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BASIC First Aid Kit For Your Vehicle

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25 Must Have Items for Your Car Emergency Kit pt1

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Essential First Aid Kit Items for Your Car Antiseptic Wash. The ideal way to clean a fresh wound is with soap and water. But unless you’ve somehow managed to rig a Adhesive Bandages. Often referred to as Band-aids—although there are many other brand name and generic versions of Antibiotic.

What are the essential items that should be included in your car first aid kit? Here is a must-have list: 1. Six small sterile dressing packs that can be used for covering a wound. Bandages, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, and gauze pads are some of the most common first-aid items that should be in every kit.

A first-aid manual should also be easily accessible in your car in case of an emergency. Some of the other important items that you should include in your kit: Instant/chemical cold and hot packs. Road Safety Kit. Flares, reflectors, bungee cords, and the like can all be purchased in a simple road safety kit.

Now, this kit should not be your only car survival kit but save yourself the time and just buy a basic road safety kit to add to your overall kit. Triangular bandage as a sling, towel, tourniquet. Tweezers for splinter or stinger or tick removal. In case of a medical or trauma related emergency, a list of family member’s medical history, medications, doctors, insurance company, and contact persons should be readily available.

In any case, your safety supplies should include: First aid kit Flashlight Multi-tool ( here are your five favorites) Matches or other fire starter (Bonus: a candle in a can for winter emergencies) Energy bars or MREs (the instant food that heat up with just water) Water bottles Weather radio (You. You just finished a CPR and First Aid class last week If only you had some way to help him – some way to stop the bleeding. You run back to your car to grab your first aid kit and it’s empty. Here is a complete list of first aid items you should have in your car.

5 sterile gauze pads (4 x 4 inches) (Similar item available in the Red Cross Store) Oral thermometer (non-mercury/nonglass), also within the Deluxe All Purpose First Aid Kit. 2 triangular bandages (Similar item available in the Red Cross Store) Tweezers. Emergency First Aid guide.

Jumper cables. Quart of oil + funnel. Leatherman tool or minimum a flat head and Phillips head screw driver along with adjustable pliers. Duct tape.

WD-40. Flares. Paper Maps–Grab them for free at a state’s welcome center.

If you’re making up your own kit, here are the 10 essentials items to include in a car first aid kit: 6 x wound dressings (10cm x 10cm) 2 x triangular badges (136cm x 96cm x 96 cm) 2 x first aid dressings (40cm x 60cm).

List of related literature:

First aid kits are recommended for all homes and automobiles.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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A first aid kit should include these items:

“Basic Tent Camping” by Frazier M. Douglass IV
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A first-aid kit of some type is a must for any well-equipped 4x4.

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Keep a comprehensive, appropriate first aid kit in the driver’s cabin and within easy access.

“Urban Pest Management in Australia” by John Gerozisis, Phillip W. Hadlington, Ion Staunton
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Supplies in a first aid kit should be customized to include those items likely to be used on a regular basis.

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Large first aid kit I No.

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A first-aid kit and nonlatex gloves for the treatment of injuries involving body fluids should always be on hand.

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First aid kit: It’s easy to find a compact first aid kit.

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First-Aid Kit-Including antiseptics, bandages, epinephrine auto-injector, MARK 1 kit, etc.

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The supplies in a first aid kit should be customized to include those items likely to be used on a regular basis.

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  • Hands down the best thing u can have,, rich parentests. I had to dispalay may art of welding before i sole a welder I kinda had to ask to sell, he said sell ir. I did my weld and a brush and they wer like HWTFUDTUARH

  • The glass breaker needs to be within reach of the driver at all times. If within reach of the front seat passenger as well all the better.

  • What I’m expecting to see blanket, water, first aid kit, rope, lighter, food with high sugar/low burning carbs, jump leads, Jerry can, spare oil and if it’s not already included in your car a spare tyre/repair kit

    Edit forgot a big torch but flares work too! So in the next part at the very least I’m expecting spare oil and jumper cables but glad to see I’ve got about half right!

