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Mrs. Lane’s Kickball Video

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How to Play Kickball

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How to Play Kickball

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How to play kickball

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How to Play Kickball

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How to play kickball

Video taken from the channel: Paige Heinen

Kickball is very similar to baseball. Opposing teams face off on a diamond-shaped playing field with three bases plus home plate. The fielding team’s pitcher gently throws an inflated rubber ball to the kicking team’s players, who try to kick the ball, then advance around the bases. How To Play Kickball The goal of each team is to score runs.

Only the kicking team can score runs. A player must safely and legally circle and touch all three bases and return to home to score a run. Catching 1. When attempting to catch a kicked ball, try to get under the ball. 2. Cup your arms in front of you, elbows touching your torso and in a “V” shape almost as if you were carrying 3. As soon as you touch the ball, immediately bring it to your chest and clamp it. 4. Be aware that if.

Played like baseball, the object is to score more runs than the opposing team. In short, games are played with 10 fielders, 7 innings (if time allows), 2 base coaches, bouncies, no head shots, one base on an overthrow, forced outs, and no ghost men. The following rules will govern all kickball games. Slip ‘n Slide Kickball is the best summer water activity! People of all ages can enjoy it (either by playing or laughing from the sidelines).

It doesn’t require a ton of prep work – and it provides hours of fun. Here is how to setup your own slip ‘n slide kickball. Join Midland’s adult kickball league. League Information.

Your favorite game as a kid is back! Teams will play a 12-game schedule (potentially double headers) on Sunday or Monday nights (managers will get to chose what night) and are officiated by umpires. Like pitching, kicking the ball is totally up to you with a few stipulations.

Rules: You must kick the ball inside the kick box. (The kicking box is a rectangle with the front of the box aligned with the front of home plate and the back of the box aligned with the sideline cones behind home plate. Kickball is from the family of baseball and softball. Similar to baseball and softball, Kickball is a team sport that needs 9 players in each team.

It is played on a diamond-shaped court with three bases, one home plate, one pitcher and foul lines. Many folks may recognize the name Tom Emanski, a baseball coach who put out instructional videos all throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. A group of men put tog.

How to Play Kickball Games The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker. the ball into the outfield and runs to first base or second, third and home if they can make it without being tagged out. Field players must.

List of related literature:

To start the game, each team gets two or three volleyballs that are handled by players in the serving area.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
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When every player has spiked and tipped three times from the left side, repeat the activity tossing the ball from the right side.

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Divide the team in half and place the teams at opposite ends of the pool.

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Scatter the kids around the drill area so that you leave a few feet between each player.

“Coaching Basketball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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Explain that you are going to write a number on the board and that the first player to turn around, look at the board, and say the number aloud correctly gets one point for his or her team.

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Divide players into two teams (small groups of six to eight), each team standing on its own kicking line.

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These first players must each run to an agreed-upon goal, touch it, run back, and hand the object to the next on their team in line, who must in turn run, touch the goal, run back, give the object to the third player on the team and so forth until all players have finished and a team

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Just like you normally do, you then throw the ball from your right hand to your left.

“The Big Book of Boy Stuff” by Bart King
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You have to throw the ball up and pick up two jacks.

“Games, Rhymes, and Wordplay of London Children” by N. G. N. Kelsey, Janet E. Alton, J. D. A. Widdowson
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You have to physically move the ball.

“Born Believers: The Science of Children's Religious Belief” by Justin L. Barrett
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  • Watching this now because I signed up for kickball in our school event without even knowing how to play kickball, and the event’s tomorrow. Wish me luck.��

  • I’m still confused but this vid rlly loosed me up thx!btw I go to Westside Elementary in Claremont Oklahoma they play kick and so do my friends but I was to confused to play so thx a bunch I might try when I go back on monday

  • Kickball? Why don’t you just play football like the rest of the world? You know, the number 1 sport worldwide.. not soccer, it’s football. Americans suck at football lol. What the hell is kickball anyway? It looks like baseball but you kick the ball.. how lame is that. Not hating on you Americans, but come on now. In my entire country, we have about the same amount of people living here as the population of New York, and the Netherlands will whipe the floor with America in a game of football lol.

