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Kids and pets don’t always get along. In fact, the majority of dog bites happen to children under the age of 10. This isn’t really that surprising when you think about it.

Both young children and dogs don’t always think carefully before they act. Children can accidentally cause pain to their pets, and pets sometimes scratch or bite in a. The RSPCA has six golden rules for keeping kids safe and dogs happy: Never leave your child alone in a room with a dog, even your own dog.

Teach kids not to approach dogs if they are eating or have food; if they have a toy or something else they really like; if they are sleeping or on their bed; or are sick, sleeping, in pain or tired. Feeding dogs should be for adults, don’t let your kids do it, or approach dog food and drinks. Teach your kids not to interact with strange dogs, even if they seem familiar or friendly. If an unfamiliar dog approaches, the kid usually stands still with the hands hanging down on his hips and fearfully clenched. Dogs and children.

Dogs and children can be great friends and having a dog can help children develop kindness, understanding and respect for living things. Dog companionship can improve a child¿s social skills with people and caring for a pet can encourage responsibility. Because of this many families have dogs. An important part of keeping your kids safe around dogs is to set rules and physical boundaries. For example, dogs and small children should never be left together unsupervised.

If you are unable to supervise, consider using easy tools like baby gates, crates or a leash tether to prevent the dog and the children from interacting. I adore dogs and I have other family with bigger dogs that are more sound in nature, but precautions are still put in place to insure that children and frail old people are all kept safe. I hate that a dog I am actually quite fond of is unwittingly the cause of conflict I’m seen to be the bad one for even suggesting we don’t include the. If, despite your best efforts, your dog is still showing signs of discomfort around kids or is being aggressive, seek professional help.

Your veterinarian, local humane society or SPCA branch will likely be able to recommend a trainer who can work with your dog and family to try and solve behaviour issues and create a safe environment for everyone. Supervision means more than being in the same room with your child and dog. Paying attention to what goes on, and letting your dog escape when he needs to, will help your child and dog learn how to enjoy each other. Children and dogs can build memories together that last a lifetime, but they can’t do it without your guidance and support.

If you do choose to use any of these nine things for kids and dogs to do together, there are some safety tips to keep in mind: Be sure that your kids know to respect a dog’s space. If a dog is showing signs that they want to be given space – such Be sure that kids know not to take toys away from. Teaching children appropriate and safe behaviors starts with your own dog.

Learning to respect the dog’s body and space are good places to start. With parental supervision, kids can learn safe ways of showing dogs affection such as gently petting instead of hugging and kissing. This is a smart activity and one that promotes being SAFE together.

List of related literature:

Even so, precautions should be taken to prevent interaction between children and dogs that may lead to an increased risk of biting or injury associated with inappropriate intrusiveness or overactivity.

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These children considered their dogs more important sources of comfort when ill or when scared than “a best friend” and of equal importance to their mothers or fathers.40

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Simple precautions, similar to those you would take to ensure that your home is safe for toddlers, should be taken to prevent damage or injuries to your dog.

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Behaviors from children that have the potential to elicit aggression from a dog include rough play or handling, running after or chasing a dog, hugging, kissing, or crawling on a dog, reaching to pet an unfamiliar or neighborhood dog, teasing, taunting, or barking at a dog, and reprimanding a dog.

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It is especially important to protect children by recommending that the dog be separated from children even if the dog has not shown aggression to children.

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Very young children may not know whether it’s safe to be around your dogs.

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Once these boundaries are set, children can easily interact with their dogs on a friendly level and reinforce cooperative behavior with affection, food, and toys.

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Using careful and calm supervision every time a child and puppy are together keeps the child and the pup from fearing each other.

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Still, to minimize the likelihood of either kid or canine getting hurt when getting together, Chapter 7 provides information on how to help Beagles and children live happily ever after.

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Dogs between the ages of 7 and 12 weeks that are exposed to well-behaved children generally get along well with kids.

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  • Use to own 11 German Shepherds when I was younger. Many years later and I’m down to 4 now. Most loyal dog you can get. They’re very protective too. My parents always use to tell me that when I was a baby, one of the German Shepherds we owned use to guard me with her life and wouldn’t let my parents near me. She would bark and growl at my parents all the time. All my dogs right now are like that too, although towards strangers that spook them.

    If anyone is wondering why I use to have 10 German Shepherds it’s cause me and my fam use to breed them. Not for the money, but rather to spread the breed and everything. (Legit, you barely make any money out of breeding dogs if you do it the right way.) We use to sell both American breed and pure breeds. Had to stop though since my parents were getting old and it’s a lot of money you have to put in to make sure all the pups are chipped and healthy. It’s hard work too.

  • I don’t know if it’s just me but your microphone seems to be getting a lot of feedback at the moment, that wasn’t there in your older videos, it’s a bit hard to listen to through headphones! Excellent tips though!

  • Dogs Protect & Save Babies and Kids Compilation:

  • These are great tips! The way you’ve dealt with the growling is absolutely right! So many people punish it when you shouldn’t. I wish more people would deal with it the way you have.
    I don’t have children yet but I do worry about how my 2 dogs will adjust. Thank you for the tips:) x

  • I keep showing videos like this to my grandpa for when my niece is around (she’s 2 years old) because he always thinks my 2 dogs will hurt her, and it just drives me nuts because he’ll kick them or hit them almost everyday when they get close to her
    And both dogs are small breeds
    A pure chihuahua, and a pomchi (which is 6 months old)
    They’ll cuddle up with her while she’s sleeping, and if I’m right there he won’t do anything, but the moment I leave the room, he’ll immediately get up and hit them to get off of her, and it’s just���� not right

  • I remember when my dad was gonna beat me up my Pomeranian bit him and I feel so bad because my dad beat me up anyways and my dog got spanked and another time more recently my dad beat me up so much I was crying he closed the door so my dog could not get in and he was looking for my stuff and when I told him he looked for my stuff but I lefT


  • Amber, these tips are great! You’re so right about taking the dog into the bathroom, sometimes it really is just easier isn’t it x

  • I remember doing this with my little bother who is 4 years younger than me, I’d pretend to attack my brother and instead of stopping me she’d join in! �� i trained her well!