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Should you let your kid quit a sport?

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Parents: When Athletes Want to Quit Sports

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When it comes to making the decision about whether you should let your child quit a sports team, there isn’t one right answer. Instead, you should think about what lesson you want your child to learn. Investigate the Reason Your Child Wants to Quit.

When your child wants to quit a sport, it is important to let her do so. Sports are supposed to fun, not a trial by fire. Team sports in particular, but sports in general, teach your child how to push past her effort, find her inner resource, her motivation, teaching her about leadership and how to work well with others.

Yes, her wanting to quit may be due to her perceived failure from not making the team, but that doesn’t mean a parent should force a 12 year old to face it head on. Kids are generally sensitive and may need time to forget about it and rebuild confidence. I always thought my kids would do be involved in organized, team sports through high school, I think we all do to some extent.

It has become such a huge part of our society—so much so there are times when we see other families headed for a game, or a Facebook post about a student winning their track meet, and it makes me wonder if I should. There must be some situations that justify a parent allowing their child to quit a sport in the middle of a season because we know that it does happen. While I have not been on the parenting side of this, I have been an athlete who wanted to quit more than a couple of times!Several of our experts agreed that when it comes down to eliminating one or more activities, it should be the child’s choice what to eliminate, unless it involves a team sport, in which case, it’s advisable to encourage your child to finish out the season and honor his commitment to his coach and teammates. If a child quits the team to close to a competition the rest of the children in that age group can’t compete, at least with the younger ones.

They can’t adapt to a missing teamate as well as the older ones. Approach it as such: a challenge, anther obstacle to learn from and overcome. Not a reason to quit.

Do your best to communicate with your teammates, not engage in the negativity, and then speak to your coach to see if they can help address the situation with finesse, but through it all, stay focused on yourself and your sport. Parents should choose sports and classes carefully and work to prepare children to avoid the need to quit. However, if there is a persuasive reason, don’t. 2. When a child wants to quit, you want to find out WHY the child wants to quit.

Much of the time, it’s because of fear-based reasons. I’m afraid to fail or let my team down. I’m afraid of being called names or being bullied. I’m afraid of teammates not liking me.etc.

Get to the heart of the reasons and if it is fear, address the.

List of related literature:

• Talk to the coach and other parents and find out whether this particular team is one on which your son doesn’t have to worry about being “the best” or even necessarily about winning.

“The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life” by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens
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If a parent is persistently negative, then I, as coach, ask that parent to quit attending games.

“Bring Your
from Bring Your “A” Game: A Young Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness
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Anytime a parent isn’t happy with your coaching philosophy, clearly explain that she’s welcome to remove her child from the team and enroll the child with a coach or program that’s more to her liking.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
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Advise parents against unduly pressuring their child to win when he engages in competitive sports; instead, encourage them to help him exercise for the benefit it provides.

“Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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As a parent, you need to be able to let your child go at the beginning of the season so that he can play his sport with his teammates and coach.

“Wrestling For Dummies” by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
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You also encourage her to participate in other sports, even though that participation sometimes means missing some of your practices.

“Applying Educational Psychology in Coaching Athletes” by Jeffrey J. Huber
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Your son says his coach always yells at him, and he wants to quit the team.

“The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries” by Michele Borba
from The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries
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Encourage him to continue coming to practices and games and being supportive to his child, as well as the rest of the team.

“Coaching Basketball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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If the problems continue, however, thank him for his efforts, and let him know that it’s in the team’s best interest for him to step aside and become a supportive parent in the stands.

“Coaching Baseball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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If the parents are not happy with the coach’s approach to the team, then they can look for alternative teams.

“The Coaching Process: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Effective Sports Coach” by Lynn Kidman, Stephanie J. Hanrahan
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  • im 13 and i wanna quit volleyball, ive been playing volleyball for 5 years and i honestly don’t find this sport interesting. plus, all my teammates hate me for stupid reasons

  • I was in taekwondoe from 8 to 13 and I DIDN’T want to quit. My mom made me. I loved it, from my friends there to just nostalgia. The only thing bad was the master. He didnt understand my anxiety when it came to sparring, and my asthma. My mom didnt want to pay for it anymore, too. It sounds weird, but, I feel connected to that place. The smell, the sights, my childhood is there. It saddens me that I will never be there again. Never spar again. My friends that grew up with me, they dont understand why I had to leave. I miss it so much. My mom was talking about maybe joining a different dojo, but that not the same. She was never in any sports. She was in piano when she was my age. What do I do? I want to rejoin tae kwon doe, but I dont want my mom to spend money on it if Im already a black belt.

  • I’m a varsity football player ending my sophomore year I am just done with football at this point and I’ve been feeling depressed for a little bit I’m going to quit tomorrow wish me luck

  • Training is in 30 minutes im shaking I quit for 3 months and was guilt tripped all the way through and now im back. I dont enjoy it its just stressful cuz when I lose the ball out of nervousness i feel so bad I cba

  • My dad won’t let me quit basketball because he is the coach of the team and he thinks that if I go outside and practice I’ll like it more but the truth is that they are basically FORCING me to go to play a sport I don’t want to. We can’t pay for college unless I get a scholarship for sports but I want to try swimming and see if I enjoy it more instead of basketball!

  • Thank you for making this video! I quit soccer my senior season for similar reasons that you described, but it was still hard and I wasn’t sure if I regretted it or not. Watching this video helped me find some peace of mind with my decision, so thank you again!

  • Your not helping me I was going to show this to my parents but you said at the start of the upcoming season. Well guess what I cry every time I have to go to basket ball practice.

  • Same for me I play football and I just lost my love for the game, everyday I dread and stress out about going to practice
    And playing, I told my mom about it today and she said I have already made a commitment, but I just don’t get why I can’t quit, I play the game for fun and I’m not having fun, it’s not a requirement I don’t think i should have to play it

  • I’m getting forced to play dumb football my team never gives me the ball I so I just stand for 1 hour in the cold in shorts and a singlet

  • I’ve been playing football when i was 6 and now im 15 and i played one year in highschool and now im just not feeling it anymore. Im a wide reciever, If a drop a pass im “Garbage” Or not good” based on the teammates i have and it just makes me feel sad and depressed because everyday at practice i worked hard and i feel like it’s alot of pressure on me. Im also at a school i dont wanna be at and that’s one reason im messed up in the head. Everytime they see me they always joke about me dropping passes. I’ve been practicing basketball since 6th through 8th grade and im actually good at it, And i feel that i will perform better in basketball based on my skills and that’s the sport im more confident in.

