Avoiding Child Predators


Protecting your kids from child predators (Part 1)

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Psychologist tells parents how to spot child predator

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Lessons from kids who passed the Predator Test

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7 Signs of Grooming by a Sexual Predator

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The Dangers Of Snapchat (Child Predator Experiment)

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Social Media Dangers Exposed by Mom Posing as 11-Year-Old

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Teaching your child how to protect himself against child predators is as important as other measures you use every day to keep him safe, such as making sure he uses a seat belt. By teaching your child how to avoid possible dangers and what to do if he finds himself in a potentially threatening situation, you will empower your child to know what to do in the event you are not there to. Particularly now, with internet predators, caregivers may feel helpless, but there are steps that can be taken to protect your children from child predators. Reducing the Risk of Child Offender Victimization. While nothing a caregiver does will absolutely prevent child sexual abuse, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of child offender victimization.

Consider these steps to protect. How to Protect Your Child From a Predator: Recognizing the Warning Signs Ph.D., director of the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center. Research has shown that. The stakes are high when a child becomes the target of a predator. It really is a matter of life or death.

According to the FBI, statistically when a child is abducted by a stranger, the likelihood of recovering them alive diminishes with each hour that passes. When a predator has targeted its prey, survival depends upon fighting back. How do I protect my child from predators?

In addition to discussing internet safety in detail with your child, you should add a second line of defense to your arsenal. Bark can monitor and detect signs of online grooming on the major platforms where predators target their victims. Called the Jessica Lunsford Act, or informally known as Jessica’s Law, this Florida law was passed in 2005 to better protect children against sexual offenders. It mandates a 25-year minimum sentence and up to life in prison for first-time child sex offenders.

The overall mission of the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children program is to protect children against harmful threats, including sex trafficking, online child exploitation, child abductions, and. Seeking to end this criminal activity and protect children worldwide, HSI developed Operation Predator, an international initiative to identify, investigate and arrest child predators who: Possess, trade and produce child pornography Travel overseas for sex with minors; and Engage in the sex trafficking of children. Here are 5 steps you can take to protect your children from online predators: 1) Explain to your child that they should never, ever, give out any personal information. Online predators have multiple accounts and target your child through these accounts to gain personal information.

“Senate Bill 145 does not protect anyone from luring children (under 14 years old) or teenagers (above 15 years old) with the intent to commit sexual assault,” he told us. “Luring a minor is.

List of related literature:

All that information makes it easier for predators to target children, find out where they live, and contact them.

“Making the Internet Safe for Kids: The Role of ISP's and Social Networking Sites: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, Second Session, June 27 and June 28, 2006” by United States, Congress House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Staff, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
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The predator also can use gifts, rewards, alcohol, drugs, pornography, and money to meet the child’s needs.

“Forensic Nursing Science E-Book” by Virginia A. Lynch, Janet Barber Duval
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Predators who offer to secretly meet with the child can change overnight from a virtual threat to a real danger.

“Elements of Computer Security” by David Salomon
from Elements of Computer Security
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Predators can disguise their true identities (e.g., pretend to be a teen), build long-term Internet relationships with potential victims, and conduct open discussions with other predators (e.g., sexual desires, ideas about ways to lure victims; see National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 2006).

“The Changing Portrayal of Adolescents in the Media Since 1950” by Patrick Jamieson, Daniel Romer
from The Changing Portrayal of Adolescents in the Media Since 1950
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The best defense against online predators will always be vigilant parents and alert children.

“Law of the Internet, 4th Edition” by Delta & Matsuura
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For example, child predators have been targeted by investigations in which law enforcement officers pose as children in an attempt to lure predators to a certain location for an arrest.

“The Social History of Crime and Punishment in America: An Encyclopedia” by Wilbur R. Miller
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ABC News and Good Morning America aired a report titled “All Children Vulnerable to Online Predators” and included the following quote as a byline in its online version: “Authorities Say 1 in 5 Children Has Been Approached By Online Predators” (Muir, 2006).

“Social Computing: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Dasgupta, Subhasish
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“Sexual Exploitation of Children Over the Internet: The Face of a Child Predator and Other Issues: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, Second Session, September 26, 2006” by United States, Congress House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Staff, United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
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But protecting your children from ‘real­world’ predators is no longer good enough.

“Don't Film Yourself Having Sex” by Emma Sadleir
from Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex
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Protecting children from online predators: The use of covert investigation techniques by law enforcement.

