Coping With Disappointment in Youth Sports


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Lesson 1: Dealing With Disappointment

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Dealing with disappointment

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A Must Watch For Parents,Coaches and Players in Sport!!!

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Dealing with Disappointment in Running and Life

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Raising a Greater Youth Athlete E20: Dealing with Disappointment

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This Is One Of The Biggest Problems In Youth Sports

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Dealing with disappointment. 12/9/2014. Young athletes often don’t get to play the position they had their sights set on, leading to disappointment and despair. How you choose to navigate this treacherous territory can make the difference between your youngster adapting to the challenges and embracing the sport or walking away for good. 5 Steps To Dealing With Disappointment: Step 1: Accept what has happened.

Be upset in the moment and fully experience the emotions that you are feeling, don’t ignore or downplay this as it is very important to deal with what you are feeling. Step 2: Don’t dwell on the past. As mental health, particularly in sports, continues to be at the forefront during the COVID-19 pandemic, WFMZ Sports Director Dan Moscaritolo talked with Dr. “The participants in youth sports, including the referees, are youths. Learning how to deal with disappointment, whether it’s a bad.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you parent or coach a child or teenager who is dealing with disappointment in sports: 1. Acknowledge your child’s feelings about what happened. For example, you can say, “I understand that you are feeling really upset that you didn’t win the race.”. youth group lesson on disappointment You’ve heard the proverbial phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” It’s intent is to encourage us to take the most discouraging moments in life, and find the good in them.

“The secret to dealing with disappointment is to not let it grow into stronger emotions like discouragement and depression,” he says. “The longer I stew in disappointment the more likely I will. When you face disappointments and setbacks in your fencing career–which we ALL do–go to a teammate, coach, friend, family member, loved one and let them help you through the first three steps. Rinse, wash, repeat as necessary. Dealing With Disappointment in Youth Sports.

By ESA Admin | 02-29-2020 Posted in Wellness. Written by Catherine Holecko from | Helping kids recover from disappointment has to be one of the harder jobs in sports parenting. After al. As a parent or coach to young athletes, you must attempt to help them better cope with disappointment and setbacks. Kids who can’t handle their frustration are more likely to drop out because they no longer have fun.

What Not to Do.

List of related literature:

If a parent is persistently negative, then I, as coach, ask that parent to quit attending games.

“Bring Your
from Bring Your “A” Game: A Young Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness
by Jennifer L. Etnier
University of North Carolina Press, 2009

Remind upset parents about your coaching philosophy (stated during the preseason meeting) that every child receives an equal amount of playing time.

“Coaching Basketball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Basketball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

Let them know that you understand the disappointment and hurt feelings and that although they may disagree with you, they need to maintain their composure, control their emotions, and accept your decision as the coach.

“Coaching Baseball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Baseball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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Thus, much of the attrition in youth sports reflects shifting interests and involvement levels rather than negative experiences.

“Life Span Motor Development” by Kathleen Haywood, Kathleen M. Haywood, Nancy Getchell
from Life Span Motor Development
by Kathleen Haywood, Kathleen M. Haywood, Nancy Getchell
Human Kinetics, 2019

During your preseason meeting with the parents, you need to stress that winning takes a back seat to skill development and fun.

“Coaching Volleyball For Dummies” by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
from Coaching Volleyball For Dummies
by The National Alliance For Youth Sports
Wiley, 2009

• Talk to the coach and other parents and find out whether this particular team is one on which your son doesn’t have to worry about being “the best” or even necessarily about winning.

“The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life” by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens
from The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life
by Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens
Wiley, 2010

It is up to us as sports psychologists, therapists, or coaches to stop parents at these times and rectify the situation.

“Popular Culture in Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Play-Based Interventions” by Lawrence C. Rubin, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S
from Popular Culture in Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Play-Based Interventions
by Lawrence C. Rubin, PhD, LMHC, RPT-S
Springer Publishing Company, 2008

Even though kids feel pressure because coveted spots are at stake, you want to keep the tryout a positive experience.