  • I play ringette, have played actively for 7 years. I am pretty good at it.
    I want to quit, because I have lost my passion for it, I get extreme anxiety and fear in tournaments, games, even training and get more negative things than good things from it. I yold my mom this spring that I want to quit. She convinced me to continue this season, which is starting soon. And I really, really want to quit before the season starts.

  • I’m 10 years old. My dad makes me train everyday, making me join new teams. I’m in about 4 teams now, and I just don’t like basketball anymore. Basketball has broken my family a bit, my dad is always overreacting even if I miss one shot. I’m being controlled so if I quit basketball, I’d be a mistake. I would ask my parents, but I’m just too scared. What do I do? Tell them or show this video to them. I just want to have a normal life and focus on my studies.


    my dad is letting me start on focusing on volleyball, he promised me if I am bored with my current sport, I can play volleyball!

  • I had to deal with favoritism and the coaches never gave me confidence I was fully committed and went to practices, but the coaches had their favorites, it destroyed me and my parents understood me.

  • Hey guys I’m 15 turning 16 and the day I decided to quit boxing, it felt like a wieght went off my shoulders,I honestly felt happy and by quitting I find something I really enjoy which was weight training,if you’re going to quit be sure to keep your body moving afterwards doing some sort of exercise

    I felt it all,the anxiety panic attacks before a match or a sparring session, it felt like I couldn’t breathe that’s how scary it felt, Although yes I did quit, I felt something within me that still had a connection to boxing, I don’t know what it is but I still feel like a boxer even though I’m not,I know that I felt sacred and sad but I can’t help but feel that i want to go back, I don’t go back because I know well that I’m going to just quit again because the pressure is too high
    I do like boxing but I don’t want to be a fighter I realized and I know this isn’t soccer or basketball but I feel like quitting a sport isn’t real, you always have a sense of wanting to do it but the pressure is what pushes us away, you never lose the athlete persona
    Lol I don’t really know what I’m blabbering on about but all I want to say is if you do decide to quit, don’t quit entirely, just do your sport in a recreational way, like playing soccer or basketball with your friends,or going on a run on your own etc etc
    My trainer always told me being nervous is a part of the experience In a sense it is but if your nervousness leads you to have a panic attack, or feeling miserable that’s not normal and you shouldn’t go on doing something you don’t like

  • Anyone have any advice on how to tell your parents you want to quit a sport? My dad is a huge basketball fan and is doing everything in his power to keep me in the game, but I don’t love it anymore. There are other activities I’m involved in that are more important to me.

  • I have been doing gymnastics all my life and I have made it to an elite level but I’m dreading to go to training and want to quit but I feel as if I have waisted my childhood because I didn’t go to birthday parties or hang out with my friends cuz I was always training also I feel if I quit I’m also waisting the effort time and hope that my coaches have for me

  • My Son is a Soccer Goalkeeper, 16 and really good at it. He is playing even with a Team which is 2-3 years older then he is and you don’t even see a physical difference. Besides that, even the coach of the Senior Adult Team wants him train and play for him, after he saw my sons Potential. Now my son wants to quit because he feel stress with sports, school, friends, etc. I think that’s just a cheap excuse but I don’t want to force him. If my son would try and fail I would not say anything. But he’s giving up even though he’s on a great way to achieve something. That is like a Marathon-Runner giving up 4 miles before the finish line. Any suggestions? I just don’t want him to waste his talent like this.

  • I loved soccer but I am not fast enough people keep on laughing at me I hate everything I wish I could die right now thus has left a scar inside of me that will take months to heal…

  • I don’t want to quit the sport but move teams, I don’t have many friends on my team. I get nervous before training wishing it got cancelled, as I go and have nobody to talk to while there is a group of others talking. All my friends play on another team at the same club and I want to join them.

  • I’m 12 years old and I play soccer. I want to quit because I don’t enjoy the sport, always get injured, getting panic attacks before games and because I get really nervous before training and maches. I’m begging to grow and I am in perfect fit for �� and I’m enjoying the sport much more. Its 2020 but please help⚠️

  • i want to quit swim team because coach put me in a too high group for my level and I always get dizzy and feel like throwing up. My mom says she already paid a lot and that she won’t email the coach about moving me down to a lower level (that I was in before)

  • thank you. i had to choose between volleyball, which i had been doing for a while, and dance, which i have a new passion for. dance is where i feel free. but volleyball has always been a part of me and that is why its so hard to give up. my teachers tell me that im great, and should pursue dance because they think i could go far. in volleyball, i havent really been progressing.

  • I think an important point to make here is that these punishments should only be used if the child has elected to play a sport of their own free will. If you have made your child play a sport its very unfair to punish them for not wanting to do it.

  • I want to quit so bad. I play tennis at my school and have never had major issues until this year. I’m a very good player and was even awarded the MVP award my freshman year, but it’s different this time around. This is my junior year and because of covid we got a lot of new players who weren’t there pervious years. The girls on the team and the new coach are just terrible to me. I’ve been benched until further notice (it’s been 3 weeks) for showing up 15 minutes late to practice because my grandpa was in the hospital. I also get bullied everyday because I have major anxiety and act off around other people when I’m nervous. I just hate it so much. I cry after almost every practice because of how lonely I feel on the team. I want to quit but I don’t know what to do or how to do it. Any suggestions?

  • I joined basketball a year ago because I really enjoyed watching it but now I really dread going to all my sessions. My coach really dislikes me and I was never good to begin with unlike my other teammates who had been playing for years. Soon after a few sessions I lost most of my passion and enthusiasm for basketball as my coach didn’t pay much attention to me and my teammates kinda ostracised me. I really want to quit but I doubt my application will be accepted due to my school’s strict structure and if I do quit it will affect my college application as well. Eek any advice?? Should I just suffer for 2 more years??

  • I want to quit boxing because it makes me have anxiety every night and before training but im scared to tell my dad because I only see him once a week and he bought me boxing gloves and a boxing book

  • i really wanna quit tennis but my parents already spent so much time and money into it and i don’t wanna get in trouble. i’m only 10 freaking years old and my parents make me do all this hardcore training and all i wanna do is be a kid. every time i ask my mom “do i have to play tennis tomorrrow?”, she slaps me.

  • Guys please help,
    I have a brother who loves football but I’m starting to lose interest in it, If I quit then it will be embarrassing when I go back to watch his training and everyone sees me there, What do I do, comment
    Could any one suggest what to do???

  • I just quitted volleyball today and I feel so happy! I never felt this before when it’s the end of the day and I’m gonna join a club for comics I’m so happy!

