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Yes, at about the same rate as they always had. Variety is a plus: When schools offered more kinds of fruit, kids were significantly more likely to take some as part of their lunch. More veggies down the hatch: After the standards changed, kids didn’t put as many vegetables on their lunch plates. 60 Healthy Lunches for Kids Caroline Stanko Updated: Aug. 19, 2019 Feel good about the items you’re adding to your kiddo’s lunchbox with these healthy lunches for kids.

Crafting balanced lunches at home allows you to encourage your little one to make better choices: After all, further research shows that establishing healthy eating habits in our youth impacts our dietary habits later on in life. Whether you’re looking for meat-based meals, vegetarian and vegan options, or suitable snacks, here are healthy school lunch ideas for your children. 13 Healthy, Easy Lunch Ideas For Kids. We promise they won’t hate them.

By Sienna Livermore. May 28, 2020 Pack your kids this for lunch and you’ll be the most popular mom in school. Making healthy foods ahead of time for lunch is one of the best ways to ensure our kids are eating well throughout the week—and that we’re not scrambling for lunch when everyone is hungry. These recipes are great to meal prep and they can be served to toddlers and big kids alike.

Get ideas for easy, healthy kids’ lunches from Food Network. Underutilized as a sandwich spread, veggie-spiked hummus is a super-flavorful and nutritious addition to turkey on a whole-wheat bagel. A healthy vegan Asian rice salad with plenty of vegetables is a fabulous way to give vegan kids a boost of energy at lunchtime. Brown rice is full of protein and fiber, and kids love the crunchy texture and sweet and sour flavors. 03 of 50.

These easy family lunch ideas are quick to prepare and will satisfy kids and parents alike. They’re great for at-home or in-person for school and work this fall. Everybody at the table was a happy camper. —Katie Mitschelen, La Porte, Indiana. Get Recipe. 45 / 50.

Taste of Home. Healthy Lunch Ideas: Turkey roll ups w/ string cheese and fruit. @erinsteague; Turkey rolls (no bread) with fresh fruit and crackers instead of chips. @dlizziebeth; Yogurt, cheese stick, ham and cheese sandwich. @janellehutto; Make a rotisserie chicken in the instant pot at the beginning of the week. @a_beritriley.

List of related literature:

If one child likes pizzas and burgers, the other will usually prefer fresh vegetables and low calorie health food.Yes, there are kids like that!

“Love A Little Stronger” by Preeti Shenoy,
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A healthy second lunch is particularly important for kids who eat poorly at school.

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Kids will still have access to unhealthy snacks when they’re outside the home, but if you provide them with some of the following healthy options, they’ll start making better choices most of the time:

“Living Vegan For Dummies” by Alexandra Jamieson
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A packed lunch should contain foods the child likes and that do not require refrigeration (even if a refrigerator is available, the child is likely to forget to put the lunch in it).

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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I also saw much high quality, nutritional food go to waste; parents would pack fresh fruit and vegetables in their children’s lunch box and the students would throw it away.

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If children bring their lunch from home recommendations for what constitutes a healthy lunch should be provided by the Pediatrician.

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One occasion where healthy food is an important consideration is a child’s lunch box.

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Most parents give their children a packed lunch as most school dinner systems are only able to offer a limited choice of foods and are not usually able to prepare special dishes from low protein flour mixes.

“Clinical Paediatric Dietetics” by Vanessa Shaw, Margaret Lawson
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The following lunch box menus are designed for your child to eat either at home or to take with them to day care or school (the afternoon snack is there for consumption during long day care or after school).

“The Eczema Diet: Eczema-safe food to stop the itch and prevent eczema for life” by Karen Fischer
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A healthy lunch is all fine and good—but no use at all to Little Timmy if he gets shot to death on the way to school.

“Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook” by Anthony Bourdain
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  • Or you could give the kid real food like a ham or turkey breast sandwich kids need meat to grow they shouldn’t be forced to be vegan because the parents are dumb and vegan I’m not opposed to going vegetarian one or two nights a week but not 24/7 365

  • I take a wrap and spread hummus on it, then top that with spinach, red pepper, cucumber, and peperoncinos. I roll it up and slice it in 3 pieces and put it in a container with an ice pack insert to keep it fresh. It’s delicious.: 0 ) I also do a pasta salad with a ton of veggies. I make one batch and it lasts the week.

  • My husband is a huge grilled cheese fan, so we usually wait for him to be home for grilled cheese. But the girls sometimes do cheese quesadillas or cheesy roll ups for lunches.

  • I love how down to earth you are! You are such a good Mama! I know how hard it can be to keep up with our Motherly work, the constant planning, the unknowns of what the day brings and just finding time to kick your feet up! I appreciate your videos and how simple and graceful you are! We have the most important job in the entire world and you are doing such an awesome job! Thank you for all of your ideas! ��

  • I’d love to see a video comparing the sizes of our items available in the US to other countries. all of the Pita bread I have ever seen here is at least four times that size.

  • I started slicing sandwiches diagonally years ago when I was a preschool teacher. One of the parents of kids I taught pointed out that if you slice diagonally, and the child doesn’t want the crust, that they eat more of the sandwich and less is wasted by cutting them into triangles instead of rectangles. So ever since then, I always do diagonal!

  • Over night oats with seeds and chocolate date sauce for a treat for the kids.
    What I did for my best friends kid at times I would take a for he liked and made it vegan. I liked the vegan mac n cheese that I made but some times kids don’t like every thing that you make them. Do you make salads for them? Vegan parfaits, protein pancakes and quinoa bowls. They might like that stuff too!

  • Can’t believe some schools don’t let any of the other students take in something because some are allergic to it. When i went to primary school, there was people with allergies including a guy with a bad nut allergy and chocolate allergy but the rest of us were still allowed nuts/chocolates in our lunch bags!

  • lol im the same with slicing grilled cheese:P and then cut it the other way for any other sandwich hahaha never noticed that one!:P

  • What I like to take for a little treat is yoghurt, grated apple and cinnamon. It tastes great, has fresh fruit, no refined sugar… love it! ^-^

  • My new favourite channel. your positivity is infectious! I find myself smiling throughout the videos! thanks for the inspiration guys!:)

  • I would prefer looking into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for your family! It’s affordable, healthy and helps the environment. I myself am a vegetarian and I’m not as guilty whenever I eat a meal now. However, a vegan lifestyle is super super healthy! It still provides enough protein and calcium into your family’s diet without the killed animals. Hope this helps, good luck!

  • chia crackers with cherry tomato salsa
    pitta with hummus and sugar snap peas
    small banana with date caramel
    flask of leek an potato soup (soup maker 25 mins) added for older ones and me:)

  • I want to be your daughter!!!!!!! hahaha
    I love peanut butter stuffed dates, but never tried tahini stuffed dates.. gotta try now!

  • When i started school the food was fucking disgusting so now i have bento boxes everyday. Basically because i LOVE japanese food and suchi and japan overall XD

  • Sorry but not happening with my kids. all the nuts, tahini…the real problem with kids is that they see what the others have and they will not eat what they have. Kids may eat all this at home but this does not mean they will eat this at school. And the pita will get dry real fast and they do not eat it. It’s all about presentation and making sure the temperature and moistness is under controll. Not to forget fun. if your kids smile opening the luchbox the chance that they will eat it is so much bigger… yes I have two boys and yes they are picky eaters and yes I work hard to make school lunchbox healthy, delicious and fun for them. Will stop now. thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you both!! Love all the recipes you post as they’re simple, fuss-free and delicious!! Lately, we’ve been toasting sunflower seeds on a hot pan and drizzling with soya sauce as you take pan off the heat. the seeds get lightly covered with yummy salty flavour and once cooled can then be popped in a small container and into a lunch box as a snack. we love them, even the younger, fussier kids! happy days!!