  • I only watched this to learn how to play because of school!!!!!!MEAN SCHOOL!!!! I don’t even know how to play!������������������������������������

  • We use to call it soccer baseball and you had to tag the runner with the ball. Stupid sport but the entire class could participate.

  • This game was the most confusing thing ever to me when I had gym in 6th grade. Never taught how to play, they all just assumed. Thought I was missing something.

  • If we have inside recess at my school, we go in the gym and play kickball. AND IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY YOU CANT PLAY! They are just too lazy to teach us. Or maybe they just want us to have recess time…..WHILE ME AND MY FRIENDS WANT RECESSS BUT WE CANT JOIN!!!!
    Thanks for this btw but your putting your mouth too close to the mic and it hurts my ears a little not to be rude

  • Im filipino but i cannot understand sorry….. oh no i have no grade in physcal educational i dont know how to play…..and my friend too but im not her team Im on team 2 and my friend is on team 1 that was very sad

  • i still do not know how to play kickball i will learn some other day.probably tomorrow,i guess this video helped me out a little bit though i might watch this again when i need help on playing kickball again

  • At my school we have a kickball tournament and tomorrow it starts and I don’t know how to play so I have to watch this also I’m a terrible kicker so we might lose ;-;

  • Thank you! I feel like such a loser and I get so embarrassed when we have to play kickball at school, but now I won’t be a loser!!!

  • Aaah tysm. I am not athletic at all and I have activity day today and at the end of it is this HUGE kickball game!!! Thanks so much again.


  • Thank you so much
    The reason I watched this is because on field day the fifth graders are going against the staff/teachers at my school

  • Thank you! I have a kickball uh.. Tournament this week on Thursday and I need to know how to play because.. The whole freaking fourth grade is going against the fifth graders and you should see them! I don’t even know one thing so O_O

  • I kicked the ball n ran to first base but everyone was screaming at me that I did something wrong. I asked my friend about it and he said that I didn’t say which base I was going to or something. Like I was supposed to say “first base” before I kicked the ball or something. Or maybe after I kicked the ball. I actually have no idea, but my teammates are sooo encouraging.

  • Thanks! This is very helpful. We are going to play this evening and I had no idea what it is. Now, I can confidently be there to play!!

    Me: *stares*
    Me: *gets out of the game*
    (also me:)I swear can someone just teach me how to play nicely?!?!

  • Thank goodness for this video! This helped me a lot!!

    The reason why is because I have field day and we all have to play kickball for the first activity.

  • Thank you so mich for this it was so helpful because ive been playing kickball but i dont understand so ibe literally been emberrassing myself for the past few days so yea thx

  • I got a kickball tournament for 3 days and I’m like the only girl in 5th Grade that kicks hard and knows how to play soccer properly and the other girls scream when they kick it no lie��Anyways, sometimes I don’t play cause I just wanna watch. #SoccerIsLife⚽️❤️

  • I am going to learn this video day after day and keep on practicing till I get the fundamentals of the sport you bring out good experiencences thank,you, so much for the information.

  • This truly helped me a lot because at my school, we have to play kickball sometimes and they don’t even teach you how to play and I feel like if I ask how to play, the classmates or the coaches would make fun of me

  • Thanks sooo much I needed that I’m going to play it at camp but I’ve seen people playing and what they do is run all the way around

  • Well I here cause I know how to play like kick the ball and run to the base and stuff but the the problem is the when your out of the field trying to get someone out when ever I catch the ball I dont know what to do and my teammates shout at me ����

  • Me and my wife and my brother play kickball.  My brother’s team is pretty damn good and they’re super serious about it.  You make 1 mistake during a game and you get benched the next game.

