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How to Get Your Kids to Play Outdoors

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How To Get Your Kids To Play Outside

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8 Ways to Motivate Kids to Play Outside Phone a Friend. Kids will often have more fun and be willing to play outside if they’re with other kids. This could mean Make Puppy-Dog Eyes. If you have a dog, appeal to your child’s love for her pet to get her outside playing with him. Keep Track.

Does. The allure of smartphones, tablets, and a constantly revolving door of new video game consoles makes it harder than ever to motivate kids to play outside. Savvy parents are finding new ways to boost the appeal of the backyard – here are 7 strategies we’ve compiled to get kids to play outside. Here are a few ways to do so: Not everything is a competition When games have defined winners and defined losers, those who do not win may feel Think outside traditional sports games If your child doesn’t enjoy common team sports, such as football or basketball, Join in Bring out the inner.

Major benefits of outdoor play Here are some tips to help motivate your kids to play #outside. Which one are you going to use? #parenting #parentingtips Click To Tweet. One of the first important benefits for playing outside is your kids’ health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, outdoor play helps. If you live in a house, create a child-friendly backyard. Give children a place on the porch, deck or in the bedroom where they can display nature treasures that they find and Provide simple tools to aid discovery. Kids love tools!

Include a bug box, trowel, magnifier, etc. When you take. Here are some proven tricks that will get them outside and playing: Tell them it’s okay to get wet, dirty, and messy. Organize an outdoor play date. Take your kids and a few of their friends to a park, creek, or lake.

Watch them cooperate Allow your kids to incorporate natural resources into play. Encouraging kids to get outdoors and be physically active is usually easier in the summertime. The hard part is finding ways for children to.

8 Ways to Motivate your Family to Get Outside All Year POSTED ON: January 18, 2019 TAGGED IN: activity sheet / Challenges / HiB30 Challenge / Hiking with Kids Depending on where you live, it can be difficult to get your family and friends motivated to get outside in certain seasons. 8 Creative Ways to Move Your Body a Little Bit While You’re Stuck at Home And read up on how to safely play outside with your kids here. If you’re sheltering in place with young kids.

Motivating Kids to Play Sports. How to motivate kids to play sports is a hot topic today, given all the news about obesity in our country. It’s also a hot topic for our readers and members, who often ask us what’s the best way to ensure their children are motivated to play sports and enjoy all its benefits.

List of related literature:

Outdoors offers opportunities not possible inside and Edgington suggests outside ‘children should be enabled to work on a more active, larger, messier and louder scale’ (2004: 135).

“Outdoor Learning in the Early Years: Management and Innovation” by Helen Bilton
from Outdoor Learning in the Early Years: Management and Innovation
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What they need is to go outside and play active games or sport.

“IELTS Writing Practice Book” by Ryan
from IELTS Writing Practice Book
by Ryan

Research has shown that, not only do young children prefer to play outside, but they play in quite different ways in outdoor spaces.

“Learning to Teach in the Primary School” by Teresa Cremin, James Arthur
from Learning to Teach in the Primary School
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After school, children have fewer opportunities for playing outside.

“Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications” by George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard
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As a result of being raised in small spaces with limited access to outdoor physical activity, children are choosing to play video games rather than play outside, because in many cases, no other choice is available to them (Salen & Zimmerman, 2006).

“Women and Video Game Modding: Essays on Gender and the Digital Community” by Bridget Whelan, Matthew Wilhelm Kapell
from Women and Video Game Modding: Essays on Gender and the Digital Community
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Most people will agree that children need to be physically active, and the best way to achieve this is to allow them to spend a good part of each day playing outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine.

“IELTS Superpack” by Lin Lougheed
from IELTS Superpack
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Parents should also keep in mind how easy it is to exercise in the context of chase games, or sports (such as a half hour of shooting baskets).

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
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These anxious parents feel too afraid to let their kids outdoors to run and play.