  • My mom won’t let me quit art class, drawing realistic just isn’t my type, I like drawing in my own style (and I gotta say I’m pretty good) and I don’t need art classes to do that. They won’t let me quit even though it’s JUST ART. Please help. Plus I suck at drawing realistic and the kids in my class bully and judge me for it, when I show them my own digital art in my style they think I’m great, HELP

  • I’ve been playing sports until I was in 3rd grade. I’ve always felt a love for it but the older I got, the more I realized how much pressure it’s gotten. To me sports have gotten to be a feeling I dont have anymore. The more I think about basketball the more I cry and get anxiety. It’s the whole thought of being perfect and living to my family’s standards. They want the best for me and that being college, but I know for sure they dont want me to quit after putting so much time and effort into me. I feel like such a failure.

  • My parents won’t let me quit basketball because I told them I wasn’t able to deal with the pressure the coach put me in. I am just not enjoying the sport anymore. I really don’t know how to convince them that it’s not for me anymore. My dad is also involved in my sport and told me that I could not quit because he is involved. I use to love basketball, but now I have pressure from everyone around me and I get hurt every time my parents wave away my opinion on the issue.

  • plz help I hated sports all my life and my parents force me to play them and yell at me cuz I like computers I am in middle school and already 6ft tall so if I am forced to try out I will always make it most of the time I wanna die plz help I have been trying to let them not make me play sports since kindergarten and they are threatening to send me to military cuz i don’t like sports school plz send help.

  • Ive been in gymnastics, for 6 years, im 12, so literally half my life. I broke my arm, and just it doesn’t give me happiness anymore. Everyone’s gonna be so devastated, but i want to do dance. I don’t know what to do. Ima level 6 gymnast

  • i have been playing soccer for 11 years now. 6 of those years were competitive year round and i was on the very top team. although for the past year or so, it has not been very enjoyable for me. i never feel like going to practices or games. i always dread it because i feel so much pressure and stress. my team is not very enjoyable bc there seems to be a “clique”. i just rly do not know what to do������‍♀️

  • I don’t like playing football
    I hate not doing well and i dont like playing i never want to do training or matches id rather go to the park and play football w my mates but my mom wont let me quit and it makes me annoyed

  • My own case is different’ my dad won’t let me play soccer and he knows i have passion for soccer but would still never let me participate in it

  • Can anyone help? I’ve played football for about 4 years. I’m just starting my fifth season. I’m always nervous every single practice and game. Injuries are common for me, I’ve had 2 concussions, and a broken collar bone. There’s moments where I absolutely hate the game but other times it’s pretty fun. “Usually during successful moments. I used to be very good at soccer but when I moved to a new town. They didn’t have soccer. I have been thinking about quitting football and trying to get better at basketball or maybe find a soccer team somewhere in the area. Football stresses me out and I literally have 0 time to do other things that I love…like basketball, fishing, making YouTube videos… HECK I CANT EVEN GET A JOB BECAUSE IM TOO BUSY WITH FOOTBALL

  • I am a young softball player under 14. I love the game! I have been playing softball since I was 8 years old. It’s time for tryouts and I am doing so bad ;(. In games I am an amazing fielder and and I am a good hitter. My team is breaking up because my coach became very sick. I feel like softball is kinda tearing up my family and costs a lot of money. If I do good they won’t get mad. I love the game but I don’t care if I make a team. I really don’t know how to feel. I guess I just don’t care anymore….I just hope I make a team…….My parents will allow me to quit but I won’t allow my self for to quit.

  • I play softball for my town and I’ve been playing it since I was 5 years old. Ever since the start there’s always been “politics”
    The coaches always play favorites.
    There’s this one coach who has always discriminated against me for no reason. He coaches softball and his wife coaches basketball. For basketball I played a max of 3:43 a game. It was completely unfair to me. So I quit. For softball I always play outfield/sit on the bench, also I’m last in the batting order. My coach breaks rules such as sitting me out a 2nd time before everyone else has sat out once. It’s really unfair but my parents won’t let me quit.

  • My mom used to force me to do soccer, softball, basketball, and dance. I used to enjoy them but one day I had a mental breakdown because I didn’t want to play basketball anymore. And so all my mom said was that I was going to die young. Then as of for about 2 years I quited all of those sports. But now my parents have been forcing me to do band. I told her many times that i don’t enjoy it anymore and she just won’t listen��

  • I’m scared to quit because teammates parents are friends with my parents and it will just screw up that whole relation ship for me and my parents.

  • I want to quit my high school football team but I don’t really know how to go about it. I don’t know if I should email the coaches or meet with them in person

  • I don’t know if anyone is gonna see this, but I’ve been on the boys fencing team at my high school for the past two years. I’m not really a sporty kid, so my dad was really happy that I started doing something. However, both two years, especially last year, were extremely stressful for me in regards of going to meets and performing. I pushed through for everyone else on the team, though, because I am fairly good at the sport. This year I couldn’t take the dread building up and am really thinking of quitting, but when I brought this up to my dad he just exploded on me, saying I’ve always been a quitter for all of my life, and that he was disappointed in me. Now I feel like if I quit my dad is gonna hate me, my team mates are gonna hate me, and I’m gonna hate myself for the rest of my life.

  • I do gymnastics and I hate gymnastics soooo much but I don’t know how to tell my parents. I literally cry before each practice but I never let them know I cry.

  • I’ve played competitive soccer for 12 years. I’ve always been one of the worst players and benched. I took a break this winter and I’m not sure if I should go back but this would be the last year I play. I’m scared that I won’t make it even though I’ve been playing with this organisation for 7 years. Idk what to do I have a very stressful school year and idk if I can handle it plus I barely got to play and lowered my self esteem but I still love to play. What should I do?

  • Hey man I’m 11 and have been playing soccer scenes I was 8. Now every time I go to practice I don’t feel motivated or happy to go I just feel like I’m going and not having fun. I have felt like this for almost a year. So I told my dad that I wanted to quit but he said no because my reasons weren’t good and he said he saw talent but I just don’t feel good doing a sport what should I do

  • I liked football but HS isn’t fun it’s just WORK,WORK,WORK, get punished for something u did on accident, get punished for something you didn’t do, then work more

  • My passion for soccer got me down to a waste my teammates doesn’t care even my coach doesn’t believe that I won’t make it, this been bothering me since last summer I put my self to practice hard day n night having injuries, tryna show them I can prove them wrong. It’s hurting me that I don’t get the respect a deserve I need, and they already lost 4 games without me, I’m really losing hope in soccer my dreams ain’t relevant anymore:(

  • Please help me, my parents WON’T let me quit judo to play basketball, I did everything, but they just won’t let me play basketball, please help me I’m in a desperate situation

  • i started doing downhill a year ago,the first 1-5 months was a blast time.its was super fun and im enjoying wasn’t competitive time yet.and after that my father introduced me to many athlete’s and they teach me physical training and mental training.that was the time when im starting to lose my spirit.i realized that i didn’t have time to hangout with my friend and be like any other normal kid in school.and the longer i get into downhill,the more i hate becoming weight and it stressed me out.i wanna quit but i fear that my father would probably not going to be happy with that because he already sacrifice so much time and money just to get me here.i got some injuries too such as dislocated wrist,elbow and even my back bone.

