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The Top 5 Food Mistakes Most Teens Make and How to Fix Them

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The film progresses through the top five mistakes: not enough vegetables and fruits, not enough whole grains and lean protein, too much sodium, too much sugar, and too much fat, with practical advice on how to fix these food mistakes through easy ways to substitute healthy foods for unhealthy. Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes Every Tween Makes. By Jennifer O’Donnell Healthy Snacking Ideas for Kids. By Catherine Holecko Foods That Are Rich in Potassium. Reviewed by Willow Jarosh, MS, RD Is Sugar-Free Juice Healthier for Children?

By Vincent Iannelli, MD Vitamins and Supplements for Children. Top 5 Nutrition Mistakes Every Tween Makes. Food & Nutrition. April 13, 2020.

Everyday Wellness. Does Pedialyte Help With Diarrhea? April 13, 2020. Sore and Strep Throats in Kids.

April 13, 2020. Signs of Dehydration in Children. April 13, 2020. Childhood Insomnia Causes and Treatment. Proper training, rest and recovery aren’t the only essential ingredients for triathletes moving from an Olympic-distance to an Ironman 70.3 race.

Nutrition is critical as well; and without it your body might not let you cross that finish line. Before you step up your triathlon distance, take a look at five common nutrition mistakes to avoid. 1. People tend to make many mistakes when they try to lose weight.

Here are 15 common weight loss mistakes to avoid. Subscribe. Nutrition the conventional advice has been to eat every. Most people like to take care of themselves and practice good personal hygiene. But there are a few serious mistakes that we make on a daily basis that preve.

Top 10 Nutrition Facts That Everyone Agrees on Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc on March 27, 2018 There is a lot of controversy in nutrition and it often seems like people can’t agree on anything. Let’s discuss 5 major mistakes parents make with teens and tweens. The key is knowing what efforts are worth it, and which ones backfire. Expecting the Worst Teenagers get a bad rap, and can sense when you feel they are a handful or little monsters that you have to helplessly watch over. That sets you and your teen up for several unhappy.

Eating protein in the morning can be an important way to ensure that you stay full until lunch. However, that’s much easier said than done. “After 20 years of counseling clients, the most common mistake I repeatedly observed was either breakfast skipping or consuming a morning meal without adequate protein and fiber to properly fuel the body at the time of the day demanding a large. 5 Biggest Back Training Mistakes The only way to ensure solid overall back development is through perfect form and flawless technique.

Make any of these subtle but common back training errors and you can kiss your gains goodbye!

List of related literature:

By correcting these misconceptions, you can help parents avoid starting solid foods prematurely.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2015

In this chapter you learned about the essential nutritional needs for pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, preadolescence, adolescence, the middle years, and aging, along with cooking tips and techniques for each of these life cycle periods and groups of people.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
from Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking
by Jacqueline B. Marcus
Elsevier Science, 2013

The amount of carbohydrates is close to the %RDV without exceeding it, and there appears to be more than enough vitamin C. On the other hand, the foods in ads featuring teen characters have too much sodium, far too little fiber, and inadequate amounts of vitamin A, calcium, and iron.

“The Changing Portrayal of Adolescents in the Media Since 1950” by Patrick Jamieson, Daniel Romer
from The Changing Portrayal of Adolescents in the Media Since 1950
by Patrick Jamieson, Daniel Romer
Oxford University Press, 2008

In general, the ability of the neonate to digest, absorb, and metabolize foods is no different from that of the older child, with the following three exceptions: 1.

“Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book” by John E. Hall
from Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology E-Book
by John E. Hall
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

Parents should be encouraged to plan a nutritionally balanced week instead of day because of the way toddlers restrict food intake in their effort to exert control over their environment (Schwartz & Benuck, 2013).

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
from Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book
by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

These three simple guidelines—which speak of foods, not nutrients—help me to do that.

“Free for All: Fixing School Food in America” by Janet Poppendieck
from Free for All: Fixing School Food in America
by Janet Poppendieck
University of California Press, 2010

Intervention: Mary’s parents were instructed to include foods with fat, protein, and starch— such as eggs, butter on toast, whole grain cereals, soft meats, full-fat dairy, and avocado—in her diet.

“Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School” by Jill Castle, Maryann Jacobsen
from Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School
by Jill Castle, Maryann Jacobsen
Wiley, 2013

There is general agreement that complementary foods should not be given before 17 weeks of age, as this may be associated with increased later fatness, respiratory symptoms and eczema (see Further reading for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) report).

