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A bedroom that is too cold or too hot will disrupt sleep. The ideal temperature for sleep is generally between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust the temperature depending on the humidity, bedding, and bed clothes of the child. Generally, children will sleep best with light clothing.

Make a habit of turning the TV off when you can and avoid having a TV in the child’s room. Also, don’t let your child get on the computer before bedtime. The stimulation will delay his feeling of sleepiness. To deal with the morning stress, move some morning tasks to the evening. Onset – Children have a difficult time falling asleep.

This is typically defined as taking longer than 30 minutes. Middle – Children will wake up in the middle of the night or are unable to sleep long periods of time. Terminal – Children will wake up too early in the morning. In fact, a child who heads to bed too late can take longer to fall asleep and may wake more frequently during the night. Try to base your child’s bedtime on his age and activity level and then stick to the appointed time during the week and on weekends.

If your child is falling under the recommended age guidelines and they still aren’t falling asleep, try moving their bedtime even earlier. It could actually help them fall asleep faster! Diet – Believe it or not, food allergies or sensitivities can make it difficult for a child to fall or stay asleep throughout the night. TV is a stimulant for most children, and watching it just before bedtime can “jazz them up,” and make it more difficult to fall asleep.

The same goes for listening to. They may have trouble falling asleep or may wake up frequently during the night or early in the morning. Insomnia is a problem if it affects your daytime activities. The solution: To encourage your child to fall asleep alone, help him or her feel secure. Start with a calming bedtime routine.

Then offer a comfort object, such as a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Turn on a night light or leave the bedroom door open if it will help your child feel better. Removal of the adenoids and tonsils as a last resort. Sometimes, nasal continuous positive airway pressure ( CPAP) is used for children with.

For a child who’s still awake for 30 minutes or more after you put him to bed, Dr. Honaker suggests a technique called bedtime fading. First track what time he’s actually falling asleep by making.

List of related literature:

However, quiet activities such as holding them snugly in blankets, singing or talking softly, and gentle rocking help them fall asleep.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert, Amy Hall
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Setting routines and rituals (reading a story, having a regular bath time, drinking a cup of juice or milk) often goes a long way toward soothing a child with separation issues at sleep time.

“Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregiving” by Freeman Miller, Steven J. Bachrach
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Routines can include a bath, massage, and other calming activities (see Figure 27-1A).151 Parents may move bedtime closer to the child’s naturally established time to fall asleep and then gradually move bedtime earlier and earlier until the child is able to fall asleep at the desired bedtime.

“Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents E-Book” by Jane Case-Smith, Jane Clifford O'Brien
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However, quieting activities, such as holding them snugly in blankets, singing or talking softly and gentle rocking, help infants fall asleep.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing AUS Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor, Clint Douglas, Geraldine Rebeiro
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Explain that children sometimes call out during sleep because they are afraid and that they may not remember doing so later.

“Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia” by Lawrence Balter, Robert B. McCall
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■ Look for signs of other sleep problems: If your child takes a long time to fall asleep, frequently wakes during the night, snores, or otherwise doesn’t get a good night’s sleep, she may be more likely to have sleep terrors.

“A Clinical Guide to Pediatric Sleep: Diagnosis and Management of Sleep Problems” by Jodi A. Mindell, Judith A. Owens
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• Conform to a nightly routine: • Television off at a certain time • Bath • Quiet game or story reading/telling • Bedtime prayer or song • Maintain quiet in the bedroom and nearby to increase the child’s ability to fall asleep.

“Maternity and Pediatric Nursing” by Susan Scott Ricci, Terri Kyle
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Once the child is routinely falling asleep independently within 20–30 minutes of being placed in bed, bedtime is gradually faded earlier (about 15 minutes every couple of nights) until the original bedtime (or parents’ bedtime goal) is reached.

“Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders: A Comprehensive Primer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Interventions” by Michael L. Perlis, Mark Aloia, Brett Kuhn
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Other suggestions to help small children sleep better include keeping the television out of the child’s room, making the hour before bedtime a quiet time of reading stories, and avoiding stimulating activities, such as computer games and roughhousing (Owens, 2016).

