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Supporting and boosting the immune system is a year round job and something that doesn’t just happen overnight. Still, there are ways to naturally support and build a strong immune system that are actually quite achievable. From being sure to eat a nutrient dense diet full of vitamins, to getting some fresh air, these 12 immune. Research shows that moderate regular exercise may increase white blood cell activity and increase these immunce cells’ circulation throughout the body.

As little as 30. One way to do this is by keeping your immune system strong. Doctor, health coach, and mother LaFarra Young offers some tips on how families can boost their immunity by.

Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system. Don’t smoke. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

Exercise regularly. Maintain a healthy weight. If you drink alcohol, drink. There’s no quick “boost” to having a strong immune system. It takes time, balance and consistency to fight off infections—whether COVID-19, flu or seasonal colds.

Preventive care, diet and nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep and decreased stress are key to improving your family’s overall health. New research suggests vitamin D could boost immune response, and too-low levels may be linked to an increase in seasonal colds and flu. Many of us are deficient in vitamin. Go for a wide variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, including berries, citrus fruits, kiwi, apples, red grapes, kale, onions, spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Other. 15 Foods That Boost the Immune System. 1. Citrus fruits. Share on Pinterest. Most people turn straight to vitamin C after they’ve caught a cold.

That’s because it helps build up 2. Red bell peppers. But there are healthy habits you can adopt that will give your child’s immune system a boost. 1. Serve more fruits and vegetables.

Carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries: They all contain. The goal is to get different nutrients to support your immune system and your body’s other systems. Even if you’re not that hungry during treatment, try to have small amounts of foods.

List of related literature:

Consistently restful sleep, daily exercise, a whole foods diet, and keeping your vitamin D3 at an optimal level are powerful ways to strengthen the immune system.

“Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal” by Rosalee de la Forêt
from Alchemy of Herbs: Transform Everyday Ingredients into Foods and Remedies That Heal
by Rosalee de la Forêt
Hay House, 2017

particular micronutrients that enhance the immune system), cessation of unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking, alcohol, drug use), and prophylaxis of preventable opportunistic infections.

“Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
from Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables
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Eliminate concentrated simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey, dried fruit, concentrated fruit juice) that inhibit the immune system.

“The Clinician's Handbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray, Herb Joiner-Bey
from The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray, Herb Joiner-Bey
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Strengthen the immune system.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
from Integrative Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Several herbal remedies have been shown to safely and effectively stimulate the immune system.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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A top-notch immune system isn’t possible without good nutrition, so I clue you in on the foods and supplements you can select to keep your immune function at its best.

“Detox Diets For Dummies” by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
from Detox Diets For Dummies
by Gerald Don Wootan, Matthew Brittain Phillips
Wiley, 2010

Extra vitamin C in the form of supplementation and a higher intake of vitamin C–rich foods is often recommended to keep the immune system working properly during times of stress.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

Eat protective foods (fruit and vegetables): They supply the vitamins and other substances needed to keep the immune system strong.

“Juta's manual of nursing” by Anne Young, Mataniele Sophie Mogotlane, Nelouise Geyer, Nelouise Geyer, Sophie Mataniele Mogotlane, Anne Young
from Juta’s manual of nursing
by Anne Young, Mataniele Sophie Mogotlane, Nelouise Geyer, Nelouise Geyer, et. al.
Juta, Limited, 2009

We have a mixture of minerals and herbs that are good for the immune system; we also have superantioxidant vitamins.

“For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment” by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
from For Women Only!: Your Guide to Health Empowerment
by Gary Null, Barbara Seaman
Seven Stories Press, 2001

However, if you do things that strengthen your immune system, such as eating a lot of green vegetables, taking vitamins, avoiding toxins, and exercising, your body will be better equipped to fight off viruses and you will get sick less often.

“20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman's Guide to Balance and Direction” by Christine Hassler
from 20-Something, 20-Everything: A Quarter-Life Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction
by Christine Hassler
New World Library, 2010

Oktay Kutluk

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  • I have not eaten meat in 50 years, have a BMI of 23, and have more energy and stamina than most people my age. Meat in the US is typically loaded with antibiotics and steroids given to cattle to fatten them and mitigate the horrible conditions they’re raised in. Plus beef requires 30 times the resources of any other food. Advising people to eat fatty meat is simply irresponsible.

  • powerful compiled video of 5 of the best supplements for kids under 12 that could tackle the Coronovirus, D3 info was insightful and the data on zinc is well researchedand resourceful.,

  • I mentally patted myself on the back as a teacher’s pet when you said you used Plant Therapy oils. I switched to them earlier this year and I am so pleased with the product and the price.