“The Science of Paediatrics: MRCPCH Part 1 Mastercourse” by Tom Lissauer, Will Carroll
from The Science of Paediatrics: MRCPCH Part 1 Mastercourse
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The meanings of the terms basic nutrients and beyond basic nutrients in these definitions of functional foods are particularly vague.

“Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice” by Gyorgy Scrinis
from Nutritionism: The Science and Politics of Dietary Advice
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A. Benterud, Vitamin losses during thermal processing, Physical, Chemical and Biological Changes in Food Caused by Thermal Processing (T. Hoyem and O. Kvale, eds.)

“Handbook of Food Preservation” by M. Shafiur Rahman
from Handbook of Food Preservation
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  • Hey Andy, would you please make a video detailing the functions and applications of popular supplements? Specifically BCAA and Creatine for athletic training.

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  • I see lots of people keep on speaking about Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google). But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular fat loss system?

  • Wow, I could have never figured the problem out my self. Thank you HumanRelationsMedia for the helpful advice I haven’t heard 1billion times already. Rename your video to “The top 1 Food Mistakes Most Teens Make and How to Fix Them.”

  • I was planning on using this video for a project, but it got cut off, so I dug in deeper. Turns out, its a trailer for a DVD set that costs $139.95. Here’s the link: https://www.hrmvideo.com/catalog/top-5-food-mistakes-most-teens-make#!prettyPhoto. Nope, never mind. I’m using another video.

  • Looking for really useful healthy ideas? There’s a method that I found out of my encounter. Simply type in Google as: “HealthZap99” to find out the new healthy tips.

  • The experts would take a lot more out of the diet that. I was diagnosed with leaky gut 25 years ago and most vegetables were removed from my diet. Preservatives, artificial colours and some natural one too. Artitficiel flavours and all fruits, nuts seeds oils.
    Milk, I had to remove later but cream and butter was fine. Cheese was removed and sausages, in fact anything that had spices and flavours in them. Plain meat was eaten in abundance because it was mainly all I could eat for years.

  • 1.Not eating enough fruits and vegetables
    2.Not eating enough whole grain and lean protein
    3.Eating too much salt
    4.Eating too much sugar
    5.Eating too much bad fat

  • Have you ever heard of someone shedding weight-and delighting in 3 full scrumptious meals at the same time? Just Google Fat Blast Furnace to discover more.

  • Tip no.1….. eat more fruit and veg
    Tip no.2…. non existent
    Tip no.3…..non existent
    Tip no.4…..non existent
    Tip np.5……non existent

  • Could you do a Physiology of muscle growth video? Whether it be fast, slow, or hybrid.
    I’m really struggling to gain muscle on a time restricted diet.

  • We try to complicate things in this society, whatever is trending is where people often flock too. Simple and less is more is my philosophy with my clients.

  • Hey Mike, I loved this video. It is very informative and I can definitely relate. Question: What did you do to stop the weekend binge? Did you do one day out of the weekend or a cheat meal?
    I find myself in the same place every monday with no progress made because of that reason.:(

  • I feel like this is scripted and adults think teen are like 5 year olds when it comes to eating… like there is no way all of those kids didn’t like broccoli or spinach?!!

  • I know people talk crap on sweeteners and maybe for good reason I don’t know but I’ve heard a lot of people saying that it still spikes your insulin because your body thinks it’s sugar still. Is this real science or some bullshit?

  • Do you have any suggestions for helping people transition from a fast food/convenience food lifestyle to more of a “real food” and cooking lifestyle? A big complaint I hear is that someone doesn’t know how to cook, doesn’t know what to shop for and thinks it’s going to be a huge time commitment

  • Dr. Galpin can you recommend a nutrition coach to create a plan for a very detailed person like me. Looking for something very comprehensive detailed around my BJJ training.

  • Im sad because ive been into fitness for 6 years now and i finally have a bicep but my arms are still tiny): so im going to blast them for the rest of this year. All arms 2020 lmaoooo

  • For me. It’s always been trying not to eat junk food after I have ate to my perfect macros. E.g eating 2600 calories of gainzzzzz…. then eating a whole bag of m&ms at the cinema (600 calories.) Then 4 pints of beer after the cinema (1000) calories.

  • Does anybody out there not calculate their macros and just lift? I know Im not maximizing my gains by not doing it but it maaan it just seems like a lot lol

  • Man… I’ve been training for 15 yrs i look ok but…. I’m tired and sick for doing the same thing over n over
    I wann out.. let me out! ��

  • I tought i was confused before. Boy i was wrong. Now i am super confused seeing this guy complaining about “before” picture. If all those mistake gave you that old look, sign me up.

  • Mike is it ad to eat after a certain time of day. My job is busy. Sometimes I don’t get lunch and then when I happen to get home after 9 pm I start eating.