“Sex Offender Laws: Failed Policies, New Directions” by Dr. Richard Wright
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  • I was sexually abused and I told a guy that I had known since grade school about it. He used it against me in an argument and told me that I wanted it and that my mom should have kicked me. He called me a sick a** B*tch I am disturbed.

  • i feel so bad for that last girl, what happened to her could technically be classified as a traumatic event, and to make it worse she then gets yelled at and lectured by her mom and two guys she doesn’t even know, claiming “you’re lucky to have a mother who loves you”. if she loved her that much she could have just said “you can get snapchat but just don’t add anyone you don’t know or i’ll beat your ass”, not scar your kid for life. i wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up with a fear/anxiety of talking to people and getting kidnapped. she’s probably paranoid and flinches like hell at loud noises too. why would her mom even get her the phone?

  • Oh it gets better, mulipiting these idoits mential illnessess gets pretty bad….I’m sure that he’s stealing our souls. I need to show you….You should be scared too….lol, The Tarrest reality revolves around everyone preciving his reality of me stealing their souls to get them to protect him…..How stupid can it get….Oh I’m convenced that’s reality…I’ll make it reality…See I wasn’t just scared. It was true…Oh no…..

  • I understand y’all are like you want your child to be safe and to know everything about them but this software or whatever that shows everything your child does on their phone is just too much-
    Like dude imagine your kid spying on everything you do. I don’t recommend this is like… really bad. Like what about privacy dude

  • Let me explain to you what led me to this video I was researching this topic because
    For anybody listening I have an Instagram and some strange things have been happening on my account I’ve had some strange people follow me and and send me a private message me they asked me if I’m single and then ask me personal questions like where do I live what state do I live in do I have any family members do I live alone mostly women and when you go to their Instagram pages there’s no pictures on their accounts no some of them do have pictures but they’re slightly pixelated as in it’s like they took a screenshot and then re-uploaded the photos and they only have a few photos on their account and some people will go through my account in like every single photo that I posted it’s bizarre and when I look add their account people that they are following they are all following each other let’s say I have 5 following me those people are all following each other they claim to be single in looking to hook up with somebody I went down this rabbit hole because I wanted to see what was going on and what I’m thinking is it’s part of sex trafficking and somebody is trying to kidnap me they asked me strange questions and I gave them fake information but the stuff they were asking me was questionable weird and strange and I’m still doing a ton of research I’m going to get to the bottom of this

  • Based on the title, I thought this would be about kids who passed some sort of assessment that indicated they were likely to be predators. I was confused yet highly intrigued…

  • Many parents are jealous coz paedophiles don’t want their kids as the latter are not good-looking. Kids look like the parents you see.

  • Never thought in a million years that my abuser is my father. I always felt super uncomfortable around him, i always tell my mom whenever he touches me in places where I know for damn well it’s fucking NOT OK I just feel so ahhahhh i don’t even know how I feel ���� I don’t even love my dad I would be very happy if they took him away…

  • God bless you Katy..pray for the little ones..it is evil y can happen to adults..but life after abuse is so awesome..keep going y don’t give up..God loves us����

  • Im all for teaching this kind of thing. Im here because i have a daughter i’d like to teach this stuff to. My only gripe is that Number 1 and 2 on that list. One is not something you can detect. And 2 is so nuanced that many actions that people without bad intentions could be misinterpreted as predator behaviour. It’s important to add that number 2 should be treated as a red flag. To make this something that puts you at a place of higher awareness and not be to quick to accuse people of helping you as a tactic of grooming. Just a thought. how could this be elaborated on further??

  • Hello, im cole and ime 11, I rilly thank you for this and make sure im safe online.
    Keep doing what your doing and again thank you.

  • I don’t get itI’m 11 and I have a online friend who is 13 we plan on meeting when I’m 13 and I always make sure they are who they say they are, I go on voice calls and face time calls.

  • One time I had a live stream because I really wanted subs but I didn’t know how and I didn’t understand what a pedo was and this guy, told me to open my mouth for 20 seconds. Didn’t understand at first but I count fast so saliva didn’t come out of my mouth and most of them wanted me to show my feet. I was glad to see some people helping me by warning me telling me that those people were wrong. I didn’t do livestreams because I was so scared

  • I would say: Omae wa mou shindeiru! SHADOW CLONE JUTSU after kicking them
    Ok….Ok….I will admit once I took the trash out and a guy said pt it in my golf cart but I could trust him (he worked at my apartment!) and hey! if your reading this! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • I’ve been groomed multiple times through my life by men and woman at young ages and growing up (I’m 18 now) no one knows about some it’s hard for me to talk about.