    Totally unrelated, and I know this is an incredibly volatile subject with many many people, but I was wondering where you stand on vaccines and if you have any magical natural alternatives. You have a way of producing content that, while dealing with touchy subjects, you handle so gracefully. Just curious:)

  • Sorry Doc but I think #6 Avoiding all non Chemical created “Natural Smoke” sources is probably wrong… Mankind has had fire for at least 1/2 million years maybe far longer than that! You think our bodies have not evolved to compensate for and even use Natural Smoke in our environs in 1/2 million years or more? Better yet Natural Smoke probably incentivized our first Agriculture NOT some Middle Eastern Grass! Imagine 1/2 million years ago down by the creek (world wide) when Ughett tells Ugh to go to get some wood, Ugh being a lazy Homo Sapient grabs a stream side Cannabis plant tosses that onto the fire, and Ughett who happens to be down wind suddenly perks up and then there are a bunch more little mini Ugh’s & Ughetts running around! Seriously how long do you think it will be before Ugh and/or Ughett put a couple of rocks together & started spreading those Cannabis Seeds everywhere just grow more Cannabis plants to put into the fire? We evolved into Homo Sapiens because of Natural Smoke… Sorry but without a Smokey Cave/Hut Our Environment is neither natural nor probably healthy for humans!

  • Very informational video. The PDF guide has been an extremely helpful resource for me to refer to during these troubling times in order to best protect my kids. Thank you!

  • She’s been so worried about her kids with the whole covid-19 thing, any little thing she can do to protect them is really gonna help. Thank you for all this information.

  • Flu shot is not smart AT ALL. It’ll lower your immune system briefly and the Flu Shot is only effective to ppl over 60yo or ppl or has pre existing conditions which lower their immune system abd are susceptible to catching the flu. By the time a flu jab is tested ok for human treatment it’s out if date anyways…there are thousands of types of flu..xhances of the job helping are less than 3% HOWEVER..The flu jab makes a lot of people rich as they get big pharma funding for a whole host of things. In short..IT’S (mostly) A SCAM.

  • Hey Doc how about 1 glass of red wine with an evening meal. Helps, relax and is said to be good, Italian, or Israel red is what I use.

  • The no 1 factor of reducing the power of the immune system, is FEAR!!!

    You can follow all the prescriptions set out in this documentary, but if you live in fear in all its aspects, your immune system will be blocked, so you will be a guaranteed victim of any so-called ‘pathogen’.

  • I have a question, for the night owl one, is it ok to go to sleep at like 2:00AM and wake up at 12:00 meaning you still got 10 hours of sleep?

  • Some good information on lo-cal ketosis / autophagy, as in broth fasting is much needed right now. These have been proven to combat inflammation and improve outcomes in chemotherapy. Taking calories down below 500 per day and into ketosis can very reliably reverse hypertension and type 2 diabetes. It does this by deglycation, de-sugaring the lipoprotein and thereby improving vascular compliance and reducing peripheral resistance. This lowers the blood pressure naturally, and improves circulation. So the boost to immunity is something that can reasonably be expected to be part of the overall improvement of intracellular health and general health.

    I am an anesthesiologist who has studied these for forty years. Unfortunately our medical establishment has done very little research into preventative medicine nor looked into what we can learn from the epidemiology of healthy cultures.

  • Now you are out skiing in the woods mr doctor. Hard fats like butter, lard, palm or coconut oils are unhealthy proven by several medical based noncommercial researches. Don´t you dare stand there saying to people to increase using that stuff as processed food will be full of it anyway. Palm oil is the most used fat in food industry, because it´s cheap. What kind of a doctor are you anyway!? Fake doctor?

  • Check this supplement

  • I’m always one for being proactive over reactive. Taking steps to boost your bodies immune system by taking natural products is a great way to boost combat covid-19 Coronavirus. We just received two newer supplements that also include vitamin-c, selenium, zinc, vitamin-d and even nano-cbd fused together. One tastes better than the other thought but all in all I think we need to reset our minds to be proactive over reactive to ride out this storm.

  • Hello my name is Philip from Nairobi I’m here to testify about how I was cured from ulcerative colitis by Dr Akhere this disease has been in my body for over past 4 years until I met a friend in Nairobi too who told me about this doctor then I contacted him he told me if I believe I will be cured from the disease and I said yes so you told me what to do and I did all of that then I prepared some herbs for me and send it to Nairobi he said after three weeks I’ll be cured from it then I followed his instruction behold on the third week of the first day I tested negative from ulcerative colitis you can also contact him via WhatsApp + 2349017082519

  • Dr fake face:D

    Sorry but my generation looks at people with that much plastic surgery in a weird way.. i wouldnt trust this guy.