“Child Psychology and Development For Dummies” by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
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• Make sure your child gets exercise after school and preferably outdoor play time (List 7.7).

“The ADHD Book of Lists: A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders” by Sandra F. Rief
from The ADHD Book of Lists: A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders
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How could you promote to parents the value of time to play outdoors?

“Young Children and the Environment: Early Education for Sustainability” by Julie M. Davis
from Young Children and the Environment: Early Education for Sustainability
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  • Such a good song. I laughed at myself because I was worried when he was sitting in the back of the garbage truck like “shit what if he gets sick!”

  • Family: What do you want to be when you grow

    Me: I want to be a Police officer or a Detective

    Grandpa: She’s gonna clean toilet at McDonald’s ��

    Mom&Dad: YOU. A police officer. Your ugly and fat. Only your sister can do that job or a doctor because she is smarter and thinner than you

    My Depression:������ I have no word

  • Love this! My kids play in the water. I’m gonna try these ideas! Thanks! Do you have pool or water toys? Beside the actual water device?

  • Officially, we will be implementing this for our 6 and 4 year old. Getting rid of half their toys, removing toys from their room completely, and enforcing more outdoor play are all incredible changes that you have helped inspire. And we all THANK YOU!!!! A few questions…(because I’m probably overthinking this) Do you allow indoor toys to venture outside? And do you still shoot for 3 hours of play outside during the school year? Between homework and dinnertime, we might be able to only give 2 hours, but I’m thinking that’s still pretty good for our family!

  • I just spoke to my wife about this a few moments ago. It drives me insane that the kids of today will stay inside all day and then expect their inability to be imaganative should become part of your duty as a parant to create for them entertainment.

  • Awesome video! It is all so true!!! My kids grew up with a $5.00 used swing, and they loved it! We let them help us paint it, and they had such pride in it! Jennifer

  • We have a sand table and we love it one tip that I would give for the sand is to be sure to cover it when it’s not in use. This helps prevent too many leaves getting in it and stray cats doing their business in it.

  • Loved this! I was so encouraged! In fact…we (me and my 4 kids—-including my newborn!!) have been outside for over an hour! We had a picnic and now they are just exploring and playing!! ☺️My 3-year-Old said “Thanks, Mom, for this picnic!! BEST DAY EVER!!” ☺️��
    I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and I’ve struggled with juggling it all (cleaning, meals, school, etc) and finding time to just PLAY with the kids. I met you on Sunday and was inspired to clear out some more clutter! Took 8 trash bags of stuff to the Goodwill on Tuesday. Spent Wednesday cleaning. Thursday running errands. And I’ve set aside today and Saturday to PLAY!!! It’s amazing!! And so feel like I can enjoy this because there is so much less JUNK taking over our house (with 8 trash bags of toys and clothes GONE!!)
    One of the greatest takeaways that I had after meeting you in Nashville was “your kids just want to play with YOU!!” They don’t want more toys and more gadgets. They want me! So I’m making it a priority to be with them! (And messaging you my success while nursing the baby outside!!)! I just appreciate you so much! �� Blessings, Dawn!

  • I have teens and if I send them on a “mission” to get my 5 and 10 year old playing they all end up playing together and forget the mission was for the littles!

  • My 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son both love digging in the dirt and rocks under a shady tree. Just give them each a couple of old spoons and they are happy campers:) they gather all sorts of outdoor debris and create campfires, they love their bikes and I let them take out cars, mini shopping carts (any push toy will do) and a little wagon with mega blocks. My daughter has had fun with a little critter house outside and always asked to do tea parties and picnics on our big blanket. Live in a 110+ degree summer area, so I try to get them out in the morning when I can withstand the disgusting weather ��

  • Thanks Keri! This was great advice. I purchased (AND downloaded to my nook) your book, ‘The O2 Diet’ I’ve incorporated many suggestions from that into my everyday life. I just need to get a better workout regiment.:) I need to check out other videos.