  • Is that was me I would decline his friend request and I do not friend random people on Snapchat I do have it but I only have the people I know on it and if strangers friend me on Snapchat I decline their friend request if they have no bit emoji then it’s sketchy they have a bit emoji less sketchy

  • I do think that the USA’s weirdly puritanical approach to sex hasn’t helped. Clearly this is extreme but the age of consent in the Netherlands is 12. Average age of a girl losing her virginity is 16/17. Age of consent in the USA is 18. Average age of virginity loss is about 13. You make prostitution illegal. And then put tweens onto TV and magazine covers and say that is ok to look at them. Wtaf did you think was gonna happen. You guys need to fix your shit up.

  • Okay I need advice plz. I always just have chosen to be with guys a couple years older because I just don’t like guys my age because they were always awkward with me.

    I’ve been binge watching so many videos like this AND…. ever since I was 15 I’ve talked to and dated guys that were 4 years older than me. I’m 17 now and my boyfriend was 20 when we started but now is 21. And my mom only thinks it’s an issue because he would be able to go to bars and stuff at this time but he doesn’t even drink so you can take that out of the equation…. Have I been getting “groomed” by all these guys? like are they just into me because I am mature and I’ve always been physically mature as well.

  • You can clearly see his urge towards the girl, they want to traumatise you. But since, pedophilia is justified they don’t take notice on they’re actions. It’s scary.

  • They should’ve done younger, so many men out there target young af girls. Pedophilia is literally so common over snap, and typical teen apps. This needs to stop.

  • I’m 10 and my neiboorhood isn’t a safe place for children to be since there isn’t a police station on 10s of miles so I had to adapt quickly when I was 6 a a creepy old man asked me to come into his van. I can’t believe 13 year olds still don’t about stranger danger

  • I think the spy app should be used for kids under 16, kids don’t have privacy cause there kids they don’t know any better, people who say kids should have there own privacy is kinda srupid

  • Every guardian of a child needs to talk with them about this very real reality! This seems especially dangerous as so many schools are virtual and some parents not home.

  • Me if I was still 9 in this situation:

    “You wanna pet the dog?”


    “You wanna feed him some treats? I have some in the car, let’s go get them together!”

    “Could you go get them your self?”

    “Wouldn’t it be more fun to go together?”

    “No, that’s weird..”

    “Come on, let’s go!”


    “I have more dogs in the car!”




    yes, that’s how it would probably go, or I just run away to my mom.

  • I feel uncomfortable about the website.. cuz I talk to my friends about personal stuff that’s going on and I already can’t trust my dad…

  • I got catfished like this when I was 14. Luckily my mom found out before I was able to make any serious moves…this stuff is sickening.

  • As a teen watching this, it has helped me think of safe ways to respond to predators, should I ever encounter any. Thanks, and I hope everyone stays safe.

  • Would schools need to get permission from Bark to communicate to parents about this video, encouraging them to watch it? And for those parents who don’t have access to the Internet but still want to see it, can DVD’s be burned by the schools and sent to them?

    I encourage every adult on here to contact their local School Board about this video and the issue of parental notification. You don’t have to have school-aged children or even children for that matter. These are our communities’ kids. These creeps are causing harm to our youth, even if their activities are confined to online. And who knows how many are actually active pedophiles. Regardless, they’re committing crimes against children and need to have their names, info and addresses published on the Sexual Predator Registry. I hope everyone checks their community Registry on a regular basis so you can see if you have registered predators in your neighborhood/area. Let’s all get involved in protecting our communities’ most precious and valuable asset, who are also our most vulnerable. Keep innocence alive.

  • I was groomed between 14 27. Imagine the horror when I learned I wasn’t just a fast girl. There was one man who infiltrated my social life and influenced others to prey on me. Ply me with sex and drugs until I was broken and suicidal. Ugh… one day I’ll be able to talk about this with someone. Still seems like a nightmare.

  • A few weeks ago I got Snapchat and I’m 11 almost 12 and a guy who said he was 12 started texting me and I replyed and he hadn’t said anything bad until he asked me to send pictures of myself in sexual ways and I told him no he got mad and called me a slut and asked again I blocked him and deleted Snapchat I wish I hadn’t because if I didn’t I could have showed my mother and maybe something could have gotten this guy in trouble..