  • I havent been eating enough and my hair has been thinning and goimg back but i see more hais gtowing when i statrted to eat more after wofking out and yea

  • This is so true. As a mom myself I have been affected by not eating or eating fast food to have time for my son during his infancy. As he got older, now 10 month’s I realized the mistakes I have been doing. It’s all about balance and being your best self for your child ✊

  • The biggest mistake is taking Whey shakes too often. The insulin spikes just end up making you obese. It’s best to stick to chicken/broccoli/rice. Whey is the fastest absorbed protein & the insulin spike is the same as that with white bread.

  • Listening to her information. Many of the foods she says are bad have been eaten for millennia with no problems. I do, however, agree that eating too many carbs sets you up for all manner of bad things.
    I eat a high protein shake with fruits, veggies, and yogurt. I usually go 5-7 hours between meals

  • Basically get the diet down first, then the training part, and last but not least important, sleep enough!!!! Sleep!!! No sleep no gains. But diet is everything.

  • Guys, for protein increase do some reasrch on plant based food for that. Consuming milk is total BS. Personally I blend my plants as I can’t stand the taste of those super veggies like alfa alfa and kale, those super foods leaves milk and protein powders in the dust.

  • Jajajajjajaa hello bro great video. I remember when I started going to the gym my biggest mistake since that until now was the “flexible diet“ ��‍♂️

  • Nice video well done, but everyone’s nutritional needs n sleep r different from others as this habits also changes as u get older! Other then that great video right on the money.

  • If you put all this effort, time and money towards the girls you will have gotten the pussy without all these crap you feeding yourself

  • I was afraid of fats and sodium for the longest time as a result of my dad having heart attacks starting when I was a wee lad. I didn’t have access to any decent information sources or the base vocabulary to search what little information there was on the internet at the time. I wasted my puberty gains.

  • The reason why you felt bad on low carb is because you didn’t give your self enough time for your body to run on fat if you have a high protein diet whith moderate fat basically carnivore you will feel amazing you just have to give it time and fasting will be much easier and you will burn fat and build muscle also and you don’t have to cut you can eat as much as you want

  • I switched up from eating protein shakes and light meals to heavy chicken meals 3-4 times a day and notice increased mass. Just stick to chicken and eggs and milk. Supplements are called supplements for a reason. Real food is your best friend.

  • Bullshit you can figure out yourself. What is with the alien face on the wall behind her? “Wow!!!! You’re like Superman!”. If you don’t say so yourself. ��. disgusting pig

  • As a white guy I’m gonna say it’s impossible to look like you on the first picture with such meal. We have lower testosterone so we need the second balanced meal to look like you on the first picture.

  • Ok.. Dont do my mistakes.. but, every1 is different, I dunno what works on me and what not… I need to do some crazy shit there to findout. So should be.. do mistakes, but learn on them.
    As you said, its looooong fckn journey.

  • missing breakfast is a great thing to do. this dude doesnt do it, me and others do it, we all have great results in sports. learn something from that fact

  • She’s wrong about fruit being bad for you…. I know a lot of fruitarians who are really slim and healthy. And I have worked for 97 year olds who have been eating sugar, bread and eggs their entire life. It kind of annoys me when someone delivers something as fact rather than just theory.

  • Like momma always said. Eat your veggies first!…also, How can you eat your pudding if you don’t eat your meat! Both are ridiculous and true today.

  • Just finished my post lift meal while watching this
    Had sweet potato with grounded beef and black beans
    For years I didn’t know carbs helped muscles grow, I thought I only needed protein.

  • People in jail eat what??? But they are some of the biggest dudes… so exactly how much does all this science matter? Or are inmates smuggling in protein bars, supplements, getting special meals 4x-5xs a day?

  • Thanks Gabriel,
    I’m a female in her mid thirties who weighs 140lbs. I appreciate this info. I started my fitness journey in Oct, 2018 by working out 2 times a week. I never lost weight initially due to eating lots of sweet stuff. I became serious in Dec 2018, working out 4 times a week. I’m eating clean, still craving sugar every now and again, so I eat nuts and dry unsweetend fruits. I workout on an empty stomach so after the gym I have a huge appetite. I eat large amounts of proteins, low carb and chicken. I was getting mad at not losing weight but then I recently noticed my clothes are loose around my stomach and my obliques are now visible, I have also lost inches around my waist. My face looks thinner too.