  • Start early! I’ve taken my son outside (starting with just walks in the stroller/carrier) ever since he was tiny. He’s 14 months now and cries when we have to come in. He LOVES outside. We have a tiny yard, but he has a swing and a big stump that he loves to sit and play on. He just needs a wooden spoon and a pinecone and he’s good to go!

  • I saw nf in concert last year in October in Washington he’s so good live he sounds exactly the same. He’s my favorite artist ever. I relate to his music so much

  • I agree with the importance of getting kids outside. Just a note for your viewers considering trampolines: they should check their home owners policy regarding trampolines because it can impact their coverage/policy if the company finds out they have one.

  • Good ideas. I hate that we live in a city and have such a tiny cement block that we call a yard �� It’s hard to get them outside and play in their tiny space (no room for swings, trampoline, riding a 2 wheel bike, etc)

  • director: iight i got a few expensive fancy cars, some girls whose parents are mad at them, and a TON of fake cash and jewelry, whad do yo-
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  • When we have big parties at our house, we ask people to write their name on their drink cups. It’s always funny after the party to see which parts of the yard the kids played in by where they left their cups. The favorite spot seems to be under our big stand of redwoods. No toys, no games, nothing to do there, but I think they are just drawn to the massiveness of those amazing trees growing inside of suburbia. We all crave nature because it’s good for us!

  • When we visited my in-laws in Mexico, everyone was outside, pretty much all day and sometimes all night. The Yucatan peninsula is HOT and they have a massive porch that is basically their living, dining, laundry and kitchen rolled into one. We don’t have a dishwasher and I think this upcoming summer I’m just going to take a leaf from their book and move my “sink” (two massive bowls of water and a dish rack) outside. I did dishes down there just to cool down and that might keep me outside longer here too. Just an idea for moms that feel like they need to watch there kids and still get something done.

  • Plastic milk crates are good for building play houses and forts. They can also be used to play grocery store or just to toss balls in. I would still keep an eye on the kids at all times even in good areas.

  • I am an older mother of 10. My youngest child is 14 now, and I think your advice is great. i used to notice that my children would fight a lot more in the house. In fact, I used to tell the fighting pair to go outside, one out the front door and one out the back and I would tell them to stay away from each other. In literally a minute they would be playing together again and getting along fine.

  • And gardening. or mud gardening. The best thing ever is to grow a little bit of food and let them help to collect beans or peas or select which is the best watermelon to harvest.

  • I gave my son an old plastic water jug, with the top cut off, to use as a critter habitat. He has the best time finding various creatures to temporarily keep. So far he’s caught a salamander, couple of frogs, a gorgeous turquoise garter snake, and currently it is housing a few species of spiders. He is an only child and just loves to be out in nature!

  • I was born in 1982. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t have kids of my own but looking back at my early childhood we had most of these things mentioned in this video to play out side with. I think if you want your kids to play outside. You have to start young. I know it can be scary letting your toddler play outside when there are cars driving through the neighborhood. But you would keep your toddler under complete supervision anyways, right? RIGHT! Looking back at baby pictures of me in the 80’s, my parents did a lot with me outside. I’ve got baby pictures of me as a infant/toddler with my parents playing in a baby waiting pool in the back yard. I got cute pictures of our neighbors’ daughter (who was about 6 years old or so) on two different occasions, riding her tricycle with me on her lap down the sidewalk and I was only one and two years old at the time. As me and my brother got a little older my Dad baught us a metal swing set. He baught me and my brother the big wheel tricycle bikes that were popular in the 70’s and 80’s for little kids. My Dad built me and my brother a sand box with a wooden frame for us to play in. We used to run around the perimeter of our house chasing the neighborhood kids around the front and back yards. We would play hide and seek outside in our yard. I was a really observant little kid. I loved exploring the back yard and plucking a blade of grass and holding it up really close to my eyes and observing its riggid lines in the blade of grass. My Mom would watch me looking at a blade of grass for like two whole minutes and wonder what on earth was so interesting to me about a blade of grass. My mom would call me her nature girl. I mean these are the things kids SHOULD be doing. Play and exploring comes naturally to kids. Its how we learn about our world around us.