  • Good video. It’s actually interesting and useful. I just watched a video where some guy had an entire backpack full of crap. It was crap, like chap stick and every single drug store item you can think of. He said it was for home, I thought that was what a medicine cabinet was for! People man…. take stuff too seriously

  • Don’t forget candles, might not happen but if you run out of gas and it’s winter, a small candle can heat up the whole cabin of your vehicle.

  • My wife…i can load up her vehicle and go thru evrerything with her and i feel like she will always think well i will just call hubby if i need help.

  • DO NOT use Radiator Stop Leak ever, I repeat… EVER. Not only does it find your pinhole and close it up, but it also works its way through your entire coolant system. This can cause the Stop Leak to get clogged within your engine trapping parts of it off from coolant. This can cause the engine to overheat, and most of the time it is not fixable. The motor is kaput.

  • just a tip, I used to Carry an expired license in my truck. Some legal trouble later an officer searched my wallet (and my truck) and said Im not allowed to Carry any form of expired ID. He said I could get in trouble for it actually. Im sure it could come in handy in some cases but i don’t do it anymore just in case another asshole officer searches my truck for no reason. This was in Houston Texas BTW. Cheers.

  • Can use pepper or a raw egg to stop a radiator leak. Pepper more suitable for storage. And more handy if forced to cook up road kill

  • Id recommend bleach and water mixture in a small spray bottle. I never hear anybody mention it so I thought id bring it up…I’m guessing its effective or am i missing something?

  • Just a quick tip for anyone who doesn’t know. That staple gun is only good for shallow wounds. This is because if a deep would is only pulled together at the surface that will leave a gap deeper into the wound which is a breeding ground for all kinds of bad stuff.

  • Radiator stop leak and the headgasket in a can by the same company I believe are great at what they do. Stopping the leak. Meaning stopping the flow of water or at least minimizing it. However I have had friends who have used this stuff and overheated and cooked an engine with this stuff. It is a great product but if you need to use more than a bottle of one of them then just consider calling a tow for your wallets sake. Also an addition muffler putty will stop a leak in a radiator. We tore a gash in my radiator while moving the car the wrong way and we fixed it with muffler puddy and it worked for the ride home

  • Here’s another secret. If you do get stuck and you don’t have anything, if you have floor mats in your car, you can put them under your drive tires to possibly give you traction to climb out.

  • There’s everything to clean a wound but nothing to stop bleeding. I was very lucky to have hemostat gauze when I accidentally amputated my finger tip. You should add that.

  • I would highly recommend a wool blanket. I know it would take up a lot of room, but it would help keep you warm while you wait. Or maybe some compressed down jackets.

  • Why is this only directed towards men? All other car essential videos I watched hosted by girls for girls were a joke. This was actually very informative!

    But also if someone were trying to loot your car, you have made it so easy for them. The spare key, the credit card… I personally wouldn’t have those things

  • You don’t need to buy glass breaker. Trust me. WHY?
    The thief broke my car’s glass uses a 1″ thick cold chisel.
    Do you know how did I found out these pros use?
    He left it inside my car.
    Free gift after the damage and thief.

  • Got to give it to you, you are a hustler! You keep trying to make a buck. I ain’t mad at you. Knock yourse!f out.I admire what you do.

  • I have had a skin stapler in my kit for a long time so glad to see you push it makes me feel better about having a larger item. I believe it to be a valuable peace of kit. Great vids btw keep up the good work.

  • Very important! Believe it or not, I was picking up the components of my vehicles medical bag and ON THE WAY to the post office to pick the items up, an accident happened right in front of me. Thanks for everything!

  • I especially liked your message that 2 minutes into the video… God bless! Stay safe! Thank you for helping people! We’re All in This Together…

  • hey,if anyone else wants to discover

    home survival preparation list

    try Lonnonnar Survival Quickie ( search on google )? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

  • Great channel! Thanks Bro. One quick thing… I’m a med-pro guy and I don’t recommend using staples in the field…. You can trap bacteria in the wound and the wound may not drain properly. Just pack it and wrap it until you reach a higher level of care. Cheap ACE wraps or Coban is useful. Cheers!