“Coaching Football For Dummies” by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
from Coaching Football For Dummies
by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
Wiley, 2011

Generally, the older the athletes are, the more of an adult approach you can use when dealing with issues in this area.

“Coaching Track & Field Successfully” by Mark Guthrie
from Coaching Track & Field Successfully
by Mark Guthrie
Human Kinetics, 2003

This is frustrating for the athlete, so you must be positive and patient as the coach or teacher.

“Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise” by Peter M. McGinnis
from Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise
by Peter M. McGinnis
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2020

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  • Good stuffs, Coach! I LOVE the message of the speech. I talk to all of my parents before games begin to set the expectations of the team, and of parent behavior. You gotta do it!! Do you ever check out Brian Barlow’s Offside FB page? Looking forward to more great stuffs from you!!

  • it’s hard to not get down sometimes, but i like to think of how grateful i should be to be able to wake up each day and run and live a happy life, and to think about that i don’t have it as bad as somebody else and that i ca always push thru

  • Love the video, as a coach (2 years still new to this) this is just one of many problems in youth soccer; players not going to practice and then parents complaining about why they are losing or not doing things right is another thing I have noticed and gets me very mad, me encantan tus videos buen trabajo ��

  • well, my disappointment for this year so far was I didn’t have luck for the drawing to run the TCS New York City Marathon. However, I will have more time to run more for long miles.

  • Hey coach Javi in your opinion what do you believe is the most important for teaching a 6U team? I feel like they are having fun in our practices but when we do a little scrimmage they seem kinda lost… any advice or tips?

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  • Man, I miss club soccer. Can’t believe I had to stop playing to go work at a ware house from 7am to 7pm to help my family. I’ll be back next year though, for sure! #junior college product!

  • CoachI needed to hear this message. I have a good relationship with my son’s travel coach but probably have, at times, been overly involved in his soccer progress. Coaching is in my DNA and I very much enjoy it, but need to balance trusting our coach (which I really do), with my own vision and drive to see my son continually improve…thanks for the gut check! fyimy son digs your content and I hope to get him to one of your clinics/camps one day soon (we are about 1 hr from D-town so it’s a little hike but will keep checking for an opportunity). Funny enough, he was hoping that you coached the Detroit FC’s 09/U10 boys that we played recently here in our area (think it was Adam who led the team…nice guy anyway). Good luck with this growing venture!

  • Sorry for the HD loss, however, if it’s just an issue with the HD case, you can take out the HD (shuck) and connect it with this

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  • Mike Wardian is awesome! I follow him and his dog Rosie on Instagram. Sorry about the hard drive. Disappointment is hard. Not running related running and listening my favorite bands help. For running related I’ll eat a favorite food or buy something.

  • Disappointment!

    QD: When disappointment hits I like to think back to all the good that has happened to me and it really helps to put everything into perspective. Great vlog today!

  • By the way, I have had a talk with the parents and I am always open to feedback. I think it is important to revisit the goals and expectations throughout the season as well with both the kids and the parents ��

  • Согласен, расстояний срабатывания сенсора маленькое. У меня в давление воды около 6 атм., и когда клапан закрывается, гусак смесителя прыгает. А позже, после очередного срабатывания, смеситель потек. Теперь устройство поедет на дачу на мойку у мангала)))

  • QD: re. Disappointment ok…here’s what I try and do (doesn’t always work of course…but I still try) I ask, will my disappointment/upset/sulking change the situation…If the answer is no then there literally is no point in being disappointed. It’s wasted energy that could be better used focusing on what can be learnt from the situation or what can improve the situation. Obviously, life isn’t always that simple but I think it’s definitely the best approach where running/sports are concerned…

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  • Thanks for the video! Recovering from torn rotator cuff surgery resulting from a trail run fall. Painful both physically and mentally with so much down time. However knowing it’s not permanent and daily walks keep me motivated for the very near future.

  • А у меня верхний сенсорный датчик сдох примерно через месяц использования.Вот теперь думаю лечится это или нет.Может кто подскажет?