  • I’ve been doing horse back riding for a few months but I want to quit. The person who teaches me to ride is super sweet and doesn’t put much pressure on me but the lady who actually owns the barn and the horse I ride can be very mean and make me really anxious. Like if I do something wrong that she never even told me not to do before she’ll get really mad. I also don’t see much progress in my riding so that makes me really discouraged also one of the other girls can be a real bitch just cause she knows she’s better at it then me. So with all that I just don’t enjoy it anymore it feels like school, something I have to do but really don’t wanna do. So I’ve been planning to quit for a few weeks now I wasn’t to worried about telling my mom because she already caught on that I was no longer enjoying it also the only extra thing we bought for it was some nice boots. But this Christmas I got a really nice helmet for it. So I think my mom will be mad now when I tell her I don’t wanna do it anymore. Tomorrow’s have it again and then I’m going to decide if it’s at all enjoyable and if it is I’ll continue if not I’ll tell my mom. Wish me luck!!

  • I’ve been playing basketball since first grade and I’m a sophomore now. High school basketball just isn’t what I thought it was gonna be. I’m always nervous and freak out before every game and practice. It’s not fun anymore and there are other things I want to do. Every since I picked up guitar I’ve realized that that’s my true passion and that I’m done being someone I’m not for my parents. My mom completely understands and supports me but my dad is a huge sports fan and won’t accept me quitting. Is there anything I can say or do to make him more understanding? I’m tired of being a disappointment. UPDATE: Almost 2 years later and I just wanted to say that I did it. About a year ago I quit sports and I can finally be myself and do what makes me happy. I hope this encourages someone else to stand up for their happiness:)

  • I have anxiety about playing sports and its har to have fun and my grades slip because of it and i took a week break and i worked hard on my grades and i actually did really good in school but i dont wanna disappoint my dad and when i give him hints he says i just wanna be lazy and play video games but i wanna be a pro gamer and he doesn’t support it what do i do

  • My parents won’t let me quit Cross Country and if I start skipping it or quit. Then they will lock up my Video Games, Phone,and will not let me hang out with friends. They don’t understand that it is 3 1/2 hours a day 5 days a week and it keeps me from hanging out with my friends.

  • I honestly don’t know if I want to leave soccer behind I love horseback riding but it doesn’t give me the same adrenaline that soccer does on the field. Everyone says I have real potential and I’m scared I’m throwing things away if I leave soccer but I’m scared that number one I won’t be skinny if I continue to play soccer because soccer players are usually on the bigger side and also soccer affects a lot of my social life and makes me unavailable a lot to my friends and I also don’t think I can keep this up much longer soccer is fun sometimes but not all the time I need help this is killing me day and night and I don’t want to tell my parents because they said they love watching me play and my dad pushes me to be the best possible me I can be and I don’t want to disappoint anyone any advice?

  • My mom doesn’t let me quit swimming and I asked why she said cuz I need to do exercise then I said can I join the gym and then she said it not a sport so it’s not exercise

  • I quit gymnastics last year, because I had no friends, it was boring, my teacher wasn’t that nice, and I was too scared of things. I prefer doing sports self taught, because I can just teach myself to do things, with out worrying about other people. I am learning how to skate and ballroom dance by myself. I know it isn’t a sport, but I want to quit karate, because I don’t feel like I am naturally good at it, and I can never remember things. I am scared to quit it, because all of my siblings do it, and I have been doing it for I while, so I think my mom will be mad.

  • Hi, I’m a 14 year old boy who plays basketball. I use to love the sport snd working out a lot. Idk what happened my passion to get better is gone. My dad was a pro player so i cant tell him i want to quit. I feel everything i do is just to impress my dad or make him happy. I know if i quit he will be devastated. Please help me. I got accepted to my fsvourite high school but a really good basketball coach asked me to come to his school. My dad is signing the papers and i told him i don’t know what high school i want to go to and he said its to late. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

  • Ive been playing football (soccer) for 10 years, our team is one of the best in our country. My passion for the sport is compeletely done. I just feel stuck because ive always been an athletic guy, faster and have better endurance than 99% of people, but im 14 years old and we practice for 1,5 hours a day, 5 days a week plus we need to do our own physic programs, its just very stressfull, it damages my grades, my social life and what i really enjoy to do. Im stuck in life and i feel depressed. I want to be great, but this sport limits me. Advice would be appreciated.

  • So I played Rugby and well i got an serious head ingery and well everybody is telling me to quit Rugby cuz if i Hit my head again i could die or be perilized for life and im still young but It is my passion and its wat ceeps me going if it wasn’t for my girlfriend i probably whoud have already given up in life but i am not a quieter and i won’t qut i won’t stop why should i its my passion in life!!!

  • I do taekwondo and i wanna quit bc im one belt away and its getting really hard and stressing and i just wanna quit bc everytime at night i thinking about not getting black belt and waiting another year to take the test or my mom might be mad at me if i tell her if i want to quit please help

  • my mom has made me do football ever since i was in the 2nd grade. all throughout my life my mom has sorta stapled this image to my mind that i need to get a sports scholarship in order to go to a good college because she wouldn’t be able to afford it. i wanted to quit ever since i first started and my mom has basically made me play since. now i just got done with my second year of highschool football and already i don’t want to do it. all of the anxiety and stress that football has caused me to feel bad about myself. i don’t enjoy going to practice and getting ran over by some 6 foot tight end every single practice who has already has d1 college offers rolling in every week. i dread practice every single day and i feel that football is actually the source of so many mental issues i have right now. if i could just quit, my quality of life would be better.

  • I quitted wrestling about a week and I came home then my mom (doesn’t know about wrestling but knows it’s a sport) asked in a disappointed and angry tone that “Are you going to wrestle?” And I said no and then she starts complaining about this and that and it gets me annoyed. IS THIS REACTION NORMAL or not???

  • I want to quit wrestling because i have too much anxiety with the pain and my failure. I have found other hobbies like lifting by myself or with a friend. I just don’t like wrestling and I don’t know how to tell my coach that wrestling is just not for me.