  • Good Afternoon I am from South Africa and I hope this reaches anyone that was responsible for this documentary. We are getting women human trafficked in our country by a syndicate operations. There is a common number that has been contacting females in particular that is an 08713 number but the last digits change. this number is a voip number, therefore making use of the internet to make the calls, does not belong to a particular service provider in South Africa. The women that live to tell the story recount the number having called them numerous times before they were in any danger. this number gets access to your location/gps and does this by you picking up this call when it calls you. Once this is done they analyze and monitor your movement in your community and almost know where you will be at any given time thus giving them an opportunity to kidnap. PLEASE IF ANYONE sees this and can do something to help we re losing our young women through this!! HELP!!

  • Wow, I never knew it was that bad, they attracted predators so quickly, they his must stop, I wonder how many missing children get taken through these means. #saveourchildren

  • EVERYONE knows that they said “I want your tight body” so they didn’t get demonetized. Because I’m sure as hell every knee what he really said.

  • me being and over protective older sister of all my siblings. i would probably let them pet the dog, but i would not let them anywhere near the guy lol.

  • My current boss is doing this to me. From the day I met him I felt like he was a sexual deviant. I know this sounds crazy but I was sexually abuse by a few different people in my life. It’s almost like I can smell it. I am still working with him. I told him I think he is a sex offender. I’m 33 years old now. And if it wasn’t for this video I would probably have fell into something toxic. I met up with my old sex offender years ago and he tried to rub my thigh. I flipped out and he was the one shaking this time not me. He asked me what I wanted. I said I want god to forgive you cause you were fucking a child and clearly don’t know any better…

  • And if someone is spending way too much time trying to get to know you and help you even though you’re not doing the same for them? I think that’s alarming.. I mean, especially to the extend that it’s happening again right now.

  • That software is TERRIBBLE!!!! A RED FLAG OF CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATIVE PARENTS! You break all trust with your child when you…get that app. A phone is PRIVATE PROPERTY and NO PARENT should be going through childrens phones unless they have done something illegal, terrible or unsafe.

  • Oof. They just get yelled at and there phones taken away??
    I get a chanclaso, ass whopen, ANDD my mom would BREAK my phone with a ice hammer ;-;

  • This is such an important video;
    I was groomed online when I was aged 13-14 and this person did EVERYTHING for me; gave me money etc when I didn’t have any. Ended up in a rape case:((

  • Being a content creator where most of my viewers are underage, one of my fears are that some pervs will try to use my discord server. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Protect the children.

  • My step-dad has always been a very “weird” guy hes always talking about sex with me as a very young female (13) its really uncomfortable.

  • This is SO disgusting…am 11 years old, and watching this made me sick to my stomach.���� and FYI my dad showed this to me, to just explain to be careful on social media

  • i’ve had this incident happen multiple times..
    I’m a 14 year old, a freshman. I started an Instagram profile with a friend of mine, I’m currently into makeup and decided to post makeup posts online. I included my age, birthday and the school I went to. In 3 days I got a request from a 20 year old male. It started off like a simple conversation, my school life, family life and friends. I thought of him as an older friend as he often called me and helped me with my homework and helped me understand my lesson even more.

    It started off as a friendship, but slowly progressed into something more.. sexual.
    He asked me what my bra size was, asked me to show a picture of my body and eventually.. he sent me a picture of his d-ck..
    I was scared, what had I have gotten myself into? most importantly… how do I get out of it.
    This is when my life started to change.. My family had run into financial issues to the point where my parents would eat very less so my sister and I could eat.

    I talked about my families problem once to him and he told me to strip in front of him in a call inexchange of money.. I refused.
    He said.. ”fine, send me a photo of your body and I’ll leave you alone.” I did what he asked.
    He stopped messaging me and I thought I was free. I reported his account, showed proof and deleted my account.
    I used a fake last name in my Instagram account so, he wouldn’t find out my true identity..

  • Why would there be so many hands down??? This is wonderful that your team is doing this!!! God bless you all for the one child that you do save. May God lead you to all of these pedophiles out there.

  • this is why kids don’t need cell phones! or to be online all day unsupervised. It’s time for everybody to go back to their roots and re-discover the Great big outdoors. The quickest way to solve the problem and keep your kids safe is throw their phones in the trash. and make sure you know exactly what they’re doing when on the computer. my 9 year old was Targeted and the adult male found out where we lived… she wasn’t happy about loosing the cell phone but understood it was for the best. It takes years to build wisdom and Street smarts The older they get the better prepared they will be. Until then kids have no business having sell phones, unlimited online access or unsupervised online access until they are at least old enough to drive. at least by then They should be smart enough to spot BS or danger.