  • I’ve had some serious disappointment in training lately. My first half marathon is in less than 2 weeks and I just got injured. I had really high hopes for the race so I’ve doing lots of cross training to at least be active. It’s not running, but it helps

  • Seth I’m so sorry you lost all those videos, that is a major disappointment. I’m disappointed because I miss the live stream. I’ve had some bad runs, dealing with injuries, but I just keep on pushing forward, that’s all you can do, hoping the next run is better than the last, and it usually is. But just any disappointment in life you just gotta move forward, dwelling on it is no good. So all I can say is stay positive! Sorry I wasn’t much help.

  • Hey Coach Javi I’m like highly interested on how to became a D1 coach or how you made it. I barely started watching you and as Mexican/Latino it’s just fascinating to hear your success story’s since I feel like I can relate to what you pursued as a career

  • I quit playing competitive league in my town where I live because there is sooo political the coach picks you based on who your parents are if he’s friends with your parents your on the team no skill level is basically needed I know I’m better then them but I have no way of getting on the team because of this his son isn’t very good and that could be my spot but of course it’s his son. So kids don’t even come to tryouts and make the team just because they where goof last season this is really really frustrating I don’t even get play time maybe 5 minutes a half when I play good they pull my off put when the other kids play bad they keep them on. So I’m done with the BS involved with our soccer program wish I live somewhere else so I could get better coaches and play more and improve. Btw I’m 16 and there is only 5 of us so we play with different groups each year but it’s the same sorry. Thank u for making me dream on having a better soccer future ������

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  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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  • Я чёт не понял, эта штука перекрывает воду на конце гусака и все давление приходится на уплотнительную резинку в поворотной части? На долго ее хватит?) Потечёт у основания, зальете всё нафиг)

  • How apt! QOD: Spent the whole day working up an agreement for company’s new project and right when I clicked save, the whole doc software hang on me!! I didn’t save prior to that and I regretted it so bad. I lost EVERYTHING! I went for a workout session at the gym to overcome the disappointment and now I’m back home grinding on a new agreement.

  • I ran CIM over a year ago and was a disaster. I went out thinking I could break 2:40 and at 19miles my muscles cramped up so bad I could only walk. Went from 6:15 pace to 19:00 pace walking and what seemed like hundreds of other runners passed me

  • With that music you shoulda started the video in black and white with you looking out the window all sad and then it coulda zoomed to your face and a tear shoulda fell out

  • Dealing with disappointment here currently, pulled my calf for the first time a couple weeks ago. Had to stop running and just cross-train. I have my first race of the season scheduled on 4/20, so not happy about it. Any suggestions for this injury. Small pull in the gastrocnemius area. Not too bad, but tried running on it after a week, and got tight again after a couple miles. I’m massaging, heat, ultra sounding….struggling with not running.

  • When I have a bad race I will think about it for about a day than see where I went wrong and try to improve on that and move on your eyes are in front of your face. Run on

  • Disappointment. So sorry to hear about the hard drive Seth, that really sucks! But glad you’re over that and it’s great that the live stream with your brother worked out. Would have joined in if I wasn’t at work. Also great that there is a pile of shoes with you that are going to make people very happy. QD: I try to remember all the bad times that almost (and probably did) drive me over the edge, and tell myself that I survived that and tomorrow will arrive despite it all. Another trick I do sometimes is to do something nice for someone else If I cant be happy, at least I can try make someone else happy.

    Happy running!

  • Great coach but there are so many asshole coaches.Don’t blame the kids in the case that the coach unfair or only cares about the win, or plays favorites, or fails to develop or care about the “B” players.In these cases, the players reactions are more understandable.

  • Dealing with disappointment… Go out with friends over a cup of coffee. Talk about what you have accomplished in the past. Think of all the people ( slower, can’t run etc) that would love to be in your shoes philosophy.

  • У меня вопрос. Нафига эта хуита нужна? Воду экономить? В России? Она тут стоит копейки. Удобства тоже нет никакого. Не проще обычный сенсорный смеситель поставить?