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
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• Educate parents on how to address a child’s fear of the dark (by using a nightlight) or nightmares (by soothing the child but allowing the child to return to sleep).

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book: Active Learning for Collaborative Practice” by Barbara L Yoost, Lynne R Crawford
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  • 11-12 hrs for2years old? May 2yrs old sleep 3hrs then she wants milk then sleep again Then after 3hrs she wants milk again thats her routine every night..kindly help me how to sleep my baby 11hrs straight at night.thanks

  • These idiot youtubers think all children are the same and have a formula to follow to raise a child. If you don’t have the patience or commitment to sleep with a child, please just don’t have one. If you look at this woman, she simply just don’t have a child and doesn’t know what it means to be a parent.

  • I find myself here but not for advice, but to make sure I’m on the right track. My 3.2 year old is put down at 7:30pm every night by me, he Normally plays with a toy for 30-45 minutes in bed and crashes. He sleeps right through to 7am, he never wakes at night. I have had a routine since he was 11 months old

  • My two year old has never been a good sleeper, but around 2.5 he got much better and was sleeping through the night in his own bed for the most part. But since his baby sister arrived a few months ago, he wakes up every night and comes into our bed. He says, no one is in his room with him. I feel bad because he is right, he is the only one sleeping in his own room while mom, dad, and baby sister are in a room together. So I give in but I know I am creating a bad habit. Any recommendations? When do you recommend moving a baby into a sibling’s room?

  • We have triplets. And there are mainly two problems. One is that one out of three takes a long time to fall asleep at night no matter what we try. And the other more serious problem is they wake up several times during the night for milk. Once we give them a bottle of milk they drink it and fall back to sleep again. We have tried feeding them before bed time but it was not successful.

  • Please help, I’m having a lot of trouble with my 20 month old. I used to kiss her, tuck her in and walk out. Now when I try she screams the house down, cries and cries and throws everything out of her cot (nap time too). I’ve been sitting in her room but not touching or talking to her during nap or bedtime but I’ve read a lot of sources that say don’t do this because when they wake and don’t see you it gives them trust issues and makes it worse. What do I do?! Do I let her cry and walk in to calm her, telling her to go back to sleep and that it’s bedtime over and over until she goes to sleep knowing I’m not in there. Or do I sit and wait and then sneak out once asleep twice a night ��

  • My boy is almost 2.5. He sleeps in his own room, he does wake up at night sometimes twice and yells mama where are you? Mamamamamama. I go in always and say mama is here and touch him and he’ll go back to sleep in few mins. What can I do differently?

  • Hi, my 2.5yrs boy used to sleep well through the night and quality nap during the day in his cot and his own room However, this changes all of a sudden. He starts to wake several times at night and looking for us. Nap time only 1 hours and cry to wake up. This has last for 1 week now. And it’s not going any better. Any good suggestions pls. I’m trying the sit with him to sleep, but he still wakes up and want me to sit with him all night….

  • me:getting a good sleep
    mosquito: in my room: im about to end this mans whole sleep
    me:wakes up from noise of mosquito “middle of night”
    me: not ablating to sleep from this damn mosquito
    me: wakes up puts on light so where ya at you dum prick
    me: not ablating to find it and goes to sleep

  • I think that is what is happening with my toddler ( She is 2 years and 7 months ) She was sleeping wel from 3 moths old only sometimes she used to wake up en I would give her a hug en she would go right to sleep. Now she is waking up so much en cry en scream en ask for a hug en I’m so tired. I’m not used to this and it scared me. I hope it is just sleep reggration and it wil pas. She sleeps in her cot en I’m happy to hear that she can stay in it until 4 years old. I did stop with the naps, second day today I was hoping it will help her sleep beter at night but she still wakes up. Do you think it is sleep reg. And it wil pas? And she has been attached to me. I can not move without her following me and she has become clingy. How long does sleep regression last.

  • My toddler has started getting up earlier (as early as 4:30). she wont nap during the day anymore, but is so so so tired and grumpy and its very very stressful! She goes to bed at 7:30pm, and falls asleep pretty quickly. She wakes around 2am and sits there, doesn’t cry just shouts and drinks her milkshe does this for about 2 hours! and then she eventually falls back to sleep and still gets up 6am at the latest!

