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Your Child Has a Physical, Medical, or Intellectual Disability. Certain injuries, such as a concussion or broken bone, require a temporary absence from gym class. If your child has longer-term special needs, he still needs physical activity. He could get it through inclusion in a traditional class; through adapted classes or equipment; and/or with the help of a teaching. Don’t guess or assume—you might be wrong. And consider, also, whether there are any physical or health issues that underlie your child’s feelings.

A child with poor depth perception, for example, might have a very difficult time coordinating her movements in class. For one, P.E. programs often rely on a superficial notion of gym class—conceiving of physical activity as little more than a timed run around the track, for example, or a game of kickball—and this. She likes hiking, and took dance and cardio classes in college. And in 2014, almost 20 years after her last gym class, she ran outside — she ran a marathon. “But you would never have known that, if you had seen me in my misery in gym class,” Sultan said. Many people share that misery: Gymnastics.

Teacher says to do a cartwheel. I give it. I hated “gym” when I was a kid. I didn’t want to climb the rope, especially with 30 other children and the teacher watching, when I was terrified of heights and rope burns.

I couldn’t jump the horse and didn’t understand why I had to. The sight of a dodgeball coming my way instilled unspeakable fear in me. 4. Gym class encourages disdain for exercise. Forced gym has been shown to make kids dislike exercise more than no gym at all. Kids who don’t have any gym yearn for exercise during the day and they generally know what they like, team sports or individual sports, rigorous or methodical. Many of you peeps out there hate P.E. so Simon and I have come up with a few sweet excuses for getting out of gym class Check ’em out!

6. This. Gym class may teach students discipline. By teaching the kids the discipline they need that they don’t get at home is good.

It may get them to break a sweat, or for those who are obese, to lose some weight. Some kids have many excuses in gym class not to attend or give any effort. 17 Reasons Gym Class Was Actually The Worst “Physical education is my favorite,” said nobody ever. by Matt Bellassai.

BuzzFeed Staff One kid always takes things wayyy to seriously. Whether you’re taking the kids with you to work out or putting them in the gym’s child care program to get your own time, you and your kids can greatly benefit from going to the gym together. So before you leave them with their grandparents or another babysitter, consider these top 5 reasons why you should have them tag along.

List of related literature:

The school therapist developed alternative playground activities to accommodate Alex’s needs and explained the progressive course of Duchenne’s dystrophy to the school’s staff members who then excused Alex from running laps, which could cause him debilitating fatigue rather than help him build muscle strength.

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He gets healthy exercise; for the child demands a much larger amount of physical activity than the formal program of the ordinary school permits.

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When he arrives back in the classroom, physical education can be crossed off his daily schedule and he can begin the next activity on the schedule.

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Some teachers feel uncomfortable with having children enter a gym and begin activity immediately without first talking to them.

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She asked if I could take my children into the gym for the movement lesson so there wouldn’t be so much noise for the other teacher.

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No child arrives in physical education class with singular needs; and their needs certainly are not relegated to motor skills and fitness.

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High-stress and high-impact sports, such as football, are not desirable sports activities for the school-age child because of the risk of injury to the immature skeletal system.

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Too many physical education classes begin with students remaining inactive while the teacher takes roll or waits for the entire class to get to the gym.

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Because class includes interactive exercises for the adult and child, our teachers request that you sit together.”

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This might include aspects of the classroom environment that impact learning (e.g., where the child sits, any distractions in the class such as noise, the class size, organization of the class, time of day when the class occurs—whether the child is fatigued late in the day, for example, or high energy after lunch).

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