  • I’m a fitness “expert” and I don’t have your physique nor did I spend half the time you spent working out. But the before and after pictures you used are misleading. Based in my experience, and if you have the right genetics, it is absolutely normal to have that transformation just by becoming a man. Going from a body of a 20 years ild to a 30 and 40 years old is going to look that different…like I said provided you are moderately active and have the good genes. Just commenting on the use of photos. Not saying the content is necessarily wrong.

  • my nutrition is constantly the roadblock for me I weigh 80kg stand at 5,9 and have been lifting 5 days a week for 2 years, I cut down first and looked really lean and then started a bulk and saw goodish results. I then spent 5 months cutting to only lose like 1-2%bf and my strength plummeted. I went back on a bulk after this and due to the fact I am on my feet 8 hours a day at work, I cycle 12 miles a day to and from work and then I work out 5 times a week anywhere from 1 hour and half to 2 hours I was consuming close to 4k calories and not gaining weight no strength and my composition seemed to stay the same. I obviously can’t train during lockdown so gained a fair bit of Bf and now I am back trying to cut however atm I am eating 2500 calories a day which I weigh and track I am eating 200g of protein a day and my weight, BF and Strength have all platueated and it is really starting to make me resent training as I push as hard as I can and will still fail on the same sets and reps which I wouldn’t mind but I am seeing no visible changes to composition or weight

  • Any skinny-fat videos or advice for a 6’3 guy with a fluctuating weight of 175-180 lbs? What should I eat before a work out? Should I have BCAA’s AND a small breakfast (like oatmeal or eggs) before a work out? Can I go without food and just get a pump with BCAA? I’m 25 years old. Trying to maximize my muscle gain while staying lean. Lean enough for modeling and movie extra opportunities. And also just growing into max body composition instead walking around looking malnourished. Any will help.

  • Not sure how anyone can hit dislike on this. This video is about what 90 percent of ppl need. He clearly is saying stop all the bro science BS and it all is BS workout hard eat clean. Get lots of sleep and watch what happens.

  • If you get to the point and match the title of the video you’d have more viewers. Plus, more would stick around through it all. Another story (sad) however, it’s tiring. The opening she threw herself at everyone all-in-one. Same stuff, what about the foods?��

  • i’ve reached that point where my weight loss stucked at around 14% of body fat. I am trying with reducing my carb intake all the way down to 50g(from 120g) while maintaining fat and protein intake. istn’t it a good idea??

  • Your Amazing!!! ��‍♀️ Thank you so much for coming out with a plan to weight loss and fixing health problems in the body. I was struggling so bad with my weight gain along with pain in my body due to many issues. I went to my Dr about this and my Dr. actually has been doing the JJ Diet herself. Believe me she is built so good. She told me it would be better for me to try this because of my health problems. So I got the book from Mercari.com to save on money “ The Virgin Diet”. I also purchased the cookbook, “ The Virgin Diet Cookbook”. I decided I would not get on the scale until I felt I could face the facts. If you know what I mean?? I started the JJ Diet in February. Today I got on my scale for the first time which is June 22nd, I lost 20 pounds!! Wow, I am so happy to say this does work! Yes it does. I have to admit I had slipped so Now I’m back on the full plan again because I started having health issues again. I do know the foods that are my trickers so I will be working on getting those out of my eating everyday. I never thought sugar and milk was such a problem. Boy do they harm me more than I thought. I really enjoy banana bread so much more now using gluten free flour knowing after eating it doesn’t bother my stomach and weight loss will continue. Coconut is my go to! Drinking coconut milk and eating coconut I’ve found is a secret fat burner for me. I am so grateful to for providing me and others with all the information needed to help us with our bodies in so many ways. May the Good Lord continue blessing you in all you do along with your family as you go forward on your journey. Take care and stay safe! Thanks again you wonderful and beautiful lady! ��

  • Howzit Mike.. Im 78Kg and 181cm and I have stubborn belly fat.. I am on a deficit of 2107 calories a day? do you think thats alright to not lose muscle?

  • Yup, said I was gonna bulk. Sure did gained over 100 lbs. So now what? All in the belly. Beer, candy, fat. Ate carbs like it was hot female porn star

    I’m intolerant to salads and anything lacking sugar.


  • https://photos.app.goo.gl/wdUGqBMTgiyfVUYy9 you guys are so envious and jealous making comments whether he is natural or unnatural. This photo of me is age 57 I did not do trt until I was over 40 years old age. When I was in my thirties I looked very similar and physique to this man. Clearly he is only in his twenties close to 30. You don’t think that’s possible to have that physique natural? I’m a living example that it was. And so what even if he is on trt or any kind of substance you think that everyone who takes gear looks like him? I know plenty of people who take gear and look like s*** you have to put a lot of hard work and it and diet. Get off your asses and stop making excuses why you don’t look as good as he does I’m 57 what’s your excuse

  • Mike what about days when calorie burning is abnormally higher than normal and you’re on a cut, do you up the calorie intake accordingly or keep them the same and its just a bigger deficit?