  • Hello,
    I bake my own bread with sour-dough (sauerteig) and spread either butter and honey or tahin and honey. They also love it with a slice of gruyere. Here in Berlin we have somthing called “Apfekkraut” which is a melaza made out of applejuice. My kids love it, specially mixed with home-made wallnut butter. I always slice up a fruit of the season and put it in as a little extra treat.
    best wishes

  • What do you think of oils?? Do you suggest them. I know in the happy heart class you talk about oils. If so what oils do you choose??

  • I’m disappointed because this isn’t gluten free with the wheat tortillas. I know others have made comments, but you could change the title for those of us who specifically search for gluten free for health reasons.

  • How do you store these amazing recipes? Like the crackers, where would you put them and how long would they last? Or what about the pumpkins muffins/waffle sticks/egg muffins?

  • Hi Julie, great video. My little boy would definitely love the fruit salad the most but everything looked lovely. I wanted to take the time to thank you. I’ve been following you since Wesley was just born and you introduced me to the idea of homeschooling. I love how you get to spend so much time with your kids. They seem so happy. So I took the plunge and decided to homeschool my little boy who is due to start school in September. Thank you for letting me get a glimpse of how homeschooling can benefit our kids. I can’t wait to get started x

  • I have been looking at monbento on Amazon for about a while now. I wanted to see both sizes side by side comparison. Now I have. Thanks to your wonderful video. Thanks again. I just ordered both.

  • Good idea. Perfect for back To school. Meal prep for easy family week diner would be great.
    Also one for sporty people. Healthy pack with proteins.
    Thank you for your video ❤

  • My kids would pick your peanut butter, chocolate chip sandwiches forsure! ��I also cut all our sandwiches diagonally no matter what kinda sandwhiches we have, sometimes in four to change it up lol:)

  • That peanut butter mix looks so yummy! My kids would really enjoy that. Do you just kinda eyeball everything or do you try to measure?

  • I do that with grilled cheese too! �� The trick that works for me is scraping some of the burnt top off with a butter knife or spatula and sometimes adding a bit of butter back on. Kids have no idea.:) i also use the ends of the bread and flip them inward so the “heel” part is touching the cheese. �� Great ideas, especially the granola bowl and the snack lunch!:) �� I have a 1, 4, 6, 8, and 10 year old right now!

  • Grilled cheese i cut diagonally into quarters. I do pb sandwiches just in half no diagonal. And my kids arr picky eaters so they dont do lunch meat on sandwiches. They will eat both bread and certain linch meat just not touching. I think my kids would like the cheese, cracker, and linch meat plate. I do that quite often for them for lunch and dinner.

  • Always love your meal ideas for the kids ��xx I think my kids would definitely choose the fruit yoghurt and you can never go wrong with grilled cheese sandwiches ��

  • Really good ideas for work, especially for my boyfriend who is a bit picky with food!! Loved those lunch boxes. But girl mustard and red vinegar on greek salad? we don’t really do that! Keep up the good work and thank you for the content!

  • My 2 and 8 year old would like the yogurt meal best. My 8 year old also eats leftovers best of all my kids. He and I tend to be the only ones that enjoy leftovers. My 7 year old would like thevham sandwich lunch best. My 4 year old and 2 year old would also like the snacky lunch.

  • Watching this made me hungry:))) I love the granola with yogurt and berries! I eat that regularly as well. Or I make homemade raspberries jam on toast:D

  • I’m 22 two I’ll probably make some of these for my own college lunches �� Your kids are really lucky to have parents that are so tuned in to healthy eating!

  • I think mine would like snack lunch best! I would have to say the yogurt and fruit for me. May have that for lunch today! So yummy

  • Teach your kids how to use a knife properly, oh wait you don’t know how to use one either. I won’t be surprised if one of your kids get some finger kabab in there bento box

  • Nice one lads. Some crackin ideas there. Shared on facebook. You’ve just helped me with the dreaded “what to put in the lunchbox that’s healthy and will get eaten” challenge with a few things. Cheers

  • I always do vertical regardless of the sandwich type. My hubby does it diagonal. ��‍♀️ One of my toddlers favourites lunches is the finger food lunch(we call it Smorgasbord!)