    I always put a second bottle of milk in her crib as i go to bed, because she always wakes to find it in her crib and will cry if she cant find it.

    I’m one exhuasted mum, i’ll be having a look at your survival kit. lol.
    So in a 24hr period shes probably sleeping about.. 9 hours in total? Please help me, she used to be so happy and now shes miserable and irritable all the time.:(

  • Okay… But I moved my toddler to a bed and out of a crib when he was 1 1/2 cause he started climbing before walking and he kept on climbing out �� and he has bad separation anxiety only with me mainly… Not so much on my husband

  • My toddlers would go to bed 11pm on. They would wake up 10am on. We refused to let them nap. Before we had kids we would see our neighbors kids wake up at 6 am and would have to stop everything and take a nap by 11am. It always causes problems. My kids are 7 now. But we would not let them nap at all. They would go to bed 11pm and wake up 10am. Why wake up early? We refused to let our kids dictate us going places and have to stop and go home. My wife and I would tell our kids. Tough luck sleep in a corner if you are tired. We would not let our kids make us leave a kids bday party over a nap. Our kids with school wake up 6am and go bed by 930pm. The weekends they go bed 1030pm and up by 9am. We have a friend who has a 3 year old. He takes a 2 hour plus nap every day. He wakes up at 6 am and bed by 10pm.

  • Hi, just found your videos and they are very helpful. My son is 19 months old. We have a good night time routine, supper a little while later bath, story and then saying good night. He goes to bed at around 7pm every evening and sleeps until around 12am 1am then wakes up for a feed and then sleeps again and wakes up around 5am for another feed then sleep again or fusses and we go in and say “sleep time” then he sleeps till 7am/7:30am. Its feels as if his sleep is so broken and ours as well. Do you have any advice as to what we can do to help him sleep better? Tha k you!

  • Can anyone answer this it’s like I’m scared of something but I’m not and it’s like I just wanna cry but when I do I don’t get why I do it it’s hard for me to sleep

  • My 17 month old was fully sleep trained & she slept in her own room in her cot. I recently tried to take away the dummy from her cold turkey and let her cry it out. Unfortunately, this did not go too well. She became very aggressive and dangerous and suddenly was trying to climb out of her cot. I finally caved and gave her the dummy back for bedtime only. Unfortunately this has completely ruined her sleep routine and she no longer wants anything to do with her room or her cot. I am so distraught that I am back to square one. With baby number 2 on the way, this could not be worse timing!

  • Hi I have a 28 month girl. Since she was 7 months she slept alone in her crib in her own room. I got pregnant twice after and the last time I was pregnant I began to have problems with my toddler. Ill be honest she does sleep late but that was never a problem. I think the problem was that I stayed over for my quarantine with my in-laws and my toddler slept with my mom in-law right beside her but in her own bed. When we came back home it ended been a problem, she does not want to sleep in her own room. She cries waaay too much, I tried to sleep with her and leave quietly but in the middle of the night she would come in and sleep in our bed. I don’t know what to do. I need for her to learn to sleep in her own bedroom.

  • The problem with me is when i close my eyes, so many thoughts rush into my head. Mostly sad experiences from my past. Literally i step into another world. All of a sudden its 7 A.M. this problem of mine has been hurting me for atleast a year. i cant go to sleep even with pills and heavy daily exercises. Actually when i wake up at 2 pm moat i have no energy to exercise or study. Im pissed off and i have a major exam which can change my future in about 10 month. Its all bad.

  • I have a 2.5 year old and newborn arriving within 5 weeks. He falls asleep in my bed I move him to his and he sleeps for hours then wakes up crying and I bring him to my bed. I try to put him back every time but it’s so exhausting.

  • My 2 years old girl don’t like sleeping on her bed, anytime she wakes up and found herself on her bed, she will come over to my bed

  • I’m glad I saw your video.. I admit my daughter woke up late today and she overslept from nap. I did change her schedule to only 11 1/2 hours (she’s 2.5 year old.) she’s always slept at 11pm when she was 1 now she’s sleeping at 2AM… she has a 2 hour nap in daycare and I have told them to cut her nap time but they say she falls asleep by herself and it’s hard to wake her up. I recently had to get temporary unemployment which I really believe that ruined her routine.