  • Idk why but i get anxiety attacks when i practicw for figure skating and im afraid to tell my parents I want to quit because I’m sure they will scream at me, i want to quit because i realize my passion is dancing eversince i was young, but i know my parents will get mad at me ������

  • Well, I got popped today in school with a dab pen. I’m starting tackle and I wanted to go and keep playing till varsity next year. But now I think I’m just gonna have to chalk this one up, it’s a shame I wanted to play but I fucked up. No point in going back now

  • I’ve been doing Taekwondo (it’s a form of a martial art) for four years. I am a first degree black belt. I am a great student, not perfect and I used to be super dedicated. After getting to higher belts, I started to lose interest, but I was able to push through to a black belt. After becoming a black belt, I completely lost interest. I barely practiced and practiced probably like 1 or 2 times a week. Yet, I still felt as though I didn’t want to fail and get yelled at. Failure scares me which is a whole other thing, but that’s besides the point. I still was doing great in Taekwondo. Previously, I wanted to quit violin. At that time I had been playing for maybe 3 years. I wanted to quit bc I was so bad at it and it bored me. My parents told me no since they said something along the lines of “you need to work harder, and practice more. That way you’d like it. You can’t give up.” Which is reasonable, and I couldn’t fight with that. 3 years later, I tell them I want to quit violin and they agree??? With like no argument or convincing. I think they would let me quit Taekwondo when I’ve clearly done my hardest. I’m a black belt, I teach other kids, and I known to be the better ones of the black belts in skill. But then I realized I don’t have any other hobby to do during summer. I have already told my parents I was going to sign up as backstage for the annual school play with my friends. Yet, I have nothing to do during the summer. I am known to love to play games and how much I love my phone lol. I’m scared they think that’s all I’m going to do all summer. I’m scared they won’t let me quit with the thought that I won’t be active anymore. Please this was a long paragraph, but I need help. I have no more passion for Taekwondo and I know my parents won’t let me quit without a hobby for the summers.

  • This just made me even more confused, sorry. Please give me some advice: I do gymnastics and I have done for 5 years, however, sometimes I just don’t feel motivated to do it, and sometimes I just don’t enjoy it, I’ve come so far though and compete nationally, and also I’m in a group full of people I don’t know. PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE ❤️❤️❤️

  • I want to quit karate so bad. My parents make me feel guilty by saying that I have come far and that they will be disappointed in me��

  • I love fastpitch and I played it forever but I’m a pitcher and I think it’s not fun anymore mean I still like playing others positions but it’s just not as fun as it use to be but I spent so much time working on it, it’s sad to me because my dad and me worked on it so much

  • The only reason I want to quit my sport is because I feel like my parents enjoy watching me play it way more than I like playing it, I have just completely lost interest in it:( playing the sport is really stressful for me but I feel like they would yell at me if I said that I wanted to quit.

  • I want to quit playing rugby because I lost love for the sport after 10 years of playing since I was young. I get major stress before training. Aswell as my dad giving me shit and telling me I’m not good or fit and I have to do extra training when I have big finals and i want to do well in them.I only play jow because all of my freinds do.Sorry for the big rant but felt good to get it off my chest

  • So I’ve been doing karate since I was 5 and I’m 12 now I’m a second degree black belt and I’ve been enjoying my classes at karate less and less lately and I am one of the last few people of my generation I’m still unsure if I want to quit please give me advice, thanks

  • i want to quit rugby i get anxiety because of my dad and my coaches ive been playing for 10 years and have lost the love of the game because of the endess training sessions and i just isnt fun anymore

  • I used to play ping pong for about 4-5 years? And I was pretty good at it but I started to lose interest in ping pong mainly because of bullying and because of academic work load… Part of me kinda regret it but the other part is kinda happy that I quit as I had more time to do other things I wanted, and to spend more time with people I love. However, one mistake that I made when quitting is that i didn’t adjust my eating habits, as I didn’t gain much weight while playing it competitively. Just know that it’s ok to quit a sport but u have to make lifestyle changes to adapt to your new lifestyle.

  • I’m 13 and I’ve been playing squash for 6 years now and I just got disinterested in the sport I’m not happy with it anymore and I don’t think I have the talent every compition I enter I always loose sometime I win the first round but then I loose I want to quit but I’m not sure and my mother doesn’t want me to

  • i have to do track, and running is so painful, the meets give me anxiety and i dont know how to tell my mom i dont want to do it anymore, can someone plz tell what to do?

  • My dad is a massive soccer fan and I used adore the sports! But now I don’t enjoy the sport at all.. I really want to quit and atm it’s preseason and I’m scared to quit because I think my parents have already spent so much

  • I’m a Junior in high school and this is my first year of playing football. I’m the fastest on the team, but I only start on defense. I don’t enjoy playing and I’d rather do cross country because I’m good at that. Idk what to do at this situation because the season just started and I don’t want people looking down on me.

  • I’m 6ft 195lbs benched over some kid that’s 5’2” and 130lbs, and I’m 100% better and stronger than him. Probably going to quit just because of bad coaching.

  • okay so this is my situation: I play cricket and I hate it SOOOO much and have hated it for years now. I hate the people on the team, before every single game I get stress and anxiety even now and the season hasn’t even started, I’ve asked my parents on multiple occasions if I could quit and maybe do another sport and all they ever say is “we have made friends with other parents here so you have to carry on” and they know that I don’t like it, they just want me to carry on doing something that I dread everyday and I hate every second of just do that can see the other parents even though we go out to eat etc with the other parents a lot anyway. any advise?

  • Ive been a competitive gymnast for almost 8 years, and I love gymnastics with my whole heart. Its not that Im tired
    of the sport, I love it. I get along great with team mates and coaches too. My body is getting tired of it though. My knees hurt
    so bad I can barely run. I have ankle problems and my back is in terrible condition. Doing intense training is taking a toll. I dont wanna quit
    every time I think about it I crybut it literally hurts so bad.
    Im not that flexible now either.
    On the other hand, I discovered I love to ride horses and have considered trying equestrian. I dont really know how to feel about it-
    can someone give me advice ;-;

  • I wanna quit my sports (I play 2 soccer and hurling *irish sport*) but I don’t want to gain a lot of weight cause I play video games but I do go outside with friends and go on the trampoline I also get worried when thinking about going to training but I like the people there I like the sports but I hate running and pushing my self to far

  • I’m 18 years old and I’ve been playing soccer since I was 5. I really enjoyed the sport troughout my youth and I made a lot of friends with it but the past few years I’ve been feeling less and less motivated to go to practice. The reason I’m still going is because the sport has been a part of my life for so long and I’m scared that when I quit i would miss the sport, even though I don’t like playing anymore rn. The new season starts in 2 weeks and together with going to a new school, this is a really hard desiscion for me to make if I’d keep playing soccer or not. At one hand, I could just keep playing soccer and try to enjoy it again or I could quit and idk what to do then. Anyone that can help?