  • I’m still healing from this. Groomed by my middle school Teacher, eventually married him, then divorced him when I realized I had been groomed. He still stalks me until this day, and I when I finally reported himthe situation just escalated. I’m so exhausted. Your videos have helped me in my healing journey so much. I would be so lost without them.

  • sometimes i wish they go 1 step further and actually kidnapp them in a van and go meet up with the parents.
    But then it’d scarr the hell outta them.

  • I know this is video is kind of old but I am 12 years old and I think a person from my own family is trying to groom me..I am scared to tell anyone because I feel like I might get in trouble..

  • I recommend children who are young to close their DMs and use. A private account and let only friends comment. That’s better and youll be safer.

  • My girlfriend, The woman i fell in love with was molested by her best friend (a woman). I wanted justice. She manipulated her. To a point where when i confronted her about what she did, my gf broke up with me. This was a few years ago….it still hurts

  • Did this happen to me with a medical professional who is helping me? First time I saw him, he fondled my thigh and inner thigh for two minutes during medical conversation. Next conversation minutes later, he grabbed my hip and traced his finger down my inner thigh almost to my knee. Then we stared at each other. Also he saw me next time and is acting very nice but he says I’m really anxious. He went out of his way to help me with something. I asked another doctor to help me with the same thing, and they said no way. Could this all be grooming? Maybe someone knows? It’s on my mind a lot. And I can’t tell anyone except a few close family who dont understand.

  • I’m an eighteen year old dude, and I feel like my male coworker (who is 20+ years older than me) might be trying to groom me. I’m really quiet and reserved, and I think I come off as innocent and naive. It wouldn’t be the first time a guy older than me has tried to manipulate and groom me. He’s been messaging me on Facebook and hitting on me, despite me kindly telling him that I’m straight. I’m really uncomfortable.

  • I haven’t told anyone this but my aunts new boyfriend gives me a weird feeling/ red flags. He hasn’t really done anything but he always tries to sit really close to me at any family get togethers and is always staring at me. It’s really weird and makes me feel super uncomfortable. He hasn’t done anything but I don’t want to wait to see if he will. Am I being ridiculous or should I trust my gut? I don’t want to tell any of my family because they all seem to think he is such an amazing guy. Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do?

  • This is so funny, when they played that song they threw him to the ground and poured flour all over him and when they tossed him out, I thought they were gonna fight. This vid made me laugh

  • I was raped by my sister’s step brother. I was 22 and he was 28. Right under their nose and he went away thinking he got away with it, pretending that everything was fine. The secrecy thing is VERY important. TELL EVERYONE, ANYONE WHAT’S HAPPENING TO YOU. The a**hole will make up stories and imply you’re crazy and in love with them or something. IT DOES NOT MATTER. Just make sure they never come next to you or your family. They are ill in their head, no one normal would do that to people that trust them. IT IS INTENTIONAL, don’t delude yourself into thinking it wasn’t. THEY WANTED AND PREMEDITATED IT. Don’t fight them. Just get them away from you and your family, cause they might target someone else whilst abusing you.
    They DO NOT LOVE YOU. They abuse you. THEY ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE. No matter what they say.
    Just get out of it. Forever.

  • This friend of mine has known my son since his birth. I recently told him to stay away. Red flags were popping up and I didn’t want to takes risks. Buying him gifts, non stop attention and affection and asking to go on walks alone with him. My son is only 2, I’d rather lose a friend then traumatize my boy.

  • My daughter is growing, she is starting to become a young lady and now I’m getting scared of this happening to her. I told my wife to watch her even more around her uncle which is my wife’s brother. I have a feeling about him I just don’t trust.

  • This is right, the only way to prevent it is if parents talk with their kids and the kids trust them.
    As for the uploader…it may give you more clicks, but please stay with the truth, she posed as a 15yo girl. Same goes to every comments about the 11yo…they never watched the video.

  • We’re fully supporting this campaign and hope others do to https://ghqmagazine.com/watch-to-see-an-undercover-child-come-face-to-face-with-a-predator-who-contacted-her-online/

  • You parents out there need to stop being such a f**** f*** and stop just stop your child probably lost all of his trust in you because ofI know you’re trying to look out for your child and everything but this is just too freaking far

  • I feel bad for the kids who actually went lets take the time to appreciate this channel for doing this because what woukdve happened to those kids if they didnt learn from this

  • On Instagram, I got talking to a guy from Nigeria (I’m from the UK). I didn’t want to assume anything cause I try and see the good in people rather than the bad. But then he wanted ti face chat. I said no for two reasons.
    1. Cause wtf I don’t know you
    2. I’m really shy

    I brushed his suggestion off again and again just thinking it was natural. I let him voice call once and he said “don’t be shy”. The alarm bells started ringing in my head and I block him and all his friends on Insta. He could’ve just been reassuring me, but my other friends have never said that.