  • “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” (J.K. Rowling)

  • Hi, no need for an expensive Fix of the extarnal drive, call me ill walk you through the procces of removing the inner HD from the encloser, and connecting it to a differnt one
    its my day jobcontact me

  • Автор что ты несешь, ну так ты что до покупки не знаешь например сколько у тебя расстояние до дна раковины? Ясно что это не везде подойдет, об этом заранее надо головой думать��

  • After some disappointment I try to pray during it but it can be hard. After some time I do like to have something on the horizon to look forward to. That helps for me. Like a new race entered, a run planned with a run bud, a getaway with my wife or just planning to go see a movie.

  • Parents always want for their children to succeed, but they forget to allow them to learn and trust their coach. It’s really easy to sit on the sidelines and holler instruction to your kid, but it not only undermines the coach, it keeps the child from learning the game on their own and develops a need for the child to receive instruction rather than make their own decisions. Setting parent expectation early is really important as is having a parent on the sidelines who is willing to, calmly, remind parents not to coach.

  • Thank you so much, my wife and I needed this. We attended a tournament this weekend and it was a total shit show. We realized that we have lost our trust in his club coach and we need to find a new program. Thanks again

  • Disappointment. Qd: Honestly, I sometimes let disappointments get to me. Talking to others & writing are very helpful when dealing with life’s ups & downs. With the increase in my activity my back pain has worsened. Trying to push myself while having this pain is difficult. There have been times I have sit down & cried. Life is hard sometimes but I need to focus on the good-not easy. God bless.

  • Whenever I have a disappointing workout, I always try to remember how far I’ve came as runner. When I first started running last year I used to think 3 miles was hard so I always try to think about my improvement

  • this is definely true and very sad, a couple years ago when i played hockey, i still play hockey, some of my teammates parents told their kid that they would get 5 dollars for every goal they scored and it was very sad when i heard that because every game they would try to get as many goals as possible and would not pass the puck.

  • I cannot do running lately, heel pain. In last month only one run. Too bad. But Thats biggest disappointment lately,. thankfully…

  • Устройство на подачу холодной/горячей воды не влияет никак. Оно устанавливается на кран, а не на смеситель. Это смеситель ваш дает холодную, а не устройство.

  • What a speech man Coach. Good you start them young I had to start on my own, freshman year but im currently division 1 and a senior. I dream of playing in college but hope is just fading

  • Sorry to hear about your lost video’s. Disappointment, yes, and hardships can be difficult to overcome. Part of life. But there is always somethings positive I find, that can help to climb out of the negativity. Or sometimes it takes time to build oneself back up, and that’s ok too.

  • QD: How do you deal with disappointment? Seth, you just done tailor made a question I happen to be an expert in ;). If there is one thing in life I have experience with, it’s disappointment. I don’t want to belabor it too much, but I’ll say this: The thing is, disappointment does not cease for anyone at anytime. However, some people will stop trying, and that is the only thing you can control. You get to a certain point where a good day is any day. It’s never a bad day as long as you’re breathing. And the disappointments no longer discourage you from moving. Took me a while to figure out (not saying you haven’t figured this out) that the less I focus on the shortcomings or the misfortunes, the better I am. The more I seem to succeed. I have had lots to complain about, and be disappointed about. I can definitely attest to that. However, I simply don’t have enough energy to think about it, and also move forward at the same time. If I focus on how behind I’ve fallen, I can never see the progress I’m making. It’s like the donkey in the well analogy: A donkey is trapped in a well, and someone keeps pouring dirt on him trying to bury him. Every time a load of dirt lands on his back, he shakes it off, and tamps down the dirt into the floor. He does this so much that eventually, he’s placed all the dirt beneath him that it has literally raised the floor enough that he can climb out of the well. I think of disappointment like that dirt. I don’t let it sit on my back. I shake it off and step up a little bit higher. Eventually, I’m going to climb out of the well. Have a great day Seth. Your video’s rock. You rock. We all rock. We don’t always hit the mark. It would be impossible to. That is why we get back up and keep going, and we are grateful for the things we do have. I literally sometimes am just like “I have a job. I have an income. I am able to run. That’s enough. Doesn’t mean I don’t strive for better. But I’m darn lucky to just have that for now. I gotta keep moving and keep working, and I will achieve my goals.”