  • I’ll take any info/help right now, my toddler (3yrs old) goes to bed at 8pm but he isn’t falling asleep until 12-1am and then is awake from 3-5am, sleeps from 5-8am, takes long naps about 3-5pm in the afternoon, because of this I can’t sleep and mind set of what’s the point sleeping if he is only going to wake up soon, getting about an 1-2hr of sleep a day that its effecting me daily and I’m borderline insomniac and depression. I have stuck to bedtime retinues since be was 6months old, talked to MW and Doctors and nothing has worked (my little guy is a stubborn one haha) this has been going on for almost 3yrs. thank you, I’m going to check out all your links, sub and get back to you on how we go.

  • Hello…Thanks for this..My problem with my 23months is she sleeps really late like 3am and wakes up at 12nn or 1pm..she will take.nap at 5pm or 7pm for about 1-2hrs,i tried not to let her sleep in the afternoon or early in the evening so she will fall asleep early, and I was right,she sleep at 8 or 9 pm but….wakes up at midnight�� and go back to.sleep at 3am. She is really a night baby even when she was still an infant, she sleeps more at daytime. What should I do? Please help me..Thanks

  • My baby is 22 months old and now she started crying aLot. If she don’t see me near her she starts to improve her to stop crying

  • I can’t sleep and I’m so annoyed with it imagine sitting in your bed doing nothing �� then my parents don’t care that I can’t sleep
    Edit: i always have dinner at 8:00 and I always chill in my bedroom:(

  • I can never sleep when I’m excited, I’m really excited to see my friends tomorrow at my new school, so I get to excited that I can’t close my eyes without thinking of it…

  • GUYS!! think about interesting stuff about tomorrow and listen to a sleeping sound and nO MATTER WHAG U DO DO NOT GET ON TIKTOK OR YT!

  • My 2 year old does not sleep through the night…at all. Yesterday she woke up at 2 a.m went back to sleep at 5 a.m and woke up at 5:45. She took a nap at 10 am, woke up at 12 noon,, went to bed at 8 p.m., woke up at 12 a.m. and is still awake at 3:42 a.m. I am losing my mind!

  • 11-12 hours of sleep every night?!! My 2 year old and 3 year old toddlers barely sleep 6-7 hours every night. And they spend the day winning, fighting and crying because they are always tired from not sleeping enough at night. I just don’t know how to make them sleep more ��

  • The weiredest thing is that when i was younger i was able to sleep faster even after using gadgets few minutes before going to bed but now i couldnt

  • hi we stopped our two year old daughter from thumb sucking after which she is not sleeping well and has a sleep time for only 6 hours in a whole day and she is little bit over reacting and crying ofter now than normal what should i do?

  • Love your tips! I have two toddlers (2.5 & 4.5 year old). They both HAVE to take a mid day nap at their daycare (my older one often had to lay down quietly during nap time as he wasn’t sleepy then), and as a result, they wouldn’t fall asleep until 10pm and recently 11pm:( I put them together on the same bed as it seems to be the only way for them to stay in their room all night. BUT, it takes them 2hrs to fall asleep! I sit outside of their room and if I walked away, they’d come out and tell me they are scared when I’m not sitting there. Any tips to help? Thank you

  • Thank you for sharing this, it has great information. I also watched and read your survival kit, but one thing I didn’t see addressed is when my 2 year old wakes up at 4:30 a.m., do I have him go back to sleep and continue putting him to bed earlier 15 min every day or just let him stay up and continue with the program of 15 min. earlier every night? He will cry/scream for hours if we don’t get him out of his crib. His bed time was 8:30 9:00, but I now know this is too late and I’ve slowly been transitioning him for the past few days to no avail just yet since I discovered your website. He naps everyday for the most part from 12:15pm-2:15pm. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing I have problems for my 2 year old when is bed time great!! I also have a channel hope we can support eachother

  • Dear Dana, can i have the source of the statistic on not sleeping well on older children is caused by the same issue at the early age?