  • The biggest reason people give for eating healthy is the cost. But if you’re spending more money on healthy food, you’re spending less money on junk food.

  • Haha I slice our grilled cheese sandwiches diagonally too and all the other sandwiches top to bottom. My kids love when I make them personal pizzas for lunch: English muffins sliced in half, pizza sauce spread on them, grated cheese (usually whatever cheese I have on hand), and pepperoni. Super easy and delicious.

  • Please do not encourage people to bring hard bouled eggs, or fish, to work or school. It is inconsiderate, as both have very strong, vile odors. Bringing any strong smelling food into school or work is unfair to those who are in the building.

  • We love taquitos with salsa and sour creme!! We also do a snacky lunch often with cheese and crackers, fruit and veggies. I agree, you never know how much your kids will eat��

  • Hi guys! Make sure to watch until the end to see our bloopers ha! �� If you’d like to see more bento box ideas in the future, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment with what you’d like to see in the next video! xo Lisa

  • I’m so amazed! I just found you and I’ve been watching video after video. I’ve subscribed to your emails yay! & I just read your bio… I’m in Auckland and was so WOWED about the fact that you were born here! Haha what are the odds??
    So happy to have found your channel. Loving it

  • Great video! I love preparing lunches when we’re all at home! Such a nice way to stop and take a break together or ‘reset’ the day if needed. So many delicious lunch options! Thanks for sharing. ��

  • “12 to 14 minutes”… For hard boiled eggs? Are you intending they be used as some sort of projectile, because they’ll certainly be hard enough

  • I love this but I would replace the peanuts w something else bc most schools don’t allow peanuts and I’m allergic but liked everything else

  • I got almost everything I needed to make these and my local grocery store didn’t have pine nuts. They said Italy wasn’t sending them. Where did you find them?

  • Okay so I made the mini egg muffins last night. TIP: DO NOT USE THE FOIL OR PAPER MUFFIN LINERS!!! I should have just pored into my pan with the cooking spray like you did. The egg stuck to the foil liners. Just on the bottom, not a total fail but still Delicious! The halved grape tomato on the top made all the more fancy!

  • i love this!:D I love those cardboard ones:D:D great ideas…would definitely use some at uni! I encourage my little brother to do his lunch as I do mine so we can both be healthy!

  • for the other container on the tuna salad sandwich one 9:45 what if you dont like cantaloupe or honeydew what are some great substitutes for it?

  • I always have a problem when I meal prep. My veggies tend to get watery/mushy? Same for fruit. I would love to try the melon salad but I’m afraid it wouldn’t last long. Any tips for storing your food?

  • Thank you very much for this. I have cellaic disease and as a college student it’s hard to find gluten free options at school sometimes. But no I will be using all your tools to help me make these easy and affordable snacks! I enjoyed this video:)

  • You guys are terrific! My kids love black bean soup with brown rice for lunch, and red bell peppers with hummus. They also like the twang of olives and pickles. Haven’t tried tahini with them, but this inspires me. Thanks!

  • I looooooooove this video for many obvious reasons: great helpers, beautiful Bento boxes, colorful, delicious and healthy recipes ideas. Thanks soooooo much!

  • I ordered my daughter and I some Bento boxes, can’t wait to receive them!!! And I love the lunch ideas, will be trying all of them!!

  • I love your recipes, Thank you very much for the amazing videos in your channel. You are really helpful for many people who wanna change life style

  • So weird that people can’t eat peanuts in a school if there are some kids with allergies. They will not get sick by seeing peanuts, only by eating them.

  • after a day or two of them kicking up and refusing to eat it…they will get hungry and eat it! people who say Oh theyl only eat chips…if that isn’t an option they won’t starve

  • Wow amazing fantastic video. Thanks soo much. Many ingredients aren’t available here in our country but the ideas are nonetheless precious!