  • Trying to get help here, i’m cutting down my weight before was 155lbs and i’m well over 5’4 i was overweight but i have a decent amount of muscle mass. Now i’m cutting down and it’s been almost 3 week i went from 155 to 147lbs my macros as of the moment. I eat 1350 to 1400cal daily on a budget i eat around 140g protein, 135-140g carbs and 30-40g fat. And i plan on dropping to maybe 135 or 130 is my weight dropping fast or is it alright it’s my first cut since lifting for about 5 years and i don’t know relatively the spam of time it take to get lean with a decent amount of muscle mass. Replies would be blessed. Godbless and thanks

  • Busy moms can often feel as though we are drowning in a sea of responsibilities. But we don’t have to sacrifice our nutrition in the struggle to stay afloat.
    Strongest Deals of the Week ► http://bbcom.me/2w2GwAb
    Check Out Busy Mum Fitness ► http://bit.ly/2w2NPrr

  • The food that you say is the worst nutrition food I have 9 children on that kind of food and they are all fit and healthy all in your jeans nice rice and peas and chicken and yellow yam and you’re good to go������������

  • I know this might sound ridiculous but is there a major problem if I eat very healthy 6 days a week but then spend one day eating fatty/sugary foods and getting drunk?
    Is this a major issue if I am trying to gain muscle mass?

  • So, is there any formula to calculate your needed kcal intake per day? how to understand what macros you need (fat, poritein, carbs)?

  • Mate…Don’t believe you’re dairy intolerant, that’s rarely the case. I’ve seen other videos where you eat cheese. I used to think the same, but it turns out I’m only lactose sensitive. That’s what gives you bloating, weird noises and bowel movements. Most people lack lactase to digest the lactose contained in milk. When eating high lactose foods (fresh milk, fresh cream, the lactose just ferments in their digestive system given all those nasty symptoms. With fermented dairy products (sour cream, cheeses, Greek yoghurt), there’s less lactose in them hence you’re more likely to digest them better. Try going for Arla lactofree milk and see how you feel afterwards. Your GP can refer you to a hospital where they can test u for lactose sensitivity.

  • After a while I stopped counting macros after I had a solid foundation on the amount of food I’m putting in terms of oz to size, it kinda became second nature and it saved me time and still made progress moving forward for a beginner It’s good to get to know how much you’re putting in at first but after a while you get the big picture

  • So, how much of a surplus in calories should you consume when building muscle?
    It might be different from person to person and the activity lvl.

  • Mike, one question: Can you really be in a calorie deficit and gain muscle? I am about 5 kilos overweight, sedentary occupation, work out chest and back every Saturday (this once a week routine works for me I am 51 and recovery is a bit slow)

  • I have a background in neuroscience and my old lab did research on high dose fish oil to treat various conditions. Gabe you’re 100% correct about the best way to take the fish oil: during a meal that contains fat, protein and carbs, e.g., eating a piece of fish, taking the supplement (along with fat-soluable vitamins such as vit A, E, D, K), and then eating veggies and finishing your meal. Of course that won’t magically make you fit, but it is the best way to take the supplement. High quality fish oil is expensive and you want to get the most benefit of it. It can decrease levels of inflammation and hence allows faster muscle growth/ recovery. Don’t be afraid to take several grams, if desired and ok’ed by your doctor.

  • Hey Andy do you have a video about the order in which you personally consider how much you should eat of each macros. Like more protein then carbs then fats of carbs then protein then fat etc

  • Almost everyone is allergic to dairy products. People just don’t notice. The protein casein A1 in cow’s milk increases cancer risk. Casein A2 which is found in goat’s milk is closer to human breast milk, thus better. I could always drink goat milk without side effects. But the truth of the matter is that dairy products are unhealthy and we should stay away from them.

  • Pack the fridge full of food and the kids raid it until all the simple good foods/fruits are gone (milk, berries, cheese, fruit etc) until all that’s left is the uncooked low carb booring stuff.:(

  • Interesting that you found improvements after ditching dairy. All animal protein is acidic, and not optimal for human health. I follow Jon Venus who is a fully Plant Based athlete.

  • Hey, Mike. Thanks for all the awesome information. In an upcoming video, could you share a link to your meals spreadsheet? Thanks!!!