    Those who caught h1n1 in 2009 are pretty much immune to the flu at this point. Look it up 😉 see how the immune system responded to that virus and how many different antibodies it created to fight it.

  • Kids immune system is much weaker than adult, not only corona virus but also any other severe disease for their health this five combination is very very helpful for increasing their immune system.

  • Need to boost your immune system there are many herbs like tusli giloy amla. I used to have amla juice in the morning and evening and if you cannot find amla juice you can use amal ki rasayan capsules #planetayurveda and that is very useful for your immunity

  • so true, i know alot of elderly people who got Coronavirus, but with mild, Symptoms because they are helthy, some food Supplements they take is Number one is Reishe Mushroom(Ganoderma), The second is Spiutlina, the company Proudec DXN.

    The company also produces lione’s Mane, Potenzhi, organic coconut oil and more.Discount code144551931. To register and order

  • This is the real solution that those who want to strengthen thier immune system and defend the body against deseases.

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    A very wonderful article on immunity

  • My dad in the early 60’s had a doctor didn’t want him to take a bath every day. When my dad told him he had been, the doctor was shocked and said “what are you trying to do, wash yourself away?” So I try to take a bath at least once a week but mostly two times and do wash my hands if I’m going out into the public.

  • Also, oregano oil, minced garlic a little honey and maybe ginger.
    I gargle several times with warm sea salt followed by Lite Listerine at the first sign of a cold. Nothing is left in the throat to land in the lungs, I guess. I also just got a neti pot syringe thing recently from Amazon to try. I haven’t had a cold for many years.

  • Thank you for this video.
    Essential nutrient deficiencies can result in a weakened immune system in general (and therefore a reduced ability to fight off an infectious disease). Here, the advice which foods to eat more of (and what to avoid) to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

  • Home Remedies to boost your immunity against COVID19_
    Watch the video in the link below & share_Subscribe.Thanks

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  • why isn’t this topping the news today? much more important than people panic buying toilet paper over fear of a virus actually less lethal and horrible than HIV? I got diagnosed 25years ago it has decimate people’s lives and remained in epidemic status for YEARS, claimed about 32 million people’s lives and infected 75 million people. I use @dr.kanayo 14 days herbal remedy to cure myself it was recommended to by my best friend. COME ON! This is worth celebrating I’m grateful to Dr kanayo Peterson look him up on google

  • Low carb, no sugar, no seed oils, no fast foods, high fat and regular exercise the way you avoid getting really sick from everything. This is really not a lot of current info on food as medicine. Visit the Low Carb Down Under site or CarvoryCon 2019 for more of the useful science.

  • Thanks! I needed to hear this information. I will be buying the supplements in the morning and using your recommendations for my family.

  • Many Koreans do Vitamin C mega doses. You guys can check this article. It really helps.

  • Look into moringa, triphala, shilajit, host defense mushrooms, blackseed oil. Top of the food chain when building immunity, body and mind.

  • There is study in the Journal Of Clinical Infectious Diseases that those who get flu shots have a higher chance of developing a serious infection from corona virus

  • This type of infection has to do with the liver infection

    Can it be treated yes

    1. Garlic an yogurt or icecream
    Before your meal an after your meal
    Stay away from sugar an salt it’s best that you do
    3.change your diet
    4 a cap of vinegar on your meal every meal an yogurt with garlic with milk or with water or with cheese
    5 cranberry to flush kidney and water prune juice to even your stool for the infections to come on it a fungus bacteria

  • My wife has been saving the bones from our Sam’s Club roasted chicken for years. We get a chicken each week and after 4 weeks she has enough bones in the freezer to make bone broth and bottle it.

  • My dear friend
    You are actually not saying anything new here attacking Sugar Alcohol and Smoke. I have a question, how to enhance your immune system when the food industries are doing anything in there possibility to destroy your efforts. Manipulating for instants our daily cooking oil by heat treatment washing out the last bit of oil from the fruits with Hexan (petrol)omega 9 which is contra-productive to Omega 3 when into high concentration.
    The food industries poisons whole nations, destroy human immunity to almost anything with chemicals in order to make products last longer an all with governmental support

  • Complete nonsense. The last thing you want to do is consume foods with frutose, glucose or any other sugars. The people that east the most fruit and vegatable are the eldery, and this is why they are dying of Covid 19.
    The vitamin C thing is a myth..

  • Turns out it’s the overly strong immune system reaction that’s killing COVID patients. And it’s healthy asymptomatic people causing the problem.