  • I want to quit football really bad but my parents won’t let me and I don’t know what to do because I don’t like playing it at all. What should I do?

  • Haii I am sabrina I’ve been playing softball since I was 15 years out of school activity and yea it was fun and all but suddenly when I turned 16 now I am in high school and I found out that I have bipolar and I get depressed and anxiety and start to lose confineds and I Didn’t love the game anymore and I wanted to quit but my dad wouldn’t let me because he said he paid too much money for this and nobody understands that I am not in love with the game anymore and they don’t understand that I am bipolar everything gets harder for me like my grades are more important then sports ��������

  • I have played soccer pretty much my entire life but now I’m 14 and I don’t like it. It’s much more fun when I’m playing soccer or other sports on school. I don’t got time for friends, the only thing I’m doing is school and soccer. But I see on Snapchat that my classmates are having so much more fun than me on their story. And i just want to have fun with them. But I don’t got time. And in the weekend’s I play games on my PC with my friends. It’s so fun. But I don’t hangout with them so much cause I’m so exhausted from soccer. And my mom says I’m addicted to soccer. So if I ask my mom to quit soccer she we’ll just say it’s because of my computer. And my family supports on football and they will probably be disappointed if I quit. What should I do?

  • I’m very talented in wrestling I’ve been doing it since 7th grade (I’m a junior now) and I’ve just lost all the drive for it after making it to states last year and cutting tons of weight I feel I’ve fulfilled my realistic goals and I also don’t wanna starve myself anymore but I feel trapped and my coaches would try so hard to persuade me to wrestle if I quit and they are psycho it’s a very toxic relationship that I have with the sport I “love”

  • I have been playing soccer for 6 years and I’m 11. I am really good but I hate the sport so much. I always ask my parents if I can quit and do something else but they say no and I get grounded. I was forced to play and I hated every year. What do I do

  • I’m a freshman and just finished my first year of football (as a high schooler). Honestly I wanted the season to end the day it started, I love my team and my coaches but I just don’t have fun anymore, not to mention my lack of playing time (my own fault due to me being weak) In my opinion I’ve given football it’s fair chance, I played it 3rd grade to 9th grade 3-8 was a blast, some of my best moments, 9th grade though I just wasn’t having fun, I lost all my passion and just dreaded going to practice every day of summer through the school year too, I just want to be a normal kid. And my grades slip because of football (sure I’m not the best student) but i am passionate about becoming a doctor/surgeon and that requires a 4.0+ gpa every year at least for potential grants, not to mention if I were to play football next season during the summer I have to take online classes because I can’t fit all of my medical classes into my schedule, so I have to take an arts class online. I loved the game but it’s not for me anymore. I’ve also lost touch with my friends, I mean I wake up every morning on my summer break at 6 and leave my house at 7 where practice goes from 7:30 to 11:30 and then I get home and simply don’t feel like doing anything but lying and bed and relaxing. I am so exhausted I don’t even want to go out and chill at my buddies house and just do the things teens should do. I don’t know I just need some advice I just told my mom I’m just not feeling it anymore and she seems quite sad and that it’s “my decision” which thankfully I don’t get forced to play football but it feels like my parents really enjoy coming to me and my brothers games. I don’t want to hurt her feeling because I love her to death but I just can’t do it anymore man. I also think I might start training on my own terms, going to the gym, lifting, running, just getting fit on my own time so I don’t feel forced to do it because don’t get me wrong I f***ing love weight lifting i just feel a sense of freedom.

  • I’ve been doing color guard for 3 years. The program is unstable, there is a very toxic girl on the team and everyone is expecting me to step up and be a leader when no matter if I’m the best on the team, we have no choreographer or coach. As of now I am the only one who knows anything about color guard. But there is no other school activities that I’m interested in.. should I quit?? Please help me!!!!

  • If you are watching this video you are definitely thinking about quitting your sport and if you are thinking about it, then you should probably choose another sport.

  • I let go of hockey, I’ve played for 8 years straight. I really liked the game but I didn’t like the players, some are nice and some are toxic. Like I get it’s a part of the game and it’s supposed to be like.

  • welp am quitting soccer been playing this since 7 i was good one of the best players no coming to highschool is differnt everyone saying i suck get in my head then i trianed hard again i was good for 2 months and after training all those months made me want to quit why train when no one belives in you?

  • I can remember as a kid taking band and wanting to play the trumpet. The music teacher told me I was going to play the clarinet because I didn’t have the lips for trumpet. I still dislike the clarinet to this day and cannot play it either. haha

  • This video really helped me. I’m a senior in high school and I played basketball up until now. But I jus don’t enjoy it anymore. The 5 hour practices plus 30 minutes of extra conditioning after. I’ve sprained both my ankles twice, my knees are shot. BUT track is where I’m truly happy and is where I thrive but quitting on my last year is really hard for me

  • I’ve been playing softball since I was really little but I’m starting to lose all the passion I’ve ever had for it. The sport seems more like a chore that I need to do now. I’m a junior in high school but I feel like being apart of a school team is something colleges really like to see. That is one of the only reasons why I would continue on with it. I dread going to practice and I find that it really stresses me out but I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried talking to my parents about it and they just seem upset and disappointed that I want to quit. I’m really having a tough time deciding what to do.

  • I was the kid that loved football, but naturally was better at wrestling. Man, leaving football was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but it was for the best.

  • I’m a freshmen and my favorite sport is basketball but I was straight up told that I couldn’t play basketball because I didn’t practice enough since I played football. Im 6’1 210 and everyone wants me to play football but im probably quiting to play basketball full time next year

  • I’ve played and practised basketball for 7 years. I’m still a horrible shooter and dribbler at the same time. There are some times I find a rythm but that’s just a slump. I’m tired of wasting my life on this stupid sport. I stabbed my basketball multiple times and let it die.

  • I’ve been playing soccer for 8 years. For 4 years in a row now I’ve been playing at the top team. It was one of the best teams which is why I am hesitant. I’ve been crying about how much I hate my life right now because of soccer. I just hate playing it now.
    I’ve been so burnt out and I’m so sick of getting made fun of at practice. It’s to the point where I want the game to end early or practice to end early so I can go home. I don’t want to quit because it will make my coach and my teammates disappointed in me. Another reason is I’m very small. I’m still on the top team but I’m so small so I keep getting put on the bench. I literally fake Injury’s to stay home from practice. Someone please help me.