    Some people think shyness is a bad trait to have, that it stops you doing things you love. And it does (sometimes) but it also stops you doing bad things too! I’m way too shy to have a face conversation with someone I don’t know. Male or female. So if you are shy, that’s something to be happy about; it can stop you making stupid decisions.:)

  • I’m actually disgusted I thought this type of social experiment was for a good cause like catching dangerous people, however this seemed to me like the girl was making that guy feel really awkward and then you tried to start a fight with him like what the actual f*ck?! Honestly I think it would be great for you to help the authorities catch possible predators but just trying to make fun of and hurt other people to please yourself is no worse than whatever that man was hoping to do to that girl

  • The problem I have hearing this sort of story is that less and less I want to be nice. You either get exploited while trying to help or falsely accused of being nice in a manipulative way, there seems to be no way to win sometimes. I guess in the end I can trust my conscience in knowing what I do is right and let people decide if /they/ trust me or not.

  • ok the predators are disgusting but, who lets a 12 and down do social media? im probably a karen but i wouldnt let my child use sc or ig except if its tiktok like-

    yes and i do know a 13 or up still go through it but dont they learn the dangers in sm

  • Finally someone says this at the beginning!!! I’ve been trying to tell people this for a long time. Everyone can be groomed!!! Not just kids.

  • Churches are the hot spots for sexual predators coz it’s here everybody’s guards are down. Most shockingly pastors, priests, elders, youth leaders are the most covert sexual predators one could ever come across. Speak to God directly folks no need for any man to mediate between God and man.

  • I’m in this situation right now�� I’m 23 pregnant, the father absent, and have no one else to turn to for help. This 64yr old man tricked me into believing he was genuinely a nice guy and just wanted to help, knowing dang well my family isn’t supportive and the father of my child gone. Since he dropped the love bomb (sorta speak) on me last month and founding out more about his past, out of fear I ghosted him and now he thinks I’m mad at him. I want to have some closure and tell him I’m not mad, I’m just so uncomfortable to be around him. I also want to tell him I don’t have any sexual or romantic feelings for him, and that him and I never stood a chance, he’s waay too old for me by a 43 yr age gap(that’s almost half a century)
    I just wanna be straight up blunt with him and tell him like it is because all of this is causing me stress but I can’t �� he’s a murderer that got out of prison not that long ago.
    I’m stuck and don’t know what to do, if I keep ignoring him he might get angry get drunk and show up on my door step. If I tell him I don’t have any feelings for him, he might accuse me of leading him on and then get drunk, show up and hurt me out of revenge like he did the last person.

  • This happens in Religious cults all the time. I was part of one for years. Sometimes the leaders secretly do this but openly teach the congregation to follow the laws of the land.. grudgingly.

  • Hey dude you all need to hire this great hacker, helped me recover my grandma history on snap and access into it, I’m so happy I met you sir.��

  • I’ve recently had some memories resurface about my grandmother. And I’ve been struggling with the memories and feelings the past several months. I see a therapist but I don’t feel like she’s taking it as seriously as she should.:( this video helped me feel less alone. Thank you��

  • When I was 14 I did community service for high school and the volunteer coordinator was this 40 year old man. He kept asking me if I wanted to use the computer in the office during my break and he would offer me rides home. I thought he was being friendly. Luckily I never went to his office or accepted a ride. He sat down with me when I was eating a snack and asked me if I was dating anyone. He then asked me if I knew how “cute” I was. I got creeped out and never went back. I had to complete my volunteer work at another place. Never told my parents. I had other old men hit on me too, but that was the only “grooming” incident i experienced from someone I trusted

  • I have one problem with this information. You say “us” like its only women that go through this. 2 of my cousins were groomed and raped at a young age. It can happen to ANYONE. So be careful out there people. Careful who you trust.

  • Every time a telemarketer calls me I act like I don’t know what I’m talkin about and act like a young teenager. I’m probably about 20 guys I have been almost very pretty 13 year old and would love to see me.