  • Growing up, our mom couldn’t keep us kids indoors. We were busy riding bikes, playing soccer in the street (we lived on a dead end), heading to the park for a swim in the community pool (or to ice skate on the frozen pond in the winter), enjoying candy and popsicles from our local Sweet Shop, or just hanging out with friends on their porches. We got bored when we had to stay indoors!

  • Wow! I thought I was the only one keeping the thermostat at 78! It saves so much money and the house feels much cooler than outdoors since the humidity is taken out. I’m enjoying catching up on your videos.

  • When We Were Young we didn’t have many toys or books but I’ll never forget when my dad would bring home huge cardboard boxes we would play with them until they were completely demolished in a yard like yours Dawn the best box in the world is a refrigerator box. I would have asked for one for a Christmas gift when I was a kid if there would have been room in the house but our tiny house and it was five brothers and I no way in the summer it was a castle it was a boat it was a tunnel it was some of my best memories
    Hey and there biodegradable��

  • Love love love love LOOOOVE THIS VIDEO SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Thank you for the encouragement and I’m beyond with you on this girl! Awesome job!!!!

  • I bought my little guy a sling shot and drew a target with chalk on the fence. He loves gathering up a pile of small rocks and shooting at it!

  • My husband made a new sandbox last year. Our kids play with it but they really love to play in a graveld area which we originally were planning to use as a grill-spot. So there is a fire bowl all year round. It fills with rainwater, with ice in winter, and they love to „cook“ in this bowl. So, you may not even have to build a sandbox, just a pile of gravel or sand or something will do. What we are also doing is not cleaning up everything, so there are some branches laying around, stones in different sizes and so on. They build houses for snails. We also try to do garden work, so if we cut bushes its their job to carry the cut parts away. They have little carts and they love to load an unload them.

  • Water table and plastic baby pool! We have had them for 5 years now, my 6 year old still plays with them. We don’t limit them to just water toys, they are free to bring any toys out and put them in there. This lets them be more creative. They have created an aquarium, zoo, Dino land and train stations.

  • We have all of those toys but the trampoline, which a neighbor has. Our rainbow type swingset we bought on Craigslist for $125. This year my husband made modifications to try to spark more interest. We took the sand out from bottom and put it in an old pool. They seem to play with it more since it’s not covered. I always worried about animals getting into it. I’m over that. He turned a ladder into monkey bars and made a gymnastics bar from an old chain link fence rod. He also made some walls and repaired the roof for a clubhouse feel. They do play more but not as much as he had hoped. I guess we just have to keep encouraging them!

  • Machine gun kelly made that one comment on Em’s daughter and in this song it says ” and you will destroy anyone who tries to harm her” MGK diss track

  • I pitch my son (8) a little open tent in the yard, the kind people use on beaches to protect against the wind. He loves hanging out there on blankets with his friends, reading, playing. I may also pitch our real small camping tent next summer and leave it out in the yard for the kids to enjoy.

  • Water guns, bubbles, and a slide for our 2 year old..we got to the park nearby for the swing. Thanks for the great videos. We’re minimizeing our house a little every day.

  • I am a grandmother. I love when the grandchildren come over for a visit. I have an above ground pool, a trampoline, a sandbox, a swing set, a slider swing, swings from the trees, a Thomas the Train riding toy, bikes (we live on 20 acres), basketball net and a climbing rope course. They can be very busy if they like. They also like to spend time on the deck drawing or reading. We go on hikes at times since there are many hiking trails in the area. We also have a small pool and a sprinkler. Love the outdoors.


  • Loved this so simple and to the point making it easy for parents to start getting kids outdoors playing and having fun! Also a big thanks for standing up for playing with sticks and mud 😉 My mission is to get more kids outdoors enjoying and learning about nature. So let me know if you are looking for more easy ways to incorporate nature into your backyard play!