  • THANK YOU!!!
    My grade is force to play kickball at the end of the year against the teachers because it’s a tradition in our school and I have no idea how to play kickball. THANK YOU

  • I ended parcc so we played kickball and i had no idea how to play and i gave the other team2 points and the girl on my team screamed at me and i had no idea what was going one

  • My form tutor made me compete in a kickball competition on Friday at lunch time.I am gonna fail for the team. It will be her fault since she picked me

  • Can any of them get the ball out of the infield? Seriously I didn’t see a single ball leave the infield. Is there some sort of rule in this version that you are not allowed to try?

  • Thanks you saved me! Today was my first day playing in my whole life and today my teacher was leading because my P.E teacher wasnt there so we had to play kickball and i didnt have any clue how to play so i watched this video and thank you!

    we’re playing kickball until the end of our 2nd 6 weeks (we played volleyball last 6 weeks) and i was soooo confused ;;

  • When I would play kickball at my school, one of the teachers would have to referee because this one kid Isaac would always start fights

  • Thank you, you saved my life. I am going play in 4 hours and had never played before. This was succinct and thoughtful.  Appreciate it.

  • Umm it’s basically baseball rules but you kick the ball instead of using a bat. And you can throw the ball at people to get them out. You can see someone kicking the ball at the:43 second mark.

  • Today I was going to play kickball with my friends and one of my classmates said they would guide me through it. I was really unsure so I just quit before I could kick. I wasn’t ready. Thank u I really wanted to find out how.

  • Thank you so much! At school, we usually play kickball, then most of the time I’m stuck being yelled at on the field because I didn’t know what to do with the ball. Oof, thank you so much!

  • Btw, even if the baseman already catches the ball, it doesn’t mean you’re already out. They need to step on the base with the ball to make you out.

  • I needed this. We had a sub at PE today, and she assumed that we all knew how to play, so she just started the game. I had no idea what I was doing lol.

  • Tysm I thought I was gonna die from embarrassment when running all over the field not knowing what to do. I hope I got this a lil bit now Tysm you’ve saved me from killing myself ��

  • Hi, my kid was so upset and sad one day after school and it was because she didnt know how to play kickball at p.e. Im sure you know the rest of it. Kids can be mean. And then today again, she has p.e. and while we were getting ready for school she began to feel upset and anxious again. She even said her stomach hurts. I knew it was because she has to play kickball again. So I suggested “lets learn how to play and the rules!” And then we started watching your video, even from the very begining I noticed she was smiling and liking your video. She said she feels more confident and the rules are not so confusing anymore. I cant thank you enough for making and sharing this video on youtube. I believe super heros are someone like you! Helping kids and people feel better and making them feel safe and more confident! Youre amazing! I hope you have a wonderful day! ♡

  • I don’t understand this kickball, it seems way way way too easy? Do they roll it at you and you just kick it and then run around bases? Surely everyone can kick a ball?

  • Can’t wait till I have children. I mean, I can wait. I’m 15 lmao. I’m just excited. And for all you boomers that are going to respond, I know it’s going to be hard oh, but I know I will love it even more

  • im in a league now. shit is real. i was the same way. i thought it was just a bunch of adults having fun. WRONG!!!
    one team has a clear advantage as they are a like a professional team as they travel all over dominating different leagues.

  • i have a question. If there is one person on base one and another person kicks the ball does the person on the first base keeps going or what happens next (mostly for school reasons…. dont want to get enbarrest)

  • THIS WAS VERY HELPFUL I am gonna play kickball tomorrow at school and had NO IDEA AT ALL how to play this game, thank u for saving my life from being embarrassed in front of almost the whole school

  • Thank you for this!! At my school, we play kickball and stuff EVERY SINGLE MONDAY, I HOPE IT DOESN’T GO ON UNTIL SCHOOL ENDS, anyways.. I barely knew how to play, and in defensive, the ball went to me and I purposely didn’t catch it, and they started yelling at me, it’s so annoying af

  • Thanks, at the end of the year for 4th grade, we have to do a kickball game, i know the bases but I don’t know how to play so thanks,!

  • literally the only video that gives any instruction or rules. every other video on youtube labeled “how to play kickball” doesnt ever actually explain it