  • Mike I really like your vidios and demonstrations. Your are one of finest fitness models on YouTube and I could only dream of you being my personal trainer but there is an Atlantic Ocean between us along with me being on the Pacific Coast in San Diego California. If I should ever make it to England I would like to look you up and you could show me around London. I met quite a few British sailors in many of the ports l visited and I we were pen pals for a long time. this was in the days before cell phones and computer. So much simpler now when we can e mail one another. Mike were you in the Olympics in London or in Rio Dejaneiro Brazil. I have seen some of your vidios where you were in Rio Dejaneiro or you just visiting there? You seem to me like you would be an Olympian. If so did you take home any gold medals or silver or bronze? I have seen in some of your videos where you visited places like Thailand and out there parts of Europe. If you ever visit the US and you visit San Diego from Los Angeles area I would like to meet you and show you around San Diego. Respectfully. (like a reply).

  • Just want to say thanks to you Mike. As an amateur who wants to have a good physique I really love the way you explain things in great detail. Keep up the good work man. More power to you.

  • Hello guys,
    I am creating new fitness mobile application for women. Please take it poll to help me do really useful app! It takes just 1 minute https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScMHu0vkwE0oZI8V7I4WAefHp37JSVsN0sBG1KAc-X-rhxtrA/viewform

  • Thanks. This was a nice, informative video. I will show this to my wife. I told her this 100 times, but she only listens to advice when people on the internet tell her.

  • I’m having 400 grams of white rice a day on a 2k kcal cut and it’s going great. Healthy carbs are your friends. Loads of energy and never hungry

  • I need know what to eat since IV lost down to my ideal weight goal IV lost 40 lbs now what meals should I eat to not gain any of it back

  • There is next to no content to warrant making this into a video, it is simply a woman standing in a kitchen. This would be much better as an article and not as a video.

  • Eat like a lion and you will feel strong as a lion! The rest bla bla bla is all bullshit! All man invented staff like flour, seeds, beans and vegetables a for survival mode only! Eat meat and fish and fish oils omega3.. eggs lots of eggs��✌️

  • What was the most surprising point made in this talk?
    …Comment your thoughts on this video below �� Want more? Don’t forget to check out the Quest All Access Pass, because your personal growth should never be restricted �� Get unlimited access to ANY of our personal growth courses now ���� https://go.mindvalley.com/-Quests

  • Good talk, although the first third of the talk didn’t add anything to the conversation. Also, why do people have to smack their tongues so much when giving a talk? Annoying ��

  • i feel awesome after eating dairy, i feel full and not hungry, so cuting dairy is not for everyone… Cheese has all esential amino acids, so it is complete protein.

  • One particular question I have for JJ is how do I adopt this way of eating and NOT lose weight?
    I always think of the word diet as referring to what I eat rather than going ON a diet to lose weight, although I understand that’s a valid goal for many people.
    I don’t need to lose weight, as I do plenty of exercise. Indeed if I lose weight I’d get rather too slim
    for my liking.
    So in a nutshell JJ, how do I adopt your methods and retain my weight at the same time?

  • My biggest mistake was eating less than 5000 kcal…pinning less than 3G…..and smashing weights only x3 pw……now I fix all the errors��

  • I enjoyed watching this, however, there seems to be a misnomer that only moms are busy. That only moms have stressors in their life. That only moms gain weight from overeating related to their busy “mom” lifestyle, coupled with work.

    Bodybuilding.com should definitely search out coaches who look at it from a busy dad perspective. For instance, many of us fathers are the cooks in the family. We’re also the ones helping to get the kids to where they need to go. We’re also the ones dealing with stress, depression, overeating, under-exercising while dealing with the outward-facing stereotype that we are males.. we don’t have any of these issues, we go to work as the breadwinners, and only do handy-man things. Helping raise a family isn’t just a feminine thing.

  • Man I did the same fucking thing take 10 steps forward then 5 steps back. But now I manage my diet even on cheat day not going to much over in a surplus. I enjoy your videos cause your lactose intorlent well so your diet works for me. As soon as I stopped taking whey I lost hella weight leaned up quick

  • Remove eggs? Really? This person has not a complete enough knowledge about nutrition. You guys believe her over me only because she’s more famous than me. But I suggest doing an actual research.:)

  • You can better watch Neil Barnard than this rant. Ask why one should not have gluten to anyone and they won’t know. You should have everything in Moderation

  • My first symptoms of ALS occurred in 2011, but was diagnosed in 2013. I had severe symptoms ranging from shortness of breath, balance problems, couldn’t walk without a walker or a power chair, i had difficulty swallowing and fatigue. I was given medications which helped but only for a short burst of time, then i decided to try alternative measures and began on ALS Formula treatment from Akanni herbal centre t, It has made a tremendous difference for me (Visit www. akanniherbalcentre.com). I had improved walking balance, increased appetite, muscle strength, improved eyesight and others.