  • Another thing that has always helped my kids to want to stay outside is when I go out with them. I go out and do some gardening or just tidying up the patio or something and they always want to be out when I’m out then, usually by the time I’m ready to go in, they’ve gotten interested in something so they’ll stay out even longer. and honestly, I need the outside time too. I always feel so good after I’ve spent time outside.

  • It’s so much easier if you live in the countryside, then live in town. There are more worries when you live in town and send your kids out alone. I grew up in the country we were outside all day playing with whatever we found. The one main rule was don’t touch any of dads tools. I agree with you it is very beneficial for children to play outside no matter what the seasons are. Thank you so much

  • Loving these videos!! Hello from Ireland. Someone in a practical minimalist group recommended your channel today and I’ve watched 8 videos of yours so far lol! Myself and my boys did a massive purge of toys this morning and they were so positive about it. They played all day with about 3 small toys!! And no fighting �� thank you for sharing all of your tips

  • I loved your segment addressing the “worry”. If you look at the statistics, it’s actually safer now than when most of us were kids. The difference is that we know so much more about what’s going on around us. It used to be we had the local news and that was it. If we heard of something from the other side of the country it was BIG news. But we are constantly inundated with news and information from every corner so we constantly feel like someone is waiting to snatch our kids or something. But this happens so rarely. All worrying does is add stress to your life. And this need to prevent kids from getting even a scratch? That’s how kids learn. It’s how we learned. If my child scrapes her knee, I will give her a band-aid and it will heal. Next time, she learns to be more careful. That is life. and it is meant to be lived!

  • Nice video, you may also want to checkout the review of Nutritious Life on my blog here at gohonestreviews. com/nutritious-life-review/ Thanks, Lemuel.

  • Ha! Funny-I just realized that a few things I’ve decluttered could have been great outside! I’m a huge fan of outside, just didn’t think of it as I was getting extras out of the kitchen! ��

  • Currently I’m a grandmother to 4 who live a block away. Our neighborhood is new so no trees, my yard is small but all plantings are in. Currently I have a storage bin with the plastic toy dishes as well as some balls. I learned to store those dishes away until summer so they didn’t get water all over my house during the “indoor” play! Summer patio time is better suited for tea parties. What I enjoyed as a child was “his” and “hers” sandboxes. Hours of play there for 8 years. Of course we made mud pies and “food” from grass and tree beans like your kids do. Later our favorite was a jungle gym for climbing and tent making. Can’t beat the classics. I did hear what may work for me to made a sand pile on the patio…..add sand in the floor of a small dome tent. It would give Shade and a way to contain the sand (somewhat) and zip up to keep out debris and critters.

  • We live in a townhouse in CA with a yard the size of a postage stamp. The things that help my kids to play outside more are: squirt guns, basketball hoop in driveway, soccer balls to kick against side of house and play handball, and razor scooters. And we have an association pool across the street thank goodness. I do have them signed up for soccer because I feel like there isnt enough here in this environment to truly get their physical activity needs met. We meet for a homeschool parkday once a week for several hours and that is like a nice long extended recess with friends.

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  • We have a disc swing that our two older boys lay on together and chat and goof around. They love it! Most of the time they just like playing in their “fort” which is in behind the bushes along the fence line sticks, rocks, and whatever nature they find seems to be their favourite toy.

  • What do you do about sun protection if any? That always seems to add an extra step to the process making it harder to get out. But then if you don’t, you end up with burnt kiddos.

    Also what do you do about allergies? I grew up with bad allergies so I didn’t spend much time outside and when I did, I came back in exhausted because of them.

    Would love to know if these things are issues for your family and how you handle them!

  • My kids love being outside! But they are only 2 and 4 so that may change but I am glad they love it right now! We spend at least 4 or more hours outside everyday(we go out after breakfast around 8:30 and then inside at 11 for lunch and naps then back outside around 2 and then we come in when my husband gets home at 3:30! Occasionally we will go out after dinner too!)