  • Dissapointment: Due to my work location and condition, I havent been able to run in 2 weeks. And not only has it been dissapointing, but depression also. I feel all I worked on has been neglected. I know it will cone back fairly easy but it is dissapointing. Just tell myself, it’s a journey not the end.

  • Как ты снял ее в начале ролика? У меня не вылезала. Я надавил инструментом с силой, и насадка сломалась и ее трубка осталась внутри устройства. Как теперь убрать эту трубку?

  • Автор, ты идиот. Холодная вода течёт не потому что она блокирует горячую (как можно было вообще озвучить подобный бред?), а потому что горячей воде элементарно нужно время, чтобы пройти путь по трубе из бойлера. Посуду мыть нужно активацией бокового датчика, а датчик под краном нужен исключительно для быстрого мытья рук. Какая проблема устройства в том, что у тебя не отрегулировано расстояние от крана до раковины? И какой смысл в начале видео снимать его с включённого крана, забрызгивая всё вокруг, просто чтобы показать свою рукожопость?

  • У меня горячая большего давления) и когда кран открыт а устройство в закрытом положении горячая вода давит в холодную и крутит счетчик холодной воды в обратную сторону, а горячую накручивает))) работает нормально только в крайних положениях, либо холодная либо кипяток. Думаю на даче самое применение на кран с одной линией воды!

  • I’m on the second best team in the country for us youth soccer we went to nationals and finished second I got best 11 however so I’m looking forward to going d1 and hopefully pro you should come watch us when we go to nc for national league reply back for the schedule

  • Somehow missed this video, but totally agree. I feel blessed to be coaching and teaching in a community where I’ve somehow managed to gain the trust and respect of parents, and have so far received tons of support. Moving back to the rural south was tough for me, but being able to work with families from low-income neighborhoods that are fairly ostracized from ‘pay-to-play’ clubs or decent organized teams has given me something positive to focus on developing while here. I only hope a few of these kids will understand how talented they are and ride it to a college scholarship. Thanks for the training vids and inspiration!

  • Сейчас в новых многоэтажках (спб) обязательна установка обратного клапана в квартире. В китае видимо тоже. И да. Будет работать, если другой кран не включен паралельно долго.

  • Can you make a video on how to get noticed in high school? As a sophomore, I am kind of looking at college and professional so I would love to look to you for guidance. My team is probably going to win league in Aurora, CO so we are a good team but I want to go that step farther.

  • разочаровался, потому что не думал что покупает. Это как купил велосипед и разочаровался, потому что оказалось в горку тяжело ехать ну и так далее.

  • Hey Seth, not sure if you plan to try and get the drive warranty replaced or not. If not, I could crack it open for you and see if I can extract the data using the tools I have. Can’t promise anything, it’s hard to know what broke and I don’t have the fancy equipment a professional service would have access to.

  • I like to attavj from every angle. Recently went through some personal stuff so I put more into running. I hurt myself running vefore the first day of track practice so now I’m biking and doing lots of strength workouts till I get back on track (so to speak). Rest is also important for dealing with setbacks and disappointment… But we runner need to be active

  • I’ve been reading a book call the Happy Runner (from a prominent racer/coach you probably are familiar with) it offers a good perspective on dealing with disappointment in both running and life. Their philosophy as odd as it sounds is to be treat life more like a puppy /dog does: Live in the moment (don’t obsess over things out of your control or that already happened enjoy the now), focus on strengthening bonds with family and friends (community/church whatever is important to you and can offer support when needed) and love unconditionally (including yourself). Something like a broken hard drive sucks but when you put it in perspective to your greater life (and that of your family), it isn’t a big deal.