  • What a Great Woman….
    She is the < Resume> of so many Health doctors who are DEDICATED to solving a lot of Health issues…..
    Her thinking is pure and simple….
    You ARE what is at the end of your FORK!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for reading this.
    My personnal experience was only 2 days of no animal products whatsoever!!!!!
    Ate great for these days and the 3rd DAY….when i woke up!
    I was never going to be same again.
    The ENERGY that spored out of me Veins was life changing!
    Hard to explain on utub….
    But please try it…
    STOP eating Sugar and Animal things….
    They Call me Supertech

  • Why is she so extra with all this other bs? Talking to the point of redundancy is the mother of all boredom. Get to the point already. Nobody wants to hear all the other ish. I get the sugar, gluten, corn,soy, wheat, peanuts, diary and cage fed hens eggs. So free range chicken eggs are okay to eat. Gotcha!

  • Thank you! I am glad you explaned everything so well. Sorry for what you went through with your son. I am going to try the journal of what i eat. And ultimate the foods listed, i have started on gluten already, stomach is much better. Sugar is my challage. I enjoyed your jokes too ��

  • Everything you need is in your food. Supplements etc are easier but less effective. A can of tuna, 2 bolied eggs and a Greek yogurt smoothie with fruit is a great way of getting that protein after a workout. You can put a big dollop of peanut butter in it too if you like. Leafy greens and lean meat for meals, no fast/junk food. I don’t recommend too much rice. Do this for a month and you will see a huge difference.

  • I’m having a ‘Mike Thurston’ binge watching day after being off for 9 weeks! It’s nice to be able to connect. Primer week begins tonight 😉

  • I started working out about 4 years ago, mostly on and off. Have been somewhat muscular, but also have somewhat of a dad bod. It wasnt until recently when i actually started reading about macros and how certain suppliments worked that i really started to see real gains and real results. It’s like that for every beginner, you dont know what you’re doing until you take a deep dive into the material.

  • I am a teen, and I try my best to eat healthy, but my parents always buy unhealthy snacks and stuff because I have younger siblings that are picky, and when I have that kind of food in my house, I’m tempted to eat it.

  • I was given medicine for bipolar disorder for 18 years, after 16 years, i started coughing and vomiting after 18 years i was vomitting after every 2 days, i stopped gluten casein, and started eating nonhybrid rice and volla i got treated, i cook in ghee (almost 8 to 12 tablespoon) in a day in different meals not just 1 meal not oil, oil just 1 teaspoonful a day, and vegetable in every meal, I eat legumes and lentils too, but I soak them for 8 to 10 hrs in water before cooking. Baiscally I m taking carbohydrate too but non-hybrid carbohydrate. When I take hybrid rice I feel week. Non hybrid food is the key to carbohydrate, oil is meant for low consumption, I do eat non veg also but I don’t eat bones.

  • you right, when we first start we living with our parents so we eat whatever we get, then we start to formulating a diet after we get our own place.

  • I’m sorry about your son and glad he survived but this is part of the problem -this is the reason people are avoiding fruits which are healthy and important and necessary, because people like you are spreading bullshit as facts. Opinion is not fact and your opinion is wrong. Fructous my dear is partially derived from fruit however it is not in fruit. It is a processed, highly refined and genetically modified product that isn’t even mainly from fruit.. is sugar alcohol in it is derived from fruit however it is not in Fruit let me repeat that one more time for the stupid people like this woman whose book I hopes Failed because of her bad research. Please don’t be afraid of fruit, people who eat only fruit heal themselves from stage 4 cancer. And I’ll repeat that again people who eat only fruit unprocessed and uncooked are the only people who heal themselves from stage 4 cancer documented scientifically and medically. Don’t be afraid of fruit ; fruit is what was on this earth when we first arrived, and it will be the last thing to survive after we’re gone. It is what your body craves and thrives on it is full of oxygen enzymes and everything your cellular structure needs to regenerate and cure any illness. Don’t be afraid of fruit be afraid of people who spread misinformation like this speaker

  • I’m under consuming and don’t know what to do because if I start eating I will carry on eating so I just don’t eat and eat only one meal a day

  • Sooooo how come humans are like the only species which doesn’t know what it’s suppose to eat also we are the only species to drink other animals milk and buy a house lol wth ��

  • My strangest addiction is how I found out about JJ Virgin; it was a good show educational for sure. The soda chick traumatized me still to this day I won’t drink soda because of the Cococola strange addiction girl. It was intense.