  • This video prompted me to actually do something! I’m getting my yard cleared up so I will have room for a kiddie pool and swing. Lots of good ideas in the comments too!

  • Sandboxes are great if you don’t get cats in them. My niece and nephew ended up with worms several time. Also my 18 month old was jumping on a trampoline with her 6 yr old sister. Due to the weight difference she ended up with a buckle break in her leg. She was in a cast for 4 weeks. Never heard of such a thing till it happened to her. We liked jump ropes and water balls.

  • As a grandmother, it’s so tempting to spoil my grandson, even though I didn’t spoil my own children. Thank you for reminding me about what is important. He will have just as much fun with less stuff and more experiences. Love your videos!

  • I had all boys so we had a sandbox for trucks and the like. Squirt guns was and is just fine. Bikes �� pool, pick nick table for lunches. Neighbor hood kiddos always in my yard. I have a big yard. I loved and still love being outside.

  • I’m a kid watching this that play fortnite so I can see I’d my parent do this and NO ONE PLAYS GAMEBOYS U SAID THEY TO BUSY ON TV AND THERE GAMEBOYS NO ONE USES GAMEBOYS

  • Amazon has “rain” pants!! Our preschool teacher asked us to purchase them, I ended up buying them for even my older and younger kids.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I took my son out of school to increase his expressive speech. After buying all these toy. I took on the challenge and omg. On the first day 6 hrs. Just running around n using all those toys. He is a only child and for the first time he wasn’t running behind me each time I came inside. Thanks.

  • My kids love playing with balls! Balls to throw, kick, bounce with on the trampolineyou name it! We try to keep all the balls as outside toys but we do have a few bean-bags for our baby to toss around inside the house. He can throw the beanbag and it doesn’t roll under the couch or hurt anybody if it hits a sibling on the head.

  • What do you do about bees/wasps? �� I feel like we had this problem last summer…and kids who didn’t want to be outside because of it

  • This video was so helpful for me. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I have 4 children too and I want them to love the outdoors.

  • I like to limit electronics to certain times of summer day. Maybe kids can have electronics from 1-3 when it’s super hot outside. Then they have more incentive to go outside. It’s also nice to make a shady area with a tent or umbrella if you don’t have shade trees. Finally, kids need a place to hangout whether it’s a swing set or a blanket on the grass. That way when they’re tired of tag or whatever games they play, they have a place to relax and talk outside. A basketball hoop has been great to have. We’ve gotten years of use out of it but not everyone likes basketball. My youngest has a shovel and hoe just his size. That seems to keep him occupied the longest. He has a designated area where he can dig and not mess up the rest of the yard.

  • We live in Ontario, so we understand how long and bitter the winter can be. We only have a swing set in our backyard, but we also live across a massive school field. We have neighbours who the kids play with a lot too. I do admit, in the winter, it is extremely hard to get them to go outside to play because I don’t want to be out to watch them as I hate the cold. However, when and if they ask to go outside, despite having to dress up in “snow man attire”, I have to suck it up and go out with them unless they are ok to just play in backyard, then that way I can watch them as I work in the kitchen. But we do have to encourage them to go outside. The younger ones still love it, the older ones are less so nowadays. Yet once their friends are out on the sidewalk, they tend to feel more intrigued to go play outside with them.

  • Any suggestions for our cold Minnesota winters? I have five kids ages 20, 17, 15, 12 and almost 6. I need to motivate the older ones to get outside and play with the youngest too.

  • I am on Dailysis and living in an apartment I have 4 and 14 yr old I girls don’t have energy a lot of time to go out side with my 4 yr olds and my 14 yr old is moody sometimes do you have any advice

  • HOW to get them outside?  Why don’t they want to now?  When I was a little girl I almost torn the backdoor off of the hinges I wanted to go outside so badly.   What is going on with these kids now?  Take the damned phones away, turn off the TV and make them go outside because if they are not pretending and using their imaginations and abstract thinking they will pay for this lack of creativity later.  We would go outside and pretend for hours and resume the same scenario the next day.  We would pretend we were marooned on a desert island or in the jungle.  It was SO much fun.