  • Even with a quality air pump, make sure you know the “duty cycle” and don’t exceed it. How long it can operate before you have to let it rest/cool down. Mine would blow the cig lighter fuse if I tried to fill up more than one tire (37″ tires on my Jeep). I put that one into the mini van, it will inflate those smaller tires all day. I got a better one that has a better duty cycle as well as a fuse built into the power cable. Much easier to change if I do manage to pop that fuse.

  • Did I just hear 300 bucks for a gas mask!? No thx imma rely on my ol trayal m2 mask. Got it milsurp new in packaging for about 9 or 10 dollars (8 euros). Plus you can shoulder a rifle properly with that mask as the filter is on the side and not in front. I actually cant believe my ears I had to play that part a few times over. 300 dollars… What can that mask do that a regular milsurp mask of 1 tenth the price cant? I’m genuinely curious.

  • Maine here. Cat litter does nothing for ice and snow anymore. It dissolves into a sludgy mess. It’s not a sand nowdays. However, I’m sure it does work for oil spills.

  • Another fantastic emergency item. Cheap bar of soap. Its saved my ass 2 times before as its so good at stopping fuel leaks if you put a hole in your tank. Used it once on a motorcycle and once on a vehicle.

  • Great kit man but can I make one suggestion? Lose the CELOX packing gauze and upgrade to a Quiclot sponge. CELOX has been know to get into major arteries and cause fatal blood clots.

  • Love the vids! Former SFOD man here, and the only thing I’d like to add is that your crank charger should be kept as a back up to your batt pack. I’ve had quality packs under-perform and outright fail. Love the videos Karl!

  • Tremendously essential stuff. I professionally recommend and sell these items( minus the gas masks) in middle California off 99 by Bakerfield. Some are difficult to re order…so order soon. Practice staples on animal skin first. Learn Thru RedCross First Aid classes or volunteer at a hospital ER. CP could become a BIG medical supplier?

  • Remember that heat kills batteries, I used to keep a jump starter and headlamp in my vehicle and they were always dead, even though I kept the headlamp plugged into USB. It works fine if I keep it at home but in the vehicle it will not hold a charge so take your stuff out often to check the charge on them

  • 2:30 PREACH IT! It’s so frustrating to see some people on youtube that say “I can basically do surgery out of this bag” but don’t have any medical training whatsoever. Tools are useless if you don’t know how to use them. good video!

  • I have something similar in the trunks of both my daughters cars packed in a good quality ice chest for double duty one thing that I added to both of their kids is one of those small handheld battery jumper boxes where the battery pack is the size of a large cell phone and it comes with Clips to attach to the battery it recharges from the cigarette lighter but that’s small battery will jump a car and they’re available from Amazon or from the Walmart automotive center from around $40

  • i liked this video better than some of your gear:) its good to be prepared my CPR instructor taught us “No fingerprints, no fowl” mostly for when they need a epipens

  • This is great, definitely need to set up a tote to keep mine more organized. This did inspire me to buy my wife and I both some legit glass breakers. Thanks for the info!

  • I noticed there is no PPE included in this video. Examination gloves at least. I would also include some sort of anti diarrheal medication.

  • One cheap item I would add to this kit is a small steel wire brush! Sometimes cars won’t start because their battery terminals are so corroded that it can’t supply enough power to the starter. Cleaning them up might be all that’s needed.

  • Thank YAH i found out about this but the sge 400/3 doesnt meet CBRN standards due to the materials used on the seal, but the sge 400/3 BB version does…..its even on pg 8 of the manufacturers brochure

  • The only other things I might recommend would be a pair of trauma shears, antacid (because Pepto has an aspirin component to it), small note pad w/pen, and lastly aspirin. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!��

  • I thought I was the only one who carried an expired dl in my car.. I keep in incase i lose my wallet in Mexico i can cross back… I’ve tried it and yes i passed through us customs with it expired

  • Thanks Wranglerstar! I just built an ammo can emergency kit for my Polaris Side by Side. I just put a couple simple things in there like a UNIVERSAL SOCKET… I know they are terrible, but it works. Anyway, I put some duct tape and electrical tape, blade fuses, nuts and bolts I may need, a few switches for the light bar, a torch, solder, lighter, cat litter for traction, some rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and an AC adaptor for my cigarette lighter.