  • I can’t tell if this guy is grooming me but I’ll tell you guys my story. I am an 11 year old girl and this one guy who is 18 and knows my age always acts all nice to me and like he’s admitted to having sexual feelings for me but like he said he wanted to marry me and loved me and stuff and to me it’s normal but like I can’t really tell if he’s trying to kidnap me or something (EDIT: he has mentioned before that he will never force me to do anything)

  • Thank you do much for spreading awareness.More needs to be done to keep all children safe. You are saving a precious life by helping others to be aware.Thank you

  • 1. Identify the victim
    2. Gaining trust or access
    3. Becoming important to the child
    (Gift giving, helping, favors)
    4. Isolating you (ride given, meeting up)
    5. Secretcy about the relationship
    6. Sexualizing the relationship (hug, rubbing back and to extent of sexual
    7. Controlling the relationship

  • I hawe an internet friend who is following these steps. He or she contacted me trought a channel where sad people met and talked about stuff. So he were friendly, and we both played the same game. One i told them i were doing math and he/she said they could help me whit that. Dose this Count as grooming or just being friendly?

  • It’s not healthy scaring parents away from other relatives ��even an arm around them could be dangerous. This content is not helpful for families. Now clearly sexual abuse happens but making it an event like this actually becomes counterproductive because the state of paranoia developed caused problems amongst families.

  • Oh my fucking god, this is horrifying. The amount of predators around that do this. How do they not understand that what they’re doing is so terrible. My heart was pounding the whole time.

  • If I were on that playground and that dude approached me, I’d say that I’m just allergic to dogs. I’m not lying, I’m allergic to dander.

  • i know this is old, but was i groomed? i was in a ‘relationship’ with a 19 year old at nine but i said i was older. she had sexually suggestive conversations with me and i fed into them. she threatened to kill herself when i tried to break up with her. was it my fault?

  • honestly i would swear my life oug on him then slam him onto the top of the structrue i dont play games idc if u have dogs i wont play them stupidity

  • I was groomed for my whole childhood. Anyone have tips for rewriting the personality that I have formed out of trauma?:( I am in therapy but it isn’t going well even though it is my fifth therapist i’ve tried

  • I used fear to raise my kids. It sounds cruel but my friend I knew growing up was killed by a pedophile. My friends murder has affected me. I let my kids know if you go with that person you will DIE never let your guard down.

  • I personally don’t have children, but I would GLADLY pay 100/year for this! I’m actually thinking about being it for my nephews and nieces…
    BRAVO for your hard work @Bark!

  • Smart kids! I am so happy to see so many parents teaching their kids what to do in situations like this. I love the two girls who saw the two other children walking away with the man and immediately ran for help. That was beautiful! <3

  • This is just giving me even more trust issues and much worse anxiety than I already have.

    I already have severe anxiety and major trust issues with my mom and grandparents, so now I’ll just break my phone and live a happy little life sitting in the corner talking to myself:)

  • The GOP has i kid u not the Highest Concentration of CONVICTED PEDOPHILES and WIFE BEATING RAPISTS.

  • Its a shame that these kids would probably not react the same if tricked by a female predator or a predator with an accompanying child. We should just execute predators instead. That seems like the most reasonable solution.

  • This is a real story…

    My sister missed her buss so someone asked if she wanted a ride to school and she said…

    Yes and then thankfully the people drove her to school like I swear to goddd.

  • You can explain this to kids all you want, and some will do what their parents tell them some of the time. Sometimes they won’t. The best thing is for parents to always be paying attention, or have someone else paying attention when they aren’t. I am so glad I’m not a parent. I’d never be relaxed. When I was a nanny I didn’t like random people getting too close. If they did seem friendly it was hard for me to buy it.

  • Strapped naked to a tree and given a public caning with bamboo should do the trick.
    I think around 50 lashings with a one minute wait time between each one would do wonders for these sick ass pedos.
    Keep in mind, if they pass out, you wait till they wake back up and start again.
    Jail and registration don’t work, so perhaps its time to try something that is used in foreign country’s.
    Oh yeah, make them say
    “” thank you sir may i have another “” in between each crack of the cane

  • I am 14 years old and have a deep voice for a 14-year-old it actually doesn’t sound like a old man. I didn’t realized that my voice sounded like that my friends telled me and have thought I’m a pedophile until i video chat with them. Now I’m afraid to talk to someone or text. It sucks having sometimes a deep voice.)