  • I have listened to a lot of rap songs in my life. Hell, I’ve listened to every Eminem song there is. Even the entirety of Infinite. And this song, it’s easily the best rap song ever made. The only other song that could even come close is Stan. Eminem has a way with words that comes once in 100 lifetimes. I feel blessed to exist at the same time as this absolute legend. You truly are the Rap God, Marshall.

  • Toys that kids actually play with:
    1. Something to pedal
    2. Cheap swing set
    3. Sand box (old fashion wood box)
    4. Something with water (pool, squirt guns)
    5. Old pots and pans
    6. Trampoline

    1. Set timelines
    “Creativity lies just beyond the boredom…”
    2. Offer rewards, make it fun.
    3. Bump the thermostat
    4. Gear up

    Need at least 3 hours a day outside for all sorts of great benefits…

  • I am so thankful to have found your channel! Your videos are amazing and I’ve been binge watching. I couldn’t put my finger on why I can’t relate to so many minimalists on YouTube, but you nailed it with your video about how you’re not an organized person. I’m not either! Haha. Your videos have been extremely helpful—we purged 5 huge Rubbermaid tubs of toys and a massive amount of “big” toys today because of your videos. It’s unbelievable how much we had! Can’t wait to see the benefits in my kids. My kids love the trampoline and we got a simple swingset with a slide that they love. They also have a roller coaster that’s always a favorite. I am going to add some sand to their water table to get them more interested in that, and put some old pots and pans out there. Thanks again, you’re so inspiring! ❤️

  • Wow, I need to change my mindset on outdoor play. My kids love to be outside I struggle with sending them out. Thank you for the eye opener!

  • Science table with vinger and baking soda and other fun objects. When it isn’t science day it is Art day. The best investment is a screen tent, trampoline, pool, sandbox that they can flood. Always a science or art table in the screen tent. You know when they have to come in because those darn bugs are bitting them.

  • I love all these ideas. We don’t really have a yard, so my kids never go outside in less they make special plans to take them somewhere.

    For those that do not have a yard, it takes a lot of extra effort because we actually do need to go somewhere to get our kids out in nature.

    That said, I will try to incorporate these ideas as best I can in the environment that we do live in. ��

  • I have been binge watching your channel since I found your videos the other day. I love this!! So so great. I have TOO MANY toys/things. I love these ideas. Someone else mentioned a trampoline and I was a little worried about it but I may consider one.
    Thanks for all your great videos!

  • I love your channel, definitely agree with kids being outside, only thing I will say is that having an only child (not by choice by the way) change this dynamic especially if there not much kids to play with in the neighborhood, how can I keep my daughter engage outside that long being an only child, wish there more minimalist channel cater to only child too mother perspective, not just mother with multiple of kids. I do end up being my daughter playmate most of time. I know we love riding bike and jumping on trampoline together. Thank god she has her cousin that come over a lot.

  • I know this is late, but I always quote Charlotte Mason (a late 18 century teacher and one that studied children), “don’t send them outside, take them outside!”

  • I never wanted my kids outside so bad that I felt the need to force them out. I do not understand forcing them to stay outside of their home. Plus with chemtrails it’s not even safe for them to be breathing that poison.

  • It’s important to spend time outside ourselves. My fave is hanging washing, planting seeds, tying the twine for sugar snap peas & beans to grow up, sitting with the children on the tree seat to read (under the weeping elm it’s like a little cubby), playing swingball, going down the slide, cricket, soccer, quoits, bocce, paints & crafts on the deck (if not too windy), eating outside, having a cuppa on the deck, sketching…. it’s easy to be catching up on inside jobs while they are outside but not end up outside yourself.

