. she admits it doesn’t hurt but just doesn’t like using a needle. I could be wrong but it looked like he had another splinter on his hand where his fingers connect to his palm.

  • What do I do with a super small and thing GLASS splinter? I know that I am really late,but it got so far into my skin that I almost cannot see it but I can feel it,I am trying a lot of things. I tried a lot of tutorials,but since a glass splinter they are usually very thin,please answer,if this will go any longer the splinter will just get under skin into my body.
    I know this might sound disgusting or unbelievable,but a splinter CAN go inside your body..As long as I can feel it I know it’s there.
    I know,not a lot of people get to deal tiny and super thin splinters..
    And can I do the same thing you did in the tutorial but on a GLASS splinter? I am just so scared..
    And sorry if I sound dramatic..

  • I have had a splinter in int he plcce where the lips meet for like 2 days and i think my parents are not at all concerned…looks like I’ll be going to the doctor’s all alone

  • Too bad we didn’t actually see the object coming out in the demo. Suggest you put that spinter back into the finger and redo the demo.:)��