    This is for my own research and presentation. Thanks in advance

  • I have a question I wake up sometimes every night like three times mostly and then I go back to a bed but I still know what happened in my eyes are always open every time it happens I wonder if that’s a disorder and only I’m 7 and schools are being like the day after tomorrow so I kind of need help here

  • Hi, My 20 months old used to sleep really well for nap and nighttime but now she is fighting her afternoon nap really hard since last 3-4 weeks! would cry for 40-45 minutes really bad. early night time is fine with her. I put her to bed at 6 and she wakes up 6.30-7 am but since then she is up! could you please give me some idea how can I get her to nap?

  • I`ve had trouble with sleep my whole adult life. I started this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it 7 days ago and discovered positive changes on my sleep. I’d never imagined I can accomplish 8 hours of sleep again. This plan is merely amazing. It states some reasons and a solution for various instances of insomnia. So you could choose what works for you.

  • I never go to sleep when I’m supposed to. I would go to sleep in the morning all through the day usually to about 9 in the evening then I can’t go to sleep then I do the same. Like right now its 1:58 in the morning probably gonna go to sleep at like 4:00 witch is bad because I need to get up at 7 or 8am and need to be ready by 8:51 or around that time because my school starts at 9 and I have 6 and a half hours at school. Luckily today is Friday so I don’t have to deal with it for 2 days.

  • For the blue light in the phone you can download a app call twilight to turn the blue to red but leave the electronics off 30 mins before bed.

  • I am completely FREAKING OUT it’s 00:35am and I have exams tomorrow for school and I’m literally going to cry I have no idea what to do and I can not sleep at all and what’s even worse is that maths is my worst subject and just can’t do it and I have two exams on maths tomorrow ��

  • You can get an app called twilight it lowers your phone light and takes away the blue light.You can set it to come on at different times.

  • Its currently 4:45 Christmas morning I woke up at three, now i’m trying to go back to bed xD

    My mom and dad won’t let me and my siblings open presents till 7

  • How can I avoid getting my phone close to Me if it actually makes me sleep? When my mum takes it I wouldn’t make me sleep. Am I normal?����

  • our toddler hated bedtime and would get so energised, wriggly and moany/whinny.  we did a few things, not sure which one helped but something did.  1.  talked to him a few times during the day about how difficult bedtime was for him, and that we were going to do our best to make it lovely and we’ll always stay in the house and make sure he is safe.  2.  whenever he cried as we left the room, we stayed in that position in the room and listened/waited it it, saying only a couple words a minute “im here with you” “your safe” “i know its difficult son”.  then when he was calm (20 minute sometimes) wed move a little further and tell him its night time.  after afew night he seemed to have got his crying/fears out. 3.  he’s a twin and they are competitive for parental attention, so at bedtime we now take 1 child each and it seems so much less frantic in their shared room.  there’s no more shouting over our singing and hardly any moaning..  anyway, thanks for the vid, keep up the good work!

  • You can’t not think, I try that and I think about not thinking. Then I start thinking about how cool it would be if I could control time or if I ruled the world. Or if it’s really possible to make women happy?

    Then it’s 06:34am and I’m pissed off at myself!

  • When i wake up tired
    When i play video games tired
    Before i go to sleep tired
    When im trying to fall asleep tired
    My body oh no, anyways

  • Clear you’re brain don’t think on enything
    Me thinking on mine and my best friend boyfriends cheating on us and how is tomorrow first day of school after long Corona��

  • Who else goes to sleep @5am because of quarantine?? I’m trying to fix it because I got a second job in the morning ����‍♀️ I start in like a week and I currently wake up @2pm

  • Sooo here it is,
    1) sleep in a cold environment
    2) take a shower or bath
    3) put away the clock
    4) avoid caffeine
    5) exercise
    6)relax before bed
    7) Sun exposure

  • My now 2 yr old goes to sleep ok on his own but wont go to sleep until 10-11pm. He wakes up around 6:30am to go to the bathroom but then sleeps until 8:30-9am. He has a problem with not wanting to nap until around 2-3pm and im worried it’s too late to nap…any advice on trying to make bedtime earlier? Even if he doesnt nap he still wont go to bed before 10

  • My 24 month toddler has problem falling asleep, she becomes hyper at bed time so even if we go to bed at 9 we end up sleeping way past 10(same bedtime routine but not working anymore, and she rolls all over the place in the dark). Another problem is that when i put her to bed at ealier hours(7-8pm) she wakes up after an hour if it was a daytime nap n cant(yes, cant) go back to sleep again, leading to even later bed time. This happens whether she takes a nap during day time or not. She always had night terrors and she normally wakes up 3 times every night. This has been driving me crazy and ive tried so many things but failed. Is there any solution for this kind of problem?