    Sometimes too much ethier way is a bad thing

  • Funny you dont mention a thing about how the creation of this virus was created by psychopath Bill Gates and even Dr.Fauci was involved in the supporting the creation of this virus. The death totals also have been manipulated to make this virus look much more worse than it is. Please people wake up and read between the lines!!

  • Well I will follow your food guid as I believe the met diet is healthy! Poor ole Dr on other channel was a vegetable guy and many supplements!

  • Hi everyone ��

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  • Last year was bad in Alaska for forest fires; I had been walking several times a week and had to stop for most of the summer. Hopefully the rest of the good things counteracted that.
    One of my grandmothers was an herbalist so she was a trove of information. We use a lot of garlic and onion in our food and I make bone broth.

  • Hello everybody.

    If you want to enhance your immune system, you may wonder how to help your body fight off illnesses.

    While bolstering your immunity is easier said than done, several dietary and lifestyle changes may strengthen your body’s natural defenses and help you fight harmful pathogens, or disease-causing organisms.

    Find below, 9 tips to strengthen your immunity naturally:

    1. Get enough sleep.

    2. Eat more whole plant foods.

    3. Eat more healthy fats.

    4. Eat more fermented foods or take a probiotic supplement.

    5. Limit added sugars.

    6. Engage in moderate exercise.

    7. Stay hydrated.

    8. Manage your stress levels.

    9. Supplement wisely.

    I highly suggest check THIS GUIDE out for more valuable info about how to strengthen your immune system.

  • Almost my entire family had it 36 of 40 and we all took 8-10K Vitamin C orally a day until lungs cleared, not one of us was hospitalized or died. Where did we get this information? From clinical trials gov website. Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia. Vitamin C dries up the fluid that destroys your lungs.

  • Almost my entire family had it 36 of 40 and we all took 8-10K Vitamin C orally a day until lungs cleared, not one of us was hospitalized or died. Where did we get this information? From clinical trials gov website. Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia. Vitamin C dries up the fluid that destroys your lungs.

  • You missed out Meditation, the key to total health and peace of not agree with socializing too much you waste your energy

  • Am really grateful and thankful for what Dr Asika has done for me and my family. I Was having HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS for (HSV 2) good nine years with no solution, the diseases almost took my life and because I was unable to work and I was also loosing lots of money for medication, but one faithful day when I went online, I met lots of testimonies about this great man called Dr Asika so I decided to give it a try and to God be the glory he did it. he cured me of my diseases and am so happy and so pleased to Write about him today. if you need his help or you also want to get cured just the way I got mine, just Whatsapp him +2347065795494 or his email address [email protected]
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  • Dentists kill the immune system they give children mercury fillings in perfectly healthy teeth and do root canal treatment most of all illness is created by dental work the silent killer is your dentist

  • Lady:Doctor what should we do.

    Doctor: take flu shot.

    Me: what about vitamin A,C,D u only said vitamin C. But failed to mention what it is. Are u running “their” agenda also.?hmm

  • I’m nearly 68. I started to look at diet for a number of reasons. I started Keto 2 months ago. I eat very low carb, fatty meat and fish. No more aches and pains, 2 stone lighter, no hunger and I feel great. Your videos have been instrumental in my new life. Thank you.

  • people i have been using this supplement since last week and it really makes you feel good, its a perfect immunity booster doesn’t cost much, you should try all this, its called defenseshield pro, im going to share the link please do have a look at it. It might help a lot of people in this lockdown or people who are suffering with COVID-19.

  • Homemade, slow cooked chicken soup made with bones. I once saved my dying dog who had parvovirus and was near death by feeding him chicken soup. It was the only thing he would eat and keep down. The vet said it saved his life. I am loyal to homemade chicken soup with bones.

  • The most vital contribution to a healthy immune system is Vitamin D.
    I wonder how you’ve left this out?
    Perhaps because this video is focused on what’s bad for you?

  • It’s really frustrating to hear how beneficial sleep is when no matter what I try of good advice, my body just won’t do it. Every tiny little disturbance wakes me up, including my bladder. If anything is in there, it keeps me awake until I empty it.

  • Filipino and Asian vegetables and fruits: bitter melon, moringa, mustard leaves, bok choy, Chinese broccoli, guava, soursop, mangosteen, kimchi of different vegetable varieties, ginger, turmeric, garlic, and all those greens and different mushrooms in the Asian grocery stores

  • You are blessing, God bless and empower you more to spread the truth that the world needs from this greed ridden society. Thank you

  • I believe germs are not The enemy. Children need to play in the dirt; adults need to play in the dirt, bath every Other day, wash with normal soap, don’t use chemically-based hand sanitizers, and clean the house and laundry with regular soap. I’m 70 y.o., no medications and hardly ever get sick, especially since going Keto/Carnivore.