    My husband is fantastic: from spring onwards he sets up a party gazebo & light. I do some mending or lesson planning. Or just reading. He also dets up a hammock & the children aren’t allowed on it until I’ve been on it. �� so that stops life from being all chores & the children desperately want me to have some relaxing time on the hammock so it’s their turn next ��

  • Growing up we played on a swing set SO much and we had a rope swing too. It was awesome. My kids have most of the things you mentioned (besides the swingset) plus a park behind our house. They spend at least 4 hours a day outside but what helps them stay outside most is other kids to play with. I only have two so maybe that’s the difference. Luckily we have two neighbor kids and the four (ages 4-9/10) play forever if we let them. They don’t even want to come in to eat.

  • hey i know you wont see NF this but i would appreciate if youd listen to my song i made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vFUorEV7Jw

  • We do have a play kitchen. I also let my girls take scissors outside and cut grass and flowers. The porch gets covered in nature bits but they love it!

  • Once I loved a boy who was 19 years old in those days… I decided not being with him because a lot of reasons, while one of them was that his father left him while he was a kid. I feel today horrible about this. I said to myself his story is too hard for me… Today I think it was very stupid… And I gusse, he sufferd a lot because of me and made bad disitions in his life due to all that happend with me. I simply can’t live with myself after this… He was a cute little boy… I know it’s too emotional, I needed to write this…

  • I wish I had this info when my daughter was young. Also, she is an only child and we seemed to live in “boy town”. She would play outside when she had friends over. We had riding toys, a basket ball net (adjustable) and a swing set. We should have had a sandbox. We always had chalk and spray bottles. Colored water in the spray bottles in winter was a favorite. Spray bottles that you get at the hardware store have an adjustable spray and lasted much longer than squirt guns. She could also take an old digital camera outside to play with. She became a good nature photographer. Also, a wagon to pull, a wheelbarrow (kids size) to push and hula hoops.

  • This was only the first song where it showed that white people go through things a struggle as minorities black and hispanics even though I grew up in a great household as black person

  • Oh my, my kids LOVE to be in our backyard. They will play for hours and hours just digging. Water is great fun. The summer here in Phoenix is just too hot for most of the day. But the rest of the year they adore it. And yes, letting go off worrying about too much safety.

  • One thing that I’ve found it worthwhile is a basketful of various types of balls (I’ll even get through this just from the dollar store and little run around with the balls and dunk them in the empty trash cans (we just make sure to put them back in the designated outside crate after we’re finished with playing so that they don’t go out with the week’s trash)

  • Still alive today cc man truly but doesn’t gurantee tomorrow so thank you I wasn’t even suppose to live to see 34 years old i o u so that truli is what it is truth

  • I like the sound of an old fashioned sand box, but my biggest worry is all the stray cats and dogs we get running through our yard. Really worried if it didn’t have a lid that it would just turn into a litter box. Debating on weather to get a plastic one with a lid or find some way to cover a wooden one..

  • I listen to this song and rap every single word every day while taking a shit, best part of my day
    Edit: I do the same with mockingbird

  • Very cute video! Gardening for children is a great activity. Remember that August 31, 2010 is National Eat Outdoors Day. Involve your kids in planning a menu.

  • @775gary GRAMMAR POLICE! do I need to write write you a ticket for spelling. You wrote “there not animals” when it’s actually “They’re not animals.”


  • We have a small yard and needed a multipurpose toy. We got a metal climbing dome. It’s a jungle gym, you can cover it and it’ll become a fort, we hang a hammock and swing in it. It’s truly multipurpose and takes up a minimal footprint.:)

  • Hello Minimal Momgreetings from ur newest supporter Momshie B here! This is amazing!! Especially during this quarantine period. Thanks soo much!! �� Hope we can connect soon! Takecare and stay safe!

  • My problem with empowered eating is that we have left over brownies, or cookies or whatever and I field compelled to eat them before they go bad and I have to throw them out.