  • Hey Seth, bit late to the party on this one. Firstly, sorry to hear about the HDD, that’s happened to me once too and not nice:( I think we all deal with disappointment in different ways; I’m a bit like you, I’ll have the sulk, feel sorry for myself. The later I’ll look at what happened why was disappointed and just try to be more pragmatic about it. My biggest disappointment in recent years was at a local trail ultra. I was doing well and in about 7th place with a group of ten runners that had pulled well away from the main pack after a long climb. On the steady but rough and boggy descent after this, I suddenly got a nasty twinge in my right hamstring and minutes later, got that sickening ‘pop’ and I pulled up in pain. My race was over as was any running for at least a month. I was only 8km into a 50k but I was hugely disappointed as I felt so ready for this race and to finish well in the top ten. Hobbling back to the start was a struggle, but the support from runners coming up the hill was amazing, and this buoyed my spirits back down the hill. A few of my friends past me and were truly gutted for me. I did dwell on it but my wife was amazing too with the support she gave and always gives.
    I think I over-trained for this race in my eagerness to do well, and my body just freaked out. I’ve just been off running 2 weeks with a bad cold and cough, lost a lot of sleep. Back on first run tomorrow. But maybe the enforced rest has done me good:)

  • Кран очень посредственный в сравнении с его конкурентом от Techo. Один плюс дешевый.
    Минусы лично для меня такие:
    1) невозможно настроить расстояние работы нижнего сенсора
    2) боковой сенсор попросту неудобен если что-то моешь долго, а именно затем боковой сенсор и нужен, периодически проходишь рукой около сенсора и он выключается.
    3) время работы бокового сенсора до авто отключения 3 минуты, это слишком много. Часто боковой сенсор нужен чтобы налить воды в емкость

  • An interesting conversation about marathonracing? Call Koen Naert! European marathon champion and a very humble man who works hard for his dreams

  • Если пользуешься обычным краном,то горячая вода не сразу течёт т.к. кран забирает тепло пока сам не нагреется,а если на этот кран повесить какую либо пласмасовую хуйню,кран еонечно свои физические своства(в этой галактике) менять не будет.

  • не могу понять, смеситель УЖЕ смешал воду на входе в девайс, так каким же тогда образом она может быть либо ледяной либо кипятком на выходе??

  • Те автор имея у себя кривую сантехнику, неглубокую раковину, не разобравшись с устройством и предназначением режимов винит во всем производителя? Афигенная позиция.

  • Конечно, зачем гуглить решение проблемы с холодной водой, лучше сразу запилить негативный обзор на ютуб. Чувак, ты нашел аж подробную схему работы смесителя, но не догадался поискать информацию об обратном клапане… И с открытой водой пытался снять устройство… Это все что нужно о тебе знать

  • Disappointment! Were you reading my Strava account? I was talking about all the disappointment this year just one injury after another just not able to get things going well this year although I havent missed a day I am not being able to get the longer training I need to deal with last years disappointments of not being able to get through a 50 Miler… I have another scheduled in 8 weeks and really want to be able to make it happen but have had so many weeks of insufficient training that I am staring to doubt it… I am a pretty positive person but its so frustrating right now…

    I think the best thing to deal with it is the running community the majority of folks are very supportive

  • про смешинвание воды из-за разности давлений серьезный недостаток там да еще и в трубу может потечь в обраточку )))

    а вот про расстояние срабатывания херня для мытья стакана есть боковой сенсор включил и моешь

    потом про таймер отключения тоже херня 3 минуты подумаешь! боковой датчик для того и нужен чтобы НЕ забывать. Если боишься забыть пользуйся нижним датчиком. А если забыл и 3 минуты прошло да не утечет там много.

    Я вообще без этой штуки живу, включаю воду малым напором и она бежит у меня по 10 часов (!!!!) ЧАСОВ СУКА!!! и мне пох потому что я плачу по нормативу ))) 1000руб в месяц и безлимит

  • It’s all relative really! I count my blessings in the hard times as I know most of my disappointments are nothing compared to others and usually small in the scheme of things.

  • Видела комментарии к подобному девайсу только не Сяоми, в которых писали люди, что надо ставить обратные клапаны на холодную и горячую воду и вроде проблема с неправильной температурой воды должна пройти.