  • I find Moringa powder 1 teaspoon everyday help with your immune system. I also take Reshi 3 capsules aday. I would like to know your opinion on these.

  • If meat is essential that’s one thing, but do I really have to eat meat every day and eat it as often as I can? I’d rather not kill more animals than I need to for me to be healthy.

  • Two things I like. A short nap each day or when time allows. Good mid afternoon reset. And then homemade sauerkraut, good gut food and with immune system. Goes well as a side to bone broth!! Thanks for the list.

  • Blessings and thank you Dr. Berry,

    Place slices of raw garlic, onion, oregano, salt, mint and ginger in a large mason jar.
    Bring a tea kettle to a boil, let boiled water cool slightly then pour over the spices and let cool until it can be consumed comfortably.
    1 tbsp honey (optional)
    The juice of 1 lemon or lime.

    This has helped our family for generations with Cold,flu-like symptoms/allergies/congestion/rehydration etc.

  • My dad used to tell the grands and great grands to go play with rocks and sticks. He meant get out of the house, get sunshine, and quit playing video games and snacking all the time. You could see the eye rolls, but he was right.

  • Hello Dr. Berry,

    Thank you so much for the very important and beneficial advice set out in your youtube videos.

    I have a multitude of questions. For now kindly answer the ones below regarding whey protein isolate supplementation.

    Whey protein isolate (WPI) powders have a pretty complete amino acid profile and are rapidly digestible, which helps to significantly and quickly increase recovery after a workout and seem to help with recovery from illness. The fact that these supplements are rapidly digestible unfortunately results in a hefty insulin spike upon ingestion.

    Are whey protein isolate supplements harmful and should they be avoided due whatever reasons including or apart from the associated insulin spike? Is the insulin spike associated with these powders harmful? Is the associated insulin spike from WPI different in any way than that induced by carbohydrates and sugars? Can 200 mcg to say 500 mcg chromium gtf taken concomitantly with WPI help to at least provide appropriate insulin sensitivity to address the WPI insulin spike? Bottom line…Should whey protein isolate simply be avoided altogether?
    Best regards

  • I love this video so much and I’m really looking after my health in these times but I’m afraid to post it because I smoke. I need help with it I’m doing everything in my power right now but I need help to stop smoking.

  • What I have read Dr Berry is that Zinc Chelated supplement given within 24 hours of cold/viral symptoms has shown in studies to decrease in severity of symptoms and has lessen duration

  • the hospital we check people’s glucose levels to keep them low. This helps cut down infection. Recently I looked it up and Viruses also go crazy when Sugar levels are high. Can you talk about this?

  • for me personally… eat LOTS of red meat, chicken, tuna, vegetables, & spend “stress-relief” time in prayer…thanx for the videos doc, ur a real straight shooter, always enjoy em!

  • New research information indicates that thirdhand smoke can also be harmful. Third hand smoke is when you come in contact for an hour or more with a person that has smoke fumes on their clothes.

  • This is amazing, I think it is so important for us to keep our kids safe as well, especially during times like this. thanks for sharing!

  • I actually fall asleep faster and better if I have at least 1 light on in my room and I still get deep sleep. I dont know why, but I do so I typically have a light on when i sleep

  • It is the right time for all kids to get some booster into their immune system in light of the outbreak, your advice is greatly appreciated, doc!

  • may 2020 yes got shingles hospital gave me anti viral and cocodamol and blood tests ecg got it under chest left side and around back
    having more sleep
    it is painful but rash decreasing and dry
    in breeze but not hot sun
    and I do like Starbucks so will moderate
    I am mild asthma but none last 7 months have inhaler which take
    glad no asthma
    admit many cold oct to dec 2o19
    have a tiny kidney stone passed lots of blood in winter in urine
    will have more water, milk, oranges
    active with body anyway
    always cycled
    but in winter 2019 working in capital intense, dirty and many sneezing and pushing hard notice some people smelt and some never wash hands after toilets and public areas need a good clean and transport areas
    also have vitamin d daily
    cream skin daily
    have good relations always meeting people
    and always ate daily hot meals fish, chicken, vegetables etc be careful of any virus
    this is day 3 of it the pain problem, rash decreasing rash no itchy just burn
    keep bed clean as well
    feel relaxed, nice cool simple bedroom with cat
    no public places
    my work quite demanding logistics
    washing hands
    stay at home until next saturday not working
    rest, eat, sleep
    admit sometimes bed late
    not now meds very strong
    any virus is serious