  • My lil one (14 months ) is constantly moving/ crying and waking every 10-15 min at night… I really don’t know what to do… please help

  • I was supposed to be in bed 2 hours ago and tomorrow is my first day of school and I have to wake up early to do class but I keep on thinking about what would happen like will I do good will my new teacher like me so I’m manly trying to technique don’t think don’t think don’t think

  • Me sitting here trying to fall asleep when the first day of schools tm and you wake up at 1:00 pm at stay up at 6:00 am and your school bus comes at 7:00 am kill me nowwwww

  • I had horrible insomnia for Nine months, the only way I could sleep was by taking medications. Finally my doctor recommended this sleep plan “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it). I was sleeping like a baby by week 5. I cannot recommend it enough, particularly for long term insomniacs. My sleep was brought back to normal!

  • When I listen to asmr I fall asleep in 5 mins
    But when I go sleep without it, it takes 30mins2 hour for me to go sleep sometimes even longer and I’m not exaggerating it

  • We did not do sleep training and walked our kid to sleep, now he is two and he sleeps in our bed. He is too tall to fit into his crib so we have a bed but it’s attached to our bed. I am looking into techniques and ideas so I can discuss with my wife.

  • Hello. Do you have any advice for younger children of the age of 16 months? our little one is still in her cot and sleeps next to our bed but wakes up multiple times during the early hours of the morning. My wife will try to calm the baby by comforting her with a gentle tapping or she puts her in our bed but this isn’t helping long term. Should we just leave her to cry? if so, how long for at a time? any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Also, go away for 5 mins, then 10 mins. Do we then increase the increment as we go? My toddlers often giggle, play and sing and sometimes fight in bed for two hours

  • my 23 months baby still waking up every night about 5 to 6 times sometimes 7 for milk i don’t know what to do and he is refusing to sleep in his room.

  • How can I do this when i have 2 toddlers with only 18 months apart? it’s almost like having twins and bedtime is amlost torture. I have to separate them in different rooms or else they will not fall asleep…..

  • Hi our 2.5 yr toddler struggles so much to sleep at nightsome days it takes 1-1.5 hours to fall asleep. This is frustrating to me. He sometimes have 2-3 hour naps but not always. He co sleeps with us. Our room is not pitch dark at night. would this be an issue for him to be struggling to fall asleep?

  • Did you guys notice the new style? We wanted to add more of our personality into this one, and finally adding sound FX to our videos! YAY.
    Let us know what you thought:)

  • What if you don’t get tired??? Like at all when I need to sleep I sleep, my brain doesn’t say “ Oy, you tired get off your phone!!” I just yeet life for 5 hours until my brain goes “hey guess what? Your AWAKE!”

  • I’m gonna try it if it works I will subscribe if it didn’t I will still subscribe and now I will subscribe I love his channel so much!��

  • i have been takeing sleeping pills for years. yesterday i gave them up. and your video worked. im saveing money and sleep well now. thanks.

  • Me:I can’t sleep
    meh brain:I won’t let u sleep
    me: OMG charges phone
    Me:*gets on bed*
    Also mee:*passes out on bed*

  • My explanations are probably better than his
    Step 1:go to your bed
    Step 2:take a book with you ( take a history book it might help more )
    Step 3:feel cozy and take your blanket and wrap up yourself
    Step 4:start reading the book
    Step 5:sleep
    You’ll easily sleep by these steps

  • He wakes up at 8:30, then naps from 1pm to 2.30 pm, then I get him to bed at 7pm and he won’t fall asleep until 9.30 or so… I am so tired after that I just can’t do anything else…