  • You forgot the most important one MEAT!!!! Watch the documentary “The Game Changers”! (Now it is available on Netflix.) Also, watch “What the Health” on YouTube.

  • Never trust anyone who tells you to avoid some whole foods. a whole food plant based diet is the best. a food sensitivity testing would be better to get to know ur triggers better

  • Fructose does not come from fruit JJ! It is a clever marketing name for dangerous toxic man made sugars the body does not recognise. Fruit and fruit sugars are the foods that heal chronic illness! This is why no one needs to “crack the code” or invent their own health system. Nature has already figured it out. We just have to remember what our ancestors knew. It is man made foods and chemicals that are destroying people’s health. Fruit can save your life. I am sorry, but you have been misled.

  • I want to adk jj virgin.can I one day leave hypertension medecin my heart isn’t the same. this talk.concern the healthy people or who take hypertension medecin [email protected] yahoo.com

  • So many diets, so little time. I’ll still eat my Endangered Species 88% Cocoa every day. You can eat the healthiest of diets, drink and bath in the purest of waters, then leave your house and get hit by a car. If you’re healthy and not specifically allergic or intolerant to a specific food, enjoy life and simply eat a balanced diet. I say the Mediterranean diet is the best, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Nice talk. But honey isn’t just sugar. According to research, honeybee products (honey, propolis and royal jelly) may be protective against inflammation, aging, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer… you can read more about it here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5549483/

  • There are so many diet hacks advocated. Each person is unique, most people will continue to eat unhealthily even given this talk. When I told my doctor I was giving up caffeine, dairy, gluten, wheat, sugar to deal with fatigue, she said no one can keep that sort of diet going & to not even try. She wanted me to take ‘antidepressants’ not because I was depressed, but because they help eliminate fatigue. What kind of support system is that? Doctors have very little nutritional training. She had no idea how to deal with my issue. It would have been more honest to say she didn’t know. I like it that Alisa says you have to be the CEO of your health. I visited a nutritionist next and she put me on the right track for my body. I also have done the research on anything anyone has ever said about diet and my health. It underpins your life, it’s too important not to take charge.

  • She talks WAY TOO FAST she is trying to put two pounds of goodness in a one pound bag My ears can’t hear as fast as she talks Now, I got the gist so I am very grateful!!!

  • sugar/fructose if you are not in Keto…. goes to the liver and makes FAT… but not so if you are burning that sugar intake with your daily activities…? I have to agree that added sugar from a form of FRUIT CONCENTRATION is worse than the refined sugar in COKE…Especially orange juice from concentration… so make sure you eat fresh fruit juice or juice made from fresh juice and not concentrates. But not sure we have to stay in a Keto state, which she is promoting here but without saying it…. unless we are needing to lose weight… we can eat as much fruit as we want…..fructose will NOT make FAT unless you are a LAZY ASS! No one who eats fruit all day just sits on the couch and doesn’t burn that shit. If you understand what you need for your lifestyle then it is a lot easier… right now I’m trying to lose weight so I’m trying to stay in Keto for a few days using The Snake Diet. Check out Cole Robinson on you tube….for great info on losing weight fast doing fasting and Snake Juice…I think that the bottom line is that WE NEED MORE SELF CONTROL and we need to change our relationship WITH FOOD…stop shoving shit in our faces all day long.. but get out of our fear and be more active and see the world or our neighborhood parks..

  • How about eliminate all ANIMAL products?and GLUCOSE???Margarine?I agree with sugar,GMO products,and Soy and Butter.PLEASE SEARCH for dr SEBI diet dear people!!!!

  • the woman has no idea what is GCS (Glasgo coma score) is, the highest is 15 when you are alert and orientated and “obey commands”-in other words when your are healthy. The lowest is 3when you not reacting to any stimuli at all, in coma, uncouncheous. The lower the score the worth the neurological condition of the patient. No way I buy her book or follow her advice ever

  • None of those foods make me feel bad. The only thing that has ever made me feel bloated, tired or have stomach aches were turkey, bananas, onions and too much garlic.

  • It all makes sense amongst all the nonsense out there. What’s to comment on? You either take note or go look somewhere else to get the answers that will give you the excuse to stay with the bad foods.

  • Can’t stand her. And yes, the video is unnecessarily way too long. Also, her raving about bulletproof coffee is crap. It’s bitter as anything! Horrible!

  • Why the hell do we crave foods that we have an immune reaction to??? I know, venting won’t change a thing, but other than trying to give hormesis attempts a (immune) booster, this reflex crave makes no sense! (To me)