  • Your helper are so cute, something difference on today video. thanks for your bento box idea, your video quality content is always good. I am your fans in Malaysia ��

  • My son boycotted McDonalds on his own at the age of 10 and encouraged his friends to do the same. Now 16 he’s started on the junk food train…He know about proper nutrition as he has been taught from a young age, any suggestions to turn him around? Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome! Hi from Canada.

  • How can these things be so cheap? Like the melons should be at least more than a dollar. Not criticizing just pointing something out

  • Loved this video! I will definitely be trying some of these lunch ideas! One question: can each of these keep in the fridge for 4-5 days?

  • Hi Julie. Love your videos. I’m pregnant with my first baby and plan on staying home. You’re an inspiration as a mom and I love your ideas!

  • This was great! Thanks for sharing! Come by my channel sometime and check out my 60 second hummus recipe. Much ❤ from Vancouver ��

  • Do you have a pesto recipe for people with nut allergies? Also love that you included your niece and nephew, this was so fun to watch!

  • That’s so fantastic ideas for lunchtime!! Here, in Peru, there is a similar chip, but we call its “chifles” and it is made with green bananas.

  • That whole wheat tortilla is definitely not gluten free!!! Please be more careful in future videos. Even the smallest amount of gluten is very very harmful for celiacs.

  • The editing was so entertaining! I like how the ingredients were listed and we could watch the process, rather than have a lengthy explanation. ��

  • Great ideas, I love your ideas and videos. My concern though is how are they only $1 boxes? Grapes here in Jax FL are like $3 a pound. 8 oz of cream cheese is.88 cents alone. Any fruits n veggies are not that cheap.

  • Yummy to it all! My kids would definitely love the grilled cheese the best but I would love the yogurt bowls the best cause that homemade granola looks awesome!��

  • The second lunch was the best ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������☕️������

  • First 2 minutes are pure advertisement for the box….and the prices for the boxes are ridiculous. Can get boxes just as effective and safe as that for about 25% of the price!

  • The title of the video says “cheap and healthy gluten free recipes!” Whole wheat tortillas aren’t gluten free, and aren’t an “affordable ingredient” like you specify in the video. Same with getting certified gluten free oats. If you’re going to make a gluten free video, then make one. Go out and try to find affordable gluten free tortillas, or make a recipe to share. You didn’t even specify in your “gluten free” video that an ingredient you were using wasn’t gluten free. What if someone who doesn’t know what gluten is was trying to find ideas for what to make for a gluten free friend, and they clicked on your video to get ideas? They’re not going to know any better. They’ll probably assume you know what you’re talking about. You should probably change the title on your video.

  • I am a huge fan of your channel. Thanks for all your amazing videos. I just finished making the mini quiches and am wondering if they will do well frozen? I’m trying to give my daughter (somewhat picky eater) a more interesting/ healthy lunch. This video had so many great ideas! PS, don’t let the complainers get you down.. no way you can make everyone happy.

  • These are amazing and wonderful ideas for lunches you are so inspirational and I’m glad to not miss out on any of your videos they always give me sensational ideas especially when it comes to lunches and dinners

  • Okay, gonna have to switch some stuff around and leave out certain ingredients for me, seeing as I can’t do added sugar this next week.

  • I wonder, can I sub a different flour for the almond meal? My kids have nut allergies and I’m still breastfeeding, so literally my hubby is the only one that can eat tree nuts. I’ve got wheat gluten and several other flours. I’m also not worried about the protein content.

  • Such amazing recipes, I love it (as always). Just notice, that the whole wheat Tortillas are not gluten free. But you can substitute them easily with gluten free Tortillas (as I do for my son’s bento).:)

  • I had this bento lunch box since I was a very tiny girl to family picnic to school to work now I had made for my own kids…it’s great communication from our mom and grandma when your outside,this is fun to make every early in the morning…you are great woman too and so beautiful…I always watch you YTchannel from Okinawa.

  • I thought the very first one (skewers) said “55$” and I was like HOW IS THIS ON A BUDGET AND WHERE DO YOU BUY YOUR FOODS?!

    nvm haha