  • I’m not watching this for sport I play rugby and I love getting up to play it. I did watch this because I want to quit bagpipes
    I wanted to quit about a year ago but I kept going anyway but I just don’t find it enjoyable anymore

  • i am forced to do street work out if i dont do 8 pull ups every day i cant play pc for a week,thats why i dont enjoy it becose i am forced too

  • Ive been running track for 4 years and i can relate to this vid so much…i get anxiety everytime before training or races…throught out the years my passion for running just keep fadding….my dad is my own personal coach…his a great guy he has been doing sports his whole life…ive been planning to quit running but i dont have the guts to when to tell him that…also i dont know when is the perfect time to tell him either…can u plz help me??

  • It’s like football hasn’t been the same since I got to high school. My coach yells at me for no reason I can be doing right thing and he still get mad. I feel like he just be taking his anger out on me. It’s not even that fr when I get out on the field I feel some type a way and everyone else is hype getting on the field. I guess football not what it used to be for me but what I do like track and field I could get in that sport. I really like to race people and have Competition. That’s what I like but I don’t know how to break it down to my parents how I don’t want to play football anymore I want to get into track and field

  • When I made varsity as a freshman for baseball, I was put in such a big role as the ace pitcher and I wasn’t in joying they game anymore due to the pressure and I was putting in 4x the amount of work compared to everyone else and I talked to my mom about it and she told me that I can’t get a car if I quit

  • My father made me start taekwondo when i was still very young, i enjoyed it alot since my father was teaching me but now i got transferred to a big team thats out of my town and the stress i have to cope is too much. I am also tired of the injuries and with the fact that they don’t care if i am hurt or not. I still like the sport but I am too stressed to do it and I am also bored of doing it. I recently started downhill riding and i am really enjoying and my father sees that and he immediately wanted to clarify that downhill wouls just be a hobby and taekwondo was the serious deal. Taekwondo also pushes me away from my social life and friends since I always have to be out of town to train and I am really envious of other teens my age who can go out every Saturday and have fun while i am either training or too tired to do anything. It has come to the point where my father actually prioritizes taekwondo of school and its really getting to me.I know that he wont let me quit and if he does he would never see me the same way. What should I do

  • Ok here’s the thing I’ve done karate for 7 years I made a family friend out of it. It’s a year long sport and you have to drive 45 minutes away and I HATE it but I feel like people will be disappointed if I quit

  • I started playing volleyball this year only because I basically got dragged to trials by my friends, I did end up making the top junior team but the people that are in my team make me feel like I’m not meant to be there. It’s not fun and I don’t think volley is right for me. I want to quit so bad but my coach is verrryyy strict ����‍♀️

  • I want to quit volleyball but my mom won’t let me. I have panic attacks just thinking about making 1 simple mistake and it’s making me emotionality damaged

  • Ok, so I had my first softball practice tonight and it made me realize how much things have changed, and how much fun has left the game for me. But, it was the FIRST practice. So I don’t want to quit at the beginning, but I feel like my life has to work around softball, and not the other way around. I already told my parents I’m gonna quit in high school because I don’t want to play in college, but I want to quit sooner. I’m so stressed out and it’s miserable. But I need to remember that it’s a game, not a job.

  • Hey si im trying soccer for 1 year and a half and i acctualy started to hate soccer around 1-2 months ago and i always find excuses to not go tranings and i started to skate recently and i am good at it so should i quit soccer and start skating because i enyoj skating more than soccer

  • I enjoyed volleyball. I love volleyball so much it’s my life. However my school does not care for the C team. At all ( I can’t serve consistently because I get stupid nervous that’s why I’m on C squad) My entire squad missed a game because nobody bothered to tell us we had a game that day. Not even my coach knew. There is no commumication at all with the other coaches. We literally get up at 5:30 in the morning and practice till 8:00am everyday. While the other squads get to practice after school. We get the shitty equipment because they don’t want us to “ruin it” Nobody in A or JB squad watches our games. However get pissed if we miss theirs. I started hating the sport I loved. I just couldn’t play for a team that isn’t a team. I played our last match and turned in my stuff. I’m done playing volleyball sadly. But I hope I can find another sport I like.

  • I just wish I could quit softball but I’m forced to and I just wish I could quit I’m in the middle school team but I’m in fifth grade I wish I could quit if I could quit I’d be the happiest girl in the world and I would stop crying everyday I would be happy again just bc I quit a sport doesn’t mean I can’t play another I just wish my parent would realize that I just am so upset rn

  • Guys I need help. I have no more fun in soccer any more. I get super nervous before games and I only play because I want to be just like my older siblings. I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me.

  • i am a soccer player i get perform axienty and stress before i play. i fell like i only keep playing to have friends and to not fell like a dissapointment to my dad because that is why we have a strong bond

  • My dads forcing me to do reps and i really dont want to play. He says i have to do sport over winter but i want to get a job in the off season cause i will have more time to work. I now have to find an alternative to softball that allows me to work that i also enjoy

  • I’ve been playing volleyball for years, but I soon realized I wasn’t having fun and it was impacting my mental health which is really important to me. Everybody else including my parents tried to tell me that I was good and couldn’t give up because it was hard. It’s hard to play a sport when you lost the reason you wanted to play. I’m hoping I made the right decision, I’ll try again next year but I’m taking this season off.

  • I’m here because I’m currently starting my sophomore season of football I’ve been playing since 3rd grade and I loved youth football but high school is different and it’s really stressful and I can’t tell if I’m having fun or not. But that’s not the issue, I’m also taking drivers ed and I really want to focus on that because I can only miss one class but my schedule fits around it and my coach can be random so I don’t know if he’s going change anything, and if I miss one class and am forced to miss another, I have to choose football or drivers ed and I have a very strict coach and that could land me in a bad spot. Thanks if u read the whole thing please reply with good advice in the next month or two

    Edit: another issue is that my coach may be my gym teacher so I’d also be forced to talk to him and idk if he would screw up my grade because I quit

  • I’m quitting Basketball. I’ve played it from 11 years old up to now at 17 turning 18 in the summer. In Europe after 18 you pkay against grown ass men. And for me, despite working at it for 6 years, it just isn’t fun anymore, nor am I nearly competitive enough to where I’m almost there. Also, lifting is much more fun and is being impeded by basketball, as well as the fact that I want to explore the world of martial arts. That wouldn’t impede anything because it’s not a team sport so I don’t have to be invested in a team and compete early. Those two, lifting and MMA, go hand in hand, because I can just pick and choose how to set up my schedule between the two, not be forced to one schedule. For me at least, that’s definitely gonna be worth it. I definitely will miss basketball and will play it in the summer at the park, but not competitively.