  • If 80% of what she’s talking about (specially at the beginning) is enough to make you a predator, then I just realized I’m a predator. The groomer-predator, hummmmm, that sounds like a great villain name. What a sad pathetic society we have become, and all just to protect women’s sensitivities of getting angry about the natural fact that men likes young girls. Oh well, I guess now I go and find the video: “7 Signs that You are Having Sex with a Gold Digger”; I’m gonna watch those videos to act better so the money predator believes she is getting my money thanks to her predator 7 tactics. She is happy; I am happy. We both win, I just have to make sure to act naively and not show that I am also wining. When I’m ready to dump her ass, I just act like a victim and tell her some shit like: ��”booo hooo, you have been having sex with me only because I can give you money and stuff, boo hoo hoo”

  • I do not think predatory grooming is just sexual in nature. A predator may groom a younger individual (a child, a younger adult) to achieve emotional/psychological satisfaction, without realizing the harmful effects on the younger person. There is no healthy relationship between a 50 year old and a 20 year old individual, without having some predatory benefits involved.

  • 6:09 i just really do feel like i brought it upon myself, because i shouldve listened to everyone around me and sometimes even my own doubts about that person. Its just really hard to see that it’s not my fault.. but i didn’t ask for it, and he lied about everything, so.

  • Me and my mum always tell my little brother and sister to not talk to strangers and to never go away with them. I already know if a stranger went up to them and asked them to come with the stranger they would. My little brother and sister are just dumb as hell. Like my mum was talking to them about Stanger danger and never talk to them and my brother sees a stranger and says hi straight away. Like his going to be kidnapped first������

  • my mom kept saying to be careful who i talk to in social media, it sunk in my mind deeper and deeper everytime she kept saying it.. So when i was a preteen i already know who i should avoid and who is a creep.

  • Keep up the strong work you guys… those contacting a young girl, should be jailed…Period. I agree with the comment, that those who DISLIKE are damaged humans… Let’s hope your video scares them to stay straight; and protect kids and keep demons out of the jails to make space for real criminals

  • I’ve found myself in a situation where I don’t know how to feel. Looking back to when I was a kid, I now realize that I may have been groomed but ended things before anything happened. Even with these strong feelings, I still don’t feel comfortable calling it grooming because of these circumstances.

    1) Can grooming occur between two children who are three years apart

    2) Can grooming occur if nothing physically sexual happened, but a victim was still frequently presented with very sexual ideas at a young age

    3) Can grooming be unintentional

    I have a therapist, but I don’t want to say anything because I’m a teenager now and I don’t want to be seen as dramatic over nothing. I’ve been accompanied to the idea of grooming over time, but it really did seem innocent at first..

  • I asked my cousin what to do in the situation and he said that he would only go if they offered him v-bucks so I had to talk to him for about an hour and explained to him not to:)

  • Hang on…. Is someone taking the piss here, You can clearly see the guy is a nonce!!! No one should need to be told!! It is written in the beasts eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i always know Facebook will be a problem later on as the years go by because you don’t know who the hell is talking to you it could be your next door neighbour or someone just down the road and most of all it can be someone on the Outher Side of the world you never know because you can’t see there face it’s the same thing when you go on those dating sites how do you know if it’s the right person you talking to because you can’t see there face and like I said before i knew Facebook wil become a huge problem as the years go by no matter how old you are.

  • Overprotective parents:

    Think they’re helping, but sometimes they ruin your life

    Dont get me wrong, some situations it’s okay to say, no you can’t go there, or, no you can’t do that, but let your kid be a kid, like damn, just bc ur a lonely saggy ass bitch doesn’t mean you can keep me from having a life. Suck it up grandma ��

  • Who would have thought that the best strategy is to have a close open relationship with your own children.. I thought you were supposed to trust the adult neighbor who mowed your lawn and got your paper while you were out of town so now he wants to take your two boys to his rape cabin for the weekend.. and you tell them to do everything he tells you to do and if I hear you didn’t I’m going to send you off to Father Hanrahan for a confession and to set your little buts straight..

  • There is a child predator in our school ( my sis goes to that same school). What do we do? Do we need evidence to report him? I don’t know what to do. We already told the teacher and my parents and my mom called but they haven’t done anything.

  • Is this Morgan Falls Park? It’s in GA And I’ve been there before, and I remember that a dude came up to me and tried to take me in the middle of the park. I was about five, and kicked him in his shin! XD

  • My brother and my step dad touched and forced me to take my clothes off for them to stare they showed me porn vids i told my mom she said “you liked it” “i should get you in trouble for not doing anything” eeeeghhh

  • Do u think he got what he deserved nah I don’t think he got what he deserved I think u should have beat the living shit out of that guy

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  • Someone introduce Benjamin to me when I needed to snoop my wife chat activities. He deliver an outstanding result.
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  • Someone introduce Benjamin to me when I needed to snoop my wife chat activities. He deliver an outstanding result.
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