  • That shot of some dude lying next to the roll makes me think you could design it to be used as a stretcher only needing logs from the environment.

  • At least you covered some of the practical objects, unlike those running around with their “tactical” TCCC-type bags. You’ll use bandaids and ibuprofen far more frequently than an NPA! However, it might be nice to add a tourniquet, chest seal, and some other items in case you come across a car accident or something. You might also add shears, tweezers, a needle, a lighter, and an instant ice pack!

  • I carry many of those as well as 4×4 gauze which is handy for many situations, I also carry fingertip and knuckle bandages as well as many other size bandages, I tend to run into more nonemergency situations like small cuts than major accidents.

  • Don’t really agree with the fact that you gotta know how to use all the gear that you have in your bag. Like the classic decompression needle, which most of us don’t know how to use, could potentially be life saving is someone walks by that does know how to use one but doesn’t have it on him.

  • Excellent recommendations! I’m a fan. I’ve recently found a little blog on the subject:
    Can someone tell me if it’s accurate??

  • 5:24 A really good product for itching from Dollar Tree is Hemorrhoid cream with Lidocaine. It may sound weird but when I thought about the actions of the medicines init I decided to try it. I react very strongly to mosquito bites and have two methods for treating them. First before I can scratch the bite I apply liquid soap to it (any kind). I wait until the soap dries and if I’m still itching I apply the hemorrhoid cream because it numbs the bite, and it also decrease swelling/irritation.

  • I never understand why there would be a seat belt cutter on a pair of scissors that are built to cut through pretty much any material?

  • As always, great videos! Thank you. What about using a well-positioned and carefully folded/rolled triangular bandage or bandana as a tourniquet? Does it have to be one of the fancy (but very effective) styles you have?

  • In Germany where I’m stationed an approved Aid kit is a requirement for all vehicles. Along with warning triangles, reflective vests for each passenger, and a fire extinguisher.

  • A cheap tackle box works amazingly. I carry a athletic tape, love it’s rigidity. I also have packs of petroleum jelly I use that more than antibiotic ointments.

  • Brother better that you pack the wound open until you have time a very clean space and have clean the wound extensively before you close it

  • E tool good to have. Got stuck in the sand by China Lake and dug my truck out with my license plates and made a corduroy road from brush and rocks.

  • Thanks for creating this channel, I love it. What you recommend for a super small, essentials only kit? I do a lot of mountain biking and I don’t have much storage, I currently take just 2 trauma dressings and 2 15g pouches of Celox. I kinda think that bad bleeding will be what I need to deal with on the trail plenty of sticks in the forest for splints and any head injury will be outside my ability to deal with.

  • Many thanks, I have been researching “free emergency kit from red cross 2015” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Nenannah Zonayla Trick (just google it )?

    It is a good exclusive guide for surviving a disaster without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my co-worker got excellent success with it.

  • Great stuff as usual! I think you didn’t mention BSI and the importance of having several pairs of gloves in the kit.
    I keep gloves in every pockets of my med bag to have access to a pair no matter what pocket I acccess first.
    It’s great to throw a pair to a bystander to get help, direct them to hold pressure or just hold the victim’s hand untill EMS show up.So you can’t have too many gloves.
    You should also consider the ResQme, it has a window punch and a seat belt cutter… is only $10 and can fit on your car keys.
    It works well to cut clothing too, faster than with shears.

  • Very simple bag. Which is good. I like that you want to be trained on everything and know how to use it. That keeps you, and your possible patient much safer, that way you don’t go sticking a decompression needle into some dudes chest, and it turns out they are just having an asthma attack. Great, well thought out bag and great video.