  • I don’t have necessarily pressure from my parents/family members for me to stay in wrestling but my dad and uncle were both state champs in wrestling and when I told them I wanted to do it they were just so proud… and my mom was very proud because it’s a very hard sport and I’d been working harder then I have in my entire life plus it makes me careful about my hygiene which impressed her even more. I know it would disappoint them immensely for me to quit wrestling because other than that, I don’t think I could play another sport. I have been playing baseball since I was a kid but lots of kids are trying out for the team in high school (I’m a freshman) and I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll make it.. I get a’s and b’s in school but my sister is getting straight a’s with ap classes and my family before me are all very successful so I know I would disappoint everyone because they are so excited to see me wrestle. But I just flat out don’t like it. I have practice 5 days a week and tournaments soon on saturdays… they’re three hour practices and I’m usually very tired out when I get home because we have conditioning with wrestling all in the same practice and that usually affects the amount of hw I do a night. Also I am not progressing like the rest of the team and it’s beginning to frustrate me and my teammates and they often get mad at me when I don’t do things the right way/mess up. So I feel like I’m putting in all this work for nothing and it usually leaves me sad/disappointed after practices… lately I’ve been trying to get out of practice as much as I can which has only slowed my development in the sport down… and also I don’t enjoy the competitiveness of the sport. I’d continue if I liked it despite how much hard work it is but I just don’t enjoy it.. throughout the school day I’m always anxious about going to practice that day and it affects my focus in school and overall makes me unhappy. I want to tell my mom all of this but I don’t know how and I’m afraid of how she’ll react. What should I do?

  • Honestly it’s not even performance anxiety, it’s also that it’s not fun and that I wanna pursue another sport. I’ve played basketball 6 for years and I know when I’m sad because I gotta improve performance, and this ain’t it. I’ve never ever felt anything like this about my sport, I’m feeling like I don’t care about it anymore, I wanna pursue other endeavors.

  • I like playing soccer but it just fucks with my recovery for powerlifting. im doing some decent lifts and i knew that i should set priority now.

  • I have been doing gymnastics for 4 years and I love it but I am getting into really high levels and its kind of boring now. I am going to to do some more gym until the middle or end of the year and decided if I really want to do it anymore. I am starting dance so I will see if I enjoy it more or stuff.

  • Ok so I have played football and i love the sport but I’m always benched bcs of my height I’m smaller than literally everyone else but I’m good I have alot of people that tell me this and I know if I just got a chance I could be a really good player so I quit and now play soccer another sport I like and I’m the star player but I feel like I enjoy football more what should I do in this situation

  • I want to quit my basketball team because my coach doesn’t put me in at any games I call my self a decent play and so does everyone else but my coach moved me to a bother team that doesn’t even have enough people to make a team my coach thinks I’m very bad and when other people mess up a play they don’t get yelled at but when I do that I get screamed at it’s not fun or enjoyable I used to love basketball but now I lost my self esteem and I just want to quit please give me advice

  • Wow. Thanks u sooo much for this! I am 5’2” and I’m almost 15 years old. I have a good verticals leap but it’s not through the roof. And I love basketball, even though I sat on the bench for my club team and only played about three minutes a game. I have a great jump shot and I have ambition. I have been playing for a while, but God has not physically blessed me in height. I am about to enter my high school years at an extremely competitive all boys school with thousands of kids. I realized I was running out of time to get great at something before high school. So, I decided to try tennis out for a spin. So far I am liking it, and I will have an entire summer to get better. At the school I will be attending freshman tennis is no-cut, unlike basketball, where 75 boys out of my graduating class of 300will try out. I was having some second thoughts about moving in from basketball and leaving it behind when I worked hard to get as good as I am. But this video, and prayer, helped me figure it out. Thank you sooo much for this video, and hopefully u will see me on the tennis court someday!��

  • My laying in bed watching this as a I have an anxiety attack because I have basketball practice tonight… my parents just don’t seem to understand

  • Most people have no natural talent at anything. That’s what it means to be average and most people are average. Ithink personal satisfaction and lifestyle should dictate the choice to pursue and when to quit.

  • Idk, I play 7th grade football. I just don’t have the love for the sport that I play. My dad and mom are proud of me for playing it but I could also play baseball this spring and actually enjoy it.

  • Guys do you think I should quit football because I’m honestly not liking the sport anymore and and not interested. It’s kinda making me unhappy where I’m at. Plus I don’t really watch football at all and it’s really stressful.

  • Im a freshman in high school i mad the freshman basketball team. We had some practices and Im just not feeling It, I don’t feel happy but I love basketball. Im debating if I should continue being on the team and be miserable or do I quit. If I quit i dont think I will ever play basketball again in High school. Someone PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE!!!!!

  • my mum won’t let me quit at football because i want to quit and i’m a bad goalie and i can’t save shots and my coaches laugh at me and she doesn’t care

  • I’m not sure if I should quit volleyball or not. I want to play the sport, but we’ve been having workouts lately and I feel like I can’t. I don’t really enjoy myself at workouts and we hardly even get to practice actual volleyball but maybe for about 45 minutes. We didn’t start out small and build up. We started out hard and it’s still hard. I’ve never been diagnosed with asthma, but when I run I always feel sick and I have so much trouble breathing. We’ve only been doing this 3 days a week and we have been doing it for 2 weeks and it’s my favorite sport but I’m having second thoughts. 2 girls already have injuries just from workouts and I don’t know if they did something wrong or if it’s because of how hard we are being pushed. I know being sore goes along with workouts and sports, but I was so sore the first week that my whole body ached when I barely even moved. I don’t know what I should do. I want to carry on but I feel like volleyball may not be right for me. I’ve done gymnastics for about 4+ years and my coaches there always did the same things and didn’t take moving up levels very seriously and didn’t mention it much but I still had a lot of fun at gymnastics and the coaches were extremely nice. But that’s a lot different eight volleyball. I don’t know what I should do and I need some advice.

  • My coach benched me for all but 2 minutes in my basketball game. I’m upset, my family’s upset, and my friends were upset, including some of their parents. People wanted to see me play, but the coach just said “I’m sorry, but I wanted to win”. I wont bother going to the rest of the games.

  • I’m not sure what to do. I’ve been playing soccer for years, and now it just seems like a chore to me. I want to quit and try new things, and it’s mid-season; but if I play until the season ends, my heart just won’t be in it, and it’ll hurt my team. I’m so confused:(