  • When it comes to spine immobilisation, I would simply use my hands. Otherwise, you would still need a size for adults and one for children and to be safe several of each of them and you end up with a full trunk. In my country, which happens to be Germany, every car must have a standardized first aid kit and the driver needs to take an eight hours first aid class and spine immobilisation isn’t a big issue there. Untrained collar application will probably do more bad than good. Thanks for the good video! Need to get my hands on one of these eye shields some time, I guess. Oh and I use a SOF-T and a SWAT-T as a backup to enhance pressure bandaging or for children. Works well for me.

  • I would not recommend the fix a flat I have tried using it 4 times with no success. I would really a 12v car pump and a bottle of slime instead. Yes it my take up more space but the success rate is alot higher.

  • Loved the video & subscribed…
    Just a question…am always worried about accessing things in the car trunk if I am stuck in the front. For example the shovel. Any tips on this?

  • Canadian Preparedness website is my one stop shop when looking for high quality preparedness gear. The bug out rolls are hard to beat, and you can be sure you are buying products that will last and work when you need them to!

  • Yeah, I would advice everyone to have this kit in their car, as well as some CPR training. Comming across a badly injured person and not peing able to help, just stand there and watch, sucks. I know people who have become PJ’s for that reason. And being able to help is always fun.

  • I am looking for about your product please leave me a message. When I post this, I am looking for more information on this.I like to know how I can get your lease and stuff you have in your emergency kit and where’d you get your container at and other items at please get back to me soon as possible cuz I’m trying to show this to other people what to do appreciate thank you and take care of yourself have a nice day and be safe. To whatever

  • There is a special tool to remove those staples. It’s dirt cheap, and made for the job. Pliers are not a reasonable substitute, and could cause more damage than just leaving them in. There are videos showing the process. Seeing the shape of the staples in your skin, and how easily they come out with the tool, will make you want one.


  • Thanks so much for this video! I have almost everything in my car but the jumper set is awesome! Much respect and thank you for your service. Cheers Bella

  • I’ll make a car medkit and put everything in an ammo can…cheap, keeps things well protected, and easily accessible to everything inside with that top lid open.:)

  • I like to have a couple of road flares. They’re cheap, you can signal with them, start a fire with them and I even used them to lay on the road when a car had stalled in a dark intersection to warn on coming traffic. Great video.

  • Put a trauma kit in car not just boo boo kits. My 13 year old has a better kit than most adults have. Like he says don’t skimp on medical.

  • Things biker should always have:
    1. Additional spark plug
    2. Spare key (in bag or as locket)
    3. Moisturizer
    4. First aid kit
    5. Handwash pouch (as small as it can be)
    6. Bike polish and cloth, or cloth always dipped in Bike polish (comes handy when your shoes are dirty during rainy season)
    7. Extra wallet or small pouch with a little cash (in case you forget your wallet)

    and Good helmet

  • Suction!? The Laerdal Medical V-VAC Starter Kit for 125.28 on amazon. Many medical procedures require or work better when you remove fluid obstruction.

  • Those $50 totes are great for heavy stuff but if you’re storing 10 lbs of stuff, you’re wasting your money and should buy the $7 totes.

  • Good stuff, my future Prepper Roll haul grows in the future whenever i strike a deal with ya.That skin stapler goes will with what i have in mind, those sticker patches that ‘screws’ ya skin stuck without piercing anything are also an excellent alternative instead of literally puncturing skin with stitching (ouch!) but they don’t ship those outside the US, why?

  • Blood in a bag to match your blood type.
    Gas masks. Sleeping bag and tent.
    Water nothing like H20.
    Matches, MRE s c.b. radio, shovel.
    Clean clothing for at least three days.
    Pens and paper.
    Spare cell phone. Even an old phone that you deactivated will work to call 911.
    Anything else?

  • As most heals are worn with no socks, a pair of socks shoved inside the shoes an easy add on that does t take any extra space being that its inside the shoes.

  • First time I’ve seen your videos. Well done, and, I don’t normally say anything like this but I wish you were my husband. Le sigh.

  • I have worked many years in petrol/chem plants. I always buy in bulk of the air activated BODY WARMERS packs. They Will last 18 hours. Get 10 for under $7 packs